Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University et al v. Trump et al

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NOTICE of Filing Exhibits to Stipulation. Document filed by Daniel Scavino, Sean M Spicer, Donald J. Trump. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A, #2 Exhibit B, #3 Exhibit C, #4 Exhibit D, #5 Exhibit E, #6 Exhibit F, #7 Exhibit G, #8 Exhibit H, #9 Exhibit I)(Baer, Michael)

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@familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 Date 9/19/17 20:53 9/19/17 20:27 9/19/17 19:02 9/19/17 17:58 9/19/17 17:58 9/19/17 17:57 9/19/17 17:53 9/19/17 17:13 9/19/17 16:18 9/19/17 16:06 9/19/17 15:45 9/19/17 15:35 9/19/17 13:22 9/19/17 12:37 9/19/17 12:26 9/19/17 3:42 9/19/17 2:46 9/19/17 2:44 9/19/17 0:46 9/19/17 0:37 9/19/17 0:36 9/19/17 0:33 9/18/17 23:45 9/18/17 23:03 9/18/17 22:22 9/18/17 22:10 9/18/17 22:07 9/18/17 22:01 9/18/17 21:40 Tweet RT @virginiarutter Getting truer: Marriage No Longer the Mode. Hi, Single & Unmarried Ppl Week! Facts via @belladepaulo, @ccf_families: @jenn_clark @IWPResearch If you write off the 60s and 70s, when there is no change, and start in 1981, the optimistic linear projection hits equality about 2053 @CryinHayward @politico lol clearly @IvankaTrump @POTUS @mtnmeghan @politico it's not Trump's fault @CryinHayward @politico why? RT @kjhealy Rocket Man vs Racket Man. @sivavaid Across the legit press, I think WaPo has the worst clickbait headline addiction. @IvankaTrump @LaraLeaTrump @EricTrump could say "best part of an all-around incredible day," or "best part of an otherwise not incredible day." @IvankaTrump @LaraLeaTrump @EricTrump "Otherwise"? RT @HeerJeet Trump just threatened to exterminate a nation of 25 million people but don't worry, our pundits have roundly condemned Antifa violence Try letting women run your organization. @SteveMatthews12 NYT says: "The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said one multipurpose tool was found at the scene of the shooting." After an armed maniac guns down an unarmed student, Georgia Tech officials declare the threat over. Good thing Trump wants giant military parades on July 4. It's outrageous that a Google search for "military parade" just shows dictatorships https:// @csmarcum @IWPResearch Ya the 4th is very good news @skyedali @jn316faith "work" Drums writing is under-appreciated @CSchmert @IWPResearch I think I'm 98% sure of the outcome tho @jn316faith wait how did you know i live on welfare? @DanielSauder1 @PietroAllar @NYMag @realDonaldTrump @Twitter Just because it has his name on it doesn't mean it's person. He uses it for official business, which he and his staff state publicly. RT @knightcolumbia Journalists, teachers, authors, and writers: @nymag looks at 26 people who have been #blockedbytrump. https:// The linear projection method popularized by @IWPResearch has us at equality in 2056. The 3rd-order polynomial does fit better, but come on @IvankaTrump @SushmaSwaraj I wish you were just representing your sweatshop company instead of our country Not an offhand remark - he's clearly been stewing over this 71d3J6OdFQ @lheal @mbeisen They're rare but it's a shame @irin We have no official data on this from most states :( @irin Do they have gender on there? @greenhousenyt @mbeisen It's mostly burns from touching the hot mower, various cord pulling injuries, flying objects, and the occasional amputation TweetID 910245555443523584 910238994318938112 910217462762950656 910201432867053568 910201345575092224 910201140024938497 910200167332241409 910190086767218688 910176184503238656 910173337913053184 910168072060891137 910165332953894914 910131919546961923 910120575510749185 910117952552181763 909986068480561152 909972011535015936 909971482050273281 909941666014011393 909939398782914560 909939162006065152 909938508265115649 909926443588702208 909915835262791680 909905437268553730 909902483497082881 909901814916698113 909900286692593665 909894925424168960 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !1 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 @familyunequal @greenhousenyt @mbeisen Always fun to scroll 9/18/17 21:32 through the CPSC database It's not the most dangerous thing in the world, but 12 is a reasonable age limit for power mowers @greenhousenyt @mbeisen 9/18/17 21:31 wLnP0veRTA @PressSec @POTUS @netanyahu @EmmanuelMacron 9/18/17 21:29 mBQtfWH1DP 9/18/17 21:10 @lheal @mbeisen Except the kids who died. They don't remember. Actual relationship advice based on research and data. (& 9/18/17 20:40 @ASA_Family's @CoffeeBaseball in the news) Folks at or near UMD @bsosumd, check out this free @OSFramework training coming to campus on November 1. Register: 9/18/17 15:22 Ap6i4J3G3r Free book title: Moving the Needle: American Textile Production from New England to 9/18/17 15:15 the Global South @WHarkavy if you think twitter matters to politics it's a big deal. 9/18/17 13:32 otherwise nothing on here is. which is fine, but you're on here. @familyunequal Of course, although they brag about Twitter being an integral part of his job, there's no public list of who's blocked or by what 9/18/17 13:06 standard This is what our democracy looks like. The president selectively excluding citizens from engaging with each other in his public forum. 9/18/17 13:05 9/18/17 12:50 @lindno Exactly @omar_lizardo Good question. Don't know. We made a list of policies for post-pub sharing, but not post-preprint publishing. 9/18/17 12:18 bg8TVgxIU9 Any journal that won't publish posted preprints is putting its commercial 9/18/17 12:07 interests over the value of science. Why write or review for them? RT @lgatt0 Good new for Wiley: authors posting preprints will now 9/18/17 11:59 consider submitting papers to them. @scott_bot @asociologist Wonder when they started getting external 9/18/17 4:53 reviews for tenure? 9/18/17 4:47 @HeerJeet Is it wrong for Schumer/Pelosi to eat with Trump? @thephilosotroll But I'm not comparing Spicer to SchumerPelosi, I'm 9/18/17 4:45 comparing him to Trump @familyunequal @thephilosotroll Eating with Trump is like letting Spicer 9/18/17 4:43 tell jokes @thephilosotroll This is what I meant: Normalization 9/18/17 4:42 Emmys : Spicer :: Schumer/Pelosi : Trump @epopppp @asociologist While you're working on this would love it if 9/18/17 4:39 you could also decide what open peer review should look like. @familyunequal If Spicer should be treated like Eichmann then no having dinner with Trump. Not saying that's the way it is, just trying to 9/18/17 4:29 decide So Spicer shouldn't get to make jokes in public but Schumer & Pelosi 9/18/17 4:25 should be able to have dinner with Trump. Getting mixed messages RT @JessieNYC My first piece published in a lit mag is out. I'd be 9/18/17 0:17 delighted if you'd read + share: 9/17/17 23:25 Worth all 7 tweets 909892839391191041 909892728619716609 909892135788449792 909887395662884864 909879718165598208 909799718062034945 909798011462721536 909772084565413890 909765668769337344 909765401948585985 909761630208184321 909753558379171841 909750745016291330 909748791494012929 909641407601762304 909639958188773376 909639488913240064 909638996011159552 909638857171378176 909637951746867200 909635456081547264 909634537684131841 909572020232433664 909559042351214592 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !2 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 9/17/17 23:05 9/17/17 22:50 9/17/17 22:47 9/17/17 20:14 9/17/17 14:13 9/17/17 14:12 9/17/17 14:02 9/17/17 14:01 9/17/17 13:56 9/17/17 13:46 9/17/17 13:45 9/17/17 13:32 9/17/17 13:29 9/17/17 13:25 9/17/17 13:06 9/17/17 3:02 9/17/17 2:49 9/17/17 2:48 9/17/17 2:37 9/16/17 18:45 9/16/17 16:07 9/16/17 15:28 9/16/17 3:58 9/16/17 3:37 9/16/17 3:36 9/16/17 3:33 9/16/17 3:24 9/16/17 2:42 RT @Protohedgehog @STMAssoc @ResearchGate @McDawg Advice 1: Install @unpaywall and the @OA_Button now 35DCQEJHJN Advice 2: Make sure all your papers are online elsewhere than RG @familyunequal What will it take? Someone find a way to bury the useless tick "going forward" so I can stop complaining about the term "going forward" But who will protect us from people using the term "anti-aging" GOING BACKWARD? RT @omar_lizardo In retweeting an anti-semite sex bot, Trump upends 150 years of two-party rule @nytimes @JeffreyBuchanan @Reuters I am well informed. 3837lDxb6N @JeffreyBuchanan @Reuters Yep, him and the racists he rode in on. @davidjnoonan @nytimes This is a sad excuse for Trump. @Reuters RT @amy_harmon @drjohnm What would be God-like is legal, immediate, universal open access to the results of science the public pays for. Might also call it “fair." @davidjnoonan @nytimes That's ridiculous. We make judgments. Trump is a terrible person, a model of how one should never behave. Some others are bad, some good. RT @mchris4duke "Hitting for the cycle in Trump land" zRuiyW0ib8 @mattyglesias also just between words (in the headline) @nytimes RT @spetulla An earlier Tweet from the user Trump just Tweeted out.. ?? @mbeisen Sure millions did, but at what rate were they injured or maimed? (I have no idea) @familyunequal Just kidding That's funny, I happen to evaluate ideas based on whether the person uses "prior"' as a noun. @e509d8c2f0db46d @IvankaTrump Facts @csmarcum It's routinized already. Including the ritual libtard correction of spelling and grammar @familyunequal Now in a nutshell: From "I don't believe your facts" to "nothing matters everyone is corrupt" in a few tweets: isr6Jlm7ZQ Hitting for the cycle in Trump land mDNnvhKKPv Economic insecurity comes to Cornell @dreadGodshand @VickiLaPorte @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump That's the progression of your responses. Who wants to be the last university to take down its Confederate monument, @UNC? @dreadGodshand @VickiLaPorte @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump 1 it's not true 2 it's not so bad he's a business man 3 Obama did it too 4 who cares everyone is immoral nihilism @e509d8c2f0db46d @IvankaTrump No im backed up @hamandcheese @vaiseys @GabrielRossman Oops. Great minds. 909554052597469184 909550078964244481 909549491400904704 909510996879912960 909420033943760896 909419739730124800 909417207586852865 909416923833733121 909415891615526914 909413164630061056 909412889160818689 909409683991093250 909409091126267904 909408003769737218 909403187936940032 909251172405522432 909247912143736832 909247773471576065 909244809629585408 909126102731444224 909086309368700928 909076649605398528 908902924406919168 908897628984938497 908897358884360192 908896633789779968 908894350918213632 908883878332518400 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !3 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 9/16/17 2:42 9/16/17 2:40 9/16/17 2:36 9/16/17 2:32 9/16/17 2:24 9/16/17 2:05 9/16/17 1:18 9/16/17 1:09 9/16/17 0:33 9/15/17 23:17 9/15/17 22:58 9/15/17 22:16 9/15/17 22:14 9/15/17 21:33 9/15/17 21:28 9/15/17 21:21 9/15/17 21:20 9/15/17 21:16 9/15/17 20:53 9/15/17 20:52 @vaiseys @GabrielRossman Subtle 908883706215006214 .@tressiemcphd quoted in nytimes: e28VyalS1Z 908883186322739200 @joepabike @PattyJenks @WonderWomanFilm She makes a strong point. Of course WW will gross $1b more than Monster... 908882179672985600 Haven't kept up w/ twitter today but I assume all the pro-family conservatives in the world are speaking out against this attack on families 908881371485163520 @WitherowMayhew @kyliewilliams3 @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Lol trump is so great only the world's most repugnant person couldn't beat him 908879201671016448 @dreadGodshand @VickiLaPorte @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump OK, I guess if you don't want to pay that much to meet the president, go to a different resort 908874552746369024 @dreadGodshand @VickiLaPorte @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Ok so you know it's true and you've moved to the next stage, "so what?" It's the epitome of corruption, using your office to profit. 908862742152564736 @dreadGodshand @VickiLaPorte @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Would you believe it if Fox News said it? 908860394021773312 @VickiLaPorte @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump He doubled the price of Mar-a-Lago membership to $200k after becoming president. People pay and join to get to influence him 908851283808935936 @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump But no one can really maintain that standard of evidence. You have to trust someone. In practice you only reject what you don't like 908832263915409409 @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump So if lots of news orgs say Trump doubled the price of joining Mar-a-Lago from 100k to 200k you don't believe it unless you see a bill? 908827454185381888 @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Ok, just so I understand, anything from the New York Times or PBS is automatically wrong. Which other sources are off limits? 908816931150548997 RT @ASA_Family Read the welcome message from Section Chair @familyunequal! 908816210824974337 @dreadGodshand @Eelowan @nafowler @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump See now I think you're not being serious. I think you know, and you know I know, that the birther thing was racist. 908805933089869825 @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Maybe I don't understand your definition of "actual proof." There are facts there. "Known liars" doesn't really mean anything. 908804826334679041 @Eelowan @dreadGodshand @nafowler @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Wait, so you think the birth certificate thing was bad or not? Cuz Trump did it a lot more than she did, but I'll agree they were both bad. 908803074868875265 @dreadGodshand @Eelowan @nafowler @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump wait what? You know Trump challenged Obama's birth certificate, right? that's "the birther thing." It's like the definition of racism. 908802634374664192 @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Hm, a little stuck here if you will only believe things you already believe. Kind of a dead end. There's verifiable info in those articles. 908801790640033792 @dreadGodshand @Eelowan @nafowler @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump wait, you know about the birther thing, right? If you know about that but it's not enough, what possible proof of racism would you accept? 908795817410088962 @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump OK tx. So, Trump using presidency to profit from golf clubs:, and his hotel Ur welcome. 908795631954792448 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !4 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 9/15/17 20:46 9/15/17 20:13 9/15/17 20:07 9/15/17 20:06 9/15/17 20:05 9/15/17 19:45 9/15/17 19:44 9/15/17 19:43 9/15/17 19:40 9/15/17 19:39 9/15/17 19:39 9/15/17 19:34 9/15/17 19:27 9/15/17 19:26 9/15/17 18:08 9/15/17 16:46 9/15/17 15:53 9/15/17 15:52 9/15/17 15:51 9/15/17 15:49 9/15/17 14:04 9/15/17 14:03 9/15/17 14:02 9/15/17 14:02 @Eelowan @dreadGodshand @nafowler @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Well, racism was the birth of Trump's political career, so I start there. Why do you think someone would say Obama had no qualifications? @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump ya, if I'm going to work for you I want to know who you are @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump I'll make you a deal: tell me your real identity and I'll google up some obvious corruption for you. @mayur2504 @IvankaTrump no u @realDeeLouis @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Trump "people" love to say this, just to get reasonable people to waste time typing into their black holes. @mayur2504 @IvankaTrump why dnt u @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump how do you name "using government to promote his family enterprise"? He literally does that right in front of us every day. @e509d8c2f0db46d @IvankaTrump I'm sorry, e509d8c2f0db46d, do I work for you? @Warrior4MMA @IvankaTrump I am not "on welfare." I work at a government job like anyone else who can't really do anything. @dreadGodshand @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump literally just named things @dreadGodshand @nafowler @Eelowan @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump You know Obama had been elect... oh, you mean "qualifications," got it, like, Obama was Black. @cliffordMoss6 @IvankaTrump Sorry you think I'm a moron. But I'd like to be part of your wealth advisory group. I could help with spelling, and also economic analysis @WitherowMayhew @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump that definitely clears things up Thank you for the clarification (and for your sympathy) UiwFVDB6Kn @CSchmert When everyone starts Those precious moments between when someone (me) walks in late and starts leading the wrong meeting and when someone finally points it out. RT @socarxiv SocArXiv is adding 3 papers per day since May. Great progress from a variety of disciplines, but lots of room for growth. 1/2 @familyunequal @PopAssocAmerica Also, might be time for @johncasterline to roll out that first tweet after 7 years on Twitter. Congratulations to John Casterline, next prez of @PopAssocAmerica (And the first person I took sociology research methods from, in 1992!) @CharlieSeguin @ThadDomina @bobfaris If you have more awards than publications, awards can come first. @familyunequal Anyway, that's the unstated context for yesterday's post about the real but small blip in girls named Malia in 2009: EVkHm1djPW @familyunequal applies to the general problem I described as "greater than zero proof" Something exists so my theory is right /3 @familyunequal relevant to the artificial intelligence gay detection study, which was very overinterpreted ( And it also /2 Yesterday's blog post about small effects was intended as a caution against overreacting to small, but real, differences. This could be /1 908794053063475203 908785985881804800 908784264891846658 908784008116523008 908783757422981120 908778747918200832 908778653101805568 908778326600318976 908777552055013381 908777336488808448 908777214732365825 908776120878878720 908774214819295232 908774139959312384 908754364839469058 908733654490329088 908720487076974592 908720247238209536 908719834233495552 908719521120342016 908692945171304448 908692745618907139 908692547408625666 908692383436562434 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !5 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 9/15/17 13:29 @Volla1Volland go go bed! 908684255630372864 @armandolbstd @IvankaTrump Corruption: using the government to promote his family enterprises. Incompetence: constant staff turnover 9/15/17 13:28 and failure to fill spots (e.g.) 908683988507795456 @KKennycolson @IvankaTrump no i've been working on this 9/15/17 13:27 condemnation for years 908683659863035904 9/15/17 13:26 @KayleenCaulfie1 @IvankaTrump why? 908683480720134145 9/15/17 12:58 @familyunequal @IvankaTrump 908676323022966785 @IvankaTrump Your representation of the US in India epitomizes the 9/15/17 12:57 corruption and incompetence of this administration 908676237777866753 9/15/17 12:27 Nice! 908668613116284928 9/15/17 12:24 @DrJasonCrockett Snopes' new thing is just reporting news 908667864588144641 @davidfolkenflik weird that you refer to Fox News as a "news 9/15/17 12:18 organization". 908666443058749442 @Doug625 @FLOTUS @WhiteHouseHstry @POTUS @WhiteHouse 9/15/17 11:25 Not admitting it just helping you out with the logic of your question 908653080698392576 @KreaisLange @Doug625 @FLOTUS @WhiteHouseHstry @POTUS @WhiteHouse Some voted for him, some against. Some like him, some 9/15/17 11:25 don't. I speak out against him cuz that's what you do in a democracy. 908652868080738305 @KeepLadyWarm @morgana8973 @domhq_ @realDonaldTrump @RHeroesresist @usgolftv @RF_P0TUS @TheOnlyCamshaft @FakeNewsDJT @FakeNewsGen @FCC @PopularPres2016 Good 9/15/17 11:21 one 908652068143067141 @Doug625 @FLOTUS @WhiteHouseHstry @POTUS @WhiteHouse It 9/15/17 3:49 could be because we're delusional imbeciles. 908538173562777600 He's in the new edition of my textbook too (though no photo) 9/15/17 3:40 0l4c3Pugzm 908535950074159104 @FLOTUS @WhiteHouseHstry @POTUS @WhiteHouse 9/15/17 3:38 LhNo6cbpi5 908535565729107968 9/15/17 3:35 @jeffguhin Big of them 908534626150469632 9/15/17 0:44 @skyedali grasping at straws, as always 908491770484477952 9/14/17 23:28 @rustyspeidel just tonight 908472539026018304 9/14/17 23:23 @rustyspeidel Rejection. Felt I should share cuz last year I bragged. 908471249571074048 RT @TheStalwart This is the most interesting nugget in that story about Facebook selling ads against the "jew hater" category 9/14/17 22:49 L8xE0iWdJh 908462800212774913 RT @ShellyJLundberg This is a common approach. Bet if they added in height they could get rid of that remaining 0.3% gender wage gap. 9/14/17 22:44 908461494312062978 I'm delighted to announce that during #OpenCon this year I will be taking 9/14/17 22:38 my talents elsewhere. (Bon voyage and congrats to y'all going!) 908459861100449798 Sample size getting small here but you get the point @kim_c_parker 9/14/17 22:06 908451954048798720 RT @kim_c_parker 41% of adults who have never been married cite financial instability as a major reason they’re not married 9/14/17 22:02 1hwLyqyCQY 908450876502749184 @JamesUlrich10 @DonaldJTrumpJr I would be happy to walk you through the policy details to support those conclusions but you might not 9/14/17 21:15 really want that. 908439029041033221 9/14/17 21:08 @JamesUlrich10 @DonaldJTrumpJr Those are literally his policies. 908437446265835520 @jd_daw Have you tried attempting to press escape but hitting F1 9/14/17 21:06 instead? That sometimes displaces my frustration a little 908436852537004033 @JamesUlrich10 @DonaldJTrumpJr People get mad when a billionaire tries to take their health insurance, enviro protections, & voting rights with 9/14/17 20:54 tax cuts for his friends 908433703772282880 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !6 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 9/14/17 20:45 9/14/17 20:44 9/14/17 20:42 9/14/17 20:41 9/14/17 20:33 9/14/17 20:31 9/14/17 20:16 9/14/17 19:31 9/14/17 19:29 9/14/17 19:28 9/14/17 19:19 9/14/17 17:59 9/14/17 16:38 9/14/17 16:14 9/14/17 16:12 9/14/17 14:37 9/14/17 14:36 9/14/17 14:32 9/14/17 14:24 9/14/17 14:23 9/14/17 14:19 9/14/17 14:16 9/14/17 14:08 9/14/17 13:51 9/14/17 13:09 9/14/17 11:48 RT @Econ_Marshall Passive voice much? "There are times where content is surfaced on our platform that violates our standards." https:// @JamesUlrich10 @DonaldJTrumpJr I'm glad you feel loved but I worry that you're not prepared for the let-down RT @Noahpinion 13/The restrictionists want a return to the system of 1924. They want a policy of white immigration only. @JamesUlrich10 @DonaldJTrumpJr @DonaldJTrumpJr @familyunequal Or, as SJMR puts it, "Phil looked down while taking a leak in the faculty john and it gave him an idea for a blog post." @LisaOnate47 @dchartist @smdbhossain2015 @morgana8973 @domhq_ @realDonaldTrump Wait, slow down RT @socarxiv New FAQ: how to upload a paper, attach supplemental materials, upload a new version, and link to published version https:// RT @Joseph_Koivisto I can't make it to @socarxiv O3S conference but you definitely should go RT @JeffSpies Many are probably more likely to dig up a hole than seek out a book chapter--might get more citations! Or, "Why You Named Your Daughter Malia" RT @GreggorMattson @halhod @jeremyphoward @ColleenFlahert1 @podehaye @AngeBassa @familyunequal As it should, and now it's in the journal's court to follow up. RT @halhod The publication of the Kosinski & Wang paper will go ahead. The journal basically double-checked that Stanford's IRB had approved the work Science finds tiny things nowadays (Malia edition) EVkHm1djPW So true. Otherwise he would be all over that rescue. kfIXxBLQcq @dchartist @smdbhossain2015 @morgana8973 @domhq_ @realDonaldTrump i am not fake. here is the original tuE1u8fEae @BrendanTHalpin yes and no 9zHvlIfUJv As long as they're not married @CoffeeBaseball "I drink coffee"? Then the people you thought just had terrible values don't even have those values. RT @JeffSpies IANAL but seems (legally) acceptable practice. However, was the financial conflict of interest disclosed in the scale author's primary pubs? RT @jenn_clark "As a society we underinvest in children" @HeidiatIWPR and @ginachirillo for @DissentMag @Mammondy @JeffSpies Ya, but it doesn't show up in their notifications. Just like I can (so far, still) say "Trump" while walking down the street. @JeffSpies no, but I can reply to a reply. so I open his feed in incognito, see a popular reply, then toggle over and reply to that. Democracy! RT if you know it's real, like if you're not quite sure fjUXw8EUDv @familyunequal Seriously this is just disgusting. By this logic can't we make people pay for doing replication studies? 908431529256325120 908431293410619392 908430881215467520 908430420060049408 908428594061422594 908428030481195008 908424155292475397 908412820315885568 908412345927561217 908412174481149953 908409775662215173 908389779372474368 908369427753824256 908363211396861952 908362920979042304 908338855778058246 908338671564345344 908337571620687872 908335722201010178 908335472040083461 908334483509784577 908333537442623488 908331733296263169 908327330921287682 908316798151524352 908296513536831488 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !7 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 9/14/17 11:30 9/14/17 11:22 9/14/17 11:17 9/14/17 11:14 9/14/17 11:08 9/14/17 2:32 9/14/17 2:20 9/14/17 1:29 9/14/17 1:25 9/14/17 1:17 9/13/17 22:22 9/13/17 17:19 9/13/17 15:53 9/13/17 15:19 9/13/17 15:17 9/13/17 15:14 9/13/17 14:56 9/13/17 14:28 9/13/17 14:26 9/13/17 13:12 9/13/17 13:10 9/13/17 13:09 9/13/17 13:08 9/13/17 13:06 9/13/17 13:03 9/13/17 13:01 9/13/17 12:19 I tried sending people bills for citing me but no one has paid yet https:// @nytimes @Reuters @CNN @domhq_ @realDonaldTrump @chrisuggen @skyedali @contextsmag One of the weirder facts of sociological history Couldn't hurt @dog_rates Who needs a hug? RT @tressiemcphd I just published “The Intersectional Presidency” RT @WeedenKim No, JAMIE's got a gun: 54% of Rep men and 27% of Dem men personally own gun that's in home, vs. 16% of Rep wom, 8% of Dem wom. GSS 2000-16. RT @TakomaParkMD Welcome to the club @CollegePark_MD, one where all city residents may have their voices heard! stsu4hfJpu I'd like to help u but not your boss: "my zillionaire hedge fund tasked me with research I'm not qualified to do. Will u help me for free?" "Tiny fraction *at best*". Probably less than a tiny fraction really; probably negative. In fact, stop white genocide. RT @OSFramework Faculty promotion must assess reproducibility : Nature News & Comment - RT @JayLivingston A simple visualization of the false-positive problem in the gaydar algorithm study. I guess it depends what data you collect. I think you could ethically buy a ticket to a game and study the behavior or traits of fans there dXv6ToooMR RT @stacyfmitchell @familyunequal Have you tried pairing with “monopoly”? Tells you a lot: @claytonchirping generating, maintaining, and serving the database is not free. They need a reason to do it. @GreggorMattson @michalkosinski @ColleenFlahert1 @okcupid People use deceit all the time to do research. If you're not harming anyone it's fine. @scott_bot Right. But if they worked for us (or LOC did it) we could just pay to get it done. If we think it's important. @familyunequal @GabrielRossman Though of course hiring sociologists should be the top priority. @les_ja Back then they were trying to convince people (including judges) that their project to scan every book was good for the public @GabrielRossman I don't know but if we gave Census more money maybe they'd bring it back @WeedenKim @TomPepinsky @llaughlin might be able to help here @familyunequal Ngrams doesn't make Google $. But maybe if we taxed Google a little more and gave the $ to the Library of Congress we could get an update Have you ever thought, "I love ngrams. Why hasn't Google updated it past 2008?" The answer is because Google doesn't work for you. https:// @michalkosinski @ColleenFlahert1 You know what else people own copyright to? Their tweets. Are you gonna say we can't study tweets without permission from every user? 908291759918211072 908289749227634688 908288530174169088 908287879713099777 908286332002295808 908156547427172352 908153506124759045 908140611609485318 908139506498506752 908137543023112192 908093468186234881 908017373227122688 907995570580725760 907987164444741632 907986621605318658 907985845994614784 907981201201344513 907974167387164673 907973653362606080 907955149863313421 907954649755521025 907954464912498690 907954107075481600 907953718901055488 907952804685328384 907952491026935808 907941818997919746 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !8 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 9/13/17 11:53 9/13/17 11:24 9/13/17 11:23 9/13/17 11:22 9/13/17 11:20 9/13/17 11:12 9/13/17 11:11 9/13/17 11:10 9/13/17 2:26 9/13/17 2:25 9/13/17 1:53 9/13/17 1:07 9/13/17 1:01 6/11/17 19:59 6/11/17 19:56 6/11/17 19:47 6/11/17 19:20 6/11/17 19:09 6/11/17 18:14 6/11/17 17:54 6/11/17 17:46 6/11/17 17:05 6/11/17 15:43 @AVerdery @CharlieSeguin There may be males named Sasha in the US, but hardly any of them were born here. Peak year in 2004 = 54 births. 907935333844692992 RT @epopppp Wow. A third of Black men now have a felony record, up from 13% in 1980. Huge implications for inequality, citizenship. https:// 907927981938659328 @michalkosinski @ColleenFlahert1 Don't use that against them and discourage everyone from sharing their work. It was accepted. There should be no worry about sharing it. 907927707853496320 @michalkosinski @ColleenFlahert1 I also object to trying to stop publication of an accepted paper. They did the right thing by posting an accepted paper preprint. 907927471860928512 @victorerikray @michalkosinski @ColleenFlahert1 My can't imagine there is a legit legal claim. Going for an IRB technicality I guess. There's always an IRB technicality 907926982423441408 @michalkosinski @ColleenFlahert1 Accusing researchers of violating copyright for anonymously analyzing publicly available images is more threatening than anything in the ppr 907924962056589313 @michalkosinski @ColleenFlahert1 When I made these comments I didn't know the complaint was about the copyright of the dating site images. That's ridiculous. 907924663413723137 More on gay detection study. Now with ethics claims against @michalkosinski and me saying "huh?" @ColleenFlahert1 907924321624092673 @CNN What they won't show you: 907792656058765312 @washingtonpost Thank god for our president. What the #fakenews won't show you: 907792254814838786 @CharlieSeguin Maybe would just become female if its male side wasn't being replenished by immigrants (Like Dominique?) 907784157241192448 @CharlieSeguin Ya gotta check males. Maybe instead of just bump the story is a little gender freakout with a bump and then a backlash. 907772701871394816 @CharlieSeguin Ok that does not ring a bell. Seems like a stretch. 907771254329004038 @familyunequal @jshkatz @DLeonhardt Literally the only evidence he gives is the statement that it's the only explanation. Details: Sk38Hgu4Gr 873993117904637952 .@jshkatz repeats this meme. Follow the link to the @DLeonhardt piece and see if there is any evidence for it https:// 873992265655517184 RT @omar_lizardo Pierre Bourdieu as Cognitive Sociologist 8m6SQ7wRFN via @OSFramework 873990102158110721 @inclusionist @RichardvReeves @mattyglesias But what do you think about mortgage deduction and 529s? 873983393385639936 @WeedenKim @asociologist @leah_boustan @RichardvReeves I didn't adjust, figured it would affect means but not cutoffs cuz it was all in top 1 pct. but don't know. 873980528290140161 Where do you want to draw the line (take 2): Lower cutoffs for percentiles in the top quintile of families 873966606765969408 @leah_boustan @asociologist @RichardvReeves O right should have mentioned. Ok for drawing centile cutoffs but shouldn't use for shares of total 873961627867021313 Where do you want to draw the line? Income distribution within the top 20% of families 873959738173730818 @asociologist @Econ_Marshall @gabriel_zucman Agree. This is unfortunate 873949264459829248 @charlesmurray But Chapter 21 of TBC should have said more about the "myth of meritocracy" @RichardvReeves 873928723749363712 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !9 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 The ignoring of sociological research is itself starting to seem almost 6/11/17 15:40 sociological! Now you know: Education and occupation for never married Black men 6/11/17 15:31 and women age 25-39. @tressiemcphd I think the increased surface area also allows greater oil 6/11/17 14:32 penetration Happened in our pharmacy the last time I was there. Told a guy his 6/11/17 13:58 prescription was $300, he left in disgust. When sociology is a trope instead of a real discipline, you get sentences like this without mentioning these 6/11/17 13:47 Anyway, more to the point: the president doesn't know what prevalent 6/11/17 12:37 means. @familyunequal @TrumpAtrocities Before I was blocked that would have 6/11/17 12:35 been thousands in the first minute. Twitter algorithm puts huge weight on verification, it seems. Posted this meme from @TrumpAtrocities w/in a minute and only 20 people saw it 6/11/17 12:34 6/11/17 12:31 @TrumpAtrocities @realDonaldTrump Prevalent RT @RichardvReeves "At least posh people in England have the decency to feel guilty." From my latest in the @nytimes: 6/11/17 3:14 Qd1r3ar1y0 @BelislePipon @prof_nch @mcgillu @McGillTLS Thanks for @socarxiv mention! 6/10/17 17:27 Wait, no book in bio? RT @prof_nch Slides for my @mcgillu post-doc seminar today on social media engagement at @McGillTLS now available for download: https:// 6/10/17 17:26 6/10/17 16:29 @MarinaAdshade Terrible @MarinaAdshade I'm open to evidence it was the result of policy, but I 6/10/17 16:23 haven't seen it. Hard because it's going with the historical tide @MarinaAdshade The trend goes back much earlier, and likely not the 6/10/17 16:17 result of policy 6/10/17 15:32 @GabrielRossman As the Quiet Car, without functioning air conditioning travels south, and 6/10/17 15:08 the day gradually warms, the passengers are silently dying off Now you know: 100 verified oldest people, by year of birth: 6/10/17 14:38 rFZ5AP5Ezy The preprints webinar I did with Center for Open Science is online now: 6/10/17 14:35 Somehow in all the outrage we let this blatant error in the Older 6/10/17 13:28 Americans Month proclamation slip through @doctorwhy @asociologist Why number of followers and number of 6/10/17 12:27 tweets? I don't think those are the stated criteria RT @TrumpAtrocities Trump targets immigrants who were given 6/10/17 11:21 reprieves for deportation RT @RickyPo The key to making real advances in OA is to walk away from the commercial publishers who have dominated the market https:// 6/10/17 10:56 RT @Neuro_Skeptic People with autism, especially women, are less likely to be heterosexual 6/10/17 10:46 EhkXN5Pm6y RT @LauraLindberg2 Thnx @healthyteen for highlighting my research in making strong case against HHS appointment of abstinence-ed 6/10/17 1:01 proponent. #guttmacher 873928041218678785 873925612615778304 873910764188430337 873902204322594817 873899570970996736 873881781212241920 873881297256673281 873881109511233536 873880324312313856 873740204305154048 873592419341795328 873592195189702658 873577989803581441 873576434127818753 873574905681502208 873563631094554624 873557433549029377 873549985786286081 873549085718065152 873532278474932224 873517022772121601 873500310085525504 873494140008493056 873491515770908674 873344444547903488 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !10 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 6/10/17 0:23 6/9/17 22:58 6/9/17 22:56 6/9/17 22:44 6/9/17 22:40 6/9/17 22:06 6/9/17 19:29 6/9/17 18:06 6/9/17 16:35 6/9/17 16:18 6/9/17 15:44 6/9/17 15:39 6/9/17 15:09 6/9/17 14:22 6/9/17 13:48 6/9/17 12:59 6/9/17 12:47 6/9/17 12:42 6/9/17 12:07 6/9/17 12:04 6/9/17 10:51 6/9/17 4:03 6/9/17 2:16 6/9/17 2:04 6/9/17 1:58 6/9/17 1:58 6/9/17 1:46 6/9/17 1:33 @fuegoside Yes empowering coffee from a worker collective @GabrielRossman Sure. But that seems different from the whole intelligence community being out to get him for some reason When Trump quoted Isaiah 1:17 the cheering stopped 1wz9xntDvt @directorsilk @GabrielRossman I have trouble with the motive for Deep State. Is there a reason non-insane people think they want to get rid of Trump? I would go to that conference. Cool! RT @bessbell I know he's a brilliant legal mind, but I bet @POTUS hasn't read Davison v. Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. 5gPmHK6rmG RT @diannelibrarian .@familyunequal asks "How disruptive is too disruptive?" I say push the ✉ as far as you can! Info wants to be free! #sslbc2017 @PamOliver1180 @braydenk @davidsmeyer1 the assumption people would rather not write than be negative is a way of letting us be honest but also nice, obv skews results positive @PamOliver1180 @matt_huffman @davidsmeyer1 good citizenship includes reasonable accommodation for life @andyfenelon peak age ratio point? @matt_huffman @davidsmeyer1 @PamOliver1180 I'm at the career stage where I've realized no one can make me do anything, and no one counts these things, so to hell with you all. We need a name for the oldest age at which there are more people than there are age 0. In the US it was 62 in 2015. RT @RobVargas21 A useful article if you're sitting on a grad admissions committee this coming year. @prof_nch My advice for integrating social media into research workflow RT @chrisuggen .@AdiaHWingfield on higher ed institutions as gendered organizations. there's a very good reason high ups at @UNC canceled a course on the history of big-time athletics: scheduling snafu. Open science, says @BrianNosek @prof_nch Sweet! (I'll always remember where I was when I heard: at an honor court hearing testifying in a plagiarism case.) And me! Grateful for invitation to speak about @SocArXiv ieL5gRhhlN It's hard to understate how little this accusation will matter b2Pysc0zAH @PamOliver1180 Thx. But, 5? I'm feeling hit with 4. Is 5 or 6 normal? @luscombeland @inclusionist Who says that? This is from my book: total work time about equal They have Millennials in Britain now, too? Actually still working on understanding the first phrase. SQ46oUIbwe This seems to be my year for promotion letters. I hate to say no because it can cause problems. So this is your notice that I might say no. The other thing going over my head is McCain using Snapchat https:// In the 1970s a guy in North Carolina choked a woman unconscious then raped her. In court, he denied the rape because she was unconscious. 873334896877600768 873313444249952256 873312965088481280 873309856027029504 873308862266454017 873300189020291072 873260887116853248 873239864094990336 873216877320953856 873212606139510784 873204158165393408 873202853699084290 873195380565053441 873183614766379009 873174880992317440 873162754353451008 873159686501150720 873158247519313920 873149432560222208 873148909153124352 873130472980795392 873027691665948674 873000833302114305 872997841265971201 872996380217937920 872996180908756993 872993290693611525 872989962379161601 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !11 of ! 16 @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 6/8/17 21:06 6/8/17 20:35 6/8/17 20:34 6/8/17 20:25 6/8/17 20:19 6/8/17 20:16 6/8/17 20:03 6/8/17 20:01 6/8/17 17:42 6/8/17 15:21 6/8/17 14:40 6/8/17 14:11 6/8/17 12:53 6/8/17 12:34 6/8/17 12:20 6/8/17 10:24 6/8/17 3:19 6/8/17 3:12 6/8/17 1:23 6/8/17 0:02 6/7/17 21:35 6/7/17 21:12 6/7/17 21:07 6/7/17 20:46 6/7/17 18:40 RT @socarxiv And when colleagues ask: But will I still be able to publish this? What's a #preprint? Remember our trusty FAQ: pbSEldbVav @asociologist @socarxiv ...worse problem where it would only show working papers and *not* published version. Some kind of AI problem yada yada @asociologist @socarxiv They have a hard time telling the difference between what's a new version versus different paper. For other systems they have had a ... @asociologist @socarxiv It's not that bad to only show pub version but would be great if it could show free one too. @asociologist @socarxiv Ya, since April: But still don't seem to offer ours as one of the versions after a paper is published elsewhere. @RafiLetzter @familyunequal @socarxiv We will literally send someone to talk to your section meeting if you like. And there's money. Hey ASA members: @socarxiv is sending notes to sections about our open awards program. Let's get it on the agenda! eJJL5mhHHI Men photographing men GIVE HIM THE PHONE @familyunequal Never a line for the men's room at the family policy meeting People mourning the demise of the "traditional family" are kind of like people protecting Confederate monuments built in 1915. @familyunequal So who's up for an all-day meeting with no TV? https:// @familyunequal I believe the children are our future. NT59Y6r01R Things you see at the White House RT @prof_nch Admitting to psychological struggles in academia is not weakness. It's a mistake to underestimate the strength it takes to say it out loud. RT @FullFrontalSamB .@POTUS doesn’t really get the British spirit. In Trump's Twitter settings is the list of people he blocked, which should be FOIA-able. @albamoore1 Anyone can block anyone. RT @lisawade Perhaps we're returning to the days where the FBI had files on the sociologists for anti-government activity! 2Kkf00xHF3 Thanks, autocorrect! @familyunequal It's hard to talk about people's hardship in a society where poor people are assumed to be at fault. @amy_harmon did it really well imo Wellston has 34% child poverty and median household income $36k. But don't say it's "struggling". (Oh, it's 96% White.) Not a statement about America @GabrielRossman 872922686149865472 872915075329294336 872914817027379200 872912424285896704 872910978819788800 872910201145487360 872906935745613826 872906516160024578 872871356911808512 872836057162756097 872825615069655042 872818447255818240 872798640749891586 872794052026093568 872790317912797184 872761169064464385 872654368969031682 872652603955564544 872625182158008320 872604751074119681 872567634738515970 872561958599438340 872560728888233985 872555347130580995 872523619221594112 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !12 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 6/7/17 18:32 6/7/17 18:19 6/7/17 18:07 6/7/17 18:03 6/7/17 17:53 6/7/17 17:47 6/7/17 17:39 6/7/17 17:38 6/7/17 16:51 6/7/17 14:40 6/7/17 14:38 6/7/17 14:25 6/7/17 13:43 6/7/17 13:16 6/7/17 13:10 6/7/17 13:07 6/7/17 12:26 6/7/17 12:14 6/7/17 11:14 6/7/17 11:14 6/7/17 11:11 6/7/17 3:44 6/7/17 3:39 6/7/17 3:28 @GabrielRossman i did not know about that In other news: Searches for bunions highly correlated with searches for alcohol problems across states a4odKC9mhD RT @kfgrobbins "Trump created a public forum, used for official purposes, & then excluded me from participating...on the basis of my political opinions." @jeremyfreese @GabrielRossman If precedent is unclear they might look at things like the scale and impact though. Oh, it's millions of people? Maybe there's a cutoff. @GabrielRossman @jeremyfreese I can't say. Seems like a case of courts trying to figure out how to react to new things (trump, twitter) so hard to predict outcomes. @GabrielRossman @jeremyfreese I don't know why that random comparison; President obviously is not like another twitter user. Courts are taking his twitter seriously @GabrielRossman @jeremyfreese He's more tentative in his conclusions then that description @GabrielRossman @jeremyfreese The Knight Foundation are serious legal folks Trump blocked me on Twitter and that violates the Constitution https:// @matt_huffman The people who say scientists don't know about dinosaurs because they weren't there also know what Jesus would say about them and it's good! A lot of ways to slice and dice this. Don't recommend drawing conclusions from one number (which @DrGMLivingston doesn't do) RT @inclusionist Another example of how Victim Culture is Killing American Manhood @Cy_Guy @POTUS That's untested though. Easy case to make that he's using it for official purposes (like, he [Spicer] says so): LyqyWb3e0j @HaphazardSoc Old Well punchcard! @familyunequal Can make an argument either way. But courts respond to the milieu too. Fact that it's self-interested & distateful to do may have an impact Is Trump blocking a 1st Amendment issue? I think so. Consider: 66k people saw this tweet opposing his statement, and now he's prevented that @MaxKennerly @adamsteinbaugh @nycsouthpaw E.g. He just announced new FBI nomination @GabrielRossman @realDonaldTrump What's that about it being a personal account? @HappyinazLyn @BeeJayMauMau @11SBiase @RMaintainers @realDonaldTrump President Snowflake must be protected from ugly pictures @dnvolz this was my tweet at Trump right before his account blocked me yesterday: Trump's blocking of Twitter users violates U.S. Constitution: rights institute And the public is welcome to read the tweets for themselves provided they share the President's views. Right! That's a theory 872521641238069253 872518415688359936 872515432011399176 872514245220544512 872511808678002689 872510296354586629 872508236221513734 872508041140338688 872496328126988289 872463266550882304 872462658745839616 872459526129299456 872448964125175809 872442111773245441 872440651429937152 872439848736632834 872429633395970049 872426636918050816 872411530062684161 872411349275598848 872410593352970241 872298262442758144 872297036837777409 872294290373967872 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !13 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 6/7/17 3:15 6/7/17 3:07 6/7/17 2:55 6/7/17 2:49 6/7/17 2:40 6/7/17 1:48 6/7/17 1:33 6/7/17 1:32 6/7/17 1:31 6/7/17 1:21 6/7/17 1:14 6/7/17 1:07 6/7/17 1:02 6/7/17 0:50 6/7/17 0:49 6/7/17 0:48 6/7/17 0:48 6/7/17 0:46 6/7/17 0:45 6/7/17 0:08 6/7/17 0:06 6/6/17 22:46 6/6/17 21:53 6/6/17 20:46 6/6/17 17:48 6/6/17 17:02 6/6/17 14:35 6/6/17 14:16 6/6/17 14:12 I'm very minor in anti-Trump meming, but my last 10 posts have ~400,000 views. Blocking that takes one click for them. What's to stop them? RT @TimScharks @familyunequal I absolutely love the first amendment approach being taken on this... he's completely unprepared for true public life and it will enrage him I don't see how he can make statements like this and then selectively ban Americans from reading his tweets. They are the "real story"! https:// Am I still allowed to read what he says in the newspaper? @HappyinazLyn @11SBiase @RMaintainers @realDonaldTrump Well now Trump blocked me so you'll have to use your imagination kNSaXD0Abr @GabrielRossman @realDonaldTrump Disagree! @Mammondy @Hitchmagee Oh ya @karlbakeman Eventually the whole world will be blocked and it will just be him tweeting to himself from the top of the tower @skyedali Ouch @JameelJaffer Hey sign me up! (Now that he blocked me I've got nothing but time. I'll volunteer!) @kjhealy You'll find me at the bar telling slurred Twitter war stories and pathetically reminding people that I also wrote a book once. @familyunequal @realDonaldTrump https:// Hey, can I get in on that First Amendment suit about @realDonaldTrump blocking people for their beliefs now? @HawkeyeCubfan @realDonaldTrump What is "libtard"? @11SBiase @realDonaldTrump Thank you! @11SBiase @realDonaldTrump One tweet at a time! @Hitchmagee Just to be polite No respect @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr @GOPLeader @JohnCornyn @SteveScalise https:// Sad @IvankaTrump @NIHDirector @NIH So nice. Who are you again? Now you know: US population age 0 and age 85+, 1850-2015: https:// Ya I'd much rather support people who used to be governors in states without prisons. @realDonaldTrump When Russia and America united against fascism RT @UMDRightNow Does investing in public housing keep people healthier? #UMD researcher explores this question: bctm672WPU via @KHNews We can argue about the wisdom of reaching out to Trump voters, but there are a lot of good kids in their families who need support. https:// @familyunequal I'm leaving that line in the second edition of my book. Of course because it's four years later I have to revise it to 96 years. RT @BrianNosek Feedback welcome on how we can advance both parts of our openness mission -- transparency and inclusivity. 12zD8bORkA 872290844321214468 872288922042347522 872285948792459265 872284471990636545 872282046344962048 872269069944270848 872265116250669056 872264979998756864 872264756098420736 872262157307654146 872260321112715264 872258630397165568 872257529270734853 872254504397406208 872254174511149057 872254012128714752 872253863566487555 872253333683265537 872253179915841536 872243925918113792 872243237741875200 872223303766769664 872209772480798720 872193058552643584 872148297653334017 872136684363710465 872099666380423168 872094886664732674 872093950512951297 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !14 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 6/6/17 14:02 6/6/17 13:56 6/6/17 13:46 6/6/17 13:38 6/6/17 13:13 6/6/17 13:09 6/6/17 13:05 6/6/17 12:39 6/6/17 12:23 6/6/17 12:16 6/6/17 12:15 6/6/17 11:57 6/6/17 4:25 6/6/17 2:35 6/6/17 2:34 6/6/17 1:58 6/6/17 1:57 6/6/17 1:08 6/6/17 0:27 6/5/17 23:14 6/5/17 20:45 6/5/17 20:14 6/5/17 16:53 6/5/17 16:09 Demography matters: Whatever happens in the next 100 years, we cannot have more 100-year-olds then than there are babies born this year RT @herrerocm 2016 U.S. population pyramid, with Baby Boom https:// vía @familyunequal @realDonaldTrump OK how many countries can you name? Zr1wPW2czN @realDonaldTrump But there are no actual deals f6ZdUTUTMn @JoshuaTMcCabe @MaliqMatthew @GhostfaceWiller @laseptiemewilay I would expect it would mean, e.g., having sessions on social justice oriented topics and research at the conference. @JoshuaTMcCabe @MaliqMatthew @GhostfaceWiller @laseptiemewilay I'm just looking at the text, which is not unclear. You might suspect she has greater ambitions for political positions, but it's not there. @JoshuaTMcCabe @MaliqMatthew @GhostfaceWiller @laseptiemewilay She doesn't say ASA should take positions on political topics (or what they would be); she says ASA should encourage scholar activism Maybe a letter from Putins Cock would help I always do research before trashing the present. PcybKczvKS @realDonaldTrump @familyunequal @realDonaldTrump As a person Trump is a joke. As a political reality his presidency is a crisis Well that's good news: "The $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news" via @BrookingsInst RT @CoffeeBaseball High school seniors' reports of their mothers' employment pathways reflect the gender stall. @familyunequal Not that anyone cares of course Is it the most common misspelling (which also reflects popularity), or words most commonly misspelled? Totally different interpretations. @familyunequal Also big stacks of regular Coke and Fanta at the end of the aisle. Aside: struck by the ratio of sugar to diet soda at this immigrant market around the corner from where I usually shop @tristanbphd @pewresearch Great question @tristanbphd @pewresearch Ya I decided 25-34 better captured failure to launch cuz some 18-24s are students at home. Also I added in-laws which seems logically same @HeerJeet "Twitter kerfuffle" beat is a service to people who aren't on twitter @realDonaldTrump @SecShulkin We owe it to the world and to ourselves to defeat Trump and all he stands for. RT @kfgrobbins "This is an article on the subject of disability aid that does not name any of the programs supplying that aid or explain how they work." RT @amy_harmon For those criticizing teenage climate deniers, please note: no scientist ever visited Wellston High School N2AoGtqVZZ Hey @SociologistRay is on @kojoshow right now on WAMU about nooses, etc! 872091367979323393 872089847812542464 872087225516908545 872085204588015617 872078962910003203 872078011541200896 872076995231875073 872070487454699521 872066385291223040 872064647125499905 872064305121951744 872059872975745024 871946054392008705 871918316192899072 871918260819820544 871909148526608384 871908968838434816 871896511755554816 871886226814640128 871867842018332674 871830452469989377 871822605451493380 871771880121827328 871760801341865984 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !15 of 16 ! @familyunequal | Tweets and Replies | 6/5/17 – 6/11/17 & 9/13/17 – 9/19/17 6/5/17 13:50 6/5/17 11:40 6/5/17 4:30 6/5/17 4:25 6/5/17 2:58 6/5/17 2:55 6/5/17 2:38 6/5/17 2:38 6/5/17 1:43 6/5/17 1:42 6/5/17 1:36 6/5/17 1:29 6/5/17 1:24 6/5/17 1:11 6/5/17 1:07 6/5/17 1:05 6/5/17 1:03 6/5/17 0:52 @realDonaldTrump I will not join your orgy of hatred, fear, greed, corruption, and militarism. Sorry, if you don't call "tweetsies!" the words in your tweet can can be used in court. You really can't get anything past these golf advocates 0BWh6AtWeY @kriDan1 @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS What did he mean when he said "I'm not gonna have time to okay golf"? It takes a tough lazy corrupt incompetent billionaire to make a tender trade deal. @dsig4freedom @marketingTXguru @johnnybunn @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS So true. I don't know Jesus would say, but maybe? Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven @TeNishaHart12 @2420Tigress @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS he literally said he would not golf and he golfs every weekend. @dsig4freedom @marketingTXguru @johnnybunn @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS So true. What would Jesus say? @familyunequal It's the same w/ crime. What if criminals come over the border? So what, they were already criminals. That plastic was gonna fall somewhere @marketingTXguru @johnnybunn @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS Ya, high taxes and big government are good, but they don't automatically solve everything. @marketingTXguru @johnnybunn @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS Because those things make life better for more people basically. On balance The thing about borders and the environment is @marketingTXguru @RockTique @johnnybunn @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS That does happen (see thread for sample of haters). But the main reason is because it makes me seem more important. @RockTique @marketingTXguru @johnnybunn @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS twitter has instructions for doing it. it's not a secret society. @marketingTXguru @johnnybunn @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS it's not determined by how many followers you have. @johnnybunn @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS Oh sorry for interrupting the logic of your linear narrative. @FLOTUS @fordstheatre @POTUS @szorowi1 @RafiLetzter Sociology explains the mass production of the software and the hegemony of Microsoft/Google/Apple 871725937003548672 871693129346420736 871585031273295872 871583676806705153 871561952325230593 871561063808069632 871556901691158528 871556761446223872 871543013951979521 871542666445680641 871541174787551232 871539504301182976 871538157929598976 871534863903600640 871533966494486528 871533506375057408 871532795591634945 871530202962251776 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !16 of 16 !

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