Soverain Software LLC v. eBay, Inc. et al

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***FILED IN ERROR. PLEASE IGNORE.*** COMPLAINT against GSI Commerce, Inc., PayPal, Inc., Radioshack Corporation, eBay, Inc. ( Filing fee $ 350 receipt number 0540-3491095.), filed by Soverain Software LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A - US 5,715,314, # 2 Exhibit B - Reexamination Certificate - US 5,715,314, # 3 Exhibit C - US 5,909,492, # 4 Exhibit D - Reexamination Certificate - US 5,909,492 CI, # 5 Civil Cover Sheet)(Ward, Thomas) Modified on 3/14/2012 (gsg).

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EXHIBIT B 11I111 (12) EX PARTE REEXAMINATION CERTIFICATE (5932nd) United States Patent (10) Payne et al. (45) Certificate Issued: (54) (75) 11I11II1 NETWO llK SAU :S SYST ..: M Number: 4.891.503 4.926.480 4.941.089 4.947.430 Inventors: Andrew C. I'ayne. Lincoln. MA (US): Lllwrcnl"(: C. Sicwarl, Burlington. MA (US): G. Winfield Tret.'SI'. Wayland. MA (US) US 5,715,314 CI *Oct. 9, 2007 111990 k""cll A A Sl I990 Chaum A A 711990 Fischer 8/1990 Chaum (Continw.:d) FOREIGN PATENT IX>CUMENTS (73) Assig.llcc: SU\'l'raill Softwan' L1 .. C. Chicugo. IL (US) EP EP 0172 670 0456920 0645688 3278230 4-10191 EI' JI> IP Rl'cxaminaliuli Rl'qucst: No _ 90/007.287. Nov. 3, 2004 (Continw.:d) Rcexall1ill lllion Ctrtificllh.' for; Palent No.: Issued: App!. No.: Filed: (.) 5,7 15,3 14 (il'b. J, 1998 08/328, 133 OCI. 24. 1994 OTIIER PUBLICATIONS Trewill. Glenn. Using Tel 10 Process HTML Forms, Digital EqllipmcllI Corporution Network Systems Labor'.Jtory TN- 14, d:ltoo Mar. 1994. 'Ibis palenl is slIbjl'Cl 10 a lcmlinal disclaimer. Notice: 21 1986 1111991 311995 121199 1 111992 (Colllinued) [>rimary lixamil1er- Miclwc1 O'Neill CCr1ificalc ofCorrcclion issued Apr. 6, 2004. (51 ) G06Q 10100 GU 7f 7/00 A network-based sales systeJll includes at least one buyer computer for opcrution by a uscr desiring to buy a product, at least one merchant compll1er. and at lellst one payment computer. '[be buyer computer, Ihe merchant computer, and the paymem com pUler are intercoun<.'c ted by a computer network. TIle buyer computer is proSr.lmm(:d 10 receivc a uscr r<.'qu~""St for purchasing a product, and to cause a paymcnl meS$..1ge to be sent to Ihe payment com puter that com prises a product identifier identifying the product. '[be payment compute r is programmed to recdve the payment message. 10 cause an access message to be crCllloo Ihat comprises the product identifier and an access meSii<1ge alUhenticator b.1S(:d on a Cf)'ptoSr.lphic key. and 10 c:(use Ihe access message 10 be scnt 10 the merchant computer. '[ne merch;mt com putcr is prog.rnmmoo 10 n:ceive the access message. to verify the acccss message authentica tor to ensure that the access message ;mthenticator was created lIsing Ih" erypt0Sr.lphic key, and 10 "ausc the produclto be sell! to the \lser desiring to buy the prodnct. (2006.0\) (2006.0\) (2006.0\) (2006.01) G06Q 30100 G06Q /0/00 705178 ; 705/26; 705m; (52) U.S. C I. (58) I;idd of C lassification ~arc h ............... None Sec application file for complete scarch history. 713/162 Rl'fen' nCl'5 Ciled (56) U.S. (WrENT IX>CUMENTS 4.484.304 4.528.643 4.529.870 4.566.078 4.759.063 4.759.064 A A A A A A 11/ 1984 711985 711985 11 1986 711988 711988 r An(lcl"SQn ct al . Freeny. Jr. Ch aum Cmbt,.,.,., Chaum Chaum 12 A IJSTRAC T (57) Inl. C I- 22 I' 10 paymenl eomptUr buyer computer 21 shoppint: can database 14 18 di&ittl ......., IdvcttilemclII US 5,715,314 Cl Page 2 u.s. PATENT IX>CUMENTS 4.949.380 A 4.972.318 A 4.987.593 4.991.210 4.996.711 5.035.515 5.105.184 5.204.947 5.176.736 5.297.249 A A A A A A A A 5.309.437 A 5.31 J.594 A 5.319.542 A 5.321.751 A 5.325.362 A 5.347.632 5,353.283 5388.257 5.457.738 5,475,585 A A A A A 5.483.652 A 5.491.820 A 5.521.631 A 5.530.852 A 5.535.229 A 5.544.320 5.544.322 5.550.984 5557.516 A A A A S.sS7.518 5.557.798 5.560.008 5.577.209 5.583.996 A A A A A 5.590,197 5.592.378 5.594.910 5.596.642 5.596,643 A A A A A 5.604.802 A 5,619.648 A 5.62l.797 A 5.623.547 A 5.623.656 A 5.642.419 5.664.110 5,664.1 11 5.675.507 5.694.55] A A A A A 5.708.780 5.710.884 5.724.424 5.724.521 A A A A 5.727. 164 5.732.219 5.734.719 5.761.662 5.768,1 42 A A A A A 5.768.521 A 5.774.670 A 5.784.565 A 5.790.793 A 5.806.077 A 5,812.776 A 5.826.24 1 A 5.826.242 A 5.848.399 5.848.41 3 5.870.552 5.895.4$4 A A A A 811990 1111990 1/ 199 1 21 1991 2/ 1991 711991 411992 411993 111994 311994 51 1994 51 1994 61 1994 6 ' 1994 61 1994 911994 101 1994 2/ 1995 10/ 1995 12/ 1995 1/ 1996 2/ 1996 511996 61 1996 7/ 1996 81 1996 811996 81 1996 9/ 1996 9/ 1996 9/ 1996 9/ 1996 11/ 1996 121 1996 12/ 1996 1/ 1997 1/ 1997 111997 1/ 1997 2/ 1997 4/1 997 4/ 1997 411997 4/ 1997 61 1997 911997 9/ 1997 1011997 121 1997 11 1998 111998 311998 311998 311998 311998 311998 61 1998 6/ 1998 6/ 1998 61 1998 711998 8 11998 911998 911998 101 1998 1011998 12/ 1998 121 1998 2/ 1999 5.897.622 5.909.492 5.920.847 5.982.891 6.006.199 6.023.683 6.041.316 6.049.785 6.134.592 6.195.649 6.199.051 6.205.437 6.449.599 6.708.157 Chaum Brown~"'I al. Challm Chaum Chaum Crossman c( al. Pimn; C! al. Berns(ein C! al. Challm B';:rns(cin C! al. I>~'liman C! at i'enzias King. Jr. C! al. Ray e( al. Hauer Sylvan Bush Sudan", cl al. Iklove cl al. Budow e( al. Meske. Jr. C! al. JP jp jp jp wo wo • III III HI 111 112 4/1999 Blinn C! al. 6/ 1999 Payne C! a l. .................. 705178 711999 Ko lling cl al. 111 1999 Ginl"r"lal. 1211999 Berlin C1 al. 212000 Johnson Cl al. 312000 Allen 412000 Giflord 1012000 Mon(uHi 21200 1 Gilford 31200 1 Giffonl 31200 1 Gi fford 912002 Payne "I al. 312004 S("f,k C! al. 05-158963 5274 275 6162059 6291776 WO 93110503 WO 94 '03859 611993 1011993 611994 10/1 994 511993 2/ 1994 OTHER PUBLICATIONS Viescas. John 1... The Oflicial Guide 10 Ihe Prodigy Service. Microsofi Press. 1991. ISBN 1- 556 15- 374- 0. BizNel Tl.'Chnologics. Versalile Virtual Vending. published al hnp://www.bnt.eom. Scpo 12. 1994. Ama7.o11 "Welcome First TIme Visilors" Jun. 1998 pp. 1- 4. Ilain. Jr. C! al. 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Allinnmive Defenses. and COlUlt('rclaims to Soverain Software's Complainl fik-d Mar. 9. 2004.'s Response to Plaintill~s Firsl Set of Interrogatories (Nos. 1- 22) fi[('([ lun. 11.2004. Sovcmin's Responses and Objcctions to·s First Set of Intcrrogalories (Nos. 1- 14) fi[l.>d Jun. 11 , 2004. Disclosure of Preliminmy Invalidity Contentions by Ikf(,lIdants AUla7.on.colll and the Gap (with Exhibit A) fiI('([ Jul. 6. 2004. Sovcmins'Supplemenlal Responscs to's Firsl Sel of Interrogatories (Nos. 1- 14) fikd Aug. 13,2004. Sovemin's Sl.'(:ond Supplement:il Response to Am.tzon. com's First Set of ImerragOlories (Nos. 1- 14) filed Sep. 21. 2004. Soverain's TIlird Supplemcmal Responsc 10·s First Set of Interrogalories (Nos. 1- 14). Soverain's Preliminary Claim Constnlction (Palent Local Rule 4-2) filed Sep. 2. 2004. loint Disclosure of Prelminary Claim Conslrul.'1ion and Extri nsic Evid('nce by Defend1l1lS Am< and the Gap (with Exhibits A- B) filed Sep. 2. 2004. Joint Claim Construction and Prehcaring Statenwnt (Pat('nt Local Rule 4- 3) (with Exhibits A- D) filed Oct. 4. 2004.'s First Anwndcd Answ('r. Allinnalive Defenses. and Counlerclnims to Sov('min's Complaint fil(,([ Oct. 6. 2004. Declaration of Jack D. Grimes Ph.D., dall.-d Nov. 15, 2004. Sovemin's Claim Construction Brief Pursuant to Patenl Rule 4-5(a) daled Nov. 16. 2004. [)L'"t:laration of Dr. Richard N. Taylor in Support of Defendants' Markman Brief d1t~-d Nov. 29, 2004. 10illl CI:lim ConstntCtion Brief of and Gap dal('([ Nov. 30. 2004. Sovemin's Claim Constmction Reply Brief Pusuant to Patent Rule 4- 5(c) daled Dcc. 7. 2004. Dina, E., et al., "Secure Access to Dntn Over Ihe Inlernet," 1994 IEEE, pp. 99 102. Xiuehi. T.. et al.. "C- H1TP- The Dcvdopmcnt of a Secure. Closed HTfP- Bascd Network on thc Intemet:' 1996 IEEE, pp.64- 75. llcmers- Lee. 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I 994-])ec. 27. 1994) nvailablc at: hnp:/ grouplcomp.infosystems. www.users/browsc_ thrcadl thrcadl613e81948c9cf6c4/ 134ade 72dfc Ic 58d?lnk_ st&rnum .. 2& hl-cn ll l 34ade72dfc I c58d. "I-low to get statefull I-ITMLdocuments" inlernet postings 10 eomp.infosystems.www.misc di:>eussion list (Jun. 24. 1994-1un. 25, 1994) availuble at: hnp:/ groupicomp.infosystcllls. www.misclbrowse_ thrcadlthrcadl fd304 fedb645529a/b8ffid.1b2aa 73ae7 1?lnk_st&mUlu _ 7 &hl- en#b8ffidab2aa 73ac7 I . "I-low to add slate info to a fornl" internet poslings to comp.infosystems.www.prnvidcts discussion list (1un. 30. 1994-1111. l. 1994) available at: hup:l/ grouplcomp.infosystems.www_ providcrs/browse_ threadl thrcadl2aead6edcScbb&ilbf368d;30add2e94 ?Ink_ st&rnulll- 8& hl-cnll b f368c630add2c94. 'TransuctiOlml Services on WWW" internet postings to comp.infosystellls.wwwdiscussion list (May 12, I 994- Jull. I. 1994) nvnilablc at: hnp: l!' p.infosystems.www/browse_ thrcadllhrcadl bf43Oc6dtEc6e 7d18(.'(177a97 f5dOb9d6? cnll8ed 77 a97f5dOb9d6. Dan Aronson. "'access and session control" posting to www- talk discussion list (Scp. 14. 1994) available at: Il11p:// 1997. talk.1994q31 090l.html. Rick Troth. "access and session control" (Sep. 15, 1994) :tvailable :It: hnp: IJ www- lalk.1994q3/0923.hunl. nbi "[dentifying Mosaic session" post· ing to www- talkdiscussion list (Dec. 20. [994) available at h\1p:11 1997. talk.1994q41 [098.html. Joe English. "Re: Identifying Mosaic session". posting to www- talkdiscussion lisl (IX'C. 20. 1994 available at: hnp:/I [ 997 .webhistory.orglwww.listslwww- lalk.[994q41 I [09.html. Steven Mrticwski. "'Identifying MOSHic session" posting to www- talk di:>eussion list (IX'C. 20. 1994) nvai lablc nt: hllp:1/I997. talk.1994q41 1I1l.htllll. Nick Arnen. "Statelessness" posting to www- talk discus· sion list (May 16, 1994) avuilablc at: hllp: I/1997.webhisto. 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Dl'Claration of 1;lIlIes E. Geringer in Su pport of AmaJ'.on. com. Inc's Motioll for Leave to Amend its Answer and Counterclaims to Add Stuf1".eom. Exhibit I ofGeringcr Declaration: Excerpts of Deposition or Michael Kuniavsky. Exhibit 2 of Geringer Declaration: E- mail from Brooks Cutler to Mike Kuniavsky (Jun. 14, 1994). Exhibit 3 of Geringer l)cclaration: Excerpts ofDcposition of Richard !loake. Exhibit 5 of Geringer Declaration: Excerpts of Deposition of Andrew Paync. Exhibit 6 of Gcringcr DecI1lration: E-mail from Andrcw Payne to Winfield Tn.'Csc, et aL (Jun. 15, 1994). Ex hibit 7 ofGcringer Declaration: Exccrpts ofDcposition of Winfield Treese. Exhibit 8 of Geringer \)(.'Clamtion: Am, Inc."s [Proposcd] fourth Amend(.-d Answer, Aflimlative Defenses, and Counterclaims to Sovernin Software, LLC's Complnint (Redlined Vctsion). AmaJ''s Motion for Partial Summary Judgmellithat '314 claims 34- 39. '492 claims 17- 18 and 35- 36, and '780 claims I . 4, and 22- 24 arc invalid under 35 U.S _ 102_ c. AmaJ'.OII.COIll·S Motion for Partial SummaI)' 1udgmentthat claims are indefinite under 35 U.S.c. 112. US 5,715,314 Cl Page 6 Bcmcrs- Lce. T.. ct aI., hllp:llwww.ictf.oll!/rlc/ rfc 17J8.txl"numbcrs_I738. Changes 10 wwwSlat at hnp:llfip.ics.\Lc w\\·wstau'Changcs. Bcmers- Lt..'C, T.. RFC 1630: UniVCrl>.11 Resource Identifiers in WW\V: A Unifying Syntax for the EXpression of Names and Addresses of ObjlXts on the Network as used in the World- Wide Web. Demers- Lee. T., c\ a1. RFC 1738: Unifornl Resource Localars. Fielding. R. , RFC 1808: Relative Uniform Resource Localars. Bcmcrs- Lt-c, T., ct al. RFC 1945: Hypertext TrJnsfcr Protocol- I rrrplI.O. Fielding. R.o ct al. RFC 2068: Hypertext Transfer l'rotocolHITPII.I. Fielding. R.o ct al. RFC 2616: I-Iypertext Tr,msfcr Prolocol- 1 -llTPlIt. Benu:-rs- Lcc. 1. 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Deposition ofG!(,1U1 Crocker with Exhibits (Mar. 10.2005)_ Deposition of GI('IUI M. Tccwin wilh Exhibits (Jan. 25. 2005). Deposilion of Guy Henry Timolhy Haskin with Exhbits (Mar. 18, 2005). Deposilion of Joshua Smith wilh Exhibits (Mar. 2, 20(5). Deposition of Kcvin Ming- Wei Kadaja Hughes with Exhibits (Mar. 21. 2005). Deposition of Mielmc1 Kuniavsky with Exhibits (Feb. 22. 2005). Dcposilion of Michael J...;1zz.1ro willi Exhibits (Mar. 9, 2(05). Deposilion of Phillip [-Iallam- Baker with Exhibits (Mar. II. 2005). Deposition of Robert Alien Olson wilh Exhibits (Mar. ]. 2005). Deposilion of Thomas Sou!ani1!e with Exhibits (Mar. 14. 2005). Expert Report ofAI('xandcT B. Trevor (Apr. 10.2005). Reply to Rcsponse to Motion re: Motion to Stay [RCnc\\-'L-dj (Slirrepl)' in Opposition 10 Amazon's Renewed Motion to Slay) fik'{\ by Sover".Iin Softwarc LLC. "It will happen". article excerpt from infol-lighway, vol. 2- 1. Jan. 1995. Aronson. 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Winfield Trl'Cse. dak'ti Oct. 27. 2004. Soverain's Reply to Amazon.Com·s Amended Countcrclaims. datl'{] Jan. 14.2005. lltird Supplement to Defendant Ama:ton's Initial Disclosur('S. dated Mar. 4, 2005. VideoTaped Deposition of Marl: Lcvergood cL1ted Mar. 8. 2005 (2 parts). VideoTaped Deposition of Andrew Payne cL1ted Mar. II. 2005. VideoTaped Deposition of Stephen Morris cL1ted Mar, 9. 2005. Vidt'OTapL'ti [X-position ofGlcnn Trl'Wiu dated Jan. 25. 2005 (2 P.1l1S). Soverain's Fourth Supplemental R('Spolls('S to Ama7.on·~ First Sct of In terrogatorcs (Nos. 1- 14) datl-u Mar. 21. 2005. Sov('raill's R~'SponS{'s to Interrogatory No~. 22. 23. 26 and 36 of Amazon's '!1lird Set of Interrogatorcs (Nos. 17- 28) dmed Mar. 21. 2005, Sovcrain's Responses to Amazon's First Sct ofRl'qllcsts for Admission to Plaintiff Soverain Software (Nos. 1- 100) dnted Mar. 21. 2005. M('morandum Opinion cL1ted Apr. 7. 2005. Soverain's Reply to Amazon's nlird Amended COlmterclaims. dated Mar. 17.2005.·s Renev• .:.-u Motion to Stay Proceedings Until thc Patent and Trademark Omee Complctes Rc---Examination of the 'I1m:c Patents in Suit, dated Apr. 5. 2005. NCSA "What's New"hnp:llardljve _ nc~auiuc.eduISDG/ Softwnrc/MosaiclDocsJold- whats- lll'Wl whats- IK'W-0294.html, Feb. 28, 1994. 17 pages. Business Wire. CommerceNet Urges Government to Ease Expol1 Restrictions on Encryption Products; Consoniutll's New White Paper Articulat('s Position on the Expon of Cryptography- Based Products. Jun. 26. 1995.2 pages_ Motoda. Toshihiro et al.. A" £xperj""!Illa/ VerificUlion of Relational Dalabase Access CA'I!r WWIY, NT]' Software L:lboratoriL'S. Nippon Tclegmpb and Telephone Corporation. 1995, pp. 47- 54 (with English Transl:ltion- 8 pages). Ohmori et al.. "An On- linc Shopping System Protecting User's Privacy". Information Communication L:lboratory of Matsushita Ell'Ctrie Industrial Co., Ltd .. pp. 25---32. 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Sovemin Sliftll'are U.C v. Aml/zon.Com. Inc. mid rhe Gap, IlIc .. FOml ofStipul;ltcd Requcst for Fillal Dismissals of the Actions. filed Aug. 30. 2005. Severaill Software U.C v. Amazoll.COIII. Inc. and The Gap. Inc., Orri<'r of Dismissal with Prejudice filed Aug. 31 , 2005. • ciled by ex,lIllincr US 5,7 15,3 14 C I I 2 EX PARTE REEXAMINATION CERTIFICATE ISSUED UNDER 35 U.S.c. 307 wherein the sessiOlllink is Iransmilledjrolll Ihe shopping cart complller 10 Ihe buyer complller; lI"herdn the session link lIIessage il/cfudc-s a sessiou link alllhellliealor lor lise by a COlllplller to ulllh,'lIIiCllle Ihe session fink /IIessllge. 58. A network-based silles system iu accordlwcc wilh cflljlll 57, whereill Ihe sessioll link al/ihelllicalor is a cryplographic jilllctioll a/lhe session fillk COlllelllS. 59. A nell<"Ork-based slllt's syslem ill accordllllcc wilh cfllilll 58. whereill tlte hllJoer complller i.~ programmed 10 CllI/se Ihe sessiOIl fillk lIIesmge to be SI!/11 10 II complller ill the lIelwork ",hich is l1rograml11ed 10 lIuthellticOIe the sessioll fillk nll!smge by e.mlllillillg the sl!ssioll litlk allthe/lli· calor alld which is IJrogrammed 10 respolld 10 Ihe session fink message based 011 Slllle o/Ihe illlewclion belweenthe buyer coII/IJlller and Ihe shopping cllrt compliler. 60. A 1It'II<"Ork-ht.lsed sllles system ill occardmlcc lI"ilh cflljm 34, whereilllll feasl one o/Ihe requesls comprises a shoppillg Cllrt URL 61. A lIell<"Ork-based slllt's syslem ill occordllllcc wi/h cf(lt'1It 60, wherein Ihe shopping carl URL comprises a domoin idenlijier. 62. A nelwork·ba)·ed silles syslem in accordlwcc wilh elaim 60, wherein Ihe shopping cart URL comprises a merchanl idelllijier. 63. A lIell<"Ork-based sales syslem ill accordallcc with elaim 60. whereill Ihe shopping cart URI. comprises a lIIerchlllll lICCOlI1II idelllijier. 64. A nelwork·based silies splem in accordancc wilh elilim 60. wherein the shopping CllrI URI. comprises a paymelll 0/11011111. 65. A ne/work-btded s(llr:-s sys/r.'m in IIccorr/llllt:e "'illt elllilll 60, wherein Ihe shopping Clm URL comprises a prodllcl idelllijier. 66. A nelwark-based sales syslelll ill accordllllcc wilh elilim 60. wherein //Ie shappillg cart URI. comprises 1I duraliOIl time. 67. A nel"'ork-based silles syslem ill accordll/lcc ,..ilh elaim 60. wherein the shoppiug carl URL comprises 1m expiralion lime. 68. A lIelu"Ork-based sl/Ies syslem in accordllllcc wilh elI/jill 67. II'herein the shoppillg Cllrt compliler IrlInsmils a document 10 lite bllJoer cOlllplller indicating Iltlll the e.lpira· lion lime hilS passed. 69. A /letwark-based silles system ill accardllllcc wilh elllim 60. wherein Ihe URi. comprises a bll)'er lIelwork Iiddress. 70. A nelwork-based silles syslem in occordancc ,..illt claim 69. wherein lite bllyer complller lie/work IIddress is verijied by miliching il wilh II network address specified in lite shopping cart URL 71. A lIeIH"Ork-ht./sed sales system ill accordllllcc wilh elojlll 70, wherein if (he compliler net,,"Ork address wrifiClltiOIl/llils. thell the shopping carl COII/jJIller sends a doclImenl 10 lite bl/yer compllfer indicaling fhal access is nol Ilflowed. 72. A lIelwork-based sllles syslem ill accordllllcc wilh cfl/im 60, wherein Ihe shoPIJing cllrl URL comprises an alltlll!lllicalor based on a cr_ lplogrllpltic ke)'; when-in Ihe milltellliclllor is a jilllClian oj COlllelllS oflhe shopping cart URI.: when-in Ihe shopping carl complll('r verijil!s w/te/her Ihe shopping cart URL alllhellliclllor was crell/ed/romlite COlllellts oj Ihe shoppillg carl URI. IIsing II cryptographic key. 73. A ne/work·based stiles system ill accordl/llcc wilh elllim 72, wherein if Ihe verificlllionjllils, the shopping cart 5 THE PATENT [S HEREBY AMENDED AS INDICATED BELOw. l\Ialtl'r t' llclosl'd in h eln ,}, brllc.kl't s ( ) IIpP,,"rt'd in Ihl' pall,' nt , bUI ha s b(, l'lI ddl'h'd and is no lon gl' r II pari oflhe 10 pllll"nt ; malil'r prinll'd in italics indiclIleSlIddilions mad e to thl' pall'nl . AS A RESULT Of REEXAMINATION. IT I-lAS BEEN DETERMINED THAT: 15 'I1IC patentability of claims 1-48 is confimloo. NC\\I claims 49- 168 arc added and determined 10 be palcnlablc. 49. A m:/lt'ork-based 5(lles system in (lccordllllCC with claim 34. wherein Ihe bllyer coli/pliler aclivales {he pa)'lIIcnI message by Ir"n!ill/illing a message /0 Ihe shopping carl be lIelivaled. 50. A network-based sales system in accordance willt claim 34, wherein the network is a public packel s ....itched nelwork. 5/. A 1/('/II"Ork-/xJsed sales sySlem in accordallce wilh claim 34. wherein Ihe I/(!Iwork is all fnlemc/. 52. A nelwQrk-/xJsed sales syslem ill (lccord(l/lce with claim 34, furlher comprising: amerchal1l comp"ler Ihlll is interconnecled ....ilh Ihe buyer compuler and shopping cart complller by the compllter lIelwork; and 1111 adwrtisillg document database; ....hereill Ihe merchant compllier is programmed 10 fetch (III ad~'erlisillg docl/lllenl from Ihe ad~'erlising doclImelll dalabase. 53. A lIc/work-/xJsed safes syslem ill accordallcc wilh claim 52. whereill Ihe merchanl complller is programmed 10 send aile or IIIVre adverlisillg doclIIlII:llls 10 Ihe bu)'er complller. 54. A lIel\mrk-/xJsed sales syslem in accordallcc with claim 53. whereill Ihe merchanl compllier is programmed 10 pro~'ide a producl requeSled bJ' Ihe user. 55. A nelwork-/xJsed sales system ill (Jccord(I/lCC wilh claim 54, wherein Ihe merchalll compiller is programmed 10 respond 10 paymenl orders jrom Ihc bllyer cOlllpliter u'ilhollt Ihe merChalll colllplller hl/I,illg 10 collllllllnicate din'clfy with Ihe shopping carl compliler 10 ensllre Ihat Ihe IIser is IlIIthorized 10 purchase Ihe producl; wherein Ihe lIIerch(l/It complller is programmed 10 n-spOlld 10 j)ayml!nl orders jrom the bllyer compllier wilhoul Ihe //Ierchanl COli/Imler having 10 Slore information i/l a database '"('8ardillg which buyers an: IIlIlhorized 10 pllrchase which prodllcts. 56. A nelwork-based sales syslem ill accordancc with clailll 53. whereill Ihe advertiselllelll docllments all! ill the form 0/ sUlllmaries 0/ newspaper or newsleuer articles ; whereill prior 10 a user's prodllct requesl. Ihe merchalll colllplller sl!lIds aU lldloertismg dOClllllelll to the bll)'l!r COlllplller. 57. A /1I::/work-IxHed sales s)"sle/ll ill aCCOrdll/lCC wilh claim 34, wherein Ihe buyer cOlllpllter IransmilS on illiliol fink Ihal comprises illjorlllolioll from which Ihe shOIJpillg cart computer call create a sessioll link message; compllier Ihm CIII/ses the jJlIYIllC/1I message 10 2S )0 40 45 SO 55 00 65 US 5,7 15,3 14 C I 3 4 compll/a fransmits a doculllent /0 Ihe buyer CQmputer 90. A nelwork-based sales syslem ill accordallce willt claim 88, whereill Ihe JU/yml!lII URI. comprises 1111 wilhen lica lOr based all a CfJ1Hographic key; wherein lite lIulhelllicolor is a fill/Clioll of COlllellls of Ihe paymetll URI.. 91. A lie/work-based sales syslem ill IIccordllnce wilh cll,im 90. whereill Ihe paymelll compuler wrifies ",helher Ihe paylltelll URI. IIlIfhenticlltor WIIS crellledjromihe COlllenls 0/ Ihe pa)'melll URI. IIsillg II cryptographic key; if the verificlllion fllils, the paYlllell1 cOlllplller lransmits II doelllltellllO Ihe bllyer compuler illdiclllillg 1IllIIaccess is denied. 92. A /leI work-based sales syslem i/l a("cordill/cc wilh claim 88, whereill lite paYlllell1 URL furthe r comprises 1111 expiralioll lime_ 93. A nelwork-bmed slllt's syslem ill IIccordllllcc wilh clailll 92, whereill the JXlYlllell/ compuler lrallsmils II docl/ lItell/ 10 the buyer COli/pilfer illdiclltillS Ihlll Ihe expirllliOIl lime has pass,-d. 94. A lIelwork-based Silles sySlem ill occordallCC wilh claim 88. whereill Ihe 1"')'/IIelll URL comprises I ' buyer lIelwork address. 95. A lIetwork-based sales syslellt ill IIccordallcc wilh claim 9{ wherein the buyer COil/pliler nef\lurk midress is verified by mlllchillg il wilh Ihe network IIddress specified ill Ihe })aymelll URi.; if Ihe verificolioll f llils. Ihell lite shoppillg Cllrt COil/pliler sends a doculllelll fQ Ihe buyer computer indic(I/illg /Iw/ access is 1101 allowed. 96. A lIellt'Qrk-bMed sules sy,Ylem ill accordll/lcc wilh claim 88, whereill Ihe paymelll COmpliler Irall5mil5 a payment cOllfirmalioll dOClimellllO Ihe buyer cOli/pliler: whereill the paYlllell1 cOllfirmlllion doclllllenl illellldes 1111 open lillk alUl 0 COII/illlle lillk; whereill ill respo"se to Ihe IIser selecting Ihe colI/imlC link. tlte paymenl compuler illstructs the bllyer computer 10 provide lilt aCCOllnl lIame allil password 111111 Ital'e IH'(;Violls/y beell provided by lite buyer compllier 10 Ihe ' paymellt comp"ler. 97. A lIelwork-ba)'ed sales syslem ill accordll/lce ..-ilh claim 96, whereill Ihe bllyer comp"ter prompts the IIser for the IICCO IIIII Ill/me 'IIId fJaSS..-ord by creotillg an IIccoUlI1 lIatlle prompt IIlId II pIIsslt'Qrd prompt. 98. A nellt'Qrk-based sules sysf(:m i/l accord(IIICC wilh claim 97. wltereill lite plI)'lIIel1/ COlllplller verifies Ihlll the accO/lI/1 nallle allil passll"ord elliered by Ihe IIser maleh a pn.,viollsly provided accounl 1I('lIIe olld password. 99. A ne/work-based sales syslem ill IIccordllllcc wilh cll/illl 98, whereill if the verificlllion fllils. Ihell Ihe p"Ylllelll cOlllplller sellds II documelll to Ihe bllyer comp"ler illdiclltillg I/UI/ access is 1I0t (II/owed. 100. A network-lxlsed silies syslem ill IIccordllllce wilh cl(,illl 98. wherein if(' paylllelll amOllllt exceeds a Ihresltofd. Ihen lite IIser is prompted/or seCI"iry illforlllalioll; whereill Ihe paymelll roil/pliler "erifies Ihat Ihe )'ectlrily illforlllilt ioll matches a previollsly pro vided IICCOIIIII 1I0me alld password; if the verijicillioll fails. Iltell Ihe paymelll compllfer sellds II doculllent 10 Ihe buyer complller indiCllIillg Ihlll IIccess is Iwt IIlIowed. 101 . .4 IIetwork-based safes syslem ill accordallre wilh elailll 98.fimher comprising II s('ulelllelll dllllllxlSe Iltlll is ill COlI/lIIUllicalioll ...ilh the 1'1,)'melll comp"ler; wlterein Ihe sell/emelli dlllilhose is tlsed 10 determille whellter Ihe IIser hilS 11IIi!.lpin:d access 10 a dOlllllill idelllified ill Ihe paYlllelll mesmge; indicating Ihm access is denied. 74. A network-based sales 51'slem in accordance wiflt claim 34, wherein/he buyer COIIIJ)IIIl!r activates Ihe paymclIf mf!ssage by Iransmilling (I message /0 Ihe shopping carl compuler {hOI cUlises Ihe payment message /0 be actinlled: ",herein {he shopping carl co mplller {ransmils u payment confirmalioll document /0 the buyer comp"ler. 75. A network-based sales SI'Slem ill accordance willi claim 74, wherein Ihe PII),III";11 cOl/firmalion Jocl/ment includes UII Opell link and a CQlIlimlC link. 76. A network-based sale:; s),slelll in accortiallce Wilh claim 75. ...hllrein Ihe shopping cart compilier opens (/ new IICCQlI/II in response 10 Ihe IIser selecting Ihe open link 77. A lIe/work·based sales 5\'stem il1 accordallce with clailll 76, when:ill the buyer cOIII;mler sends a paXlllell1 URL 10 Ihe slwppill8 carl colllp"ler Ihlll indicales thai an IICCOIIIII docs 1101 ycf exist, 78. A nelll"ork-hosed Silles SI'Slem in OCCOrdllllce wilh cllIim 77. whereill Ihe shoppillg ~lIrI compliler creales II new ('CCOIIIII doclII"'!IIt. 79. A /lei work-based sales sySlem in occordallce willt clailll 78, "'hereill the shoppillg carl cOlllp"ler tmnsmits Ihe new OCCOIIIII dOClllllenl 10 Ihe b"yer compuler. 80. A nelwork-hosed sales SI'Slelll in accordallce wilh clailll 79, wherein Ihe lIell' acc~unl doculllclIl cOlllprises a challense form t/tlll reqllests IICCOllnl ill/ormalioll 10 be elllered by the user. 81. A lIelwork-based sales S1'slem in accordtlllce wilh claim 80. whereill Ihe OCCOI/III itif"orttUlfioll comprises II lIell' IICCO/1111 lIome and aCCOI/III PllsswOrd. 8]. A /leI work-based sales sY;'lem ill accordtlllce ...ilh claim 80, 1rhereinlhe aceOllll1 in/ormalion comprises: a nell' aCCOIllII IIl1me. 1111 IICCO IIIII pllssll'ord. II credil cllrd IIl1mber, IIIId 1111 expim/ioll dille of Ihe credil cord. 83. A /leI work-hosed Sllies syslem ill occort/lIttce wilh cllIilll 80, wherein lite IICCOllttl infontllllioll comprises secl/rily ill/onl/lIliOll. 84. A /lelwork-based sales syslem in occordallce with claim 34. ",hereill Ihe shopping c(,rl compuler. ill respollse 10 Ihe plumlity of shopping carl messages. Cllllses 1111 IICCO/IIII lilli/Ie 111111 pl'SS\\urd reqllesl message 10 be ImllslIIilled to 'he bllyer COli/piller. 85. A lIelwork-hosed salt's syslem ill OCCOrdllllCC wilh clllilll 34, fUriher comprisillg: IIt/lerchllnt compliler thai is i"tercolllwcted wilh Ihe buyer lind shoppillg cart cOlllplllers by the cOlllplller lIe/work; 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 111111 IIdl"Crtisillg doelllllelli dlllllix/se; It'heroin Ihe merchalll co mp"ler is fJlugrammed lofelcit 1111 IIdverlisillS doellmelll from Ihe IIdvertisillS doc/I- SO ment dllll/base: ",herein the IIdvertisillS doclllllent dllfllbas<' is locill 10 the "",rehanl computer. 86. A /letlturk-hosed Silles system in IIccordallce willt clllim 85. "'hereill a crealion ("olllpliler "fJdales lite remole 55 ad,,~nisillg doculllelll dalabase 011 Ihe lIIercfllllll COIIIPliler. 87. A nelwork-hosed sales syslem ill IIccordallce ...ilh clilim 85, wherein lite buyer compllier lransmits II pllrchllse prodllct message 10 the mercltalll comp"ter. and, in respollse. Ihe II/erchalll cOlllplller pro~'ides II paymelll URI. 00 to the bll)'er colllpmer. 88. A /let work-based sales sySll'1II ill OCCOrdtlllce willt claim 87. wltereinlhe bllyer complifer trallsmilS lite pll)'mel1/ URL 10 II paymenl compuler. 89. A lIelwork-based sales syslem in occordallce ...ilh 65 claim 88. It'hereill Ihe paymelll comp"ler is Ihe shOfJping Cllrt colllp"ler. 1111 US 5,7 15,3 14 C I 6 5 ....herein Ihe IIser is prescllfed wilh an option 10 repurchase or to lise {he unexpired acCl!Ss. 10]. A nclwork-blls/!d safes system in accordance willt elujlll 101 . ",herein the pllrchase of a IJrodlicl in a certain domain by (J IIser oceDllnl entitles access to other products 5 in the dOlllllin for free or all/reduced price. !O3. A IIl!1work-lxucd sules system ill accordance willt claim 98, whereilllhe paymc/II compliler ~Y!rifies whether Iht, IIscr acco/lllt hilS SI!lficiCIII flillds or creelil Ihal satisfies a pllymelll 11111011111 specified in the I'II)'I/Icll/ /IIes.mgt:, if/he verification fi,i1s, ,hell Ihe parmelll computer sends docllmem /0 (he buyer COli/pliler indiCa/ing Ihal Ihe IIser has inslIJJici(ml funds. 104. A m!/l!'Ork-Ix,seJ slIles system ill accordance wi/It II claim 98, wherein Ihe payment compliler records (III Clld of duralion lime ill a sel/femell/ dalabase. 105. A nelwork-based safes syslem in accordance wilh claIm 98. whereinlhe paymell/ complller cremes an access URI. including an aCCl'SS URI. alllhenlicalOr Iha/ is a digital siglllllllf"(: generaled based on a CIJPlOgraphic key; whereinlhe access URI. (1IIlhenlicalor is Ilhash of 01 her illformalion in Ihe access URI.; wherein Ihe pllymenl compliler sends a redireci 10 Ihe access URI. 10 Ihe b"yer compuler; whereill the buyer complller sends Ihe access URI. to II merchall/ compliler. 106. A nelwork-/.xl$ed slll(:s syslem ill llcconlllllce with elaim 105. whereillihe merchalll complller ver!fies whe/h", Ihe Ilccess UR./. allihenlicalor was crealedfrom said olher ill/omlll/ioll ill Ihe access URI. using the cr')~)/ograpllic key; if/he ~-erijicalionfails, Ihen Ihe merchanl compllier sends a docllmelll la the bllyer comp"ler indicating Iha/ access is nOI lIllowed. 107. A nelwork-/.xlsed sales syslem ill accordance with elaim 105, whereinlhe merchatt/ complller verijies whether a dura/iOIl time lor access hilS CJ.l'ired; iflhe ,·erificlltiollfails. Ihell the merchalll compllter )'e/1ds a dOCll/llenl 10 Ihe bU\'er COlllpuler illdiealing Ilwt Ihe dllration tillle has expired. 108. A nelll"ork-/.xl$ed sales system in accordance lI"i/h ell/im 105, wherein Ihe merchall/ comp'ller verifies /hal a bllyer complller network address is the same as a bllyer nelwork addn.'ss colI/llined in Ihe acc{'ss URI. ; iflhe ~·erifiClltionfilils. Ihell the merchalll COlllpll/er sends a docllmenl 10 the bllYu COIIIIJlller indicaling Ihat acress is 1101 (,Ilowed. 109. The mel hod a/claim 39, wherein Ihe buyer comp"ter aClimles the paymenllllessage by Iransmiltittg IIlIIessage to Ihe shopping carl comp"ler Ihal callses Ihe pa)"lIIellt message 10 be (lctiva/ed. 110. The melhod 0/ claim 39, wherein Ihe nelwork is a public packet swilched nelwork III. 7111' melhod of claim 39. whereill Ihe lI(:{work Is all IlIlernel, 111. 71'e melhod of claim 39. ,,"hereitt a merchal1t CO li/puler is inlercOll/lecled wilh Ihe buyer compuler and shoppillg carl compulu by the comp"ler lIelwork; wherein Ihe merchall/ co mpllter is programmed lo/etch 1111 advertisillg dOCllm('lIIjrOIll an ad,'erlising docl/melll dalabase. 113. 17le melhod of claim 111....hereill Ihe mcrchalll COli/piller is programmed 10 s('l/(/ aile or more atlv.:rtising dOCl/mel/IS to lite buyer compu/{:r. 114. The melhod of claim IH. whereill Ihe merchan/ compuler is programmed 10 provide a prodllct rcqllesled by Ihe user. 15 20 " )0 35 40 45 SO 55 00 65 115. The melhod of claim 114. whereill the merchallf complller is programmed 10 respolld 10 payment orders/rom lite buyer computer wilhoul Ihe merchill/l computer ha";lIg 10 CQlIlI/lUl/iCale direClly with Ihe shoppillg carl complller to ensure Ihallhe user is allihorized 10 pllrcilllse Ihe prodllct; whereill Ihe merchant compuler is programmed 10 respond to paymenl orders /rom Ihe buyer compllter wilholll lite mercltallt comp"ler Itaving 10 slore in/orlIIalioll in a da/(lbase r<'garding which bllyers are IlIlIhori:ed 10 purchase which prodllc/S. 116. 71,e melhod 0/ claim II 3. wherein Ihe advertisemellf documenls are ill Ihe forlll of SUllIlIlIlries 0/ ttelt'spaper or /I~'wsleller arlicles; wherein prior 10 a user 's IJrodllcl reque)'I, Ihe merchllllt colllpllter settds (III advertisillg docllmelll /Q the bll)"er COli/pilfer. 117. The method of claim 39. wherein Ihe buyer CQmplller lransmilS an inilial Jink IItI1l comprises in/orml1lion from which Ihe shoppillg cart CQmplller call creOle a sessioll /illk message; whereill the snsioll link is Ir(msmilled from Ihe shoPllillg curl comp"ler 10 Ihe bllyer COIIIIJlller; whereill the se.Hiott /ink mes.wge ittcludes a sessioll /il1k IIl1lhenticator fo r lise by a COmlJlller 10 allthenticate Ille sessioll Jillk message. 118. rite lIIethod of claim 11 7, It"hereill Ihe seuioll link alllltelllicalor is a c')plographicjilllctioll oflhe s,'sslolllill k colllelllS. 119. The method 0/ cloilll 118. whereill Ihe bl/yer COli/pliler is programmed 10 calise the sessiott lillk message 10 be Settl to a compilier in Ihe nellt'ork which is programll/ed 10 (llItltenlicale lite session link message by examining Ihe session link alllhenlicalor alld which is programmed 10 respand 10 Ihe session link lII<,ssage based on stale of the ittleracliott befweell Ihe bll)"er complller alld Ihe shopping Cllfl complltl'r. 110. The melhod of claim 39. whereitt olleasl aile o/Ihe requesls comprises I' shoppillg carl URL 111. 71te melhod of claim 110. wherein Ihe shopping cllrt URL comprises a domain idenlifiu. 111. rhe melhod of claim 110, wherein Ihe shopping cart URL comprises a merchl/III idenlifier. J13. The method of claim 110. whereill Ihe shopping carl URi. comprises a mercJtlllll aCCI1UIII idelllifier. 114. The melhod of claim 110. whereill the shoppIng carl URI. comprises a IJ/I)"ment ('1110/1111. 115. The melhod of claim 110. whereill Ihe shopping carl URL comprises a IJrodlict idenliJier. 116. The melhod of claim 110. wherein Ihe shOIJping cart URI. comprises a dural ion lime. J17. The method of claim 110. wherein Ihe shoppillg carl URI. colllprises llll expiration lime. 118. The melhod 0/ claim 117. whereill the shoppillg cart complller transmilS a dOCllmeJII 10 Ihe buyer compllfer indicllljllg Ihlll the expirmio/l lime has passed, 119. 17le me/hod 0/ clailll 110. whereill lite URI. COIII prises a buyer network (lddres)'. J30. 77,e melhod of claim J19. wherein Ihe bu)"er COIIIputer lie/work address is verified by mlllchillg il lI"ilh a lIelwork addn.'ss specified ill the shopping cart URL J3 I. the melhod 0/ claim J30. II"hereill if Ihe complller u<'/II'Ork address ,'{'r!ficolioll filils, thclI Ihe shopping cart COli/pliler sends 1/ dOCllmellf 10 Ihe bllyer compllfer illllicaling 111111 access is not allowed. J31. The melhod of claim 110. wherein Ihe shopping cllrt URL comprises llfl (1IIlhelllicator based on cryplographic key; ° US 5,7 15,3 14 C I 8 7 ....herein Ihe IIl/then/leala!' is 1I jillU:liQII of CO/1lc/Il$ of the shopping cart UR/-; wherein 'he shopping carl computer wrifies whelher Ihe shopping carl URL alllileJlliClllOr WIIS created/rom Ihe con/enlS of Ihe shopping carl URI. /Ising /I Cf'yplographic key. 133. Inc mel/lOd of elajlll 131. wherein if Ihe verijiclliioll fails. the shopping carl compliler trill/slII!IS II docl/ment 10 the bl/yer CQII/p"ler Int/leming Ihlll access is denied. 134. The melltod of claim 39, whereinlhe buyer complller lIctivlItes the paymelll message by Iransmilling a message la Ihe sltopping carl complller Ihlll c<ws<'s Ihe jJl/J'melll messuge 10 be {lclhvu:d: wherein Ihe shopping carl co mplller Iransmils {I pa)"melll ifi . d } b ',"",',rmallO',' dQC':~len,1 10 I,e uyehr comp'h'ler. 13. Ie mef /0 OJ c lIim 134. It" erein I e pa)"lIIellf confirmalion docllmelll includes an open link alld a conlinue lillk. 136. The melltod of elaim 135. ".Iterein fhe shopping carl compu,er opens " new aCCOIII,1 in response 10 Ihe IIser selecling Ihe open fillk. 137. TIte melhod of cll/im /36. whercill Ihe buyer COIIIpliler sellds ., "ayme,,' URI. 10 Ihe )'hoppillg carl comp/lfer Ihat indicales IItm an aCCOlI1II does nol yet exiSI. 138. rhe melltod of claim 137. wherein Ihe shopping carl complller creOles a nL'W lICCOUIII dOClimelll. 139. 11le /IIelltod af claim 138, wherein Ihe shopping carl compuier IransmilS Ihe nell' lIccoullf documelli 10 Ihe buyer complller. 140. TIte melhod of claim 139. ".herein Ihe new accollnl documelli comprises (' challenge form Ihal requesfs accounl iliforlllalioll 10 be entered by Ihe user. 14/. The lIIelhod oj claim 140. wherein tlte accollnl illformalioll comprises a new IIccmllll nllme IIlId accollnt pm·sword. 141. The melhod of elllim /40. wherein lite IICCOllnt iliforlll<llioll comprises: a lIew aCC01I1II name, 1111 accollnt pllSSII"(Jn/. a Cl'l!dil card nllll/ber, lIIlI/lIIl eJ.piralioll dille of lite credil card. 143. The /IIelhod of d(ll'/II 140. wherein Ihe aCCOllnl iliforlllalioll co mprises security illformalion. 144. TIte melhod of claim 39. lI'hcl'l!ill Ihe shoppillg Cllrl compliler: ill respanse 10 tlte p/urtlJity of shoppillg carl messages. C {llises an accolillt IIIllIIe lind IXlssword reqllesl message 10 be Irtlnsmilled 10 Ihe buyer complller. /45. The method of claim 39. ...h"reill a /IIcreholll COli/pliler is ill/ereamleCll:d wilh the buyer IIIld shopping cart COlllplilers by Ihe compuler nelwork: wherein Ihe merehanl compllter is progrtlmmed 10 fl!lch {III ad"ertising docllmenlfrom all adH!rlising dOCll/llenl dalabase; wherein Ihe adverlising documenl dal{lbase is /ocallo Ihe merehanl cOlllplller: 146. The methad of claim 145. wherein a crelllioll COIIIpliler updllies Ihe relllOle advertising doculllent daillbase 011 Ihe merchanl comp"ler. 147. The mf!/hod of claim /45. whereill Ihl: buyer COIIIpulerlrtlllslllils II purcltase product message 10 Ihe merch{lnt compllter. and. ill respollse. Ihe lIIerchanl complll<:r provides II p ll)"melll URL 10 Ihe buyer cOlllp"ler. 148. The melhad of el(ll'm 147, whereill Ihe buyer compliler IrtlllslllilS the pa)"lIIelll URL 10 a paYlllent call1plller. 149. The melhad of elllilll /48. whel'l!ill Ihe paymelll compUier is Ihe shapping Cllrt complller. 150. The lIIelhad of c10im 148. ...herein Ihe paymelll URL comprises an lIulh<:lIlicalOr based on II l":I11)/ogrllphic key: "'herein Ihe alllhenliclllor is a fill/clion of conl.mts of Ihe paymenl URL. J51. The method of elailll 150. wherein Jllc p llylllelll compUler verifies wile/her Ihe /xlYlllelll URL (lli/hell/lealar "'(IS erellied from Ihe cOII/(ml$ ojlhe pll)'mcnl URL /Ising /I 5 cryptographic ke)'; if/he w:rijiC(l/iolljai/s. the /Xl)'I11('/l1 cOIIIl'mer Iransmits /I Jocl/menllo Ihe buyer compilier indicating Ihal access is denied. J52. The method of claim 148. wherein the pa)'/IIclII URL further comprises an e~7)irOliOIl time. " 153. The melhad of claim 152. wlterein Ihe payment campuler tr(lI1smilS (I docI/llle-1l1 10 Ihe buyer compuler indicaling Ih<ll Ihe expiration lime has pussed. 154. TIte melhad of claim 148, ",heroin Ihe paymenl URL comprises a buyer ne/llvrk addross. 15 155. The method or claim 154. It'herein Ihe burer COIII:I 20 " 30 35 40 45 " 00 65 _ pWer '1I!lImrk address is \'erified by malching il willt fhe ne/l"ork address specified in Ihe paymelll URL; if fhe verification f ai/s. Ihen fhe shopping cart compwer sends a dO("llllu:nlto Ihe bUYl:r compuler indicolillg IhOl IICCI:SS is nOI allowed. /56. The me/hod of claim /48. wherein Ihe pa)'melll Compuler IransmilS (' paymelll COllfir/llilOOn dO("lImel/llo Ihe buyer compuler; wherein Ihe jXl)"menl confirlllalion doclI/nenl includes all Opell link and a cOlllinm! link; wherein in res/JOnse 10 Ihe IIser selecling Ihe cOlllinlie link. Ihe paymelll campuler insln/CIS Ihe buyer campuler 1 0 provide {III accoUIII lIame lIIld pllssword Ihat hll'-<! prwious/y been provided by Ihe buyer compuler 10 Ihe paYIII(:1II compllfer. 157. The melhad af claim 156. Irhl!ll!ill thl! bllyer compUler l}rolllPIS lite user for Ihe lIccounlllame lind pllssward by crealillg all IIccounl nallle prompl and II pllssward prompl. /58. The lIIelhod of claim /57. wherein the payment compUler verifies Ihat III(' IICCOUIII 1I<11l1e allli I){I-fsllvrtl enlered by Ihe IIser IIIlI/ch (/ predal/sly pro"ided IICCOIllIf nllllle (l/1(IIJOssn"(Jni. /59. 1"he melhod of claim /58. ...herein iflhe vcrijic{llioll fails. Ihen Ih<: pa,nllenl complIl"r sellds {I dOClI/llenl lolhe buyer colllplller indicaling Ihlll access is nol allowed. 160. n,e melhod of claim 158. whereill if a pll)'mel/l amOll1ll exceeds a Ihn'shaM. then Ihe IIser is prompled for secl/rily inforllllllion; ".hen-in Ihe pll)'melll complller "erijies Ih(/{ Ihe seClirily informal ion matches II previOJ/sly 1r(lI/smilled {lcco/1II1 m'/lle IIl1d password; if Ihe verificalioll fails. th<:11 Ihe paymenl compuler sends a doclllllelll /0 Ihe buyer complller indicating Ihlll access is 1101 IIl1owed. /61. 1711! method of clllim 158. wherein a sellll!melll dllwbase is us{'d 10 delem,ine whl!llter the IIser has IInexpired IIccess 10 II dOlllllin identified ill Ihe jXl)'IIWII/ message; whereillihe IIser is preselll<:d n.,.,h on oplion 10 repllrch{lse or 10 lise Ihe IInexpired access. 161. TIte method of clllim 161. whereill Ihe purchllse ofll prodllcl in " cerIa ill domllill by (I IIser OCCO IIIII elllilles access 10 olher products ill Ihe domain for fn'/! or lIf II reduced price. /63. The melhod of claim /58, when'in the payment compuler ,"Crijies whelher Ihe user aCCOllnl has $IlJlicielll filllds or credil Ihal sillisfies II paymelll amOUIII SIIl..'Cified ill lite pa)'menl message. iflhe verificlIfionfails. Ihellihe paymenl computer sends II docllmenllo Ihe bl/)'er compuler indiclliing Ihl'llh<: IIser has ills,if/icielll funds. US 5,7 15,3 14 C I 9 10 164. The me/hud of claim 158, ....herein fhe payment if/he ~"CrifiC'lIionfiliis. {hclI/he mere/Ian! complller semis a documen! 10 Ihe buyer colllplller indicating Ihm compwer records lin l'IId 0/ duration lillie in a selllemcllf aCCess is nQI aI/owed. database. 167. The melhod of claim 165, ....herein Ihe merchal1l 165, The me/hod of claim 158. wherein fhe payment compuler croal(!S 0/1 access URI. ineluding em access URL 5 COmpuler wrifies ".helher II duralion lime fo r access has e;tl}ired; all/hen/iealar Ihar is a digital Sigilli/lin! genemled bused VI/ iflhe wr!ficalion jilits, Ihell Ihe mercholll complller sends a cl)ptographic fwy: a doclllllenl 10 Ihe bllyer complllcr indicalillg Ihal Ihc wherein the access URL all/hen/iealar is II hash of oilier dura/iOIl lillie has expired. inJorma/ion in the access URI.; 10 168. TIl{' melhod of e/aim 165, ".herein Ihe merchal1l ....herein lIn: paymelll computer sends (J redirect to the compUier ~-er!fies Ihal a bll)'<'r compuler Ile,work lIddress is IICC<'S! URf- /0 the buyer complller: Ihe Slime as a bllyer lIl'III'Qrk lIddress cOI/lllilled in Ihe lICceSS URI.; wherein Ihe buyer compiller sends Ihe acccss URI. 10 a mercllanJ COli/Imler. if'''e ~"Crificalioll jili/s, Ihen Ihe mcrchanl COlllplller sends a docllme'" 10 Ihe buyer compuler indic(lling Ihal 166. The me/hod of claim 165. wheroin the merchanl 15 compllier verifies ",hellier 'he access URi wl/hell/ica/ar was access is /101 al/o'l-ed. erell/ed/rom said olher in/ormolion in the access URi using the cryplOgraphic fu.y: • • • • •

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