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DEPOSITION of Vincent William Lloyd, Ph.D. taken on April 20, 2011 by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Inc., Sage Publications, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit D-1, # 2 Exhibit D-2, # 3 Exhibit D-3, # 4 Exhibit D-4, # 5 Exhibit P-5, # 6 Exhibit P-6, # 7 Exhibit P-7, # 8 Exhibit P-8)(Rains, John)

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E X H I B I T 3 CUPX 00290 Exhibit 3 - 1 Exhibit 3 - 2 The This book mental is vulnerable the original deserve addresses aspects Cooess FragWi and classicists interested in the preface its is nor problems its hook This interrelated of asks in how views recovers contribution of them central of both treatment life affects this ethical contemporary funda the well-lived profound Greek the thus issues major at the has proven nontechnical difficult literary are our to have dimension theory One and philo University to style problems it be makes tackles important it This for philosophers reading accessible new to and any educated person an entirely edition features Nussbaum by Martha Nussbaum Martha Ethics they and and control examines It constituents The Greeks made their lives the moral luck valued texts sophical The yet the persons ncither attention thought most its new outside questions of Greek of factors and about views many of that of persons received ancient problem to appraisal these of study ethical of Goodness Fragility is Ernst Frcund Distinguished Service Prokssor of Chicago Exhibit 3 - 3 of Law and Exhibit 3 - 4 The Luck Fragility and Ethics in of Goodness Greek Tragedy and Philosophy Revised Edition Nussbaum Martha Unisenigy of Chicago CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Exhibit 3 - 5 book This ethical is of study that problem to factors outside and lives their neither the deserve interrelated The and treatment is the is questions But it and not because and argument also is Greek she the Taylor and demanding ical gifted can profit that of the afford from isa that of the reafilrnution exploration ethIcs way in reflection ical to of Goodness Fragility is kind it an is losophy in There are perception it rare in which subject of is its person new entirely Law and of Professor because book Journal ..required one than to grap books philosophy more in of of moral grasp ambitious most com author the understanding imaginative very debate New The book is It is in it is field of Philosophy for reading which and is Browne and inter anyone -Jasper leave This is fabric of human eth philosophical inheritance quality It tradition richly responsive No one with an moral pursues to interest of is eth sensitive Greek in will philosophy Journal Australasian book important fur Griffin in which altered an of Books fail book In unusual to the alert itself provides persuasive sadly York Review our Greek book and no one who account work an our contemporary Nussbaum this many books of the an scholars unlike Canadian in that there truth become has single not addresses aspects for philosophers features partly to write rewarding marvelous powerfully engrossing world where in Knox unsurpassed miss to is Derek This yet they or literature.. philosophy experience tenour richly is with And issues change This together chosen has Bernard The book these pereniThtl should It intellectually in and any educated to Service found together often Charles ested attention original reading edition Distinguished stimulating of fundamental read to delight new tackles.This it the thought accessible it persons questions texts important makes these most its vulnerable of appraisal received Greek of of are Chicago qualities degree rigour with some One be to to have philosophical style Freund Ernst rich with them of proven our this affects fundamental the life Nussbaum an immensely text has problems difficult of rare and well-lived cuntribution theory literary examines It of dimension ccntral ethical both University to views nontechnical Nussbaum at the This of its by Martha Ethics ple and In the Martha recovers of Goodness Fragility preface bines thus how asks profound Greek the constituents and control contemporary in classicists interested nor luck about moral valued The Greeks made book This of the persons problems issues major views ancient many scholar The Times the reader one of Its to with is scope tackle Literary them- of Philosophy the both very wide tragedy in and phi Supplement of sense had having ChristopherTaylor in his Mind CAMERI GE UNIVERSITY PRESS ISBN Cover illustration J.M.W.Thrner CloreCollcetionTate Regulus GaileryLondon/Art 1828 courtesy Resource 9780-521 of NY 780521 Cover design by jamea 79472-5 Brisson Exhibit 3 - 6 794725 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS New York Cambridge Cambridge Melbourne of New Americas the Town Cape Sic Singapore Paulo Delhi Press University 32 Avenue Madrid NY York USA 10013-2473 Information it Cambridge no the to 23rd record for Library of Congress the written Press University of fragility Nusabaum of America States this publication is in Cataloging Marsha Ntsssbaurn The agreements without place 2001 United the catalog exception 2009 printing in take statutory licensing 1986 edition Printed collective may part to Subject relevant of Cambridge published Revised copyright of of any permission 1986 Press 2001 in is provisions reproduction First www.cambridge.org19780521794725 Nussbauni publication and title University Martha This this on Pub as al/able British the front Librant Data ication 1947 Craven and luck goodness ethics Greek in and tragedy Martha philosophy ed 2nd cm Includes ISBN bibliographical and indexes references 79l26-X hardcover 0-521 Greece Ethict Fortune Ethics in literature RJl92.N87 ISBN Greek History Ancient pbk 79472-2 0-521 drama Tragedy and History criticism Title in literature 2000 l70.938dc2l 00-062128 ISBN 978-0-521-79126-7 hardback ISBN 978-0-521-79472-5 paperback Cambridge URLs will remain and timetables the time the accuracy of first of has for external and this publication or Press University of accuracy does accurate other or factual printing such not but or no responsibility guarantee appropriate that information any given the in University sites an such regarding this work Press or perststcnce Web content Information information Cambridge for Internet third-party Web prices are does to in referred correct not thereafter Exhibit 3 - 7 sites travel at guarantee is For Rachel Exhibit 3 - 8 Some for pray limbs my until who gold to delight pray are and sowed blame land citizens earth in deserves But human houndlesa for fellow wrapped what praised others my man praise excellence like grows fed for tree vine dew the green by raised liquid have most kinds all in of needs just down love too joy shst eyes we those for but hardships to track strains and sky all of men wise up among to the We wrong-doers an it trust Nemeas Pindsr He will and see it all see the that when rn he any dear as if Socrates place where would be he faculty that but he forth brings it is looked way and he since and out with sees the possible it he is is can it Well crsianzs then dont what know is human what it think Or dont heautiftil for him with to give he truth And he will life and is as become immortal Plato socltxras you my the simulacrum grasping nourishes being no comes place being there was be will this Do itself who since tn human for unitary msnner never it destroyed beautiful is such in it alterstinn livable visible human are any of excellence ever of where alone true excellence if is the to true excellence and and sufiƁrs and eternal itself partaking appropriate simulacra to grasping to he person there which to god-loved an in understand that for as life contemplates it you birth not anywhere misersble contemplated come or less nor with itself hy besutifula the others mnre itself being other Vtts Symposius lwri to say being Plato Exhibit 3 - 9 Aleibiades 129E Contents to Prefaa revised the editthn aljj xli Preface Acknowkdgemenzr xlii Abhrr via/ions xlv Luck Chapter on through modern in of components elements an of good lift Chapter Greek without remainder she the and of dependent seldom are into the ungoverned these of literature questions and ambition that dilemmas this 23 conflict practical pssctieal charge us for works Why inquiry is self-sufficiency vulnerable of values argument philosophical fragility depiction important conflict of life for sub-problems contingent Aeschylus tragedf search questions Three Sketch of part Tragedy these human good not control The writing pessonality indispensable Part Why the thought do beings ethical the the ethics ethical limits its reason treated are human that things and of Greek preoccupation is as of sign as serious and not and primitive resolvable illogical thought of sketch of assessment distinction ill before 1V the say of cases The to our This implicit these II The view to in the the moral/non-moral problem 30 Agamcmnon Arschylua might confronted positive Chapter of proper experiences view tragic Section in important the Aulis as Eteocles gates plays that not making discussion conflict tragic consider usually fir solutions philosophical Two Reasons cases so we Factors problem central Some II the these with achievement What cases It means learning the of theories of Anhgone Sophocles such in response give the the 47 and vision conflict of philosophers account Aeschylesn simplification Could far as scope The II I-lit rational of ones guard Creon clever motivation person One possible way life plan of doing so as this to avoid would be the to of Chapters situations simplify and narrow cosnmitnsenta 35 of an example Tension among redefinitions for this as the ordinary values strange strategy its practical precluded consequences by reason torn recognizing for love and only and conflicted one religion 33 value The Ilulure 34 vu Exhibit 3 - 10 viii Contents HI Her Antigone flawed IV is done scrusinize of ode on The she human Danae she ode she play in difkrent Why The parodos she being isa Her way her though strategy the of itself so conflict is justice lyrics and simple grounds relation our conflict concerning choral and seeing of about The which in synthesis value Di eyes depth pcssiniisos to points spheres competing conflict higher-order narrows and conceptions 63 that claim this value retina Creons suggestion bosh to certain to superior Hcgela of conception of re-intespretasioss in civic to us help The complex life contingency Schopenhauert pessimistic response luck The Part the of vulnerability Plato II relation Its rasionalisy harmony so 79 Part to on human flexible of Dionysus invocation Conclusion Tragedy Harmon and Tiresias to values individual without goodness 83 fragility Introduction The 87 of continuity problems The she saving The The II of power dramatic IV how The make does atesia commensurability Socratic of reaches stylistic The dialogues break of role to what as pleasure he standard is progress could How of choice io6 aksasia 557 myth theater debs true The and philosophical and to moral profound Republic does techni too it kind of writing positive expresses science What problems eliminate new she our mosivares Protagorass between The Chapter what as 19 Greek over traM with and-tragic dialogue 89 of stories mythic 95 progress the reasoning practical progress Pre-Plascasic its works so distinction human for form dialogue of traM progress values Platos antecedent Platos make argument philosophical ethical it conclusion Interlude The ferMi human of measurement science The of of methodological art or science and techni hope of story rime science and problems concept and the tsthsi setting general teach over Aithf Prosagorass III Two Protagora.e between antithesis wish riagedy development philosophical Chapter The thought Platos absence of any The literary of repudiation as poet tragedy 522 criticism and value she the of standpoint s6 perfection The dialogues The alleged opening over other need and concerning of insulliciency contemplative about quesrion Platos lives intrinsic what support though ix Repablir worth truly to arguments profound value is pumuing his parallels of rassking the argument puzzling from Gsras Pbikbss 11 those HI that of are How Its Phsds relevance lsssmorsy how asceticism Questions about reached IV sS defense and the so activities that axe not truly valuable undercut Itep4 is from standpoint aesthetic amung values which judgment is to true mural judgments education achieved Exhibit 3 - 11 of value are in ts$ Content The of motivation problem Platos of use and negative positive i6o arguments of Alcibiades The speech Chapter of reading the s6 Sjmsium The that charge muat this The be Plato and prospect of one of rIsc of unique individual unique another for dialogue Dramatic dialogue love speech iGj dates 167 individuals one for another its 171 problems and she of judgments role she love whole the against of irs Diotima the neglects assessed construction Arissophanes Ill of love ascent of Its motivations practical How homogeneity qualitative she The lover enabling achieves self-suffIciency IV The The images two 176 of Alcibiades entrance The of place and love argued as Socrates in life of poetic IV cdsicized and reason middle dialogues dialogues The the on the zoo life in she other for position which two first has Plato seriously for 203 view of its rihical restored this so the even of valuable and soul and guiding cognitive and love of part personal elements the bess The identity action views 253 of of place The recantation AnBtotle the intellectual non interweaving intrinsically condemnation the The good an as so in the The Their energy towards Platos madness of sorts motivational relation now is UI good is passion psychology speech the certain of foe in Motivations Part of Personal dialogue Moral III in aspiration Implications she between dialogues sources understanding 154 knowledge confrontation and Pbaednss elements of certain our for through zoo the howls is praise important flinesion desire true madness isnt between it middle in slavery truth Pbaedrn madness what develop speeches lovers the tell 193 story distance Madness the will valise in the apparent he that Jr and love particular This recantation His daim of Aleibiades of Chapter II of story indienasent conceptions The the honor exsenr and its style human good life 237 of role the II How relevant ill The defended principle The intention this method Puazles The as necessary method Their there is in difficulty connection How works basic rake 240 within philosophize the of confines the and reconstructing 240 are most can 237 view pheusomesa she and action appearances so Why appearances appreciating What Aristotles Saving announced phathomesa of method discuasiona general Chapter Atissoeles 223 2a8 truths its of the fragility what Philosophy of status To poets Introduction The ix return to appearances for place defended against the appearances of the all and The and language are appearances thought within with discourse and gathered of role principle of How ordinary the which belief competent judge of 243 non-contradiction refueaoon of 23 appearances charge 243 are laziness and conservatism The Exhibit 3 - 12 Contents and negative the of tasks positive Aristotelian with contrast philosophy Witrgenstein Rational Chapter Connections oddness apparent for between reducrionistic of of issues that science criticisms its defense his and between of of other .nx word connection combination 273 of physiological and logical seen cxplanandum Why account the of self-sufficiency The and caplanantia The desiring inrentionality absence the desire from intellect isolates conception nooons and cognition an advantage as not is description a$ seen to attack attack III The the The these claims for the 590 life good 291 of values 294 of defense Aristotles generality the of priority of the 19$ non-intellectual elements deliberation in and Aristotle the compared The 307 person of An example vulnerable so when Two what this of versions Partial The important to the human good from things good of risk luck on position view this disruption role leans the 309 agent life outside which things 31$ is or and is human is character factor in an 319 having Aristotelian inquiry completely invulnerable on case to of dir to activity Prism 322 Related tragic cases in ronsorutiog 317 33 themselves hmiraoon 320 luck good-condition attack the decisive value impediment activity matenal and life method dialectical single Aristotles severe of the fact rejected of good states Aristotles luck good position of complete Damage of of good view opposing cases view 358 need positions How life The this circularity 312 vulnerability in extreme first How of extent rarrense The problem apparent disaster stands so an deliberation Aristotelian The Eudsossssa and contingency and activity wisdom practical of Chapter view of choice correct particular role Phaedras of criterion connecoon apparent search the for 290 the self-auffluency commensurability demand Platonic The Platonic of the on concrete IV Two on aIr understanding wisdom practical Its connections motion deliberation scientific anthropocentnsm The good not is of voluntary assessment legal Non-scientific Aristotles The an account as and ethical person of the with VI early Platos implications generic Aristotles wisdom Practical IV movement animal z66 in explanation their motion by explanation Chapter III of explanation explanation with II explanation desire ordinary goal-directed This VI In rescuing connection causal causal explanation interest in dcct not II coninwss 264 The animal Explanation causal the causal and the Aristotles IV of psychological of between and belief model of function its action of action theory 164 tendencies model faculties is of physiological III of explanation and of proceeding way about beliefa inrentionality of the questions Aristotles Greek Ordinary II ethical animal movements all The of and animals our the virtues value of certain 340 Exhibit 3 - 13 Contents The Chapter relational and the and of and of an in Aristotles ethical controversial Aristotles the value the phi/ia in the of connnuity in activity lives terms of in theft divine 373 Plaeonitt god-centered their position The goodness with uscompanbility the the special of rest and for action the theorist being good and and Luck and connection the well living of luck opponents but of Platonist Why pity valuable to with this Tragedy and fear are of sources ha/barth tragic linked action tragic The eadeimonth she iS of primacy in Aristotelian the emotions tragic P.eek rhe good-condition between useless for recognition 341 of nature in political conflict 371 in the on gap and irrational of x.6-8 and character attack explores for she thought passage about thoughts and mote for ranking Luck Interlude character Human Ethic The in value Aristotle overall of Nicomachesa of instrumental Its of good value Consequences management goods 343 instrumental Its character external vulnerability III evidence Conflicting the intrinsic Part to Appendix Evidence life vulnerability special inasabulicy political maintenance Its self-knowledge its Its their of good The of greateat ilk good affiliation value sources developnsene the maintenance intrinsic Its Pbilsiaa case and activity development types human good 343 of constituenca Political II the goods Relational theory of vulnerability own Aristotles 378 writing Epilogue The 13 Corcysa II The the child about speech in position of the plays play by who those believe 397 an example unity this of good firmness natureconvention Polyxena of Rejecoon decline cannot character Hecuhas reading 397 murdered of ghost of convention betrayal Hecuba Euripides good 395 Tragedy Chapter The debate of noble Poiymestors character Connections flee in adversity with Thucydides crime The IV on 399 simplicity dislocation of Hecubas character III xi 406 Revenge The as human and negative new connection plays Nothing Hecubas positive is convention with Aristotelian The enastwosthy liecubas rock as Its structure and 409 point views significance guiding 418 of mark this for thought tailors both 419 Notes 422 Bibliograply 512 General index 527 of passages 536 Index Exhibit 3 - 14 Exhibit 3 - 15

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