City of Winter Haven v. Cleveland Indians Baseball Company Limited Partnership

Filing 295

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US District Court Middle District of Florida PLAINTIFFS' EXHIBIT Exhibit Number: 1 6 . 2 3 6:06md01769ACCDAB In Re: Seroquel Products Liability Litigation Date Identified: Date Admitted: Exhibit 16.23 Jaffe.Jonathan From: Sent; lo: Cc: Subject: Dupre,Andrew[] Wednesday, June20,20074:10PM PedersonMike;Rhonda , Radliff Brown, Makenzie; Daniel Jaffe, \Mnchester, Tony;Freebery, JamesJ.; Wndfelder, Jonathan; RE: Database Discussion of i.e. Mike,whatdo you meanby "Documentation is readilyavailable", the last3 columns the sheet? that A ndr ewS. Dupre,Esq. & M cC ar t er English,LLP 405 North King Street8th Floor I Wi l m i ng ton,Delaware 980I P h o n e302-984-6328 : I F a x :302-984-031 ---Original Message--Mike[] From: Pederson, June20,2007 1:36 PM Sent Wednesday, Radliff To: Dupre,Andrew;Rhonda Cc Jaffe,Jonathan Discussion Subject: Database Andrew, yesterday, would we in. we I havesentyou a spreadsheetof the datahases are interested As we discussed some contains your production. spreadsheet The we can prioritize few questions before liketo havea answered to yesterday. we explained, feelwe needanswers someof thesebasic questions discussed we we As of the as if questions For of beforeyou sta( production any databases. example, we knowthe sizeof a database, doesnot I the that compared otherdatabases, will helpus prioritize production. knowthe sizeof a database to on alwaysmeanit can be donefaster,butthiswill tell us something howlongit mighttaketo produce. for all Furtherand as we discussed,we don'twantto wait untilyou havegathered the information all the , databases beforeyou get backto us.The ideawas to do a surveyof whatyou can getyour handson in a few you take.I wouldaskthatbefore sendthisoutto d a y sandthenlet us know,so we canseehowlongthismight you mighthavebeforetalkingto yourside. yourgroupyou give me a call,so I can clearup anyquestions This email messagefrom the law firm of McCarter & English, LLP is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s)and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intendedrecipient, pleasecontact the senderby reply email(or helpdesk@mccarter,comand destxoyall copies of the original message. ) 65 > $t t.$ Fri l$*i $i q E F} $ $ $l : I cl E $ I g g i! I 4 J lrt o itl u,l z ul 5 o 2 E X u,l f o E E ; 2 3 ttt s lt, f UJ al o" Y o o F ,t u z E

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