Spreadbury v. Bitterroot Public Library et al

Filing 261

Statement of Undisputed Fact re: 259 MOTION for Summary Judgment DEFENDANT LEE ENTERPRISES INC'S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A - Aff of Backus - Newsworthy, # 2 Exhibit B - Petition to Ravalli County, # 3 Exhibit C - Pl to Messina (10-19/2007), # 4 Exhibit D - Pet Recall Sheriff Hoffman, # 5 Exhibit Pet Recall Ravalli Co Attorney Corn, # 6 Exhibit F - Ltr Pl to McCulloch (2/10/2009), # 7 Exhibit G - Ltr Commrs to Pl (2/17/2009), # 8 Exhibit H - Ltr PL to McCulloch w Recall Pet, # 9 Exhibit I - Ltr Kimmet to PL (3/13/2009), # 10 Exhibit J - Ltr Quintana to PL (3/23/2009), # 11 Exhibit K - Ravalli Republic Article (2/19/2009), # 12 Exhibit L - Blog Bitterroot Rising (2010), # 13 Exhibit M - Blogger User Profile, # 14 Exhibit N - Crystal Cox Blog (2011), # 15 Exhibit O - Blog - Ravalli Co Sheriff Dept (8/8/2009), # 16 Exhibit P - Crystal Cox Blog (2012), # 17 Exhibit Q - Library Thing, # 18 Exhibit R - Spreadbury Youtube MT, # 19 Exhibit S - Ravalli Republic Article (11/3/2009), # 20 Exhibit T - Find My Threat Story (11/17/2011), # 21 Exhibit U - Ravalli Republic Article (6/9/2010), # 22 Exhibit V - USDC Complaint (7/30/20100, # 23 Exhibit W - Aff Backus (Standard of Care), # 24 Exhibit X - Aff Devlin (4/2/2012), # 25 Exhibit Y - Bitterroot Rising Archives (2010)) (Smith, Jeffrey)

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EXHIBIT L Michael Spreadbury - Crystal Cox Blog Exposing Montana Corruption.: Bittenoot Rising,.. Page I of 4 Share Report Abuse Next Blog> Create Blog Sign In Mishffi&[ $preadbury il Crystal Cox Bl0g Hxpo$ing Montana CorrLEption. xnt* n*t publirhed elsewhers abqwt" *ivil rights, a*rcupti*n"and things w4 never thoughtwould happen in the United $tates. Tfiey kappen i* Mantana Home I The Economy of Corrupt Political Subdivisions $aturday, January 7 ,2412 Bitterroot Rising Archives - the Real News Regarding Hamilton Montana posted by Investigative Journalist Grystal L. Cox http://www.michaelspreadbury.coml20l2l0llbitterroot-rising-archives-real-news.html 3ll4l20l2 Michael Spreadbury - Crystal Cox Blog Exposing Montana Corruption.: Bitterroot Rising... Page 2 of 4 -*!'1.; 3": i )\g :[ w 4 Il* frrr lrm $;ggg6$gggftJgflftr'Ai* n?, f€C ri|1ii{; trfu .t dtrt1Rt rtr lxr,/i H !ii,4 e,l!{! *rtiitril{ ',.!kfa{rri.1 &e4#*isir{, 1{* ani\r1tf!lrn1}, lqzro6{. #ilJ{rt1 slri{$l{x (llNl{iitq ll?a rt'rxddrl*i"ln. & tlr{*l ,d d , t1''|(r| { r:t{'i,Ikt li&|.}.}."\ ?rlll lil 1} ,lt I (nd Hf,+. l, ilrlti trii} rlt(rii*9! llr# Sftu lkt'r irtsrlt$ll''. . ..*r{d }te lF lll. itlrt I t.i rrLv t: A&inii,.r''.]fft/'#Y].{li|l{l4r!rf3lf{rsvF|1.^rl|']|n'ig$tiqJr'l'?l'&'f.i'l.f^'l'tt'n9'|k]r*dll..*tr4.A|?3"rr'ril'l'.,.!diy* tlai|}r'd1 t* lv{l€t: ll"*1.1 I{x ! tr} v4}qat tti{r) 1l,t ll:, 'F! rd a {rr4lri .d tl}{, llg {:rqrttrt*flr ?{ r'{lt( fid {t$it.(?{fi tsl Brorri. {t?lwq l - tr ?r( Itv fe$b &t Rn€li Csrffly X'(}lO tnrrdltbr lHnrrt *,rk*s$td44"t1,e4; t;:'t ".;, r !jriliir rrx){ lJr5{tr,l A!1.h,! j Posted by Crystal L. Cox at 11:41 AM ;A Reconrmend thi$ sil oooale Labels: Sitter*oi Ftisirrg http://www.michaelspreadbury.coml2012l0llbitterroot-rising-archives-real-news.html 3n4/2012 Michael Spreadbury - Crystal Cox Blog Exposing Montana Corruption.: Bittenoot Rising... Page 3 of 4 Home Newer Post Older Post ilrr 6f (}Rce WAS}tINilTON Uff I VT RSI TY LTG.A'* NOTICE; The Authors specifically invoke the Firci Am*ndnrent rights of freedom *f speech and r.rf tho prs$$, wilhcul prejudine, on this website, this Blog The infcrmation posted on lhls websii* is published {or inf*rrnational purp*s*s only under the rights guaranteeei by th* First Amendment of the Canstitution fsr the unrted states of Ameri*a. lmages, text and logic are copyright pr*t*cted. Thls is My ftlog, my Opinion, My "Pt:!pit", My "$oapbox".. http://www.michaelspreadbury.coml2012l0llbitterroot-rising-archives-real-news.html 3n4t20t2 Michael Spreadbury - Crystal Cox Blog Exposing Montana Comrption.: Bittenoot Rising... Page 4 of 4 Blog Cases www,TaubmanSucks,com a Lawsuit about a *Sucks.com ... http://www.goldmansachs666.com/ Mike Morgan BLOGGER and industry Insider Was Sued by Goldman Sachs for Telling the TRUTH and Goldman Sachs (Billionaires) Lost. City of Hamilton RavalliCounty MT Justice Archives Y 2012 LEGAL NOTICE: (3) The Authors specifically invokes the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press, without prejudice' on this website' this Blog' (1) V January (2) t" February FRAUD at Rocky Mountain Lahs Bitterroot Rising Archives - the Reai Regardi. .. News The information posted on this website, this blog is published for informational purposes only under the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution for the united states of America. lmages, >2011(7)textand|ogicarecopyrightprotected. > 2010 (2) This is My Btog, my opinion, My "Putpit", (5) F 2009 My "Soapbox",. This Blog is NOT Owned, Controlled or Contributed to By Michael Spreadbury, Hamilton Montana. Awesome Inc. template. Powered by Blogger http://www.michaelspreadbury.coml2012l0llbitterroot-rising-archives-real-news.html 311412012

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