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DEPOSITION of Vincent William Lloyd, Ph.D. taken on April 20, 2011 by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Inc., Sage Publications, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit D-1, # 2 Exhibit D-2, # 3 Exhibit D-3, # 4 Exhibit D-4, # 5 Exhibit P-5, # 6 Exhibit P-6, # 7 Exhibit P-7, # 8 Exhibit P-8)(Rains, John)

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E X H I B I T 8 Case 08-cv-01425-ODE 1JS..J Document Filed 09/30/10 235-2 of 19 Page ragc s...vpyigiit Use of CopyrightedWorks Education and Research Policy on the system devoted As pursuing exclusive the including in to right faith University full of System copyright 107 and make and inquiry scholarly graduate and creative education students to endeavors and bringing on of the University materials and the right to works or display perform in the activities of Georgia facilitates law and where appropriate the exercise with compliance copyright use rights by faculty and staff in teaching Specifically the research and service activities of Georgia fair and use licensing not of of materials 270 Washington U.S.A Source at staff U.S about and tools determining resources Street for faculty whether use currently licensed of work the law including of the four fair limited use exclusive factors in 17 rights U.S.C by the University System and staff in specific to assist in situation determining would be copyright use fair law by the University the University of the copyright the application 106 exceptions of copyright Pisctaime USG 17 in materials third-party Regents and faculty an infnngement under copyright application of USG forth available individuals regarding Board copyright ownership and therefore identifies students as set holders other facilitates Qontact and undergraduate quality research use of copyrighted fair teaching and makes develops status the citizenry and educates informs of 2009 highest applied System University Content to of face-to-face good and is committed to respecting the rights System of Georgia that the holders and complying with copyright law The University System of Georgia recognizes of copynght holders are balanced on those rights under federal copyright law rights by limitations copyright course the providing basic resources intellectual The to leading-edge in System and System and member institutions of Georgia and who can counsel provides faculty information and staff law University System of Georgia Privacy Atlanta GA 30334 Copyright Plaintiffs Exhibit Jr q-2c-i/ Si ESQUIRE Appendix http// Page Exhibit 8 - 1 6/12/2009 Case opyngrn 1425-ODE 08-cv-0 roucy Document USU Lopyrigru LJeneralty 235-2 Filed 09/30/10 of 19 Page Ut ragc Lopyrigrit CopyrightGenerally Most copyright ownership copyrights The answers of copy to the public useful Copyright and and of developing intended is for distribute copies the perform display to the their the words of works in Time limited owners works to work work balances the constitution of and Authors to with authorship The law the exclusive are based on materials to Web servers few fundamental with begin our managing Inventors set of exclusive limited to promote the Progress the exclusive Right to the rights including of copyright interests the pnvate Science of their with owners and respective rights to the original publicly and publicly rights to integral are listed in the balance One of the exceptions to uses of works work Copyright law applies copyrighted Sections of copyright to 107 exclusive through rights holders intellectual diverse sound and 122 of of the chapter productive exclusive is rights socially the right U.S to Act Copyright new and beneficial make fair fair use of works original Copyright law applies to nearly and always posting of copyright to the public the exclusive exceptions wide and issues respect work derivative prepare music with arise libraries almost will around revolve questions digital questions works original perform gives copyright reproduce These Related Discoveries law Limitations existing agreements of Georgra System works other copyright the creators by securing and Writings many the University of law distribute interest Arts and at use publication copyright provides Copyright right these to arise fair or negotiating principles that questions new Works in all and creative works range of materials recordings computer are protectable under copyright websites and programs many law Books journals other materials photographs are within the reach art of law Also protectable are motion dance choreography and architecture pictures you can see it read or watch it chances are is works of the U.S is law One important exception protectable by copyright Works Government or created published are not subject to copyright by the U.S Government copyright it hear If it it Works are protected automatically without copyright notice or registration These different many works are does not require placing did in the past The Office as law work owner today it but you are the copyright under copyright protected any tangible medium of expression or on the drive of your computer clay in notice In other of copyright if they are original wo you create an original the work now receives instant and automatic provides even words some without once on the work or important these registering benefits if the ks of authorship work and copyright that are fixed on paper in The law protection fix it work with the u.s copyright you do use the notice or register the formalities http//www.usg.cdu/copyrightlsite/copyright_generally/ Exhibit 8 - 2 Appendix Page 6/12/2009 Case 08-cv-01425-ODE .roitcy t.opyngnt Document USC Jenerally uopyrigflt 235-2 of basic term works trade 120 years works of protection for hire from creation often receive for works explained of the created below work The today is for Page of 19 Page works o12 many decades for the copyright rules 09/30/10 Copyright Copyright protection lasts for The Filed the lasts of the life created author plus seventy years In the case 95 years from pubUcation or of either the lesser for before 1978 are altogether and foreign different treatment distinctive Copyright ownership in the work rule the author is the initial owner of the copyright you wrote the book or took the the work as an employee acting within the scope of your you are the copyright owner if you created the work may be work made for hire in that event the employer is the copyright owner If you employment to are an employee and your job is to create softare code the copyright in that code probably belongs your As genera If photograph employer Ownership University System of of copyrights Georgia and other forms institutions is of intellectual property by the University governed created System of by faculty Georgia staff or students InteiJectual at Property Policy For Further Information U.S Copyright Full text p1 the Qatabase of International summary of copyright Research by Kenneth 02009 Board Contact 270 of JSG Washington fundamentals Law for academic work can be found in copjrjght Jaw and Qraluate crews Regen Disclaimer Street Act Copyright the University System of Qgrgi Privacy Atlanta 34 30334 U.S.A content SourceS IJSG Copyright http// generally/ Exhibit 8 - 3 Appendix Page 6/12/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE LupyrigaL roncy The Fair One may make whether the nature effect four factors intended to Moreover each four factors to arise is and the portion character of the factors is Simple institutions to such use commercial nature or of is is for is only therefore one of the University the outcome While use fair purpose alone does not make users must analyze in order tO an educational four factors that lawful work as courts to to the of System the apply the law Working through and applying the but by understanding may be compelling solutions determine will and whole work of the copyrighted activities laws application the of wIthin such work as the copyrighted to or value no one factor and other use in relation for interpretation and rules the benefits the and subject is case and of fair used market each in research use or not the member at whether including potential the teaching receive in work be evaluated to of purposes of important users use use upon the should whether 1.01 Page Copyright the copyght holders The determination permission reasoned and balanced use depends upon making factors are 107 of the U.S Copyright Act Those Section fair forth substantiabty The purpose lair of the the copyrighted apply conclude factors character and of of 19 Page without within is use factors set fair and amount the use work work copyrighted of the is of educational nonprofit All use purpose Filed 09/30/10 235-2 Use Exception of the four the USU Exception copyrighted fair use of application Use tair tie Document many new needs and continue that technologies Georgia Understanding the Four Factors The following explanation brief is and weighing balancing of the four four factors all nonexciusive so other factors may be Purpose and Character of the The law explicitly university are in favors transformative adds to or changes is more the context of that multiple Nature is fact examines to different weighing other highly the copies or and for against creative work which works uses over are is whether use in the Additionally commercial uses receive to likely mind that four fair factors use requires are fair is give may mixed also into into be given Activities that treatment favorable are Courts use has been transformative to transformed work of analysis truly also defined as new expression meaning or message new or of new utility such as something multimedia for product The use teaching The treatment statute also of works to use Fair quotations of works in notes are permitted the work being used Quite courts simply For courts have concluded example Courts more readily favor the fair use that of have tended the unpublished nonfiction as to fair apply opposed to novels short stories poetry and modem art images Only those should carefully purpose favoring fair use should be used Instructors such as test forms and http// workbook Exhibit 8 - 4 pages that are meant Appendix Page to use of work fiction and nature portions of including materials the uses that use that it favorable to confined favor Work use fair are relevant uses of consumable work characteristics of Keep use statute fair determining mere reproductions in such way as classroom use types in the conclusion Use pieces critical of the Copyrighted This factor differently work the copyrighted criticism considered education are not that original paper into incorporated or the when likely nonprofit from reaching educational nonprofit of support factors before review be used and 6/12/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE vv.7hL6ttL soc utn..y repurchased as Amount of the Amount measured is law Quantity seive Any less proper an user as qualify 235-2 Filed 09/30/10 of 19 Page rage Lot eopyrignt use fair Work Used both neaily relative The amount wants always to from weighs the of the measures work and in should use Images amount full allowable of of the tight be narrowly fair against or exact entire the work heavily fu image the No qualitatively the length taken work usually entire and quantitatively objective of to likely must be evaluated copying because is tmu USC cxcepuon Fair use their Document tailored serious generate thumbnail needed these serve to exist quantity amount in the to purposes controversies or low-resolution version image might be an acceptable amount Motion pictures are also problematic because even short clips small may borrow the most extraordinary or creative elements of the work One may also reproduce only portion of any work but still take the heart of the work This concept is qualitative measure that may weigh of the fair against on the Value Effect This factor for the lhe use assesses work The against fair weIghing use in four Revised Copyright factors for of to is given factor is Work use serves closely as linked to use of substitute Occasional quotations and videotapes must be considered can in or make photocopies direct determinIng for the markets or potential markets For example of the use factor purpose from that commercial use weighs resulting the any adverse market effect the use is non-commercial however commercial purpose fair for the which on the market of software reproductions All use the If favor the extent effect of the purpose of or Market inroads whether an adverse may have on market no adverse the work markets potential use of effect Is fair is less market effect for if likely but such works use use by the University Advisory Office at System of Georgia based upon the fair use resources provided by the Columbia University factors 02009 Board Contact of Regents USG Disclalme 270 Washington U.S.A Street Content Source USG http oLthe University Systq.gLGeorgta Priv.acy Atlanta GA 30334 Copyright //www.usg.edulcopyri ght/site/thejairyse_exception/ Exhibit 8 - 5 Appendix Page 6/12/2009 .1 Case -tarts 425-ODE 08-cv-01 Introduction The use checklist fair factors circumstances and factors assist to against use The fair weighs make using the checklist You should materials notice license need not that activities E17 fair work Board of USG Washihgton S.A Content Source work that from use fair factual the tour use fair weight of favor one use and others the factors weighs you are probably project box more than fair in in will favor each weigh of use fair best positioned to work first the be used to threshold following is published to prior be presumed be considered should If not fair use analysis by copyright employees as part of their official duties All are no longer protected by copyright protected U.S government by questions to 1923 be protected even by copyright if no copyright in in within for that nonprofit or federal link copyright work of 1101 If by your For or to that law legally work without use in into falls for the this also web If fair conducting allows performance course or permission license materials on the available or students proposed some use The work may specifically instructors has institution example educational library directly you or your if license of be available to with distributed are an through so you may be able to use analysis or display but face-to-face statutory exception you riot teaching need not use analysis whether materials and notice copyright 270 LI derives check to likely with your familiar created should institutions your U.S.C copyrighted regarding Contact to the checklist of copyrighted @2009 will use analysis fair falls allows at distribution conduct of use your exception and proper Works 1978 after specifically separate copying the works conduct to database students direct dispute It the tour present electronic copy boxes use analysis fair by copyright use the work and uses conduct published first is You do include to determine whether first are not protected All are checked the cumulative whether is you are most necessary For example not is concern of various law use you your proposed columns Some use Because use fair application outhnes checklist decision that Before ultimate fair against and balanced contemplated to it ot I-age copyright use The fair of of 19 Page Use Checklist reasoned making work is copyright interpreting As you use the checklist and apply column and even check boxes across or in the evaluation to decisions judicial you use of given are important that from tool is 09/30/10 Filed USU LlieckiLst Use Parr 235-2 to the Fair whether determining in me to ttiuuuualun tnn..j Document use be found here Complete can order fair to use under license or use under other exceptions should attribution establish reasonable and retain and good copy of this faith attempt at checklist applying for each fair fair use use should of any such use arise Regents.of Disclmer Street USC the Universify $ystem of Georgia Pdvay VI Atanta GA 30334 Copyright Appendix Page bttp//www.usg.edulcopyrightlsite/introduction_to_the_fair_use_checkl Exhibit 8 - 6 ist 6/12/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE Document Fair Use Name______________ Class or 235-2 of 19 Checklist 09/30/10 Filed Page Date ______ Project Course and Term ______ Work Title of Copyrighted Author and Publisher Portions be used to e.g pages timer counts Where the factors favoring Where fewer than half the justified Where from the rights holder permission Instructions use fair the consider against any fair use in given of the Office whether Check fair of use favor in weighing deciding situation determinative or at facts total fair only the Board of the of use those facts should Instructors Regents if use factors is outnumber those against favor use Not justified that apply consult to the to of all your the the facts use No Affairs Legal they have questions facts total regarding present in or factor item single office weighing be will fair seek should split instructors use as opposed on reliance it should instructors are evenly factors fair is fair is at their institution of analysis the four factors For more information regarding Policy of on the Use which Georgia Complete and of retain such regarding use on copy of this and good in the for multiple copies Comment News utility Personal Use is Factor uses of applying copyrighted use fair or of the should any work in dispute purpose educational in activity from use Profiting distribution Use exceeds necessary educational to Use Weighs Against Fair Use For public use changes work Study Weighs fair For publication Parody necessary intended at Non-transformative Scholarship Transformative new attempt each Entertainment Criticism for for Purpose and Character use or or System httpIlwww.usgedu/copyright/ Commercial Research Reporting at Favor of Fair Use including classroom web of the arise Nonprofit Educational Teaching use factors please see the fair use sections in Education and Research for the University checklist faith Factor Weighs fair Works Copyrighted can be found areasonable establish the achieve that to which achieve is your intended purpose your purpose Favor of Fair Use Factor Weighs Against Appendix Exhibit 8 - 7 Page Fair Use order to Case 425-ODE 08-cv-01 Document actor Weighs films plays objectives Weighs Favor in of Fair Small significant Amount to taken is Factor research Weighs Favor in Favor in of Fair market of for Factor is work or more than necessary comment Weighs Against or work similar for original marketed by the product copyright holder in longer Licensing or potential work market Supplemental classroom few made copies owns lawfully of purchased copy Restricted access or permission or distributed Required original made affects classroom User does not own work to students copies purchased copy Unrestricted access other appropriategroup other public that the market for Factor Factor reading lawfully acquired of original on the work web forum Revised Columbia Weighs for in or or or distributed work the or reasonably or long-term use demonstrably reading acquired or copyrighted available Repeated unavailable for Use Fair or derivative Numerous print permission Use Fair impairs market Significantly Favor of Fair Use Weighs Against Fair or Use use by the University System of Georgia based upon the Copyright Advisory Office Fair use Checklist http //www copyrtght.colu Universitys Appendix Exhibit 8 - 8 Page for or subject research Weighs Against Licensing or to Effect on Market for Odginal work One work used enUre central being taught Use copyrighted Use stimulates market User Use Fair work taken Fair Use on market effect significant potential No is Use Fair being taught Weighs No the of criticism or Factor No heart Amount tailored narrowly comment cribcism whole purpose such as educational subject work as to entire or portion Portion used or test Used of Portion Substantiality Large not central is work workbook Weighs Against work used of portion fiction poetry Weighs Against Favor of Fair Use in Portion used Factor Amount and Factor Weighs Use work art music novels creative Consumable Factor Fair Use work Unpublished educational to Work of CopyrIghted Highly of 19 Page Weighs Against work or nonfiction Important 09/30/10 Filed Favor of Fair Use in work Published Factual Nature 235-2 at Case 108-cv-01425-ODE .aJyI81LL nuuiLIunat uitcy rnnn Document 235-2 uuiaeirnes ror tiectrornc University 09/30/10 tJU twserves of 19 Page oi rage Lopyrigni Georuia Copyright Policy of Systorn Filed Additional Guidelines for Electronic Reserves The University The primary related System of Georgia function library these on electronic instruction supports services resources Course be made available electronic of to is materials assure authored The reserves electronic with by will teachers electronic similar have services access timely to course- such as syllabi lecture notes or exams may works for apply to use of copyrighted professors standards following and reserves and students that reserves Instructors are on electronic for responsible reserves requires must complete instructors on evaluating permission copy the of case-by-case or fair use checklist fair the whether basis as qualifies use If before submitting use of copyrighted the upon relying fair electronic for material work use exception reserves Inclusion publicaon and The instructor form library for Access course to rather be will at the request of the include citation for instructor his or her the reserves through than in should to the of source original of unit the must possess institution lawfully obtained copy of any material reserves on electronic and responsible reserves for the should be by password be terminated restricted course Access should students to as and soon as the student course staff and staff to see whether materials submitted for electronic reserves are database or are otherwise legally available If so staff should provide check should an electronic scanning Library reserves reserves notice copyright or other material enrolled available of electronic has completed on electronic available submitted instructors reserves needs made Materials Library on electronic of materials educational posUng should link the material delete materials available on electronic reserves of at the conclusion each semester lnstitutions at on electronic @2009 C.ntact 270 Board of U$1 Washington the University System of Georgia will impose no charge to students for access to materials reserves Regents the Disclaimer Street University System of Georgia Privacy Atlanta GA 30334 U.S.A Content Source USG Copyright Appendix Page http// guidelines for Exhibit 8 - 9 electronic reserves 6/12/2009 Case rUUiUUt1th 425-ODE 08-cv-01 JSU LSCSOWtCS 235-2 Filed 09/30/10 Page 10 of 19 rage Copyrtgnt orit Ut Document Systnrr or Corqia Cop7 riqht ox Policy Additional Resources Other Exceptions Permissions Identifying Collective the Copyright Licensing Owner Agencies Qrphan.Works Act TEACH 2009 Board Contact of USG Reg.ntsof Disclaimer 270 Washington U.S.A Street Content Source USG the University System of Georgia Pthacy Atlanta GA 30334 Copyright http// Exhibit 8 - 10 Appendix Page 10 6/12/2009 Case tuuzt1unal 425-ODE 08-cv-01 kesources Utter USU hxceptions ULvPrsty HflT Document System 235-2 09/30/10 Filed Page of 19 11 Georgia Copyright of of Page Copyright Policy Other Exceptions are subject Copyrights of copyrighted many use to works dozen more than and depend upon includes in and application course one can paris of The following LIBRARY brief COPYING to security loan offer with lawful some the of and use fair these of service use fair means with permission make are narrow from is making for uses certain Act however exceptions the University at to Copyright By contrast several gives and works copyrighted about of summary of uses guidance most that conditions the law that is point mind in specific research teaching U.S of Georgia Of of owner the copyright their generat uses lawful System in and flexible Other permissions with exceptions statutory references to the provision of the U.S Act Copyright and make also is important connection in website this The scope works copyrighted Keep of variety the public permit ultimately exceptions The of these exceptions meeting that exceptions known the best is statutory application and limitations Fair Like Section 108 to users give copies most of the exceptions This provision for their this provision libraries permits applies make materials of copies send copies and types of works certain to only to research and study or private to for through preservation interlibrary under certain only circumstances 109a FIRST SALE Section once that providing passed along and bookstores PUBLIC but is others to loan 109c One the owner of An art museum that owns windows and library may put DISPLAYS AND PERFORMANCES may institutions and It and classroomriot the colleges and the programs to law known to to display on it the display works recite SOFTWARE allows may libraries in to holder turn by be lend materials on of to the wall cases the is right the public all to to make can displays work public where the place at bookstore for the books on display place see 1101 Under this exception Section classroom or similar place at most educational read plays show videos play music poetry project slides TEACHING in works of digital in permits works classroom setting This exception and performances in the the only displays on servers 1102 iN posting his it at of materials with 117 Section or her damage this Section to and This exception to or the many allows of the rights Architectural of to instead on owner platform of and long fair copy to of make list of conditions are protected exceptions Exhibit 8 - 11 Many use or permissions computer program to back-up copy of the most commercial copy Realistically use may be governed by license original designs resources/other subject rely the computer or destruction 120 right/additional or but only servers statute computer use on multiple platforms ARCHITECTURAL WORKS http// or the posting are struggling program to work use in the event for copies DISTANCE EDUCATION When materials are Section remote locations or transmitted to students at any location the rules as the TEACH Act and was revised in 2002 to address issues of online students allows universities are sold in FACE-TO-FACE types of students of copies making is COMPUTER software and work may hang materials owners of copyright rights it to new of the copyright those This exception performances and displays of protected but keep in mind that simple and broad or performed education The rights work of copies other This exception change all AND PERFORMANCES DISPLAYS displayed lawful or other transfer of the painting iN display instructors many comparatively actually modify perform allows in engage of copy of lawful located educators gift the distribution limits exception the release rental by sale Section allows This important authorizes books sell DISPLAYS statute this in front is to owner the by copyright but Appendix Pagell agreements this exception 6/12/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE Document uu cccpuofls makes clear picture of that that once building when we reproduce and photograph building without blueprints use it SPECIAL FORMATS exception permits order that in constructed infringing book or may be and libraries to may be the of 19 rage visible place Trump in the to the architectural we but Tower design are not may make and use anyone public We oi might infringe copyright when we snap infringing on postcards organizations useful at Page 12 uopyrignt the copyright or duplicate FOR PERSONS certain they institutions is Filed 09/30/10 235-2 WHO to ARE BLIND OR HAVE OTHER make specific persons who are able to make blind large-print formats or have or other Braille non-dramatic disabilities versions of Section 121 This works in DISABILITIES of published For literary some example some works in educational the collection For Further Information US Full text of.the Revised for Copyright 2009 use by the University Advisoiy Board Contact copyright Act Office at System Columbia of Georgia based upon Untversity the fair use resources provided by the httpj/twww.copyjjght.cojumPia.eciu/appropriate-use of the niyeiityystem of Georgia Regnts Disc latmer Privacy of USG 270 Washington U.S.A Street Content Source USG Atlanta GA 30334 Copyright Appendix http// resources/other exceptions Exhibit 8 - 12 6/12/2009 Case 08-cv-01425-ODE Document uu cctiiIlstOElS 235-2 Filed 09/30/10 Page 13 of 19 oi rage eopyrtgni Permissions you are seeking owner may be the If transterred or agency to decide if permission protected @2009 of work you may have to obtain permission from the copyright owner The work or that persons employer The original author may also have the the owner to In some instances publisher or some other party you may contact an industry licensing you can secure permission on behalf of the owner by contacting You have Sometimes the copyright fee or impose other conditions publisher owner may require the cost and conditions feel free to negotiate are acceptable and you should Keep in mind that is if1 not necessary at by copyright Board Contact copyrighted creator cases Commons Creative use original the copyright other In directly to all license or from your Washington U.S.A Street Content Source USG within is within fair use or another the terms of copyright license 2the exception agreement including work for is not example the author of the University Regents Disclaimer Privacy 270 is your use of USGI use Atlanta Sy of Georgia GA 30334 Copyright http//www.usg.cdulcopyrightladditionalresources/permissions/ Exhibit 8 - 13 Appendix Page 13 611 2/2009 Case 08-cv-01 tteSuufCCS 425-ODE Inc tcenuryng Document Copynght rrt System Jr 235-2 Uwner of Filed 09/30/10 USIi source first copyright United States the copyright for identifying 2005 XYZ Copyright Office For owner is about irifbrrnation source searching ci Policy Owner the copyright Another important Corporation of 19 age copyright 000rql3 Copynght Identifying the Copyright The Page 14 notice the is on the work registration of which often locks the claim like of copyright this with the records see registration httpllwww.copyrtghlgovlrecords/ However the law publisher or does not require Sometimes the copyright benefactor Sample pejpsion 2009 Board Contact of USG notice or registration and the associated any person and ownership original with the owner may have transferred work such as the author status letters Oisclaimer 270 Content Source us University Syt of Georg$a privacy Street WashIngton U.S.A copyright you simply need to contact and ask about the copyright Atlanta GA 30334 copyright Appendix Page http// resources/identify ing Exhibit 8 - 14 the copyright owner 1/ 14 6112/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE wsa rH t.unccitvc licensing owner copyright or for their type Page 15 of 19 tagc Ut Georlid Copyright Policy of can centers expedite the copyright negotiating to your usage centralize search itself ownership information copyright either for their with in touch you directly most of these agencies do charge by However putting fee services Select 09/30/10 uu Lopyrtgnt i-tgcncies meant are organizations These by Filed 235-2 Licensing Agencies agencies industries respective Licensing Unversity System Collective Collective Document work below of Works in Onlue view to on information censing for that agencies industry Work Musical Musical print Works Works Performance Rights Mechanical Rights Oramatic Works Works Graphic and Sculptural Motion Pictures and other Audio-Visual Works Pictoral Software Comics Works Syndicated Religious Works Cartoons1 and Editorials In Print Copyright clearance Center The CCC should be your starting can grant permission The Authors point thousands you are looking if many works of to instantly get permission for text-based work The CCC online Registry collaboration Authors The for of literary Dramatists rights Guild The organizations and The Association Authors of Guild The American Society of Journalists Authors Representatives Access Copyright Licenses works under Canadian Authors Licensing an4 copyright Collecting Society The largest licensing agency in the united Kingdom the ALCS book authors to poets and radio dramatists writers of all genres from text Works Online Most online your best represents sources starting have point contact information However if this Copyright Clearance Center The CCC should be your starting can grant permission for Directly information point thousands of is contacting not helpful the try owner or administrator these of the site is usually agencies you are cooking to get permission works many instantly online If for text-based work The CCC iCopyright Focused Musical on copyrights of digital and Works Performance online content Rights Appendix Page http// Exhibit 8 - 15 15 6/12/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE oucttivc n.cuuzccp -utnttuuaa Performance Document Licensing 235-2 Filed uu agencies 09/30/10 Page 16 uses associated all an to PSCAP Amvjcan with public Ainbors Composers composers of these Together three Publishers and lyncists songwriters from everything artists of Society association Membership Ut rage Lopyngnt performance of copyrighted music music on overhead speakers in retail space performances playing music the vast majority of published American licensing agencies encompass are rights concert of 19 musical publishers BMI Broadcast Music Inc Performance works and media Ecensing center sSA One of the fastest and Works Musical performance growing London Angeles rights with organizations offices New Nashville in Los York Atlanta Mechanical Rights of copyrighted derivatives work such as recording album the work as part of collection be reproducing song examples as Once has been commercially ringtone recorded anyone may obtain compulsory composition mechanical license pursuant to 115 of the United States Copyright Act The royalty fee for using the material Mechanical cover by law and set are those Rights of another known is associated with reproducing would Other artists as the statutory or is rate Harry Fox Aatrty Works Dramatic Dramatic works without permission either in their entirety or in smaller portions may not be publicly performed such as excerpts acts scenes monologues dramatic work etc The rights that are needed to publicly perform that combines musical work together with etc are choreography staging dialogue costuming special lighting referred to as grand performing from the creator of the work rights Grand performing are typically obtained rights or their The publisher ASCAP play to rights referred to of piece piece of Small performing qualify as SESAC of from musical of non-dramatic play the use as disqualifies in play piece etc even For non-dramatic obtained typically performance choreography musical original are lithe example of from fashion music taken from use of any of these your own dance creating use and non-dramatic are often such as organizations permission for musical elements is not to steps the grand Rqd.g.cs lrtc2 Theatre International Harnrnnteip MusIc Tams7wjtmaij qr. the play layJervice MTt.MusLcal Qrganization tnc Library4 Publishing Samuel Freici Bakers 1w Plays Pioneer Drama BPPI Pictoral Broadway Play Publlshingjncj Graphic and Sculptural Works organizations industry that part musical rights must be sought rights Dramatists Many To any form of staging any represent music performing single rights make use not may intended music from perform performing publicly as small BMI and to Instead specializes List of license contact in the use of Still the publisher the dissemination of images Unfortunately of the picture free stock or in there is the alternative not real seek out collective agency royalty-free for this organization photography stqck p9JQjgfllfl4 pppendiDc page http// resources/collective Exhibit 8 - 16 licensing agencies LI 16 6/12/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE ttuUSUUttdt rcesources Motion Pictures Start your search Credits Some collective Licensing 235-2 JSU Agencies 09/30/10 Filed Page 17 of 19 Page Copyright .i of and other Audio-Visual Works MpytQatabase with the Internet of the licensing Motion Picture Criterion Document agencies Ucensjng to identify who owns the film listed under the Company are Corporation Pictures Licenses non-theatrical provides licenses for performances public the of feature films entertainment in Canada critervnuSA US Pictures inc $waqic.Mption Kinp International Source world for cinema independent films classics and documentaries Software must be secured Permission Nearly software all CNET CNET through publishers to reproduce may be has comprehensive reviews its download section Syndicated perform display distribute contacted through of software Comics Cartoons and it their or make derivative homepage on the as for also acts hub works of software Internet the dissemination of free software Editorials Creators Etoon Kingjeatures Syndicate TribunMdia Syndicate comics Page United F$ure Unversaj Syndicate -Comlczo Press Syn4tate C.artconBa.nk CartoonStosk Religious Works Christian Revised Copyright for Copyrightjicens ing Internatjonal use by the University System of Georgia based upon the fair use resoumes provided by the Office at Columbia University Advisoiy agencies 02009 Boartof Rne.ettotth.e Universty ConJtcIUSG Disclaimer Privacy 270 Washington U.S.A Street Content Source USG S.W Atlanta GA System of Georgi 30334 Copyright Appendix Page http//www.usg.edulcopyright/additionaljesources/collectivejiccnsing_agencies Exhibit 8 - 17 17 6/i 2/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE nuutUUtldI r.xsuureeSJ iirpnan Document USU Works 235-2 Filed 09/30/10 Page 18 of 19 Page Copyright ot Orphan Works situation is common You want to use work beyond the limits of fair use or other copyright copyrighted down to seek exception You tracked likely copyright owner and have attempted permission but the effort no conclusion simply has produced Worse perhaps you did receive permission but with burdensome conditions or high price and the permission was flatly denied Perhaps you wrote for permission The In some you might have situations little choice but to absorb the bad news and change Return to however frustrating plans Much your when you exert an honest effort but you simply cannot owner or your efforts go unanswered When you cannot identify or locate the current owner materials are sometimes called orphan works In the meantime what do you do when you dead end of the quest mysterious and complex find is more copyright the copyright reach that use fair When fair use you may have focused on an assumption about the potential market for you originally evaluated the work in question and the possible harm to that market caused by your use of the work you discover that there is truly no permissions market for this work you should the fourth factor in the fair use analysis reevaluate You may find that this factor now weighs in favor of fair use For more information visit the fair use pages of the It USG Copyright the materials Replace If dead you reach materials public Policy that domain will with alternative end you should works ask yourself whether those specific and copyrighted your goals In many cases you can achieve your desired end available for use without copyright restriction or from other copyright satisfy works are the only results with works in the owners your planned use of the copyrighted works Your ambitious plans may have involved scanning Internet access and dissemination digitizing uploading for students and colleagues multiple copies the copyright owner to deny permission for such broad causing uses changing your ambitious plans to something more modest and controllable may either change the Alter holders mind or increase the likelihood that you are within in the number of copies fair use Reigning or potential for rapid digital in favor of fair scope of access and dissemination duplication may tip the balance copyright use Revised for Copyright @2009 use by the University System of Georgia based upon the fair use resources provided Office at Columbia University http// by the Advisory Bqar USQ of Contact Regents Disclimerf 270 Washington U.S.A Street content Source USG of the University System of Georgia Privacy Atfanta GA 30334 Copyright http// Exhibit 8 - 18 Appendix Page 18 6/12/2009 Case 108-cv-01425-ODE rk%as4uuska1 nLuuna Document ctn.rl net University 235-2 Filed 09/30/10 Page 19 of 19 Js LopytIgLu System of Gorqia Copyhqht Policy .IILI TEACH For Act more intormation regarding Georgias Guide to the 2009 Board Contact requirements of USG Regents.of the University Disclaimer privacy 270 Washington U.S.A Street Content Source USG of the TEACH Act please visit the university System of lEACH Act Atlanta System of Georgia GA 30334 Copyright http// resources/teach act/ Exhibit 8 - 19 Appendix Page 19 6/12/2009

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