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DEPOSITION of Vincent William Lloyd, Ph.D. taken on April 20, 2011 by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Inc., Sage Publications, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit D-1, # 2 Exhibit D-2, # 3 Exhibit D-3, # 4 Exhibit D-4, # 5 Exhibit P-5, # 6 Exhibit P-6, # 7 Exhibit P-7, # 8 Exhibit P-8)(Rains, John)

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E X H I B I T 7 LLOYD VINCENT Studies Religious Department Phone 404 Georgia State University Office 1108 413-6119 http// 34 Peachtree P.O Box phlvwl/ 4089 GA Atlanta St CURRENT 30302-4089 POSITION 2008- Assistant Professor Faculty Associate Studies Religious African American Department Studies Department Georgia State University VISITING POSITIONS 2010-2011 Summer Visiting Visiting 2008 Spring 2007 Scholar Research Associate Lecturer Indiana University Adjunct Emory University of Warwick University South Bend EDUCATION Ph.D 2008 University Dissertation 2005 University of California Berkeley Committee Constable Hirschkind chair of Chicago Scholar Exchange Boyarin the Divinity at School 2004 M.A University of California Berkeley 2003 B.A Princeton University Department Graduate Religion Coursework in Religion and Philosophy BOOKS The Problem with Stanford Law and Grace Reconfiguring Press 2011 University On Transcendence Palgrave Macmillan the Political Theology in press Unfinished of Gillian Rose Project Renewing Philosophy Series 2009 EDITED COLLECTIONS Race and Political Theology Under Contract Stanford Contributors DANIEL JONATHAN CHRI5TOPH Secular Faith Special BOYARIN SCHMIDT co-edited Issue Expanded BOYARIN ComaY BONNIE H0NIG WALKER J0NATH0N Cascade An ANIDJAR June 2010 KAMERON CARTER MARTIN LAND KAHN GEORGE SHULMAN VINCENT PEcORA Jnterdisciplinaiy Books Contributors DAVID CHIDE5TER JEAN MICHAEL SALER GIL with Elliot Ratzman of Soundings edition Press manuscript delivered University Journal Spring/Summer 2009 2010 COMAROFF ADAM WEBB JOSHUA DUBLER MELVIN ROGERS COLIN EDWARD BLUM CINDY HUANO JAGER inn Exhibit 7 - 1 ESQI IRE Exhibit ARTICLES AND CHAPTERS Gillian Rose Making on Philosophy Forthcoming volume Love Human 2010 How 2010 Political in Complex Political Michel 2008 Law William Cavanaugh Society and Secularism review issue Pluralism special article article Futures Honig 2iJek and Slavoj discussing Milbank Rose issue special John 191 Secular in and Secular Faith the Sharia of Political issue Faith special 921-2 Journal Middle Bonnie discussing Controversy Thenlogy 102 edited Walker and Houellebecq Grace Race and the The Virtues Theological Political Theology and Theology Literature of Manderlay 231 Event Theory 113 2008 The 2008 On Gillian 2007 On 2003 Steve Biko and 2002 How Secular the Faith Rose Use of of Gilhan and Love the Telos Rose Gillian Intemational Rose Journal The Heythrop Subversion of Race Journal Monetary Black 2010 Comel West Stephen Secularism and in Deconstruction What Black Theology The Routledge Maynard Caliendo and Jackson 2010 Ritzer by George 485 and Policies 62 Undermine Labor Key Concepts Zeynep Atalay and Major 2010 Blackwell WRITINGS 2011 2010 edited 364 IJHS 323 Globalization in Ethics PhilosophiaAfricana Fund and World Bank Reprinted in Readings Debates of Religious 143 Power and Rights with Robert Weissman SHORTER of 114 of Christ in Qui Pane Broken or Democratic by Corey 2009 in Barreto Rlackfriars Theology Interdisciplinary Space and Theology and Tragic Faith with Elliot Ratzman as An Rights by Ian Ward edited The Monstrosity Faith 1-luman by Jose-Manuel discussing Culture Theory Rhetoric Class and Christ review Secular and Reception King Jr and edited Ontological of the Ordinary Politics of Soundings 2009 192 Theology Milbank 2009 in Sense New Broadest Society Emergency 2010 Violence Democracy Hurts Democracy The Good Influence Publishing Luther Perspective Religious Theological in the Liturgy Kierkegaards Sources Press The Myth of Religious Forthcoming Martin Third World Scholars Violence Ashgate Law Natural from Rights Cambridge Forthcoming and Justice Again Research of Kierkegaard by Jon Stewart edited Resources Forthcoming 11 in Difficult TCierkegaard SAGE Taylor and Theology Companion in Race and 68 Ethnicity Mcllwain Encyclopedia ofldentity edited by Routledge Charlton Difference to Today edited by Ronald Publications Misses discussing Varieties Immanent Frame posted May Exhibit 7 - 2 of Secularism in Secular Age The The 2009 Politics and 2008 the Coles and New in Rose with Gillian Resisting Sophistry 2007 On 2003 Review Yes Saying Formations Edited and essay Cities Asad On God of and Sexuality Miroslav Bombing and Suicide Jacqueline The Symptom Sacred the and by Vincent essay 63 Eugene Rogers discussing Graham Ward and Perversion with introductory Formations New Democracy Christianity 66 257 Talal discussing The Last Resistance in Rose Hauerwas Stanley Culture and Society Lloyd Theory Capitalism and William Connolly discussing Radical Ordinary Interview 2008 Tonto of and Romand Christianity Volf Body the Christian and Embrace Exclusion in New 84 Blackfriars BOOK REVIEWS Forthcoming Of Keith in Forthcoming 2010 Of Joel Way Of Peter Levinas in In in Travels in Poetics Kierkegaards of 511 Journal Literature and Ronald andAesthetics the Bogue The Heythrop in Beyond the Time of the Nations Of Jean-Luc Philosophy in Verse Talmudic The Heythrop of Creation in France 506 and Wayne Hankey Brief Philosophical History in 506 Journal Melancholic Freedom Agency and the Spirit of Politics 101 Theology Marion The Erotic Phenomenon in Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 401 2009 Of James Candler in 2009 Guide Journal Phenomenology of Of Jonathan Lear Theology eds and Peter Religion Transcendence and Phenomenology 503 Friedrich Nietzsche and Rde Nietzsche Of Adam Webb the to Conor Cunningham Of Christian Emden Political 2008 Jr and The Heythrop Small 2008 Cox in and Lectures and Readings Journal Levinas and the Greek Heritage Narbonne Of David Kyuman Kim in Political the 511 Journal Of Jean-Marc and Out of This World Deleuze Hallward The Heythrop 2009 Review Atlantic Transverse Ethics One Hundred Years ofNeoplatonism 2009 and Gft of Reception Irony and Witness Deleuze Gilles Essays South The Heythrop in Of Emmanuel Levinas Idem Rose Gillian 11 The Heythrop 2009 Love Of Mary Bryden JournalS 2009 Against Innocence Rasmussen Between Hope and Deleuze 2010 Connections Ars Disputandi Of Sean Hand Emmanuel Faith 2010 in Bergson Rhizomatic Whitehead Journal Of Andrew Shanks Faith 2010 ed Deleuze Robinson The Heythrop Radical Star Hope and the Politics of History and Robin Friendship in The Heythrop Ethics in the Face Journal of Cultural 502 Devastation 92 Beyond the Global Culture Exhibit 7 - 3 War in Political Theology 92 in Of Alain Badiou Being 2007 WORK IN and Event 32 Culture and the Humanities Law in PROGRESS Black Law Natural in manuscript The Racial Saint Marked Flesh Levinas the The in Tradition Black of the Poor Privilege Rhetoric as Summer completion volume Holy Flesh edited Transcendence Pragmatist Paradox and expected preparation in in Totality 11 preparation and Infinity Theology Defense Post-Secular PRESENTATIONS 2011 Colloquium 2010 The of Affect Black Gods Law On Beyond Love and The Bodys Weldon Johnson Institute Studies Theological Theology Colloquium for Political Portland Law Natural Association Douglass Frederick in Kings Community Beloved of Religion Montreal Grace and and From Frederick Political Justice Academy Religion Love 2009 in Meeting Reed College Annual American 2009 Tradition James University University Theory 2009 Emory Series Paradox and Emory 2010 Law Martin Luther King Jr and Gods Workshop Sexuality Clarence to Douglass Thought Law On Rowan the Natural Georgia State Georgia in African American Brown Bag Lunch Studies Religious Weil University Thomas Gods Law University Simone Williams and State Series 2009 Black Law Natural Legal Conference 2009 The 2009 The Brookes Secular Philosophy 2008 How GSU 2008 Do in and Rose Florida Workshop Liturgy Theology Modernity of Gillian and Ritual Studies Sacred Modernities State Differ Invited Critical conference presentation to Religion Ethics and University From Brown Bag Lunch Studies of the Middle Politics King and University Faith Religious Nature in Douglass of Leicester University Turn Theological Oxford and Reason Affect John Milbank Critical Gillian the Political Consultation with Grace Lars Mass to the Roman Rite Series and Rose American the Sharia Controversy of Religion Academy Chicago 2007 The Problem Department 2007 What is Graduate University Coroel West and Prophecy College Theology von Triers Political Theology Rhetoric Student Colloquium UC-Berkeley Society Annual the Philosophy Conference of Dayton Exhibit 7 - 4 of Puhlic Philosophy Theology of Religion Section Two 2005 Seminars 2004-2006 and Secularity in Christian Presentations at Politics What student Comes After and Modemity Calvin College Scholarship graduate Neotraditionalism Pragmatic Globalization conferences at Princeton Berkeley and NYU ORGANIZED COLLOQUIA Theology Jewish and Democratic Political Fall 2010 Panel Bonnie Fall six at American Honigs Emergency Love Religion and Academy of Religion annual meeting discussing Politics Sexuality 2009 Workshop and at with four Georgia State University number of out-of-town with respondents Religion Ethics works-in-progress visitors Politics Spring 2009 week Twelve with graduate TEACHING for Post-Secular Paradigms Theological student visiting series speaker at Georgia State University respundents EXPERIENCE Lecture courses and seminars God and Evil Modem Love graduate/undergraduate Christian Religion Ethics Phenomenology and Politics graduate Democracy Recent Race Orthodoxy French and and and As graduate and Law Summer Culture Spring graduate Ethics Perspectives undergraduate undergraduate and Fall graduate Eastern Popular graduate Homosexuality Natural 2010 Fall undergraduate 2010 Summer 2010 graduate Summer 2010 2010 Fall 2009 Summer 2009 with Prof Timothy Renick Spring 2009 student Theories and The Africa American Theology Foucault graduate Aquinas and undergraduate Religion in South Political Religion of Religion Catholic Philosophy Religion Race Black graduate/undergraduate reading courses Great Works in Philosophy Defining seminar Religion undergraduate study and directed Independent freshman honors seminar Perspectives of Religion graduate/undergraduate to Christianity undergraduate Philosophical Nation graduate/undergraduate Religion Race Introduction Thought and Religious Craft Introduction Methods in the Study of Writing co-instructor to Ethics adjunct of Religion section leader UC-Berkeley UC-Berkeley lecturer Indiana University Exhibit 7 - 5 South Bend 2010 and Guest lectures African American Postcolonial Ziek and Religion Theology in Religion Introduction in in survey diversity theory course seminar on graduate to Christianity on religious seminar on postcolonial graduate for interfaith theory literary session training GRADUATE ADVISING MA Thesis Director Creating GSU Celebrity MA Thesis Conflict MA Religious Director GSU The of Michael HIStory Department Politics of Forgiveness Studies Religious Thesis/Exam the Studies GSU Monstrosity Sainthood and Religion Reconciliation after Studies Philosophy Religious English GRANTS AND AWARDS Weldon Johnson Research SSRC-Mellon Mellon Mays $10000 UNIVERSITY University 2003-2005 2001-2003 State University McNair Ethics Program Faculty Center Faculty 2010- Mentor Affiliate 2009- Georgia State University Religious Studies Executive Georgia State University Religious Studies Director Georgia State University Religious Studies Curriculum Studies Search Committees Georgia State University ARTICLE Committee Political Theology Journal for the Interdisczjilinary Culture Study ofLiterature Society PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS American Modern Language Society of Religion Academy Association of Christian Association Ethics for Political Studies Committee ofReligious Ethics Mosaic Theory Religious 2009-2010 of Graduate REFEREEING Journal 2009-20 10 Grant 2007-2008 Fellowship Fellowship 2010-20 11 University SERVICE Georgia State University Georgia State Georgia Research Regents Minority Undergraduate Emory Fellowship Predoctoral of California University Institute Grant Initiation Civil 2010 Departments James and in progress Department Committee Member Jackson Theory Exhibit 7 - 6 2008- 2008-20 10 2008 2009 2010 and History OTHER ACTIVITIES French Co-Organizer Center University Organizer Phenomenology Reading of Notre Zimbabweans African Council Coordinator and and of Chicago the University group at of Directors University Co-President Princeton Member Founder and New South Justice Speaker Board Elected the and Zimbabwe of Churches Faith Students Sponsored by the Jacques Dialogues Sponsored Maritain by The Religious Left student Berkeley 2004 2005 undergraduate student by South 2006 Forum Johannesburg sponsored School Democratic Publisher CominonSense Civic Cooperative Association Society Borough Africa Pastors Series Divinity Philosophy Princeton Group Dame 2006-7 Party philosophy Committee philosophy club 2002-3 2001-2003 and religious studies magazine 2000-2003 Youth Panelist Director International The News Humanist and Hour with Jim Lehrer Intern Center for Study of Responsive Intern Corzine for Senate Campaign Ethical Union PBS Student Law 2001 2000 Exhibit 7 - 7 2000-2003 Perspectives on Iraq 2002

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