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E X H I B I T 1 Educational Understanding and 8070 Psychology Adult Learning Facilitating Semester 2009 Fall Dr Daphne Greenberg Room 896 College of Education Instructor Office 404-413-8337 Telephone Email email Office use to only me through ULeam Hours Tuesdays 215 PM- 315 Class Location and or emergencies-otherwise by appointment College of Education Bldg 896 PM Times 430 Class PM attachments for Class Computer 700 until PM 81609 Framework Unit Conceptual Leadership and Focused Scholarship on Learning and Development OVERVIEW adult This course key issues and an introduction to the an appreciation of the heterogeneity is prominent of theories learning OBJECTIVES Students will develop Students will be introduced adult to adult of adult issues related developmental learners how and to they relate to learning Students will Students will learn adult regarding examine critically to theories communicate learning and issues both orally and adult learning information in writing theory FORMAT OF COURSE The format of course will include this PROFESSIONAL BEIIAVIOR includes issues of conduct Bulletin Students related and to and cheating academic material Duplicating is felony cases one Professional behavior also which disrupts the to policy to it and those including submissions action will selling be such gift as and College of Education multiple seriously work students all in the Bulletin interacting student is theft class but includes or pages Defendants is with instructors behavior both on to include Disruptive and unreasonable personal phone calls of copying and or accepting Disruptive behavior in the group by prosecution learning environment Such and is illegal appropriately educational process repeated obscenities making/receiving subject includes GSU defined by the instructor threats is stated small expected collaboration honesty are taken Purchasing such material all classroom or other unauthorized materials copyrighted receiving In students According honesty is honesty as described follow the policies of academic plagiarism Violations initiated to and discussion behavior Professional academic are required class lecture is student and other behavior and off-campus locations behavior for this purpose not limited interference during class in to verbal is or physical with class discussion leaving and entering class Exhibit Szi -I GaStateOO6623l ESQI IRE Exhibit 1 - 1 in frequently absence the of notice and persisting circumstances members For purposes to exhibit student in disruptive this policy In inappropriate addition inform the student DISABILITIES or other of class student to see and me related optiQns with Students disability Services require first behavior for toward the demonstrates disruptive that or behavior was the incident the written will notification documentation will instruction modify You classes to university or need registered expectations you must make accommodations two weeks of must be accommodations requiring before special within the who class behavior inappropriate notification to the disabilities make arrangements according can the documenting of Disability with the Office appointment to of his/her with other be considered disruptive also may extenuating conversations personal behavior will be given written unprofessional you have it or other illness of intimidating threatening or classmates outside instructor that of instructor to If an to self-identify so policy REQUIRE READINGS There are three required sets of readings Text Merriam San Francisco edition 2007 Baumgartner Caffarella Learning Jossey Bass hereafter cited as in Adulthood 3111 Merriam Book Review Text 2005 King Bringing Transformative Malabar Florida to Life Learning Krieger Publishing Company two These the GSU texts are available Pullen Library hours for reserve in the time Only one copy at bookstores and Georgia State University note that students Please allowed to access are book of each is available on reserve books through the at from GSU the Pullen Library ERes Library Readings reserves Articles system for this See page RECOMMENDED TEXT manual of the American course are available 11 on-line GSU through the Pullen for instructions American Psychological Psychological Association 2001 6th Ed. Washington Association Publication DC Author REQUIREMENTS Students are expected will come prepared students find discouraged know class if and it to useful to bring the if you are will assigned readings is it be absent going to be absent grade will be lowered by one in participate assigned readings the however sometimes why you and attend to discuss unavoidable all classes Although to class Please It is Absenteeism email me/call you PRIOR permitted three EXCUSED expect to hear from You FULL are letter grade if that expected you not required many you miss more than is me strongly to to the let start absences classes me of Your in the GaStateOO66232 Exhibit 1 - 2 semester Missing withdrawal more or from the class class Chronic other commitments tardiness two It is are this that expected honesty without adhere will papers adhere to expected to the missed it is being tardy or decision appropriate YOUR is for to responsibility submissions written to APA available by use of form after preparation final Edition 6tht Georgia State University This policy exception in most you have If classes missing the is whole one missing in class Hand be double-spaced will to marked absences class is or administrative an incomplete equivalent frequently you missed assignments will be submitted All written word processor and students you of or an entire class classmate to fmd out what accepted in taldng whether is result in to will necessitate you may want to reconsider you at this time If portion contact half classes accumulate may that will result in either classes Missing on-line will NOT be guidelines All on academic policy at httpI/ of the policy Violation accordance ULearn 11 page will with University student Every On facilitation is to required students me You assignments or direct link can email messages to the authorities in Policy also An ULeam web logon to the basis you are expected weekly to the appropriate immediately information about announcements to receive as be reported to check the read student the utilize electronic highlights of this for this and syllabus is see course readlpost ULeam email system on version for this class page ULearn page send fellow to as included well ERes readings ASSIGNMENTS Reaction Weekly we While are the readings information that no more than the beginning prior you is contained in the readings of each is is log wili result in Please do not forget each entry do not want me to place you the actively include to your name summarize learners will also be graded for the you wish to explain accuracy class titles for these write is to up why you appropriateness agree and or at unless if therefore days Any unexcused late grade of reading assigmnents on want you is logs Make readings page readings readings Absence material nor do plan to utilize an idea in your practice helps you to understand yourself as an adult You may discuss submitted will receive not date and the The purpose your log What is how you knowledge logs in approximately we that pm on that log thought about the assigned assigned readings week the assigned your log by lower grade paraphrase the assigned reading you have discuss should be logs in the not an excuse for not submitting the log and should email of or we class before granted absent you reaction The pages and should be handed permission are reaction week you are required to submit log on week You are expected to include something from all week The purpose of the log is to help you actively process the 1-5 each assigned for the readings for the required 1-5 Log for Topics covering topics for you to just to sure to refer to you however how learner or disagree your each one that of some examples particular or quote show me of piece students as adult with something timeliness They are worth The 10% of your grade GaStateOO66233 Exhibit 1 - 3 of Class Discussion Facilitation Each Description that article see or By 28th reading you selected Your By students submit before pm hard copy before based on the topic your presentation me You and list if you do between will not be your will following complete you want that question have ma the and an electronic is it copy to okay ERes the article In of other read by the class After making the of the article using or points Your CLEAR including This facilitation is power on S-minute discussion entire presentation enforced strictly an electronic copy for 10-minute presentation and article then lead the class in 10 minutes this will be see below the discussion facilitate your one posted on ULearn question that you have one provide the class with will discuss you You assist will you relate to the article section form and it the an outline of your presentation publication with the bridge will you should take assigned article class me submit to to starting slides to which the access your assigned date in outline BEFORE words how does your connection for and article you can the facilitation your assigned date additional article of the title date on ULeam in will you of the actual the be assigned will about to think and details me sure that Sunday On point email please make of your article key points citation your of course facilitation to post responsibility reading from ERes of an assigned list about an discussion for facilitating the reference please from it it You to committing from outline August be responsible will has selected s/he topics student discussion worth 20% of your final grade Please use handouts this take 10 minutes should presentation time limit to is few us try to save let sparingly practice making good way to Your trees make entire prior to coming your presentation within sure that you keep to class Research Proposal Write 5-10 page research proposal on an aspect of your choosing 1-5 from topics Your proposal should include BRIEF literature minimum included be review to provide literature of THREE in the sure to body follow of your paper APA Summary of your research that question Study Proposal analyze the data possible NOT readings the context minimum of review needs to include ONE reading study included in the syllabus All references and as part of reference This from the syllabus list at the end and need to be of your paper style few sentences review literature has been followed by the SPECIFIC generated for you Describe your participants collected implications of your proposed Describe possible of the different types materials procedures limitations you of results you foresee and how you will with your study and may obtain Due Dates Proposed general Proposed specific Research question October topic September aspect and October proposed 2009 2009 list of references that will be included in paper 27 2009 GaStateOO66234 Exhibit 1 - 4 November due is Project Reflection on Adult This reflection the is in of your on the learning and Topic Your reflection points of each of what comparison is discussed in Topic your view of adult share 8-10 pages between grade theories summary of key be final Theories Learning based covered subjects 10 2009 20% This proposal will reflect should cover paper Select at learning This paper the of least should following theory theories in the different highlighted your agreements/disagreements with the theories of your examples feel Reference to at conclusion theories This refection to that is of Dont words 2009 author is 1-5 that 30% book learning If page been defmed and relate to your reflection from each of the chosen of your grade to Learning Guidelines Lj for writing date page publisher publication ISBN number at the beginning of your paper Make sure to cover the key points for the entire book Comment on Kings writing style-for example is she concepts/terms and clear review the number price Are understandable well Has your understanding of developed you learning worth Transformative this which learners theory of adult and review of title those of your adult you would choose points theory Bringing write to write forget your own the from topics what depicts Kings or less or learning readings December due 1000 adult for or against least develop Book Review In own provide evidence transformative enhanced FEW SHORT you want use number in parentheses Do you recommend quotes book Why/why this to make your not If points dont you recommend it forget who to give the should read it Do you agree Comment on with Kings not Why/why viewpoints the appendices-are not helpful-why/why they Due Date December 2009 This proposal will reflect Note Jam narratives these drafts willing to multiple but for doing them you 20% of your review drafts of times will until or deducted points grade assignments from outlines all two weeks not be graded final before on these the due drafts date and will to fully will give written you feedback not receive extra on credit for not doing them GaStateOO66235 Exhibit 1 - 5 SUMMARY OF IMPORTANT email of Facilitations August it selected Proposed general October Proposed specific Research paper November December aspect and Proposal class proposal of research of 2009 September proposal list proposed November on November of Class Last Day reading you 2009 October references that will 24 in 10 2009 2009 December Thanksgiving 2009 on Adult Learning Theories and book review Reflection be included 27 2009 October No from which and of research topic question Research title 28 2009 August September article DATES are due GRADING 10% of class grade will be based on the reaction logs 20% of class grade will be based on the facilitation 20% 30% 20% of class grade will be based on the research Letter grades will be calculated proposal of class grade will be based on the Reflection on Adult Learning Theories paper of class grade will be based on the book review Letter according to the following criteria Percentage Grade Score below See 95% 93 9092% 8789% 8386% 8082% 7779% 7376% 7072% 6069% A- B- C- 60% NOTE In this class CONDITIONS will score of be award an is possible MET submitted assignments numerical ARE it obtain an Numerical score of and above NOT FOLLOWING above AND IF TIlE 96% on time and no more than one 96% and to and absence all If student receives but does not meet the other stated criteria s/he an GaStateOO66236 Exhibit 1 - 6 Outline of Course Note in the order not attached are on as indicated At section end the each to of each class the readings reading You outline this per class For the second readings first dates Specific can the five to up assigned readings under will an announcement class approximately anticipate read please follow will however be made about the the next set of readings Research Considerations ERes 01 Caskie and development 70 New York ERes 02 Deshler 611 San Francisco ethical and in the field and improving quality Lawrence Eribaum Associates 2009 2009 ERes 05 Cole The Handbook 52- construction of knowledge politics adult of Many The from the field defining ERes 04 Cohen vp and Learning Adult Development 2000 Eds Tales research quality for adult and continuing education In pp.592- Jossey Bass 2007 ERes 03 Greenberg issues methodological Press University E.R Hayes Ed. Hoare learning In Oxford Grudens-Schuck A.L Wilson design and 2006.Researeh Willis in of adult literacy forms of culture and American research in and challenges Ed Belzer In bask education adult Intersectionality struggles Mahwah pgs.53-67 Psychologist of conducting Toward NJ 64 194-204 American Psychologist psychology 64 170-180 Learning Environments Merriam Learning Environments 2006 ERes 06 Taylor Learning Concepts Informal adult leaning and Chapter everyday pages 27-52 literacy practices Journal of and Adult Literacy 49 500-509 Adolescent ERes 07 Tallent Rurmels 2006 Liu and Educational M.K Thomas J.A Lan Teaching Research W.Y Ahem T.C Shaw S.M Cooper review of the research Review online courses of 76 93-135 Participation Merriam Adult Learners ERes 08 Rubenson Giancola model Participates Desjardins to participation ERes Who in adult Grawitch for adult and Why 2009 Chapter The impact of welfare education Adult Education Borchert students Adult Education pages 53-78 2009 Quarterly Dealing state regimes on barriers 187-207 with the stress of college Quarterly 59 246-263 GaStateOO66237 Exhibit 1 - 7 ERes 10 Buehl students domain-specific Research ERes Journal 11 majors Educational Attitude Committee of and profiles differences performance American in Educational 2007 Women Darlington and of research synthesis 1994 theory from to in computer- 2005 Review of 77 500-533 Dew Bakeman Subcommittee Survey Motivation belief epistemological Scheckler critical Research ERes 12 Talburt 2005 42 697-726 Allen Singh related P.A Alexander 2005 LGBT Campus Taylor Greenberg Report submitted to the Cultural Report Diversity Senate of Georgia State University the University Development Merriam Adult Development ERes Chapter 12 pages 298-324 Thompson D.N Zabrucky K.M 2005 Sensory and In 0-S Tan S-H Seng Eds Enhancing 13 Cognitive Adulthood pp Applications across contexts ERes Lineweaver 14 across the Berger are lifespan 275-298 Expectations by aging stereotypes impacted about memory in functions Asia McGraw-Hill 2009 Hertzog Development itive cogn Psychology change and Aging 24 169- 176 ERes 15 Cavallini beneficial Vecelii Pagnin of effect memory training Aging and everyday memory The Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 37 241- 2003 257 Merriam Cognitive Merriam and Intelligence 16 Ed. Adult $ducational Tennant J.J American 14 pp Conceptions groups New pages 325-3 Chapter 13 58 pages 359-390 The development Psychology 2003 ethnic Adulthood Aging Chapter 2008 ERes ERes 17 Arnett in Development 9-23 of identity in the adult Amsterdam Rotterdam of the transition Directions to Athanasou years In Sense adulthood among Publishers emerging for Child and Adolescent Development adults 100 in 63- 75 The Development ERes 18 of Expertise Bamer Stevens-Long learning The pp 455-4 role of doctoral 75 New York 2005 study In Advanced avenues Hoare Oxford University Ed. in adult development Adult Development and and Learning Press GaStateOO66238 Exhibit 1 - 8 ERes 19 Pages 83-108 in ERes 20 Ruth-Said 2007 Tisdell phenomenological The trouble The of learning role Adult Education The meaning Adult Education study 2009 Ekes 21 Grenier docents 2004 Labaree New Haven ed schools with Yale Press University use of intuition in novice nurses and 115-140 Quarterly 57 in the in of expertise development museum 142-157 Quarterly 59 Learning 2006 ERes 22 Tennant Learning ERes 23 Kratzing G.P proficiency Educational ERes 26 Crisp Social J.M Fox When two heads Garcia and Personality ERes 29 Burger its 25-70 Psychologist Merriam Knowless Merriam Self-Directed Social of adult Can imagined are worse Schwarz learning 98 238-246 Psychology Routledge Chapter interactions Ed. Athanasou learning In Amsterdam produce Adult Publishers Sense perceptions positive Psychology Replicating in individual Confidence than one Journal Miller repetitive D.T voice 2007 can sound and group of Educational Inferring like decision of an the popularity chorus 96 Psychology Journal of 92 821-833 Milgram Would people still obey today American 64 1-11 and Andragogy Learning Models Chapter of Adult Learning pages Merriam Experience and Learning Chapter Merriam Embodied and style learning London Rotterdam 2004 familiarity 2009 Chapter 64 231-240 Psychologist opinion from learning of Educational adult psychology pp 2009 Turner ERes 28 Weaver Perceptual Journal and Psychology ERes 27 Puncochar making 582-591 Routledge 106 Psychology R. American 93- 2008 ERes 25 Saunders 2006 of the hypothesis 2006 pp Behaviorism learning London adult 79-92 Arbuthnott test Ekes 24 Tennant and Psychology Pages Styles Spiritual pages 83-104 105-129 pages 159-186 and Narrative Merriam Learning and Knowing Chapter Learning Non-Western Chapter Perspectives pages 189-2 Chapter 16 pages 217-240 GaStateOO66239 Exhibit 1 - 9 10 Merriam Critical Theory Postmodern Merriam Transformational This course syllabus and Feminist Perspectives Learning Chapter provides pages Chapter 10 pages 241-269 130-158 general plan for the course deviations may be necessary GaStateOO6624O Exhibit 1 - 10 11 How WAY EASIEST Go to ERes to direct ERes access link articles ULeam on OR Go to httpIlreserves gsu.eduleres/courseindex.aspx Click on Course Reserves For instructor scroll by Instructor Pages down until you see Greenberg and click search Click on the course Enter the password to the Agree The page NOTE If of the computer at download to labs home and Go print ERes files and phone PC from at line to GSU access the Intemet in the Library or any on campus to logon to my ULearn to httnsJ/gsu8.view.usg.edul link to Follow for first leam how Enter your usemame same login/password account Press Note case sensitive are modem utilizes How NOTE Passwords come up will your computer you may want hvtv6hs8F copyright and the time use you will need ID campus you and use currently to configure your browser for ULearn your browser to configure Georgia State computer password for Your CampuslD GoSOLAR your official and password Georgia State is the e-mail labs Login The new CampusiD Self-service site at https// will enable you to Change your CampuslD password Recover Create/update personal To read should you lose your password frequently asked security questions it questions/answers and learn enabling password recovery more visit https//campusid.gsu.edulfaq.cfIri You may also for technical contact assistance the or IST Help Center at or 404 41 3-HELP 4357 information GaStateOO6624 Exhibit 1 - 11

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