Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University et al v. Trump et al

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NOTICE of Filing Exhibits to Stipulation. Document filed by Daniel Scavino, Sean M Spicer, Donald J. Trump. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A, #2 Exhibit B, #3 Exhibit C, #4 Exhibit D, #5 Exhibit E, #6 Exhibit F, #7 Exhibit G, #8 Exhibit H, #9 Exhibit I)(Baer, Michael)

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@BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 Date 7/2/17 23:53 7/2/17 23:50 7/2/17 23:49 7/2/17 23:46 7/2/17 23:44 7/2/17 23:42 7/2/17 23:20 7/2/17 23:10 7/2/17 23:08 7/2/17 23:08 7/2/17 23:01 7/2/17 23:00 7/2/17 22:59 7/2/17 22:57 7/2/17 22:57 7/2/17 22:56 7/2/17 22:55 7/2/17 22:53 Tweet @mannreagan @seanhannity LOL ok @BrandonTXNeely @mannreagan @seanhannity I will wait for you to say "You were right I was wrong" @mannreagan @seanhannity I have along with other people posted links on the thread. Find it or use google not that hard @mannreagan @seanhannity It did.....period.... @PepperGii Thank you @PepperGii I must had missed that article. Check out the doc on Netflix about hogan and gawker @CB5XMAGAadv @CognitiveCaveat @seanhannity Stop with the lies. Trump is the guy who started the whole brither moment @demersus1 @Luv_Bug_Hugs @mitchellvii Go for it RT @taradublinrocks *Except the ones he blocks on Twitter @votevets @BrandonTXNeely #BlockedByTrump #ImpeachTrump #HonorOurVets #25thAmendmentNOW @Matt_Shank_69 @seanhannity Oh really explain so I can shut you down @CognitiveCaveat @the_unachiever @seanhannity @kathygriffin I miss the days of having a civil debate. @CognitiveCaveat @the_unachiever @seanhannity @kathygriffin This is the problem none sees it's wrong @BenJude13 @CognitiveCaveat @seanhannity You don't know the play Julius Caesar? No wonder you voted for Trump @joshnolan101 @CognitiveCaveat @the_unachiever @seanhannity Might wanna use google my friend @joshnolan101 @CognitiveCaveat @the_unachiever @seanhannity Once again Did you protest the Shakespeare play when in 2012 they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no? @CognitiveCaveat @the_unachiever @seanhannity I was very outspoken about @kathygriffin. All this should be no where in politics at end of the day everyone is getting screwed @JonSommer1 @seanhannity Might wanna look me up I was very critical of Obama. @JonSommer1 @seanhannity Once again thanks for proven my point RT @WalshFreedom .@kathygriffin holding Trump's severed head isn't funny. TweetID 881662044705103872 881661464498589696 881661159069425664 881660451196735488 881659859602681857 881659422531096576 881653739848953858 881651293613424641 881650881766227968 881650789068021760 881649119013601280 881648721213231104 881648557710868485 881648102553382916 881647974090190849 881647784428007424 881647478302494721 881647000973971460 @realDonaldTrump physically assaulting a @CNN reporter isn't funny either. 7/2/17 22:52 7/2/17 22:52 7/2/17 22:51 7/2/17 22:50 7/2/17 22:49 7/2/17 22:49 7/2/17 22:46 Smh @WalshFreedom @CognitiveCaveat @kathygriffin @realDonaldTrump @CNN God damn Joe I thought I would never say this, but I agree with you. @mannreagan @seanhannity Did you protest the Shakespeare play when in 2012 they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no? @CognitiveCaveat @seanhannity My bad misunderstood @JasonHoras @seanhannity That's all you have because you can't defend Trump. Nice hair plugs though ???? @JonSommer1 @seanhannity So you are a hypocrite thanks for proving my point @Woutcalt @seanhannity Did you protest the Shakespeare play when in 2012 they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no? 881646878500282368 881646869448978432 881646423351197696 881646332657750016 881646129330442241 881645938833596420 881645353887571973 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !1 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/2/17 22:46 7/2/17 22:45 7/2/17 22:44 7/2/17 22:43 7/2/17 22:43 7/2/17 22:42 7/2/17 22:39 7/2/17 22:28 7/2/17 22:03 7/2/17 21:54 7/2/17 21:48 7/2/17 21:35 7/2/17 21:32 7/2/17 20:56 7/2/17 20:47 7/2/17 20:44 7/2/17 20:42 7/2/17 20:39 7/2/17 20:37 7/2/17 20:35 7/2/17 20:30 7/2/17 20:22 7/2/17 20:12 7/2/17 19:53 @CognitiveCaveat @seanhannity No kidding because the left didn't bitch and complain about a play. @JasonHoras @seanhannity Hey dumbass Did you protest the Shakespeare play when in 2012 they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no? @CognitiveCaveat @seanhannity Did you protest the Shakespeare play when in 2012 they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no? @shawn_abrams @sauceyfrosty @seanhannity @CNN Once again Did you protest the Shakespeare play when in 2012 they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no? @DonClarke_SD @seanhannity Did you protest the Shakespeare play when in 2012 they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no? @JonSommer1 @seanhannity WTF are you talking about? Did you protest the Shakespeare play when in 2012 they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no? @seanhannity Funny coming from the side who cried over a Shakespeare play. @LynchKing99 @funder @ananavarro @jack I don't have access anyways because he's a snowflake and blocks people who disagree with him RT @Rosie TRUMP DOES NOT SUPPORT VETS ... VSbCk8AaWh RT @MollyJongFast @BrandonTXNeely Let's not forget Mike Flynn jr has a ??gate charity and we're the lunatic fringe. ?? The right calls MSM #FakeNews yet they believe in #PizzaGate and that Hillary Clinton has people killed. Let that sink in #25thAmendmentNow @TiredOfBS5 That's #FakeNews never happened Remember that time the hashtag #25thAmendmentNow trended #1 on @Twitter under Obama? Neither do I @JeremyR86 Your point I already said both sides have idiots who do dumb shit. Those idiots are by far the minority on both sides @SocraticTense @JeremyR86 No he's talking about when some idiots on the right and left decides to reenact the outsiders @JeremyR86 @kathygriffin You are trying to make something that's wrong ok and it's not. Take the blinders off @JeremyR86 No I don't. Google my name about when bow wow attacked Trumps wife. I stood up for her so much so it got picked up in the media @JeremyR86 Violence on either side is wrong and both sides have idiots who do it @JeremyR86 You guys say what he did today was a joke right? Well with that logic what @kathygriffin did was just a joke bro. @JeremyR86 They call ever President Hitler. People on right had signs that said hang obama. Where were and the right at then? Oh that was you guys @JeremyR86 Right there with you. Still doesn't have anything to do with Shakespeare Did you boycott the play in 2012 when an Obama look a like was used The right loses it's mind over a Shakespeare play Wow. IUAbt4J5Sc @blakelaytham Active duty will always vote more for R's bc while in they are told that's the way to vote. I think mine may start like see those awards and ribbons on the wall your grandfather earned those serving his country. Yours? RZ6jBXGkPl 881645289995685889 881645037339250689 881644839703638016 881644612150013952 881644505946042369 881644354540097542 881643410272247808 881640859183316994 881634507870404608 881632157634002944 881630661395795968 881627388622327810 881626757442527232 881617579315531778 881615224696172546 881614479615811584 881614083786723328 881613357488496640 881612717395779587 881612376008777729 881611148285661189 881608937778405378 881606581032505344 881601722531106816 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !2 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/2/17 19:37 7/2/17 19:14 7/2/17 19:13 7/2/17 19:09 7/2/17 19:08 RT @votevets The journalists you attack, @realDonaldTrump, have stood beside us in combat, telling our stories. Many died doing their job. #PressFreedom RT @kim A man so needy for attention, he's trying to kill your television. Nice try, pal. @BrandonTXNeely @Luv_Bug_Hugs @mitchellvii LOL blocked me for throwing facts in his face @rubeng11083 @Acosta You are going to say that when you are hiding behind a keyboard no different than Trump @Luv_Bug_Hugs @mitchellvii Did you make a big deal about it in 2012 when they used an Obama look a like? Yes or no What I have learned today about the right. 881597600826372097 881591836137205763 881591595258302464 881590693369700353 881590524075028480 Violence against media good ???? 7/2/17 19:06 7/2/17 19:00 7/2/17 18:59 7/2/17 18:53 7/2/17 18:26 7/2/17 17:38 7/2/17 17:37 7/2/17 17:23 7/2/17 17:22 7/2/17 17:22 7/2/17 17:12 7/2/17 17:00 7/2/17 16:59 7/2/17 16:35 7/2/17 16:27 7/2/17 16:23 7/2/17 16:21 Shakespeare bad ???? RT @funder Tweet it like u mean it. #25thAmendmentNOW RT @abgutman @realDonaldTrump I just reported @realDonaldTrump to Twitter as an account that threatens violent. I hope you join me and do the same. @mitchellvii The right got offended over a Shakespeare's play. Can't have it both ways @funder @ananavarro Yo @Jack you going to do anything about this? I don't care if he is the "President" the TOS have been broken now enforce it. @AynRandPaulRyan It's probably his personal reddit account RT @AynRandPaulRyan That video of Trump taking "out" CNN? It was made by a known racist. #25thAmendment #SundayMorning #AMJoy 881590026475360261 881588431461265409 @JoyAnnReid Not sure what he tweeted since I am #BlockedByTrump but I agree RT @JoyAnnReid Sorry but if you voted for this, or "protest voted" or you're covering for him in cowardly fashion in congress, you own it. Good luck. RT @outlazymedia @LawyerRogelio Trump and a veteran walk into a bar. 881567636374654977 Who the fuck I am I kidding, no vet is going to the bar with 5 time draft dodger @BrandonTXNeely @kathygriffin And I didn't agree with what she did, but you can't have it both ways. The point is Trump and his cult members are hypocrites So, the right is claiming that Trumps tweet is just freedom of speech and a joke then why did they get so upset about @kathygriffin ? @CrinklyCree Yeah we are holding nades RT @votevets Is is patriotic to collude with Russia @KellyannePolls? ???? RT @drewginsburg @realDonaldTrump instead of fighting w/ #MSM be a president. intervene in #Venezuela people are dying & want democray The bond you have with those you served along with is a bond that will never be broken. 881588149796966401 881586626249543680 881579875475312640 881567739114139650 881564032251154432 881563851933835271 881563814432563201 881561330901291008 881558214214549504 881558016675524608 881551817309663232 881549919378690048 881548865417228288 881548441285005312 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !3 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/2/17 16:17 7/2/17 15:50 7/2/17 15:45 7/2/17 15:41 7/2/17 15:39 7/2/17 15:38 7/2/17 15:35 7/2/17 15:30 7/2/17 15:29 7/2/17 15:29 7/2/17 15:23 7/2/17 15:20 7/2/17 15:18 7/2/17 15:16 7/2/17 15:14 7/2/17 15:10 7/2/17 15:06 7/2/17 15:06 7/2/17 15:05 7/2/17 15:04 7/2/17 14:58 7/2/17 14:55 7/2/17 14:54 7/2/17 14:52 7/2/17 14:50 RT @Umtunzini @Vets_Vs_Trump @realDonaldTrump I am a Gold Star Mother. My IMMIGRANT son was a U.S. Marine KIA in Afghanistan. My son's sacrifice deserves better than this. RT @JKH2 We warned all of you about Trump and yall took it as a fucking joke. Y'all voted for him because it was cute and now he's running your lives With all that's going on with the media today and Trump go watch @nobodyspeakfilm on @Netflix. You will thank me later @chobiester @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @jack Where to even start RT @Acosta CNN response: "It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters..." YIlYewz3Gc @Acosta @Acosta walking into WH press briefing r1XFG98ykJ So, @FLOTUS I take it that cyberbullying campaign isn't going to well @GideonResnick You just can't make this shit up. Tweet would had been better if had given him credit. RT @GideonResnick The president tweeted a video that appears to have been made by someone called HanAssholeSolo RT @GideonResnick My god rVfCzjTrxz @chillibeanboy @votevets Male or female you are always weary of someone new coming into the mix. I am friends with her to this day @kanadastra @DustinGiebel The tweet would had been even better if Trump would had giving him credit If we all report @RealDonaldTrump for promoting violence on @Twitter which is against terms of service. What will @Jack do? RT @AynRandPaulRyan Remember Thursday, when @SarahHuckabee said Trump has never promoted or encouraged violence? #SundayMorning #AMJoy @kanadastra @DustinGiebel That's really the name? LOL fucking reddit @TheOnlyAlyMack @shreec Wish I knew, but once one stands up others will follow. We need that one though @AdirondackGypsy @realDonaldTrump The good ole days RT @AdirondackGypsy I want to go back to the days when the celebrity I hated the most was The Kardashians and @realDonaldTrump was just some pervy old guy. @HHanson56746554 I agree only takes a few seconds to start streaming on FB @shreec Exactly it's time the media stands up for itself @BrandonTXNeely @CNN You got to @Acosta If I was the @CNN WH reporter this is how I am walking into tomorrows WH briefing After today tweets there will be no cameras or recording of audio in this weeks WH press briefings. Just watch @DavidCornDC @GottaLaff What Obama didn't tweet ever 5 minutes attacking the media who questioned his BC? No he didn't because that's how a REAL President acts RT @dnvolz At some point Trump is going to tweet something that clearly violates Twitter's ToS and @jack is going to have an important decision to make 881547486942420992 881540496719572996 881539302076841984 881538268462030848 881537867255861248 881537531946336257 881536714392653825 881535545641512960 881535375629537282 881535353475276800 881533915739115521 881532999292112896 881532544096841728 881532005669904384 881531454538350594 881530591707099136 881529582398164992 881529543080779777 881529337878466560 881529086623010816 881527453054881793 881526817475227648 881526402687881216 881525965544980480 881525501650718720 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !4 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/2/17 14:48 7/2/17 14:46 7/2/17 14:45 7/2/17 14:41 7/2/17 14:38 7/2/17 14:37 7/2/17 14:35 7/2/17 14:32 7/2/17 14:32 7/2/17 14:32 7/2/17 14:32 7/2/17 14:29 7/2/17 14:28 7/2/17 14:23 7/2/17 14:22 7/2/17 14:22 7/2/17 14:08 7/2/17 14:04 7/2/17 14:01 7/2/17 13:58 7/2/17 13:50 Either Trump has some kind of mental problem or he is a drug user. No reasonable adult much less the "President" acts in this manner RT @Pamela_O_Plays For those who #HonorablyServed no explanation is necessary. For those who #NeverServed no explanation is possible. RT @StopTrump2020 This is the truth! Its funny to me Trump & sons talk all tough but can't handle criticism. So, who's the snowflake? @RealDonaldTrump @DonaldTrumpJr @EricTrump RT @eugenegu @crymeariver6666 @MikeTokes @realDonaldTrump The safety of our nation and our world is at stake. So yes, I sincerely hope the President is ok. @MikeTokes @KikkiPlanet @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump I think the issue was Trump supporters just can't grasp Shakespeare it's beyond a 5th graders mentality @MikeTokes @KikkiPlanet @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump Who are the cry babies crying over a Shakespeare's play? Hint wasn't the left RT @KikkiPlanet @eugenegu @MikeTokes @realDonaldTrump This. Nothing about this is humorous. It's chilling. We are watching the leader of the free world in he grips of a psychotic break. RT @eugenegu @MikeTokes @realDonaldTrump Trump may not be mentally fit to be President. It is no laughing matter. It's a national emergency. RT @eugenegu @MikeTokes @realDonaldTrump The same man who made this tweet also controls our country's nuclear codes. RT @eugenegu @MikeTokes @realDonaldTrump Something is seriously wrong with the President of the United States. We all need to be concerned. @JoeNBC Now Trumps going to tweet a video of him slamming @MSNBC RT @Shareblue Trump incites violence on July 4th weekend by @katiebparis RT @mansoortshams How a Muslim dies serving a Nation he loves but all that is associated w/ someone who looks like him or his faith is TERRORIST. How UNJUST! @mansoortshams Thanks for your service RT @mansoortshams How a Muslim Marine serves his Nation & then all of a sudden that same Nation begins to turn its face on his beloved religion? Just imagine! @tommy_pane @Mike_P_Williams @realDonaldTrump @CNN I am shocked it's not 100% because everything he says, tweets, or does is negative. It's his own fault RT @votevets Can we get a WH statement about why you're using Veterans as political props & trying to kick 1.7 million of health insurance? @votevets I had a female reporter attached to my squad for first few weeks in Iraq. She went through everything we did she became one of us @tommy_pane @Mike_P_Williams @realDonaldTrump @CNN Bullshit only takes 1 of you lunatics to act. Remember #Pizzagate? RT @Mike_P_Williams @BrandonTXNeely @realDonaldTrump @CNN He's promoting hatred and, in this instance, violence against mainstream news. In no way is it funny as Trumpeteers are claiming. Madness. 881525013383434241 881524421521010689 881524315509936128 881523328149803008 881522505432924160 881522156852707328 881521818447880192 881520910745907200 881520883151626240 881520865783013376 881520859533512704 881520238814220288 881519875960840192 881518587827163137 881518397959405568 881518340363210753 881515027127312384 881513955025453057 881513044609781760 881512289765134336 881510513464811520 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !5 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/2/17 13:50 7/2/17 13:46 7/2/17 13:45 7/2/17 13:41 7/2/17 13:34 7/2/17 13:33 7/2/17 13:25 7/2/17 13:19 7/2/17 13:16 7/2/17 13:13 7/2/17 12:53 7/2/17 12:43 7/2/17 12:42 7/2/17 12:02 7/2/17 12:02 7/2/17 12:02 7/2/17 12:02 7/2/17 12:02 7/2/17 12:02 7/2/17 12:02 7/2/17 12:02 7/2/17 11:53 @Mike_P_Williams @realDonaldTrump @CNN True, just look at #PizzaGate. These people aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer @bikedog3 @CNN @jack @Twitter @FoxNews I agree, but my issue is it only takes 1 lunatic to think he wants them to harm a @CNN reporter @Mike_P_Williams @realDonaldTrump And now when some RWNJ attacks a @CNN reporter Trump will be to blame. We all know his supporters aren't very bright. How does Trumps last tweet not entice violence against @CNN? @Jack I thought promoting violence on @Twitter was against terms of service. Trumps attack on the media is an attack on the constitution. Whether he likes it or not we have freedom of press in this country There is something seriously wrong mentally with Trump. If he acted this way in the military he would have no weapon, belt, or shoe laces. We now live in a time where the "President" basically threatens @CNN over twitter. Go look at his latest tweet. I can't @CER3ALKILLR @IronStache @realDonaldTrump I think they changed it when he took office to over 140 characters so we are good. RT @IronStache Imagine @realDonaldTrump s Twitter feed when we take back #OurHouse in 2018 RT @LindseyGrahamSC If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it. @bdgrabinski Congrats welcome to the club happy hour is at 6. Make sure to register your block at @TrumpBlocks RT @votevets He didn't celebrate our bravery by blocking us on twitter, trashing the press, & fighting to kick 1.7 million vets off insurance https:// RT @votevets He did win the Presidency (although he colluded w/ Russia) but our military and Veterans lost! RT @AlexHortonTX Praise for vets was intertwined with attack on press to contrast those groups. Yet plenty of veterans are now journalists on a new mission. RT @AlexHortonTX Driving a wedge between the media and the people it serves will only help those in power and hurt those who have little recourse. RT @AlexHortonTX This is how accountability works: every person in power should think every email, memo, or discussion could end up in tomorrow’s paper. RT @AlexHortonTX Praising veterans often = overlooking systemic issues they face, and in this case, minimizing the work done by media to help fix problems. RT @AlexHortonTX It’s near every day I hear from fellow vets or troops who see problems but don’t know how to address them, except seeing them in print. RT @AlexHortonTX Failure at Walter Reed, hidden VA waitlists, CA Guard clawing back bonuses, reservists shorted GI Bill cash. All issues driven by the press. RT @AlexHortonTX Journalists expose problems and force accountability at institutions that routinely fail troops and veterans. RT @AlexHortonTX I'm a war veteran and work in media. I have some thoughts on coupling attacks on the press with praise for veterans RT @Sarahchristy18 @BrandonTXNeely @FoxNews @POTUS Great at 71 yrs old.. but they hurt his ankle enough to keep him from fighting for his country..deferment 1ankle/ deferments 4 for college xhuSCZ3ahp 881510351367483392 881509397461172224 881509183639752704 881508133516062720 881506348193677312 881506023307190272 881503979120807936 881502684955758593 881501811810734080 881500964775133184 881495963415834625 881493596695822336 881493249227182080 881483323759108098 881483301852246016 881483281333710848 881483255710707712 881483230645563392 881483205660090369 881483133002145792 881483121140617218 881480871873847297 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !6 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/2/17 11:16 7/2/17 11:12 7/2/17 10:50 7/2/17 3:34 7/2/17 3:25 7/2/17 2:51 7/2/17 2:39 7/2/17 2:20 7/2/17 2:20 7/2/17 2:17 7/2/17 2:16 7/2/17 2:14 7/2/17 2:05 7/2/17 2:00 7/2/17 1:58 7/2/17 1:57 7/2/17 1:55 7/2/17 1:54 7/2/17 1:49 7/2/17 1:42 7/2/17 1:41 7/2/17 1:39 7/2/17 1:39 7/2/17 1:36 7/2/17 0:36 @tammdawg Ever notice every time he's in hot water he tweets about supporting the troops? He's such an asshole @tammdawg Thanks, but can't see it I miss waking up and knowing my country was safe. Now when I wake up I wonder if a war broke out over a tweet. Scary times we live in @TequilaNPickles Really not trying. I am asking legitimate questions guess they don't want to deal with real questions RT @Shareblue In March, the White House had no answer for 7 million veterans who stand to lose health care By @tommyxtopher I don't think the Trump family likes me very much. #BlockedByTrump What's the difference between Donald Trump and a sewage plant? 881471672888545280 881470689659809792 881465037583507456 881355339190415360 881353047657590784 881344448990515200 Nothing they're both full of shit 881341536688107521 @MrCalOkie @FoxNews @KellyannePolls It's BS this country has failed you. I am sorry 881336817861234688 @Lesliediane79 @AhrDenis @FoxNews @KellyannePolls It's frustrating because it seems like both sides always wanna cut some kind of veterans benefits. Vets are truly the 1% of this country 881336625447522304 @Lesliediane79 @AhrDenis @FoxNews @KellyannePolls At end of day vets aren't properly taking care of and both sides of the aisle are guilty of this. 881335938122698761 @Lesliediane79 @AhrDenis @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Fit into a certain income bracket 881335655749517312 @Lesliediane79 @AhrDenis @FoxNews @KellyannePolls It's weird now it's used to be any vet before could get care at VA and now you have to have service connected disability or 881335274718015490 @Lesliediane79 @AhrDenis @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Correct it's any veteran not just retirees 881332865224630272 @Lesliediane79 @TGAND4 @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Diana is great her husband is a soldier. We are just having a conversation 881331684041519104 @Lesliediane79 @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Yeah that was just the first one I saw I sent you. A lot of them out there from both sides of news 881331324841336833 @Lesliediane79 @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Not all vets qualify for free care at VA. Research it 881331058419146752 @Lesliediane79 @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Research it yourself it's all accurate even R's are against this 881330382813179905 @CCeezer @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Right. Research it yourself 881330170271072256 @Lesliediane79 @FoxNews @KellyannePolls 881328945240702980 @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Please tell that to the nearly 2 million veterans that will lose Medicaid under #TrumpCare. 881327172794933250 RT @votevets You're the Trump Administration! You #*%$ on our Gold ⭐ Families, POWs, & fight to take health insurance from millions of Veterans. 881326899892551683 @blessedone333 @edyem @Taylor_85 @drewginsburg Like Seth Rich? I believe that was the RWNJ's 881326520903626752 @FoxNews @POTUS Only the ones that agree with him he blocks those that don't. Wonder how his bone spurs are now? 881326333036556289 RT @amjoyshow #DonaldTrump's personal attorney might need some legal help of his own. #AMJoy a9goy2dkN4 881325759490600962 @ClutchCrick Thanks for your service 881310514223222786 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !7 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/2/17 0:33 7/2/17 0:13 7/1/17 22:52 7/1/17 22:45 7/1/17 22:38 7/1/17 22:32 7/1/17 22:25 7/1/17 21:48 7/1/17 21:33 7/1/17 21:30 7/1/17 21:22 7/1/17 21:18 7/1/17 21:17 7/1/17 21:14 7/1/17 21:10 7/1/17 21:00 7/1/17 20:59 7/1/17 20:56 7/1/17 20:56 7/1/17 20:54 7/1/17 20:48 7/1/17 20:47 7/1/17 20:46 7/1/17 20:46 7/1/17 20:44 7/1/17 20:44 7/1/17 20:27 7/1/17 19:18 7/1/17 19:11 @ClutchCrick HTown ???? Trump will be the first President impeached in 140 characters or less RT @BrandonTXNeely If you are in Texas and see this it's just me driving down the road. Honk and say hi. @TrumpBlockParty #BlockedByTrump @realDonaldTrump He just confirmed this account is used for presidential business You hear that #blockedbytrump club he just made it so easy RT @TrumpBlockParty Two mass shootings in the last 24 hours, one at a HOSPITAL in his hometown, neither of which @realDonaldTrump has bothered to comment on. RT @BrandonTXNeely If you have @netflix you have to see @nobodyspeakfilm and if you don't have @netflix get it to watch it. @jnichols941 @a180360 @ShaneWaIden @DonaldJTrumpJr Was verified before Trump just rarely used twitter. Good try. RT @kragland13 @realDonaldTrump Oh my! @BrandonTXNeely and other vets have been BLOCKED by you. Don't you find it hypocritical for you to be participating in this event? @jlodge28 You as well @jlodge28 I did and then myself and others responded and that's when he blocked everyone lol Gangsta granny going hard LOL you guys ran him away Racist much? @Jenlskelly Come on do you think the only reason I put that pic up was to show off my baby blues I love it when I trigger people. They always play right into my hands. Plus I do look good in this pic #BlockedByTrump @BrandonTXNeely @DeplorableVetrn It's ok bro I know you probably had bone spurs and you really want to join, but you couldn't it's ok. @DeplorableVetrn Sure you do. You have stolen valor written all over you. Maybe you played with GI joes or something, but no military service Wow that's original @DeplorableVetrn So your not a veteran either since you say it so your point? RT @stuartpstevens I'll help you out. Steve Jobs birth father was Syrian who came to US. What device are you using to tweet? nFnrf9MWwn @tonyposnanski RT @tonyposnanski All I am saying is there might be a lot of stolen Dalmatians at Betsy DeVos house. @MonicaKitten53 @RepKevinBrady Thanks @Jenlskelly @RepKevinBrady How dare I voice my opinion to my elected officials @Jenlskelly @RepKevinBrady Thank you ?? @Jenlskelly @RepKevinBrady Yep he blocked me awhile ago just for asking for an independent investigation into Russia Can someone forward this message to @RepKevinBrady for me. One of his constituents has a message @seanhannity @JoeNBC @POTUS All talk because if you had something you would had already went there. Donald Trump so dumb, he ordered @NASA to arrest illegal aliens 881309835291234304 881304770383929347 881284309059067905 881282730704519168 881280883138973696 881279445469941761 881277508292939781 881268193968496640 881264621381988352 881263841627308032 881261721016553472 881260627943096327 881260411017973760 881259844703059968 881258808143695876 881256227090595840 881255937247522816 881255304813568000 881255105642868738 881254729740951552 881253317707534336 881253065017495552 881252804240838657 881252730966298624 881252257760772097 881252195894734848 881247825434210305 881230440761315329 881228684811698181 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !8 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/1/17 17:52 @noelgreenpath @NRA I know right? I have plenty of weapons and I carry all the time, but I am for stricter gun laws I have nothing to hide. RT @votevets .@POTUS shouldn't you be looking for Army & Navy Secretaries this morning? You're a negligent Commander-in-Chief. How dumb is the @NRA to think people on the left don't carry weapons? RT @JasonKander President who won't release his tax returns wants to publish every registered voter's social security number, DOB, and party affiliation. .@POTUS I will trade my voting info for your resignation. Deal? @audrum1 @EricTrump And whoever is the President after Trump will have to apologize for him hell politicians are already doing it. @audrum1 @EricTrump Do you not recall what the Bush administration did? A war in Iraq based on lies tortured the hell out of people because they were Muslim 7/1/17 17:41 @funder Keep speaking the truth brother ✊ ?? 7/1/17 18:25 7/1/17 18:17 7/1/17 18:14 7/1/17 18:01 7/1/17 17:56 7/1/17 17:53 881217218788433921 881215199818252289 881214508739551233 881211276923461632 881209903754465280 881209283651809282 881208971733987332 881206220891328512 RT @funder NEW Video: "You wouldn't have your job if you weren't beautiful" Donald Trump said to the female reporter 7/1/17 17:40 7/1/17 17:33 7/1/17 17:32 7/1/17 17:28 7/1/17 17:25 7/1/17 17:21 7/1/17 17:20 7/1/17 17:03 7/1/17 17:01 7/1/17 16:30 7/1/17 15:44 7/1/17 15:41 7/1/17 15:41 7/1/17 15:38 7/1/17 15:37 7/1/17 15:37 7/1/17 15:32 #Resist #TheResistance #AMJoy @audrum1 @EricTrump Other world leaders have laughed at him to his face. They publicly joke about the dumb shit he says. @audrum1 @EricTrump I don't hate Trump because of his polices. I hate Trump because he's a disgrace to this country and makes ever American look bad. @audrum1 @EricTrump Wanna talk about class? You support Trump that's as classless as one can be RT @cafedotcom @audrum1 @EricTrump Are you fucking high? @EricTrump Just curious how you are going to explain to your child that Grandpa disrespects women? I had this talk with my 13 year old thanks to ur dad RT @lawfareblog Matt Tait: The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians RT @erichmcelroy This is better than collecting baseball cards. I gotta go for the full house. I've got Daddy and now Tweedledum & Tweedledee #blockedbytrump RT @votevets Best show in the #resistance @MSNBC NEEDS to make it a daily. 6pm sounds about right. @taradublinrocks Thank you sensei RT @taradublinrocks Just a #SaturdayMorning reminder that the Four Horsetraitors of the #Trumpocalypse fear me ????#Quadfecta #BlockedByTrump @taradublinrocks Hey guess what? ???????????????? 5u8nsW9OS9 RT @JoGreene1951 @realDonaldTrump Tell me, what the fuck do they need my information for? You stupid SOB! I am a citizen and voted legally. Get out of the state's business. @BrandonTXNeely @GetOffMeNya Thanks @GetOffMeNya I am following now @tstevensradio @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump Well maybe he should try it he won't, but he should. 881205916993019904 881204003878711296 881203812060602368 881202949862694916 881202009562644481 881201109121069056 881200761044172800 881196499098632192 881196008595738624 881188199325945858 881176713203523585 881175986401947648 881175902272581632 881175081027854338 881174994881044480 881174968964452352 881173673356537857 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !9 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/1/17 15:30 7/1/17 15:29 7/1/17 15:26 7/1/17 15:18 7/1/17 15:16 7/1/17 15:14 7/1/17 15:07 7/1/17 14:52 7/1/17 14:50 7/1/17 14:15 7/1/17 14:14 7/1/17 14:13 7/1/17 14:11 7/1/17 14:08 7/1/17 14:04 7/1/17 13:29 7/1/17 13:29 7/1/17 11:58 7/1/17 11:44 7/1/17 11:38 7/1/17 11:35 7/1/17 11:19 7/1/17 2:48 RT @Totenleserin @Luvthe1970s @whisky5ho @MaryMarkii @VCPowers1 @Alejandrodude13 @E_A_Swearengen @BrandonTXNeely @Intranquill @amyselwyn @drewginsburg https:// @tstevensradio @jaketapper @realDonaldTrump You ever thought maybe if he stopped tweeting and saying crazy shit the news could focus on those issues? RT @MuslimMarine Hey @realDonaldTrump, I'm an American Muslim and I already carry a special ID badge. Where's yours? #SemperFi #USMC @mivesto Here is the site with all their info If you have @netflix you have to see @nobodyspeakfilm and if you don't have @netflix get it to watch it. Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. -Thomas Jefferson A wall of 2,305 individual journalist from around the world who gave their lives's. This is sacrifice something @POTUS doesn't know about https:// RT @MollyJongFast Can someone explain @mflynnJR "charity"? It's called veterans for child rescue, it's devoted to stopping ?? gate? Shockingly it's not a 501c3. RT @votevets It's as if each morning someone demands @potus describe in 140 characters or less why he's unfit to be president. @Librumtinia @LostHumphrey @LostHumphrey is a good guy we have had our back and fourths, but at the end of day we both want a great country. RT @LostHumphrey I'm a proud Texan, and a day 1 Trump supporter. Texas Supreme Court got it wrong today. #LGBTQ deserves same privileges as everyone else. @amyomeara428 My sister says this is the one @AllKingsMustDie It happens everyday. Tomorrow he will be even a bigger one @amyomeara428 Believe there is I will find out and let you know. It's #saturdaymorning and Trump is an even bigger disgrace to America then yesterday RT @tonyposnanski Trump made fun of women's looks, lied about Obama's birthplace, & blocked me because his approval is lower than Miracle Whip 881173185030389762 881172997754806272 881172066451558401 881170172614234114 881169727460192257 881169177901400066 881167314628071424 881163669966651392 881162986651627520 881154268291584000 881153952850599936 881153811963883520 881153291698270208 881152538459951108 881151623984271360 He ain't tough 881142635733364736 @tonyposnanski Miracle whip does suck. Just saying 881142622731075584 RT @JoePort Will trade my voter info in return for your tax returns, @realDonaldTrump. Deal? 881119694392111105 @Witchieladymom Had to be this 881116390811369472 Trump does not follow you. Stop trying to be something you are not like relevant 881114695289241600 @Witchieladymom Just noticed it this morning, but I wasn't blocked last night 881114071952764928 Great way to start off the weekend. #BlockedByTrump AIfnKj94J1 881109945189629953 RT @tedlieu Why is Amateur Kushner still in the White House? Why is Lyin' Sessions still AG? Is Crooked Flynn going to jail? Inquiry minds want to know. 880981500648460289 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !10 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/1/17 2:46 7/1/17 2:32 7/1/17 2:32 7/1/17 2:31 7/1/17 2:22 7/1/17 2:21 7/1/17 2:20 7/1/17 2:18 7/1/17 2:17 7/1/17 2:07 7/1/17 2:06 7/1/17 2:03 7/1/17 2:01 7/1/17 1:57 7/1/17 1:56 7/1/17 1:53 7/1/17 1:48 7/1/17 1:47 7/1/17 1:47 7/1/17 1:47 7/1/17 1:42 7/1/17 1:41 7/1/17 1:25 7/1/17 1:23 7/1/17 1:02 7/1/17 1:01 7/1/17 1:01 7/1/17 0:50 7/1/17 0:49 @ScottRSparrow @votevets Exactly when I was in we all knew, but no one cared. @BrandonTXNeely This one never gets old A Russian spy, a sexual predator and a billionaire walk into a bar. The bartender says, "What can I get you, Mr. President?" @JasperAvi I am allergic @lwiw2000 @DonaldJTrumpJr Thanks for proving my point. Have a nice evening When you can't defend Trump. All of them say the same thing. https:// @votevets They don't realize nothing changes for the troops other than some are free now to be who they truly are. RT @votevets 6. Stop undermining the Armed Forces by insisting our military can't execute this task. @kevakolada @lexbarbershop @DonaldJTrumpJr @GOP Trump isn't doing anything. Do me favor stand up then bend over and pull head from your ass it might help @lwiw2000 @DonaldJTrumpJr Well go ask her. Why do you Trump supporters always bring up Obama or Clinton?. Is it because you can't defend Trump? Yeah that's it RT @votevets 2. Transgender troops have been received with open arms in their units. They serve our nation honorably when so few do. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) #FreeMelania You know it @livindadream @DonaldJTrumpJr Obviously you want attention I will give it to you since your parents didn't. Want a hug as well? @livindadream @DonaldJTrumpJr True when I was like 16 not 70 big difference @arielufret @realDonaldTrump Won't be long before he blocks you as well @PencesAngryEyes Yeah, believe it or not I enjoy it. I get a good laugh and I am guilty of poking back at times RT @JordanUhl you know...he may be onto something ejCiGpNcEC @JordanUhl Well done sir This explains Trump to the tee Oh damn you caught me How bizarre is it the @POTUS has blocked Americans who he's supposed to rep if he can't handle disagreement he has no place being in office @Thom_Hartmann @MalcolmNance More people need to hear this RT @Thom_Hartmann Meet the Men Behind the CIA Detainee Torture Program After 9/11, Being Sued by Former Detainees 7oYC9J532x @a180360 @ShaneWaIden @DonaldJTrumpJr Why aren't you? @kragland13 @DeptVetAffairs Yes mam will do @RickMuellerAZ @DonaldJTrumpJr How do you explain to your kids you molest little boys? @KateDahls @DeptVetAffairs @wapodavenport Thanks for posting this. I am most def giving this a read @kragland13 @DeptVetAffairs It's not me I am concerned with. It's all the other former guards that I have spoken with over the years. 880980987055927297 880977350791499781 880977282348834820 880977070884626433 880974753749770240 880974534106636288 880974287599013889 880973883037405184 880973590887370755 880971004377542656 880970768405983233 880970185162862594 880969525851717632 880968637934424064 880968348238065664 880967621121888256 880966360330899457 880966058282242048 880966049214201856 880965979211276288 880964737454010368 880964567609769984 880960643251175424 880960055335628801 880954782814437376 880954572231061509 880954514844639234 880951738248962048 880951405078511617 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !11 of ! 45 @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 7/1/17 0:30 7/1/17 0:18 7/1/17 0:18 7/1/17 0:18 7/1/17 0:00 6/30/17 23:41 6/30/17 23:41 6/30/17 23:40 6/30/17 23:36 6/30/17 23:27 6/30/17 23:26 6/30/17 23:16 6/30/17 23:14 6/30/17 23:11 6/30/17 22:27 6/30/17 22:03 6/30/17 21:21 6/30/17 21:06 6/30/17 21:03 6/30/17 20:58 RT @BrandonTXNeely Fact many dont know if u were a guard @ Guantanamo and file a claim 4 PTSD w/ @DeptVetAffairs u will be denied & told u cant get PTSD there RT @funder RETWEET IF YOU DEMAND CONGRESS INVESTIGATE THIS IMMEDIATELY! @OversightDems @GOPoversight @RepCummings @RepSwalwell @RepAdamSchiff #Resist RT @funder Donald Trump Jr Now Tied To Russian Money Laundering Scheme & Mexican Drug Cartel #TrumpRussia uncovered @funder RT @funder #BREAKING: Mike Pence now under investigation @TheDemCoalition for his oil ties & campaign finance fraud #Resist @aaroncrow @DonaldJTrumpJr Hope you don't raise any kids because they will be screwed @ShaneWaIden @DonaldJTrumpJr And the highlight of yours is I responded. You're welcome ?? @chrisparv @DonaldJTrumpJr So, what are they trying to do? This should be interesting. Might wanna put your hood on for this one @kyleadalton @DonaldJTrumpJr Yep there is a lot more but we are limited to only 140 characters @DonaldJTrumpJr What are you going to tell your kids when they asked why Grandpa grabbed women by the pussy? Or why did he hate Muslim people? @alien8james You as well? I already had my signs made and I was going up there on Monday first thing RT @AynRandPaulRyan Big shout out to all of my #blockedbytrump brethren this fine 4th of July. (h/t @MaverickofKain) CC: @TrumpBlockParty @TrumpBlocks RT @fawfulfan @BrandonTXNeely @LostHumphrey There's a reason why only the U.S. and Bolivia hold widespread judicial elections. The rest of the world figured out it's insane to do that. RT @fawfulfan @BrandonTXNeely @LostHumphrey This is exactly why it's a terrible idea to elect judges. Judges need to rule based on the law, not on what helps them win primaries. RT @fawfulfan @BrandonTXNeely @LostHumphrey Took the words right out of my mouth. Finally a political decision so clearly awful that Trump supporters can stand with us against it. And these people have a WH press pass WTF!!! FLAVsFypuF If you are in Texas and see this it's just me driving down the road. Honk and say hi. @TrumpBlockParty #BlockedByTrump OoVtgzjFzm RT @Trollbreath42 Really need a potent, politically powerful, liberal gun group to support the 2A, sensible gun laws, & oppose those vile alt-right NRA folks. RT @votevets .@NRA don't forget about the Veterans like us in the #resistance & btw our military is freedom's safest voice not your organization! Bill to create panel that could remove Trump from office quietly picks up Democratic support @jayhamz77 @thistallawkgirl Can I pack first? 880946653011816448 880943672552017921 880943647272960000 880943626045542400 880939105328279552 880934452435853312 880934255303569412 880934097400606721 880932982206468097 880930788124102662 880930584733896705 880927948794204177 880927631037927424 880926866680553472 880915745684828161 880909697175433216 880899129970491393 880895283349123073 880894522737266688 880893309815857152 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !12 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @deplorable_ndh @amyselwyn @drewginsburg Where in Texas do you 6/30/17 20:54 live? 6/30/17 20:41 @POTUS Now he's off to golf the weekend away on the taxpayers dime. Guess which one is legal in Texas? Hint its not the one on the right 6/30/17 20:15 RT @votevets Since we're #BlockedByTrump, if someone could retweet this to @realDonaldTrump so he still hears from us veterans, we'd 6/30/17 20:00 appreciate it. #MAGA RT @thistallawkgirl Texas Supreme Court rules same-sex couples have no right to equal benefits because 2,000 years ago their imaginary friend 6/30/17 19:32 said gays are bad. We aren't moving anywhere. We are going to fight this until the end everyone deserves equal rights. If you don't like that move to Syria. 6/30/17 19:29 6/30/17 19:25 @LostHumphrey We are good ???? We let people marry their 1st cousin here in Texas. but not someone of 6/30/17 19:25 same sex? What bull shit 6/30/17 19:23 @jonathansaenzTX @txvalues You are a disgrace to Texas. @LostHumphrey I think you are an asshole, but today my fellow Texan 6/30/17 19:21 we agree ???? RT @IronStache Only 12 hours before our filing deadline. Let's hit our goal of 350k & show Paul Ryan we're serious. >> Donate $5: https:// 6/30/17 19:18 RT @AynRandPaulRyan What. Is. Happening? Russian-Funded News Station Replaces Bluegrass on 105.5 FM in Washington D.C. 6/30/17 19:18 via @DCist 6/30/17 19:18 LMAO 6/30/17 19:00 @rainy810 @MatthewLumby Sure will RT @TrumpBlocks It's a club so exclusive that even @realDonaldTrump can't join. Welcome to TrumpBlocks.Me, @MatthewLumby. 6/30/17 18:14 cHZOV12PJd 6/30/17 18:14 @MatthewLumby Welcome ???? 6/30/17 18:08 RT @Marina_Sirtis It gets worse and worse. 6/30/17 18:05 @Marina_Sirtis As the WH stated we are just fighting ??with ?? RT @Marina_Sirtis If we are talking facelifts.......?? 6/30/17 18:05 Cp6QRnZc4r RT @Marina_Sirtis We are living in a banana republic! 6/30/17 18:04 KivVIMLCDy 6/30/17 18:01 @bobclendenin Welcome to the club Bob #BlockedTrump. RT @taradublinrocks We have one! @TrumpBlockParty #FF 6/30/17 18:00 #BlockedByTrump RT @votevets Don't compare you & your father's conduct with others. 6/30/17 17:09 It's not justifiable any way you look at it. #fail RT @TrumpBlocks In today's Huffington Post @AndyOstroy writes about TrumpBlocks.Me, for those officially blocked by @realDonaldTrump 6/30/17 17:06 @DenSow57 @vhfancc @morningmika I am not running from anything 6/30/17 17:02 especially not from some dumb ass Texan like you @DenSow57 @vhfancc @morningmika That's it bro? The same ole stuff over and over. Now I know why you support Trump just as dumb as 6/30/17 16:57 he is 880892351899676672 880889112647151617 880882537438085120 880878670033940480 880871563968598018 880870920545611776 880869970720239616 880869833902051329 880869531610222592 880869033599479808 880868237390610432 880868137368997888 880868083895865344 880863736235515905 880852147524513792 880852132072759296 880850423669809152 880849843845038080 880849668665745408 880849587929587714 880848878161063936 880848564003450881 880835577066790913 880834977340039168 880833973408198656 880832714076717056 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !13 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 RT @funder Paul Manafort may have had a hand in Russia's annexation of Crimea. Trump does the "best" vetting #fbf #TrumpRussia 6/30/17 16:51 RT @funder Russian Hackers Discussed Sending @HillaryClinton's Emails to Trump Adviser Mike Flynn #TrumpRussia #TrumpColluded 6/30/17 16:51 @DenSow57 @vhfancc @morningmika Wow that hurt. What RV park here in Texas you live at? I would say by the way you look you live in 6/30/17 16:43 Vidor @DenSow57 @vhfancc @morningmika That's what I thought. Just 6/30/17 16:38 another piece of shit @DenSow57 @vhfancc @morningmika Well, if you were smart enough to look at the times I responded within a minute or two of your tweet. So 6/30/17 16:35 when did you serve? @Fallenbelle2 @NRA When you take a CHL class first thing they tell you is When pulled over notify the officer you have a CHL and your 6/30/17 16:34 weapon is with you. Well it's true: Activists accuse @NRA of racism for silence over Philando Castile 6/30/17 16:23 RT @joepabike This is also available to anyone who /hasn't/ been #BlockedbyTrump, too! You can still purchase one & support 6/30/17 16:20 @knightcolumbia + free speech! RT @taradublinrocks This #IndependenceDay, use your #FirstAmendment right to tell "@POTUS*" to fuck off #BlockedByTrump 6/30/17 16:20 @DenSow57 @vhfancc @morningmika Please grandpa. Let me guess 6/30/17 16:15 you didn't join the military because of bone spurs? 6/30/17 15:59 @votevets @POTUS ?????? RT @votevets Great news, @POTUS: "I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States effective immediately" is under 140 6/30/17 15:59 characters! #MAGA RT @Shareblue Definitely would be a step toward MAGA ?? 6/30/17 15:59 0In4uyq1em 6/30/17 15:04 @sethjacobs16 lol yeah she did 6/30/17 15:01 @sethjacobs16 Idk whatever tweet that is I am blocked from seeing it 6/30/17 14:58 @taradublinrocks @Jack make this happen 6/30/17 14:54 @taradublinrocks My hero ???? RT @taradublinrocks Waking up & remembering you're not just #BlockedByTrump, but you've achieved the Quadfecta ???????? 6/30/17 14:54 #FridayFeeling RT @jules_su If you want your very own #BlockedByTrump Pin @mikd33 has made 'em available for $5 a pop! (all $ goes to the KFAI) 6/30/17 14:12 RT @AynRandPaulRyan Have you been #BlockedByTrump? Here's your reward! Proceeds go to the Knight First Amendment Institute (h/t @mikd33) 6/30/17 14:10 RT @votevets @ConcernedVets 1.75 million veterans are enrolled & have healthcare through Medicaid. @ConcernedVets wants to take it 6/30/17 13:27 away. 880831076406632449 880831051836346369 880829213032493056 880827893198315520 880827054807298050 880826804579258372 880824115866861571 880823286627807232 880823263710130176 880822093901955072 880818169555947523 880818119350136832 880818065113567232 880804347881414656 880803377185259520 880802608105107456 880801824437137408 880801650843291648 880791029326237696 880790751361282050 880779819864264710 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !14 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/30/17 10:07 6/30/17 3:50 6/30/17 3:48 @LyleTheBadGoy @Intranquill @amyselwyn @drewginsburg Did you know the R's in 2014 voted against this action? Wonder why? Both parties are to blame when it comes to the VA system. @DonaldJTrumpJr @CNN Ok let's compare @DonaldJTrumpJr @CNN @KellyannePolls Try again. Still losing @Buckfoston34 @morningmika Says the man who is most likely not allowed within a 1000 feet of a school zone Here I will help you out @BrianHonan So, basically anyone as long as they word it correctly @onlyifitsgood @amyselwyn @drewginsburg Really. The @NatEnquirer harassed @morningmika and her family. Guess who is friends with owner of @NatEnquirer that's right Trump #MorningJoe @votevets And our weapon taking from us. Yet Trump gets to keep the nuclear codes. RT @votevets After a tweet like this a member of our military would be relieved of command & immediately sent for a mental health evaluation. @realDonaldTrump They need to repeal your sorry ass. @washingtonpost @Morning_Joe @PostOpinions He needs to be committed to a home RT @washingtonpost MSNBC's Joe and Mika: "Donald Trump is not well" via @PostOpinions She can't even fake a smile with him. #FreeMelania OJ0w0qDLiM Trump is 71 years old he's never going to change. He is who he is a POS Trump watching @Morning_Joe this morning.0 @lisamar1214 @morningmika Trump can't hang with hints the reason he blocked me. @itswhitneymeyer Your response was ???? @AlanBar1959 @morningmika No, I do I am waiting. So, bring it. 6/30/17 3:48 Texans against Trump ✊ ?? 880634026029133824 6/30/17 3:29 6/30/17 3:21 RT @itswhitneymeyer This one takes the cake. Dedicated to all my #BlockedByTrump friends. Maybe I'll join the club soon. ?? tVv7ketlmg @taradublinrocks ???????????? Congrats RT @taradublinrocks YOU GUYS! IT HAS HAPPENED. 880629406829600768 880627211501490177 6/30/17 12:52 6/30/17 12:50 6/30/17 12:40 6/30/17 12:24 6/30/17 12:17 6/30/17 11:49 6/30/17 11:49 6/30/17 11:21 6/30/17 11:15 6/30/17 11:14 6/30/17 10:42 6/30/17 10:35 6/30/17 10:34 6/30/17 10:30 6/30/17 10:21 6/30/17 10:13 880771142600073216 880770552230793216 880767974650654720 880763869446250502 880762302538166274 880755256451321857 880755072950558720 880748245512855552 880746631993466880 880746353420324864 880738284229410816 880736594902298624 880736372247625728 880735263340843009 880733043929096192 880731022287142912 880729547548897280 880634531275038721 880634212981891072 UDAY HAS BLOCKED ME. I believe I win Twitter forever now 6/30/17 3:20 6/30/17 2:12 6/30/17 2:01 6/30/17 2:00 6/30/17 1:45 6/30/17 1:37 6/30/17 1:27 #BlockedByTrump #CollectThemAll #TaraWinsTwitter 880627136926814209 @AlanBar1959 @morningmika Bring it then 880609945837858816 @mariektillman Pat was and is a hero to me. 880607150996946950 RT @mariektillman Marie Tillman on her late husband Pat and the politics of fear: 880607017408360448 @NeelyMelissa @maddow Anything for you sis ?????? 880603071210033152 @Iya_Nla @realDonaldTrump @morningmika @PolitiDiva Never heard of that person. Went to look and they already have me blocked lol 880601254019424256 @Rosie Did you just catch her slip up? That Russian op no I mean Republican LOL love it 880598741790720000 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !15 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/30/17 1:18 6/30/17 1:11 6/30/17 1:00 6/30/17 0:44 6/30/17 0:42 6/30/17 0:31 6/30/17 0:27 6/30/17 0:27 6/30/17 0:08 6/29/17 23:38 6/29/17 23:12 6/29/17 22:18 6/29/17 21:59 6/29/17 21:52 6/29/17 21:52 6/29/17 21:51 6/29/17 21:41 6/29/17 21:14 6/29/17 21:02 6/29/17 19:45 6/29/17 19:41 6/29/17 19:32 6/29/17 19:27 6/29/17 19:15 6/29/17 19:09 6/29/17 19:09 If you are not watching @maddow might wanna tune in. #TrumpRussia RT @BFriedmanDC GOP-aligned @ConcernedVets has no understanding of policy or how VA works, but they want to privatize it anyway. Disregard anything they say I don't know what's more disgusting what @RealDonaldTrump said about @morningmika or the fact so many are defending his comments. RT @votevets .@ConcernedVets should change their name to @concernedkochbrothersprofits RT @votevets .@ConcernedVets WTF does fixing the VA have to do with Vets that lose insurance without Medicaid access bc they don't qualify VA coverage? I love listening to @JoyAnnReid she holds no punches. RT @votevets The more time Trump spends playing golf the less he tweets. #lethimplaygolf @votevets I am all for this, but I hate paying for his golf trips as I am sure majority of Americans are. Wonder what the most watched news show will be tomorrow anyone? @Morning_Joe what do you think? If you are pro Trump then you are anti- Muslim, Hispanic, veteran, media, women, disabled and the list goes on and on xu9pHLFxkd @PamelaSueTaylor Thanks it brings out my eyes @the_slan Thanks for your service sir. Hooah!! @KtBoBt @amyselwyn @drewginsburg I am arms wide open RT @SenSchumer #Trumpcare is even worse than we thought. New CBO report shows the bill would cause people to lose #Medicaid coverage. Time to start over. @SenSchumer I am pretty sure Trump doesn't even know what Medicaid is. RT @tedlieu New CBO score shows @realDonaldTrump is lying again when he says #Trumpcare doesn't cut Medicaid. I think @POTUS has not read Trumpcare. @shortsigh44 ???? RT @TraceeLeeMitch1 @BrandonTXNeely @amyselwyn @drewginsburg Its sad it all has to be threatened for folks to realize what is what...bc of of my accident i wouldn't have made it without Obamacare. RT @BrandonTXNeely @morningmika Don't worry @morningmika Trump is just upset he can't get a woman to sleep with him unless he imports them first @eugenegu @jules_su @realDonaldTrump You damn liberals!!! RT @funder If you're a Democrat that's a Member of Congress—it's time for you to start talking impeachment immediately. #ImpeachTrump @PattiSolisDoyle Watch @DanScavino block you on Trumps twitter once he gets his hands on it He's afraid for Trump to see how much Americans dislike him @stacejean @FLOTUS Gotcha With this statement @FLOTUS has lost all her credibility. Remember ending cyber bullying? RT @Taylor_85 @BrandonTXNeely @drewginsburg I'm from Conroe, Texas and my whole damn family hates Trump. RT @DenWill60 @drewginsburg @BrandonTXNeely Fellow Texan, here. Anti-Trump here, too! There's a lot us :) 880596466334674945 880594581061906433 880591921357484032 880587784549007360 880587199611273218 880584625109774336 880583552609472517 880583542752907264 880578676894650368 880571237117939712 880564641285287936 880551066059845632 880546243457372160 880544580118040577 880544562900377600 880544237112184832 880541675596238853 880535033307516928 880531978906456064 880512627797045248 880511467295866880 880509199234605057 880508067120648193 880505126204706816 880503587616456705 880503395479695365 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !16 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/29/17 19:08 6/29/17 19:08 6/29/17 19:03 6/29/17 18:53 6/29/17 18:49 6/29/17 18:29 6/29/17 18:20 6/29/17 18:17 6/29/17 18:15 6/29/17 18:12 6/29/17 18:07 6/29/17 18:04 6/29/17 18:04 6/29/17 17:56 6/29/17 17:50 6/29/17 17:44 6/29/17 17:42 6/29/17 17:40 6/29/17 17:29 6/29/17 17:09 6/29/17 16:54 6/29/17 16:51 6/29/17 16:49 6/29/17 16:40 6/29/17 16:38 6/29/17 16:31 6/29/17 16:20 6/29/17 16:19 6/29/17 16:00 RT @JanelCortez @drewginsburg @BrandonTXNeely We're here, for sure. I'm certainly glad to find some like-minded Texans, though. Down with Cheetolini!!!? RT @annie_cushman1 @BrandonTXNeely @drewginsburg We're here in Denton -- a tiny speck of blue surrounded by a sea of red, but we're here, by God! @BrandonTXNeely @NickJam54531190 Nick where you at? The truth got your tongue? @NickJam54531190 Hey dumbass where did I say I was against 2A? I will wait. Tick Tock @vplus Yeah that's why he blocks everyone that disagrees with him. Biggest snowflake of them all. #BlockedByTrump @Scarletjedi Not a lot more in the rural areas. There are times they all decide to get together in Houston at a park and walk around for some reason. @Scarletjedi I totally agree with you @BrandonTXNeely @Scarletjedi And as a police officer it just makes our job harder when they do stupid things like this. @Scarletjedi Because they feel like they need to show how pro 2A they are. It's the stupidest thing I have ever seen. There is no need for it @Scarletjedi Ok cool go @littlefoot72211 ???? @Scarletjedi Ok @jeffrointx Gotcha I have found so many anti Trump Texans today. If I haven't followed you let me know we got to stick together down here y'all @ctsmith4 Using a 2nd round pick on a top 10 talent was worth a try. I can't blame them @ctsmith4 We need to let Gregory go. I think Taco is going to surprise people and Jaylon is going to be good he's playing to prove people wrong now. If Trump tweets @morningmika in this manner publicly. Makes one wonder how bad he treats @FLOTUS behind closed doors. Are these people serious? RT @PeteSouza Respect for women. @jksPixie @drewginsburg Box wine? If so DM address RT @Chris__Boyette Donald Trump's bullying of Mika Brzezinski crosses a line. @ctsmith4 I wanna say SB if our pass rush doesn't stay suspended all year and if Dak keeps growing. RT @AndyOstroy @AynRandPaulRyan @washingtonpost Badge of honor... @MrsCJonesy @drewginsburg Welcome No, I am a paid Soros troll remember? RT @markgongloff @BrandonTXNeely @drewginsburg @morningmika @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump @BrandonTXNeely As President you are representing ALL Americans not just the ones that agree with you. Any Presidents who attacks a citizen based on looks for the fact they disagree with his politics is not suitable for the office. RT @WitnessToGTMO “It’s moments like that when you realize, wow, that sense of humanity.” #GTMOchronicles 880503298234757121 880503230236635139 880502086227636224 880499358743003138 880498568573878272 880493468434518017 880491208547717121 880490399160295424 880489951145709568 880489081662300160 880487997422133248 880487244930461696 880487128454582272 880485113095757825 880483561836605440 880482203284770818 880481735078793217 880481142939557891 880478229102030850 880473331186716672 880469592396746753 880468846288797698 880468174726201344 880466052496453633 880465606482563072 880463849350086656 880460909617041408 880460717299818496 880455924456054784 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !17 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @judales @morningmika Well damn you move kind of fast, but love you 6/29/17 15:05 too 6/29/17 14:59 @runningpapers @drewginsburg I am right outside of Houston @TheCarolinaMan1 @Jeff_Hudson Are you that slow? I am using a 6/29/17 14:50 verified account plus do you know what google is? 6/29/17 14:47 @HolaLaLa74 @drewginsburg I love Austin 6/29/17 14:34 @WatchPresTrump Wow LOL 6/29/17 14:33 @sharraj Us Texans have to stick together @SarniamakChris @teaspoons @drewginsburg @BlueDotInTexas Yeah 6/29/17 14:33 it is @GoblinPolitical @drewginsburg I am down, but I am currently not 6/29/17 14:24 single @SarniamakChris @teaspoons @drewginsburg @BlueDotInTexas I 6/29/17 14:23 have hunted them before, but I don't care much for boar meat 6/29/17 14:19 @teaspoons @drewginsburg @BlueDotInTexas Done. Thanks 6/29/17 14:17 @ChellaTorres My DM's are open if he wants to try and slide in RT @TheCarolinaMan1 Want to see what a real ugly crybaby liberal Trump hater #snowflake looks like??? Would begin with Brenda here 6/29/17 14:16 @BrandonTXNeely #MAGA #Trump 6/29/17 14:14 @Intranquill @amyselwyn @drewginsburg Sad, but true 6/29/17 14:13 @sadiepi Aww ☺ @amyselwyn @drewginsburg They are starting to realize that slowly at 6/29/17 14:13 least in my area. @BrandonTXNeely @drewginsburg I got to go through and follow all my 6/29/17 14:09 fellow anti Trump Texans Nice try at trolling, but you failed. I do look good in that pic though ?? 6/29/17 14:07 @Purp_and_gold_ @morningmika No need import I got me a nice good looking Texan lady boots and all. You have no clue what you are 6/29/17 14:03 missing down here. 6/29/17 13:58 @drewginsburg There isn't many of us that's for sure @drewginsburg @morningmika @FLOTUS @realDonaldTrump Hell she 6/29/17 13:49 won't even hold his hand. Lmao I was going to respond then I looked at his picture. 6/29/17 13:44 #40YearOldVirgin @morningmika Don't worry @morningmika Trump is just upset he can't 6/29/17 13:38 get a woman to sleep with him unless he imports them first 6/29/17 13:35 RT @morningmika @thehill Has he looked in the mirror? We all know he has the worlds 6/29/17 13:34 biggest comb over. @votevets Rich coming from a guy who blocks veterans who don't agree 6/29/17 13:33 with him. 6/29/17 13:02 This ???????????? @jshanleynyc @funder @Newsweek Don't be so harsh on yourself. 6/29/17 13:01 Your profile pic doesn't look that bad. RT @votevets Glad at @TheDemocrats are standing up for our military 6/29/17 12:48 while the @potus is attacking our troops! 6/29/17 12:48 @votevets Little too late for that RT @votevets If Trump deports members of our military he will disgrace 6/29/17 12:47 our military and our nation. RT @votevets Transgender troops serve honorably in our military. We have served with them & they are respected by their peers! 6/29/17 12:44 DF9VvPowt6 880442067259977728 880440495742300162 880438375676817408 880437552683122689 880434349929353216 880434096182308864 880433984609685504 880431882755862528 880431657710440448 880430480201580544 880429956668567552 880429795141660672 880429212435451906 880429103521857536 880428945308569600 880428087342768129 880427438269923329 880426422162137088 880425223400677377 880422938046074880 880421693637918721 880420161165152258 880419449341399042 880419140221239297 880418852529737728 880411234167869443 880410825831395328 880407703239176194 880407633135640576 880407493167460352 880406619489697792 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !18 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/29/17 12:22 6/29/17 12:19 6/29/17 12:14 6/29/17 12:08 6/29/17 12:07 6/29/17 12:07 6/29/17 3:17 6/29/17 3:09 6/29/17 3:00 6/29/17 2:48 6/29/17 2:44 6/29/17 2:33 6/29/17 2:14 6/29/17 2:08 @JoanieReb No, but thanks I have never even tweeted at him before. He was tagged in some response to me went to look at his TL and I was blocked LOl RT @JolenesTrailer #BlockedByTrump : He's so thin skinned he's afraid of hearing from a cat lady : #NotMyPresident #TheResistance https:// What a snowflake @ferreescotta Oh snap!! RT @ferreescotta Because some Presidents don't have to fake their Time covers. "Trump's Obama Obsession" @jshanleynyc @funder @Newsweek Too late so there is another generation of Neely's who are going to stand up for what's right so get used to it. The 12% must be rich and sad now they won't get yet another tax break. @JulieFreedom4 @narendramodi @POTUS @FLOTUS Nope @kurteichenwald Hey now that's some fancy stuff down here in Texas. @seanhannity @SebGorka What do you do when you can't defend Trump on his record? Blame Obama and then Blame Obama some more. Why not cover #TrumpCare? RT @BrandonTXNeely .@DonaldJTrumpJr how was this Russian real estate conference? Asking for a friend. RT @votevets We will be using this message during the 2018 mid-terms! Why can't Donald Trump be a Lannister? 880401024518959105 880400427241570306 880399193126436865 880397472367083521 880397363994558464 880397253697056769 880263889308594176 880261875501498368 880259686259453953 880256739215646720 880255583164784640 880252881802334213 Because he never pays his debts. 880247954858233856 RT @LeoShane Per @RepOHalleran, DOD says their total cost of supporting Trump's travels from Jan 20 to May 18 was "in excess of $15 million." #FY18NDAA 880246541914603520 RT @jonfavs Today @SpeakerRyan said the resistance to Trumpcare was "out of gas." 6/29/17 1:29 Tell that to these heroes. 880236760139276290 I dont dislike Trump because he's a Republican. I dislike him because he 6/29/17 0:36 gives our country a negative image around the world he's a disgrace 880223417353605120 RT @AZ_Indivisible We're at your PHX office @JeffFlake. Disabled vets and concerned mothers hoping you'll discuss #BRCA with us. https:// 6/28/17 23:42 880209746967580672 #TrumpBiographyTitles 6/28/17 23:25 Life with Bone Spurs #TrumpBiographyTitles 880205580551561216 6/28/17 22:59 Dreams of my daughter 880199024225247232 @08hayabusa @narendramodi @POTUS @FLOTUS And he didn't get 6/28/17 22:40 the vote of most Americans so ?? 880194235802279936 RT @letahamilton383 If you are #BlockedByTrump please tell me so I can follow you. RT to help me reach those who clearly align w/ where I'm 6/28/17 22:30 at in the year 2017. 880191626999681024 6/28/17 22:29 @taradublinrocks @wearewildfang I vote Wonder Woman 880191435647193088 RT @ReporterSteph My story today: Veterans Helped By Obamacare Worry About Republican Repeal Efforts 6/28/17 21:37 @votevets @ConcernedVets 880178436861554688 @realDonaldTrump Like if Trump should unblock the voice for half a 6/28/17 21:28 million veterans @votevets 880176165079572480 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !19 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @crookita @funder My thirteen year old daughter asked my why he 6/28/17 21:18 grabbed women by their private parts so I feel your pain RT @funder Video: "You can kiss me all night long" Trump said to the 6/28/17 21:01 reporter... 6/28/17 21:01 @funder What a POS RT @Shareblue Both @realDonaldTrump and @EricTrump have BLOCKED military veteran advocacy org on Twitter. 880173474219732994 880169424266899458 880169374371459072 Yes, really. 6/28/17 21:01 *SMH* RT @votevets Simple question, @SenJohnMcCain and @JeffFlake: Are 6/28/17 21:01 you pro-veteran or not? #ProtectOurCare RT @jonsoltz First @realDonaldTrump blocks 500k Vets & Mil Families @votevets & now his son @EricTrump. We won't be silenced. https:// 6/28/17 20:48 @LostHumphrey When you come into my timeline talking shit don't 6/28/17 19:34 expect any respect. So tuck your tail between your legs and run along. @EricTrump Why do you only like vets who agree with your father? You just blocked @votevets who represents a half million vets across 6/28/17 19:33 America. Comment? 6/28/17 19:30 @LostHumphrey And you don't know me, but I know your kind 6/28/17 19:25 @LostHumphrey All talk typical Trump supporter ?????? RT @TeaPainUSA POLL: Does Paul Manafort's retroactive filing as a 6/28/17 19:24 foreign agent yesterday mean he's a cooperatin' witness with the FBI? 6/28/17 19:24 @TeaPainUSA Were is the Hell Yes option? RT @Fahrenthold The updated list of @realDonaldTrump clubs where 6/28/17 19:22 we've found the fake @time cover. RT @kim @votevets @joepabike @EricTrump ?? Congrats, my tenacious #BlockedByTrump brothers & sisters. When 6/28/17 19:20 @DonaldJTrumpJr blocks me, I'll have the full set. #Resist If you ever feel the urge make that hour and half drive up 45 and look for the Ford with #BlockedByTrump decal in window and say Hi. 6/28/17 19:17 R5ABVi8Zye @kurteichenwald @LpgaSucks Thanks for the kinds words Kurt. I have 6/28/17 19:07 always been a fan of your work Bro, you aren't even good enough to lick the dog shit off my boot https:// 6/28/17 19:07 RT @AynRandPaulRyan Trump Jr. has blocked @votevets, an organization that represents half a million American men and women 6/28/17 19:01 who served in the armed forces. ?????? RT @JoyAnnReid Because who wants to hear from veterans who aren't 6/28/17 18:25 in abject praise of Donald Trump? @JoyAnnReid @votevets They don't like people who don't have bone 6/28/17 18:23 spurs 6/28/17 18:19 @Arky67 @kurteichenwald Nah I was just trolling ?????? 6/28/17 18:13 @Arky67 @kurteichenwald I agree ✌?? @kurteichenwald Really? Cool. Yeah I remember that incident like it 6/28/17 17:50 was yesterday. 6/28/17 17:33 @kurteichenwald Congrats welcome to the club. ???? RT @kurteichenwald I have been blocked from the twitter feed of the 6/28/17 17:27 President of the United States. @5BMW2 @MollyJongFast @POTUS @DanScavino Hey bot she is 6/28/17 16:48 that's why we are #BlockedByTrump ???? 880169292297383936 880169269379698688 880166058241536000 880147391688650752 880147155578703872 880146294672588800 880145160323182592 880144830109798400 880144816339857410 880144491012923395 880143858977435648 880143177172254724 880140704315580417 880140540469293056 880139025331474433 880130154500165633 880129625111875584 880128553630801922 880127129240907777 880121152638767105 880116855746289665 880115419935277057 880105611815518208 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !20 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/28/17 16:34 6/28/17 16:33 6/28/17 16:29 6/28/17 16:10 6/28/17 16:01 6/28/17 15:59 6/28/17 15:56 6/28/17 15:25 6/28/17 14:32 .@EricTrump Hey snowflake why you blocking the voice of 500 thousand veterans & family members? It's not our fault we don't have bone spurs RT @votevets Like father, like son. @EricTrump is a thin-skinned snowflake just like@realdonaldtrump #BlockedByTrump izklQD2ASg Just checked my area for town halls and guess what nothing. @RepKevinBrady what gives? @townhallproject Aww Dale got his feelings hurt ?????? RT @PoliticusSarah Republicans Die A Death of 1,000 Obamacare Lies As Just 12% Support GOP Healthcare Bill People this dumb shouldn't be allowed to reproduce Y7DW5RfPfI @rdale622 @narendramodi @POTUS @FLOTUS Wrong. It really doesn't matter, but he did lose the popular vote RT @votevets RT @POTUS and tell them not to deport our troops! These are some of the most dedicated in our military. @AlexHortonTX RT @CarloScagnelli Yes, China is thrilled we have a president who is shrinking our global influence, so they can fill the void. 6/28/17 13:23 "Trump is China's chump" RT @Im_TheAntiTrump Absolutely, Trump's diminishing USA's global standing increases China's. #MCGA 880102231382601728 880101802032717828 880100966078570496 880095973879549955 880093774373941248 880093383280275457 880092617375186945 880084626370433024 880071295303639041 880054067036377088 6/28/17 13:23 Opinion: Trump Is China’s Chump 880054030051016705 It's nice being able to wake up in the mornings and be proud of my 6/28/17 13:22 father. You wish you knew that feeling don't you @DonaldJTrumpJr 880053803189321728 6/28/17 12:29 RT @votevets tick tick tick.... via @politico 880040542725447680 @BrandonTXNeely @DonaldJTrumpJr Damn forgot he's tired from all 6/28/17 12:16 that golfing and watching his approval rating go down. 880037138485698562 @DonaldJTrumpJr Serious question if it was only a 90 day ban and it's 6/28/17 12:15 been over 120 days why isnt the vetting in place? Is your dad that lazy? 880036952053096448 6/28/17 12:01 @DAWGGIE007 @funder @Newsweek Damn 880033299711873024 RT @votevets Yo @PaulManafort have you been to Fort Leavenworth? We have a few members @votevets that can get you an orientation. 6/28/17 11:53 #Russiagate 880031427521384448 RT @votevets Thank you, @MorningEdition, for having us on this AM to discuss how devastating #TrumpCare is for #veterans. 6/28/17 10:49 4KmQZCkoji 880015264104034310 @AnneRiceAuthor Their only agenda is trying to destroy Obama's 6/28/17 3:34 legacy they don't care about the American people. 879905698649436160 RT @AnneRiceAuthor Seems confusion surrounds the bill, deceit, lack of unity or focus on the part of the GOP. No leadership; no vision; no 6/28/17 3:33 purpose. 879905523805630470 @HoltscawDavid @videogirlprod @eugenegu @LisaPennylayne1 6/28/17 3:31 @realDonaldTrump Hey bro don't think your her type 879904973106139136 And he wonders why people think he's a cokehead 6/28/17 3:30 JcZYsun9zH 879904826787803137 RT @SenCortezMasto Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, Lysa says: "Without #Medicaid, I am absolutely & positively certain I would not be 6/28/17 3:20 standing here today." 879902349594157056 RT @TrumpBlocks Wired covers TrumpBlocks.Me, and why POTUS's 6/28/17 3:18 Twitter bans matter 879901766401261570 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !21 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/28/17 3:17 6/28/17 3:17 6/28/17 3:16 6/28/17 3:15 6/28/17 3:09 6/28/17 3:06 6/28/17 2:55 6/28/17 2:39 6/28/17 1:56 6/28/17 1:12 6/28/17 1:10 6/28/17 1:08 6/28/17 0:41 6/28/17 0:14 6/28/17 0:14 6/28/17 0:08 6/27/17 23:43 6/27/17 23:08 6/27/17 23:07 6/27/17 23:05 6/27/17 23:03 6/27/17 23:03 6/27/17 21:56 6/27/17 21:53 6/27/17 21:52 RT @TrumpBlocks If @realDonaldTrump tweets anything interesting, maybe let @mmaureen7 know? Another confirmed POTUS-block https:// RT @TrumpBlocks Certified! @taradublinrocks is blocked by POTUS RT @tinaissa Sarah Palin had gun targets on blue states in a map, and is suing the NYT b/c they said it incited violence. lAMoUaIsRQ @tinaissa What a snowflake RT @Rosie This Former GOP Congressman Loathed Obamacare -Until He Lost His Own Coverage | HuffPost It's 10:05 what time is Trump going to threatening another country I am on pins and needles. @PressSec anything? @narendramodi @POTUS @FLOTUS Come on be honest just between you and me you don't like Trump do you? A little secret neither do most Americans. A person with herpes on her face shouldn't talk to people in this manner @AliceFarough @realDonaldTrump I would make some smartass comment like I usually do, but I am so proud that at your age you know how to use twitter. ???????? @Sainttea12 ?????? @laruemitchell3 And I see yours unfortunately This guy is dumber then he looks RT @votevets Thank you for standing up for Veterans. WjJiNKiu5T @BarbaraRauch6 @marylaurymd @eugenegu @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump So when you leaving? Look at this inbred piece of shit RT @tedlieu Irony is alive and well in the @realDonaldTrump era. .@DonaldJTrumpJr how was this Russian real estate conference? Asking for a friend. @JordicusMaximus @POTUS I am waiting for him to tweet that he stopped the chemical attack last night. A President who publicly sends out false information about another country hostile or not is unfit to serve. Can't wait to find out who @POTUS threatens tonight for no reason. Maybe Canada? RT @VeraMBergen White House official clarifying last night's statement on Syria, after reports that it caught State and Pentagon officials off guard RT @Walldo CENTCOM officials told @BuzzFeedNews they have "no idea” what prompted the White House’s Syria statement tonight https:// RT @votevets Proud to say @votevets & our members are leading the way in stopping Trump's #Deathcare which will deny coverage to millions of #veterans @LindaMott9 @DonTheJoke @CarterSpartams @LorettaDenny4 @LinusBoyd @marylaurymd @eugenegu @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump I can tell you are a Trump supporter don't even have to look at your profile RT @votevets "What kind of Commander in Chief doesn't listen to the people that serve this country?" - VoteVets chair Jon Soltz nSCHuoImLw 879901512914415616 879901450306019328 879901340507533312 879901158306975744 879899644188393473 879898783412342786 879895922066563072 879892000916373505 879881109101785088 879870052211851264 879869690113294340 879869146330255360 879862363704487939 879855513063878656 879855438732439553 879854064527446017 879847777068515328 879838795566338048 879838548731580417 879838028453294080 879837588168867842 879837566131990528 879820842666012672 879820015205326848 879819778344579072 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !22 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 RT @votevets "@votevets launched a six-figure ad campaign in two 6/27/17 21:29 states to pressure senators." 6/27/17 21:07 @Scene1891 @AP They need to I am tired of this shit and I am a cop. @AP 3 charged, but that's no different than the past. It's time cops are 6/27/17 20:59 held accountable for their actions. Find them guilty for once. @collins18 Internal Reaction Force Team it's a 5 man squad fully geared 6/27/17 20:56 that is supposed to be used to extract prisoners from their cells RT @funder Poll: Most Americans would give up alcohol to see Trump impeached @newsweek 879813953563570176 879808450330587136 879806327027052546 879805705586343936 #ImpeachTrump #ProtectOurCare #SaveACA 6/27/17 20:28 @funder @Newsweek I would give up sex and that's the one thing in my 6/27/17 20:28 life I do well. @HoltscawDavid @videogirlprod @eugenegu @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump But as a cop your judgment of them is already 6/27/17 19:36 slanted one way no open mind this leads to misconduct by police @HoltscawDavid @videogirlprod @eugenegu @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump Naw bro I got 15 years on the street seen your kind. 6/27/17 19:31 Disgrace to the badge 6/27/17 19:13 @Sainttea12 Thanks @WatchPresTrump That was my thinking when I read it last night. Now 6/27/17 18:56 just waiting on the "I stopped Assad" tweet. @HoltscawDavid @videogirlprod @eugenegu @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump From the looks of your feed you most definitely are 6/27/17 18:53 one of those cops who stereotype other based on skin and religion. @AndrewChalland Thanks man. I am good just showing people the 6/27/17 18:48 harsh reality of what many of us deal with on a daily basis. The results of a Republican run government based on lies. 6/27/17 18:26 #PTSDAwarenessDay Picture of the first IRF team at Guantanamo days before Camp X-Ray 6/27/17 18:23 opened for torture #CloseGuantanamo I am still curious about this WH memo put out last night. What 6/27/17 18:17 happened to Assad using chemical weapons? Another WH lie? RT @AnneRiceAuthor To craft a healthcare bill that would succeed you 6/27/17 18:08 have to want to help people, not merely give tax cuts to the rich. RT @votevets If @POTUS were to take a laxative, there'd be nothing left two hours later but some hair and a small bit of orange skin. 6/27/17 17:46 #FakePerson RT @AynRandPaulRyan McCain on CBO score saying 22M more will be uninsured by 2026: "Well, obviously that's not good news.?? (h/t @kylegriffin1) 6/27/17 17:04 #TuesdayThoughts RT @joepabike @mskristinawong @mikd33 I got mine yesterday & wore it for @MTV #BlockedByTrump interview lol. Thx, Mike! | @TrumpBlockParty @TrumpBlocks #1stAmendment 6/27/17 16:39 KXgRy4VJA0 RT @WitnessToGTMO How would you get through not knowing if your husband would return home safe after #LifeInsideGTMO? 6/27/17 16:00 omlp9VuHnC @DineshDSouza If one vote was changed either way due to fake news stories out on social media by Russia would u agree that our democracy 6/27/17 15:29 was compromised? 6/27/17 15:26 @SarniamakChris Spot on. 879798617414017024 879798587017879555 879785577809424385 879784228216590336 879779786104733698 879775419611983872 879774827367677952 879773567759646720 879767841301569539 879767113505878016 879765736130056192 879763273553457154 879757934703595527 879747253891731457 879740904185245700 879731114583228416 879723383109320705 879722661634596864 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !23 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/27/17 15:25 @quoththeraven94 There was voter databases that were hacked yes No one is saying it was rigged. This is the definition of #FakeNews 6/27/17 15:14 RT @TrumpBlocks Welcome to the block party, pal! @colbster is 6/27/17 14:48 confirmed as Banned by the President RT @TrumpBlocks The President of the United States is never too busy 6/27/17 14:48 to block @RJCity1 on Twitter @JessieJaneDuff @AdamBudney @LittleScreen0 @GeorgiaDirtRoad Still curious @JessiaJaneDuff why you are not showing support for the 6/27/17 14:42 roughly 2 mill veterans who will lose Medicaid under #TrumpCare 6/27/17 14:33 @votevets @IronStache @SpeakerRyan Fear the stache!! RT @votevets VoteVets PAC is endorsing U.S. Army veteran Randy Bryce (@IronStache) in his race against @SpeakerRyan, in Wisconsin's 6/27/17 14:33 1st District. #WIPol @JessieJaneDuff Why aren't you defending the roughly 2 million 6/27/17 14:17 veterans who will lose Medicaid under #TrumpCare? Still waiting @PeteHegseth and @JessieJaneDuff 6/27/17 14:14 VHfzWLmmiE 6/27/17 14:08 Picture speaks for itself #PTSDAwarenessDay RT @eugenegu @BrandonTXNeely @realDonaldTrump Right on 6/27/17 13:31 Brandon! Keep it up! 6/27/17 13:04 You didn't hear I am a paid Soros troll bot @Jenlskelly @JosephB97913023 @realDonaldTrump I love it. They 6/27/17 13:02 just proved my point To ever Trump supporter who responded to my last reply to Trump 6/27/17 12:59 thanks for proven my point #MAGA @KristiKMC @realDonaldTrump Guess you can't read and don't waste 6/27/17 12:46 your prayers on me @KristiKMC @realDonaldTrump Do you not see the shit Trump 6/27/17 12:40 supporters spew it's all hate coming straight down from Trump @Political_BAWss @JosephB97913023 @realDonaldTrump Because I 6/27/17 12:39 am smarter than you. @JosephB97913023 @realDonaldTrump I say plenty that's why I am 6/27/17 12:36 blocked smart guy!! @realDonaldTrump I am #BlockedByTrump and still posting just to piss 6/27/17 12:32 off the Trump supporters. Bring the hate!!!!! Not all injuries can be seen with the eye. To my fellow brothers and 6/27/17 12:27 sisters in arms you are not alone. #PTSDAwarenessDay RT @sjredmond You know there's another bad day coming for the President when people are posting months old stories of Michael Flynn 6/27/17 12:00 being cleared Trump has spent the last hour tweeting and RTing. I thought Assad was 6/27/17 11:25 about to use chemical weapons? @jeremiahjw @AynRandPaulRyan @AnneRiceAuthor lol I thought the 6/27/17 3:33 same thing RT @AynRandPaulRyan @AnneRiceAuthor Congratulations, @AnneRiceAuthor, and welcome to the world of #BlockedByTrump. It's not scary here. 6/27/17 3:26 Or is it? Because Trump does business in those countries 6/27/17 3:25 5V3oBbUvj2 @Russmaster1 @Daniandfries @TomNash42478179 @jewelmcjem @Mamaknits3 @LorettaDenny4 @LinusBoyd @marylaurymd @eugenegu @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump We create our 6/27/17 3:24 enemies just ask ISIS thanks Bush 879722421661650944 879719647356104706 879713167378718720 879713135745273856 879711489451577344 879709326197350402 879709270106939392 879705314022629376 879704432375721984 879702898309046274 879693572320133120 879686815896281088 879686346050342912 879685599682330624 879682390087618564 879680932399198209 879680624721833985 879679784850268161 879678838397034496 879677458554990592 879670707336118272 879661874257817600 879543198649114629 879541371161497601 879541180698169344 879540873897418752 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !24 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/27/17 3:19 6/27/17 3:13 6/27/17 3:08 6/27/17 3:06 6/27/17 3:03 6/27/17 2:59 6/27/17 2:58 6/27/17 2:55 6/27/17 2:52 6/27/17 2:50 6/27/17 2:46 6/27/17 2:45 6/27/17 2:42 6/27/17 2:36 6/27/17 2:35 6/27/17 2:33 6/27/17 2:21 6/27/17 2:20 6/27/17 2:20 6/27/17 2:18 6/27/17 2:14 6/27/17 2:07 @Russmaster1 @Daniandfries @TomNash42478179 @jewelmcjem @Mamaknits3 @LorettaDenny4 @LinusBoyd @marylaurymd @eugenegu @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump Yeah the people in Iraq wanted to kill us. Oh no we just lied our way into that war RT @votevets Going on a limb here, but the failing of #TrumpCare *might* have something to do with it. @jdmu90 @AhmedAtiqi @realDonaldTrump Anytime RT @SnowbieWan @maclover232 @eugenegu @BrandonTXNeely @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump I am angry. I travel internationally for woek. I have friends in many countries, & that's convinced me not all brown people are terrorists. @jdmu90 @AhmedAtiqi @realDonaldTrump Just change it to this RT @Daniandfries @TomNash42478179 @jewelmcjem @Mamaknits3 @LorettaDenny4 @LinusBoyd @marylaurymd @eugenegu @BrandonTXNeely @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump It's been more than 90 days. Why do we still need a ban? And where's this new vetting process? If we're in danger, surely he wouldn't wait @jdmu90 @AhmedAtiqi @realDonaldTrump I don't see bots. In new update there was a new setting that helps with that. Its cut pro Trump responses down 50% no kidding Best part about responding to Trumps tweets is seeing how uniformed and uneducated Trump supporters are. #BlockedByTrump RT @marylaurymd @eugenegu @BrandonTXNeely @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump Never will the Muslim Ban be consitutional. #NoMuslimBanEver LMAO @BrandonTXNeely @draughon_cindy @realDonaldTrump I stand corrected @draughon_cindy @realDonaldTrump Yeah you are right read it wrong. RT @eugenegu @BrandonTXNeely @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump Trump will lose the case. The Consitution and the Law will win. Always. @OCovfefe @realDonaldTrump You do realize the part that's going into action is a part that they didn't fight right? Please educate yourself before you tweet @LisaPennylayne1 @realDonaldTrump Yeah I just agreed to defend and die for something I had no clue about. Try again. @realDonaldTrump You really don't know how the SCOTUS works do you figures. They just agreed to hear the case you still are losing. @taradublinrocks @StephenKing @AnneRiceAuthor @POTUS @TrumpBlockParty I think it's because he can't understand their writing his little brain can't grasp anything with out pop ups. RT @mikd33 @AnneRiceAuthor Welcome to the #BlockedByTrump club! RT @taradublinrocks @AnneRiceAuthor I was #BlockedByTrump in August 2015. @TrumpBlockParty is honored to have you! @PressSec Investigation must be getting close time to bomb some people. Nothing can help Trumps approval rating I expect my fellow vets @PeteHegseth @JessieJaneDuff to stand up against #Trumpcare for the 2 million vets who will lose Medicaid. Investigation getting close time to divert everyone's attention and when Assad doesn't use chem weapons Trump will declare victory. 5HxxJeCtzN 879539745382072326 879538154675503104 879536963098947585 879536387791499264 879535575170240517 879534507241680896 879534306116481025 879533579507818496 879532874344673280 879532312840609793 879531328793972736 879531044592111618 879530379358679040 879528945229725700 879528645991202822 879528047933652992 879524952092942336 879524745686986752 879524740012146693 879524359035121664 879523344873402369 879521525505904640 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !25 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/27/17 2:03 6/27/17 2:03 RT @StevenTDennis Sean Spicer issues a red line threat to Assad on chemical weapons: says will pay a "heavy price" if used again https:// RT @StevenTDennis Susan Collins: 22M uninsured Dean Heller: A 'lie' to say it cuts premiums Rand Paul: "A terrible bill" RT @WatchPresTrump Trump recently started silencing dissenting voices on Twitter. 879520426883506176 879520409141600256 @scavino45, this is all you. But #altGov will fight back! 6/27/17 1:49 6/27/17 1:49 6/27/17 1:48 6/27/17 1:48 6/27/17 1:48 6/27/17 1:47 6/27/17 1:41 6/27/17 1:41 6/27/17 1:13 6/27/17 1:09 6/27/17 0:51 6/27/17 0:47 6/27/17 0:47 6/27/17 0:47 6/27/17 0:28 6/27/17 0:21 6/27/17 0:19 6/27/17 0:17 6/27/17 0:05 #BlockedByTrump RT @WatchPresTrump @chrisricewriter @BrandonTXNeely KuMIQUetTK RT @chrisricewriter I'M SO PROUD OF YOU @chrisricewriter Your mom is sort of a badass #BlockedByTrump RT @chrisricewriter We're living in a world where I'm THRILLED the President of the United States just blocked my mom on Twitter. RT @votevets Yeah, and Rick Perry doesn't need to reference his own twitter handle to correctly spell Secretary Perry. [eye-roll] TyS315zvqh RT @realjoerogers .@RepKevinBrady - constituent in 77375 here- when is the next public townhall? RT @bernsandrabern @RepKevinBrady forgot to show you this today at your townhall. Don't forget you represent ALL not just your donors. #ShowUpNextTime Trump may not be able to dunk, but he sure knows how to block! #BlockedByTrump #NBAAwards 879516984270098434 Joke by @jdgordonbooks @JenHub17 He's has gotten to the point now he's blocking everyone that disagrees with him RT @TrumpBlocks To register your POTUS block just go to KscZKlfj92 and click the blue button. RT @AnneRiceAuthor Once again, I have the distinct impression Trump doesn't know who or what he is. He has no grasp of the significance of his job. RT @AnneRiceAuthor In other words, this man who claims to speak to the nation personally and honestly on twitter blocks people? Why? RT @AnneRiceAuthor I'm not sure what to think of a "president" who blocks people from his Twitter site! I'd heard this man did this, & now I believe it. RT @WatchPresTrump @AnneRiceAuthor @BrandonTXNeely I'm sorry to hear! There's a deliberate strategy by @Scavino45 to block critical voices who have a large Twitter following. It's silencing! @AnneRiceAuthor Welcome to the club Mrs. Rice we have a great selection of wine and the best chocolate cake you have ever seen. #BlockedByTeump RT @AnneRiceAuthor I've been blocked from Trump's twitter site. Hilarious. This after a few responses to his tweets! Wow. I'm amazed! Truly amazed. RT @votevets Veterans are speaking out against the Senate #Trumpcare bill which might hurt 1.75 million #veterans and their families #ProtectOurCare @MohamedouOuld Do you use Skype? If so DM me your name and we can chat sometime 879507933226205184 879516930557833216 879516849796513793 879516790157717504 879516663133196294 879516510187905024 879515072879616000 879514897066995712 879507033975914502 879502414067507200 879501427810463744 879501407300313088 879501393710678016 879496574811992064 879494795659530240 879494455367270400 879493915224756225 879490853269639174 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !26 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 RT @JasonKander The only thing the #MuslimBan does for our national security is weaken it. @MohamedouOuld Never again my friend. You are free to write and 6/26/17 23:25 watch any movies you want now. @MohamedouOuld No detainee 760 it's time for reservation get 6/26/17 23:21 ready!! ???? RT @funder Retweet if u agree a stalk of broccoli would be a better 6/26/17 23:06 President #HellerVoteNo RT @funder Dear Bob Mueller6/27/17 0:04 879490474066808832 879480812164591616 879479844295380993 879475949993168897 Please hurry. 6/26/17 23:06 America RT @funder The #CBOScore proves the GOP wants to take healthcare away from millions. That's been their "plan" from the start. 879475906867232768 6/26/17 23:06 #HellerVoteNo #SaveACA 879475878626983938 RT @kharyp By 2026, among ppl <65, enrollment in Medicaid would fall by ~16% & an est. 49mil ppl would be uninsured #CBOScore 6/26/17 23:06 JhjIxQqC3b 879475865150779400 RT @tonyposnanski Doctor- You lost your insurance Deplorable- *smiling* COOL Doctor- Why is that cool Deplorable- Cause its called Trumpcare now 6/26/17 23:05 #CBOSCORE RT @AynRandPaulRyan Welp, there's Trump's base, watching their premiums skyrocket. How do you like Obamacare now? So tired of winning. 6/26/17 23:05 #CBOSCORE RT @AliceOllstein .@JimInhofe on health bill: "I'm not sure what it does. I just know it's better than Obamacare." Asked HOW it's better, gets into 6/26/17 23:05 elevator. @AynRandPaulRyan I was watching and when I heard this I had to rewind and play rewind and play. Is he really this dumb? Don't answer 6/26/17 23:04 yes he is. RT @AynRandPaulRyan Did you guys see this complete BS Trump just spewed out about talking directly to "us" on Twitter? ?????? 6/26/17 23:03 #BLOCKEDBYTRUMP RT @AynRandPaulRyan Trump literally just said this on TV about his twitter account. 879475836998610944 879475808305328128 879475664591740928 879475464686972929 879475204031991811 He blocks anyone who disagrees with him. 6/26/17 23:03 Sheer madness. 879475184650129409 RT @1termprez Ok this has got to get me #BlockedByTrump @realDonaldTrump cc @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump 6/26/17 23:02 879475018555691008 RT @JasonKander Let's not lose sight of the fact that President Trump's #MuslimBan is a massive boost to ISIS recruiting. He's playing into their 6/26/17 22:59 hands. 879474307554050050 RT @dviyer It's still a #MuslimBan. It's still wrong. And it will soon become a bureaucratic nightmare. #NoBanNoWallNoRaids 6/26/17 22:59 4B2xmVHHmi 879474295184949249 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !27 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/26/17 22:59 6/26/17 22:56 6/26/17 22:41 6/26/17 22:31 6/26/17 22:30 6/26/17 22:07 6/26/17 22:02 6/26/17 22:00 6/26/17 21:51 6/26/17 21:51 6/26/17 21:49 6/26/17 21:45 6/26/17 21:25 6/26/17 21:19 6/26/17 21:18 6/26/17 21:18 6/26/17 21:18 6/26/17 21:13 6/26/17 21:12 6/26/17 20:59 6/26/17 19:53 RT @MalcolmNance I'll be joining @hardball tonight too. Watch. It will be fascinating in light of Carter Page story in @washingtonpost https:// @MalcolmNance @hardball @washingtonpost It's always fascinating to watch you drop your wisdom and knowledge. It's people like you that have gave me hope in these times we live in. RT @radioryanchase Proof positive Trump is full of sh*t! bdwrkTsNgA RT @puppymnkey I'm pretty sure Carter Page is an FBI informant like Felix Sater. He's too confident in his stupidity not to be. LOL KU6MqCHXlH RT @WitnessToGTMO #WitnessProfile @mbenchellali despite 3 yrs in Gitmo without charge or trial, he’s still an American ally #grateful ?? @jayhamz77 Been rough years for you as well RT @funder FBI has questioned Trump campaign adviser Carter Page at length in the #TrumpRussia probe—He must have lots to say!?? #NewProfilePic @wendy_scharrer Thank you mam @BrandonTXNeely Thanks @mikd33 @nothingsmonstrd It's been a rough few years for both of us then. Rocking my #BlockedByTrump pin. If Trump thought the last version of #Trumpcare was mean what's he going to call the new version that's even worst. RT @deviatar "Torture Memo" Author Should Be Disqualified From Top Lawyer Job via @HuffPostBlog RT @KelTells WOW. My home state pleasantly surprised me with this one. RT @RVAwonk Under BCRA, premiums would nearly double for a 40 yrold making $26,500/yr & nearly quadruple for a 65 yr-old w/ the same income. #CBOSCORE RT @RVAwonk A 21 yr-old making $26,500/yr would see their premium go from $1,700 to $2,200. #CBOSCORE @RepKevinBrady See @RepKevinBrady unlike you I talk to people in our district you have no clue what people want or need. Stop hiding and hold a town hall. .@RepKevinBrady just spoke to 1 of ur constituents who name is Ernest he is 66 & a vet hes scared he's going to lose his Medicaid. Comment? RT @brianschatz CBO confirms this thing is a %#$@ sandwich. @AynRandPaulRyan ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? RT @AynRandPaulRyan LOLOLOL 879474213228347392 879473397981491200 879469763973566466 879467162947211265 879466869941559297 879461100189888512 879459828359454723 879459380240019457 879457230822809600 879457156050931712 879456644127744001 879455593165185027 879450532783501313 879448951115722752 879448903892054016 879448852398473220 879448807867645954 879447647144337409 879447381389049856 879443920781950976 879427299107647489 We had more people PLANNING #MarchForTruth rallies than these Nazis had AT their rallies. 6/26/17 19:52 What a bunch of idiots. RT @TrumpBlocks Now you can follow everyone certified as #BlockedByTrump on a Twitter list. New 6/26/17 19:35 blocks are added automatically 6/26/17 19:05 @Sainttea12 I got you just let me know 879427069410725888 879422826553454592 879415281977888768 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !28 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @Sainttea12 Friend made it for me. I should have it by end of week will 6/26/17 18:57 post pic when it's on the truck If you see this on the back window of a Ford truck in Texas say hi. 6/26/17 18:54 #BlockedByTrump @1termprez @RepKevinBrady What can I do? I am blocked on twitter 6/26/17 17:33 and now FB. He won't hold towns halls my voice isn't heard. Ask @RepKevinBrady why he blocked me now on his official FB after making these comments. What did I say that was wrong? 6/26/17 17:00 #BlockedByBrady RT @votevets By joining up with @PeteHegseth, @ConcernedVets, and the Koch Bros to try and destroy and privatize our VA? 6/26/17 16:36 ItBzUL2i3C @richardcr65 @WordsAreOurs @Tooda @TrumpBlocks And the second the WH made the comment that's Trumps tweet where offical WH 6/26/17 16:13 statements his twitter no longer became private. @richardcr65 @WordsAreOurs @Tooda @TrumpBlocks What's 6/26/17 16:12 ridiculous is getting lawyers to sue a President for his birth certificate 6/26/17 16:10 #CloseGuantanamo Can someone ask @Realdonaldtrump if this is real for me? 6/26/17 15:56 #BlockedByTrump RT @votevets What the over/under on days until @POTUS blocks 6/26/17 15:52 @tedlieu? 6/26/17 15:50 @wendy_scharrer @votevets I believe it's Snapchat RT @AsteadWH Very similar things to what Dem. @sethmoulton told me 6/26/17 15:47 last week RT @votevets What would these two have to discuss? Maybe collusion 6/26/17 15:41 & obstruction of justice? RT @votevets Do you want to apologize to @SenJohnMcCain & other POWs for questioning the integrity of their service? @POTUS https:// 6/26/17 15:25 RT @votevets Do you want to apologize to immigrants who have honorably served that you've accused of being "rapists & drug mules?" 6/26/17 15:25 @POTUS RT @votevets Would you like to apologize to the father of Ryan Owens? Do even remember who is? @POTUS #seal #yemenraid 6/26/17 15:25 1CoCDHb0B9 RT @votevets Do you want to apologize to Bob Mueller who like many others went to Vietnam while you "snowflaked" with bone spurs? https:// 6/26/17 15:19 RT @votevets Still waiting for you to apologize to Gold Star Families & 6/26/17 15:16 the Khan family. "pot calling the kettle black" RT @votevets Another #Veteran blocked by Trump after expressing 6/26/17 15:10 displeasure about him colliding w/ Russia. RT @votevets .@WhiteHouse To Do List for This Week: 1) Work to take healthcare away from millions of ppl. 2) Lie a lot. 3) Make Daddy Vlad 6/26/17 15:09 happy. 6/26/17 15:08 @votevets @WhiteHouse 4) Blame Obama @SenateMajLdr @KellyannePolls You took that free care to help your polio and now you want to take healthcare away from the same people 6/26/17 14:55 you came from. What a sale out. @lej2343 @judales And if you think I have ever done anything for "fame" 6/26/17 14:47 you really don't know me at all. Anyways have a great day at work. @lej2343 @judales You keep sawing and I will keep tweeting sound 6/26/17 14:39 good? 879413293873594368 879412487329898497 879392158779944960 879383899054514178 879377851337891840 879372109264416768 879371783773855744 879371344948887553 879367822366978048 879366833253613569 879366340590620672 879365604569993217 879363996276707328 879360091614580736 879360066125803520 879360040515375105 879358388051771392 879357825910231040 879356077711781889 879356054982860800 879355620822061056 879352301143642112 879350377430339584 879348512919605252 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !29 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @lej2343 @judales Saw what you want, but at least we aren't Trump 6/26/17 14:33 supporters @lej2343 @judales Because I was. I can see what he tweet through a 3rd party app and respond. He won't see it, but others will. I take your 6/26/17 14:21 job isn't IT? @lej2343 @judales What the picture that shows my twitter? Nothing to 6/26/17 14:18 defend 6/26/17 14:16 @lej2343 @judales Upgrade your monitor looks like shit @lej2343 @judales He wouldn't debate me I would shut him down just 6/26/17 14:16 like I did his surrogate @DavidWohl RT @FierceCarla @votevets @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @POTUS @EricTrump I just want you to know I love you guys 6/26/17 14:15 okay ???? ???????????????? RT @votevets "Lock him up" @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr 6/26/17 14:13 @POTUS @EricTrump @lej2343 @judales Just for you boo. Notice time 6/26/17 13:55 ObPwOZnwkg RT @Shareblue Trump quietly plots to take money from disabled veterans 6/26/17 13:47 By @owillis @lej2343 @judales I am blocked and I would 100% say this to Trump. Just like in 04 when I was still in the Army and refused to shake George 6/26/17 13:41 Bush's hand. @lej2343 @judales You say all this online, but wouldn't never say it in person. I feel sorry for people like you If you need a friend I am here for 6/26/17 13:36 you 6/26/17 13:31 @lej2343 @judales You are just jealous "touch guy" @lej2343 @judales Touch guy online and little bitch in person the 6/26/17 13:24 average Trump supporter @briangarnett17 @realDonaldTrump The R's did for 8 years under 6/26/17 13:22 Obama for no reason other than being assholes @realDonaldTrump They are hard at work trying to give tax cuts to the 6/26/17 13:15 rich and the people are tired of this BS. @realDonaldTrump You need to apologizes to all Americans for making 6/26/17 13:07 us the joke of the world. @Echo_Delta8 @realDonaldTrump He's getting nervous now for some 6/26/17 12:51 reason. I wonder why? 6/26/17 12:44 @quoththeraven94 @votevets @IvankaTrump This makes me sad ?? @realDonaldTrump What are you doing now to protect us from this happening again? That's right nothing, but lifting sanctions against 6/26/17 12:41 Russia RT @votevets And, @IvankaTrump, on the off-chance that you, @EricTrump, or @DonaldJTrumpJr decide you ever want to do your 6/26/17 12:25 part: 6/26/17 12:21 @votevets @IvankaTrump How about that 30 day plan to defeat ISIS? RT @votevets .@IvankaTrump why is your Daddy sending 4K more 6/26/17 12:20 troops to Afghanistan for a job 100k troops couldn't solve? RT @taradublinrocks Welcome to the @TrumpBlockParty, @selectedwisdom! We're the bestest #BlockedByTrump 6/26/17 3:30 Oivr8dITwr RT @taradublinrocks I've been saying this since I was #BlockedByTrump in Aug 2015. Can't handle our tweets? Can't handle 6/26/17 3:30 the gig #ImpeachTrump 879346895478509569 879343747250704384 879343132671922176 879342716387250176 879342489907417089 879342286202712064 879341850846523394 879337300160851968 879335419833462784 879333717336104960 879332667036237825 879331269796130820 879329582243082240 879329104113393664 879327371223891968 879325332020449281 879321227550216192 879319577804648449 879318688326758400 879314621353656320 879313633616027648 879313508122472448 879180074737684480 879180054638604289 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !30 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 Why would Trump make a bad Amish man? 6/26/17 3:28 6/26/17 3:20 6/26/17 2:25 6/26/17 1:10 6/26/17 0:13 6/17/17 23:29 6/17/17 22:05 6/17/17 21:47 6/17/17 20:06 6/17/17 19:41 6/17/17 19:38 6/17/17 19:37 6/17/17 19:33 6/17/17 19:32 6/17/17 19:27 6/17/17 19:26 6/17/17 19:25 6/17/17 19:21 6/17/17 19:12 6/17/17 19:09 6/17/17 18:43 6/17/17 18:26 He's terrible at building his cabinet. Who knew he had a heart RT @CrimeDefense @AynRandPaulRyan My friend will DIE without the #ACA #DontKillMyFriend RT @KimDozier CIA Vets Warn @POTUS RE Putin, describing meeting Russians to @thedailybeast "“It was worse than a polygraph." RT @ColMorrisDavis 157 days in office & @realDonaldTrump has logged 31 golf outings & hasn't done 1 thing that's made life better for working class Americans. Much respect to the two guys at leona steak house was great talking with you guys by the way paid for your steaks on way out. Take care. @rotsch26 You at the steakhouse as well? To the two guys behind me at leona steak house talking about my tweets come say hi and let's have a conversation RT @GeorgeTakei Wrong again, Donald. We know, math is hard. https:// @chandrandavis @dallastefi @votevets I was a Republican, but what once was R is now considered liberal and what once was called unhinged and just nuts is the new GOP @joshesphillips @MalcolmNance @MalcolmNance owned that guy best thing I have seen in a long time @chandrandavis @dallastefi @votevets I hope you shoot better than you debate, but the way your holding that AK I doubt it. RT @joshesphillips Got mad respect for @MalcolmNance Seriously impressive guy. @chandrandavis @dallastefi @votevets No ones feelings are hurt we are just standing up against a tyrant. Thanks for the entertainment while I wait for my wife to get ready @chandrandavis @dallastefi @votevets I think he will get longer than that in prison, but you are right if he cuts a deal maybe 7 1/2 years @dallastefi @chandrandavis @votevets Amazes me if you are not a Trump supporter people assume you must be far left. I am a registered Republican @chandrandavis @dallastefi @votevets Proved my point thanks enjoy your weekend. @chandrandavis @dallastefi @votevets Coming from people who were trying to take legal action to get Obamas birth certificate Now that's not just funny but proves the IQ of GOP @tammy_hub_rad @dallastefi @votevets @realDonaldTrump That's what Nixon supporters said as well @tammy_hub_rad @dallastefi @votevets @realDonaldTrump Don't think he's going to respond. He is currently to busy meeting with his lawyers lawyer. @MollyJongFast @funder @RepKevinBrady He blocked me before Trump did. The guy won't hold town halls won't meet with residents. We have no way to speak with our rep RT @BrandonTXNeely @funder This is what happens when you tell your congressmen you want an independent investigation into Russia @RepKevinBrady 879179601020416000 879177435266285568 879163785994481664 879144904315809793 879130338144006144 876220252039897092 876199099871186945 876194628365688832 876169229619351552 876163018148786177 876162035888914432 876161855860985856 876160970963464192 876160631518507009 876159332257320960 876159116187762688 876158772657491968 876157867635744770 876155620608679940 876154937830502400 876148436529283074 876143918211112962 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !31 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/17/17 17:58 6/17/17 17:58 6/17/17 17:34 6/17/17 17:33 6/17/17 17:32 6/17/17 16:27 6/17/17 15:46 6/17/17 14:23 6/17/17 14:23 6/17/17 14:15 6/17/17 14:04 6/17/17 14:01 6/17/17 13:56 6/17/17 13:54 6/17/17 13:50 6/17/17 4:26 6/17/17 4:18 6/17/17 4:14 6/17/17 4:10 6/17/17 4:08 6/17/17 4:04 RT @AynRandPaulRyan Have you been #BlockedByTrump? Send the tweet that threw him over the edge to @TrumpBlockParty and they'll RT it! #SaturdayMorning #AMJoy RT @TrumpBlockParty Donald Trump Blocked Me on Twitter by @SteveBenko via @HuffPostMedia #blockedbytrump @LiberalMediaSux @VinceGottalotta @Nikluk @votevets Send this to @mjgranger1 as well. He has me blocked LOL hvDnpEQ4Mh @LiberalMediaSux @VinceGottalotta @Nikluk @votevets @mjgranger1 @mjgranger1 embellished is role greatly even one of his commanding officers stated so in an interview years ago @LiberalMediaSux @VinceGottalotta @Nikluk @votevets @mjgranger1 .@mjgranger1 had nothing to do with detainee operations. If you needed to order medical gloves he was your guy. RT @votevets Maybe an idea for @hgtv: @HouseHuntersUSA but for families of @WhiteHouse officials & staffers looking for property near federal prisons. When was that time that Trump was to busy retweeting @seanhannity to give a damn about the sailors on the #USSFitzgerald? That was yesterday @alyssahertzig @Veterinaco @HillaryClinton If he doesn't ignore them he just blocks them on twitter RT @alyssahertzig @HillaryClinton Real presidents be like ???? https:// RT @votevets Has @POTUS mentioned missing & injured sailors yet? Anything a/b the Fitzgerald? Or is he still RT'ing the conspiracy peddler @seanhannity? @my3sons157 @DonaldJTrumpJr @seanhannity Stay off the meth @DonaldJTrumpJr Military members dying right now & you want to tweet to push your agenda. Your dad has time to RT @seanhannity, but not support the military This tweet alone shows you who was more qualified to be President. Where is Trump to busy golfing? Talking to his lawyers? tyY8kp6hIS @TashaMahal It's because he really doesn't care about anyone else, but himself Not one tweet from Trump about this, but he did find time to RT @seanhannity. American first yeah right!! @ItsActuallyHim Those are the acts this country has been involved in since the day Guantanamo opened on Jan 11, 2002. Open your eyes @ItsActuallyHim @powersj_tx You mean like when Trump said 2A would take care of Clinton or when he said hey maybe Russia should hack her emails. Like that? @NeoQueenJulzy @DeDimacrow @dallastefi @votevets @POTUS Negative might wanna do some research. The WH has stated those are official WH statements from his @realdonaldtrump account @ItsActuallyHim @powersj_tx Show me where I accused her of anything I will wait. Tick tock @ItsActuallyHim Let me torture you and hold you for a decade plus without a trial and then tell me if it's UnAmerican. You game? Really? Guantanamo is one of if not the most UnAmerican thing this country has ever done. 876137032610873349 876136864691998721 876130843151958016 876130667565920256 876130467912798208 876114191572140032 876103785000685568 876082987284254720 876082842647879680 876080911049216000 876078005239648256 876077235165429762 876076194722131968 876075480222445568 876074641751670784 875932585125445633 875930674292830208 875929707979657216 875928694744915968 875928068937981956 875927167447773184 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !32 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/17/17 3:59 6/17/17 3:55 6/17/17 3:51 6/17/17 3:49 6/17/17 3:47 6/17/17 3:45 6/17/17 3:42 6/17/17 3:35 6/17/17 3:30 6/17/17 2:50 6/17/17 2:12 6/17/17 1:36 6/17/17 1:36 6/17/17 1:33 6/17/17 1:18 6/17/17 1:13 6/17/17 1:11 6/17/17 1:10 6/17/17 1:06 6/17/17 0:35 6/17/17 0:23 6/17/17 0:15 6/16/17 23:22 6/16/17 23:09 6/16/17 23:00 6/16/17 22:48 6/16/17 22:26 @ItsActuallyHim @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost You basically said its unamerican to assume someone is guilty before a trail I agree & gave you an example to show how unamerican we all are Get off the meth bro @ItsActuallyHim @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost Why is everyone else in White House getting a lawyer? I @ItsActuallyHim @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost Go back and read the tweets slowly and sound the words out and maybe you will grasp on. @ItsActuallyHim @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost And your initial response was pointless I never said she was "guilty" of anything. I said shouldn't you be finding a lawyer. @ItsActuallyHim @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost Well since you know nothing about GTMO you wouldn't understand my response so go educate yourself and come back. @ItsActuallyHim @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost It's obvious you know nothing about GTMO @ItsActuallyHim @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost Every heard of Guantanamo so American right? Don't think so try again. @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost Shouldn't you be finding a lawyer by now? @VP @POTUS Under the leadership of @Potus everyone had to lawyer up #MAGA @LPLPinging @Houstonbabe @votevets I didn't think it was mean it was savage. You get an A+ @JRBlake Leaves me speechless I don't know what to do. @quoththeraven94 My fav is when they say "You are wrong because my friends brothers cousin was in the military and said so." @JACQUEJOMCKEOWN @votevets Yep because what I said was so bad right? @GREG0RYBACHER I have been very vocal on this issue as well. Upsets me a lot makes the jobs of good cops even harder due to the bad ones @JRBlake This is so wrong and leaves me so frustrated with the justice system it's so broken. It's cops like this and the broken judicial system that make me seriously consider hanging the badge up. @LPLPinging @Houstonbabe @votevets Wow ?????? These Trump supporters are so dumb they think this is @facebook What's does pro America sound like? Grab her by the pussy is that pro America nowadays? RT @votevets Check out VoteVets-supported congressman, @tedlieu, on @allinwithchris @MsTxTonda @votevets I don't drink kool aid. I drink sweet tea @Sainttea12 Well said I respect the position of President, but I do not and never will respect Donald Trump the man is divisive and is a disgrace to this country. I love when people who have never served in military think they know more about it then those that did, but they are Trump supporters so... @Pseudologichunt @votevets Nope @FredFreud13 @aamandaaa_h @AynRandPaulRyan @dallastefi @votevets Then you might wanna leave my timeline because Trump is a POS 875925797684510721 875924774551158785 875923796963848192 875923234058891266 875922884606218241 875922431503998977 875921656593698819 875919872634613762 875918612833415168 875908406648897536 875898793450975233 875889930026856449 875889817799753728 875889075005386752 875885296038105088 875884103031304193 875883469901115392 875883233044516864 875882207533039616 875874599380168704 875871551014305792 875869436842045441 875856038213410823 875852859656601600 875850530928697344 875847471733379072 875842156501585920 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !33 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/16/17 22:10 6/16/17 21:06 6/16/17 21:05 6/16/17 21:04 6/16/17 20:57 6/16/17 20:27 6/16/17 20:10 6/16/17 19:54 6/16/17 19:04 6/16/17 18:43 6/16/17 18:43 6/16/17 18:43 6/16/17 18:27 6/16/17 18:20 6/16/17 18:16 6/16/17 18:12 6/16/17 17:41 6/16/17 17:06 6/16/17 16:46 6/16/17 16:34 6/16/17 16:28 6/16/17 16:27 6/16/17 16:18 6/16/17 16:15 @FredFreud13 @aamandaaa_h @AynRandPaulRyan @dallastefi @votevets No one has cheated anything and if you want to read his tweet read it and don't look at the replies problem solved Perfect example of my previous post. @peculiarliz Same here sadly I believe we may be in the minority these days. @rcpvideo @KellyannePolls What a drama queen. What happened to the country that supported veterans no matter of their political party affiliation? Because that country no longer exist. The average Trump supporter on twitter #MAGA LMAO I believe we should sanction the leaders in Cuba but the wrong ones were sanctioned I want the ones commanding GTMO to go up on charges @AlphaMikeFox2 @SonOfAnarchyWOT Good point. Political views to the side thanks for your service. As vets we all know the sacrifice we and others have and do make everyday. RT @votevets @POTUS One of the most important leadership traits honed while in the military is the ability to maintain bearing. @POTUS completely lacks this. RT @votevets Hiring a lawyer is routine...when one is under federal investigation. RT @votevets Let's see. Mueller is a person of integrity. @realdonaldtrump isn't. Going w/ Mueller on the whole trustworthyness bit, @mercedesschlapp @SonOfAnarchyWOT Just another wannabe be veteran. Let me guess bone spurs? @SonOfAnarchyWOT That's all you got? Figures just another bitch wannabe veteran @SonOfAnarchyWOT Stop talking keyboard warrior and do something about it, but you won't all talk no action. You are to scared to even shower your face LOL @SonOfAnarchyWOT Backing off your comments I see that's what I thought. Typical coward your in Texas as well I am I. If you see me don't be a bitch say hi RT @votevets It's going to be like a Russian doll of lawyers. EQjm8a6l8D @SonOfAnarchyWOT Nothing to say now? You wanna threaten me? That's all fine and all, but might wanna look up who you are fucking with first. @FoxNews @mercedesschlapp @HillaryClinton I guess everyone forgets @realDonaldTrump donated massive amounts of money to Hillary back in the day. @FoxNews won't talk about that @POTUS How's the bone spurs these days? @Realchristine4 @dallastefi @Ricardo_Gozinya @aamandaaa_h @AynRandPaulRyan @votevets It's called fighting back against a President who believes he's above the law and he's not. If you mean by joining the majority of Americans who think Trump is a POS then yes. @Scavino45 @POTUS @SecretaryAcosta @carloslcurbelo @MarioDB @marcorubio @SecretarySonny @SecretaryRoss @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse How many vets you guys blocking on twitter during the flight down? 875838034322894848 875821937397727232 875821545586917378 875821368344006657 875819664739381249 875812127176630272 875807808859631616 875803855610662916 875791149683929089 875786007215472641 875785988186009600 875785964614012931 875781853994786816 875780186549043200 875779177777070080 875778072741654528 875770199328391169 875761528263376896 875756418418323456 875753552240685056 875752060523872256 875751819313598465 875749512278683652 875748740816089089 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !34 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/16/17 16:03 6/16/17 15:32 6/16/17 14:55 6/16/17 14:55 6/16/17 14:53 6/16/17 14:48 6/16/17 12:58 6/16/17 12:33 6/16/17 12:28 6/16/17 12:22 6/16/17 10:35 6/16/17 10:33 6/16/17 3:22 6/16/17 3:15 6/16/17 3:07 6/16/17 3:04 6/16/17 3:01 6/16/17 3:00 6/16/17 2:59 6/16/17 2:56 6/16/17 2:53 6/16/17 2:25 6/16/17 1:15 6/16/17 1:01 6/16/17 0:49 6/15/17 23:28 6/15/17 23:20 6/15/17 23:16 RT @WitnessToGTMO On her son, labeled “The American Taliban” by the media, accepting a plea bargain & 20-yr sentence less than 1 yr after 9/11 #GitmoProblems 875745582995959810 From the guy who threatened to assassinate Obama @TedNugent I won't use 'harsh' language anymore 875737860418269185 RT @kim 100 million bots can't be wrong (they can) ?? zHaWurHl5m 875728612351246336 @AliAbunimah Welcome I am sure @knightcolumbia would like to speak with you at some point. #BlockedByTrump 875728479471509509 RT @AliAbunimah It has happened. I have been blocked by the President of the United States. 875728136096428034 .@realDonaldTrump can't run and hide from Robert Mueller. Those damn bone spurs 875726793172549634 @KellyannePolls @SteveScalise But this was ok? Care to comment? I didn't think so. 875699037814616064 .@realDonaldTrump calls all major news outlets #fakenews but calls @RealAlexJones the guy who says Sandy Hook was fake a journalist WTF!! 875692933894340609 @realDonaldTrump Then you block the people who don't kiss your ass #BlockedByTrump 875691477203992577 RT @votevets Attacking people personally is what put you, President Bannon, and @RealDonaldTrump in the @WhiteHouse, @KellyannePolls. 875690153804787714 Guantanamo has been open for illegal detention and torture for 5635 days or 15 years, 5 months, and 5 days#CloseGuantanamo 875663113764429824 15 years ago today I came back home from Guantanamo. I can't believe that hell hole is still open #CloseGuantanamo 875662704761077760 Just going to leave this here. Good night twitter. 875554166126587905 @LandoWho @powersj_tx Totally agree. 875552300802215936 @powersj_tx I am kinda surprised one of the parents hasn't just whipped his ass 875550418646048769 @powersj_tx For sure I can't imagine the pain of losing a child and top of that some idiot calling it fake 875549582427648001 @powersj_tx I honestly don't know how all that works from a legal aspect 875548767696637952 @kristenann53 @mcrae_lynn @realDonaldTrump My grandfathers died of black lung the issues hits close to home. 875548581779976192 @powersj_tx Check out his twitter timeline he's going crazy. Now he's back tracking about Sandy Hook 875548390444216323 Sandy Hook families threaten legal action against NBC News over Alex Jones interview 875547670454173696 @kristenann53 @mcrae_lynn @realDonaldTrump Well informing Trump about black leg and it not being covered by #TrumpCare gets you blocked 875546783430127617 Are you children real or just paid actors? 875539720704491521 @aaronohlmann For sure just followed you back 875522172462170113 @wunderwoman20 @realDonaldTrump He can't handle much of anything 875518720369733633 @wunderwoman20 @realDonaldTrump Glad I could make you laugh 875515631717810176 .@PeteHegseth you know why people might call you anti Muslim? Maybe it has something to do with you taking part in abuse & GTMO 875495281634234368 @votevets @PeteHegseth @ConcernedVets The pro torture guy who was at GTMO. He will never admit, but he knows he took part in abuse at Guantanamo 875493336269959168 @PepperGii @DonaldJTrumpJr Already? 875492138913583105 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !35 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @BrandonTXNeely @PepperGii @DonaldJTrumpJr Just kidding I 6/15/17 22:35 wouldn't put anyone through that @PepperGii @DonaldJTrumpJr Ok let's bet loser wears a MAGA t-shirt 6/15/17 22:34 and post pic of it on twitter. LOL 6/15/17 22:30 Who's next to lawyer up? My money is on @DonaldJTrumpJr A must read from my friend @JasonLeopold From Russia With Blood 6/15/17 22:28 Hey remember time that Obama and Biden had to lawyer up because of 6/15/17 22:26 a criminal investigation? Neither do I RT @biannagolodryga Bin Laden raid Commander, Adm. McRaven disagrees with Trump's tweet about the Russia investigation & his knock 6/15/17 22:15 on Mueller The @VP just lawyered up. This is getting good get your popcorn ready 6/15/17 22:13 folks!! Out of curiosity @EricTrump & @DonaldJTrumpJr is bone spurs 6/15/17 22:10 hereditary? @OriginalCherFan @zzzzaaaacccchhh @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Wrong again damn you are slow @realDonaldTrump is an official WH 6/15/17 22:08 account @OriginalCherFan @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Negative ghost rider 6/15/17 21:50 White House stated those are official WH statements. #TryAgain RT @votevets @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr "Ever kill anybody?" - the 6/15/17 21:16 Trumps five minutes after meeting a veteran @votevets @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr And if they joined they would had mostly likely been that guy at in processing with no belt and 6/15/17 20:36 shoelaces RT @votevets @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr "Yeah, I hurt my knee playing sports in high school so I couldn't join. Wanted to, though. 6/15/17 20:34 Wanted to get some." RT @dannysullivan Here's the @WIRED blocked by Trump list https:// 6/15/17 20:32 & here's my own longer one @votevets @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr You guys win the internet 6/15/17 20:19 today RT @votevets .@EricTrump & @DonaldJTrumpJr seem like the kind of guys who say things like "Yeah, I almost joined" whenever they meet a 6/15/17 20:18 #veteran. 6/15/17 19:58 @disneyphish @realDonaldTrump Thanks for that image NOT!! RT @Indivisibletx02 . @JohnCornyn @tedcruz @JudgeTedPoe 6/15/17 19:56 @SenKamalaHarris @tedlieu Wow ?? Well I guess @realDonaldTrump figured out #NewTwitter. I didn't know 6/15/17 19:53 since I am #BlockedByTrump I would give anything to be a fly on the wall to watch @realDonaldTrump 6/15/17 19:50 figure out how to use #NewTwitter 6/15/17 19:41 RT @AndreaChalupa How is this surprising? Over 62 million Americans 6/15/17 19:31 voted for Trump: 6/15/17 19:30 @cheekykmk @Bangelnuts @votevets Good night take care @cheekykmk @Bangelnuts @votevets I feel same. At the end of the day we all want this country to be great. 6/15/17 19:29 We the people are truly our worst enemy in these times. RT @naureenshah Trump's policies are putting thousands of people at the US/Mexico border in danger. Read our report & take action: https:// 6/15/17 19:24 875481916606214144 875481620777709568 875480610462195716 875480243800334336 875479553162051585 875476761013833729 875476414706921473 875475719719198722 875475157313347589 875470657429045252 875462163787382784 875451907120275462 875451492777459715 875450900759924736 875447624127713281 875447391259942913 875442301862117376 875441985657733120 875441213138247681 875440405587873795 875438072766373888 875435567512768512 875435247852290049 875435178939863040 875433892098039813 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !36 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/15/17 19:24 6/15/17 19:04 6/15/17 18:57 6/15/17 18:55 6/15/17 18:54 6/15/17 18:48 6/15/17 18:47 6/15/17 18:45 6/15/17 18:43 6/15/17 18:43 6/15/17 18:42 6/15/17 18:41 6/15/17 18:40 6/15/17 18:34 6/15/17 18:29 6/15/17 18:21 6/15/17 18:00 6/15/17 17:53 6/15/17 17:15 6/15/17 17:10 6/15/17 17:08 6/15/17 17:01 6/15/17 17:01 6/15/17 16:58 RT @Vets_Vs_Trump The Senate is soon going to vote on their secret, deadly #Trumpcare bill. Tell us how the AHCA would impact you and your family. We will RT! 875433822460022786 @cheekykmk @Bangelnuts @votevets For sure I agree, but instead of fighting over our disagreements we should come together and debate them and make the country even better 875428843137486850 @POTUS @SecretaryCarson @HUDgov How's the bone spurs these days? 875426968161988612 @cheekykmk @Bangelnuts @votevets They rep vets not all vets and the reason they and many other vets are blocked is because we don't agree politically with @realDonaldTrump 875426679388336128 @POTUS @SecretaryCarson @HUDgov Thought poverty was just a state of mind? 875426338987012098 @MollyJongFast Better? 875424798939238401 @cheekykmk @Bangelnuts @votevets Agreed and they don't claim to rep all vets. So maybe before you spout BS you should do a little research. 875424554902069248 RT @SethAbramson BREAKING: More Sessions Perjuries Confirmed; AG Hosted Russia Pipeline Lobbyist and Lied About It (h/t @ericgarland) 875423941292109824 RT @MollyJongFast Might it be time to get off the #TrumpTrain and get on the immunity train? 875423551884591107 @MollyJongFast 875423542158000128 RT @ACLU Answer: American Health Care Act. It targets women, people with disabilities, communities of color, and low-income people. 875423234983899137 @cheekykmk @Bangelnuts @votevets Yes because progressive vets shouldn't haven't a voice. Breaking news progressive vets helped give you the freedom you use to tweet BS 875423066305822720 @JoyAnnReid Bet he can't find Iran on the map. 875422737652748289 This is who @nbc and @megynkelly are giving air time to. #Disgraceful 875421370464776196 @MaeWunder @funder I am a American combat veteran who believes Trump is a disgrace to the country I swore to protect and defend in and out of uniform. You? 875420046801215489 @funder And many of us don't accept him as our "President" 875417894817075205 @JasonLeopold Was going through my timeline and look what I found 875412826705276930 RT @Johners27 Still think it's crazy that the US has people locked up in Guantanamo bay who still haven't been trialled for over a decade now ?? 875411045975773184 RT @TeaPainUSA Hey Trumpers, sure there's a "Deep State". It's run by those with a "Deep Respect" for the Constitution! #TrumpRussia 875401334358511616 @AynRandPaulRyan @realDonaldTrump I just read the thread and I couldn't stop laughing well done my friend well done ???? 875400221156671488 @seanhannity @NBCNews How rich coming from the guy who lost advertisement over pedaling a known conspiracy theory 875399639259897857 RT @MohamedouOuld Thank you for helping me during my ordeal ?? @TChristensen_AI @amnestydk @Amnesty_Norge @amnestyusa @amnesty @FrancoisPatuel @HamdyBrahim 875397884795138049 RT @OmarSShakir Just spoke w client for first time since his release from Guantanamo. Said he hadn't seen a child in 15 yrs. Never take freedom for granted. 875397845637103616 @jack When are you going to start shutting down twitter accounts that tweet rape threats? 875397050514460672 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !37 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @Manu_Forti_ @deb_fyfe @dallastefi @votevets Negative, I am a 6/15/17 16:48 football dad 875394521986736128 6/15/17 16:34 The new Twitter UI is whiter than Trumps administration 875391008422469632 RT @votevets .@realdonaldtrump said his sex life was his Vietnam. 6/15/17 16:12 Vietnam was Bob Mueller's Vietnam. 875385558650023938 @Lesliediane79 @votevets @realDonaldTrump Not belittling just 6/15/17 15:58 breaking down it for you is all. 875381985581072385 RT @votevets .@realDonaldTrump said he always wanted a Purple Heart. Bob Mueller earned one as a Marine in Vietnam. 6/15/17 15:56 #WhoDoYouBelieve? 875381519547813891 @Lesliediane79 @votevets @realDonaldTrump Ok let's put it in other terms you may understand. Trump dodged the draft 5 times. Muller 6/15/17 15:56 served with honor and received the Purple Heart 875381456297742336 Former GTMO guard Albert and former GTMO detainee @Moazzam_Begg once on opposite sides of the cage now are friends 6/15/17 15:35 #CloseGuantanamo 875376322784243712 RT @TomSteyer Our veterans deserve so much better than this. https:// 6/15/17 14:36 875361402021609473 @VinceGottalotta @Nikluk @votevets No point in talking to Vince he 6/15/17 14:27 believes in #pizzagate enough said. 875359095896899586 @jeremiahjw @cwarzel Congrats welcome to the #BlockedByTrump 6/15/17 14:26 club drinks at 6 don't be late. 875358959535886336 @VinceGottalotta @Nikluk @votevets No they don't imply it. They fight 6/15/17 14:14 for veterans rights no matter what your political affiliation isn 875355727996571649 @VinceGottalotta @Nikluk @votevets They never said they speak for ALL vets. They said their community is over 500 thousand strong vets 6/15/17 14:07 and family. 875354185608433664 6/15/17 13:56 @jayhamz77 Not true I am in the south and stayed until the 6th grade 875351214002712577 @MohamedouOuld @LarrySiems @PhilipinDC @SuzieGilbertLdn You need to do stand up comedy. Let me know when first show is I am 6/15/17 13:55 coming 875351058817708033 @ggary59 @vanwhosher @votevets Because everything about Trump 6/15/17 13:45 is negative he hasn't done anything positive. That's his own fault 875348564498681856 Not sure to laugh or be sad for this guy since obviously the education 6/15/17 13:44 system failed him. 875348350408814593 I have it from good authority that @Scavino45 is the one doing the blocking on Trumps account. So Dan what do you have against 6/15/17 13:12 @votevets? 875340219373035521 RT @votevets Heard @realDonaldTrump was tweeting this morning. Went to check it out. Oh yeah, still #BlockedByTrump 6/15/17 13:05 mkFFNfkIDd 875338440757432320 RT @tomcoates Pretty sure there are hundreds of people blocked by 6/15/17 13:04 Trump who aren't on this list: 875338324415852546 RT @JordanUhl "single greatest WITCH HUNT" 6/15/17 13:01 0m60RaeLeZ 875337363693740032 RT @BillyBaldwin Hope they sellout that damn Dems vs. GOP baseball game at Nationals Park tonight as a show of unity!! #UsNotMe #UnitedWeStand 6/15/17 12:59 P.S. Go Dems!! 875337027520258049 RT @votevets Indiana: 29,000 veterans covered by Medicaid, 6/15/17 12:54 @ToddYoungIN and @SenDonnelly 875335596595609600 RT @votevets Florida: 119,000 veterans covered by Medicaid, 6/15/17 12:44 @marcorubio @SenBillNelson 875333257713385473 RT @votevets Delaware: 6,000 veterans covered by Medicaid, 6/15/17 12:44 @ChrisCoons @TomCarperforDE 875333160564916225 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !38 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 RT @votevets Plain and simple: TrumpCare's gutting of Medicaid is bad 6/15/17 12:41 for veterans. RT @votevets In Alaska, 3,700 veterans are covered by Medicaid. 6/15/17 12:41 @lisamurkowski @SenDanSullivan RT @votevets Colorado: 41,000 veterans covered by Medicaid, 6/15/17 12:41 @SenBennetCO @SenCoryGardner RT @votevets California: 183,000 veterans covered by Medicaid, 6/15/17 12:40 @SenFeinstein @KamalaHarris RT @votevets In Arizona, 45,000 veterans are covered by Medicaid, 6/15/17 12:38 @SenJohnMcCain @JeffFlake RT @votevets In Alabama, 28,000 veterans are enrolled in Medicaid, 6/15/17 12:35 @lutherstrange & @SenShelby @zzzzaaaacccchhh Welcome to the #BlockedByTrump club drinks are 6/15/17 12:21 at 6 RT @zzzzaaaacccchhh The president blocked me on Twitter for saying 6/15/17 12:21 he's not as cool as witches 6/15/17 12:13 Putins troll game is on point 6/15/17 1:51 @brendatracy24 @jack No problem this needs to happen like yesterday .@Jack Shut down twitter accounts that tweet rape threats 6/15/17 1:49 331jKYxJBB 6/15/17 0:57 @AynRandPaulRyan Need anything don't hesitate to ask @AynRandPaulRyan Shame their ass until they block you. It works for 6/15/17 0:51 me RT @Vets_Vs_Trump Breaking: @realDonaldTrump is personally under investigation. If any of us did what he did, we'd be in jail. 6/15/17 0:37 P1oe7l6THS 6/15/17 0:20 Happy birthday @realDonaldTrump @POTUS 6/15/17 0:11 It's official Trump IS under investigation @pennyk456 Don't forget it was Trump who said this 6/14/17 23:59 Mdd3EnfxZH @pennyk456 Yeah cause it was democrats who threatened to shoot 6/14/17 23:59 Obama oh no that was @TedNugent 6/14/17 22:16 Jealous much? 6/14/17 22:04 @Rosie What time should I come over for the fight 7 ok? 6/14/17 22:03 @Rosie I know right? I can't wait @AynRandPaulRyan No kidding it was more like "Full of shit and we 6/14/17 21:55 know it" @karolynsmithMP I was being a smartass if you haven't figured that out 6/14/17 21:53 by now I am sorry @karolynsmithMP How many times you been divorced? Has to be a 6/14/17 21:44 few because even when you are wrong you think you are right. RT @tedlieu Suing w/ Congressional Democrats to uphold the law. @realDonaldTrump is first President to violate Constitution the second 6/14/17 21:42 he took his oath. @karolynsmithMP He didn't say illegal he said Mexicans go watch the 6/14/17 21:40 clip @karolynsmithMP Come on are you serious? Everything for what he 6/14/17 21:35 said about Mexicans to attacking the khan family and in between @nanakim07 @votevets There is plenty of unverified vets he has 6/14/17 21:31 blocked 6/14/17 21:29 @karolynsmithMP Really? Come on now you are a smart woman @karolynsmithMP I totally agree, but it comes from both sides and 6/14/17 21:27 Trumps hateful rhetoric needs to stop as well 875332478935982082 875332457981239296 875332440683941893 875332128841617408 875331580105027584 875330937189539841 875327434240995328 875327332873109504 875325316415324160 875168763938832385 875168310350032896 875155271454208000 875153789707321347 875150162724892672 875145904734564353 875143586874101760 875140665738485761 875140587279831041 875114739206168576 875111738642968578 875111408043782145 875109348380377088 875108962139607040 875106715586265088 875106197216653315 875105680285458435 875104523034951680 875103421413695490 875102875894075394 875102425715290114 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !39 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @soloriffs1953 @crazylary51 You are a complete idiot. A fucking 6/14/17 21:25 disgrace you are what's wrong with this country 875101821542518786 @karolynsmithMP You have to admit violent rhetoric comes from the 6/14/17 21:23 idiots of both sides of the political spectrum 875101319358541824 @karolynsmithMP @SecretService @Support Yeah this is bull shit 6/14/17 21:19 reporting this asshole 875100394724175873 All the bull shit on both sides needs to stop. It's one thing to disagree, 6/14/17 21:18 but violence is not the answer. 875100096022667264 James T. Hodgkinson is by definition a terrorist You Republicans take 6/14/17 20:10 notice he isn't brown or Muslim Terrorist come from all backgrounds 875083092066783233 6/14/17 19:45 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Take care battle 875076856671862790 6/14/17 19:11 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Iraq march 03 to march 04 875068071467241473 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Stop thinking I am attacking you I 6/14/17 19:08 am not at all 875067466774433795 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Negative I knew the 64th MP co from my battalion brought detainees from Afghanstain to GTMO was 6/14/17 19:08 sure if you were in that unit or not 875067373614706689 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama As everyone's initial contract is 8 6/14/17 19:06 years 875066986602090496 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama For one I don't care about that wiki I have never touched it. Second it's not inaccurate I did 5 years active 6/14/17 19:06 and had 3 years IRR 875066923087691783 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama See right there proves you know 6/14/17 19:02 nothing about me I wasn't a reservist 875065907348881409 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama I know what I did and I have always taken full responsibility for it. I have never mentioned anyone's name, 6/14/17 18:58 but my own 875064845330251776 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama I know who you are. I respect the 6/14/17 18:57 work you do for vets and the fight against the VA system 875064642674012160 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Not true. Did you know I went to 6/14/17 18:56 congress first? 875064443696271361 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Educate your self on the people that 6/14/17 18:54 went to GTMO I mean an unbiased research and let's talk 875063982465441794 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama LOL so far from the truth, but you 6/14/17 18:53 were in 64th MP co? 875063615149285376 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Believe it or not we probably have 6/14/17 18:52 more in common then you think. 875063366326394881 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama I am not talking about Trump blocking me. I saw the shit you said about me and Guantanamo. It's all 6/14/17 18:48 good have a good one battle 875062525334867969 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Thank you I wear it as a badge of 6/14/17 18:47 honor mam 875062114930401280 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama And because you are vet doesn't 6/14/17 18:46 give you a right to judge me don't play that game 875062001428561921 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama It's private now since she blocked 6/14/17 18:46 you lol 875061821778124800 6/14/17 18:45 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama You are like talking to a brick wall. 875061715339288580 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama She's not the President she is a 6/14/17 18:43 private citizen big difference. If you blocked me I wouldn't give a damn 875061112777080836 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Do you even realize how man vets 6/14/17 18:42 he has blocked? I literally heard from over a hundred yesterday alone 875060914608799744 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Yes god forbid I have a different political view from you or anyone else. In case your forget we both 6/14/17 18:41 joined the Army to protect that right 875060611905990657 6/14/17 18:38 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama But I respect the fact you served 875059885788057601 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !40 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/14/17 18:37 6/14/17 18:35 6/14/17 18:33 6/14/17 18:32 6/14/17 18:25 6/14/17 18:13 6/14/17 18:07 6/14/17 17:54 6/14/17 17:51 6/14/17 17:23 6/14/17 17:01 6/14/17 16:29 6/14/17 16:00 6/14/17 15:56 6/14/17 15:54 6/14/17 15:50 6/14/17 15:40 6/14/17 14:56 6/14/17 14:55 6/14/17 14:53 6/14/17 12:46 6/14/17 12:44 6/14/17 12:39 6/14/17 12:20 6/14/17 12:13 6/14/17 12:11 @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama You can respond all you like doesn't mean I will respond. I just don't like you. You act like you know me, but have no clue about me @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama If he can't handle facts and different points of view man has no place being in office. @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama Figured I would respond to something since you spam to get noticed so your welcome @karolynsmithMP @BarackObama It's not a private page it's a official government account according to the White House. Nice try RT @votevets This picture explains how we have grown to over 500k Veterans, military families, & supporters. Anything missing here? https:// I feel sorry for people like this so lost and lonely 9GJXm7c9MG Turned on my @Xbox and noticed my latest achievement #BlockedByTrump Let me guess @newtgingrich is going to blame this on the Democrats as well Remeber that time @BarackObama blocked a veteran organization on twitter? Me either #BlockedByTrump RT @therealezway The President of the United States just blocked me on Twitter ???? @votevets @newtgingrich Guess @newtgingrich forgot what @realDonaldTrump said about Clinton Well this didn't age well. @mommy_wins True, but I have a feeling this will play out in the courts @mommy_wins According to White House they are already official statements. @KellyannePolls @realDonaldTrump Surprised he hasn't blocked the @USArmy twitter account yet. RT @votevets Happy 242nd Birthday to the @USArmy and to all the men and women who have served in its ranks! #ArmyBirthday #ArmyBDay #Army @ProudBoysOhio @votevets If you took that as a threat you are dumber than the average Trump supporter RT @votevets @KellyannePolls 3. This WH still hasn't learned they're not random people on Twitter - they ARE the gvt. They wouldn't tweet out rumors about our mil action RT @votevets Maybe a bit busy covering an attempted assasination. That's where our thoughts are as well. Per usual, @EricTrump's are on money and himself RT @votevets @KellyannePolls 2. Police had not yet given motive to the shooter, or confirmed Rep. Duncan talked to him when @KellyannePolls tweeted this: @powersj_tx @realDonaldTrump Got to grab that coffee soon @TurtlesgaloreMR @realDonaldTrump I keep it up there just to show how ignorant people are plus they are my good friends As a veteran I took an oath of loyalty to the country not a president so @realDonaldTrump you can block me, but you can never shut me up. RT @votevets Violence is never ok. Praying for @SteveScalise and others wounded. LMAO @DagenaisKarl @dallastefi @votevets @realDonaldTrump Never I have just got started. 875059759841505281 875059249264644098 875058631842168833 875058401830727681 875056498505916417 875053721784393728 875052042380771328 875048885739302912 875048170719412225 875041089295704070 875035408022863873 875027414795026432 875020122276208640 875019094709424129 875018657373573121 875017587243061248 875014978302038020 875003933248323588 875003893666775046 875003335820144641 874971278268129280 874970693213065216 874969631903100930 874964884685041664 874962880155791360 874962574210682880 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !41 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 6/14/17 12:06 6/14/17 12:05 6/14/17 12:01 6/14/17 11:41 6/14/17 2:57 6/14/17 1:52 6/14/17 0:24 6/14/17 0:15 6/13/17 23:58 6/13/17 23:40 6/13/17 23:30 6/13/17 23:24 6/13/17 22:39 6/13/17 22:33 6/13/17 22:30 6/13/17 21:47 6/13/17 21:44 6/13/17 21:44 6/13/17 20:10 6/13/17 19:40 6/13/17 19:39 6/13/17 19:26 6/13/17 19:11 6/13/17 19:03 6/13/17 18:59 6/13/17 18:57 6/13/17 18:51 @rickhowell30 @votevets Yes because everyone who doesn't agree with you or Trump is full of shit. Get real and pull your head out of your ass. @DagenaisKarl @dallastefi @votevets @realDonaldTrump Doesn't matter it's an official government account according to the White House see the difference? @DagenaisKarl @dallastefi @votevets Negative I am not an official White House account unlike @realDonaldTrump. @vanwhosher @votevets Wouldn't surprise me. Got to feed the ego of King Trump Typical Trump supporter uneducated and racist as hell 1chVOcx9A6 Yet another guy with erectile dysfunction RT @votevets 2016 Trump: I know more than the generals. 2017 Trump: You got this, Mattis. @votevets If he can't handle a twitter account how does anyone expect him to lead a country Maybe this is why @realDonaldTrump blocked @votevets today https:// @PictAura @realDonaldTrump I am blocked, but there is ways to still see what he post @JamesBr7012ever @realDonaldTrump Bio and google is your best friend @realDonaldTrump Why are you blocking veterans that disagree with you? Heard of freedom of speech draft dodger? @TheRealTeeMarie @votevets Hey we all gotta have goals ?? @MykeCole @votevets Thanks for your service Myke much respect RT @MykeCole .@votevets represents my views. I risked my life for my country. I have a right to be heard by my President. 9ezANrmftW RT @xochewie @BrandonTXNeely The people that think #JeffSessions isn't hiding something are the same ppl that are okay with the president blocking everyone on twitter. @amandaeveland @votevets Well welcome to the madness known as my twitter timeline The people who think #JeffSessions wasn't hiding something today are the same people who think Casey Anthony was a good mother Well #JeffSessions if you are going to collude with the Russians it wouldn't be a formal meeting. RT @MaryEmilyOHara @NBCNews Some of the people Trump has blocked on Twitter today alone: @StephenKing @rpbp @BrandonTXNeely @JordanUhl in addition to @votevets @iava @SpeakerRyan @DrPhilRoe Thoughts on @realDonaldTrump blocking @votevets ? Does #JeffSessions hands always shake that much or is he that nervous? #SessionHearing #JeffSessions I didn't remember that. AKA I am full of shit @SpeakerRyan @ConcernedVets @GotYourSix @iava @studentvets @VFWHQ The ones that @realDonaldTrump haven't blocked. @votevets @PepperGii And its only opening statements. Did #JeffSession already commit perjury in his first 30 seconds of speaking? @ZeldaLackner @dallastefi @votevets Already on it. Thanks :) 874961130749390848 874960883889446914 874960026481434624 874954939826614273 874823085974843392 874806754609172480 874784535061434369 874782386411712514 874777925027082240 874773576557219841 874770953980563457 874769487039414272 874758273613824000 874756669376516097 874755971977027593 874745083282763776 874744389037424641 874744245659336704 874720536248627201 874713008483729409 874712784956792833 874709613660319745 874705818570170368 874703839726796800 874702661693706240 874702244377235456 874700723270950914 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !42 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 RT @samsteinhp Donald Trump Just Decided To Block A Bunch Of 6/13/17 18:30 People On Twitter The tweet that made @realDonaldTrump block me. #BlockedByTrump 6/13/17 17:57 RT @votevets ‘The Tweet That Broke The Snowflake’s Back’ Apparently, social media takes precedence over national security. 6/13/17 17:31 DxZHjHvCfh RT @AynRandPaulRyan Trump blocked .@votevets this morning. That was bad enough. Now he's blocking individual verified vets. This is madness. 6/13/17 16:54 #BlockedByTrump @samsteinhp @votevets @samsteinhp I am a vet and he blocked me 6/13/17 16:54 this morning as well. RT @TheRealTeeMarie By omitting their rendezvous from SF86 Sessions/Kushner should face prison especially when Russian Sanctions were enacted 6/13/17 16:46 Truth Goes ???? @MalcolmNance Seems he's blocking all vets today that don't agree 6/13/17 16:46 with him. He got me as well RT @thedailybeast President Trump allegedly blocks left-leaning veteran's rights group @votevets on Twitter 6/13/17 16:36 6/13/17 16:34 @Bencjacobs @SenShelby One step closer to a dictatorship @carmanrandy @stokith @Bikers4America @dlm1155 @realDonaldTrump Wow your response was ?? I don't think I will ever 6/13/17 15:50 recover @carmanrandy @stokith @Bikers4America @dlm1155 @realDonaldTrump Cuck? LOL I remember using that word then I hit 6/13/17 15:46 puberty @carmanrandy @stokith @Bikers4America @dlm1155 @realDonaldTrump Are you even allowed within a 1000 feet of a school 6/13/17 15:41 zone? You look like you shouldn't be. 6/13/17 15:38 @StephenKing Welcome to the club!! @respondix @realDonaldTrump @SecretService Ok thanks did you 6/13/17 15:32 alert @FBI and @CIA as well? Fuck it add @NSAGov as well 6/13/17 15:17 RT @KatiePavlich Sigh. RT @BrandonTXNeely .@realDonaldTrump Let me treat you the way we did detainees at Guantanamo in 15 minutes I will have you admitting to 6/13/17 15:15 doing 9/11. #Torture 6/13/17 15:11 Bring it on Gomer Pyle @DJStrat @realDonaldTrump If you were half way intelligent you would know that was not a threat, but knowing you saw this from someone 6/13/17 15:06 from Fox I know you are not. Don't forget to add the @FBI and @CIA. I got some questions of my 6/13/17 15:05 own 6/13/17 14:53 Sigh. 6/13/17 13:55 @JameelJaffer @knightcolumbia @realDonaldTrump Thanks @knightcolumbia Some guy by the name of @realDonaldTrump blocked me. I was told I should contact you so I am doing so ?? 6/13/17 13:49 22T0AtVPyb First, my congress @RepKevinBrady blocked me and now the "President" @realDonaldTrump has blocked me. So much for freedom 6/13/17 13:40 of speech 874695395049447430 874687140113854464 874680585289162754 874671435557601280 874671247371763715 874669362568888322 874669204678606848 874666872037421057 874666206799831040 874655232017530881 874654234943344642 874652925649461248 874652107198140416 874650592697888770 874646804515737600 874646520452304902 874645460446846976 874644224163139584 874643959909421056 874640976748400640 874626333246193664 874624826765443072 874622558259208192 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !43 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 @dallastefi @votevets Really not sure. I do know there is a few people 6/13/17 13:39 taking legal action against him for blocking them. It's an honor to get blocked by a draft dodging coward like 6/13/17 13:38 @realDonaldTrump RT @votevets The Commander in Chief can block @VoteVets, the voice of 500k military veterans and families, but we will NOT be silenced. 6/13/17 13:26 @votevets Looks like he is blocking all veterans. Blocked me as well 6/13/17 13:21 6/13/17 2:49 I think Trump is a POS, but this is wrong. 6/12/17 23:12 @laurie_resists Only one century? 6/12/17 19:45 .@DonaldJTrumpJr any comment on this? 6/12/17 19:10 @alice_marie6410 @mcrae_lynn @realDonaldTrump Sorry for your lost. @grey_ribbon @ThugLifeSocial @mcrae_lynn @realDonaldTrump 6/12/17 18:52 Sorry for your lost. 6/12/17 18:31 @EdieCaito @realDonaldTrump Great minds think a like @mcrae_lynn @realDonaldTrump I hope they do get trained for new jobs because coal miners are being replaced by technology. I want the 6/12/17 18:30 people of WV to succeed @mcrae_lynn @realDonaldTrump I don't live in that area, but all my family is from Oak Hill and worked in coal mines their whole life. So I 6/12/17 18:24 know a little about it thanks @mcrae_lynn @realDonaldTrump Lady I can pick up the phone right now to family members in that area who have black lung and are getting 6/12/17 18:20 care under Obama care 6/12/17 18:07 @KevinDReynolds @kracer12 @realDonaldTrump Thank you sir @kracer12 @realDonaldTrump Both my grandfathers died of black lung 6/12/17 18:04 from years in coal mine so hits close to home. @realDonaldTrump Congrats and now black lung won't be covered 6/12/17 18:00 under #TrumpCare .@Delta Why didn't u pull support in 2012 from Caesar when an Obama 6/12/17 16:54 look alike was used? Is it bc you support killing young black men? 6/12/17 16:47 .@Delta How long before you guys ban Shakespeare on flights? .@united Do you guys support Shakespeare unlike @Delta? I am 6/12/17 16:39 curious because I travel a lot and currently looking for a new airline Republicans call Liberals snowflakes, but they are boycotting Shakespeare because it may hurt Trumps feelings. Now who's the 6/12/17 16:30 snowflake? @EricTrump this video destroyed your interview with @seanhannity 6/12/17 16:25 RT @WitnessToGTMO WATCH & LEARN #TheGuantanamoEffect Jamil Dakwar, Director of Human Rights Program, @ACLU (formerly of 6/12/17 16:00 @hrw) 6/12/17 13:46 @Sainttea12 What kind of glue you got? The rant of someone who has huffed glue all morning 6/12/17 13:26 Tub9YDeuB9 6/12/17 2:41 @Eastonbauer Army vet here and fuck Trump. Now what? RT @dandrezner Trump, who labeled Comey as 'cowardly' this AM, won't go to the UK on a state visit if there are large protests. 6/11/17 23:40 aBagPlcxQL 6/11/17 18:34 @CapehartJ @votevets Wow I am speechless 6/11/17 18:33 RT @CapehartJ No words. 874622177454247938 874622035279970306 874618873080942592 874617826358824960 874458725091823616 874404066515976192 874351935243112450 874343111195054080 874338678230982657 874333428346482689 874333139837100033 874331601571807234 874330674928529408 874327306810032128 874326595200327680 874325611334029313 874308921091076096 874307290152792064 874305269022564352 874302810992652289 874301558867079168 874295312285913089 874261710865084416 874256552638775297 874094389022392320 874048769146441729 873971600063942656 873971472171249664 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !44 of 45 ! @BrandonTXNeely | Tweets and Replies | 6/11/17 – 6/17/17 & 6/26/17 – 7/2/17 Q: Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn are in a car together who's driving? 6/11/17 14:03 A: The prison guard @realDonaldTrump You don't like when people leak about you I take it, 6/11/17 12:31 but don't mind when they leak on you correct? Nothing better than the tears of Trump supporters first thing in the 6/11/17 12:30 morning. Enjoy your Sunday ?? @realDonaldTrump And still an investigation into your campaign & collusion with the Russians and now add your under investigation for 6/11/17 12:24 obstruction of justice 6/11/17 12:23 @realDonaldTrump Remember that time Trump was an unselfish America first President? 6/11/17 1:13 Yeah, me neither @jules_su Only reason I followed is because your blocked by 6/11/17 0:39 @realDonaldTrump 6/11/17 0:38 Wanna talk about fake news this guy right here 873903537142497280 873880318536802308 873880068996706305 873878707257176064 873878278196559877 873709732690833408 873701157000142848 873700885435744258 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !45 of 45 !

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