State of Hawaii v. Trump

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MEMORANDUM re 65 MOTION for Temporary Restraining Order [MUSLIM ADVOCATES, AMERICAN MUSLIM HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, MUPPIES, INC., THE NATIONAL ARAB AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, AND NETWORK OF ARAB-AMERICAN PROFESSIONALS' BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER], filed by American Muslim Health Professionals, Muppies, Inc., Muslim Advocates, Network of Arab-American Professionals, The National Arab American Medical Association. (Attachments: # 1 Declaration of Anton A. Ware, # 2 Exhibit 1 - Shutdown Press Release, # 3 Exhibit 2 - Anderson Cooper Interview, # 4 Exhibit 3 - State Rudy Guiliani, # 5 Exhibit 4 - Miller on Fox News, # 6 Exhibit 5 - WaPo Kansas Suspect, # 7 Exhibit 6 - Seattle Kent, # 8 Exhibit 7 - Fire store owner, # 9 Exhibit 8 - WaPo pipe attack, # 10 Exhibit 9 - Spate of mosque fires stretches across the country, # 11 Exhibit 10 - Politico absolute no choice but to close down mosques, # 12 Exhibit 11 - Georgetown Bridge Initiative Trump Cites Flowed Poll, # 13 Exhibit 12 - Republican Candidates Debate in North Charleston, South Carolina, # 14 Exhibit 13 - Transcript Donald Trump's national security speech, # 15 Exhibit 14 - 60 Minutes Trranscript, # 16 Exhibit 15 - Meet the Press, # 17 Exhibit 16 - Presidential Candidates Debates, # 18 Exhibit 17 - Christian Broadcasting Network, # 19 Exhibit 18 - Donald Trump on Twitter defends Muslim ban, calls work a 'horrible mess', # 20 Exhibit 19 - Pew Reseach Center 2016 Refugees, # 21 Exhibit 20 - DJT Tweet, # 22 Exhibit 21 - So called judge tweet, # 23 Exhibit 22 - See you in court tweet, # 24 Exhibit 23 - Sean Spicer press conference, # 25 Exhibit 24 - Stephen Miller key engineer, # 26 Exhibit 25 - Stephen Miller Islamofascism, # 27 Exhibit 26 - Pew Forum, # 28 Exhibit 27 - State Dept Country Report, # 29 Exhibit 28 - DHS, # 30 Exhibit 29 - DOJ Iraqi Kentucky, # 31 Exhibit 30 - Cato, # 32 Exhibit 31 - Lawfare, # 33 Exhibit 32 - Brennan Center, # 34 Exhibit 33 - Letter Former Officials on March 6 EO, # 35 Exhibit 34 - Trump delays new travel ban after well-reviewed speech - CNN Politics, # 36 Exhibit 35 - Families hoping to make the U.S., # 37 Exhibit 36 - Trump Muslim ban is tearing apart families, # 38 Exhibit 37 - Children and Refugees Who Planned Medical Care in the US Stuck After Trump Executive Order - Health News - ABC News Radio, # 39 Exhibit 38 - Trump's Travel Ban, Aimed at Terrorists, Has Blocked Doctors - The New York Times, # 40 Certificate of Service)(Kacprowski, Nickolas) Modified on docket title text on 3/14/2017 (ecs, ).

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EXHIBIT 18 2/16/2017 Donald Trump on Twitter defends Muslim ban, calls world a 'horrible mess' | Metro News This site uses cookies. By continuing, your consent is assumed. Learn more News... but not as you know it 108m shares News Sport Trending Home Trending News UK World Weird Tech Sport Football Rumour Mill PL Table Oddballs Club Metro Entertainment Showbiz TV Film Music Gaming Celebrity Big Brother Soaps Lifestyle Sex Fashion Food Travel Video More Lifestyle Blogs Students Submit stuff Competitions Jobs Property Search Metro Follow us Trump remains defiant over Muslim ban in tweet Simon Robb for 29 Jan 2017 2:32 pm 21 1/15 2/16/2017 Donald Trump on Twitter defends Muslim ban, calls world a 'horrible mess' | Metro News Donald Trump said the country needs ‘extreme vetting’ (Picture: Getty Images) Donald Trump’s Muslim ban has caused controversy around the world since it was unveiled on Friday. Donald Trump attacks 'mess at home and abroad' during rare press conference But despite thousands making a stand across America’s airports – and the US President receiving fierce criticism from abroad – he remained defiant in his latest tweet. Defending his decision, he called the world a ‘horrible mess’ and said the country needs ‘extreme vetting’ of immigrants. He tweeted: ‘Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world – a horrible mess!’ Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Follow Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world a horrible mess! 8:08 AM - 29 Jan 2017 51,419 222,818 In a follow up tweet he said Christians in the Middle East have been ‘executed in large numbers’. 2/15 2/16/2017 Donald Trump on Twitter defends Muslim ban, calls world a 'horrible mess' | Metro News Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Follow Christians in the Middle-East have been executed in large numbers. We cannot allow this horror to continue! 10:03 AM - 29 Jan 2017 60,322 227,762 The President signed the executive order banning all Syrian refugees and temporarily blocking immigrants in seven predominantly Muslim nations from entering the country. Inside the 'Satanic' home where police freed five children from their parents On Saturday, Trump told reporters in the White House’s Oval Office that his order was ‘not a Muslim ban’. But following his latest tweet, people couldn’t disagree more. Alex Zalben @azalben Follow @realDonaldTrump the only mess that's being made is coming from you, breaking apart families and destroying lives. 8:15 AM - 29 Jan 2017 183 2,215 Ken Klippenstein @kenklippenstein Follow @realDonaldTrump you've completely rejected vetting in favor of arbitrary bans 8:09 AM - 29 Jan 2017 47 785 Emma Kennedy @EmmaKennedy Follow @realDonaldTrump last year, 200,000 Americans were killed by air pollution. Chances of being killed by a refugee? 3.4 BILLION to one. 8:09 AM - 29 Jan 2017 325 1,481 3/15 2/16/2017 Donald Trump on Twitter defends Muslim ban, calls world a 'horrible mess' | Metro News Mike P Williams @Mike_P_Williams Follow @realDonaldTrump Your policies, attitude towards human life, families, & innocent people is a horrible mess! May you continue to lose bigly! 8:10 AM - 29 Jan 2017 · Bexley, London 58 798 KWANZA OSAJYEFO @kwanzer Follow @realDonaldTrump Actually LOOK instead of signing whatever your puppeteers give YOU. YOU made this mess. No on else. YOU. #MuslimBan 8:23 AM - 29 Jan 2017 17 142 More Donald TrumpTwitter Petition to have Donald Trump impeached has nearly 1,000,000 signatures The London Dungeon is being slammed for posting really inappropriate Valentine's jokes Donald Trump poses with WWE's McMahon family Nike's new campaign is a stand for equality and it's not messing around 4/15 2/16/2017 Donald Trump on Twitter defends Muslim ban, calls world a 'horrible mess' | Metro News London to host huge screening of The Salesman as Iranian director has boycotted the Oscars Government says Trump should be 'extended full courtesy of state visit' MORE: Searching for ‘tiny hands’ on Twitter gives you Donald Trump’s profile page MORE: People are shamelessly tweeting about how much they change after a job interview MORE: This half onion in a bag has more Twitter followers than all these British politicians Comments (1) 1 Comment Sort by Oldest Add a comment... Grahame Gourlay Whether you love him or loathe him you cannot ignore him. Like · Reply · Jan 29, 2017 12:22pm Facebook Comments Plugin FROM THE WEB Sponsored Links by Taboola This game will keep you up all night! Pirates: Free Online Game Watch: The Next Hot Cash Generating Industry with Donald Trump as President! Finance Spotlight 5/15

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