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Mueller Exhibit 12 TSGR1-A58/99 TSG-RAN Working Group 1 meeting No. 6 July 13-16, Espoo, Finland Agenda Item: Source: Secretary (temporary) Title: draft minutes Document for: Draft Minutes for 3GPP RAN-TSG 6th WG1 Meeting Meeting start: June 13th Day 1, start 9.00 1. Opening of the meeting Opening statement by the chairman. 2. Approval of agenda Tdoc 780 Reviewed and some changes to AdHoc arrangements made to accommodate number of Tdocs and reports. Approved as amended. 3. Assignment of secretary (if not provided by 3GPP secretariat) Meeting secretaries provided by Siemens. For day 1 is Peter Chambers. 4. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting Tdoc 781. Minor change regarding sentence on RAN reporting. Approved as amended. Minutes now become Tdoc 969. 5. Report from RAN no. 4 (by the chairman) APLNDC-WH-A 0000010006 Tdoc 936 (slide set) presented by projector. (Relates to RP-99411.) Change in working procedure, "agreed" items in a specification are by consensus, "working assumption" is not a consensus but is the current text. Approval status of documents only applies to "agreed" items. The items which are "working assumption" shall be marked. A rule for challenge was provided by the RAN, this to apply in future. Nortel pointed out that there were still problems in working group work-split. Example is power control (WG1/WG4). Phillips queried the terms of reference of the "workshop" on hooks and extensions for harmonisation. 6. Identification of the incoming/liaison statements, Tdoc 784 (referred to Ad Hoc 4) from WG3 "Separate delivery of Transport Blocks within a Transport Block Set by MAC-d to LI". To await report from Ad Hoc 4. Tdoc 785 from WG3 "LS on Principles on Uu specifications". WG3 requests that WG1 specifications no not refer to elements internal to the UTRAN for reasons of de-coupling specifications. Noted. Tdoc 803 from $4 codec working group "Support of Speech Service in RAN". The support of WG1 (amongst others) is requested to help define and comment on speech service in RAN. Critical items are channel coding and rate adaptation. This total task required by September 1999 for tests in 4Q99. Reply to be drafted indicating variety of ways speech may be mapped/formatted to physical channels (c.f. GSM) giving error patterns. Tdoc 804 from $4 codec working group "Error resilience in real-time packet multimedia payloads". This gives details of an example multimedia stream in which requirements for error resilience are discussed for various parts. It is provided to further the debate on unequal error protection. Note that WG1 is only a "Cc" recipient of this LS. Tdoc 902 draft (from Ericsson) toWG2 on location (LCS). APLNDC-WH-A 0000010007 Tdoc 961 from WG2 "USCH requirement for TDD". Refer to Ad Hoc 1. Tdoc 962 from WG2 "Answer to LS on Physical Layer Baseline Capabilities". Noted. Tdoc 963 from WG2 reply to LS on "RACH Payload Requirements" Concerns 20 octet payload figure. Payload is actually variable. Minimum payload 20 octets for FDD, to be examined for TDD. Noted. Tdoc 964 from WG2 "Logical and Transport channel on the Radio Interface for cell broadcast on UMTS". Note WG1 is Cc recipient and is not impacted. Noted. Tdoc 965 from WG2 on TS 25.302 according to RAN#4 decision WG1 should review this document at latest revision at this meeting. Important areas are: measurement, physical channel description, transport block sizes (Ad Hoc 4), simultaneous physical channel combinations (Ad Hoc 4) & dynamic rate matching (Ad Hoc 4). Ad Hoc 8 to discuss SFN measurement indicator parameter. <reply to await arrival of latest 25. 302 to this meeting> Tdoc 947 from WG3 "Timing advance for TDD" Can a purely L1 timing advance be done? WG3 wants to clarify what WG1 and WG2 see as necessary for timing advance procedure. Refer to Ad Hoc 1. Tdoc 966 from WG4 "TFCI requirements for sevices below 32 Ksps". Should TFCI(OFF) be specified for rates below 32 Ksps? Answer: support is mandatory as UTRAN commands the use of TFCI, not layer 1. Draft to be produced during this meeting (E leStrat). Tdoc ??? from WG4 on power control expected. Tdoc 938 from T2 on Service Capabilities. Lists some service capabilities (as in TS 22.105 also TS 22.121) and outlines priorities as APLNDC-WH-A 0000010008 seen by T2. T2 requests that WG1 identify physical layer implementation capabilities required for these services by T2#5 starting September 6. Draft reply to be produced during this meeting. 7. Text proposals pending for approval from the last meeting (The ones decided to be pending until this meeting) Tdoc 718 paging structure in TDD from Siemens. Vodafone asked how the PI/paging group was determined, clarification needed. Checking with WG2 should be done. Approved. Tdoc 833 being TS 25.221v1.1.1 Consensus on matters in WGI#3 did not appear in editorial changes (in vl.0.1). This modification corrects that. This version is the new change baseline for WGI#6 as Tdoc 979, TS 25.221vl.2.0. Approved. 8. Report from the harmonisation Ad Hoc (Ad Hoc 15) e-mail discussions Tdoc 943. Slide presentation accompanying this presented by chairman (to be made available on CD). Aspects discussed or referred to Ad Hocs. Tdoc 968 contains some content on DPCCH changes and service requirements which requires further discussion. 9. OHG Harmonisation agreement related inputs & text proposals 9.1 Changes due the chip rate change, FDD Tdoc 832 (TS 25.211v2.1.1), marked up changes and editor’s notes. Approved as Tdoc 982 (TS 25.211v2.2.0). Tdoc 880 text proposal to chip rate change in TS 25.213. No conflicts with Tdoc 807. Approved. TS 25.213 to be updated accordingly after WGI#6. Tdoc 791 modifies TFCI coding in TS 25.212. Approved. Tdoc 921 SCH codes for harmonization (changes 25.213). Tdoc 923 modifies S-SCH mapping to slot/frame structure (changes 25.211 and 25.213). Approved. Tdoc 786 modification to RACH in 25.211. Approved subject to further discussion in Ad Hoc 3 and caveats to specify timing in chips and clarify even!odd frame definition. Changes to MIL (2ha) interleaver in TS 25.212 (& TS 25.222). There are three mutually exclusive text proposals concerning the inter-column permutation table. Tdoc 926 (Silicon Automation Systems) MIL interleaver. Pruned table. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010009 Tdoc 929 (DoCoMo) MIL interleaver. Optimised table. Tdoc 978 (Nortel) MIL interleaver. Optimised table. Discussion and questions concerned performance. Complexity was assumed to be approximately equal as the proposals are so similar and concerned column order amongst 30 columns. Working assumption is Tdoc 929 (as per new RAN definition). For next meeting (WGI#7) contributions with performance values may be submitted to gain agreement (consensus) on 2na interleaver specification. Submission deadline to be agreed offline. Tdoc 876, coding for slow power control (NEC). This document proposes text changes to TS 25.214 to accommodate 15 slots and the use of CPICH. Comment from Nortel that this channel coding should be in TS 25.212 and an LS to WG2 is needed to notify them of existence of Slow Power Control which is not in the MAC. The change in text was approved for strictly harmonisation purposes. Other issues referred to Ad Hoc 9. Tdoc 925, Tx Diversity, referred to Ad Hoc 6. Tdoc 843, SSDT, referred to Ad Hoc 6 as it deals with FBI bits. The following two are mutually exclusive proposals on 15 slot pilot patterns which allow frame synchronisation confirmation. Tdoc 829, pilot patterns (LGIC). Tdoc 830 is a text proposal derived from this. Tdoc 866, pilot patterns (Samsung). Deferred to Ad Hoc or offline discussion due to technical nature. Tdoc 814, STTD (TI), changes TS 25.211. Accommodates 15 slot frame. Referred to Ad Hoc 6. Tdoc 904, CPICH (Ericsson), changes TS 25.211. Also this TS needs updates in timing diagram and channel mapping. Some slight changes to the proposal are needed relating to the Tx Diversity sentence (delete "mode 1") (Ad Hoc 6 to comment on this aspect.). Change "the" to "a" throughout when referring to CPICH. These latter are left for the editor. Approved. 9.2 Changes due the chip rate change, TDD Tdoc 852 for TS 25.221v2.2.1. Rounded values of time to be removed, chip values remain. Approved. Tdoc 831 for TS 25.223v2.1.1. Changes due to chip rate 3.84Mcps. The FFS chip rates should be changed pro-rata (15/16). Remove mention of carrier spacing (WG4 responsibility). Approved. Tdoc 853 for TS 25.224vl.0.0. Changes due to chip rate of 3.84Mcps and 15 slots plus APLNDC-WH-A 0000010010 some minor editorial changes. Times should be mentioned to be approximate. Approved. Tdoc 854 for TS 25.231v0.3.0. Changes due to chip rate of 3.84Mcps in TDD mode. Proponent to provide electronic update in marked up text proposal form. Approved. 9.3 Changes from introduction of common pilot, FDD Tdoc 868 list of open issues in WG1. This is a list of items identified for release 99 to be addressed by WG1 and Ad Hocs. Noted. Day 2. Start 9.00 10. Ad Hoc sessions 9.00 - 12.30 (Lunch) Ad Hoc 3 RACH (08:30) (main room) Ad Hoc 6 Tx-diversity (09:15) 11. Second session ofAd Hocs 13.30- 17.30 Ad Hoc 9 Power Control (main room) Ad Hoc 1 TDD 12. Third session ofAd Hocs. 19.30 - 22.30 Ad Hoc 9 Power Control (main room) Ad Hoc 1 TDD DAY 3. 13. Ad Hoc session 8.30 - 12.30 Ad Hoc 8 Handover Ad Hoc 4 Multiplexing (main room) Plenary 13:40 14. Reports from the Ad Hocs from Day 2 & 3. Note: Tdocs numbering greater than 999 will be named in form R1-99Axx (then R1-99Bxx) which may be written 10xx (then 1 lxx) within the document text. The naming APLNDC-WH-A 0000010011 form is to maintain "8.3" compatibility for legacy IT systems as a matter of pragmatic judgement. Tdoc A16 Ad Hoc 3 report, presented by AH3 chair. Approved. Tdoc 790 Ad Hoc 6 report, presented by AH6 chair. Approved. Note that as there are no text proposals relating to the statement in 2.3 (that TxAA is a working assumption) this does not actually affect the specifications in WG1 at this meeting. Tdoc A05, Ad Hoc 1 report, presented by AH1 chair. Approved. Note reference to "chapter 5.5" in the conclusion refers to section within 25.221. It was noted that crosscheck with 25.302 was highly desirable (section 2.11). Tdoc A09, Ad Hoc 9 report (not yet available). 15. Text proposals agreed in Ad Hocs From Ad Hoc 3. Tdoc 894, Ad Hoc 3, (Motorola) changes in 25.211, 25.213 to the RACH preamble code. Note the text on the last page ( of 25.213) "The phases 4096..42496" should read "The phases 4096..42495". It is noted that in 25.213 is a ~vorking assumption. Approved as such. Tdoc 932, (Ericsson), PAPR reduction of RACH preamble. Working assumption. Ericsson and editor of 25.213 to produce draft change from text proposal. Approved. Tdoc (786) not required to re-approve this OHG matter. Tdoc 897 (Panasonic) text proposal relating to timing of PRACH and AICH. Editorial matter relating to timing. Tdoc 841 (Sony) text proposal to 25.214, prioritization of the RACH (by Access Service Class), working assumption. Approved. Tdoc 788 (Nokia) text proposal for 25.211 & 25.214, available RACH access slots (sub-RACH channels), working assumption, some further consideration of details is needed as is an LS to WG2. Approved. From Ad Hoc 6. Tdoc 812 (Nokia), "Modification of TSTD on SCH Scheme" not true text proposal, APLNDC-WH-A 0000010012 proponents to provide text proposal to editor (25.211) during this meeting. Approved. Tdoc 814 (TI), "Modification of TSTD on SCH Scheme", changes 25.211. Approved. Tdoc 843 (NEC), "Change request for SSDT specification relating to OHG agreement", changes 25.214. Approved. Tdoc 925 (Motorola) "Text proposals for FB mode transmit diversity", changes 25.211 & 25.214, also now it is proposed to move section 8.4 of 25.214 to informative annex (discussion in plenary, Phillips). Approved. Tdoc A15 (Nokia) "Text proposal for modification of TSTD on S CH Scheme", changes 25.221. Approved. From Ad Hoc 1. Tdoc 889 (Siemens), "Text proposal regarding TFCI coding for TDD", changes 25.222. Approved. Ydoc A03 () Tdoc 857 (Siemens) "Basic Midamble Codes for TDD Mode", changes 25.221, amended as in Ad Hoc 1 report. (delete degradations dB column, put midambles in an annex). Approved. Tdoc 859 (Siemens) "Scrambling Codes for TDD Mode", changes 25.223, scrambling codes to move to annex. Approved. Tdoc 860 (Siemens) "Proposed changes of Timing Advance Parameters for TDD", changes 25.224, time values change to chip values. Approved. Tdoc 941 (CWTS) "Text proposal for UL synchronization", changes 25.224. Approved. Tdoc 940 (CWTS) "Text proposal for beamforming in physical channels", changes 25.221, modified by conclusions in Ad Hoc 1 report item 2.6. Approved as amended. Tdoc 939 (CWTS) "Text proposal for low chiprate", changes 25.223, references to carrier spacing to be referred to WG4 as Ad Hoc 1 report concludes. Approved. Tdoc 998 (IDC, Siemens) "Proposed Text for TDD PRACH", changes 25.221. Approved. Tdoc A02 (Siemens) "Textproposal for the modified TDD PCH - revised". Approved. Tdoc A08 (IDC) ...., changes 25.224. Approved as working assumption with Annex 2 removed and other changes: change definition of LccpcH to "LccPcH: measure representing path loss in dB (reference transmit power is broadcast on BCH)." Remove line "Adjusting SIRTAa~ET by higher layer outer loop is described in Annex 2.". Remove Annex 2. Approved as amended. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010013 Tdoc 862 (Siemens) "Shared Channels for TDD Mode -Update",changes 25.221. Approved. Tdoc A04 (Siemens) "Textproposal for the Mapping between Midamble Offsets and Spreading Codes for RACH in TDD", changes 25.221. Approved. Tdoc A03 (Siemens) "Textproposal for an Extended Midamble - revised", changes 25.221 & 25.222. Approved. Liaisons Tdoc 999, LS to WG3 on TDD. Approved. New Tdoc number will be obtained for approved text. Fredrik will co-ordinate LS. Tdoc A10 LS to WG2 on TxDiversity. Approved (with "draft" removed, and term "closed-loop" preferred to "feedback" mode). Tdoc A14 LS to WG2 on TDD RACH. Approved. Tdoc All (LGIC, Samsung) proponents agree to 15 slot pilot pattern in LGIC contribution Tdoc 830. Approved. 16. New contributions and not handled in the respective Ad Hocs earlier. (And with priority due to the milestones) Tdoc 848 (Ericsson) "Updated text proposal for Paging Structure", changes 25.211 & 25.212 (and suggests changes to 25.213 without explicit text proposal). It was queried (Phillips) that possibly the PICH could use SF=512, was this considered? This was not clearly possible to the proponents until the PI load could be dimensioned. Siemens pointed out that the total processing gain was already equivalent to 512. Phillips pointed out that paging load had not been a problem, if it was then perhaps more than one paging channel may be needed? Ericsson replied that operators had indicated varying estimates of load. Vodafone indicated GSM experience was that an MSC paged using all connected BSCs, paging by cell would involve excessive tracking & messaging. The UMTS equivalent should be considered. It was pointed out by GBT that there was no interleaving. The proponent replied that this worked against DRX/sleep-mode due to coherence time in the channel. Siemens pointed out that stationary mobiles would not benefit from interleaving. Nokia(Cardiff) asked if the mapping of PI to UE should be defined. The proponent replied that this could be done. Nokia(Toskala) asked if higher layers should be expected to do this (or should L1 do this)? The proponent would look into the matter of defining the mapping. It was pointed out that there was an error in the figure in 25.211 section, the gap should be between the PICH and S-CCPCH frames. This would APLNDC-WH-A 0000010014 be corrected. Minor editorial matter, the timings should be given in chips. Question: how is the parameter N set? Answer: it is signaled as a system parameter. Approved as working assumption. Changes must be made by WGI#7 at the latest at which time this would default to an agreement. Note: paging should be co-ordinated with WG2. Also paging in TDD had common elements with FDD paging. A group of drafters would work on an LS to WG2. From Ad Hoc 10 (offiine). Tdoc 915 (Samsung) "Multiple-Scrambling Code". Formally presented to plenary. Ad Hoc 10 will consider offiine. Proponent should attract support before WGI#7 to bring proposal for discussion there otherwise working assumption will stand. Ad Hocs 14 & 8 (compressed mode) : 18:45 - 20:15 Ad Hoc 5 : 21:15 - 22:45 DAY 4. (Agenda item 16 may continue) Ad Hocs 8.30 - 11.45. Ad Hoc 14 & Ad Hoc 5 Plenary : 12:45 Tdoc 944 (RAN ITU Ad Hoc) "Draft overview text of the FDD DS-CDMA radio interface to be inserted in ITU-R IMT.RSPC". Comments requested from working groups. Address comments to WG1 and ITU Ad Hoc reflectors please. Comment from Ad Hoc 1 chair, TDD is not included. ITU Ad Hoc understands this and TDD material was not available before this time. Noted. Reports from Ad Hocs Tdoc A09 Ad Hoc 9 report, presented by AH9 chair. Panasonic noted that comparison with performance gain by 0dB command should be made only w.r.t, algorithm 1 (no disagreement was voiced with this point).Two LS were produced from the Ad Hoc, Tdoc A44 and Tdoc A45. Approved. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010015 Tdoc AS0 Ad Hoc 8 report, presented by AH8 chair. Noika pointed out that text from Tdoc 810 could be added to the standard. AH8 chair said there was substantial agreement. An unified text proposal would be welcome at WGI#7. Approved. Tdoc A12 Ad Hoc 4 report, presented by AH4 chair. Approved. Text proposals from Ad Hocs From Ad Hoc 8. Tdoc A00 (Noika), "Monitoring FDD cells on same frequency", changes TS 25.231. Approved. Tdoc 844 (Ericsson) "Cell timing measurement for soft handover", changes TS 25.211 & TS 25.231. Siemens pointed out that approved Tdoc 897 has some sections which 844 removes. Proponent notes this was AICH timing in 897 and the section can be removed. Phillips asks for diagram to be moved to informative annex. Proponent agrees this is possible. Nokia noted that a reference would be the best idea, this was agreed. Approved. Tdoc A35 (DoCoMo) "Timing information between cells", changes TS 25. 25.231. Approved. Tdoc A32 (Nokia) "Fixed duplex spacing", changes TS 25.212 & TS 25.231. Approved. From Ad Hoc 4. Tdoc 997 (DoCoMo) "Rate matching parameters", changes TS 25.212 & TS 25.222. Approved as working assumption (further optimisation will be considered). Tdoc 878 (Nokia) "DTX insertion", changes TS 25.212. Approved. Tdoc 892 (Samsung) "Detailed descriptions of Radio frame segmentation to 2nd interleaver", changes TS 25.212. Noika pointed out that TS 25.222 should be changed for TDD. Editor to be consulted. Approved. Tdoc 877 (Nokia) "CCTrCH transmission", changes TS 25.211. Approved with note 1 removed. Tdoc 809 (Nokia, Ericsson) "An addition on DCH channel coding to support UEP", changes TS 25.212 & TS 25.222. Lucent noted an assumption in change to section 6.2.3 relating to block size and NRT. Ericsson noted that this text was not actually a change, so a new text proposal would be needed to affect this. Approved. Tdoc 885 (Ericsson) "Multi-code description in 25.211 and 25.212". Approved. Tdoc A36 (DoCoMo) "SFN coding scheme", changes TS 25.212. Approved. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010016 From Ad Hoc 9. Tdoc A39 (drafting group)"power control", changes TS 25.214. Approved. LS from Ad Hocs Tdoc A42(=>A60) to WG4 "Physical layer measurements". Approved. Tdoc A38(=>A63) to WG2 & WG3 "Length of SFN". Nortel noted that the SFN interacts strongly with WG2 concerns, it may not be L1 information (not on a physical channel) (though SFN should available on every BCH system information message). It should be clarified with WG2 what the split is. Ericsson said that an LS on just the length of SFN should be OK. A note asking WG2 if the SFN can be protected was suggested. "WG1 wishes to have a CRC applied to this information together with the BCH transport blocks and WG1 would like to receive information from WG2 whether WG2 sees a problem with this." Approved. Tdoc A51 (=>A62) to WG2 "Draft answer to Liaison statement on TS 25.302, ’Services provided by the Physical Layer’". Siemens wished to remove third bullet point in section 9. Approved as modified. Tdoc A45 to WG4 "closed loop power control in FDD". Modified by changes to 25.214 during WG1 #6. Approved. Tdoc A53 to WG2 & WG3 "power control". Approved. Tdoc A44 to WG4 "TFCI for rates below 32Kbps". Approved. Tdoc A17(=>Axx) to WG2 cc T2 "USCH for TDD". Approved. Tdoc A22 to WG2 "Reply to LS on RACH prioritisation". Approved. Tdoc A33 to WG3 "Separate Delivery of Transport Blocks within a Transport Block set by MAC-d to LI". Approved. Tdoc a49 to ??? "Liaison Statement requesting on vie~vs on the envisaged impact of DPCCH gating of UE when in Control Only State". Approved 17. Text proposals produced for approval 18. Milestone evaluation Meeting the milestones and possible deviations (i.e. delays), priority topics for the next meeting. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010017 19. Other business Announcement of two new Ad Hocs. Ad Hoc 16 on measurements Ad Hoc 17 on positioning 20. Closing (Day 4, closing 15.00 at the latest or 15:43 if later) APLNDC-WH-A 0000010018 Annex A - Register of Attendees Name Company Aksentijevic Mirko Asanuma Yutaka Bafael Zack Belaiche Vincent Beongjo Kim Berberana Ignacio Berens Friedber Bernocco Carlo Bhatoolaul David Bishop Craig Brown Tyler Burbidge Richard Cardiff Barry Chambers Peter Changsoo Park Chia Stanley Cho Sungho Chongwon Lee Clop Oscar Corden lan Da Rocha Alexandre Dahlman Eric De Beneaittis Rossella De Pasquale Andrea Dick Steve Dong Do Lee Drakul Spase Edwards Keith Elmer Yuen EI-Saigh Amer Folacci Paul Furukawa Hiroshi Futakata Toshiyuki Gabin Frederic Garg Hari Krishna Ghosh Amitava Hallam-Baker Nick Harada Koichi Harrold Colin Heewon Kang Heinle Frank Henriksson Anders Higashi Akihiro Nokia Toshiba DSPC Technologies Mitsubishi Samsung Telefonica ST Microelectronics Italtel Lucent Technologies Samsung Motorola Motorola Nokia Siemens Samsung Airtouch Hyundai Electronics Hyundai Electronics Motorola Lucent Technologies Alcatel Ericsson Italtel Omnitel InterDigital Communications SK Telecom Lucent Technologies Nortel Networks Golden Bridge Technology Vodafone Limited Texas I nstru ments NEC NTT DoCoMo Nortel Philips Motorola Symbionics DoCoMo Europe British Telecom Samsung Philips Semicondutors Telia AB NTT DoCoMo APLNDC-WH-A 0000010019 Hiramatsu Katsuhiko Hong Sung Kwon Hubert Roll Hunt Bernard Hyenwoo Lee Jaakola Jukka Jaeyoel Kim Jan Meyer Jang Jaesung Jansen Michel Jechoux Bruno Jinsung Choi JoeHeung Kim Jurgen Michel Jurgensen Jens-Uwe Kahtava Jussi Kaisu lisakkila Kanterakis Emmanuel Kasapidis Makis Kato Osamu Kenji Ito Kirimura Mat Kistowski Dirk Klein Anja Kourosh Parsa Kowalewski Frank Kwon Sung Lark Laukkanen Mika Le Dantec Claude Le Strat Evelyne Lee Jung Ah Lee Yuro Lehtinen Otto Losh Jason Malkamaki Esa Mangold Peter Masahiro Uno Meyer Klaus Min-Goo Kim Mochizuki Takashi Mohebbi B. Mousley Tim Murai Hideshi Nakamura Takaharu Nakamura Takehiro Narvinger Per Nausshan Markus Newett Stephen Panasonic LGIC Rohde&Schwarz Philips Samsung Nokia Samsung Lucent Technologies Samsung Ericsson Mitsubishi Electric LGIC ETRI Siemens Sony Corporation Nokia Nokia Golden Bridge Technology Panasonic Panasonic Siemens Japan Radio Company T-Mobil Siemens Golden Bridge Technology Bosch LGIC Nokia Canon Nortel Networks Lucent Technologies Hyundai Electronics Nokia Motorola Nokia Bosch Sony Corporation Advanced Micro Devices Samsung NEC Fujitsu Europe Philips Mitsubishi Electric Fujitsu NTT DoCoMo Ericsson Siemens MITEL Semiconductors APLNDC-WH-A 0000010020 Nilsson Martin Nobutaka Okuyama Oestreich Stefan Okumura Yukihiko Ovesjo Fredrik Palenius Torgny Pascal Agin Pehkonen Kari Perrin Jean-Hugues Piccinonno Fulvio Plechinger Jorg Purat Marcus Rikkinen Kari Rudolf Marian Salonaho Oscar Satoshi Yoshida Schilling Don Schuffenecker Bruno Seidel Eiko Seungchan Bang Shigenori Kinjo Steudle Ville Stirling-Gallacher Richard Suzuki Hiedotishi Suzuki May Syang-Myan Hwang TaeJoung Kim Tatsumi Akinori Toskala Antti Truelove Stephen Tsunehara Katsuhiko Uesugi Mitsuru Ukomaanaho Mauri Ulrich Thomas Whinnett Nick Wilde Anderas Volker Sommer Yamamoto Kazushi Yoshinori Tanaka Youngjoon Song Yun Young Woo Zelmer Donald Ziera Eldad AIIgon System AB LSI Logic Siemens NTT DoCoMo Ericsson Ericsson Mobile Communications Alcatel Nokia Alcatel Telital Infineon Technologies Siemens Nokia Mitsubishi Electric Nokia VLSI Technology Golden Bridge Technology France Telecom Panasonic European Lab ETRI Texas I nstru ments Nokia Sony International (Europe) Panasonic Hitachi Cadence Design Systems ETRI Panasonic Nokia Telecom Modus Hitachi Panasonic Nokia Siemens Ericsson Nippon Ericsson Siemens Mitsubishi Electric Fujitsu Laboratories LGIC LGIC BellSouth Cellular Co. InterDigital Communications Annex B - Tdocs (from 780 o~vards) APLNDC-WH-A 0000010021 R1-99780 Agenda Chairman R1-99781 Draft minutes of the RAN1 meeting#5 Secretary R1-99782 Further results on channel estimation for TDD using pilot Texas Instruments symbols text proposal to remove pulse shaping from 25.213 Peter Chambers R1-99783 R1-99784 TSG RAN WG3 R1-99785 LS on Separate delivery of Transport Blocks within a Transport Block Set by MAC-d to L1 LS on Principles on Uu protocol specifications R1-99786 Modifications to RACH transmission due to chiprate change Nokia R1-99787 Available PRACH and AICH access slots, with new chiprate Nokia R1-99788 Text proposal, available RACH access slots (method 1) Nokia R1-99789 Text proposal, available RACH access slots (method 2) Nokia R1-99790 Ad Hoc #6 report to RAN WG1 meeting #6 Ad Hoc #6 R1-99791 Encoding of TFCI for 15 slots per frame Nokia R1-99792 R1-99794 (1) Modified text proposal for secondary synchronization codes (SSC) (2) Masking the SSC’s to improve their aperiodic cross correlation Service dependent terminal capabilities Telia AB R1-99795 proposed CPCH-related changes to 25.211 GBT R1-99796 proposed CPCH-related changes to 25.214 GBT R1-99797 proposed CPCH-related changes to 25.212 GBT R1-99798 CPCH Procedures GBT R1-99799 CPCH-related issues and concerns GBT R1-99800 Use of CPICH for acquisition (presentation) GBT R1-99801 CPICH Simulations (acquisition performance) GBT R1-99802 Firm Handover Complexity GBT R1-99803 LS to R1, R2, R3 on Support of Speech Service in RAN TSG-S4 R1-99804 Liaison statement to $2, $2 QoS SWG, R3, Cc: R1, R2, on TSG-S4 Error resilience in real-time packet multimedia payloads R1-99805 Text proposal for Encoding blocks for Turbo code Nokia R1-99806 Nokia R1-99807 Text proposal for the figure of a downlink scrambling code generator Text proposal on long scrambling codes for 3.84Mcps R1-99808 Compressed mode by puncturing method - TFCI transmission Nokia R1-99809 An addition on DCH channel coding to support UEP R1-99810 Compressed Mode Parameters for UTRAto GSM Handovers Nokia R1-99811 Number of Downlink Scrambling Code Groups in UTRA/FDD Nokia R1-99812 Modification of TSTD on SCH Scheme R1-99813 R1-99815 Corrected text proposal for secondary synchronization codes Texas Instruments (SSC’s) STTD encoding of PCCPCH and 8 KSPS channels for Texas Instruments harmonization A New Comma Free Code Scheme for TDD Synchronization Texas Instruments R1-99816 CPCH Channel Allocation R1-99793 R1-99814 R1-99817 TSG RAN WG3 Nokia Nokia & Ericsson Nokia InterDigital InterDigital R1-99818 RACH CapacityAnalysis-Packet 1 InterDigital R1-99819 Simulation of Forward Error Correction for TDD RACH InterDigital R1-99820 Improved performance and downlink code use for CPCH Philips APLNDC-WH-A 0000010022 R1-99821 Optimum Power Control Step Size in Normal Mode R1-99822 R1-99823 Optimum Recovery Period Power Control Algorithms for Philips Compressed Mode Update of FAUSCH scheme and text proposal Philips R1-99824 Improved performance and downlink code use for CPCH Philips R1-99825 Modification to AICH Philips R1-99826 Fast Layer 1 Acknowledgement for FAUSCH Philips R1-99827 Comparison of preamble modulation schemes ETRI R1-99828 R1-99829 Channelization code allocation in uplink multi-code ETRI transmissions New Pilot Patterns for 15 Slots Considering Harmonization LGIC R1-99830 Text Proposal of Pilot Patterns Considering Harmonization LGIC R1-99831 TS 25.223 Spreading and modulation(TDD) v2.1.1 Editor R1-99832 TS 25.211 V2.1.1 Editor R1-99833 Document TS25.221 v1.1.1 Editor R1-99834 reserved for PD Editor R1-99835 reserved for PD Editor R1-99836 reserved for PD Editor R1-99837 reserved for PD Editor R1-99838 reserved for PD Editor R1-99839 reserved for PD Editor R1-99840 reserved for PD Editor R1-99841 Text proposal for 25.214 concerning prioritisaton of RACH SONY Europe R1-99842 New scheme for downlink compressed mode using common channel Hyundai Electronics/Shinsegi Telecomm R1-99843 R1-99844 Change request for SSDT specification relating to OHG NEC Corporation agreement Cell timing measurement for soft handover Ericsson R1-99845 Uplink channelization code allocation in UTRA/FDD Ericsson R1-99846 Specification of time values in UTRA/FDD Ericsson R1-99847 Performance loss in uplink due to compressed mode Ericsson R1-99848 Updated text proposal for paging structure Ericsson R1-99849 Rate matching signalling Ericsson R1-99850 Required UE measurements in UTRA/FDD Ericsson R1-99851 Compressed mode complexity Ericsson R1-99852 R1-99855 Modifications of TS 25.221 According to OHG Harmonisation Siemens Agreement Modifications of TS 25.224 According to OHG Harmonisation Siemens Agreement Modifications of TS 25.231 for TDD According to OHG Siemens Harmonisation Agreement Extension of Midamble to Allow 16 Users per Time Slot Siemens R1-99856 Textproposal for an Extended Midamble Siemens R1-99857 Basic Midamble Codes for TDD Mode Siemens R1-99858 Mapping between Midamble Offsets and Spreading Codes for Siemens RACH in TDD Mode R1-99859 Scrambling Codes for TDD Mode R1-99860 Proposed changes of Timing Advance Parameters for TDD Siemens R1-99853 R1-99854 Philips Siemens APLNDC-WH-A 0000010023 R1-99861 Usage of USCH / DSCH in UTRA TDD / Questions raised in Siemens TDD ad hoc R1-99862 Shared Channels for TDD Mode - Update Siemens R1-99863 Proposal for PCH Modifications in TDD Siemens R1-99864 R1-99865 Proposed Update of Physical Layer Measurements TS Siemens 25.231 Simulation Results of TFCI Coding Performance for TDD Siemens R1-99866 A simple pilot pattern for new frame structure with 15 slots SAMSUNG Electronics Co R1-99867 Maximum turbo coding block size Fujitsu R1-99868 Comments on TS25.211 ,TS25.212,TS25.213" (Tentative) Fujitsu R1-99869 Further clarifications to the gain for the DPCCH gating in COS SAMSUNG electronics co. R1-99870 Some concerns and answers for DPCCH gaing in COS R1-99871 R1-99872 Text proposal for DPCCH gating in DCH/DCH Control Only SAMSUNG electronics co. Substate Physical Layer procedures at the UE Peter Chambers R1-99873 Complexity analysis for parallel GSM synchronisation Siemens R1-99874 Simulation results for puncturing of convolutional codes Siemens R1-99875 Performance analysis of W-CDMA downlink: non-orthogonality between SCH and DPCH R1-99876 Text proposal for slow transmit power control NEC R1-99877 CCTrCH transmission in TS 25.211 Nokia R1-99878 Insertion of DTX indication bits in downlink Nokia R1-99879 MORE RESULTS ON TRANSMIT DIVERSITY FOR THE Motorola TDD MODE Text proposal for chip rate change in 25.213 Peter Chambers R1-99880 R1-99881 R1-99882 SAMSUNG electronics co. Impact of ShinsegiTelecomm Text proposal for specifications 25.214 and 25.231 on power Alcatel, Nortel, Philips control in compressed mode Comparison between fixed-step and adaptive-step closed Alcatel loop power control algorithms in compressed mode R1-99883 Parameters for rate matching negotiation R1-99884 R1-99885 New downlink scrambling code grouping UTRA/FDD, revised Multi-code description in 25.211 and 25.212 R1-99886 Draft answer to liaison statement on DRX R1-99887 Simulations of UEP and EEP channel coding for AMR12.2 Ericsson R1-99888 R1-99889 Text proposal for TS25.214, Ordinary transmit power Mitsubishi Electric Corporation control Text proposal regarding TFCI coding for TDD Siemens R1-99890 Additional information on Link Adaptation and ARQ Type II/111 Panasonic R1-99891 Detailed description of radio frame segmentation to 2nd SAMSUNG Electronics Co interleaver Text proposal of radio frame segmentation, 2nd multiplexing, SAMSUNG Electronics Co and physical channel segmenation R1-99892 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC scheme for Ericsson Ericsson Ericsson R1-99893 Proposal for RACH Preambles Motorola/TI R1-99894 Text Proposal for RACH Preambles Motorola/TI R1-99895 Modification of Access Slot Structure of PRACH and AICH Panasonic R1-99896 Text proposal for RACH transmission(25.211 5.2.2) Panasonic R1-99897 Text proposal for Timing relation of PRACH and AICH (25.211 Panasonic 7) R1-99898 OVSF allocation limitations with variable rate DSCH operation Nokia APLNDC-WH-A 0000010024 R1-99899 Text proposal for RACH preambles Nokia & InterDigital R1-99900 Textproposal for a modified TDD PCH Siemens R1-99901 ? Text proposal for LCS Ericsson R1-99902 ? Draft answer to LCS liaison Ericsson R1-99903 ? RACH message part channelisation code assignment Ericsson R1-99904 ? Text proposal for common pilot Ericsson R1-99905 R1-99906 ? Performance loss in uplink due to compressed mode, Ericsson revised Enhanced CPCH procedure SAMSUNG Electronics Co R1-99907 Simulation Results of Downlink Puncturing Algorithms LGIC R1-99908 Code Symbol Based Uplink Puncturing Algorithms LGIC R1-99909 Comments on uplink puncturing algorithm LGIC R1-99910 Universal rate matching method for up/downlink and Fujitsu & Siemens Turbo/convolutional coding System level Performance of parallel operated SSDT and Tx NEC Corporation antenna diversity systems R1-99911 R1-99912 R1-99913 Common proposal for closed-loop power control in Alcatel, Nortel, Philips compressed mode Harmonization impact on TFCI and new optimal coding for SAMSUNG electronics co extended TFCI with almost no complexity increase R1-99914 Text proposal for TFCI coding SAMSUNG electronics co R1-99915 Multiple-scrambling code SAMSUNG electronics co R1-99916 Text proposal for multiple-scrambling code SAMSUNG electronics co R1-99917 Battery Savings using Joint Predistortion Bosch R1-99918 Tx Diversity with Joint Predistortion Bosch R1-99919 R1-99920 Unified rate matching scheme for Turbo/convolutional codes SAMSUNG electronics Co and up/downlink Blind rate detection for Turbo codes SAMSUNG electronics Co R1-99921 SCH codes for Harmonization R1-99922 Revised text for the Rapid Initial Synchronization of the DCH Motorola-NSS for Packet Data Secondary SCH structure for OHG harmonization: Texas Instruments. Simulations and Text Proposal Phase shift scheme for feedback mode transmitdiversity Panasonic R1-99923 R1-99924 Texas Instruments R1-99926 Text proposal for modification on Feedback Signaling Texas Instruments Message Text proposal for 2nd interleaving Silicon Automation Systems R1-99927 Updated text proposal for Turbo code internal interleaver R1-99928 ANSI C-language program for Turbo code internal interleaver NTT DoCoMo R1-99929 Modified Multistage InterLeaver (MIL) fit for 15-slot frame R1-99930 Performance evaluations on modified MIL fit for 15-slot frame NTT DoCoMo R1-99931 Complexity analysis on modified MIL fit for 15-slot frame NTT DoCoMo R1-99932 RACH preamble PAPR reduction Ericsson R1-99933 Required UTRAN measurements in UTRA/FDD Ericsson R1-99925 NTT DoCoMo, Nortel Networks, SAMSUNG Electronics Co. NTT DoCoMo R1-99934 Comparative results for Adaptive and Fixed step power Panasonic control schemes R1-99935 Simulation results for the 0dB power control command Panasonic R1-99936 Report from the TSG RAN No. 4 WG1 Chairman APLNDC-WH-A 0000010025 R1-99937 R1-99938 Text changes to 25.212 & 25.231 for fixed duplex spacing Nokia terminals Liaison statement to TSG RAN WG1 on Service Capabilities TSG T2 R1-99939 text proposal for low chiprate CWTS R1-99940 text proposal for Smart Antenna Technology CWTS R1-99941 text proposal for Uplink Synchronization CWTS R1-99942 Text proposal for CPCH access preamble power control Hitachi R1-99943 Ad Hoc 15 conclusions from email discussions Ad Hoc 15 Chairman R1-99944 R1-99945 Draft overview text of the FDD DS-CDMA radio interface to be TSG RAN ITU Ad Hoc inserted in ITU-R IMT.RSPC Proposal to simplify the Tx diversity closed loop modes Nokia R1-99946 Alternative Uplink Puncturing Algorithm LGIC R1-99947 Liaison Statement on Timing Advance for TDD RAN WG3 R1-99948 R1-99949 A method to classify the interleaved symbols of 1st interleaver using some property ad-hoc 9 report on activities until WGI#6 R1-99950 Rate matching puncturing for 8-PCCC and convolutional code Nortel Networks R1-99951 Down Link Power Control during Soft Handoff R1-99952 R1-99953 A method to classify the interleaved symbols of 1’st MIL SAMSUNG electronics Co interleaver using some property Proposals of Timing Information between Cells NTT DoCoMo R1-99954 Examples of detailed channel coding NTT DoCoMo R1-99955 SFN coding scheme NTT DoCoMo R1-99956 R1-99957 Improvement of outer-loop power control in compressed Alcatel mode Transmit Diversity Schemes for Soft Handover and SSDT Motorola R1-99958 Alternative Puncturing Algorithm for Uplink R1-99959 R1-99960 Further Results on Emulation of Small Power Control Steps Philips (Revised) Performance results for FAUSCH Philips R1-99961 LS to WG1 and T2 on USCH requirement for TDD R1-99962 Answer to Liaison on Physical Layer Baseline Implementation TSG RAN WG2 Capabilities Reply to TSGR2#5(99)532 (TSGR1#5(99)758) on RACH TSG RAN WG2 Payload Requirements Liaison statement on choosen Logical and Transport Channel TSG RAN WG2 on the Radio Interface for Cell Broadcast Service in UMTS R1-99963 R1-99964 MIL SAMSUNG Electronics Co ad-hoc 9 chairman Nortel Networks LGIC TSG RAN WG2 R1-99969 Liaison statement on TS 25.302, ’Services provided by the Physical Layer’ LS to TSG RAN1 on TFCI requirements for services below 32 Ksps Optimum Rate Matching of Turbo/convolutional Coding for 3GPP Up/Down Links An additional slot structure to support low bit rate services as a result of the harmonisation Approved minutes from WG1 No. 5 R1-99970 Revised proposal for extended TFCI coding Samsung R1-99971 STTD for the BCH of TDD TI R1-99972 Performance of weighted open loop scheme for uplink power Inter Digital control inTDD mode Performance evaluation of combined outer loop / weighted Inter Digital open loop scheme for uplink power... R1-99965 R1-99966 R1-99967 R1-99968 R1-99973 R1-99974 Text proposal for TS 25.224 TSG RAN WG2 TSG RAN WG4 Nortel Networks Nortel Networks WG1 Inter Digital APLNDC-WH-A 0000010026 R1-99975 R1-99976 R1-99977 R1-99978 R1-99979 R1-99980 TDD cell search and text proposals for 25.221, 25.223 and Inter Digital 25.224 TDD synchronization scheme based on modulated secondary Inter Digital codes - additional results Ad Hoc 14 modified Multistage InterLeaver (MIL) for a 15-slot frame as a Nortel Networks result of the harmonisation Motorola R1-99981 Motorola CPCH related changes to 25.213 GBT R1-99982 TS 25.211 V2.2.0 WG1 R1-99983 Summary of email discussion on radio frame segmentation ... Samsung R1-99984 R1-99985 R1-99986 R1-99987 R1-99988 R1-99989 R1-99990 reserved reserved reserved reserved Text proposal for DPCCH gating in COS (rev.871) Power control scheme adapted to channel variations Golay-Hadamrd Sequence Based RACH preamble Design for Large Cell (Part-1 Algorithm) Support of speech in UTRA FDD mode Blind rate detection matters Additional results on cross-correlations of differential decoding for curent RACH preambles ???? Questions in IPDL Benefits for Physical Layer Radio Resource Usage with DSCH in TDD and Layer 1 Resource Indication R1-99991 R1-99992 R1-99993 R1-99994 R1-99995 R1-99996 R1-99997 R1-99998 R1-99999 R1-99a00 R1-99a01 R1-99a02 R1-99a03 R1-99a04 R1-99a05 R1-99a06 R1-99a07 R1-99a08 R1-99a09 R1-99a10 R1-99a11 R1-99a12 R1-99a13 R1-99a14 R1-99a15 R1-99a16 R1-99a17 R1-99a18 R1-99a19 R1-99a20 Text proposal for rate matching signaling Proposed Text for TDD PRACH Proposal for Answer to Liaison Statement from WG3 on Timing Advance for TDD Proposal for the changes in FDD handover measurements due OHG agreement Investigations of AM R speech transmission Textproposal for the TDD PCH modification Textproposal for the extended Midamble in TDD Textproposal for the Midamble Mapping for RACH in TDD Ad Hoc 1 report Ad Hoc 12 report Additional compressed mode parameters for GSM search Text proposal for 25.224 (Update of 974) Ad Hoc 9 report draft liasion Results of pilot pattern discussion. Ad Hoc 4 report Ad Hoc 5 report Proposed Liaison to WG2 on TDD rach Text proposal for modifications TSTD on SCH scheme Ad Hoc 3 report answer to the WG2 on liaison statement on USCH for TDD Results for new trellis termination for turbo codes Liaison on TDD timing advance to WG3 Summary on the "turbo code" proposal for all data rates, block sizes and quality of service: Performance/Complexity trade-off. Samsung SK-Telecom Nortel Networks Nortel Networks Nortel Networks Motorola Motorola F uj it s u Nokia Ericsson, Mitsubishi, Siemens InterDigital, Siemens Drafting Group Nokia NTT DoCoMo Siemens Siemens Siemens Ad Hoc 1 Chair Ad Hoc 12 chair Siemens I nterDigital Ad Hoc 9 chair ??? LGIC & Samsung Ad Hoc 4 Ad Hoc 5 I DC Nokia Ad Hoc 3 report Drafting Group VLSI WG1 Lucent Technologies & Nortel Networks APLNDC-WH-A 0000010027 R1-99a21 R1-99a22 R1-99a23 R1-99a24 R1-99a25 R1-99a26 R1-99a27 R1-99a28 R1-99a29 R1-99a30 R1-99a31 R1-99a32 R1-99a33 R1-99a34 R1-99a35 R1-99a36 R1-99a37 R1-99a38 R1-99a39 R1-99a40 R1-99a41 R1-99a42 R1-99a43 R1-99a44 R1-99a45 R1-99a46 R1-99a47 R1-99a48 R1-99a49 R1-99a50 R1-99a51 R1-99a52 R1-99a53 R1-99a54 R1-99a55 R1-99a56 R1-99a57 R1-99a58 R1-99a59 R1-99a60 R1-99a61 R1-99a62 R1-99a63 R1-99a64 Ad Hoc 10 report? Reply to LS on RACH prioritisation CCTrCh definitions Addedum to Tdoc 816 Update of specification document TS25.211 Text proposal for specifications 25.214 and 25.231 an powe control in compressed mode reserved reserved Text proposal for OVSF allocation with variable rate DSCH operation Unified rate matching scheme for turbo code in both uplink and downlink Updated text proposal for turbo code internal interleaver l Ad Hoc 10 WG1 Drafting Group I DC Editor Alcatel I DC I DC Nokia Samsung NTT DoCoMo, Nortel Networks, Samsung Revised text changes to 25.212 & 25.231 for fixed duplexlNokia spacing terminals Answer to LS to R3: Separate Delivery of Transport Blocks WG1 within a Transport Block set by MAC-d to L1 l Liaison to WG2 on Tx diversity WG1 Text proposal of timing information between celss NTT DoCoMo Text proposal of SFN coding scheme NTT DoCoMo Liaison statement on length of SFN NTT DoCoMo Text proposal for section 7 in 25.214 NTT DoCoMo Text proposal on power control Drafting Group Proposed Liaison to T2 on service implementation capabilities WG1 Proposed CPCH related insertions to 25.213 GBT Proposed liaison on physical layer measurements to RAN WG1 WG4 Ad Hoc 14 report Ad Hoc 14 chair draft liaison statement to WG4 on TFCI requirements for Nortel Networks services below 32 Ksps draft liaison statement to WG4 on fast closed loop power Nortel Networks control in FDD mode Proposed CPCH-related insertions into 25.213 GBT Proposed CPCH-related changes to 25.214: Physical Layer GBT Procedures (FDD) Proposed CPCH-related insertions into 25.211 GBT Liaison Statement requesting on views on the envisaged WG1 impact of DPCCH gating of UE when in Control Only State Ad Hoc 8 report Ad Hoc 8 chair Draft answer to the liaison statement on service provided by drafting group the physical layer (check) reserved I nterDigital Liaison on power control Nortel Networks Draft Agenda for the WG1 No. 7 WG1 chairman Complexity of Nortel Turbo Code Puncturing Scheme Nortel Networks Analysis of commnalities of Turbo code puncturing rate Nortel Networks matching proposals Text proposal for rate 1/2 Turbo Encoder Nortel Networks Draft meeting minutes from TSG RAN WG1 No. 6 Temporary secretary Draft liaison statement on support of speech service in RAN Nortel Networks Approved liaison on physical layer measurements to RAN WG1 WG4 Text proposal for rate matching algorithm for turbo codes LGIC, Samsung et al. Answer to liaison statement on TS25.302, Services Provided WG1 by The physical Layer Approved liaison statement on length of SFN WG1 answer to the WG2 on liaison statement on USCH for TDD WG1 APLNDC-WH-A 0000010028

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