Schoolcraft v. The City Of New York et al

Filing 600

DECLARATION of Alan H Scheiner in Opposition re: 566 FINAL MOTION for Attorney Fees for Levine & Gilbert and Peter J. Gleason, Esq.., 559 MOTION for Attorney Fees , Costs and Disbursements.. Document filed by The City Of New York. (Attachments: # 1 Affidavit Declaration of Alan H Scheiner Previously Filed April 8, 2016, # 2 Exhibit Exhibit A, # 3 Exhibit Ex A-1, # 4 Exhibit Ex A-2, # 5 Exhibit Ex B, # 6 Exhibit Ex C, # 7 Exhibit Ec D, # 8 Exhibit Ex E, # 9 Exhibit Ex F, # 10 Exhibit Ex G, # 11 Supplement Ex H, # 12 Exhibit Ex I, # 13 Exhibit Ex J, # 14 Exhibit Ex K, # 15 Exhibit Ex L, # 16 Exhibit Ex M, # 17 Exhibit Ex N, # 18 Exhibit Ex O, # 19 Exhibit Ex P, # 20 Exhibit Ex Q, # 21 Exhibit Ex R, # 22 Exhibit Ex S, # 23 Exhibit Ex T, # 24 Exhibit Ex U, # 25 Exhibit Ex V, # 26 Exhibit Ex X, # 27 Exhibit Ex Y, # 28 Exhibit Ex Z, # 29 Exhibit Ex AA, # 30 Exhibit Ex BB, # 31 Exhibit Ex CC, # 32 Exhibit Ex DD)(Scheiner, Alan)

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EXHIBIT B Judith A. Bronsther Education: New York University School of Law, J.D. 1979 University of Rochester, BA., magna cum laude, 1976 Work Experience: 1992-Present President of Accountability Services Inc. Accountability Services is a legal cost control specialist that has performed legal audit and consulting services to "Fortune 500" companies, international organizations, governmental institutions as well as individuals. 1989-1992 Attorney at Kaye Scholer Fierman Hayes & Handler 1984-1989 Executive Vice President of Empire Securities 1979-1983 Attorney at Finley, Kumble, Wagner, Heine, Manley & Underberg Publications: “Ten Ways to Effectively Manage Outside Counsel Spending”, 2014 ”In-House Counsel Seek Fee Accountability” Ohio Lawyers Weekly, September 3, 2001 “Watching the Clock” Los Angeles Daily Journal, May 4, 1999 “Determining the Most Cost-Effective Legal Service Providers” U.S. Business Litigation , January 1997 “Alternative Billing Methods: Proceed With Caution” The Revolutionizing Litigation Management Report, May 1995 “Take the Lead in the Management of Your Outside Counsel...Implement and Monitor a Billing and Case Management Policy” Revolutionizing Litigation Management Report, March 1995 Resume of Judith Bronsther “Law Firms Won’t Reduce Bills Without Pressure From You... Audits Aren’t A Cure All“ Corporate Legal Times, April 1993 Speaking Engagements: “The Ethical and Practical Implications of Legal Billing” Sponsor: “Thinking and Acting Like a Seller of Legal Services” March 2000 (Overlooking, Boston) Sponsor: Partners in Professional Development, Inc. “Developing the Trial Budget-Proven Techniques for Controlling Costs” September 1999 (New York, NY) Sponsor: Fulcrum Information Services “Legal Fees in Indiana: The Legal, Ethical and Practical Issues” November 1998 (Indianapolis, IN) Sponsor: National Business Institute “Making Your Lawyers Accountable: How Internal Auditors Can Manage Legal Costs for Value and Efficiency” November 1998 (Philadelphia, PA) Sponsor: MIS Training Institute “Tools and Techniques to Manage the Caseload and Minimize Costs” March 1997 (New York, NY) Sponsor: Practicing Law Institute-Civil Litigation Institute “The Customer is Always Right... Surviving the Legal Audit” November 1996 (Washington, DC) Sponsor: The Law Firm Governance Institute “Auditing Your Legal Fees- A Useful Hammer in the Law Management Toolbox” June 1996 (Stamford, CT) Sponsor: Westchester Bar Association “Cost-Effectively Managing Your Outside Counsel” December 1995 (Washington, DC) Sponsor: The National Forum for Women Corporate Counsel Resume of Judith Bronsther “For Services Rendered: Thinking and Acting Like a Seller of Legal Services When Compiling Your Client’s Bills” November 1995 (New York, NY) Sponsor: Law Firm Profitability Forum “Budgets and Billing” November 1995 (Washington DC) Sponsor: National Association of Attorneys General “Managing Your Outside Counsel” September 1995 (New York, NY) Sponsor: Greater New York Hospital Association “The Customer is Always Right-Surviving the Audit” May 1995 (Chicago, IL) Sponsor: Defense Research Institute “Legal Practice-How to Maximize the Inside-Outside Counsel Relationship to Optimize Cost Effective Legal Representation” September 1994 (Hershey, PA) Sponsor: Pennsylvania Bankers Association “Bold Initiatives or Micro Management With Your Outside Counsel” March 1994 (Chicago, IL) Sponsor: Corporate Counsel Institute Expert Testimony (Written and Oral): Communities for Equity, et al. v. 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Parke Collins II. vs. Varnum LLP American Arbitration Association Grand Rapids Michigan File No. 54 51600024 11 Resume of Judith Bronsther NL Industries, Inc. vs. OneBeacon America Insurance Company Supreme Court of the State of New York County of New York (Index No. 108881/09) CDS Holdings I, Inc. vs. Shutts & Bowen, L.L.P. Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit Miami-Dade County, Florida Case No. 08-38518 (Ca-09) Osram GmbH, Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Osram Sylvania Inc., and Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc. vs. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and LG Electronics Inc. (Arbitration before U.S. International Trade Commission) American Infoage, LLC and Sago Networks, LLC vs. Regions Bank. U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida (Tampa) CASE #: 8:13cv01533SDMJSS. Craig Arthur Humphries et al. v. County of Los Angeles, et al. The United States District Court for the Central District of California Santa Ana Division Case No SA CV 03-0697-JVS (MANx) Ambac Assurance Corporation v Adelanto Public Utility Authority United States District Court Southern District of New York Civil Action No. 09-cv-05087 (JFK) Professional Admissions and Memberships: New York Bar March 1980 Documents Reviewed 1) 2) 3) 4) The Docket for Adrian Schoolcraft v City of New York, et. al. Plaintiff’s Motion for Attorney Fees, Costs and Disbursements. Declaration of Joshua P. Fitch in Support of Motion for Attorney Fees. Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion for Attorney Fees , Costs and Disbursements. 5) Motion for Attorney Fees for Levine & Gilbert and Peter J. Gleason, Esq. 6) Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment 7) Plaintiff’s Rule 56.1 Statement 8) Consolidated Rule 56.1 Statement 9) Plaintiff’s Reply Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment 10) Plaintiff’s Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment 11) Opinion entered May 5, 2015 regarding Summary Judgment Motions (Dkt. # 436) 12) Deposition Transcripts of Adrian Schoolcraft 13) Compliant filed August 10, 2010 14) Second Amended Compliant 15) Third Amended Complaint 16) Opinion entered June 14, 2012 regarding Motion to Amend (Dkt. # 83) 17) Joint Proposed Pretrial Order 18) Opinion entered May 6, 2011 regarding Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss (Dkt. #59)

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