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MEMORANDUM re 65 MOTION for Temporary Restraining Order [MUSLIM ADVOCATES, AMERICAN MUSLIM HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, MUPPIES, INC., THE NATIONAL ARAB AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, AND NETWORK OF ARAB-AMERICAN PROFESSIONALS' BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER], filed by American Muslim Health Professionals, Muppies, Inc., Muslim Advocates, Network of Arab-American Professionals, The National Arab American Medical Association. (Attachments: # 1 Declaration of Anton A. Ware, # 2 Exhibit 1 - Shutdown Press Release, # 3 Exhibit 2 - Anderson Cooper Interview, # 4 Exhibit 3 - State Rudy Guiliani, # 5 Exhibit 4 - Miller on Fox News, # 6 Exhibit 5 - WaPo Kansas Suspect, # 7 Exhibit 6 - Seattle Kent, # 8 Exhibit 7 - Fire store owner, # 9 Exhibit 8 - WaPo pipe attack, # 10 Exhibit 9 - Spate of mosque fires stretches across the country, # 11 Exhibit 10 - Politico absolute no choice but to close down mosques, # 12 Exhibit 11 - Georgetown Bridge Initiative Trump Cites Flowed Poll, # 13 Exhibit 12 - Republican Candidates Debate in North Charleston, South Carolina, # 14 Exhibit 13 - Transcript Donald Trump's national security speech, # 15 Exhibit 14 - 60 Minutes Trranscript, # 16 Exhibit 15 - Meet the Press, # 17 Exhibit 16 - Presidential Candidates Debates, # 18 Exhibit 17 - Christian Broadcasting Network, # 19 Exhibit 18 - Donald Trump on Twitter defends Muslim ban, calls work a 'horrible mess', # 20 Exhibit 19 - Pew Reseach Center 2016 Refugees, # 21 Exhibit 20 - DJT Tweet, # 22 Exhibit 21 - So called judge tweet, # 23 Exhibit 22 - See you in court tweet, # 24 Exhibit 23 - Sean Spicer press conference, # 25 Exhibit 24 - Stephen Miller key engineer, # 26 Exhibit 25 - Stephen Miller Islamofascism, # 27 Exhibit 26 - Pew Forum, # 28 Exhibit 27 - State Dept Country Report, # 29 Exhibit 28 - DHS, # 30 Exhibit 29 - DOJ Iraqi Kentucky, # 31 Exhibit 30 - Cato, # 32 Exhibit 31 - Lawfare, # 33 Exhibit 32 - Brennan Center, # 34 Exhibit 33 - Letter Former Officials on March 6 EO, # 35 Exhibit 34 - Trump delays new travel ban after well-reviewed speech - CNN Politics, # 36 Exhibit 35 - Families hoping to make the U.S., # 37 Exhibit 36 - Trump Muslim ban is tearing apart families, # 38 Exhibit 37 - Children and Refugees Who Planned Medical Care in the US Stuck After Trump Executive Order - Health News - ABC News Radio, # 39 Exhibit 38 - Trump's Travel Ban, Aimed at Terrorists, Has Blocked Doctors - The New York Times, # 40 Certificate of Service)(Kacprowski, Nickolas) Modified on docket title text on 3/14/2017 (ecs, ).

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EXHIBIT 23 3/13/2017 Sean Spicer press conference - live updates - CBS News WAT C H L I V E NEWS S H OW S VIDEO MORE CBSN LIVE SEARCH CBS NEWS / February 21, 2017, 1:52 PM From 60 Minutes Sean Spicer press conference - live updates Putin critic says he's one of the lucky ones: "I'm still here" Does torture get good intel? Ex-Gitmo detainee says, "No" Tortured at Guantanamo, former inmate finds forgiveness Poisoned again? What 60 Minutes learned about Russia's "love of poison" Viewers react to Marine Le Pen's vision of France White House spokesman Sean Spicer holds a press briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 21, 2017. / REUTERS/CARLOS BARRIA - RTSZOOZ 23 Comments / Share / Tweet / Stumble / Email Last Updated Feb 21, 2017 2:22 PM EST At today’s White House briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer fielded a number of questions on topics including the president’s anti-Semitism remarks, his coming travel ban and immigration enforcement guidelines released by DHS earlier today. play VIDEO Welcome back, Charlie Rose!   8 PHOTOS Skydiving dogs 0:28 CBS News @CBSNews  Here’s the live blog below. The president looks forward to working with partners in NATO to achieve our shared objectives, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said in remarks before taking questions from the White House press. Most Discussed WikiLeaks posts trove of CIA documents detailing hacking tools 3296 COMMENTS 1/6 3/13/2017 Sean Spicer press conference - live updates - CBS News President and the press Asked about the president’s comments slamming the press as the enemy of the people, Spicer said that he thought the president was very clear that certain outlets have “gone out of their way to not be completely accurate and fair in their coverage of what’s going on.” GOP scores wins as it advances health bill to replace Obamacare 1959 COMMENTS Lawmakers demand evidence for Trump's wiretap claim 1852 COMMENTS U.S. attorney in New York says he was fired 1481 COMMENTS EPA chief says carbon dioxide not main cause of global warming   2075 COMMENTS New Fire TV App 0:21 CBS News @CBSNews  On the president’s recent discussion about the North Korean missile test with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and the appropriateness of the discussion in the dining area at Mar-a-Lago, Spicer said that to see people jump to that conclusion that it was classified materal is “disheartening.” Travel Ban We’re confident we’ll prevail in the courts, Spicer said. Until that occurs, though, we’ll have a dual track and have been consulting with DOS and DHS. Later in the briefing, Spicer said that the White House would not rescind the existing executive resc order. 1:57 p.m. Margaret Brennan asks about the Anne Frank Center’s comment that Mr. Trump’s remarks on anti-Semitism today merely provided a “bandaid on the cancer of anti-Semitism” within the Trump administration. The president has made clear that he’s the one who seeks to unite this country, Spicer said. He has been very forceful with his denunciation of people who attack because of their hate of people based on their skin color, race, gender. He’s been very clear previous to this that he wants to bring this country together and not divide people. Trade 2:04 p.m. We’re going to look throughout the trade agreements that we have with countries to make sure they’re up to date. He wants to review every trade deal. NSC NSC meeting today -- Is this the first meeting? No, it’s just a routine meeting with the staff, Spicer said. When will the first meeting of the NSC be? Gen. McMaster just got here around noon today, so we’ll give him a few days, Spicer said. Joint address President Trump will talk about what he promised during the campaign and what he’s done, Spicer said. He’ll address the challenges in cities, health care, education 2/6 3/13/2017 Sean Spicer press conference - live updates - CBS News -- where he’s taking this country and why he’s going to enact the policies he’s going to enact. Gendered bathrooms 2:08 p.m. The president believes this is a states’ rights issue, not the federal government. not something the federal government should be involved in. DHS memos What the order sets out today deals with the million or so people who have been adjudicated by ICE -- the people who threaten public safety or have a criminal record will be dealt with first. These people have already gone through due process.  0:08 CBS News @CBSNews  The president has said we have to look at this in a holistic way, Spicer said. ICE and CVP have been handcuffed. The last administration had so many carveouts, it was hard for them to do their jobs, Spicer explained. DACA / Dreamers 2:13 p.m. The president has made clear when you have 12-14 million undocumented people in the country. DACA, DAPA recipients are not the subject of what is being dealt with now. Anyone here illegally is subject to removal, but the priority through DHS guidance is to make sure people who are criminals are removed first. The priority is to make sure law enforcement has the resources they need to carry this out.   0:20 CBS News @CBSNews  3/6 3/13/2017 Sean Spicer press conference - live updates - CBS News John Kasich’s dinner with the president Gov. Kasich has reached out to the president, and the president has shown he wants to meet with anyone who can help move the country forward. If there’s common ground, great. So many of the president’s issues are issues that Ohio is dealing with. Kasich asked for the meeting, Spicer said. The two are scheduled to have dinner later this week. African American History Museum It was a very eye-opening and powerful tour for the president. He wanted to come back, Spicer said, because you can’t do it justice in just one visit. Spicer also talked about the unique experience for the president of seeing the exhibit about Dr. Carson with Ben Carson and his wife. The president looks forward to his upcoming meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus, Spicer also said, in response to a question from American Urban Radio’s April Ryan. DHS memos Are you preparing for the legal battle brewing over today’s immigration-related orders? We have done a phenomenal job of working with DHS and DOS to work through any concerns the courts may have, Spicer told reporters. A dual track is something we want to pursue to keep the country safe. Q: OMB preparing budget that eliminates EX-IM Bank? I can confirm that he’s working on a budget, talking with Congress, but we’re not at a position to go yet. DACA What it means is that this particular enforcement - implementation of order tasking agencies under DHS to address specific problem of those who have been adjudicated. This order does not address DACA, said Spicer. Undocumented who have been here for 10-15 years The president has said before he’s got a big heart. He understands the plight of some of those individuals. He understands the impact it has on many families and communities. Russia Q: doesn’t talk tough enough on Russia. What different tenor should be expected? There is widespread praise for McMaster, the new national security adviser. But the president will be the decider. If he can get a deal with Russia, he’ll try to do it. He understands if he can find common ground on fighting ISIS, growing the economy, he’ll try. If it’s in the interest of the United States, he’ll get a deal, Spicer said. He’ll have whatever he needs to implement a successful team. Adm. Harward wanted this job, but during the course of discussions, he said he had to address financial and family concerns. I talked to him again Saturday night. I would urge people to actually talk with him. We gave out his contact information. All of the rumors about the discretion he would have over the staff are “a hundred percent false,” Spicer said. I’ve talked to him several times. The president was ultimately very impressed with Gen. McMaster. He’s got full authority to structure the team the way he wants, the president said. He will have 100 percent control over the National Security Committee, and he will stay on active duty. 4/6 3/13/2017 Sean Spicer press conference - live updates - CBS News © 2017 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. 23 Comments / Share / Tweet / Stumble / Email . Sponsored Links by Taboola The Sweatshirt Designed by an Apple Engineer That's Bringing Manufacturing Back to America Business Insider | American Giant Harry's Releases New Blade, Keeps Price at $2 Harry's The Most Addictive Game Of The Year! Forge Of Empires - Free Online Game S HOW 23 COMME NT S + Featured in Politics Popular . Sponsored Links by Taboola No-Show Socks With "Stay-Up" Technology Cool Mom Picks | Bombas Socks I Never Run Out Of Tasty Snacks: Here's How Popdust For NatureBox Key Trump surrogates once led fight vs. WikiLeaks and Assange The Amazing Science Behind an AncestryDNA Test Revealed Several had harsh words for them, including Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Rep. Peter King and former CIA Director James Woolsey There Are 7 Types of Irish Last Names Which One Is Yours? Ancestry Ancestry 29 Dogs That Will Fight For Your Life PetBreeds — By Graphiq 'Dog Whisperer' Faces Cruelty Probe Reuters TV Living Bold With Psoriasis 25 things you still don't know about Barack Obama Just how many almonds does he really eat, anyway? Howdy Pilgrim, Can You Pass the John Wayne Movie Quiz? 5/6 3/13/2017 Sean Spicer press conference - live updates - CBS News CBS Interactive Follow Us Site Map Privacy Policy Facebook Help Contact Us Ad Choice Terms of Use Twitter RSS CBS Bios Careers CBSi Careers Internships Development Programs Mobile User Agreement About CBS Advertise Closed Captioning CBS News Store Email Newsletters YouTube CBS Radio News CBS Local Copyright © 2017 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Search... 6/6

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