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Mueller Exhibit 15 TSG-RAN Working Group 1 meeting #8 New York, U.S.A. October 24 - October 15, 1999 TSGRl #8(99)g43 Agenda Item: Source: Secretary Title: Revised minutes (rev. of R1-99f13) Document for: Revised Minutes for 3GPP RAN-TSG 7th WG1 Meeting Meeting start: August 30th Day l, start 9.00 1. Opening of the meeting The chairman, Mr.Antti Toskala(Nokia), opened the meeting. 2. Approval of agenda (Tdoc b07) Agend item3(Assignment of secretary) was deleted because the new secretary was assigned by 3GPP secretariat. The schedule of Day2 Ad Hoc session was slightly modified. Ad Hocl and Ad Hoc8 were exchanged. Approved as amended. 4.Approval of the minutes of the last meeting. (Tdoc a65) The minutes were approved without modifications. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010064 5. Approval of the changes done by the editors to 25.2 documents based on the results of WG1 No.6 TS Discussed Ver. Tdoc 25.201 2.1.1 a67 25.211 2.2.1 a71 25.212 2.0.1 a86 25.213 2.1.2 a66 25.214 1.1.2 b52 25.221 1.2.1 a25 25.222 2.0.2 2.1.2 a75 25.224 1.0.1 25.231 TR1.03 Chip Rate 4.096 to 3.84 Slot Structure 16 to 15 102 to TRR102 Status Reorganization of Sec. 5 Editorial Changes Text proposal approved in the 6m meeting. Small editorial changes Sec. Note 1 will be removed. Text proposals approved in the 6m meeting. Annex B should be informative. 2nd paragraph of should be recovered. Text proposals 783, 880, 806, 921, 923, 932, a94 One editorial comment on Sec. 4.3.1 (Table) 5 text proposals concerning - Random Access Procedure - SSDT - Slow Transmit Power Control - Feedback Mode Transmit Diversity - Power Control Modification of Annex a89 25.223 Approved Ver. Tdoc Changes / Comments (*) Updated in WG2 meeting / No comments received. 2.2.0 c68 2.3.0 c69 2.1.0 c70 2.2.0 c71 1.2.0 c72 1.3.0 c73 2.1.0 c74 No comments received. 2.2.0 c75 a68 No comments received. 1.1.0 d27 0.3.1 a70 Discuss again later (some part might be missing) 0.3.2 c77 0.0.1 b06-7 (*) 0.0.1 d64 4.2 The first box should be removed. Tdoc b06 "TR R1.03 V0.0.1" Mr. Kowalewski(Bosch) explained the document. The scope of this document was discussed. The chairman comment; In general it should contain the items which are not included in release99 specifications but we might as well (if we agree) include the certain topics that are expected in next year, for example Hybrid ARQ. It might help us to proceed. On the Hybrid ARQ it was agreed that it should be mentioned but no further details should be covered as there is no earlier approved text on Hybrid ARQ APLNDC-WH-A 0000010065 6. Identification of the incoming/liaison statements From Tdoc T1 SWG EMC Title Forwarded Notes to b78 DPCCH gating issues Ad Hocl4 c12 Timing Advanced for TDD USCH requirement for TDD Ad Hocl c13 c39 c40 Power control Length of SFN Ad Hocl Ad Hoc 9 Ad Hoc 4 Plenary Ad Hoc 3 WG2 c41 25.302 Ad Hoc 4 Ad Hoc 5 c42 Slow transmit power control Ad Hoc 9 c43 Power control issues Ad Hoc 9 c44 Ad Hoc 3 Status of the work on RACH model c45 Paging occasions Plenary TDD Synchronization method WG3 c63 Ad Hocl a90 DPCCH gating Ad Hocl4 agl Link level simulation (Information) Plenary WG4 a92 Measurement Ad Hoc 16 a93 Power control Ad Hoc 9 pointl (AdHoc3) point2 & 3 (AdHoc4) point3 (AdHocS) (* 1) (*2) There are some other LSs (*1) The chairman asked Mr. Fredrik Ovesjo (Ericsson) to make the explanatory materials on paging occasions and to propose the answer and the clarification of the topic. (*2) The role of WG1 in the link level simulation was discussed. Chairman concluded as follows. To perform link level simulation, some certain assumptions must be needed. It is definitely up to WG4 to pick up the cases and assumptions in the simulation. Our role is to define the means which are available, how things can be done. As to the speech codec, we are supposed to provide the slot structure that can be used to carry that information or any higher layer information. It is not relevant for any of our specifications to define the practical speech codec. It’s probably our way to have a look at whether WG4 assumptions are sensible or not. If they pick up some improper assumptions, then we should make a comment. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010066 7. Ad Hoc Reports from WG1 No.6 not yet presented Tdoc a13 "Report on Ad Hoc 5 Meeting of 15-16 July 1999" Approved. (Tdoc 805 and a31 are still valid text proposals and both are needed to be considered.) It was pointed out that the inclusion of possible examples as annex should be handled why Nortel is looking into details about this to be added. (The annex mapping issue should be dealt in Ad Hoc4) As to the text proposal in a61, a55, there was no agreement in the AdHoc itself. Tdoc a06 "Report from Ad Hoc 12", Mr.Nakamura, NTT DoCoMo explained the document. Further discussion will take place in the the week meeting. Tdoc a43 "AdHoc#14 Meeting Summary" Text proposal concerning gating DPCCH is Tdoc c81 (old version is b51) The chairman suggested the 2 liaison statements on gating issue should be the first issue from Ad Hocl4. 8. Text proposals agreed in the Ad Hoc Reports agreed in the Ad Hoc meetings in the last meeting Tdoc 805 approved. Tdoc a31 further discussion will be made in the week meeting. 9. Reoport from the harmonization Ad Hoc(Ad Hocl5) e-mail discussion on the remaining topics. The chairman made the presentation about the summary of Ad Hoc 15 e-mail discussion. - discussions on common pilot ( mainly on the common pilot modulation for Tx ) 10. OHG Harmonization agreement related inputs & text proposals Tdoc c29 "Optimized 2nd Interleaver for High Speed Fading" (Nortel) Nortel proposed the new channel interleaver. The chairman asked how many errors occurred in the case ofBER = 10-5. Mr.Okamura(NTT DoCoMo) asked the meaning of the FER greater than 1 when EbiNo < 3 dB. The chairman proposed that the proponent_s should be-di-sc-ussedprovide clarifications during the week. otherwise the current solution will remain. No new material was provided during, the week on the issue thus the existing, interleaver remains.:--(umit -Thursday) APLNDC-WH-A 0000010067 Tdoc c22 "Text proposal for Modification of TS25.231 for TDD According to OHG Harmonization Agreement" (Siemens) Editorial change was made in concerning 15 time slot. Comment: 1 time slot should be expressed in chips instead of in microseconds. (It can not be an integer in microseconds.) Changes were agreed as amended. Tdoc d62 "Text proposal on handover preparation from TDD to GSM" Approved. (discussed in the Day 5) Appended on Oct. 12, ’99 Tdoc b48 "Proposal for new slot structure of 30 ksps DL DPCH" (NTT DoCoMo) Accepted without objections. Tdoc b50 "Proposal to delete lower chip rate" (NTT DoCoMo) "l.024Mcps" instead of"lower chip rate" should be removed from release 99 FDD. Ericsson requested the removal of 8Mcpc and 16Mcpc options from release 99 specifications. The chairman proposed that lower and higher chip rates options would be uploaded on the list which are not for release 99 and presented in RAN. The document was approved. Tdoc b34 "Update of FAUSCH scheme and text proposal MODIFIED FOR 15 SLOTS)" Mr. Moulsley (Philips) explained the document. Tdoc c32 "Proposal for a DL slot structure to support EVRC vocoder" Chairman’s comment ; "$4 mentioned that for release 99 they had not discussed about any other voice codec than AMR. In general for release 99 UTRAN, the AMR would be the one which will be used by the speech terminals as mandatory speech codec. I don’t think that EVRC would be anyway addressed by the higher layer protocols in UTRAN for release 99." Chairman’ s comment; We should consider what is the efficient way of supporting 8kbps service, not EVRC but just a service. The reason why EVRC has been the interest in the harmonisation process is just because it happened to be fitting the 8kbps(roughly) service. From WG1 perspective if we approve the slot structures, we do not make any new decisions in terms of how the signalling is transmitted, etc. We introduce the alternative ways to realise this 8kbps service. The different network conditions will definitely require the different kind of optimisations. We should not go into too much details for what sort of the EVRC or AMR at this moment. This year we just add the ~book what enables us to fulfil the efficient support of 8kbps service. The slot structures in the document was approved. Chairman made a small explanation about the "Hooks and Extensions Workshop" There was very little WG1 directly relevant issues. Main topic was that of the handover. Most topics are concerning to WG2 matters. ( Ad Hocs sessions were held in the evening. ) ( Ad Hoc 6 & Ad Hoc 9 ) APLNDC-WH-A 0000010068 11. First Ad Hocs session 8:30- 12:30 Ad Hoc 1 & Ad Hoc 3 (Day 2) 12. Second Ad Hocs session 13:30 - 17:00 Ad Hoc 5 & Ad Hoc 8 (Day 2) 13. Third Ad Hocs session 19:30- 22:30 Ad Hoc 10 & Ad Hoc 16 (Day 2) 14. Fourth Ad Hocs session 8:30 - 12:30 Ad Hoc 1 & Ad Hoc 17 (Day 3) APLNDC-WH-A 0000010069 Day 3 & Day 4 (Sep. 1 & Sep.2) 15. Reports from the Ad Hocs from Dayl & 2 ( including agenda item 20) Ad Hoc 6 9 Tdoc Title Presented by Ad Hoc #6 report to Mr. Pehkonen RAN WG1 #7 Ad-hoc 9 report d34 (FDD Power control) Ms. Le Strat b 12 Conclusion Approved Notes No comments Approved (*1) (*) 3 d19 Report of the Ad Hoc 3 meeting Mr. Nakamura Approved R1-99xxx in Sec. 2.6 should be R1-99d07. 8 c80 Ad hoc 8 report Mr. Rudolf Approved (*2) d24 Report from Ad Hoc # 1: TDD, part 1 Report from Ad Hoc # 1: TDD, part 2 Report from Ad Hoc 5 Ms. Klein Approved (*3) Ms. Klein Approved (*4) Mr. Hughes Approved (*5) 1 d25 5 d46 16 c96 Adhoc #16 report Mr. Ovesjo Approved 10 d29 Ad hoc # 10 report Mr.Kato Approved (*6) 17 b 18 Adhoc 17 report to RAN WGI#7 Mr. Wilde Approved (*7) 4 d59 Ad hoc #4 report Mr. Ovesjo Approved No comments 14 d74 Mr. Parsa Approved No comments Mr. Nakamura Approved No comments 12 Ad-Hoc 14 meeting report Report of the Ad d61 Hoc 12 meeting (* 1) A question was made by Mr. Dick. Though in the silde 5, the BER &FER are considered to be used as the reference of power control, in TDD mode BER&FER was denied to be used as reference. The chairman suggested that this issue should be referred to Ad Hoc 16 (Measurement). ( Uplink power control in soft handover was not discussed yet.) (*2) Open items - Compressed mode during soft handover - Tx-diversity and compressed mod - Frame stmcture of uplink compressed mode - Application of compressed mode for interleaving depths other than 10 ms ( These will be discussed in Sep.2 answering RAN chairman’s request. ) (*3) 2.2 Conclusion of "Tdoc B70/99 "Definition of TPC Bits in TDD", Siemens AG" "Ad hoc 1 recommends to agree on the text proposal given in Tdoc A70/99." should be replaced by "Ad hoc 1 recommends to agree on the text proposal given in Tdoc B70/99. (*4) For future reference, if needed, TI can provide the figure presented in the meeting in Tdoc e27. (*5) The liaison statement is B04 instead of B02. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010070 (*6) - As to the section 2.4, more discussion is needed and the contribution should be made by Ad Hoc 10. This issue should be left for further discussion. - Section 2.3 should be discussed more. - Text proposal is needed for the issue of the section 2.6. - As to the approval of the specification in RAN when something is in the state of working assumption; (TSG-RAN chairman’s comment ) Generally it depends on whether it is essential or not to the system operation. If there is a essential thing for the system operation it should not be working assumption. It should be complete agreement. In case of non-essential subject, generally speaking, it is rather difficult to approve the working assumption in TSG-RAN level. It is better for WG to decide whether it is agreed result in WG1 or not to be included in release 99. (*7) TSG-RAN chairman requested WG1 to make a workplan for the location service during this meeting. (In the last SA, it was agreed to have the location service as the work item for release 99.) 16. Text proposals agreed in Ad Hocs (including agent item 21) 16. 1 Ad Hoe 6 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes b 12 Text proposal for PICH Approved No comments c85 Text proposal for Tx Diversity for DCH Approved No comments c17 SSDT specification update (TS25.214) Approved No comments d06 Text proposal for closed loop modes 1 and 2 Approved (*1) d52 Text proposal: STTD encoding for DTX(Revised) Approved Revision of d49 (* 1) The readability of the figures should be improved. (Clarification might be needed.) (*2) This is for TS25.211 (*2) 16.2 AdHoe9 Tdoc Title Conclusion b80 Power limits for downlink power control Approved No comments c98 T.P. for modification of downlink power control in soft handover in 25.214 and 25.211 Proposal for change of change of 25.214 on power control Approved rev. ofbl6 (* 1) Approved (*2) Approved revision of d21(b42) (*3) d37 d55 Text proposal for power control Note (* 1) The last sentence in the paragraph which begins with "if DPC_MODE = 1" that is, "As a response, the UTRAN may adjust its transmit power only after receiving the three TPC commands." should be removed. Appendix should be moved to 25.214 because it is directly related to power control. (*2) Approved including the changes regarding the evaluation of power offset as agreement (*3) b42 was covered by d21 and d21 was updated to d55. d55 was approved on Sep. 2. The note < The use or otherwise of AlgoHthm 2 in soft handover is FFS. > was added in d55 was approved with no comments. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010071 16.3 AdHoc3 Tdoc b 19 a94 Title Text proposal for RACH channelization code allocation Conclusion Approved No comments Text proposla for AICH Codewords Approved No comments Approved No comments Approved No comments Approved (* 1) Text proposal for RACH sub-channel definition Text propsal for Dynamic Persistence Part of d07 the RACH Procedure Text proposal regarding power offset between d20 preamble and message part of PRACH d41 dl0 Text proposal on RACH message scrambling Note Approved (* 1) One comment on power offset 16.4 Ad Hoc 8 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes d18 Text proposal for changes to TS 25.231 Approved No comments b 14 Text proposal for Compressed Mode Parameters for GSM Search Approved No comments c83 Text propsal for TS 25.212 Approved No comments Approved (* 1) Approved No comments Approved No comments Approved No comments Use of multiple scrambling codes in compressed mode: text proposal Compressed Mode for FDD-FDD Handover b98 preparation Compressed mode function in multiplexing b99 chain Simulation results for TG position and c57 proposal c95 Text proposal on handover preparation from TDD Approved No comments to GSM "right spreading factor" should be replaced by "spreading factor SF/2" (* 1) - Section 5.2.1 - The purpose of using multiple scrambling codes should be mentioned in the meeting minutes. d62 APLNDC-WH-A 0000010072 16.5 Ad Hoc 1 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes a96 Text proposal for 25.224 Approved No comments b70 Definition of TPC bits in TDD mode Approved No comments Approved No comments Approved (* 1) Approved (*2) c64 a79 d02 Text proposal for TS25.224 Regarding Closed Loop PC in TDD mode Physical Layer Measurements in UTRA TDD mode TDD - Physical Channel Definitions and mapping of Transport Channels onto CCTrCH in TS25.221 -revised b65 Common Channel Terminology in TDD Mode Approved No comments c65 TFCI for Shared Channels in TDD Mode Approved No comments Approved No comments Approved No comments No comments d44 2~clTextInterleavingpr°p°sal: Physicalfor TDDChannel Segmentation and Approved TDD Cell Search and Text Proposals for 25.221, Approved 25.223 and 25.224 Text proposal for TS25.224: "Transmit diversity for Approved SCH" -Revised Version - c59 Operator requirements for UMTS TDD mode Approved (*3) dS0 Importance of TDD mode Approved (*3) b64 c93 c09 a99 Additional Midambles for PRACH in TDD Mode Updated Downlink Shared Channel (DSCH) physical layer signalling with TDD No comments No comments (* 1) Editing details will be seen later. (*2) 6.1 2) DPCH should be replaced by "physical channel" (*3) These are not text proposals and will be presented to the RAN plenary. 16.6 Ad Hoc 5 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes Transport block concatenation and code block Approved segmentation Text proposal for Turbo codes and rate matching in Approved (d56 was postponed.) (*1) d84 TS 25.212, TS 25.222 (rev. of R1-99d56) (*1) Discussed in Day 5 It was pointed out that some editorial modifications should be made in 4.2.6. b32 APLNDC-WH-A 0000010073 16.7 Ad Hoc 16 Tdoc Title Required UTRAN measurements in b22 UTRA/FDD Required UE measurements in UTRA/FDD, b23 revised Additional required measurements in b24 UTRA/FDD b25 Path delay measurement b26 Proposal for new measurement specification c97 Proposal for Restructuring the TDD Parts of the Measurement Conclusion Notes Approved No comments Approved (* 1) Approved (*2) Approved (*3) Approved Appended on Oct. 12, ’99 Approved Appended on Oct. 12, ’99 (*1) Only tables in section 8 will be included to the new stmcture. The earlier part of the document will not be included. In 8.1.3, the row of CPICH should be removed including the note. (*2) - 8.1.8 Note should be removed. - UTRAN transport channel BLER and physical channel BER should be measured after radio link combining in Node B. "in Node B" should be added. - The definition of "Physical CH BER" should be slightly modified. See Ad Hoc 16 report. (c96) (*3) Some changes (modification of tables) are made. See Ad Hoc 16 report. (c96) In that sense c96 should be approved as the text proposal and it was approved. 16.8 Ad Hoc 10 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes b20 Uplink channelization code allocation in UTRA/FDD, revised Approved big discussion a76 Text proposal for TS 25.211 Approved (* 1) Text proposal regarding Multiple Scrambling Approved No comments Codes (rev. of R1-99d51) Text Proposal for 25.213 on the maximal number Not d78 of physical channels for one CCTrCH related with Further discussion needed. Approved spreading factor on DL (Revision of d77) Text Proposal for 25.213 for the conclusion of Partly d79 (*2) AH10 approved (* 1) 5.2.1 "In general, the spreading factor may thus range from 256 down to 4. " should be replaced by "DPDCH spreading factor may thus range from 256 down to 4." (*2) Ad Hoc 4 agreements should be reflected. d83 APLNDC-WH-A 0000010074 16.9 Ad Hoc 15 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes dll Text Proposal for new DL slot structures at spreading factor 256 Approved No comments d17 Common pilot pattern Approved (* 1) Common pilot terminology clarification - a Approved (*2) text proposal Text proposal to fix the CPICH and P-CCPCH Approved d91 channelisation codes (*1) The change to proposal 2 was agreed. (*2) Primary Common Pilot Channel "Assigned channelization code c256,0" should be replaced by "The same channelization code is always reserved for this channel" dS1 16.10 Ad Hoc 17 Tdoc Title 901 Text proposal for LCS Conclusion Approved Notes (Only Section 3) 16.11 Ad Hoc 4 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes d23 Text proposal for new notation in 25.222 Approved No comments b47 Approved No comments Approved No comments d38 Proposal to add 24 bit CRC polynomial Clarifying text proposal for TFCI repetition encoding Text proposal for blind rate detection with flexible positions Approved No comments b33 TFCI mapping Approved No comments Approved No comments Approved No comments Approved No comments b 11 d58 Revised Text proposal for DL rate matching signalling in FDD Revised text proposal for radio frame equalization, 1st interleaving and radio frame segmentation d76 Text proposal for 25.212 (revision of b29) d67 Updated text proposal for restrictions on common Approved (* 1) channels Text proposal regarding TFCI coding for FDD Approved (*2) d69 (rev. of R1-99b61) Text proposal regarding TFCI coding for TDD Approved No comments d70 (rev. of R1-99b62) Revised text proposal for radio frame equalization, 1st interleaving and radio frame segmentation for Approved No comments d87 TDD (25.222) (* 1) Section 6.1 in TS 25.211 should be removed. (*2) The numbering of the channelization code should start from 0 to 15 instead of 1 to 16. d75 APLNDC-WH-A 0000010075 16.12 Ad Hoe 14 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes d71 Proposed CPCH-related changes to 25.214 Approved revision of a73 d94 Proposed CPCH-related insertions into 25.211 Approved b93-)d72-)d94 No comments d95 Proposed CPCH-related changes to 25.213 Approved c66-)d73-)d95 a29 Proposed CPCH channel assignment related changes to 25.211 Approved (* 1) c81 Text proposal for section 7 in 25.214 (rev. 3) Approved (*2) (* 1) This should be applied to TS 25.213 instead of TS 25.211. (*2) 7.1 is Working assumption 16.13 Ad Hoc 12 Tdoc Title Conclusion Notes Text proposal for new downlink scrambling code Approved No comments grouping scheme for UTRA!FDD Proposed P-SCH!S-SCH related text insertions into Not (*1) (including d86) d85 25.213 Approved (* 1) No Ad Hoc recommendations. This should be discussed in the next meeting. b21 16.14 etc Tdoc Title c92 Use of Spreading factor 512 with UTRA FDD c38 DPCH Synchronisation, revised Conclusion Notes This will be discussed in Postponed the next meeting. Approved (Discussed in Day5) (* 1) (* 1) Approved as working assumption. This is in working assumption but the inclusion for the specification documents would be confirmed in the Korean meeting. 17. New contributions and not handled in the respective Ad Hocs earlier. (Time permitting) B 17(corrections to 25.211). Approved with no comments. 18. Fifth Ad Hocs session 19:30 - 22:30 Ad Hoc 4 & Ad Hoc 14 19. Sixth Ad Hoc session 08:00 - 09:00 Ad Hoc 12 APLNDC-WH-A 0000010076 Day 5 (Sep. 3) 23. Approval of the 25.2 documents and technical reports for RAN submission. Tdoc Ver. Proposed for RAN to raise as V. (Note * 1 ) el6 2.3.0 3.0.0 2.3.1 ( Note *2 ) el7 2.4.0 3.0.0 d99 2.1.1 (Note *3 ) el8 2.2.0 3.0.0 25.213 e00 2.2.1 ( Note *4 ) el9 2.3.0 3.0.0 25.214 el5 1.2.2 (Note *5 ) e20 1.3.0 (*) 25.215 d90 0.0.1 ( Note *6 ) e21 0.1.0 (*) 25.221 d88 1.3.1 Approved without comments. e22 2.0.0 3.0.0 25.222 d96 2.1.1 ( Note *7 ) e23 2.2.0 3.0.0 25.223 d89 2.2.1 Approved without comments. e24 2.3.0 3.0.0 25.224 d92 1.1.1 (Note *8 ) e25 2.0.0 3.0.0 25.225 d63 0.0.1 ( Note *9 ) e26 0.1.0 (*) TR d64 0.0.1 (Note *10 ) e40 0.1.0 TS Discussed Tdoc Ver. 25.201 d97 2.2.1 25.211 d60 25.212 Approved Discussions (*) To be discussed in extra meeting in Korea (Note * 1) Reference : Reference to 25.231 should be replaced by 25.215 and 25.225 4.2 1) "fast inner loop" --) "inner loop" (delete "fast") 4.2.5 2) Editor’s Note Physical layer procedures should be removed 4.2.1 Editor’s Note should be removed In Technical Report R1.03, the future release of FAUSCH and the report of multiplexing examples should be added. (Note *2) Editor’s note should be removed. "Preamble (CD-P) of length 4096 chips, a [10] ms DPCCH Power Control 7 2 3.3 Preamble (PC-P) and a message of length Nxl0 ms, where N < = N Max frames. The value of N Max Frames is TBD. " should be replaced by "Preamble (CD-P) of length 4096 chips, a [10] ms DPCCH Power Control Preamble (PC-P) and a message of variable length. " and Editor’s note should be removed. Editor’s note should be removed. Editor’s note should be removed. Figure 14. Editor should make sure that total slot number is 15. Reference [2] T S S 1.02: "UE physical layer capabilities" should be removed. (It does not exist.) /*** paragraph exchanged ***/ It was pointed out that abbreviation of PSCCCH could be removed (for the time being). APLNDC-WH-A 0000010077 (Note "3) Editor’s comment should be made for the missing text proposal (Tdoc d84 "Text proposal for Turbo codes and rate matching in TS 25.212, TS 25.222 (rev. of R1-99d56)" from Samsung is missing. It should be approved the correction in Korea before the RAN. (Note *4) 5.2.1 Paragraph which begins with "The following restriction is set for the combination of SF---" and ends with Table 6 should be removed. The last paragraph "The channelization code for uplink is used to realize---" should be removed. <Editor’s note: it is not standardised how many scrambling codes a UE must decode in parallel.> should be removed. The second sentence which begins with "The modulated DPCCH is mapped to the Q ..... " should be removed. Editor should clarify the notation "16" 8*j + 16" k, where j = 0.. 63 and k= 0.. 7" whether k is multiplied by 16 or 8. (Second line of the p.25) Figure 1 and Figure 2 were deleted. Editor should arrange the Figure numbers. Reference is empty. Current examples or how-to should be removed and references should be made. Definition and Symbols should be defined. 4.3.1 5.2.2 4.2.2 5.2.2 4.2.1 2 3.1, 3.2 Text proposal (Tdoc d71 "Proposed CPCH-related changes to 25.214 (revision of a73)) is missing. Editor should be requested to insert this issue. Chairman’s comment ¯ "Editor inserts that but leaves revision marks for our meeting in Korea for us to see what has been done and check for corrections. and editor puts the note that the "Relations to RACH subchannels" needs to be clarified." 4.5.3 "IA chip during any 10 ms period" in the last paragraph should not be mentioned in WG1 spec. (WG4 matter) "If there is a single active connection and there is an idle period during the reception time of the TPC, the UE should not adjust its transmitter power." should be removed. (*) 4.5.3 b) "To -+ 128 chips" should be replaced by "To -+ [148 chips]" (*) The sentence "The transmitted DPCCH!DPDCH power may not exceed Maximum DL Power dl3m, nor may it be below Minimum DL Power dl3m." should be removed. The sentence in "if DPC_MODE = 1 ", "As a response, the UTRAN may adjust its transmit power only after receiving the three TPC commands." should be removed. Table 4 should be removed. <Note> should be removed. 5.1.1 "Constant value: This value shall be designated via Layer 3 message (operator matter)." should be removed by "Constant value: This value shall be designated via higher layers." (Note *5) Chairman concluded as follows. " We will not remove any of those working assumptions, etc statements in this specification. We will address the selective topics on this document in the meeting in Korea including power control and uplink synchronous transmission. Our aim in the Korean meeting is to have this document as well as measurement documents in shape for RAN submission. For other documents, topics should not be raised in the Korean meeting unless there are some kind of errors and something we need corrections. Regarding the scope for the meeting in Korea, it will be WG1 meeting but focusing only in specific topics around this document and then some clearly needed on some of the packet access items, some of the documents not treated. I will prepare the detailed plan what we are intent to cover in there and then in the actual meeting we will not treat topics that are outside that plan unless there are clearly some clear errors or corrections that is needed in the specifications. They need to be also informed beforehand. They will be treated in the following week meeting in New York. " APLNDC-WH-A 0000010078 (Note *6) 7. h The same table is included in TS25.223, therefore this table should be replaced by the reference to TS25.223. Samsung made one correction in the reference of Tdoc96 (ver 2. h 1) and discussed version became ver. 2.1.2. Samsung made the explanation on the screen. There were some comments made but according to Samsung, they had been already updated in the version in the latest CD-ROM. (Note *7) (Note *8) 4.2 4.3.2 4.5.1 The whole section should be removed and should be noted as study Items. Section 4.3.2 should be removed and should be noted as study Items. "Constant value: This value shall be set via Layer 3 message (operator matter). should be replaced by "Constant value: This value shall be set via higher layers." "Constant value: This value shall be set via Layer 3 message (operator matter)." should be replaced by "Constant value: This value shall be set via higher layers." There are several references which refers to the other specifications directly. The direct reference should be placed in Reference sections. (Note *9) It was pointed out that Section 7.1.4 should be created for "the idle mode measurement" in order for the future use. (it might be useful.) It was agreed. It was also agreed that the same additional section will be created in TS 25.215. (Note * 10) Higher chips rate values should be removed. (Tdoc d64 Items not for inclusion in release -99) V0.1.0 (For information for RAN) APLNDC-WH-A 0000010079 24. Liaison statements approval for the responses (or new liaisons) generated during the meeting. Tdoc Title To: Source el4 Proposed Liaison statement on Physical Layer Service Implementation Capabilities WG2 Samsung d40 Draft answer to LCS liaison WG2 Ad Hoc 17 Approved. c94 Draft liaison statement on simultaneous WG2 Ad Hoc3 AICH and S-CCPCH LS to TSG-R WG4 a~d TSG-T WG1 R-WG4 concerning the changes made to Tx T-WG1 Ad Hoc6 diversity concept in the TSG-R WG1 #7 LS to TSG-R WG2 concerning the changes made to Tx diversity concept in tZ~e TSG-R WG2 Ad Hoc6 WG1 meeting #7 d 13 d5 0 Conclusion (*1) Approved Approved Approved d35 Draft LS to RAN WG2 and WG4 on Measurements Draft LS on power control limits WG2 WG4 WG3 Nokia, Qualcomm Approved Ad Hoc9 Approved d36 Draft LS on outer loop power control WG2 Ad Hoc9 e08 e09 Draft LS on Support of Speech S-WG4 Service in RAN el0 Nortel Approved (*3) Draft LS to $4 Liaison on the removal of superframe concept in layerl S-WG4 Ad Hoc4 WG2 d26 LS on SFN and BCH coding Draft answer to the LS about TDD synchronisation methods d04 Draft LS on layer 1 segmentation e 13 Liaison statement on L1 timing issues e07 Text proposal for Liaison on transport channel multiplexing e28 d68 WG3 Approved (*2) Approved Not Approved (oct.1:, ’99) Approved Ad Hoc 1 Approved Ericsson Approved WG3 WG4 WG 1 Approved WG2 Nokia, Approved Siemens Draft Liaison statement on TFCI WG2 Ericsson Approved mapping (*1) c87 -) d54 -) el4 (*2) 1) D1 should be replaced by DL. (*3) S-WG4 should be informed that we have approved 12 bits CRC. Chairman suggested to add "The details of AMR in TDD has not been covered in full detail in WG1 though many of the points mentioned here are valid for TDD as well." d93 (*4) APLNDC-WH-A 0000010080 Agenda Item 6. Identification of the incoming/liaison statements during the week, Tdoc Title Source Notes c88 LS on the support of different RL DL TX power levels in case of Soft Handover WG3 Ad Hoc 9 chair pointed out that it should be identified as an open Ad Hoc 9 might be able to answer. c89 LS on L1 Timing issues WG3 Tdoc C89 related papers A87 & C38, (answer as Tdoc el3) (*1) Chairman requested Mr. Moulsley (Philips) to make an answer draft. ( answer as Tdoc el2 ) Liaison Statement on the usage of c90 the Physical channel BER as UL WG3 Quality estimate in the UL DCH Frame Protocol on Iub/Iur Liaison on UTRAN Frame c91 WG3 ? Synchronisation model (* 1) Chairman requested Mr. Agin (Alcatel) to make an answer draft. APLNDC-WH-A 0000010081 Annex The Participants List Ammer Asanuma Baker Bang B~ir Barandalla Barberis Barroso Batz Belaiche Benthin Berens Bernocco Bishop Blanz Boumendil Brown Burbidge Cardiff Chaehag Chambers Cheng Name Gerhard Yutaka Matthew Seung-Chan Siegfried Ignacio Marc Christopher Gerhard Vincent Marcus Friedbert Carlo Craig Josef Sarah Tyler Richard Barry Yi Peter Ray-Guang Sungho Cho Jinsung Choi Choi Hokyu Clop Oscar Corden lan Cosimini Peter Czapla Liliana Da Rocha Alexandre Dae Lee Joung Dahlmann Erik De Beneditis Rossella Dick Steve Eiders-Boll Harald Fiorentino Vincenzo Furuya Yukitsuma Futakata Toshiyuki Gautier Cath6rine Gerstenberger Dirk Ghosh Amitava Golitschek Alexander Gollon Sven Gouliaev Alexandre Guiliang Yang Hanaoka Seishi Harada Koichi Company Lucent Technol. Toshiba Philips ETRI Bosch Telefonica I + D Synopsis Lucent Technol. Motorola Mitsubishi Bosch ST Microelectronics Italtel Samsung Qualcomm Nortel Networks Motorola Motorola Nokia Samsung Roke Manor Industrial Technology Research Institute Hyundai LGIC Samsung Motorola Lucent Technol. Vodafone Interdig. Comm Alcatel LG Ericsson Italtel Interdig. Comm Sony Telital S.P.A. Nec Corporation NTT DoCoMo Nortel Networks Ericsson Motorola Panasonic Rohde & Schwarz NIIR CVVTS/CATT Hitachi Ltd. DoCoMo Europe APLNDC-WH-A 0000010082 Harrold Henriksson Heynhold Higashi Hiramatsu Hoffmann HShn Hong Hoshida Hosur Hoynck Ikeda In Lyu Ito Itoh Jang Jechoux JingHao JiJrgensen Kahtava Kang Kanterakis Kasapidis Kato Keisala Kella Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kinjo Kirimura Kistowski Kjum Klein Korpela Kowalewski Krause Krauss Kwon Laumen Le Bars Le Strat Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Levetaille Name Colin Anders Karsten Akihiro Katsuhiko Nicole Voker Een Kee Satoshi Srinath Andreas Shinobu Dug Kenji Katsutoshi Jaesung Xu Jens-Uwe Jussi Heewon Emmanuel Makis Osamu Jyrki Tideya Jung-lm Joe-Heung Beongjo Min-Goo Jaeyoel Shigenori Mat Dirk Ki-Jan Anja Sari Frank JSrn Herbert Sung Lark Josef Philippe Evelyne Jae Yong Chongwon Yu Ro Young Jo Hyeonwoo Dong Do Catharine Company B.T. Telia Bosch NTT Panasonic Bosch Mannesmann DSPC Technologies VLSI Technology Texas Instruments Siemens ETSI LG Siemens Sony Samsung Mitsubishi CWI-S/RITT Sony Nokia Samsung Gold. Brigde Techn. Panasonic Panasonic Nokia Infineon Technol. ETRI ETRI Samsung Samsung Samsung Texas Instruments Japan Radio T-Mobil LG Siemens Nokia Bosch Siemens Philips LG Bosch Canon Nortel Networks Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai LGIC Samsung SK Telecom Nortel Networks APLNDC-WH-A 0000010083 Lez Lim Lopez Loue Ludden Luedtke Mangold Mardani Masahiro Matsui Michel Misra Mochizuki Moon Motebbi Moulsley Murai Nakamura Nakamura Narvinger Nasshan Okumura Okuyama Olofsson Ovesj6 Ozluturk Palenius Park Parsa Pehkonen Perrin Plechinger Purat Robertson Romano Rudolf Schnare Secord Seidel Seifert Senninger Shyy Sommer Song St~hlfj~ll Steudle Sungkwon Suzuki Tanaka Company Samsung Samsung BT plc. Motorola Motorola E-Plus Bosch Lucent Technol. Sony Corporation Nippon Ericsson Siemens Interdig. Comm NEC Samsung Enjitsu Europe Philips Tim Hideshi Mitsubishi Electr. Takaharu Fujitsu Takehiro NTT DoCoMo Per Ericsson Markus Siemens NTT Mobile Yukihiko Communications Network Inc. LSI Logic Nobutaka Henrik Ericsson Fred rik Ericsson Interdig. Comm Fatih Torgny Ericsson Changsoo Samsung Kovrosh Gold. Brigde Techn. Kari Nokia Jean-Hugues Alcatel J6rg Infineon Technol. Marcus Siemens Brett Motorola Giovanni Telecom Italia Mitsubishi Dirk E-Plus Norman Nortel Networks Eiko Panasonic Timo Bosch Christian Siemens Dong Jye CCL/ITRI Volker Siemens YoungJoon LGIC Peter Ericsson Ville Nokia Hong LG Hidetoshi Panasonic Yoshinori Fujitsu Name Kyungtla Chai Man Javier Robert Brendan Gerhard Peter Reza Uno Wataru J(Jrgen Raj Takashi Hichan APLNDC-WH-A 0000010084 Name Torrance Jeffery Toskala Antti Stephen Truelove Tsunehara Katsuhiko 0bel Udo Ukonmaanaho Mauri Ulrich Thomas Virtanen Anu Vishwakarma Ritesh Whinett Nick Wilde Andreas Willenegger Serge Wonho Lee Yamamoto Kazushi Yellin Daniel Young woo Yun Zack Rafael Zeira Eldad Zelmer Donald Company Ubinetics Ltd. Nokia Telecom Modus Hitachi Philips Nokia Siemens Nokia Cadence Design Motorola Nippon Ericsson Qualcom Europe Samsung Mitsubishi Electr. DSPC LG DSPC Technologies Interdig. Comm Bell South Cellular APLNDC-WH-A 0000010085

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