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MEMORANDUM re 65 MOTION for Temporary Restraining Order [MUSLIM ADVOCATES, AMERICAN MUSLIM HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, MUPPIES, INC., THE NATIONAL ARAB AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, AND NETWORK OF ARAB-AMERICAN PROFESSIONALS' BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER], filed by American Muslim Health Professionals, Muppies, Inc., Muslim Advocates, Network of Arab-American Professionals, The National Arab American Medical Association. (Attachments: # 1 Declaration of Anton A. Ware, # 2 Exhibit 1 - Shutdown Press Release, # 3 Exhibit 2 - Anderson Cooper Interview, # 4 Exhibit 3 - State Rudy Guiliani, # 5 Exhibit 4 - Miller on Fox News, # 6 Exhibit 5 - WaPo Kansas Suspect, # 7 Exhibit 6 - Seattle Kent, # 8 Exhibit 7 - Fire store owner, # 9 Exhibit 8 - WaPo pipe attack, # 10 Exhibit 9 - Spate of mosque fires stretches across the country, # 11 Exhibit 10 - Politico absolute no choice but to close down mosques, # 12 Exhibit 11 - Georgetown Bridge Initiative Trump Cites Flowed Poll, # 13 Exhibit 12 - Republican Candidates Debate in North Charleston, South Carolina, # 14 Exhibit 13 - Transcript Donald Trump's national security speech, # 15 Exhibit 14 - 60 Minutes Trranscript, # 16 Exhibit 15 - Meet the Press, # 17 Exhibit 16 - Presidential Candidates Debates, # 18 Exhibit 17 - Christian Broadcasting Network, # 19 Exhibit 18 - Donald Trump on Twitter defends Muslim ban, calls work a 'horrible mess', # 20 Exhibit 19 - Pew Reseach Center 2016 Refugees, # 21 Exhibit 20 - DJT Tweet, # 22 Exhibit 21 - So called judge tweet, # 23 Exhibit 22 - See you in court tweet, # 24 Exhibit 23 - Sean Spicer press conference, # 25 Exhibit 24 - Stephen Miller key engineer, # 26 Exhibit 25 - Stephen Miller Islamofascism, # 27 Exhibit 26 - Pew Forum, # 28 Exhibit 27 - State Dept Country Report, # 29 Exhibit 28 - DHS, # 30 Exhibit 29 - DOJ Iraqi Kentucky, # 31 Exhibit 30 - Cato, # 32 Exhibit 31 - Lawfare, # 33 Exhibit 32 - Brennan Center, # 34 Exhibit 33 - Letter Former Officials on March 6 EO, # 35 Exhibit 34 - Trump delays new travel ban after well-reviewed speech - CNN Politics, # 36 Exhibit 35 - Families hoping to make the U.S., # 37 Exhibit 36 - Trump Muslim ban is tearing apart families, # 38 Exhibit 37 - Children and Refugees Who Planned Medical Care in the US Stuck After Trump Executive Order - Health News - ABC News Radio, # 39 Exhibit 38 - Trump's Travel Ban, Aimed at Terrorists, Has Blocked Doctors - The New York Times, # 40 Certificate of Service)(Kacprowski, Nickolas) Modified on docket title text on 3/14/2017 (ecs, ).

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EXHIBIT 8 Post Nation By Cleve R. Wootson Jr. March 12 The disturbance at the Middle Eastern restaurant morphed within minutes from bizarre to a violent, one-sided assault. Jason Kendall was walking down State Street about 3 p.m. Saturday when he saw a woman standing inside Al Aqsa Restaurant in Salem, Ore., according to Fox affiliate KPTV. The Mediterranean food joint is a few blocks from the state’s Capitol and Willamette University. Kendall said he thought the woman was being held hostage because “of the type of shirt she was wearing,” the news station reported. He would later tell police that holding women hostage was “what Arabs do.” So he walked into the restaurant and told the woman that she was “free to leave,” according to KPTV. Then he started yelling because he saw a “Saddam Hussein-looking guy” inside the restaurant, according to the Salem Statesman Journal. “Go back to your country, terrorist,” he told the man. “Get out of America.” Local media said employees were able to get Kendall to leave, but not for long. He allegedly returned a few minutes later with a pipe — he told officers that it was his “horn of Gabriel” and that he was walking a “warrior’s path” — and started beating the man who he said looked like Hussein in the head. Police arrived and arrested Kendall, charging him with assault, unlawful use of a weapon and intimidation. He remained in jail on Sunday with bail set at $65,000. According to the Statesman Journal, the intimidation charge stems from Kendall’s alleged threat to inflict injury “based on his perception of the race or national origin of the employee.” Lt. Dave Okada told the newspaper that police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. “These crimes don’t happen very often in our community,” Okada told the newspaper. “Our community really does come together and supports each other.” Kendall is scheduled to appear before a judge on Friday. The incident is one of four suspected hate crimes that have occurred in Salem since Donald Trump was elected president, the Statesman Journal reported. In the month after the election, the Southern Poverty Law Center recorded 1,094 bias-related incidents. Of those, 42 were in Oregon. The group said reports peaked after the election, then tapered. The law center said Trump’s incendiary campaign rhetoric — including talk of a Muslim ban and derogatory statements about Mexicans — have contributed to the increase in hate crimes. In his address to Congress last month, Trump condemned an attack in Kansas City, Kan., in which two Indians were shot, one fatally, by a man targeting Muslims. “Recent threats targeting Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, as well as last week’s shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms,” he said. Read more: Sikh community asks for hate-crime probe after man is told ‘go back to your own country’ and shot ‘Raw hatred’: Vandals break into interracial couple’s home, spray-paint slurs and swastikas White supremacist stabs interracial couple after seeing them kiss at bar, police say ‘I was just reading a book’: Canadian cops called on black man reading C.S. Lewis in his car The Post Recommends S^Uk``Ti k^M `k^U ^`UkBSUkiMq^U S^U^Mf`   ¯kiMkB MT, The Latest on the shooting of a Sikh man in Washington state (all times local): MJh`R [iBk ]iUh`hhMk’Uk^B   R` kl` i\\lf k^M]khBfM MJU\`' `JiUJ^Bh ^B* Concerns over protecting immigrants and religious minorities clashed with the agency’s aim of preventing attacks. ^B] T[U* R` S^Uk``Ti ^U LhBrMh hMõ` ®ifUk [MMi   ®MJU\`' Police in suburban Seattle and the FBI are asking for the public’s help in the shooting of a Sikh man who says the gunman told him to go back to his country. PAID PROMOTED STORIES Recommended by 15 Most Hilarious Windshield Notes You Have to See - You'll Laugh So Hard When You See What You Don't Know About the Deadliest Snake in the World Could Save Your Life Teen Goes Missing After Night Out. But 7 Years Later, Police Uncover Truth. Gloriousa HorizonTimes LifeDaily

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