Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University et al v. Trump et al

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NOTICE of Filing Exhibits to Stipulation. Document filed by Daniel Scavino, Sean M Spicer, Donald J. Trump. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A, #2 Exhibit B, #3 Exhibit C, #4 Exhibit D, #5 Exhibit E, #6 Exhibit F, #7 Exhibit G, #8 Exhibit H, #9 Exhibit I)(Baer, Michael)

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@joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 Date 6/23/17 23:41 6/23/17 22:54 6/23/17 21:44 6/23/17 21:25 6/23/17 21:17 Tweet RT @nycsouthpaw If there was any doubt that @realDonaldTrump tweets are official White House statements, this removes it. UlXX8ZvXSU @Shawna_08 @MeanGirls2u Onward, Christian Solider...???? RT @waltpavlo RT @reason Cops Try to Shoot a Dog, Kill a Teenager Instead https:// RT @gabrielmalor Black off-duty cop helps with crash. Unrecognized, ordered down. Recognized, told he can get up. Shot by other cop. @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls She gives human beings in general a bad name. (and to be clear I didn't think you had a problem w/ my word choice. 6/23/17 20:38 cheers!) @janetngbio Well I regard you with great admiration, Janet. Keep living 6/23/17 20:35 the dream! ;) @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:33 toZvbRGQMS @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:32 Awrwwhgyy1 @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:27 FjVhTDmuPN @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:27 sDtxdwkm6P @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:26 lhhmY0WQdZ @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:26 2WwdiPJoN8 @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:25 Bi5aaRihaI @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:25 2QsPVJ0MEJ @joepabike @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls 6/23/17 20:25 1LFfzkTysv 6/23/17 20:24 @Mezzoid @ParadisTweets @KellyannePolls @kim Not hugely impressed that media agree to these creepy conditions 6/23/17 20:22 and dont band together & refuse to be cowed. @joepabike @janetngbio (Interact safely, professionally and scientifically 6/23/17 20:16 with such magnificent creatures, i mean) @janetngbio Ugh! You can't put a price on the skill, knowledge, confidence and commitment it must take to get to point in life of being 6/23/17 20:15 able to do this. RT @janetngbio Before releasing a transmittered bird, we take photos of wings & tail, front & back. Birds can range from chocolate brown to clean 6/23/17 20:12 white RT @chrislhayes Cannot watch this enough. Seriously. 6/23/17 20:12 Mi9vRbGAnZ 6/23/17 19:40 RT @Vaughters RT @SenBobCasey What they're talking about doing will fundamentally change America. We can not allow them to rob the poor to give to the 6/23/17 19:31 rich. TweetID 878397561786290176 878385826119503872 878368092094595072 878363315461816324 878361284135317506 878351461410721792 878350943204499456 878350421110145024 878350126091317248 878348887790043136 878348752091836418 878348605773422592 878348519135948801 878348426554908672 878348321684729856 878348201253842944 878348105552347136 878347444580438016 878346022849728512 878345711305330693 878345125633699840 878345095216541696 878337064248496129 878334613713715200 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !1 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 @MeanGirls2u @Shawna_08 It's the Bible-thumping to support Trump on Twitter - or suggest his critics are eternally damned - that both 6/23/17 19:24 amuses & weirds me out. 878333044993556480 @MeanGirls2u @Shawna_08 Not Trump related, but thought you might appreciate this ???? 6/23/17 19:11 RT @nature Editorial: Future generations will fear, rather than fend for, 6/23/17 19:03 the global environment RT @USFWSSac This photo might frighten some but during #pollinatorweek it's important to remember #bats are #pollinators too. 6/23/17 18:55 RT @USFWSSac #DYK the main threats facing #pollinators are habitat loss, degradation & fragmentation? Learn more: 6/23/17 18:55 IWpw0Ck7aG RT @USFWSSac #Pollinators may be small but they have a big role in production of food we eat, flowering plant health & future of wildlife 6/23/17 18:54 #pollinatorweek RT @USFWSSac #Pollinators need your help! Here are some tips for what you can do→ #PollinatorWeek #wildlife 6/23/17 18:54 #conservation #bees Not too late to join @USFWSSac in celebrating butterflies, bees & more by tagging your photos w/ #PollinatorWeek! 6/23/17 18:54 @USFWSSac @SecretaryZinke @USFWS Cool will check it out. I'd just be into seeing some new butterfly garden ideas while ppl get to enjoy 6/23/17 18:49 showing off their hard work! ;) @JennifferV_V @theanthonyhayes @IvankaTrump @POTUS @realDonaldTrump So sad that you think daughter-fucking is something 6/23/17 18:23 only "Liberals" should object to. RT @aravosis It was also a smart way to put Trump under investigation for intimidating a witness & obstructing justice. Who is advising Trump, 6/23/17 18:20 the mafia? RT @michaelshermer Stunning asymmetry. If you've never seen, much less dialogued with a conservative/Republican, you're in for a shock 6/23/17 18:19 when you enter the world RT @tedlieu #Trumpcare version 3.0 hurts veterans. It also shows @realDonaldTrump LIED when he promised not to cut Medicaid https:// 6/23/17 18:17 RT @PresidentShow The president tells America's top-notch attorneys his darkest secrets. Watch the latest episode: 6/23/17 18:17 @atrupar @KellyannePolls @dcexaminer Aaron, hope you dont mind that I repeat my reply to propagandist @KellyannePolls here: 878329591781142529 878327694034743298 878325636984586240 878325598338244612 878325525957156867 878325488061632512 878325428175347712 878324235059331072 878317679848771585 878316864560013314 878316541309210628 878316217236307968 878316073241661440 6/23/17 18:14 878315409929256964 @atrupar @KellyannePolls @dcexaminer Plus she works for a guy who suggested armed men could neutralize @HillaryClinton ?? 6/23/17 18:09 878314064291610624 @JennifferV_V @theanthonyhayes @IvankaTrump @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Innocuously-affectionate fathers don't admit to wanting to date their daughters - let alone say so on the record, on TV & 6/23/17 17:54 radio. #creepy 878310377196404737 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !2 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/23/17 17:51 6/23/17 17:48 6/23/17 17:45 6/23/17 17:36 6/23/17 17:30 6/23/17 17:22 6/23/17 17:21 6/23/17 17:18 6/23/17 17:18 6/23/17 17:18 6/23/17 17:15 6/23/17 17:02 @LucyMTyson @NerdRage42 @RevolutionCalln @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump @DrJillStein @jeremyscahill @ggreenwald @betsyreed2 @HillaryClinton @TheDemocrats @DNC Meh. #Democrats staying home & not voting + @TheDemocrats failing to even register potential voters is why @HillaryClinton isn't now @POTUS. @Trittydi @LLLwry @Pollinators @USFWS @USDA @monarchwatch I've been noticing other residents of my suburb integrating common milkweed into pro-#pollinator perennial beds. That's real #MAGA! ;) @ckn4502 @AynRandPaulRyan @GeorgeTakei hah right? Tough to consider ancillary issues when you're still struggling w/ the legitimacy of his pseudo-presidency. @USFWSSac @SecretaryZinke You guys (or @USFWS main) should ask ppl to tweet pics of their pollinator-friendly garden under some hashtag for #PollinatorWeek @canuk91 Well, try to wield power dispassionately (or at least not maliciously), avoid being totally enthralled to $$ (or full-dental??), & have fun!?? RT'ing just b/c of the headline alone @christapeterso This is technically #ScienceTwitter & not just pictures of dead children, right? #disclaimer RT @votevets You're not fulfilling your promise to #veterans by destroying the #ACA & taking healthcare from vets that don't qualify for VA Care! RT @RBReich A democracy depends on a free press capable of keeping presidents accountable to the people. @canuk91 Selling-out doesnt have to be a liftime commitment! ✌✌ @Trittydi @LLLwry @Pollinators @USFWS @USDA @monarchwatch Cool! & if you dont already, consider participating in the BAMONA project! #butterflies #moths #pollinatorweek @USGS @Trittydi @LLLwry @Pollinators @USFWS @USDA @monarchwatch Great! Thx to Tony Gomez's tips, I successfully transplanted a mature mw taproot that's produced 3 pants this year @DamonLinker @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Well at least you're honest about the appropriation. I would've been content just to think you 6/23/17 16:48 coined the phrase ✌ RT @ggreenwald This is the debate Democrats most need to have. Unfortunately, the Party is controlled (and funded) by those determined 6/23/17 16:26 not to have it. RT @ggreenwald Apparently, when governments claim they are spying to safeguard public safety, they abuse that power against critics & 6/23/17 16:23 political dissidents. @joepabike @KatzOnEarth @ggreenwald The Assange commentary in 6/23/17 16:22 mid-May? @KatzOnEarth @ggreenwald But we deserve better. I feel like this has been a distraction to @ggreenwald's work. When was last time he 6/23/17 16:20 published (in English?)? 6/23/17 16:19 @ggreenwald Great shtick, @TrueFactsStated ?? RT @washingtonpost A terrifying threat from Tropical Storm Cindy: 6/23/17 16:13 Floating masses of deadly fire ants RT @MattOswaltVA Twitter is like a comedy club on the Titanic where I'm surrounded by death and despair but I keep telling jokes in case 6/23/17 16:12 HBO execs are there 878309622976843776 878308733985488896 878308136356073473 878305746743468032 878304365118976001 878302201281617920 878301989364539392 878301312638517248 878301229851459584 878301146275872769 878300573870718976 878297193043701764 878293677860409344 878288101486903296 878287525286100992 878287082489135104 878286733887942658 878286324930883584 878284957243854851 878284580922568704 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !3 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/23/17 15:21 6/23/17 15:13 6/23/17 14:43 6/23/17 14:42 6/23/17 4:54 6/23/17 4:50 6/23/17 4:47 via @DamonLinker, best most efficient use of language to desrcibe our amazing @POTUS @realDonaldTrump: demagogue-charlatan! ???? #MAGA @PatrickFabian youve been great as @BetterCallSaul HH & enjoyed your appearance on @hardwick's post-show. Had no idea ur from #Pittsburgh!?? RT @ggreenwald An under-discussed impact of Twitter is how it fuels & rewards groupthink in journalism. Good essay by @DamonLinker https:// RT @chrislhayes The most hilariously brazen part of the bill is a *retroactive* tax cut on investment income. Retroactive! What a joke. RT @USFWS We have over 4,000 species of native bees buzzing and pollinating plants in North America. #pollinatorweek SeLBTImkGc Bravo, @SecretaryZinke. Really ensuring @Interior is #MAGA. https:// @LaurieVolkmann @Twitter Bad, for sure. 878271892691587072 878269666015182849 878262225206616065 878262046562820098 878114054404886530 878113096350310400 At least you didn't get @NSAGov, @CIA and @VP all at once tho ?? RT @OconEsteban New suit colors what do you think ??????????? #BakuGP @F1 @ForceIndiaF1 @MercedesAMG bCdCUBWkoC @MercedesAMGF1 @OconEsteban @F1 @ForceIndiaF1 @MercedesAMG aww c'mon, no worse than any one of a number of ex@giroditalia GC men ;) @thebuxtonblog #pink #F1 @JoyceWagner @AynRandPaulRyan @GeorgeTakei Well, he was sued today for deleting tweets. We havent actually sued him yet for blocking us (& other citizens). RT @GeorgeTakei An important thread from @SenBobCasey on the Senate #healthcarebill. @donna_neidert @AynRandPaulRyan @GeorgeTakei Well, @knightcolumbia took the lead on this one, and their director, 878112358165487618 6/23/17 2:49 @JameelJaffer, is ex-@ACLU soo...kind of ??✌ Cool, H. Thx @GeorgeTakei! 878082526916599808 6/23/17 2:46 H/u @votevets - you guys are in this too ✌ RT @NRCS_PIA #PollinatorWeek #Bats are awesome #pollinators RT @audubonsociety Growing native plants can bring birds, bees, and other pollinators to your yard or garden. #PollinatorWeek RT @USGS It’s #PollinatorWeek! Get ready for fun facts and USGS projects. RT @Pollinators Happy #pollinatorweek! Celebrate #pollinators this week by learning what you can do to help them thrive! HazzMhJyRr RT @honeybeetweets RT to celebrate #NationalPollinatorWeek! Join us in celebrating and protecting pollinators! #BeeFriendly #PollinatorWeek #PlantForBees #PollinatorWeek mystery: what makes that one flower so delicious? ?? lol @Pollinators 878081867613970433 #pollinators #butterflies #bees #nature ❤ ???? 878069668585418752 6/23/17 4:43 6/23/17 4:42 6/23/17 3:44 6/23/17 2:50 6/23/17 2:06 6/23/17 2:01 6/23/17 2:00 6/23/17 2:00 6/23/17 1:59 6/23/17 1:58 878111282259386370 878111051174346752 878096519148183553 878082857435930624 878071703292620800 878070435534983168 878070243142316032 878070203594055681 878070037239570433 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !4 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 ??celebrating #butterflies & #PollinatorWeek! Thx @Pollinators, @USFWS, @USDA, @monarchwatch & others for guidance & encouragement! RT @KenRoth Since Trump's guiding principle seems to be "not Obama," here's a chance to do something right. Investigate and 6/22/17 23:50 prosecute torture. RT @BraddJaffy Obama: "It’s a massive transfer of wealth from middleclass and poor families to the richest people in America." 6/22/17 23:49 n2aYmxrUwH RT @washingtonpost Islamic State claims historic mosque was destroyed by U.S. airstrike — but video evidence suggests otherwise 6/22/17 23:43 RT @ProPublica White House Warns Reporters Not to Report on Instructions About Not Reporting on Today's Press Conference 6/23/17 1:44 6/22/17 23:42 6/22/17 23:42 RT @Snowden "Mr. President" sounds increasingly like a slur. RT @knightcolumbia Politicians blocking Twitter critics is a non-partisan 6/22/17 15:28 affair. RT @JameelJaffer Further analysis from @AmandaShanor re Trump, 6/22/17 15:26 Twitter, and the 1st Amendment RT @KeithOlbermann Trumpcare: $800,000,000,000 taken from poor to give to rich. @realDonaldTrump now starts to kill Americans for money 6/22/17 15:26 RT @barstoolsports Trump driving across the greens is such a Trump 6/22/17 15:26 move it hurts RT @MarkPygas @realDonaldTrump I guess he needs his safe space. 6/22/17 15:25 RT @votevets The Senate #HealthcareBill bill cuts BILLIONS from Medicaid, which 1.75 million #veterans use for coverage, to fund tax cuts 6/22/17 15:24 for the rich. RT @Interior The Big Apple gets a big red #sunset at Jamaica Bay 6/22/17 15:23 Wildlife Refuge. Pic by Micael Fano #NewYork RT @CAStateParks We think this Burrowing Owl has #NationalSelfieDay won. 6/22/17 6:04 6/22/17 5:05 6/22/17 4:32 6/22/17 4:02 6/22/17 4:02 6/22/17 4:01 6/22/17 3:42 6/22/17 3:39 878066105079738368 878037573674848256 878037303310110720 878035853729202176 878035526166511617 878035425964642304 877911137886621696 877910765457592320 877910711564775426 877910609869905920 877910500306178049 877910069681291266 877909824532500480 Photo: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve 877769127649259520 @UNLOVABLE_NIXON @JuddLegum @GeorgeMonbiot hah sorry for missed cue on that one. no relation to the actually famous joe papp. anti-shakespeare protests seemed silly to me. cheers Donald Trump says he doesn't want a 'poor person' in cabinet roles (not like that would ever happen anyway, but jfc) RT @trevortimm Boycott. RT @tbonier Call me a socialist, but some institutions aren't well-served by profit motives. Education, press, military, prisons, and health care. @UNLOVABLE_NIXON @JuddLegum @GeorgeMonbiot No, Trump. RT @EvgeniMaIkinEgo fleury forever @JuddLegum @GeorgeMonbiot i feel like this must confirm or validate at least a few of your columns lol (ugh this guy ??) 877754500789878784 877745982988890113 877738516314181632 877738482902290432 877738249543753729 877733393739284480 877732817794236417 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !5 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 RT @JuddLegum Remarkable clip from tonight where Trump explains why only rich people should be in charge of economic policy. 6/22/17 3:37 6/22/17 3:35 "I don't want a poor person" 877732128376594434 RT @BrennanCenter 6 swing states + Texas account for almost all of the gerrymandering—MI, NC, PA are consistently the most extreme. https:// 877731690898116612 ???? 6/22/17 3:32 (via @ThunderDungeon?) 877731110611963904 @iamchefapple @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP Is it here, here or hear, hear? ?? 6/22/17 3:18 Anyway, thx for taking time to reply. Cheers @joepabike @JustinThyme_HP @KatieMcGintyPA @SenToomey @SenBobCasey I've also supported @GOP candidates, especially at 6/22/17 3:16 local/county level. @joepabike @JustinThyme_HP I voted for @KatieMcGintyPA vs. loathsome @SenToomey last year, and i think @SenBobCasey does a 6/22/17 3:15 good job for PA. And... @JustinThyme_HP Not sure what you want me to take away from your reply. I've voted for Republicans and Democrats when I supported the 6/22/17 3:12 candidate. @circuscatch @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP Well, every single candidate i voted for last month was a Republican. 6/22/17 3:04 Sorry that doesn't fit your narrative. @tburages @RevolutionCalln @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump @DrJillStein @jeremyscahill @ggreenwald @betsyreed2 I'd like to think we could hold different opinions of GG w/o that invalidating mutual understanding 6/22/17 3:00 on other issues. That's just me tho✌ @seanhannity @KellyannePolls @GOP The @GOP is the party of morality & reason and @KellyannePolls & @seanhannity care enough to 6/22/17 2:49 fight against federal welfare spending #blessed @seanhannity @KellyannePolls @GOP I'm just so reassured that @seanhannity is on front lines w/ @KellyannePolls defending against 6/22/17 2:46 health care retrenchment for normal people. @seanhannity @KellyannePolls Right! B/c tax cuts to billionaires is a 6/22/17 2:43 key indicator of @GOP morality! RT @Interior Summer brings midnight sun to Kenai #WildlifeRefuge by 6/21/17 23:11 Gareth Blakemore #Alaska #SummerSolstice RT @KeithOlbermann ICE has nabbed and jailed an undocumented American from...Ireland. After 18 years here. This is madness. https:// 6/21/17 23:02 @99_rogers @NerdRage42 @RevolutionCalln @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump @DrJillStein @jeremyscahill @ggreenwald @betsyreed2 6/21/17 22:53 @HillaryClinton @TheDemocrats @DNC Thanks, Nate. This looks really amusing. #TourdePharmacy trailer, h/T @canuk91. @lancearmstrong's cameo is killing me ?? #doping 877727445939625986 6/21/17 21:58 RT @DrJillStein Even when the corporate parties nominated the most unpopular candidates in history, corporate media worked overtime to 6/21/17 21:37 silence alternatives. RT @jvagle The NRA is showing its true colors in its abandonment of 6/21/17 21:15 Philando Castile. 877646884004782080 877726889674240001 877726632097726464 877725902385238017 877723888666505216 877722992633012224 877720245124780032 877719475344330752 877718552110825473 877665394806444033 877663077822595072 877660732988542978 877641672280158209 877636137082273792 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !6 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/21/17 20:23 @keithmontesano Can I put in my order now for one of these? @toxicdogpit @KellyannePolls This one And sideburn banter did genuinely come up. It was for NBC iirc. Don't 6/21/17 20:06 think piece has aired yet tho. @toxicdogpit @KellyannePolls Yeah I saw that my user ID was part of 6/21/17 20:05 that huge proposed blocklist circulating via The_Donald. @NerdRage42 @RevolutionCalln @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump @DrJillStein @jeremyscahill @ggreenwald @betsyreed2 Thank @HillaryClinton and @TheDemocrats (& #failing @DNC) for running an ineffective campaign 6/21/17 20:03 (& fielding such an ineffectual candidate). @toxicdogpit @KellyannePolls Glad to see you unblocked me. The sideburns banter came up in an interview actually, but I couldn't give you 6/21/17 19:59 h/u since I was blocked. @StupidBoomers @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP Voted for 6/21/17 19:56 @BarackObama in '08, but in 2012 I wasn't eligible to cast a ballot. @RevolutionCalln @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump @DrJillStein @jeremyscahill @ggreenwald @betsyreed2 b/c your comment could literally be a template for the self6/21/17 19:40 deceptive mentality that Scahill describes. @RevolutionCalln @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump @DrJillStein Were you one of the ppl @jeremyscahill was discussing w/ @ggreenwald & @betsyreed2? 6/21/17 19:38 @seashell334 @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump Why not? I'm not a coward or otherwise ashamed to acknowledge my actions & 6/21/17 18:46 express my beliefs. @RevolutionCalln @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump No. I voted for @DrJillStein. I don't countenance the "lesser-of-two-evils" approach to participating in 6/21/17 18:44 electoral politics. RT @JameelJaffer Supreme Court Hints That Trump Can’t Legally Block 6/21/17 18:21 You on Twitter - Motherboard It's not just @realdonaldtrump stifling dissent on social media @TrumpBlockParty #BlockedByTrump | by @Marissa_Jae 6/21/17 18:20 ebdV6DI6Ah RT @GeorgeMonbiot Anyone who cares about trees should be deeply worried about this new disease, and the govt's failure to address it: 6/21/17 17:20 RT @ACLU Lesson: Apply skepticism when the government insists without evidence that whistleblowers gravely harm national security. 6/21/17 17:10 RT @votevets "Pride comes before a fall" Proverbs 16:18 #Bible https:// 6/21/17 17:01 RT @LateNightDonald Got a new swivel chair, so that's what I'll be doing 6/21/17 17:00 for the next 12 hours. @judales @USFWS Thanks. I think I have like 50-60 different ones 6/21/17 16:53 across 4 perennial beds. @joepabike @judales @USFWS I'll even save sweat bees or whatever 6/21/17 16:50 they're called if I see them in time @judales @USFWS Of course! This was the next pic in series, after I 6/21/17 16:49 fished him out... 877622902891233280 877618684377706497 877618452076388352 877617974273744901 877617106820485120 877616280928477184 877612311950893056 877611712437932033 877598738986016777 877598205764128768 877592278038073344 877592104150716420 877577031281594368 877574569099481089 877572173946335232 877571984086978560 877570193442164736 877569315750506500 877569128541728768 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !7 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/21/17 16:45 6/21/17 16:44 6/21/17 16:41 6/21/17 16:37 6/21/17 16:36 6/21/17 16:32 6/21/17 16:31 6/21/17 16:31 @joepabike @rondata @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump hah perfect example from my timeline... @rondata @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump I mean, it's Twitter, so it's annoying to some degree no matter what, right? lol. But yeah I know what you're saying. @laprofe63 @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP @realDonaldTrump hah sorry to disappoint @joepabike @USFWS Sometimes they need a bit of a hand tho! ?? #nolifeguardonduty #PollinatorWeek One of the most captivating & endearing behaviors of #pollinators is when they use your birdbath @USFWS! #PollinatorWeek #garden RT @usantidoping Avoid #supplements made by companies that sell other products w/ prohibited substances in them. Recognize red flags. RT @Interior Happy first day of summer from @GrandTetonNPS! How will you celebrate #SummerSolstice? Pic: Manish Mamtani #Wyoming RT @TrumpBlockParty Want a #BlockedByTrump button? Donate to help protect the First Amendment, screenshot it & we'll send you one! 877568148807053314 877567943361667072 877567263745769472 877566244219527168 877565883555643393 877564790222331904 877564666788052993 877564602065616896 RT @VisitBoulder Hello, summer! ??⛈ ⛰ Who else caught last night's epic solstice storm? (If you blinked, you mighta missed it.) ??⚡ || … 6/21/17 16:20 RT @NWSBoulder Test your knowledge during Lightning Safety Awareness Week. Do you know these Lightning Safety Facts vs Myths? 6/21/17 16:19 #LightningSafety #COwx @BuyReardenMetal It's funny b/c it was witty. I'm not trying to get into an 6/21/17 16:13 argument, just saying that was a good reply & I can appreciate that. @mewmewmew13 @KellyannePolls I'm still not not-surprised when I 6/21/17 15:56 see another cycling fan in the replies down here. ???? 6/21/17 15:52 @AllenGlover51 @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP thx Allen. 6/21/17 15:48 @BuyReardenMetal OK, that's a good retort, I'll admit. @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP Didnt vote for @realdonaldtrump and never would, since he's detestable, but I didn't cast ballot for HRC either. 877561759313408001 877561589599285248 877560220179943424 877555949015314434 877554715554394113 877553823551811585 6/21/17 15:39 @NS_Voice @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP Well, you're welcome to think whatever you want. I vote for principle, not blind party 6/21/17 15:37 loyalty. @evilcycling @Vaughters @fmk_RoI @ammattipyoraily 6/21/17 15:31 @BrianCooksonUCI Hail Satan ?? @joepabike @Mom101 the aftermath. 877551485088878592 6/21/17 15:28 anyway, cheers! :) @Mom101 ...genuinely distressing to begin w/ b/c of the violence they 6/21/17 15:27 depict, and then b/c of the subsequent failure (imo) of the justice system @Mom101 Yeah no, wasn't implying anything about you, Liz! Just 6/21/17 15:26 sharing that I've stopped watching videos like that b/c they're... @csmcdaniel Do full-time journalists still make enough money to support families? Always seems like such doom-and-gloom thx to digital. 6/21/17 15:02 Layman asking... 877548841788198914 877550984679104513 877549617868660736 877548576330706945 877548358197444608 877542164502392832 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !8 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 @evilcycling @Vaughters @fmk_RoI @ammattipyoraily So @BrianCooksonUCI is actually the better choice for riders, teams and 6/21/17 14:56 (hopefully) fans, JV? RT @WesleyLowery Last exchange before officer shoots: "Don't reach for it!" "I'm not!" 6/21/17 14:51 Then seven shots into the car @Mom101 Couldnt watch it...wouldn't watch it. Just not into seeing 6/21/17 14:50 people murdered on camera ?? @Spiritof1620 @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP I can understand your skepticism. My last two voting receipts, however... 6/21/17 6:36 6/21/17 6:31 6/21/17 6:30 6/21/17 6:10 877540824795557888 877539539581100033 877539104795357184 ["R" being for "Republican", obviously] 877414787315060736 @kanakagirlie2 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS & I think I can understand why people would re-register w/o party affiliation. The hyper-partisanship isn't super appealing imo. 877413531343368193 @kanakagirlie2 Yes, seems like I'm one of those who @realdonaldTrump does not care for as @POTUS ?? 877413272609333248 @BottcherKenneth @UW_Promos @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP Sorry, Kenneth, but that's simply not true. I couldnt vote back then, but I still have one of my B/Q bumper stickers pMgtaJXc8C 877408256532119552 @RonThornton @KellyannePolls @POTUS Sorry Ron, but I respectfully disagree. Country over party. I've been just as critical of Obama. ex.: 6/21/17 6:06 6/21/17 5:54 6/21/17 5:46 6/21/17 5:41 6/21/17 5:36 6/21/17 5:30 6/21/17 5:29 6/21/17 5:23 6/21/17 5:20 Cheers. RT @USFWS What if pollinators had dating profiles? They'd be bees looking for baes! We had fun writing these: #PollinatorWeek @USFWS ikr? 877407329427353601 #PollinatorWeek RT @USFWS If pollinators had dating profiles... #PollinatorWeek @saleenxp8 @DianeC78956638 @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP Right. Efficiently allocating 60 seconds to effectively reply to a @WhiteHouse propagandist's tweet requires Herculean effort & dedication.?? @joepabike @deanna_favoloso @KellyannePolls @TheOfficialPORP Sorry kid. 877402371617419265 @deanna_favoloso @KellyannePolls #fakenews. @TheOfficialPORP website is fine. @PaulHook_em @KellyannePolls Contact @waltpavlo. Book me for a speaking engagement. Fly me down & you can pay for the privilege, Paul. Your money is good here. @IndigoAquila @KellyannePolls Good luck winning the #PaidProtesterChallenge, spotting paid agents of "Soros". @amanda_pompili will love you. 877398376001753088 877395715902894080 877404422959235072 877401172092616704 877399745278423040 877398054139289600 877396622719811585 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !9 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 @debsb57 Agreed. The uncompromising ideological extremism isn't very appealing to me either. @TheSwogBlog Lol. At least you're articulate and amusing in your 6/21/17 4:20 trolling. @Carobailey864 @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls @GOP Nah. Mark 6/21/17 3:54 DeSantis was my hero. @theanthonyhayes @POTUS Not really. But sounds nice coming from you, Anthony. 6/21/17 3:32 You were good in War Machine, btw. @aaronleewaters @KellyannePolls I'm a registered Republican, dude, and have been with the @GOP since special mayoral election in Pgh in 6/21/17 3:10 2007 - so almost 10 years. @joepabike @KellyannePolls I pity the principle that gets between you 6/21/17 2:47 and a dollar, Ma'am! @joepabike @KellyannePolls And a shameless propagandist with no 6/21/17 2:44 moral center or principles. 6/21/17 2:43 @KellyannePolls That's because you're a vile, scornful woman. @KellyannePolls @realDonaldTrump Your magnanimity is what i love 6/21/17 2:41 about you, Kellyanne! 6/21/17 2:02 @tiffanyaneal ???????????? @Interior @SecretaryZinke @AEFeagles But Secretary Zinke doesn't actually like Bald Eagles enough to protect them from horrible death due 6/20/17 22:33 to lead-poisoning from spent munitions. @joepabike @Interior @SecretaryZinke @AEFeagles Secretary Zinke likes eagles enough to RT mention of #AmericanEagleDay... 6/20/17 22:31 pP2sSaLXDW RT @Interior Celebrate a proud national symbol on #AmericanEagleDay 6/20/17 22:29 @Interior @SecretaryZinke @AEFeagles I have to's incredibly cynical of @SecretaryZinke to tweet about #AmericanEagleDay given his record. 6/21/17 5:15 877394523340640256 877380625862406144 877374152902148096 877368545751044096 877363152714780673 877357198162239489 877356512087162880 877356256259977216 877355713143726080 877345883402244097 877293470934851584 877292740584800256 877292384110989313 6/20/17 22:29 877292327332704257 @IvankaTrump @realDonaldTrump Surely you realize that this is your father, @realDonaldTrump, who as @POTUS has pushed policies that 6/20/17 21:39 make clear his loathing of refugees? 877279734190747648 @IvankaTrump The disingenuity of your @realDonaldTrump surrogacy 6/20/17 21:35 is stunning, Ma'am. 877278830372818945 @evilcycling idk mate. What would @POTUS resigning do to halt advancement of the incredibly evil @GOP policy agenda? @RBReich 6/20/17 21:33 @SeanMcElwee @tbonier 877278381712297989 RT @KFILE noticed Trump lawyer @JaySekulow's son and radio cohost @JordanSekulow deleted this old tweet 6/20/17 19:30 877247243321049088 @SecPriceMD @KellyannePolls Working to fight opioid addiction by ensuring millions of Americans cant afford substance abuse 6/20/17 19:29 treatment ???? You are both retarded. #AHCA 877246998285504512 @JoeMande @IvankaTrump And what would @IvankaTrump, let alone incompetent @POTUS @realDonaldTrump, know about "American 6/20/17 17:35 working families" - except how to screw em? 877218274819309568 RT @thepowerofmeow DNA reveals how cats achieved world 6/20/17 16:44 domination via @AddThis 877205490454990849 RT @AynRandPaulRyan Whatever is happening in this photo, Ivanka 6/20/17 16:44 doesn't seem too into it. 877205406644404225 RT @NewDadNotes My Wife's not on Twitter so she asked me to 6/20/17 16:43 explain it to her. I drew her a picture instead. 877205317569970176 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !10 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 RT @BLMca The #FirstDayOfSummer is here! Here's to many more coastal sunrises this year. Happy adventuring on #yourpubliclands. 6/20/17 16:43 877205197046591488 Armstrong lawyers aim to exclude Lemond and Andreu from $100m trial 6/20/17 16:35 | via @velonews 877203189065543681 RT @mskristinawong Me and you @StephenKing. I guess we have 6/20/17 16:01 nothing to live for anymore. 877194737534554112 @mskristinawong @TrumpBlockParty @StephenKing Wait, u just got blocked, KW? I thought @realDonaldTrump must've put the hammer down on u weeks ago. Regardless, welcome! 6/20/17 16:01 #BlockedByTrump RT @AynRandPaulRyan Holy. Sh*t. Bannon's comment. WTF. The White House Press Briefing Is Slowly Dying 6/20/17 15:49 #TuesdayMotivation RT @AynRandPaulRyan This is how low they'll go. A Trump PAC fakes appeal from Obama to lure blacks to vote Handel #GA06 #VoteYourOssoff 6/20/17 15:48 RT @Anthony Trump IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR is expected to outpace the entirety of former President Barack Obama’s eight-year travel costs. 6/20/17 15:41 @joepabike @theanthonyhayes @IvankaTrump Her pro-@POTUS tweets are weird reminders of @realDonaldTrump being skeevy w/ her. 6/20/17 15:40 @theanthonyhayes @IvankaTrump Yeah, seriously. Not like @IvankaTrump had any public policy credibility tbw, but this surrogacy is 6/20/17 15:37 just icky. RT @WstrnPriorities @SecretaryZinke With budget cuts, how will @Interior begin addressing the park service’s $11.9 billion deferred 6/20/17 15:35 maintenance backlog? RT @SeanMcElwee The GOP is using unprecedented secrecy to strip millions of healthcare and elite journalists think their job is play-by-play 6/20/17 15:06 commentary. RT @capplegate5 @SecretaryZinke I'm not a Senator, but I have been there. It is a treasured place. Your recommendation last week says 6/20/17 15:00 otherwise. Sad. #MonumentsForAll RT @Bayer4CropsUS Register for one of our #PollinatorWeek webinars next week to learn more about how you can help the #bees 6/20/17 14:57 rKjsR9IegO Thought of you this morning @USFWS, when I saw this Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) #butterfly in my #garden! ?? #PollinatorWeek https:// 6/20/17 14:53 @SecretaryZinke What we need is a properly funded NPS, USFWS, etc, 6/20/17 14:38 Sir! Not tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy cronies of @realDonaldTrump ?? RT @NastyWomenofNPS Secretary #StinkyZinke at it again. Stop trying to make oil happen. Its not going to happen #MonumentsForAll 6/20/17 14:35 @SecretaryZinke So why do you support a disgraceful @POTUS whose main policy goal now is exorbitant tax cuts for ultra-wealthy & 6/20/17 14:33 corporations?! Sir!! 877194714537242624 877191657141264386 877191504321818624 877189747348787200 877189544277364736 877188670570319876 877188072273739776 877180965545816064 877179439070806016 877178477564366848 877177643266957312 877173819781169152 877173050407563265 877172631421808641 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !11 of ! 37 @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/20/17 14:31 6/20/17 14:30 6/20/17 14:28 6/20/17 13:50 6/20/17 13:48 6/20/17 13:48 6/20/17 7:00 6/20/17 6:02 6/20/17 6:00 6/20/17 5:59 @SecretaryZinke @ArlingtonNatl @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Claim to value #publiclands but cannot wait to give turn them over to oil, gas & mineral extractive industries...smh, Sir. @SecretaryZinke @ArlingtonNatl @POTUS @realDonaldTrump You guys are the absolute worst. Total hucksters. Claim to be a Conservationist but ok w/ poisoning bald eagles... @SecretaryZinke @ArlingtonNatl So why do you support ignoble @POTUS @realDonaldTrump's efforts to starve the federal govt of even more legit tax revenue, Sir? Ouch, @PressSec!! ?????? RT @AynRandPaulRyan FBI Director nominee removed reference to case involving Russian government from law firm bio vuTSqLvhkO RT @tbonier First the ban on interviews in the Capitol halls. Then ramming a healthcare bill through behind closed doors. Now this. Why so shy, GOP? RT @charlesornstein Have you been blocked on Twitter by an elected official? Drop me a line: END @ONECTGIRL @realDonaldTrump My question is how does @IvankaTrump willingly act as a cheerleading surrogate for a man this vile & abusive of women? Just soulless? @ONECTGIRL @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump Ew. Women actually wear footwear like that? RT @ONECTGIRL @realDonaldTrump it's like you knew... tBQPkc6f6t RT @tonyposnanski In Petty AF news of the day... 877172133713125378 877171682879954944 877171424368132096 877161708560801792 877161279257026560 877161251671068672 877058432905486336 877044068144099328 877043579801268224 877043158093312000 Barack Obama's last tweet about Father's Day got more likes than Trump's last 21 tweets combined. 6/20/17 5:57 6/20/17 5:01 6/20/17 5:00 6/20/17 4:59 6/20/17 4:47 6/20/17 4:47 6/20/17 4:46 6/20/17 4:45 6/20/17 4:42 6/20/17 4:42 6/20/17 4:42 6/20/17 4:40 PETTY AF?? RT @BobLoeb "Blocking Twitter Users from the Presidential Account" -My latest @lawfareblog post discusses the 1st A concerns r1Puylbhvr RT @fordm Hiring a lawyer should never be seen as a sign of guilt or wrongdoing, even in something like this. RT @deepakguptalaw Obvious implications for a First Amendment claim arising out of the blocking of Twitter accounts by government officials. @HeyTrudi Yawn. @joepabike @ericarhodes @robbelushi Hope it's lucrative, too. But that's probably too much to ask, right? ;) @ericarhodes @robbelushi Congrats, Erica. Hope it's well-received, and fun for you! RT @adamcbest Trump promoting Spicer is ultimate bad-at-his-job white guy failing upward. But imitation is sincerest form of flattery & 45 loves flattery. RT @USFWS How to build a butterfly and pollinator garden in seven steps #PollinatorWeek RT @ACLU We agree with @GovPenceIN on this one. Do you, @VP? RT @billmckibben Forecast temps in Phoenix tomw (120F) exceed operating range of commercial airliners, so they're grounding flights RT @njjeane31 We need your help please vote for @ossoff tomorrow!! #FlipThe6th 877042694467588097 877028535482888192 877028463642857473 877028202933362688 877025189447553024 877025040725938176 877024748856897536 877024513002754048 877023868111785989 877023820569300995 877023762885074945 877023304447668224 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !12 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/20/17 4:36 6/20/17 4:23 RT @AlexanderAbdo cc: @VolokhC @NoahRFeldman @JohnSamplesCato @OrinKerr @AmandaShanor @BobLoeb @LidskyLidsky @berkitron @brianmhauss 877022376717844480 @joepabike @knightcolumbia @realDonaldTrump Former DOJ DD @bobloeb also explores #blockedbyTrump for @lawfareblog: iGCn84xxQr 877019167727202304 Add'l insight from @knightcolumbia re @realDonaldTrump's efforts to suppress dissent on Twitter #BlockedByTrump ✌ USFWS showing a good sense of humor, and admirable swiftness on the late-night #science/#nature Twitter. ?? Follow them!! ???? https:// @bleumoon @bamajamminbob @KellyannePolls @EricTrump @IvankaTrump Yawn indeed?? 877015910514655232 Keep fighting the good fight, Angela! ✌ @RicCrowe Well our legal reps @knightcolumbia believe it's unconstitutional, & they are fighting for our 1st Amendment rights! https:// @joepabike @bernabephoto (Richard, your images are amazing btw! Just starting to look at your work now. WOW!) @bernabephoto One of the most visually stunning places I've ever been (Chris Milliman photos) @USFWS @RosemaryMosco @PAGameComm HAH! I just now spotted "Toadally", USFWS!!! You rascal! ?????? @USFWS @RosemaryMosco @PAGameComm Thank you! Had no idea my yard was ideal toad habitat, but very honored by their presence! ?? RT @ParkerMolloy Wow, so THIS is what Jared Kushner sounds like??? RT @ParkerMolloy @RosemaryMosco @USFWS @PAGameComm Thanks, RM! Southwestern Pennsylvania here! #toadlife RT @AynRandPaulRyan Follow the Hashtag: #BlockedByTrump @IvankaTrump How's it feel to be a surrogate for a sleazebag hater @POTUS who /wants/ to kill healthcare - @realDonaldTrump? 877010772504739840 @RealPressSecBot This guy is such an #asshat. Soo...just had a great photo op w/ what I think was an eastern American #toad (A. a. americanus)! ?????? 6/20/17 2:07 @RosemaryMosco @USFWS @PAGameComm RT @AntonioParis What created this unusual hole in Mars? Lava pit? 6/20/17 1:59 #ASTRONOMY RT @NASA 219 potential new worlds have been identified by scientists using @NASAKepler data. Explore: 6/20/17 1:58 Rj51K42UkJ RT @mikd33 Someone show @realdonaldtrump for me 6/20/17 0:14 pFETUtCYrc RT @tomcoates Really good responses to common questions about whether Trump can legally block critics on Twitter: 6/19/17 23:47 p2XKscCPWr RT @tbonier I'm giddy about tomorrow's GA06 special election. Here's a 6/19/17 23:46 quick viewing guide I threw together - 876986970584616960 876985935354789890 6/20/17 4:11 6/20/17 4:04 6/20/17 3:50 6/20/17 3:45 6/20/17 3:03 6/20/17 3:02 6/20/17 2:56 6/20/17 2:38 6/20/17 2:34 6/20/17 2:33 6/20/17 2:22 6/20/17 2:21 6/20/17 2:16 6/20/17 2:11 877014319833206785 877009455552057348 876998974699433985 876998782239600645 876997223946608640 876992738780205058 876991513250713604 876991349077180416 876988663250513920 876988269866758144 876984823163781120 876982755812364289 876982675357270016 876956339209195520 876949593384255488 876949463650230272 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !13 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 RT @ACLU These senators are in a back room somewhere plotting the future of health care. Why aren't they telling anyone else? 6/19/17 23:46 #ShowUsTheBill 876949424974573568 RT @TwitterMoments North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier has died, 6/19/17 23:20 aged 22, his parents say. 876942867092131844 RT @knightcolumbia Is @realDonaldTrump a "designated public forum" under the First Amendment? Responses to some of our critics. 6/19/17 21:55 Trump Replies is like the trenches in WW1. Even the survivors bear 6/19/17 18:41 scars... @joepabike @KellyannePolls Did you two shameless propagandists condemn this from @EricTrump? | @IvankaTrump 6/19/17 16:53 r6AvVt1pXk 6/19/17 16:51 @KellyannePolls So stop promoting hate, @KellyannePolls! 6/19/17 16:33 @KellyannePolls Only a few days late... ?? @MollyJongFast @nycsouthpaw @tomcoates Agreed! Great to learn 6/19/17 16:21 this. Thanks for the h/u gang! RT @nycsouthpaw Justice Kennedy gives the 'twitter blocking as a First Amendment issue' case a shot in the arm. 6/19/17 16:20 RT @AynRandPaulRyan Whoa! @adamcbest @MollyJongFast @SteveBenko @joepabike @mikd33 @Mike_P_Williams @tomcoates @kim @itsa_talia 6/19/17 16:20 h/t @justinhendrix @KellyannePolls What's funny about your tweet, btw, is the implied suggestion that @realDonaldTrump is a leader! #lol You serve worst 6/19/17 16:19 @POTUS ever! #MAGA @KellyannePolls You're a propaganda Vampire, stoking the very 6/19/17 16:16 partisan discord you claim to abhor. #Resign! RT @chrislhayes Reminder that Trump admin is actively sabotaging ACA exchanges so they can cut taxes for wealthiest by $800 bn https:// 6/19/17 14:31 RT @LateNightDonald Hard to eat corn! Regular ears of corn are too big for my hands. Baby corn too small! Can't someone make a medium 6/19/17 14:31 corn? Monsanto! RT @tripgabriel Terrific piece: Ohio town dependent on Mexicans has crops rotting, while ICE deports homeowner, dad of 4 Americans https:// 6/19/17 14:07 @IvankaTrump "Modernize government services" ... by eliminating them. 876921424795062272 876872480249585668 876845394180939777 876844797625085952 876840268951105538 876837321932509189 876837070374932481 876837040121425920 876836776538755072 876836126828482560 876809626460835840 876809581653102592 876803557865000960 Just more #newspeak from another one of @POTUS 6/19/17 14:00 @realDonaldTrump's surrogates. 876801942877601792 RT @DaveWeasel @realDonaldTrump More shit talk. 6/19/17 13:18 HPqS5VvYWw 876791367229460480 6/19/17 13:15 Life and death in Apple’s forbidden city 876790659629412352 RT @ggreenwald @alexjrowell @theintercept @thedailybeast No. It means you're a dishonest slime who purposely linked my name to an 6/19/17 12:42 article I had nothing to do with & now, knowing that, keep doing it 876782132168769536 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !14 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 RT @imraansiddiqi "Extremist preacher sends out chilling warning 6/19/17 12:40 weeks before terror attack." @LeoRules1 @POTUS @AynRandPaulRyan @tbonier @jules_su 6/19/17 3:40 @TrumpBlockParty @realDonaldTrump So? @LeoRules1 @POTUS 4d reply window just shows how low you rank in the hierarchy. Yet you reply to me w/in 1hr! Just another #sad version of 6/19/17 3:37 #theratio. @SalenaZito @KellyannePolls #fakenews / pro-Trump propaganda 6/19/17 3:34 divorced from any evidence-based analysis ?? @NadineTruong @VP @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Totally understand the concern. At least Trump's incompetence/mental_illness is a natural 6/19/17 3:09 inhibitor to effective policy-making... @DanScavino @HillaryClinton If you really thought they were "losers," you wouldn't be tweeting about them. 876781858243072000 876645872464953344 876645017095462912 876644368987410432 876637954848038912 6/19/17 3:06 They're under your skin, ❄! @MollyJongFast @DanScavino @HillaryClinton ...or to think that @DanScavino is a douchebag! 876637311651508225 6/19/17 3:05 6/19/17 3:02 @amanda_pompili: another paid protester challenge loser! ;) RT @JordanUhl Caption this RT @JesseFFerguson Ohh, don't let @realDonaldTrump see this https:// RT @MariaTCardona Well, he is. @maggieNYT This question for @IvankaTrump seems prescient... 876636932708683777 876636198256685056 @MayorofLondon @metpoliceuk @Ldn_Ambulance Thank you for your dignity and poise, Sir. I only wish our @POTUS, @realdonaldTrump, could manifest 1% of your leadership & credibility. If The President Is Innocent, Then He Is Insane're frakked, Sir! #MAGA @POTUS @madeincos @LeoRules1 @POTUS I mean, I did this a few times on Facebook, but @hoovis (rightly) came down on me so hard that I never did it again! @LeoRules1...#sad!!! 876634379442958336 @TheCentipede @washingtonpost @tedlieu ✌ ✌ @LeoRules1 @POTUS @AynRandPaulRyan @tbonier @jules_su @TrumpBlockParty so tempted to pin this tweet but...don't want to let @realdonaldtrump off the hook lol RT @joepabike @LeoRules1 @POTUS What kind of douchebag likes his own reply to a tweet? @LeoRules1 @POTUS What kind of douchebag likes his own reply to a tweet? RT @IsaacDovere America: people are calling & emailing theaters called "Shakespeare" across the country complaining about their play https:// RT @BurnabyLakePark Perhaps you've seen in the news already, but in case you have; a new flying squirrel species has been discovered... RT @NPR Why do chicken coops only have two doors? 876629067289808900 Because if they had four, they’d be chicken sedans. RT @anne_theriault Today I learned Cern's website has hundreds of typos referring to the Large Hadron Collider as the "Large Hardon Collider" 876626480339484672 6/19/17 3:00 6/19/17 3:00 6/19/17 2:54 6/19/17 2:48 6/19/17 2:40 6/19/17 2:37 6/19/17 2:33 6/19/17 2:32 6/19/17 2:32 6/19/17 2:32 6/19/17 2:25 6/19/17 2:25 6/19/17 2:23 6/19/17 2:22 876635749579468805 876635683359793152 876632655235776512 876630721762406402 876629918616104960 876628817695178752 876628673918533632 876628622517448705 876627064186687488 876627016686219269 876626242522533889 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !15 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/19/17 2:21 6/19/17 2:21 6/19/17 2:21 6/19/17 2:18 6/19/17 2:18 6/19/17 2:17 6/19/17 2:16 6/19/17 1:54 6/19/17 1:53 6/19/17 1:51 6/19/17 1:48 6/19/17 1:46 6/19/17 1:45 6/19/17 1:45 6/19/17 1:42 6/19/17 1:40 6/19/17 1:37 6/19/17 1:24 6/19/17 1:24 6/19/17 1:18 6/19/17 1:10 6/19/17 1:09 RT @StephenKing Blocked by Donald Trump, but still I persist. RT @FuckabillyRex Set yourself up for failure by thinking things will turn out ok. RT @Publici Los Alamos workers showboating with plutonium nearly caused deadly nuclear chain reaction. @thegreatnanak ?????? RT @thegreatnanak She: see I'm touching my toes. It's a good exercise. Why don't you join me? Me: it's a bit weird, but ok 876626014163660801 *touches her toes RT @DrKatfish Bluegill dads are very protective - they guard eggs until they hatch & fan their nests to provide oxygen/prevent silt buildup #FathersDay @TheCentipede @washingtonpost @tedlieu Yes. Wasn't sure if i needed to append /s tag. Thanks for checking-in. @evilcycling @LauraLoomer @JackPosobiec Oh ineffectual "cuck"!! RT @evilcycling For @LauraLoomer and @JackPosobiec, here's your real review, you fucking idiots. RT @PatrickStrud Brexit, the movie RT @cmclymer Gee, it's almost like it's wrong to slander an entire race or religion over what a few people do, huh? Hmmmm.... 876625202058231810 #FinsburyPark RT @tedlieu Looks like the @realDonaldTrump Administration is fighting a war in Syria with no congressional authorization & no explanation to the people RT @metpoliceuk Images & footage from inside #GrenfellTower released as detectives continue investigation into the devastating fire RT @crimereporter Grenfell Tower - view inside a burned out flat seen for first time @metpoliceuk @tbonier Ugh. Cue victim-blaming in 3...2...1... RT @tbonier A terror attack that will not be called a terror attack, because Muslims were the target of the terror and a white man carried it out. Council sidelined in Grenfell Tower response as leader refuses to quit RT @TwitterMoments The US downed a Syrian fighter jet, which is a first for the 6-year civil war. Finsbury Park: police report casualties after van hits pedestrians in North London #Finsbury @BenjaminJS @AynRandPaulRyan hehe I literally thought this was a promo shot from @PresidentShow. Speaking of which, @TonyAtamanuik when will we see #Melania?! Holy. Shit. 876617667536355328 How would @VP assuming presidency be any better than @realdonaldtrump as @potus? @AynRandPaulRyan @JohnnyMcNulty @IvankaTrump I'd like to know this, too. @IvankaTrump do you think Jared will hang this in his prison cell? Or will you divorce him before he gets out? 876625937776988161 876625890414907392 876625232445964288 876624898684329984 876624803557462016 876619047978356736 876618904306458625 876618437015080961 876617176685432832 876616871260413953 876616788129304579 876616063198396416 876615720733376512 876614941905694724 876611691135590403 876611578635980800 876610121635426306 876608190070304770 876607795784810496 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !16 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/19/17 1:08 6/19/17 1:02 6/19/17 1:00 6/19/17 0:57 6/19/17 0:57 6/19/17 0:54 6/19/17 0:52 RT @AynRandPaulRyan @JohnnyMcNulty @IvankaTrump Is this the photo Jared will hang in his prison cell? I hope he looks as good in orange as Trump does. #SundayMorning #FathersDay RT @BraddJaffy Today in amazing transcripts: Trump's lawyer and Chris Wallace @tedlieu @realDonaldTrump Normally I'd lunge at chance to criticize @realdonaldtrump (irrespective of his blocking me) but this is great. 1 down 4 to go til Ace, Ted! RT @youngvulgarian Blimey, that's a leader and a half. rTBubpAHdQ @washingtonpost Fantastic. @tedlieu idk why you're against this. Only four more kills and we'll have our first #Ace since Duke Cunningham! Wow! Only four more kills and he'll be an ace! #AIRPOWER RT @USFWSRefuges Happy #FathersDay. Male bald #eagles feed their young at John Heinz #WildilfeRefuge, PA. RT @AriMelber Time in office before POTUS faced criminal inquiry into conduct as POTUS: 876607504763027456 876605981286965248 876605453794521088 876604930114637824 876604770026434566 876603961276608512 876603583151689731 NIXON: 1,580 days CLINTON: 1,835 days TRUMP: 145 days 6/19/17 0:52 #ThePoint 'We're sort of her mum': behind the scenes at Sydney's Taronga zoo 6/18/17 23:08 RT @DavidGMcAfee Happy Father's Day to my dad and all the other great dads out there. Remember: don't bind your son and kill him... 6/18/17 18:37 unless god asks you to. ?? RT @BraddJaffy Father's Day morning messages from presidents 44 6/18/17 18:37 and 45 RT @USFWS Turtles are still out crossing the roads, here are ways you 6/18/17 18:37 can help: RT @bpolitics Donor lobbying for tax credits brags of at least a dozen dinners with Trump since election, sources say 6/18/17 16:28 RT @HamillHimself The Merchant of Venom-King Leer-Much Ado About Twitter-All's Well That Ends Well With Mueller-Covfefeolanus 6/18/17 16:26 #ShakespeareinThetRump RT @nickgourevitch About that one cherry-picked Trump approval poll he's been tweeting on... Great chart from @DataDhrumil: 6/18/17 16:26 aSrqTLM5Az @SecretaryZinke Does Lola support your shameless lying, Sir? 876603468294893568 876577439572426752 876509208530866176 876509171453227008 876509112565190657 876476627315814401 876476260297388033 876476202080456704 6/18/17 16:22 @SarahBurris 876475317933805568 RT @SierraClub .@SecretaryZinke says tribes are “happy” about plan to shrink Bears Ears monument. That’s a lie. #StandWithBearsEars https:// 6/18/17 16:21 876475042762301440 @SecretaryZinke Zinke working to #MAGA ?? 6/18/17 16:20 876474784636432384 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !17 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 RT @rtrsports ⚡ “Aston Martin and Porsche win Le Mans ??” 6/18/17 16:15 6/18/17 15:18 RT @RJSzczerba Words to live by RT @Snowden Report: Whistleblowers who sought to prevent #GrenfellTower fire feared dead in blaze. The neglect here is criminal. 6/18/17 15:06 RT @segalmr when you're Attorney General & you accidentally admit that the chief cause of drug violence is drug *prohibition.* 6/18/17 15:05 Ia7zKhvbEP RT @thomdunn What attention-grabbing alt-right provocateur misunderstands & disrupts a play for "Free Speech," then blocks their 6/18/17 14:09 critics? @JackPosobiec! @thomdunn @JackPosobiec A "beta" "snowflake" "cuck" like @JackPosobiec, a second rate pseudo-provocateur who never met a 6/18/17 14:09 logical fallacy he didnt like? @JaneDav45507892 @AynRandPaulRyan @realDonaldTrump 6/18/17 14:05 @POTUS Agreed. 6/18/17 14:04 @jules_su And a creep. @thomdunn @realDonaldTrump @JackPosobiec @JackPosobiec a whiny snowflake who threatened to cry to Twitter after @laurenduca dunked on him last week. 876473362461097984 876459160988250112 6/18/17 14:02 @realDonaldTrump GOAT @POTUS?? RT @thomdunn Both @realDonaldTrump & @JackPosobiec blocked me for the same reason this week: rational arguments, accompanied by 6/18/17 13:59 GIFs. #1A #FreeSpeech RT @mjshrimper British Cycling chairman declines opportunity to apologise to Jess Varnish following discriminatory complaint 6/18/17 13:59 o8YXfALfKs RT @inihelene Is the British right taking lessons from Fake news 6/18/17 13:59 brigade? RT @USFWS "It’s hard to imagine an American West where the greater sage-grouse isn’t dancing." - 6/18/17 13:58 RvkBRVeDSX 6/18/17 13:56 @tomcoates @yamthatiam 55. RT @ggreenwald And, as is true of anyone obsessed with imposing a "war" framework: dissenting from or objecting to it is regarded as 6/18/17 13:49 treasonous. RT @ggreenwald Has there ever been *any* evidence presented for this claim, that the NYT treats as Truth? Does there need to be? 6/18/17 13:49 XSKHtG9hnc @AynRandPaulRyan @realDonaldTrump Greatest @POTUS ever. 6/18/17 12:18 Grestest DAD ever. RT @AynRandPaulRyan .@realdonaldtrump, so far this morning: ☑ Witch Hunt 876440049876946948 876456093639208960 876455755062312960 876441794426396672 876441742525988864 876440802582560769 876440480854278145 876439239495385088 876439152161693696 876439123434893315 876438931683803136 876438445647962114 876436703359229952 876436608261787649 876413700336476160 ☑ Brags about accomplishments that don't exist ☑ Cites a bogus poll 6/18/17 12:17 #SundayMorning RT @Arriadna Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke rescinds acceptance of HSD post - The Washington Post - Can't afford a lawyer? 6/18/17 4:46 3aUBfv6z3b RT @washingtonpost Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke rescinds 6/18/17 3:07 acceptance of Homeland Security post 876413464427864064 876300155397472256 876275094741450752 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !18 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/18/17 3:07 6/18/17 1:10 6/18/17 0:45 6/18/17 0:44 6/17/17 21:53 6/17/17 21:46 6/17/17 21:46 6/17/17 21:01 6/17/17 20:37 6/17/17 20:37 6/17/17 20:37 6/17/17 20:36 6/17/17 16:18 6/17/17 15:22 6/17/17 15:22 6/17/17 15:13 6/17/17 15:13 RT @VicenteFoxQue .@realDonaldTrump, it's been 2 years with you, since you thrash-talked México and FYI, I'm commited to be your shadow at least until 2020. RT @kasperka Salary History: Wall Street Can’t Ask, and You Needn’t Tell Hint: Wall Street execs aren't happy. RT @Pirates @TheCUTCH22 Money, it's gotta be the shoes! #glovely RT @JamilSmith A licensed gun owner who did everything right was killed by a cop, who later got away with it. And the right is protesting Shakespeare. RT @JordanUhl .@laurenduca dunked on this guy and since he's alpha his gut instinct was to tell on her RT @tbonier This is borderline treason - apologizing for our enemies, while trying to convince America liberals are the real enemy. eHwsMxxRWv RT @RepAdamSchiff That statement was clearly made without the advice of counsel. RT @RosemaryMosco @RosemaryMosco Not a real field guide, but a comedic masterwork. You need these. RT @rolandscahill The tweet that triggered @realDonaldTrump to block me RT @chrislhayes Oof RT @Snowden #GrenfellTower was clad in flammable panels–banned in US–to save under £5k. That decision has now claimed more lives than the 7/7 bombing. RT @usantidoping 3 important aspects to understand about the TUE process in the @ufc #antidoping program. RT @DrShaena RT @KeithOlbermann Oh! Look who just got around to saying SOMETHING about this, 18 hours after the disaster, which he spent whining, and self-congratulating @DrShaena RT @audubonsociety The Painted Bunting is sometimes called the "Nonpareil," meaning "unrivaled." ?? https:// @AwardsDaily @ericgarland Ugh. Good point. @DrJillStein wouldn't have been ranting at TV sets either tho! RT @HGTomato No story about Jack Posobiec is complete without mention that he was behind the 'Rape Melania' sign. 876275071949713412 876245813097365508 876239363105054720 876239184356401152 876196213971988481 876194431262744577 876194326396768262 876182997304840196 876177040130666498 876176978294038528 876176931464650755 876176871439912960 876111791868260352 876097688399466498 876097632317431808 876095478605246466 876095340742664192 6/17/17 15:12 #maga 876095146261172224 @sarahkendzior @MollyJongFast Don't freak out too hard. He's going to be retried Sarah, no? 6/17/17 15:11 @MonarchyUK @thepowerofmeow @realDonaldTrump Not just incompetence, but willful, cynical, craven unwillingness to actual lead the 6/17/17 15:11 country & the federal government. #Resign, @POTUS! RT @chrysta10 Disaster on USS Fitzgerald made worse by Trump being 6/17/17 14:27 too busy golfing to fill key posts #DemForce RT @CyclingHubTV Priceless smile ?? 6/17/17 14:26 #RdS???? 876095039851638784 876094855491072000 876083935910002688 876083698822787072 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !19 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 RT @ProPublica Facing Trump budget cuts, DHS is shutting down a lab that handles equipment to spot nukes & dirty bombs: 6/17/17 14:26 RT @JameelJaffer "The skewering of this type of general is a timely corrective, because we live in an era of general worship" 6/17/17 14:25 kMWAqP0pAp RT @waltpavlo SEC Charges Poster Boy Of Pot Penny Stock Bubble 6/17/17 14:23 With Fraud via @forbes RT @emptywheel Maybe there are so many assholes on Twitter 6/17/17 14:22 because so many of us Xers are assholes? RT @CoddersF1 I had mistaken this car for a Lada until I saw the 6/17/17 12:40 number plate. RT @mollycrabapple And we've reached the part in the movie when the 6/17/17 12:39 fascists shut down Shakespeare RT @BraveArcanine "Siri show me the worst fuckin take on the London 6/17/17 12:33 Fire possible " RT @xychelsea you mean employers and policymakers hire smart ambitious young people who encounter intractable moral mazes in the 6/17/17 12:32 work place?? surprise!? ?? 6/17/17 12:28 RT @CharlesPPierce Interesting point. RT @tbonier If a Dem wins in a CD with a 12% GOP self-ID advantage (among voters), the GOP may want to hit the panic button. 6/17/17 12:27 yX3Z6IJtXy RT @Plastic_Peloton Still the most exciting 30secs of cycling I've ever seen. Check the superb help offered by the geezer in the hat-"This way" 6/17/17 12:25 @lancearmstrong RT @GeorgeMonbiot Unable to connect, unable to speak human, unable to give a straight answer: Theresa May is manifestly unfit for 6/17/17 12:16 purpose. RT @OwenJones84 You'd think nothing would shock us in these times we live, but here I am, shocked by Theresa May's interview. 6/17/17 12:16 Zhbt4Z5bpJ RT @jules_su WHY DONALD TRUMP IS UNDER INVESTIGATION (in under 2 minutes) 876083540605239296 6/17/17 12:14 #NeedToKnowNews ( RT @tbonier In which Joe Walsh condemns violence then talks himself 6/17/17 12:14 into violent rhetoric, in 3 tweets. @cdefibaugh @callumborchers @KellyannePolls Right, and hence why I'm thanking her for not ignoring him, which - btw - calls into question the 6/17/17 4:43 very claim that she normally ignores him ?? RT @AynRandPaulRyan I talked to @NewstalkFM's @SeanMoncrieff today about #BlockedByTrump, American politics, and the #MarchForTruth. 6/17/17 4:37 RT @itsa_talia @VP "iT iS tHe gReAtESt pRiVilEgE oF mY LiFe tO sErVe aS ViCe pReSiDenT tO @pOtUs dOnALd tRumP – a mAn 6/17/17 4:36 dEVoTed tO aMerIcAn IdEaLs" @MarleneZomber Aww, thanks for taking the time to check in. 876050524516347904 6/17/17 4:33 875934339502047232 6/17/17 4:16 And I agree - she's committed to going down w/ the ship! @JosephEstadt @TonyAtamanuik Because @TonyAtamanuik and his @PresidentShow team are GOAT! 876083484137279488 876082825367359488 876082638355869696 876056954191446016 876056647541686272 876055102762754048 876054987272577024 876053847982190592 876053763886387200 876053244547653633 876050940633251840 876050905161977857 876050302373429248 875936985558462464 875935283878998016 875935127108558849 875930195089395712 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !20 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/17/17 4:16 6/17/17 4:15 6/17/17 4:13 6/17/17 4:01 6/17/17 3:57 6/17/17 3:56 6/17/17 3:54 6/17/17 3:50 6/17/17 3:49 6/17/17 3:47 6/17/17 3:46 6/17/17 3:38 6/17/17 3:37 6/17/17 3:36 6/17/17 3:34 6/17/17 3:33 6/17/17 3:30 6/17/17 3:28 6/17/17 3:28 6/17/17 3:25 6/17/17 3:16 6/17/17 3:15 6/17/17 3:14 6/17/17 2:28 6/17/17 2:28 RT @JosephEstadt Why does everything @TonyAtamanuik do on the #PresidentShow end up happening in real life? Now screaming at the tv??!? Freaky... @KellyannePolls @Peggynoonannyc @WSJopinion capacity for self-reflection and acknowledgement of your role as a shameless, cynical propagandist, @KellyannePolls? RT @nycjaneyvee @VinceGottalotta @babsben @joepabike @KellyannePolls RT @PreetBharara Americans should also exercise caution before accepting as true lies about firing of FBI Director & defamation of a war hero special counsel Stunning lack of irony here. @iproposethis @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @washingtonpost One would like to imagine such a self-reckoning, but i genuinely dont think she's capable or cares to. @iproposethis @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @washingtonpost Doubtful. RT @RogueCPI @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @washingtonpost "No reason to lie" says the most prolific propagandist since Goebbels. RT @cealygirl @callumborchers I can't figure if she has high or low selfesteem here... Is this a cry for help? @RogueCPI @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @washingtonpost Seriously. Is she delusional, or just Ambien-tweeting? @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @washingtonpost "there's no...reason to lie" <--- ugh, take your own advice, lady! @KellyannePolls @foxandfriends Omg, you're so not ignoring him! @callumborchers Just wanted to thank @KellyannePolls for not ignoring you, and for bringing your article to a wider audience! ???? RT @callumborchers Kellyanne Conway is pointing a finger at the media, after shooting @joepabike @KellyannePolls @foxandfriends And you realize youre literally doing the opposite of ignoring @callumborchers, right? @KellyannePolls @foxandfriends It seriously took you 2+min to post the second part of this sad, vampirish reply? @KellyannePolls @callumborchers @WashPost You really are a vampire. RT @Interior Old Faithful + #MilkyWay = magical moment @YellowstoneNPS #Wyoming ?? RT @RBReich When loyalty trumps integrity, we no longer have a government of laws. We have a government by and for Trump. https:// RT @keithboykin Make no mistake about it. Trump's Cuba policy is all about erasing President Obama's legacy. RT @HellgateOsprey 17:51, 6/16: Louis goes for the intruder with an upside-down-super-flip. Go Louis! RT @kittez @HellgateOsprey Iris & Louis defend against relentless intruder 6/16/17 17:42 @kittez @HellgateOsprey Holy crap. @christapeterso check some of this out! RT @ACLU Mr. Roy’s death is a terrible tragedy. That is not a reason to stretch our criminal laws or abandon the protections of our Constitution. RT @NARAL The lying, secrecy, & obstruction around #Trumpcare is unprecedented: #ShowUsTheBill 875930016944709633 875929892801699840 875929249806462976 875926261826236420 875925414740414465 875925001647599616 875924603926974465 875923701425942528 875923388111257601 875922700409155590 875922538777509888 875920487603466240 875920247496335361 875919946546503681 875919624352747520 875919287340457990 875918449343692800 875918090625855488 875918008065064960 875917167346188288 875914905093799936 875914714018172928 875914638852059136 875902989025849347 875902877226733572 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !21 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/17/17 2:24 6/17/17 2:17 6/17/17 2:17 6/17/17 2:13 6/17/17 2:02 6/17/17 2:02 6/17/17 2:01 6/17/17 2:01 6/17/17 1:36 6/8/17 23:50 6/8/17 23:48 6/8/17 23:41 6/8/17 23:40 6/8/17 23:39 6/8/17 23:35 6/8/17 22:54 RT @nycsouthpaw $37.3 million in income from Mar-a-Lago, $19.8 million from Bedminster--which he promotes w/ Presidential travel almost every wknd. RT @SethAbramson (2) CBS' report comes in the context of a WH official saying Trump's tweets are a "deliberate strategy." Which makes this *worse* for Trump. RT @SethAbramson BREAKING: CBS news' legal expert confirms my allegation that Trump's "witch hunt" tweet is *criminally inculpatory*. RT @mattvolz Audio of Greg Gianforte's responses to questions about statement blaming assault on reporter: RT @hedrickchris Incredible. If you are a Montanan, you need to listen to this. Gianforte: Montana's dissembler in chief. Absolutely abhorrent. RT @Interior Here’s a cute baby sea turtle heading into the wild @PadreIslandNPS for #WorldSeaTurtleDay #Texas LKO6pqUWKZ RT @JStein_Vox @t_golshan Oh er um excuse me Mr. Senator Boozman some ppl like Medicaid why are you cutting it? BYxsqMMnNU RT @JStein_Vox Hey dude _why_ are you taking health care from 20 million ppl? Extraordinary exchange b/w McCain + @t_golshan: RT @RealPressSecBot A statement by the President: OTIexU7POp @BauervanStraten @AynRandPaulRyan this is your kind of commentary! Can't believe @BauervanStraten hasn't earned her formal invite to @TrumpBlockParty yet ?? RT @BauervanStraten And so we all suffer... RT @adamcbest @joepabike @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump @TrumpBlockParty Don Jr. was tweeting like his old man and now he is blocking like his old man. Really trying to live up, or is it down, to daddy. @joepabike @jedkornbluh @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump @TrumpBlockParty Which led to...?? @jedkornbluh @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump @TrumpBlockParty And there was this from earlier in the year... https:// RT @AynRandPaulRyan Step one: block all dissenters from .@realdonaldtrump Step two: block all dissenters from @DonaldJTrumpJr Step three: #MAGA? RT @MiaSpanishEyes @TrumpBlockParty @joepabike ?? #IdiotInChief offspring equally incompetent. SAD! Kayle Leogrande #doping again? ?? 875901951740964864 875900242037809154 875900196487655424 875899075580887040 875896482389516288 875896339028213764 875896266173054980 875896174099804161 875889921860534273 872964051101470720 872963601019133958 872961790300368896 872961477388492803 872961266280738816 872960273220501504 872949902975930368 6/8/17 22:52 6/8/17 22:40 Bravo @usantidoping! | @hoovis @vayerism @cyclismedopage #cycling #antidoping RT @TrumpBlockParty looks like he hit the wrong button while trying to block ?? guess the covfefe doesn't fall far from the covtreetree https:// 872949516219166721 872946514531897344 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !22 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/8/17 22:24 6/8/17 22:11 6/8/17 22:11 6/8/17 22:09 6/8/17 22:08 6/8/17 22:08 6/8/17 22:07 6/8/17 22:06 Wait - who's the #snowflake again? #MAGA | | @DonaldJTrumpJr @RealDonaldTrump @TrumpBlockParty RT @paulwaugh So, this hasn't aged well.. RT @BBCMarkDaly Doctor for Nike Oregon Project Runners Is Notified of Doping Allegations RT @TechnicallyRon Pretend you're Thresa May by asking to interview for the job you've already got and then really fucking up the interview #GE2017 RT @tomcoates The backchannel for people who got blocked by Trump that got its own slack channel now has its own Twitter account: @trumpblockparty RT @OwenJones84 One of the most amazing political results in modern Western history, if this exit poll is right. Just sensational. RT @inihelene Theresa May right now.. RT @emptywheel The President has been sued--what, like 4000 times-and yet he's new at the frustrating aspects of legal investigations? RT @knightcolumbia Blocked by @realDonaldTrump? Email us. 872942320945070081 872939211506241538 872939100592107522 872938622323916801 872938515671240706 872938331021221888 872938117975728128 872937995653001216 Include a link to your last tweet and screenshot of the block. 6/8/17 22:05 6/8/17 22:05 6/8/17 22:05 6/8/17 21:32 6/8/17 21:20 6/8/17 20:30 6/8/17 20:11 6/8/17 19:53 6/8/17 19:46 6/8/17 19:42 6/8/17 19:41 6/8/17 18:44 @usantidoping Congrats! Keep up the good work, USADA! RT @Snowden This is all unconfirmed, but early reports indicate May campaigning on a platform of ending human rights in the UK was less than wise. RT @LateNightDonald Off to a great start with new FBI director Chris Wray. I already made him get a tramp stamp that says "LOYALTY"! #ohboyohboy #loyalty RT @baynham41 Shocking news from the 80's, if true?.... #LastMinuteCorbynSmears @Thomas_Drake1 Just reminds me of that axiom, prison for powerless leakers - but leniency for the elite ?? I usually only #block people for adding me to lists (unlike @realdonaldtrump), but @NWO_Destroyer flatters me here, so...?? @anice222 Ok. Noted. Thanks for the courtesy of your reply. @realNikolai777 @DonaldJTrumpJr @AlanDersh @realDonaldTrump He's just amplifying disingenuous @GOP talking points & pushing Whataboutery. Guess this depends on how "effective" would be measured tho. RT @peterson_travis @RudiTuesdays @Tosha_losha @Julia85546659 @joepabike @clumsyferret @DonaldJTrumpJr @POTUS Rich white guys trophy hunting leopards isn't going to feed anybody. If it was about feeding villagers, there are better ways of doing that. @jedkornbluh @realDonaldTrump Kinda surreal right? Credit to @AynRandPaulRyan tho for introducing me to @knightcolumbia. RT @Mr_JSheffield James Comey lays out the case that President Trump obstructed justice - The Washington Post 60UrUFRgxh 872937724617129985 872937679549280256 872937584326041603 872929402593607682 872926300255789057 872913675170054145 872908967609081856 872904529511153664 872902593051328514 872901761606070274 872901416528031749 872886999123992577 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !23 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 RT @tonyposnanski I don't mean to be petty... But more people watched Comey today than any episode of The Apprentice or the Inauguration. 6/8/17 18:44 6/8/17 18:37 6/8/17 18:37 6/8/17 18:30 6/8/17 18:29 6/8/17 18:28 6/8/17 18:23 6/8/17 16:24 6/8/17 16:23 6/8/17 16:17 6/8/17 16:14 Petty AF ?? RT @WeMeantWell In Oct people said Comey destroyd democracy. Today same people expect him to save it. Maybe instead ask why guy like Comey is controlling it @Thomas_Drake1 TD, do you think Comey is less sincere about feeling & acting on any duty to the American people than you were? Can his leaking be noble? RT @RBReich Democratic leaders don't want to talk about impeaching Trump. Here's why they're wrong. RT @adamcbest Donald Trump hasn't tweeted. Restraining himself? Literally being restrained? Doesn't matter. When he is alone, the tweetstorm will happen. RT @chrislhayes Occam's Razor suggests the president and his associates appear to be covering something up because they are covering something up. Americans 'under siege' from climate disinformation – former #Nasa chief scientist #climatechange RT @Snowden It seems the @FBI Director agrees: sometimes the only moral decision is to break the rules. RT @chrislhayes Has anyone told Cornyn that Hillary Clinton lost? RT @Newsweek Comey is "sure" that Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice, a federal crime and impeachable offense https:// RT @jbarro The president's own book talks about how he likes to lie. He calls it "truthful hyperbole." The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 872886976042733574 872885317346484224 872885186853208066 872883505545588736 872883261437038592 872883133359808512 872881776481456129 872851715388841988 872851693649657856 872849955882508289 872849416440492032 6/8/17 16:14 @AynRandPaulRyan @adamcbest 872849256394129410 RT @CorrieJN What's better than a baby Burrowing #Owl? One with the best hairdo ever. ?? That's a good cm or two of pure floof. 6/8/17 16:09 #fieldwork @DonaldJTrumpJr You mean if you ignore everyone tied to your father's #failing Presidency? RT @ACLU Comey says it's a BIG DEAL Russians tried to undermine our election and interfere with a U.S. presidential race. We agree. #ComeyHearing RT @JesselynRadack #Whistleblowers have gone to jail for this. https:// RT @adamcbest Tom Cotton is essentially an SEC football coach masquerading as a Senator. RT @radleybalko P***y-grabbing serial adulterer who once boasted of bedding a critic's girlfriend ... pushes abstinence-only policy. NYeg0h0JGo @GovMikeHuckabee @DonaldJTrumpJr Whataboutery is not effective surrogacy! @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Seriously, just start RTing @Thomas_Drake1. He makes what are actually some useful critical observations. 872848187073155072 872846134817026048 6/8/17 16:09 6/8/17 16:08 6/8/17 16:07 6/8/17 16:06 6/8/17 16:06 6/8/17 16:03 6/8/17 16:01 872848131830030338 872847840351072256 872847556908339202 872847433000210432 872847410678181889 872846613454172160 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !24 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/8/17 15:57 6/8/17 15:57 6/8/17 15:54 6/8/17 15:54 6/8/17 15:54 6/8/17 15:54 6/8/17 15:50 6/8/17 15:49 6/8/17 15:48 6/8/17 15:43 6/8/17 15:41 6/8/17 15:40 6/8/17 15:40 6/8/17 15:39 6/8/17 15:39 6/8/17 15:39 6/8/17 15:37 6/8/17 15:35 6/8/17 15:34 6/8/17 15:33 6/8/17 15:30 6/8/17 15:29 6/8/17 15:27 6/8/17 15:03 6/8/17 15:00 6/8/17 14:54 RT @chrislhayes This looks quite prescient from @matthewamiller back on May 12th before emergence of Comey memos. Watch @allinwithchris to see the future! RT @AynRandPaulRyan @chucktodd just talked about this potential lawsuit against Trump. ?? RT @ACLU In fact, Comey said one or more of his memos on Trump meetings and calls is unclassified— there is no reason they can’t be made public. RT @ACLU The American people should also be able to read Comey’s memos about his meetings and calls with Trump. #ComeyHearing RT @ACLU Comey: No reason senators can’t read the memos that I typed up after each meeting and call with Trump. RT @TonyAtamanuik Sounds like a fun childhood. 8XaLQVLAS9 @joepabike @DonaldJTrumpJr Keep practicing though. @DonaldJTrumpJr Weird that you think your surrogacy is effective. @clumsyferret @DonaldJTrumpJr @POTUS RT @pimppernel So very close to cancelling my @thetimes subscription... and then they go and publish a blinder like this: https:// #alternatetake RT @mattyglesias Trump is probably engaged in this clumsy coverup because he's guilty of serious wrongdoing. #confessyourunpopularopinion RT @adamcbest Mitch McConnell started off the Obama era saying his job was to make sure Obama failed. Who do you think took us into this climate? The GOP! RT @chrislhayes Again: *this was not their line yesterday*. They said Comey's account "vindicated" the president. RT @chrislhayes Comey just raised point that lawyer after lawyer has raised to me: Why did Trump kick everyone out of the office before making Flynn ask ? @DonaldJTrumpJr, you could probably quote this tweet in one of your replies as surrogate...?? @DonaldJTrumpJr Dude, your father, his administration, the nut @GOP congressmen who still support him, you...all the very definition of Elites! ?? @adamcbest @DonaldJTrumpJr Adam, welcome to the Replies! @joepabike @DonaldJTrumpJr You're a better hunter than social media surrogate for @POTUS, btw. @DonaldJTrumpJr Your father's entire Presidency is a joke, man. @joepabike @DonaldJTrumpJr You need the practice, to be a better surrogate for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. @DonaldJTrumpJr Please do it all day. @DonaldJTrumpJr @AlanDersh @realDonaldTrump Err, dude. You're not a very effective surrogate RT @danpfeiffer All the Republican spin about how Comey's opening statement was good for Trump feels pretty dumb right about now RT @chrislhayes Just like saying "I hope nothing happens to your car windshield" right before it gets smashed isn't a threat. RZ96yNBeVw RT @NRDC Carbon dioxide emissions set an all-time monthly high in May. via @ClimateCentral #ActOnClimate 872845167002255361 872844919672647680 872844337901600768 872844330511237121 872844324265918464 872844191616966656 872843275065012224 872843127874256896 872842837360037889 872841632491728898 872841008848961536 872840673040506880 872840648008880128 872840565771128832 872840538256494597 872840504819449857 872840014668890112 872839475516375042 872839228358483968 872838920190513156 872838173625384962 872837939662925825 872837483238739968 872831494506631168 872830683063996417 872829112724934656 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !25 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/8/17 14:45 6/8/17 3:17 6/8/17 3:05 6/8/17 2:58 6/8/17 2:40 6/8/17 2:14 6/8/17 2:05 6/8/17 1:51 6/8/17 1:31 6/8/17 1:28 6/8/17 1:28 6/8/17 1:07 6/8/17 0:14 6/8/17 0:14 6/8/17 0:10 6/7/17 23:56 6/7/17 23:56 6/7/17 23:54 6/7/17 23:54 6/7/17 23:51 6/7/17 23:51 6/7/17 23:28 RT @BeauWillimon You don't organize a war room like this unless you've got something serious to hide. The @GOP's war against the truth. Party before country. Gianforte pays $50,000 to press group to settle assault of Guardian reporter @Bencjacobs @juliacarriew RT @davidfolkenflik Arguing Trump's tweets are official statements, institute threatens to sue him for blocking critics - my NPR story https:// @JaymeKMBZ @mikewickett So what did the listeners of Midday with Jayme & Wickett think about @realdonaldtrump blocking dissent on Twitter? Just curious. @edipyuksel @RT_com @realDonaldTrump And I wasn't even always critical of @POTUS DJT: RT @PittsburghPG "In the absence of executive leadership in the United States..." RT @mttmoret My latest for @PittsburghPG revisits Three Mile Island now that it is set to close. Peep these crazy archival pics: i07XlxBn9j RT @justingeorge Jury awards $6.7M to inmate raped by guard in Milwaukee County Jail, shackled during childbirth via @john_diedrich @MarilynAEdmonds @StacyLeMelle I wish i could read these and participate in the informed & lively debate so crucial to a functioning democracy. RT @ManginoOnKDKA I'm a bit surprised to see #Trump is on @Twitter enough to read through posts to him, then block people, like @joepabike @AynRandPaulRyan @AynRandPaulRyan @ManginoOnKDKA I agree with Holly, that ultimately it's not reassuring that @POTUS or his staff believe this is effective use of time and focus. @StacyLeMelle It's a dark art lol ?? RT @stilgherrian Uber love, 1 of 4: "Uber reportedly used an algorithm to pay new hires less — reinforcing a gender pay gap” BfN1Wuo7LU RT @AynRandPaulRyan ABOUT TIME! Democrats to sue Trump over conflicts of interest @kateesackhoff it may be ok! ???? RT @AynRandPaulRyan Poll: Trump's approval rating dips to 34% @CNNPolitics H/u @audubonsociety @janetngbio @CornellBirds @christapeterso etc! RT @chrislhayes It is pretty amusing to watch conservatives' selfprofessed standards of behavior and appropriateness spiral ever downward. RT @danpfeiffer Kicking millions of people off health care to appease a President with abysmal approval ratings seems like a bad idea, but what do I know @LateNightDonald Jfc, ?????? RT @LateNightDonald For Mike Pence's birthday I gave him the gift that keeps on giving: being associated with me for all of time. RT @observer If you criticize @realDonaldTrump , he might block you. 872826973977968641 872653869486092288 872650693387186176 872648974360039424 872644412018438145 872637814034354180 872635740760543234 872632159349198848 872627074065936393 872626471742959617 872626364960124928 872620972985131008 872607795174133760 872607621861257220 872606695155011587 872603300599910400 872603275027255296 872602612977340417 872602579590680576 872601995139575809 872601902386737156 872596049369731073 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !26 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 @dmartosko @MailOnline To be fair, David, I also tweeted @realdonaldTrump uplifting encouragement and implored him to do better as @POTUS 6/7/17 22:26 6/7/17 22:01 872580463327629314 RT @waltpavlo Trump blocked some people from his Twitter account. Is that unconstitutional? - The Washington Post @joepabike LS6tS0VLvH 872574371092729856 RT @jules_su Myself and a bunch of #BlockParty friends were feat. in this fantastic write-up of why we do what we do. I ❤ 2017 6/7/17 21:52 6/7/17 21:35 6/7/17 20:38 6/7/17 20:38 6/7/17 20:24 6/7/17 20:21 6/7/17 20:14 6/7/17 20:09 6/7/17 20:07 6/7/17 18:26 6/7/17 18:26 6/7/17 18:25 6/7/17 18:21 6/7/17 18:20 6/7/17 18:17 6/7/17 18:01 RT @chrislhayes Occassional reminder that Jared Kushner appears to have lied on his security clearance form under penalty of felony criminal prosection. RT @AynRandPaulRyan Trump’s not the only one blocking constituents on Twitter RT @AynRandPaulRyan @washingtonpost This is my favorite part. Of COURSE Spicy has no comment! He has no comment for anything. Might as well hang an empty suit at the podium. @ironjoeabbott @POTUS Sure thing. Fair question, even if I'm not the President (thank god lol). Cheers @kathyisin @realDonaldTrump thank you for not ignoring me. @BillShelby1 And it's not like I didn't tweet positive and encouraging replies to @realDonaldTrump as well lol 872571964619198464 @M3dia30 @EuroHoody @realDonaldTrump And if that's what you think, this should be all the more concerning, that the @POTUS would target someone who was "nothing special". @ironjoeabbott @POTUS only 10-12 accounts, iirc, for adding me to lists. i don't block people on the basis of their disagreeing w/ something I've said. RT @USFWS "The Greater Roadrunner can outrace a human, kill a rattlesnake, and thrive in the Desert Southwest." - 5NiK6oB55H @joepabike @DaveDiCello @tomcoates Here's Tom's album of favs: @DaveDiCello Shitty, ignorant, and utterly delusional, too. Some people are clueless! 872547216086487040 872567795573288960 872553385127538688 872553281138151426 872549768886726656 872549177737326592 872546112883830784 872545501035548673 872520266328485888 872520081863057409 BTW random photog to check out: @tomcoates! 872519790954414082 RT @dishonestyproj ?? 872518789237178368 @DaveDiCello Meh, don't take it personally DD. Have followed your work for years but still can't imagine the skill, dedication & effort required... 872518754839797760 RT @tbonier Promises Trump has made in the past 4 mins: - "Crystal clear" air and water - Save all coal jobs - Make more coal jobs - End all terrorism 872517975735185408 RT @jules_su I wrote about Donald Trump blocking me on Twitter, and some of my thoughts on the dumbest president we've ever had. https:// 872513967809286146 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !27 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/7/17 17:57 6/7/17 17:56 6/7/17 17:56 6/7/17 17:56 RT @BuzzFeedNews Thousands of science teachers are getting packages in the mail with misinformation about climate change https:// RT @ChelseaClinton @brianklaas I would never say that because I don't believe it. RT @Enrique_Acevedo "Morality is just gone," says the guy who according @Forbes used donations for kids with cancer to the benefit of his family businesses. RT @Alyssa_Milano Your father's approval rating is 38% @EricTrump. That means the majority of Americans are "not even people"?!? https:// 872512837209423874 872512714547003394 872512596838055942 872512516269670400 ⚡ Eric Trump says his father's critics are 'not even people' 6/7/17 17:55 6/7/17 17:37 6/7/17 17:26 6/7/17 17:10 6/7/17 16:18 6/7/17 16:14 6/7/17 5:29 6/7/17 5:26 6/7/17 5:24 6/7/17 5:21 6/7/17 5:16 6/7/17 4:51 6/7/17 4:49 6/7/17 4:48 This was disappointing to hear. Dehumanize dissent? RT @jules_su LITERALLY A REJECTED VAMPIRE LITERALLY A SIDEWAYS SKELETON LITERALLY TEENAGE GARY BUSEY LITERALLY A SACK OF DENTURES LITERALLY ERIC TRUMP RT @AynRandPaulRyan Hey! I wrote a little something for the .@washingtonpost about Trump blocking me on Twitter. #WedesdayWisdom @SecretaryZinke @EPAScottPruitt @SecretarySonny @POTUS Sigh. This administration of @realDonaldTrump ... 872512408392171527 @Ben_M_Berry @ryantkelly It's kinda surreal, honestly. But I'm honored to potentially play a part in precedent being established wrt 1st amndmnt in digital world @JulieHarden @ryantkelly Thanks, Julie :) @TheGreatChinese @business @realDonaldTrump He blocked a number of the more highly-engaged-with verified Twitter users who consistently expressed political dissent. @TheGreatChinese @business @realDonaldTrump Yeah, and w/o having been abusive or harassing. Just consistent on-point criticism, plus occasional encouragement (& nature pics). RT @business British Airways says systems meltdown was caused by engineer who pulled the wrong plug https:// @TheGreatChinese @business You'd have guessed wrong then. I've blocked maybe 12 accts total, for putting me on lists. And I'm a Republican lol RT @shirt39 @realDonaldTrump you may have blocked @joepabike but I can see you, sweetheart! RT @issielapowsky Just add this to the list of questions about how courts will treat questions about Trump's Twitter account. 4OjqsOvm5K RT @EmilyDreyfuss Knight First Amendment Institute tells Trump to stop blocking people on Twitter, or it will sue RT @WIRED "The idea he'd tweet without anyone reviewing it or thinking about what he’s saying is frankly pretty frightening" bGiy8hWoQ7 872500968084078592 872507939654860800 872505058163929088 872488045689409537 872486842410684416 872324721056112640 872323888683909124 872323275040403457 872322691579224064 872321318443773962 872315000781713408 872314658874695685 872314341357477894 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !28 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/7/17 3:40 6/7/17 3:39 6/7/17 3:17 6/7/17 3:16 RT @USFWS Remember when this bobcat caught a shark? Bobcats so rarely follow regulations. #NationalFishingandBoatingWeek KG8okEb69Q RT @DPRK_News Vicious US Government falls into disarray as Racist Hobgoblin Jeffrey Sessions threatens to resign over inability to hunt negro citizens. RT @Variety Trump's blocking of Twitter users violates First Amendment, says Knight Institute RT @mikd33 But, Dan, I'm an American citizen and @realDonaldTrump blocked me today ?? 872297179301466116 872296921507012608 872291314125217792 872291157287604224 ⚡ Donald Trump Is Funneling Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business sigh @realDonaldTrump @EricTrump 6/7/17 2:55 6/7/17 2:36 6/7/17 2:28 6/7/17 2:28 6/7/17 1:03 6/7/17 1:02 6/7/17 1:02 6/7/17 0:53 6/7/17 0:53 6/7/17 0:52 6/7/17 0:49 6/7/17 0:42 6/7/17 0:29 6/6/17 22:53 6/6/17 21:22 6/6/17 21:22 6/6/17 21:21 6/6/17 21:20 6/6/17 21:15 6/6/17 21:15 @BloomingCyclist @Variety Surprise, right? ?? RT @antiraceradio2 @joepabike @POTUS Just saw this, assuming it's you? @antiraceradio2 @POTUS Yes, thanks. RT @EuroHoody Former cyclist @joepabike among those blocked by POTUS @realDonaldTrump RT @Guinz Aaaaand Scene. RT @Guinz Could someone pls tell the President he's getting sued for blocking constituents? Something about the 1st Amendment. 6iz8GXEXaH @ct_la Thank you. @Waygookin2 @CNN Thx :) RT @ShuttleCDRKelly Seeing the Earth from 250 miles up gives you a new appreciation for the environment. Pulling out of the #ParisAgreement is irresponsible. RT @RVAwonk Here's the letter from Columbia Univ's Knight First Amendment Institute calling on Trump to unblock critics on Twitter or face legal action. RT @CNN Trump has blocked a lot of people on Twitter. And now, some argue that's a violation of their First Amendment rights Ga2DVZUnU5 RT @Vaughters Interesting... as private citizens we can block ppl. But is POTUS allowed? ... thanks to @joepabike for sharing. RT @LateNightDonald Chicago Fire is a GREAT show! Flames are my favorite actor! RT @theintercept Is it a violation of the First Amendment for @realDonaldTrump to block his critics on Twitter? MqF1tYlBcJ RT @tonyposnanski This is the tweet that got me blocked by Donald he is right to block me ??. RT @WSJ When President Trump blocks Twitter followers, does it violate the Constitution? RT @charlie_savage Is Trump's blocking of critics on Twitter unconstitutional? RT @mrendell @joepabike's contribution to US legal history is not over! @mrendell Hail Matt Rendell! Un abrazo, Grande! 872285816969736192 872280956220080128 872279085292171265 872279065507581954 872257723567616001 872257415017893888 872257308981694466 872255226761424896 872255117705326592 872254960901255169 872254254890848260 872252370893361152 872249048375468032 872225042192617472 872202033918619651 872201946609975296 872201895573688320 872201634797027328 872200257890902017 872200228237127680 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !29 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/6/17 20:51 @MelissaJPeltier @Reuters And thank @AynRandPaulRyan too, for having been at this (and effective) well before I got on board :) RT @StollmeyerEU BREAKING: Trump's BLOCKING of #Twitter users VIOLATES US????Constitution 872194234945810432 #FreeSpeech cc @AynRandPaulRyan @joepabike 6/6/17 20:11 872184080682680320 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Thank you @JameelJaffer @KatieFallow & all of @knightcolumbia for defending freedom of speech in the digital age! 6/6/17 19:33 RT @knightcolumbia BREAKING: Knight Institute demands that President Trump unblock critics on Twitter. @realDonaldTrump RT @knightcolumbia Good tweet. Supports our view that @realDonaldTrump is a “designated public forum" under the 1st Amendment. RT @JakeSherman Another twist: now @PressSec says @realDonaldTrump's tweets are official White House statements. RT @USFWSMidwest Check out all these #dragonflies! It looks like Tamarac #WildlifeRefuge in #Minnesota has a fresh batch of mosquito controllers on board. @janetngbio @christapeterso I never realized how handsome they were until I started seeing them up-close in my yard. really compelling! :) RT @joepabike @realDonaldTrump Be strong and regal, like a Peregrine #Falcon, Sir! RT @ggreenwald There aren't many values Americans defend independent of ideology, but there are some. Trump assaulting free speech could unite opposition. RT @ggreenwald Free speech is so annoying RT @ggreenwald "I'm a big believer in free speech, but..." - the hallmark and motto of petty tyrants everywhere. RT @ggreenwald For reasons too obvious to require explanation, it's a huge free speech threat for a President to threaten critics with legal action. So this guy pecked his way through my yard today @christapeterso & @janetngbio ???? #birds #birdwatching #nature #Turkey GW2fSFzSq1 RT @jacklgoldsmith 7/ .@benjaminwittes took this view on 11-6: “DT does not enter office with a presumption of regularity in his work.” https:// RT @SadiqKhan Tonight we stood together to honour those who lost their lives and send a clear message: Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism. RT @John_Hudson "It’s embarrassing that the White House got into a Twitter fight” in the middle of a serious terrorist incident, a State Dept. told me. RT @davidmunk New Zealand speaks RT @NASA Jupiter's poles are covered in cyclones, some as big as the Earth - That & more new results from @NASAJuno. Details: itx189c0jM 6/6/17 18:58 6/6/17 18:56 6/6/17 18:56 6/6/17 5:28 6/6/17 5:18 6/6/17 5:08 6/6/17 5:08 6/6/17 5:07 6/6/17 5:04 6/6/17 5:04 6/6/17 4:54 6/6/17 4:23 6/6/17 3:46 6/6/17 3:46 6/6/17 3:45 6/6/17 3:33 872174638767513602 872165767650959360 872165328381497344 872165256235290624 871962086737399810 871959336574234625 871956933028302848 871956850278793216 871956573635084289 871956030028230656 871955935530536960 871953400350593024 871945623062409217 871936368028643328 871936312756097024 871936155192893440 871933093380313088 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !30 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/6/17 3:33 6/6/17 3:27 6/6/17 3:26 6/6/17 3:26 6/6/17 3:19 6/6/17 2:05 6/6/17 1:47 6/6/17 1:47 6/6/17 1:43 6/6/17 1:43 6/6/17 1:42 6/5/17 21:22 RT @Cmdr_Hadfield Ignoring our changing climate is just sticking fingers in our ears & yelling "La La La" while the problem grows. We have one, shared world. RT @kylegriffin1 .@Morning_Joe just aired this pop quiz. qL0bnUAyau RT @adamcbest Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Twitter allows POTUS to communicate directly w/ the people. Except he blocks dissenting citizens so not so much. RT @Pappiness This morning, I had the honor of being blocked by Trump. In less than 4 years, we'll return the favor and block him from the Presidency. RT @AdiJoseph Very common homophone error here. Justin Bieber is wack, not whack. Reality Winner accused of leaking NSA file about Russia hacking US election RT @wikileaks #RealityLeighWinner: Tracking codes in color printers RT @JameelJaffer If we could walk & chew gum at the same time, the courts would have recognized a First Amendment defense to Espionage Act prosecutions. RT @trevortimm It'd be great if someone could trick Trump into firing Sessions too RT @tbonier So that "no new deals" promise didn't last long, huh? RT @chrislhayes Struggling to convey just how out of the bounds of anything remotely like normalcy the president's actions are over last 72 hours #inners RT @danabrams Weird visual just now to see Ted Cruz serving as President Trump's pen holder. 871932956889239552 871931407312052224 871931315968516096 871931174503018497 871929437989871616 871910925649014784 871906464243351552 871906395645509633 871905448185745408 871905249988153346 871905222871973888 871839618538319872 ⚡ It's Been 75 Years Since the Battle of Midway by @USFWS 6/5/17 21:18 6/5/17 21:01 6/5/17 19:39 6/5/17 19:38 6/5/17 19:34 6/5/17 19:34 6/5/17 19:26 6/5/17 19:25 6/5/17 19:21 6/5/17 19:18 871838740293013505 RT @ggreenwald The most important thing a consumer of news can do is to critically assess reporting. Critically. 871834483061903361 RT @Interior Check out this @USFWS guide to #fishing for the first time: 871813654756372480 RT @ggreenwald Theresa May has wanted to control the internet for a long time. Wastes no time exploiting this attack to demand this https:// 871813547558408195 RT @NRDC BREAKING: @NRDC has filed a lawsuit to block the Trump administration’s methane pollution rollback. 871812533535072258 RT @NRDC Scientists just published an entire study refuting Scott Pruitt on climate change. via @washingtonpost 871812499330543617 RT @NRDC @NOAAFisheries @mdjasny Read @NRDC’s full statement on the Trump administration's move to allow seismic blasting: 871810411829620736 RT @RVAwonk Today's #SCOTUS ruling invalidated 28 of North Carolina's legislative districts due to racial gerrymandering. klqjYRR8EJ 871810140793692160 @FriendOfRacing @POTUS Nothing particularly noteworthy, actually. It was probably all the insightful criticism leading up to this: mpvZjruA6Z 871809168218501120 @xmasjjay @POTUS 871808482529484804 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !31 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/5/17 18:39 6/5/17 13:18 6/5/17 13:18 6/5/17 13:16 6/5/17 13:14 6/5/17 5:58 6/5/17 5:56 6/5/17 5:35 6/5/17 5:33 6/5/17 5:31 6/5/17 5:30 6/5/17 5:28 6/5/17 5:28 6/5/17 5:28 6/5/17 5:26 6/5/17 5:24 6/5/17 5:18 6/5/17 5:12 6/5/17 5:10 RT @dishonestyproj Blocking people doesn't prevent the truth from coming out @realDonaldTrump RT @mattyglesias Trump's infrastructure plan is to cut infrastructure spending RT @mehdirhasan Saudi Arabia is accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism and sectarianism. 871798726288912384 871717881171640320 In other news, the pot has called the kettle black. RT @tbonier The GOP has taken a nihilistic approach to governing, assaulting important institutions, most of all the free press. LdOR0uXGkb Grand Canyon at risk as Arizona officials ask Trump to end uranium mining ban @pudge72cws @POTUS Basically I delivered critical but nonabusive replies that ppl liked regularly, a la @tomcoates, who's also blocked @tomcoates Enjoy! His work is amazing...and he's a total hobbyist! Check out these eagles!! 871717849387216897 @tomcoates err, nvrmnd - you obviously do! love the butterfly: https:// guess I'll have to retrieve my yahoo pw to start faving these ?? @tomcoates Tom do you shoot any nature/wildlife stuff? Will check out your stream but also let me recommend my friend JS's, too OE7R6sVUfW RT @b3ta We've been staring at this observation for about 15 minutes. @tomcoates I feel the same. Never said anything abusive, only rarely didn't address him as "Sir", sometimes even sent him uplifting tweets. #blocked! RT @tomcoates It is actually a bit weird when a politician can shut down dissent in replies to his tweets. Twitter is the Internet's de facto public space RT @tomcoates It definitely feels like the Trump team (if it's not Mr Trump himself) are trying to shut down dissenting voices in his replies. RT @tomcoates The short version: Trump's tweets are effectively a great propaganda tool for him to spread his message without the media checking anything. RT @tomcoates To have a truly representative democracy, all parties should be committed to turning out all of the vote. Not trying to suppress it. @big_griffsfunny @POTUS Well, not sure about that. I often sent him encouraging, uplifting tweets like: 871606547847270400 871717363351248897 871716968302358529 871607206973775872 871601472462614528 871600828112662528 871600316353007616 871600029517197312 871599708225011712 871599645721583616 871599528620826624 871599179453411328 871598680389898240 TFW you realize you cracked @POTUS on Twitter w/o even trying to be a dick. 871597095785988100 RT @tomcoates Huh. Well this will probably free up a whole chunk of my time: 871595452386467840 @PalmerReport As someone else pointed out, I wasn't even actually mean to @realDonaldTrump. Just critical of our failing @POTUS. 871594934486302720 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !32 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 @BlakeNinja @POTUS Well, as someone else pointed out, I wasn't even rude to him. Just consistent, on-point commentary that ppl liked. 6/5/17 4:47 6/5/17 4:00 6/5/17 3:58 6/5/17 3:58 6/5/17 3:34 6/5/17 3:34 6/5/17 3:33 6/5/17 3:33 6/5/17 3:33 6/5/17 3:32 6/5/17 2:04 6/5/17 2:04 6/5/17 1:51 6/5/17 1:11 6/4/17 23:11 6/4/17 23:06 6/4/17 23:05 6/4/17 23:01 RT @jwilliamfrink @POTUS you won't co-opt the name #Pittsburgh for your subversive, historically wrong-headed agenda #MarchForTruth RT @tonyposnanski The first tweet from leaders about the terrorist attack in London. And you wonder why Trump rode in the golf cart. UJM8KQ3U3c RT @HamillHimself Can you believe that w/ all of the problems & difficulties facing the U.S., "President" tRump spent the day playing golf? Worse than ANYONE. RT @GlennThrush Lest we forget: @potus not a normal president fudging/shading the truth. He says many things that are simply made up RT @sdkstl Today the @WhiteHouse published inaccurate info. The president RTd an unconfirmed report. The Trump-Pence campaign emailed an Infowars link. RT @AnneFrankCenter SHAME ON YOU, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump for dedicating your first Tweet after tonight's #LondonBridge attack to your immoral #MuslimBan. B8dvr4t49x RT @brianklaas This is the correct way to respond to terrorism in a city of a key ally, @realDonaldTrump. Maybe take some notes. 1wPzumjlXq RT @TVietor08 Yeah Trump was just like a first responder. The tweets were nothing short of heroic. RT @jonfavs It's hard to read Trump's tweets this morning and not think that we're one domestic attack away from the most dangerous version of this guy RT @pedrodias "Trump is the panic president, bearing a radically opposed message: Fear is not only acceptable, but necessary." https:// RT @byrdinator Someone has made a Twitter bot to put Trump's tweets in the official White House statement format, which is a bit surreal https:// @Glorivime IKR? lol RT @tomcoates @joepabike @dangillmor @POTUS Yup, blocked me too. @BethGoldHux @Rafaeslomejor @KyleSimulator @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @GOP So do we, and we don't get a VVPAT from machine either. But we do receive receipt like this from poll worker. RT @MelissaJPeltier Look what Trump just did - blocked a registered GOP voter. ALL dissent now stifled, even in his own party. #dictator #fascism @MurrayRoster @LouiseMensch @POTUS Last tweets re. #PittsburghBeforeParis @redenbukes @POTUS Actually not true at all. My tweets to @realDonaldTrump were usually quite polite, and even encouraging at times. ex 871589259341430785 871577380602687488 871576966658486272 871576926435069955 871570943847616514 871570841817014276 871570636400971776 871570605614784512 871570522223628288 871570478586097665 871548296384438272 871548214780067841 871545098827431936 871534834979676160 871504689212293120 871503404559982593 871503135507972096 871502161573814272 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !33 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/4/17 22:55 6/4/17 22:52 6/4/17 22:50 6/4/17 21:39 6/4/17 17:07 6/4/17 17:03 6/4/17 16:45 6/4/17 16:41 6/4/17 16:20 6/4/17 16:14 6/4/17 16:10 6/4/17 15:58 6/4/17 12:12 6/4/17 1:04 6/4/17 0:39 6/3/17 20:28 6/3/17 20:19 6/3/17 20:18 6/3/17 20:02 6/3/17 19:52 RT @RoninMara @joepabike @KevinDarryl @POTUS You were supposed to temper your criticism by praising his leadership and great grasp of all topics. 871500676853112832 @banditelli ?????? 871499890421116928 @Rafaeslomejor @KyleSimulator @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @GOP At my polling station in Pennsylvania, we definitely get those receipts but no stickers! lol Here's mine from Nov., btw @LouiseMensch @POTUS Not sure, but politically sophisticated and active US citizens @AynRandPaulRyan and @bessbell would both be on it, too. RT @FugaPericulum @tbonier The last time I saw vid of Tr*mp reaching out to anybody, he was shoving past the Prime Minister of Montenegro . @POTUS And I'm actually a registered #Republican still & voted in primaries last month! Amazing that @realDonaldTrump stifles even @GOP dissent! @tbonier And I'm actually a registered #Republican still, Tom! Amazing that @POTUS stifles dissent even from w/in the @GOP. 871499420407345152 Not impressed. RT @tbonier Apart from Trump's victory speech, has he even paid lip service to reaching out to those who oppose him? Now he's blocking those folks. Odd. a @POTUS so mentally weak & intolerant of dissent he blocks US citizens critical of his policies from even reading his latest pronouncements RT @danielleiat Actually honey the Nazis failed to conquer England RT @washingtonpost How to teach kids about climate change where most parents are skeptics RT @RBReich Let us express our sorrow to the friends & families of those in London, and recommit ourselves to fighting hatefulness in whatever form. @canuk91 Best morning ever. RT @CNN For generations, Pittsburgh was known as "Smoky City." These residents say they don't want to return to those days. yxzStwvHBh RT @RBReich It will take time, but single-payer is coming. We can't keep spending more per person than other advanced nations for worse health results. RT @GreyPhaqse_Twch @PR0TUS @joepabike @realDonaldTrump The dehumanization of people who disagree or have varying opinions is one of the biggest problems we have in our social climate @vayerism Yeah i had zero reply from @UCI_cycling that I'm aware of after i testified to CIRC about UCI complicity in subverting doping controls. RT @vayerism Investigations started 40,064,567 Investigations finished 0. @DrJillStein @maddow Yes, her scapegoating of you since Nov. has grown tiresome. RT @GlennF Trump playing golf instead of showing up at a rally he announced in D.C., which drew ~200 attendees with bad signs, is peak Trump. 871407473764204544 871481670918078464 871413217549066241 871412053474500608 871406490262921216 871401352043393024 871399678792916992 871398642011209729 871395632287756288 871338991735492609 871170865723056129 871164552230121472 871101395952439296 871099117895905281 871098711329386496 871094808022061056 871092285211107328 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !34 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/3/17 19:43 RT @GeorgeMonbiot More rural charm. Every wild mammal is either "game" or "vermin". All must be killed, however harmless, like these moles: @joepabike @realDonaldTrump #coward 871090022618943490 6/3/17 19:41 @joepabike @realDonaldTrump Why didn't you attend your #PittsburghNotParis rally in DC, Sir? 871089516639137793 6/3/17 19:39 6/3/17 19:36 #fakeleader @realDonaldTrump Greetings from Pittsburgh, Sir. RT @TheOfficialPORP Only after Peer Review! #science #evidence #policy #climatechange RT @jeremycorbyn Last night, @Theresa_May had no answers when asked about her record on mental health. She has failed those in need of support. #BBCQT @JQuasto Or their domain name registration... 871089057098551296 871088288202928128 Press groups ask Congress to investigate Greg Gianforte over bodyslamming reporter RT @kylegriffin1 NY @AGSchneiderman alleges Exxon misled investors on climate change; process for assessing impact "may be a sham". RT @jerry_jtaylor I'm not the only libertarian who thinks Trump's arguments about Paris and climate change are utter nonsense. https:// RT @ACLU Standing Rock protesters described their home being turned into war zone by security contractors. Now there's proof. vjHGMfIoi2 RT @nytimes President Trump picked the wrong city as a counterpoint in announcing his plans to exit the Paris accord For a different #ParisAgreement perspective: "Better out than in" | by @LukaKemp via @NatureClimate 870871359563411456 #climatechange RT @LukaKemp Has anyone considered that Tillerson and Exxon may not want what is best for the climate? US can do more damage from within Paris. @MarcusDelCactus The article is about Jack Goldsmith, for years the Most Interesting Man in The World - not Obama. Troll harder, cuck. RT @BenjySarlin I keep hearing everyone is hysterical, but it's not the tone I've heard from academics who work on climate this week https:// @daveno7 @festinagirl Admit it - you both miss McQuaid. RT @JuddApatow Kathy Griffin is a great person who made an error in comedic judgment. She is not a climate denier trying to take away people's healthcare. How the World’s Most Interesting Man Befriended the World’s Most Powerful Man | h/u @canuk91 @tbonier Three ex-Penn State officials get jail in Sandusky child sex abuse coverup via @Reuters @christapeterso RT @LaurenTomasi I'm so proud to work with this man, and I'm bloody proud of the story we shot in Yamba. This needed to be said. Uedn6fiI8i 870753627702538240 6/3/17 17:38 6/3/17 8:45 6/3/17 5:14 6/3/17 3:08 6/3/17 2:58 6/3/17 2:47 6/2/17 22:31 6/2/17 22:28 6/2/17 21:26 6/2/17 21:20 6/2/17 21:03 6/2/17 20:59 6/2/17 20:59 6/2/17 20:58 6/2/17 20:58 6/2/17 20:41 6/2/17 20:30 6/2/17 18:58 871058470635700224 870924348332355584 870839702366105600 870837161846865920 870834185719734273 870769835038396416 870769157285060609 870751907903655936 870747744532668417 870746832875507713 870746661697585152 870746502934745090 870746344918581248 870742080347308033 870739411209777153 870716377740398592 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !35 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 @adam_s_parr @HatchGlobal @WilliamsRacing Adam Parr! Nice! Saw your pic w/ @Pastormaldo too. 6/2/17 17:18 6/2/17 17:16 6/2/17 15:15 6/2/17 15:14 6/2/17 15:13 6/2/17 15:12 6/2/17 15:09 6/2/17 15:09 6/2/17 15:07 6/2/17 15:06 6/2/17 15:06 6/2/17 14:56 6/2/17 14:56 6/2/17 14:48 6/2/17 14:47 6/2/17 4:42 6/2/17 4:42 6/2/17 4:18 6/2/17 4:08 6/2/17 4:03 Q: would you consider returning to F1 now that BE era over, or has that ship sailed? RT @adam_s_parr Beautiful engineering @HatchGlobal? The Williams F1 2012 race-winning car celebrating 40 years of @WilliamsRacing today at Silverstone, UK. RT @AynRandPaulRyan Last day to help the #MarchForTruth defray some of our expenses! Please RT if you want the Truth about #TrumpRussia RT @michelleisawolf Congressman: god will take care of climate change. 870691145285681153 870690589087420417 870660204815425538 God: bitch I sent you scientists. RT @adam_s_parr Very happy to be reunited with @Pastormaldo for @WilliamsRacing 40th anniversary. RT @NRDC The transition to a clean and profitable energy economy is irrevocably underway. President Trump's #ParisAgreement decision cannot stop it. RT @ericuman So the WH is issuing ethics waivers seemingly *after* officials have already violated the rules. 870659776836886528 RT @chrislhayes Really good point here about NAFTA v Paris https:// RT @ProPublica On his way to pick up two-week old son from the hospital, Oscar Millán was detained to be deported by ICE: 6KQlGqBpFb RT @goldengateblond Your father's running mate wanted to redirect money intended to care for HIV/AIDS patients to organizations that do conversion therapy. RT @DrShaena Mike Pence has a long history of bad takes on science RT @DavidCornDC This is what autocrats do. RT @peterkofod Did Bernie & Stein force your employer to give Trump hundreds of millions worth of free airtime? Or force Clinton to run the worst campaign? RT @TedRall I am still looking for Colin Newman's CD "Commercial Suicide." If you'll sell it or trade for one of my books (signed!), please reach out. RT @ggreenwald Extraordinary controversy at Evergreen State College over left-wing professor @BretWeinstein. The video is shocking https:// RT @Lowenaffchen triggering libs by flooding the house and giving myself heat stroke on purpose RT @BenjaminNorton Corbyn surges ahead of Theresa May in London: Labour 17% up in UK capital, as "inevitable" Tory victory crumbles RT @TonyAtamanuik #DrinkTheCovfefe Make it your hashtag of choice tonight! @NahBabyNah well I'm going to decline to try to discuss it in 140 character installments. would welcome hearing your perspective via DM tho, anytime. RT @ghostcjung @PresidentShow Drink the #covfefe! 870658665396744193 870659576085045248 870659283649781761 870658539949350913 870658153108647936 870657905657352192 870657838410067968 870655436197953536 870655325669658624 870653359593840640 870653045859901441 870500895104028674 870500839885946883 870494878454562819 870492413910859778 870491083532230657 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !36 of 37 ! @joepabike | Tweets and Replies | 6/2/17 – 6/8/17 & 6/17/17 – 6/23/17 6/2/17 4:02 6/2/17 3:48 6/2/17 3:47 6/2/17 3:42 6/2/17 3:30 6/2/17 3:26 6/2/17 3:20 6/2/17 3:15 6/2/17 3:13 6/2/17 3:11 6/2/17 3:09 6/2/17 2:57 6/2/17 2:56 6/2/17 2:02 6/2/17 0:10 @NahBabyNah I literally invited you to have an actual correspondence about this. You don't want to - ok, fine. Being rude delegitimizes you though. @NahBabyNah Dude, 140 characters. DM me if you want to chat and share perspectives on this. @BenRaines4 No, I didn't vote for Trump either. @NahBabyNah Protecting US interests in complex, connected, dangerous world requires partnerships & reciprocity - which are undermined by this decision. @NahBabyNah I appreciate your decorum, even if we disagree on the policy analysis and implications. @TOVAOD I doubt those coal miners are so naive as to not realize just how shameless and craven many of their employers are. IzX0B4nxcS @joepabike @BonnieWiley3 Oh, that includes Canadian govt (@environmentca) Monarch conservation efforts, too: @joepabike @BonnieWiley3 Like I said though, I doubt you're legit since your ignorance about government's role in Monarch conservation is stupefying. @BonnieWiley3 @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @USFWS Probably also take @USDA_NRCS to task for their involvement in efforts to save the Monarch: @joepabike @BonnieWiley3 @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse You'll probably want to complain to @USFWS for supporting the Monarch: @BonnieWiley3 @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse You couldn't be more wrong & such ignorance calls into question your basic credibility. Are you even a real person who lives in Ohio? @MassHysteria3 I'm for rational, evidence-based policymaking that addresses the reality of climate change. Trump doesn't care what I want. @BenRaines4 OK, I'll bite. 1) I didn't vote for HRC. 2) I'm a registered Republican and have been in @GOP for 10+ years. RT @fancynancynyc I love when the @ACLU gets all loud and sexpositive. Teens experiment. Harm is harm, curiosity/consent/exploration is not. Paris Accord #nature distraction: Pieris rapae #butterfly flits by Papaver nudicaule poppy #flower. Today!?? @USFWS | #ClimateChangeisReal 870490824148000768 870487274609422336 870487050830569473 870485856007708673 870482765510266880 870481839412191232 870480087858204677 870478981438595072 870478454428508161 870477999346524160 870477345244803073 870474428051857408 870474080092389376 870460541059440641 870432318883864576 View these tweets on Twitter at[TweetID]. !37 of 37 !

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