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EXHIBITS re #418 SUPPLEMENTAL MOTION to Certify Class Public Exhibits to Cisneros Declaration, Exhibit U filed byGoogle Inc.. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit 175, #2 Exhibit 186, #3 Exhibit 192, #4 Exhibit 557, #5 Exhibit 597, #6 Exhibit 648, #7 Exhibit 650, #8 Exhibit 651, #9 Exhibit 653, #10 Exhibit 661, #11 Exhibit 872, #12 Exhibit 1868, #13 Exhibit 1869, #14 Exhibit 1870, #15 Exhibit 1871, #16 Exhibit 1872, #17 Exhibit 2735)(Related document(s) #418 ) (Evans, Eric) (Filed on 5/17/2013)

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From: Sent: To: Cc: Subject: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 10:34 PM Berlin, Angela; Brit Wittman; Deborah Murai House; Ellen Swarthout; Frank Wagner; Gene Tate; Helen Hauge; Jeremy Colby; Lisa Yee; Marge Correa; Mason Stubblefield; Mary Beth Towne; Patricia Marshall; McChesney, Patty~;; Sharon Votaw Re: Equity Roundtable: Acceleration for Retirement Mike, Seagate does not accelerate.vesting at retirement. Retirees have 90 days to exercise vested. Jim ******************************************************************** "Namie, Mike" <mike.namie@intel To .com> "Berlin, Angela" No Phone Info <>, Available <Tom>, "Brit Wittman" <brit>, 03/04/2008 08:01 "Deborah Murai House" ยท <>, "Frank AM Wagner" <>, "Gene Tate" <Gene>, "Helen Hauge" <>, "Jeremy Colby" <>, "Jim Johnson" <iim>, "Lisa Yee" <>, "Marge Correa" <>, "Mary Beth Towne" <>, "Mason Stubblefield" <Mason>, "Patricia Marshall" <>, "Sharon Votaw" <>, "Ellen Swarthout" <> cc "McChesney, Patty L" <> Subject Equity Roundtable: Acceleration for CONFIDENTIAL ATIORNEY'S EYES ONLY EXHIBIT 3j24 ~~ '3S GOOG-HIGH-TECH-00480249 )135.) Retirement Hi All , Intel is looking into potentially changing our acceleration rules on options and RSUs for retiring employees. Currently, we only accelerate a portion of unvested options or RSUs depending on specifics of retirement as follows: (a) If you retire at or after age 60 ("Standard Retirement"), you will receive one year of additional vesting from your date of Retirement for every five (5) years that you have been employed by the Corporation (measured in complete, whole years) . No vesting acceleration shall occur for any periods of employment of less than five (5) years; or (b) If, when you terminate employment with Intel, your age plus years of service (in each case measured in complete, whole years) equals or exceeds 75 ("Rule of 75"), you will receive accelerated vesting of any portion of the option that would have vested prior to 365 days from the date of your Retirement. Some are now asking the question of whether we should accelerate all unvested options and RSU as part of retirement, similar to our rules for death or disability. My question to you is what are your current retirement acceleration rules (if any), and have/are you considering changing them. Thanks in advance for your feedback! Mike Namie Senior Compensation Consultant (Global Equity) Intel Corp. office : (480) 554-8465 2 CONFIDENTIAL ATTORNEY'S EYES ONLY GOOG-HIGH-TECH-00480250 )13'3.1...

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