Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University et al v. Trump et al

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NOTICE of Filing Exhibits to Stipulation. Document filed by Daniel Scavino, Sean M Spicer, Donald J. Trump. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A, #2 Exhibit B, #3 Exhibit C, #4 Exhibit D, #5 Exhibit E, #6 Exhibit F, #7 Exhibit G, #8 Exhibit H, #9 Exhibit I)(Baer, Michael)

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@Pappiness | Tweets and Replies | 6/4/17 – 6/10/17 & 7/22/17 – 7/28/17 Date Tweet TweetID The Trump Administration right now is like when you went to every page 7/28/17 22:40 in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. 891065847334268928 @Pappiness @Scaramucci I'm sorry if I was the one who prompted this, Mooch. 7/28/17 21:35 @Scaramucci I'm sure you'll hold your boss to the same standard. 891049479884943361 7/28/17 21:31 Such bittersweet news for the Mooch. He lost his wife and Reince 7/28/17 21:06 Priebus all in one day. The White House plans to focus all their energy on #MS13 gang 7/28/17 18:34 members until they're no longer useful as a distraction. While we're at it, let's allow a simple majority to choose the President instead of electing one who lost by 3 million votes. #FailureFriday https:// 7/28/17 14:20 Healthcare for 16 million or tax breaks for the rich? 49 Republicans 7/28/17 12:42 showed us their priority. Three showed us their humanity. #SkinnyRepeal The Freedom Bill is a great name for the #SkinnyRepeal, since it gives 7/27/17 20:02 Congress the freedom to stop caring about their constituents. Jeff Bezos may be the world's richest person, but he'll never beat Trump 7/27/17 14:23 in the amount of debt he owes to foreign powers. @mcgoverntheory My father served in Vietnam, sir, unlike your 7/26/17 14:21 President. In 2016, Trump told the LGBT community, "I will fight for you." 891048499357331456 7/26/17 14:12 Now, they're no longer allowed to fight for us. If the vote today proves anything, it's this: 890213294794997760 891042197390413824 891003882620547073 890940034244915201 890915469057830912 890663716521365504 890578370693607424 890215378508550144 We need to elect more women in Congress. 7/25/17 19:07 #SaveACA 889925104657989632 John McCain returned to the Senate for the healthcare vote, so choosing 7/25/17 14:35 Sarah Palin as his running mate is now his second biggest mistake. 889856556577288192 The Boy Scout Oath says "to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight." 7/25/17 0:22 It is everything Donald Trump isn't. Trump just said Obamacare has been around for 17 years, but in his 7/24/17 20:21 defense, the last six months have felt like 10 years. Jared Kushner is lying about his meetings or admitting he is utterly incompetent. 889641866748190720 7/24/17 16:53 Either is enough to remove him from the White House. Jared Kushner's defense is the same as a puppy acting like he doesn't 7/24/17 14:01 know why the garbage can is tipped over. Scaramucci saying that his views have "evolved" is fully in line with the 7/23/17 17:37 GOP not understanding how evolution works. Fixed that for you: 889529072191246336 7/22/17 2:05 888580825180061696 #SeanSpicer #SpiceyOut Trump committed to testifying to Mueller under oath. 889581342463315968 889485613711405059 889177750417924096 You know, like that time he said he would release his tax returns. 6/9/17 19:38 #PressConference 873263083585712128 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !1 of ! 4 @Pappiness | Tweets and Replies | 6/4/17 – 6/10/17 & 7/22/17 – 7/28/17 How far we've come. In contrast, Trump prefers regular ketchup on his steak when he colludes with Russia. 6/9/17 18:34 6/8/17 20:00 6/8/17 19:49 @Pappiness Meanwhile, over at Reddit: (He misspelled the word PRESIDENT. In the FIRST SENTENCE.) @Pappiness "Your word is 'predisent.'" "Can you use it in a sentence?" "I am Marc Kasowitz, Predisent Trump's personal lawyer." 750sSgk2f1 Earlier: James Comey praised for his writing ability. 873246984341159939 872906300811870208 872903324688842753 Now: "I am Marc Kasowitz, Predisent Trump's personal lawyer." 6/8/17 19:45 Kids, be like Comey. Trump's lawyer Marc Kasowitz released a statement riddled with inaccuracies. 872902531676090369 6/8/17 18:59 He also repped Bill O'Reilly. We all know how that worked out. Replay of John McCain questioning Comey: 872890901781237762 6/8/17 16:59 #ComeyDay Cotton: Do you believe Trump colluded w/Russia? Comey: I shouldn't answer that in open session. 872860578947244032 Translation: Lordy, yes. 6/8/17 16:08 #ComeyDay "Release all the tapes" is something you say when everything you're saying is the truth. 872847826132324352 6/8/17 16:00 #ComeyDay .@SenatorLankford: How would the President stop an investigation*? 872845806302355457 *How about firing the man in charge of the investigation? 6/8/17 15:52 #ComeyDay 872843671875485696 I think we can all agree that Comey's wife deserves a makeup date now. 6/8/17 15:43 #ComeyDay Comey: Giving documents to the media would be like "feeding seagulls at the beach." 872841536387657729 Media on Twitter today: 6/8/17 15:42 #ComeyDay In the FBI offices: 872841183663452160 [Everyone stands on their desks.] "O Captain! My Captain!" 6/8/17 14:29 #ComeyDay 872822952244502529 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !2 of ! 4 @Pappiness | Tweets and Replies | 6/4/17 – 6/10/17 & 7/22/17 – 7/28/17 [*record scratch* - freeze frame] "Yep, that's me... I guess you're wondering how I got myself in this situation." 6/8/17 14:17 #ComeyDay Comey statement plot twist: The grandfather clock was Bannon THE WHOLE TIME. 6/8/17 2:31 #ComeyTestimony 872642095412113408 Comey: I didn't move, speak, or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. 872606513814282240 Chris Christie said Trump's comment to Comey was "New York City" talk. 6/8/17 0:09 6/7/17 22:14 6/7/17 20:29 6/7/17 18:47 6/7/17 16:03 It turns out all of us who live in NYC are in the mafia. Trump* to Comey: "I need loyalty. I expect loyalty." *Cheated on his wives. Bragged about cheating when Melania was 3 months pregnant. RT @ziwe "he wanted loyalty but all I could promise was honesty" james comey RT @jules_su A PAC run by Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, & Tomi Lahren (100% serious) is running this attack ad against private citizen James Comey. WOW. Spicer said "110 million people" follow Trump on social media. 872819983830667264 872577505357594625 872551160250589184 872525371991887872 872484222946205696 Half of those people hate him. The other half are bots. 6/6/17 21:13 #PressBriefing To be fair, Trump doesn't say that everything is coming in "two weeks." 872199896698408966 6/6/17 16:11 For example, he said that defeating ISIS would take 30 days. @Pappiness Trump blocked me after this tweet. 872123716951580674 6/5/17 12:35 6/5/17 12:14 6/5/17 12:03 6/5/17 11:58 Let's all hope the courts continue to protect us. Never stop resisting. @Pappiness His supporters continue to defend his need to quiet the opposition. 871706967290642433 He is their thin-skinned dictator. He is their #SnowflakePresident. 871701822855053313 @Pappiness He can block us, but he can't block our dissent. And he can't block those in government who have the courage to challenge him. 871698952327921664 This morning, I had the honor of being blocked by Trump. In less than 4 years, we'll return the favor and block him from the Presidency. 871697834122371073 @Pappiness @realDonaldTrump Trump is right. The government should protect the people. 6/5/17 10:50 That's why the courts are protecting us from him. @Pappiness @realDonaldTrump Remember when you hired your corrupt son-in-law Jared Kushner. 871680720707747840 6/5/17 10:49 Ivanka must be attracted to men like her father. 871680351407673346 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !3 of ! 4 @Pappiness | Tweets and Replies | 6/4/17 – 6/10/17 & 7/22/17 – 7/28/17 @realDonaldTrump If only you could have done extreme vetting on your own administration. 6/5/17 10:47 6/5/17 10:45 6/5/17 10:44 6/5/17 10:42 6/4/17 20:28 6/4/17 20:25 6/4/17 19:49 Remember Michael Flynn? We haven't forgotten him. @Pappiness @realDonaldTrump Trump is not only an enemy of the people. He's his own worst enemy. @Pappiness @realDonaldTrump But please, keep tweeting. Every tweet you write eventually discredits every action you take in the future. @realDonaldTrump Your ban will never pass because it's unconstitutional. You've already incriminated yourself by calling it a Muslim ban. @Pappiness Regardless, the actions of one man cannot discount the research of 97% of the scientific community. Here is Al Gore's Nashville home. Notice the solar panels. Though a lot of people are expending a lot of energy spreading a fake story. This is not Al Gore's house. It's Martin Gore's. Though it is fitting for climate change deniers to spread it without knowing the facts. 871679822141038592 871679365087735812 871679191368028162 871678563602378753 871463756441825282 871462887440740354 871453807917531136 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !4 of ! 4

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