Schoolcraft v. The City Of New York et al

Filing 600

DECLARATION of Alan H Scheiner in Opposition re: 566 FINAL MOTION for Attorney Fees for Levine & Gilbert and Peter J. Gleason, Esq.., 559 MOTION for Attorney Fees , Costs and Disbursements.. Document filed by The City Of New York. (Attachments: # 1 Affidavit Declaration of Alan H Scheiner Previously Filed April 8, 2016, # 2 Exhibit Exhibit A, # 3 Exhibit Ex A-1, # 4 Exhibit Ex A-2, # 5 Exhibit Ex B, # 6 Exhibit Ex C, # 7 Exhibit Ec D, # 8 Exhibit Ex E, # 9 Exhibit Ex F, # 10 Exhibit Ex G, # 11 Supplement Ex H, # 12 Exhibit Ex I, # 13 Exhibit Ex J, # 14 Exhibit Ex K, # 15 Exhibit Ex L, # 16 Exhibit Ex M, # 17 Exhibit Ex N, # 18 Exhibit Ex O, # 19 Exhibit Ex P, # 20 Exhibit Ex Q, # 21 Exhibit Ex R, # 22 Exhibit Ex S, # 23 Exhibit Ex T, # 24 Exhibit Ex U, # 25 Exhibit Ex V, # 26 Exhibit Ex X, # 27 Exhibit Ex Y, # 28 Exhibit Ex Z, # 29 Exhibit Ex AA, # 30 Exhibit Ex BB, # 31 Exhibit Ex CC, # 32 Exhibit Ex DD)(Scheiner, Alan)

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EXHIBIT P NATHANIEL B. SMITH NATIONAL PACER SEARCH 2OTO.2OT5 party_name court_id SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nyedce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANlEL B. nyedce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nyedce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. pawdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nyndce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nysdce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nyedce SMITH, NATHANIEL B. nyedce cs_date_fileccs_date_term case_no 2/1.612010 3/30/2otz L:2010-cv-00653 3/4/2oto 4/L1./20t1L:20L0-cv-0L744 3/15/2OIO 6/t3/20L1. L:20L0-cv-O2233 case_title Newland lmex, lnc. v. Farm Depot lnc. et al Polanco et al v. Fordham University et al Rollhaus v. Northern Funding, LLC et al 418/201.1 L:2OLO-cv-o2332 Nicholson v. The Staffing Authority et al 10/1./20L2 1:20L0-cv-04838 Lau v. Mezei et al 1:2010-cv-06005 Schoolcraft v. The City Of New York et al 9/1-6/2010 3/t7 /20t1. L:201-0-cv-07L06 Heller et al v. 60 Sweet Things, lnc. to/2212010 I/29/20t4 1:2010-cv-08076 Technology in Partnership, lnc. v. Rudin et al 4/20/2ot2L:2OLO-cv-05379 Chomsky v. Klugman 418/20t5 L:20L0-cv-09037 101 McMurray, LLC v. Porter et al 6/L3/20L1 1:2011-cv-00115 Holt v. Harlem Children's Zone, lnc. et al t/s/20L2 L:2011-cv-00694 Soto v. Deutsche Bank Trust Corporation et al !:20tI-cv-O3677 Bernstein v. The Village of Piermont et al 7h2/201.1 L0/L2/2ott t:2OtL-cv-O4802 Kishore v. Hanover Community Bank 11./].4/2012 2:2}1,t-cv-05L75 Kishore v. Hanover Community Bank 1:2012-cv-02062 Bernstein v. The Village of Piermont 12/21201.4 1:2012-cv-06868 Etalon IMOB S.R.L. et al v. Schoenbach et al 1./28/20L3 8/22/2014 3:2013-cv-00021 REA et alv. THE CINCINNATI INSURANCE COMPANY 1-0124/20L3 tLl13/20t3 6:2013-mc-00063 Schoolcraft v. The City of New York, et al 1O/7 1:2014-cv-08065 Airday v. The City Of New York, et al 1:2015-cv-00019 Hadid v. City of New York et al 1:2015-cv-05703 Buttaro v. Nigro et al 3/1.6/2oto 6/22/2oto 8/1O/2OLO tI/I9/2010 12/3/2Ot0 1-/6l20tt 2hlzotL 51311201,1, tolrglzoLt 3121120L2 9/Ltl2oLz /20L4 t/5/20t5 t0/t/20t5 PACER Case Locator - Vìew PI\CER "o ¡, Srowse Aloud All Court Types Party Soarch Fri l,ltrt 1812:21:29 2016 17 records found Case Locator User: gov/view?sorFcs_date_fi led&rid=ErJ 8X4macJDO5.. https ://pcl.uscourts. nyo608 Cllent: Seôrch: Al CourtTypgsPartySearchl',lsmeLeno¡r,JohnAll CourtsPage: lcourltypo: cvsorl: cs_date_f¡led Clvll Results S9CS &4-N3!!s NOS Caso Dáte Filed W @ 1 Lsno¡r, John T (dft) K&E, lnc. v Home-Stake Prod Co, st al okndco { 9-0€76 850 1 2 Lenoir, John T (crd) okndce $";,!..99.9:"c"Y;0,99-17 850 11t14t1950 1012711993 okndco 850 11t14t1590 10t27t1993 inndca 0q01{ 442 01/1 0/1991 04t13t1592 txsdce 3 4 5 ô 7 E Kunkel v Trippet, et al Lenoir, John T (dfl) Kunkel v, Tripp6t, et al Lenolr, Johnnlo (pla) Lenolr v Roll Coater lnc Lenolr, John David (aty) USA v. Wes-Lyn AparlmÊnl, ot al Lenolr, John David (aty) USA v. Houston City Of, et al Lenoir, John D (dft) Jones v. Supreme Courl USA et al Lenoir, John D (dft) Jones v Supreme Ct of USA et al Lonoir, Johnnio M (dft) 12 13 '14 'ls 10 17 990 10t27t1593 4:-fgg]:!y-oßAg 443 05t141951 10t21t'tssz txsdco L:L99,1:c*9"WZg 441 10t17t1951 08t20t1992 vtdce ?;,:! 99*.ç"v;:90"11.Q-Q 540 04na19u o4tzst1s94 okwdse 5:199tcv-00759 540 05/1 8/1995 07/06/1995 lnn&ê e USAv Lenoir 'lo Lenoir, John W, Jr. (pla) 11 1/14/1 3:-1-C91cy Russsll, ot al v. L¡ncoln Electr¡c, et al Lsnolr, John W, Jr. (pla) Lenoir, Jr. v Lincoln Electr¡c Company d al Lenolr, John David (aty) Schoolcraft v The Clty Of New York et al Lonolr, Johnny (pla) Lenoir el al v. CH2M Hill Constructors, lnc, et al Lonoir, John David (aty) ln re: Attorney Admissionè Lenoir, John David (aty) Gleason v. Scoppetta et al Lenolr, John David (aty) Hadld v. C¡ty of Now York et al Lenoir, John David (aty) Buttaro v. Nigro el al o9f9{ 152 07 t1lt1997 10t24t1957 .1?!&3.clrg!)g?l 305 0712112003 11t10t2003 ohndce 1:200'cv- 1 8561 365 11t17t2003 08t1912004 nysdce ß"qtq"t.)ls9"çÞ MO 08t10t2010 laBdce 2:2Q1qrglz$lg 365 0811112010 mssdce lxsdce ny8dce 1:2012-ëv-0412? 442 0an712012 nyodcô 1:201Scv-00O19 440 01t0512015 nyedcô l.;?Q:1.Þ""ç-vi9-9J-P"9 440 10to3t2012 10t12t2010 10t01t2015 Recolpt 03/1 8/2016'l 2:21 08t1u2015 :41 User ny0608 Cllont Descrlptlon All Courl Typôs Parly Search ¡'lams Lônolr, John All Courts Page: 1 courl type: cv sort; cs_date_f¡lêd Pases I of I You have previously þeen bllled for thls pags, 1 ($0.00) 3/1812016 l:21 PM PACER Case l,ocator - Vew https I ed&ri d=ai AD9sCXKAGF... Ç ry PACER Browse Àloud All Court Types Pàrty Search Case Locator User: ://pcl. ew?sort=cs_date_fi Fr¡ À/a|l8 12:16.45 2016 13 records found ny0608 Cl¡ent: Search: All Court Types Party Search Name Suckle, Howard All Courts Page: 1 sort: cs_date_fìled Bankruptcy Results Court Partv Narne 1 Suckle, Howard A. (aty) Saint \¡ncents Catholic Med¡cal Centers of New Yor nysbke ch Case 1:05-bk-'14945 Date F¡ted V Date Closed Disposit¡on 07to5t2005 1',| C¡vil Results Court Partv Name Suckle,HowardA,rdrew(aty) Codnèrv Smiths Engineêring, et al 3 Suckle,HowardAndrew(aty) Cabrera v. US of America 4 Suckle,HowardAndrew(aty) Silk v NY lnst¡tute of Tech, et al 5 Suckle, Howard Arìdrew (aty) Case NOS Date Filed W Date Closed nysdce 1:1992-cv-00725 365 0'tß0t1992 10t04t1994 nysdce 1:1995-cv-05615 360 07t27l'1995 09/16/1996 nysdce 1:199ô.cv-02169 442 03/26/1996 o6na1997 nyedce 9:1999cv-0018'1 360 01t12t1999 05/30/2000 nyedce 1:200Gcv-01549 Suckle,HowardArìdrew(aty) (aty) nyedcè 2:2003-cv-00685 (aty) nysdce 1:2007-cv-00398 Escada (USA) lnc. v Renaissance Worldwide, lnc. s Suckle, Howard Andrew (aty) nyedce 1:2007-cv-00804 De \l]s v Lee et âl 10 Suckle, Howard Arìdrew (aty) nysdce 1:2008-cv-10391 Tycoons Worldwidê Group (Thailand) Puþl¡c Co., LTD. v. JBL Supply lnc. et al 11 Suckle, Howard Andrew (aty) nysdce 7:2009cv-01150 Hanna et al v. Texaco Ref¡ning and ¡/arket¡ng, lnc. et al 12 Suckle, Howard Ærdrew (aty) nysdce 1:201Gcv-06005 360 03t20t2000 03/04/2003 890 ou11noo\ 11t04t2003 840 01t18t2007 09t28t2007 190 02t23t2007 02t12t2010 190 12t0'U2008 07t30t2010 240 02t09t2009 04t2612013 440 08t'tot2010 442 06t26t2015 2 Flasz, et alv. Smithkline Beecham 6 Lima v. United States of 7 Suckle, Howard Andrew CSC Holdings, lnc. v. Sayers 8 Suckle, Howard Andrew Schoolcraft v. The City Of New York et al 13 Suckle,HowardAndrew(aty) nysdce 7:201$cv-05013 11t06t2015 Marte v. Nine West Holdings, lnc. Receipt 03/18/201 6 12:17:O3 User ny0608 Client Descr¡pt¡on All Court Types Party Sêarch Name Suckle, Howard All Courts Page: 1 sort: cs_date_filed You have previously been billed for this page. Paqes 1 ($0.00) lof I 3/1812016 l:17 PM

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