Software Rights Archive, LLC v. Google Inc. et al

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SUR-REPLY to Reply to Response to Motion re 66 MOTION to Dismiss for Lack of Standing filed by Software Rights Archive, LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Table of Exhibits, # 2 Exhibit Exhibit 1, # 3 Exhibit Exhibit 2, # 4 Exhibit Exhibit 3, # 5 Exhibit Exhibit 4, # 6 Exhibit Exhibit 5, # 7 Exhibit Exhibit 6, # 8 Exhibit Exhibit 7, # 9 Exhibit Exhibit 8, # 10 Exhibit Exhibit 8, # 11 Exhibit Exhibit 10, # 12 Exhibit Exhibit 11, # 13 Exhibit Exhibit 12, # 14 Errata Exhibit 13, # 15 Exhibit Exhibit 14, # 16 Exhibit Exhibit 15, # 17 Exhibit Exhibit 16, # 18 Exhibit Exhibit 17, # 19 Exhibit Exhibit 18, # 20 Exhibit Exhibit 19, # 21 Exhibit Exhibit 20, # 22 Exhibit Exhibit 21, # 23 Exhibit Exhibit 22, # 24 Exhibit Exhibit 23, # 25 Exhibit Exhibit 24, # 26 Exhibit Exhibit 25, # 27 Exhibit Exhibit 26, # 28 Errata Exhibit 27)(Duvvuri, Narasa)

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Bil of Sale, Asslgnme~t and License Agreement : ') ." \ ,.. Ths Bil of Sale, Assignent, and Li~ense Agre~ment is mide ths ll° ~day of September: 1998 (the "EffŔctive Date'').by' and betweeJ: Site Teohnoiogie~, Ino., a Corporaton doiđg busmess in Cali(omi ("Seller"). and Danel Egger, a'resident afthe State ÷fNort Caroli ("Buyer"). WHREAS SeUeili 'agredto sell.and assign to Buyer and Buyer ha agreed to purchae and aocet from Seller, ce intellectu propert, softare, datBas,es, and physiša1 assets, defid below, for the c,ol1iderat.~ýlan~'te set fort herein; an ' WHREAS'SŕUer has in addition agree to license cert softare, defied bŔlow, as to .. whioh Seller desires to reta ownttship but is wig to grt Buyer a perpet, nonexclusive lic.Únse, for the consideration and term set fˇtt herein , .. i'. reissues, renewals. orsubstifutioJl of counterpar of aPy of NOW TFREFORE, ' for g˛.nd and vňluale ŰoiiÝderi÷˝. the reCeipt and sUfŰiŰncy of which are h~reby ackrowledged; it is hereby ageed-as follows: 1. Purchaed Assets. The "Purchased, Assets" shal include ihe followi: Number S,544.352, fied I'V -Searoh Patent"), and any additions, contiuations. continuations in par diviions, or e~ensons. (a) ",..p~m.S: U.S. Patent june 14, 1993 (Le., the ') ;patÚnt Counel; .. . ' '!eil as all10gos aid iiketg ti~ ~roIIotiona material incorporatig such patent (inŔluding the II Aha Patentll)'lld any foreign' the foregoiiig, as well as al reiat~d došuments Ón QiaWams in th files of:; . II─ha,il "Libertch,11 amlary ter used in or associated With the "V-S,earch Publisher's Toolkt," as (b) TREMAS and COPYRGHTS: All Seller's rights in uV ~Searh,!1 such ýnarks; . (0) . SOFTWAR and OAT ABASE~: alL. soft, whether saurc\: code or compiled, and all databases, ilsoˇißted With the V-Search data-YiuazatiQn system or th Ah teqhnology ,inchidig ljut not limited to all files contaed on Dnve D of Ŕonveyed as par ˇfthe sal~ (an~ repIodušed in a separate set.oftape backups), the computer being and enumeratÚd in me memo preparÚa byRon Sauers entitled..IIDGH-LEVEL SUMMY OF ni FILES CONTAIND ON DRIE D:,"'attched hereto as Exhbit B and hereby incorporaed by into th document;' . ' -. Folio Inobase UŰeiisei obtained, to generate and use the SOFTWAR and DATABASES enumera.ŕd above; '. qel1˛ii'frations of reference , Cd) TIRD-PARTY LICENSES:, rights toaUlicense ageements, inci~dig the . ,(e) P~SICAj.ASS~TS: ╚xtt ~opies ofCD-R:0Ms~d disksprepared for' the V.Seath tecluology, extat copies ofthŔ V..SÚarcffPublisher's Toolkt, extt . . .... '. . . 'j CASC:\WIDOWS\TEMPliIcTcdwisnei.dac PATENT REEL: 018160 FRAME: 0501 EXHIBIT 18 r. ! 'o. ) inketi materials, sales notebopks. etc., relatig eXclusively to the V-Search an Ab technologies N as well as th compUter and backup tapes upon whi~h the SQnw AR an DATABASES enumÚratŔ:d _ab˘ve rÚSi~e. and potential clais, relatig to the Puchaed Asts described above. 2. Assets, fre aid 9lear of all (f) G÷ODWIL and CLAIS: Anyana aU goo~WiI. and al clai and . . . .,.''.'.. - _ - _ - _ _' - _ _ - .. _ _ _ - - _ - _ _ - _ i Seller waran th it hereby trfers marketale title to th Putcbaed liabilties; mortgages, liens, pledges, chages,' securty interests, ,. encumb"races or title retention agteements ofanr kid or n;tue, 3. ' Excep.t for the' foregaing ~ňIanty oftit1e, TH POiCHASED ASSETS.AN THE LICENSED SOFTwAR AR PROVIDED liAS is - WHRE IS" AN WITHOUT AN . wAR OF AN l-ATű WHTSOEVR. rr BEIG EXPRESSLY UNERTOOD AN AGRED TI T SBLLER DISCLAMS ALL OTIR WARES INCLUDING, BUt "FITNSS FOR ┼ P.─RTIŕULAR PUROSE. ' . 4. Buyer assumes no liabilties of Seller associated, with the Purchaed Asets or NOT LIMITED to, w┬Rs OF.MECHABILITY. NO~(JEMENT AN . , . r ........ Licened Softare or the operÓtion of the businesses related thereto pnor to the Efectve Date. S~ller agrees to defend, inderi, an hold Buyer haeSS"8gai any anetalliabiltiŔs associted with the Purchad As▀ets ar Liceed Softare tb are pnDr to the Closing tht may be assered ',. ) ,\ against Buyer afer the"Effect´ve Date. provided (i) Buyer notifies Seller promptly in wrtig of such clai. (ii) Seller li sole control of the defense and all related s~ttement neg˛tiatonS. and(iŘ) Buyer provides Seller with al reasonably necessar ßSsistace t˘ perform the foregoing. In,no event shal Seller be liable 'Ëder the foregoing for a Űlai based on modifcations; adptatio.r Or chages t˛ the Licensed Softe nbt made by Seller or for cdmbinňtions of the Lic.ensed Softare with . material ii˘t fushd by Seller if such infgement wowd have been avoided but for such combintion. Buyer agrees to defend, incIemn, and hold Seller baess agai any and al liabilties associated with the purcliased Assets that arse afer the Effective Date, provided (i) Seller noties Buyer promptly in wrtig of such clai, (ii) Buyer ha sole .control o¤the'defelle and all_ related settement negotiations. and (ii) Sellelprovides B~yer with all reaonably neces~ňr . assis~~ to pedorn the foregoing. 5. IN NO EVEN SHALL TI MA LIABILITY OF EIT P ARTY ARISING'lER'TH ─:GRENl EXCEED TH AMOUN PAID BY BUYR HBRBUNEIt IN NO EVENT SHAL. EItHR PAR.TY BE LIALE TO .THE OTHR PARTY FOR ANY LOST DATA OR CONTENT, LOSTPR.OFITS OR FOR-ANY INIRECT, INCIDENAL, SPECIAL, CONS╩QlJENTIAL, EXEMPLARY OR PUNTIVE DAMGES ARSING OUT OF OR RSLA TIO TQ TH PURCHASED ASSETS OR LICENSED ' SOFTWARE PROvIEtl HEREUN╩R, EVEN IF SUCR.P ARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF TH POSSIBILIty ESSEN PUROSE OF AN LIMITED REMEOY. . '.. . . . OF SUCH DAMGES, AND NOTWIIHSTANINQ TI FAILUR OF '6. Purchae P'~. In consideration of the Purciie(1 Assets and tbeLicensed Sˇftar. provided herclUder, Buyer shal pňy S~ller siDo,ooo. pňyable in fu on the EffectivÚ Date hi:reof. CASC;'WtNDOWS\TEMlliT~.IlUiínmtoo -2. PATENT REEL: 018160 FRAME: 0502 r 7. Licensed Softm-e. Buyer and Seller are a~are that severa componeJlts of Seller'.s , ,) softare knoWn as "SiteSweepet' at shad with the PJchaŔd Ass~ts. ' Selle. llereby grts a peipetu~. worldwide,' fuy pai~ nonexclusive license to copy, display, pedoII, create denvňtive works, ditribute and otherwe use thŔ Licensed Softe, in source code form solely in conjUnction with the Purch~Ŕd Assets. "Licensed Softare" sha m.ean: (a) The "crwler~' us~d to build Ah databsses; (b) Hl Reporter. th rep˛rter engine plus íSAPI extension; ňnd (c) SiteSweeRer. Mi~ceR~eous ~tity fies used by V -Search 'and/or Aha and also found in all copyrghta and other rights in the.Li~nsed . the fuc:haed Assets, Sellet shall reta, Sˇfte, exšept tht,. althˇugh th Li~ensed Softar is usoo in cer of S~ller shal have ~o oWI~rSlŘp mterest ii, ~ch Purhased Assets. . 8. Furer, ASsuances. (a), Seller agrees to insct patent counel, Dorsey an Whtney of Washigton, D.C., tht Seller ha BSsignŕd to Buyer aU suh patent ˇghts descrbed above and such counsel is ,, .', ., ownershp of authorizd and directed,t÷ nie available and/or to deliver to Buyer aU Sellr's recňrds relatig to ) '\ suoh patent ri~ts. BJIermay,provide a copy, of ths Agrement to counel and ths Agreement shall constitute Seller's authQnztion to i:lease su~hfies to B':yer. (b)' Seller agrees frm ti~ to tie. upon the request oftbe Buyer, to execute~ apknowledge, and d.livera11 such fuer insents, or perform such fuer acts, as may be ' necessar, in the opinionafthe Buyer, qi, connecti˛~ with the, sale, asýgn~nt cO,nveyance, tranfer and delivery of the Purchased AsetS or the Liceiied Softare. breach of effect afer 1he defaultig'par ha been provide4 with wrttn n˛tice of default and th (30.) days to.cure such defňul,t. Sections 1,3.4,5,6,9 and 16 shall suive any termtion dfihs Agrement. , IO. Ths Agr~inent, -inŔluding the exnibits attched hereto, constitute the entie the pares with respect to the'subject mattr contaned herein and ,, the tei: and conŃitÝons of . 9. Teriination. Either par may termate ths Agreement in the event of any mate˝al this Agreement by the,other part, which de~t contiues in agreinent and unders,tdig of s¨persede or. cancei all pn˛ragreements respect~g such subject matter. Ths'AgremŔnt mňř &e amended only by a wrttn instrent executed by all the paries or, their successors or assign. This Agreement shali iJure to the benefit of and be biiiqing Upon the pares hereto and their s\lccess÷rs and as'signs. In the event any provision of ths A,geement shal bŰ held to be invalid: thŔ remaing , provisions oftl Agreement sha bŰ':uIpaÚd ard tlÚ íińies Wiii:sŘbsttute enforceable pro.visišin oflike economic intent,and effet:t. Ths Agreement JIY be executed in one or niore . counerParts agd each ~o~tei:ai deemed ňn origi. '~s Ag1ee~ent ini:ň´so be"Űxe-cutŔd ~d CASC:\WINDDW5\TElteTtdSlcnmcit.doc -3- ,,' PATENT REEL: 018160 FRAME: 0603 rdelivered "in ~oW1terpar e~euted and delivered via racsiule trmission. and any such ) counterpia sha be deemed an origiit for al inte and pUIoses. . Buyer: Da,el Egger " . Date: 5-eff~ /6 "18. Date: ~ /Ý, 1'17 r -\ ...-j cAsc:wilNoowS\TEilTešIiDJsipanLdoa .4. . PArENT REEL: 018160 FRAME: 0504

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