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DEPOSITION of Daphne Greenberg, Ph.D. taken on April 21, 2011 by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Inc., Sage Publications, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit D-1, # 2 Exhibit D-2, # 3 Exhibit D-3 - part1, # 4 Exhibit D-3 - part 2, # 5 Exhibit D-4, # 6 Exhibit D-5, # 7 Exhibit P-1)(Rains, John)

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E X H I B I T 5 Curriculum Vitae Ph.D Daphne Greenberg Home Address Address Office 1015 Trailmore State University Georgia Department of Educational and Psychology 30076 770-642-7386 Education Special GA Roswell Dr Georgia State University P.O Box 3679 Atlanta Georgia 30302-3979 Tel 404-413-8337 dgrccnbcrga Fax 404-413-8043 Education Ph.D of City University Major Educational Dissertation M.A New York 1995 Psychology Word Reading Yeshiva University Processes in and Adult Children IL iterac Stidents 1985 Major General Psychology B.A Brandeis University 1984 Major Psychology Current Professional 2008-Current Experience Coalition Director for the Study of Adult Literacy Georgia State University Atlanta 2007- Current Associate Professor Educational Education GA Psychology Georgia State University Atlanta and Special GA GZcN1UJCtfz-i1 Previous Summer Professional 2010 Experience Online Continuing Education Instructor Instructors University 2001-2007 Assistant Associate Georgia 1996-1997 Interim Effective for Instruction of GeorgialTeclmical Professor Education 1997-2008 ESQ College Educational Course for Adult Literacy Low-Level System Psychology Georgia State University Atlanta Director Center State University Assistant Director for the Atlanta Center Exhibit 5 - 1 Readers of Georgia and Special GA Study of Adult Literacy GA for the Study of Adult Literacy IRE 5- Georgia State University Time Summer 1996 Part Summer 1996 Atlanta Adult Literacy Program 1995-1996 Education Literacy Center 1994 Part 1992 Part Time Time Queens Instructor Psychodiagnostician 1984-1985 Grade New York Applied Behavioral Parent Action Atlanta EduQuest Project GA Community College College Queens Teacher Federation New York IBM New York NY Employment and Guidance NY Specialist Catholic Guardian Society New NY Trainer Queens Services for Autistic Citizens Flushing NY 1982-1984 Assistant Director Autistic Citizens Student PhD of Summer Programs Flushing NY Committees Educational GA Minnesota 1988-1989 York Atlanta Minneapolis Instructor Remedial Reading Service The Atlanta University 1991-1992 1986-1992 IBM Specialist Georgia the Study of Adult Literacy State Minneapolis Spring Evaluator Literacy Manager Project for Georgia Spring Instruction Atlanta University GA Atlanta 1995 Emory Instructor GA Psychology Students Exhibit 5 - 2 Queens Services for Exhibit 5 - 3 Externally Funded Stoneman Grants Campbell and Connection Funded by Centers NCBDDD 2009-2011 Discussion List Greenberg National Institute 2007-2009 Discussion List and the Centers Institute for for Literacy National for and Writing Institute National Literacy Disease for Early Identification Urban Parents of University Control and and Developmental $100000 National National Low the Association Center on Birth Defects List and Reading 2009 among Low-Income AUCD CDC National 2010 Gallagher agreement between cooperative Disabilities Greenberg Services on Disabilities Prevention Greenberg to Greenberg List Literacys Diversity and Literacy Kent State University Diversity and Literacy $82 904 Discussion $10776.00 Institute Institute Literacy for for Literacys Literacy Exhibit 5 - 4 Diversity $41919 and Literacy 2006-2007 $25000 Literacy Discussion Greenberg 2003 Women Greenberg National Greenberg Institute for Morris and and Literacy Fredrick Human Development 2002 Women by the National Institute 2002 An Greenberg the Atlanta the Atlanta Baldwin and Literacy by the 2000 An the Atlanta U.S Decatur Fredrick Funded Greenberg Reading 1999 An Greenberg Decatur Greenberg Funded Literacy and the U.S Pilot Project Funded Project Funded by Project Funded by to Breast Continuation Cancer Grant Funded Funded by $5600 of Decatur Even Start Funded of by City Schools of $6443 Reading Tutorial Program Funded by Literacy $2000 1999-2002 Morris Intervention Evaluation Evaluation Department 1998 Tracking Literacy of Child $2960627 Collections via Computer of Education Evaluation U.S by for of the Atlanta Family Literacy Project for Children at Based Developmentally Risk for Reading Disabilities $657872 of the Atlanta Family Literacy Board of Education 1999 An Institute Linking At-Risk Populations by U.S Department of Education the Atlanta Research $52850 Evaluation Greenberg Preventive the $4493 Information Evaluation Americorps-Atlanta by $5923 2000 Department 2000 An Greenberg for $6315 Board of Education 2000 An Greenberg Funded Institute of the Atlanta Family Literacy Evaluation Mammography Komen Foundation Greenberg for Institute 2002-2009 National of the Atlanta Family Literacy Board of Education Facts and Special Literacy Evaluation Greenberg the National grant for Project Laures Adults Literate ROl HD43801-0l Board of Education 2001 An Greenberg National Support Collections Special Rodrigo Low for Department of Education Greenberg Institute $7432 Literacy Instruction Reading Health Moderator List National Support $20000 Literacy on Discussion 2005-2006 Greenberg Moderator List Project Funded by $4092 of Decatur Even Start Funded of Workforce Action Inc by City Schools of $7557 of Education Development $23652 Exhibit 5 - 5 Students Three year grant 1998 An Greenberg 1998 An Greenberg U.S Decatur Pfizer Family Literacy Funded Project by $3083 of Decatur Even Start Funded Evaluation Department of Education by City Schools of $7769 1998 Mammography Baldwin Greenberg of the Atlanta Evaluation Board of Education the Atlanta Multi-Media Project Funded by $5000 Greenberg 1998 Linking At-Risk Populations to Breast Cancer Facts and Mammography Information via Computer Funded by Komen Baldwin $49908 Foundation 1997 An Greenberg 1997 An Greenberg U.S Decatur Greenberg Funded Submitted Lovett Kamphaus Effective IESIUS University Greenberg 10 Providers Metro-Literacy $3000 Oshima Frishkoff 2011-2016 Understanding the Callandra Profiles of Struggling Adult Readers to Develop Reading Curriculum that Addresses their an Needs $8 428433 Language and Literacy Fellow Program Georgia State Language and Literacy Fellow Program Georgia State $25000 Hilton 2008-2009 LesbianlGay/Bisexual The Deans Graduate Research University 2008-2009 University $25000 Language Greenberg Application Assistantship LGB Struggling Program Georgia Adult State $12000 Greenberg Fredrick for $25000 2009-20 Readers City Schools of Grants 2010-2011 University Greenberg by $10000 Branum-Martin Frijters Morris Multi-Component Dept of Education Funded by Grants and Motivational Cognitive Greenberg of Education Database Implementation of Metro-Atlanta Literacy Network by Externally Funded Funded $3000 of Decatur Even Start Funded Evaluation Department Family Literacy Project 1997 Greenberg Internally of the Atlanta Evaluation Board of Education the Atlanta to Research and Literacy 2007-2008 Fellow Program Georgia State Reading Disabilities Program Enhancement $28000 Exhibit 5 - 6 Georgia and Related Disorders State University Fredrick 2006-2007 Greenberg Research to Application Reading and Related Disabilities Program Enhancement Disorders Georgia State University $28000 Sevcik Morris and Related Disorders Application Moths Sevcik Enhancement Moths Sevcik Georgia State University 2002 NICHD Moths Fredrick Moths Jonnalagadda Low Income by Research Akshoomoff African by Research Moths Brandon American Disorders Funded Population Funded Keel Maher Disabilities by Research Moths and Related Georgia State University Moths 1998-1999 by Research Reed Program for Low Greenberg Team $48246 Reading Haist Greenberg Reading Program Enhancement Disease Intervention Program Enhancement Akshoomoff Maher Fredrick 1999-2000 Greenberg by Research $58000 Grant of Georgia State University Moths Sevcik 2000-2001 Greenberg Cardiovascular Literate Reading Program Enhancement $65000 Sevcik Thompson 1999 Woodard 2002-2003 Disorders Funded Disorders Funded Georgia State University Mullis of Education OShaughnessy Georgia State University and Related Program by College by Research Moths Moths Fredrick Disabilities Funded Disabilities and Related Reading Program Enhancement Reading $70000 Greenberg 2001-2002 2003-2004 Research to Fredrick Greenberg Disorders Funded Georgia State University Moths Program $5150 Sevcik and Related Disabilities Reading $70000 Support Preparation 2004-2005 Research to Fredrick Disorders Application Georgia State University Moths Georgia $70000 Greenberg and Related Enhancement Greenberg Disorders Application Georgia State University Moths Disabilities Disabilities Program Enhancement Fredrick Greenberg and Related Disabilities Research to Reading $56000 State University Moths 2005-2006 Fredrick Greenberg Sevcik Reading Sevcik Disorders Funded $90000 Fredrick Disabilities Program Enhancement Keel and Related Georgia State University $60000 Greenberg 1998 Distance Interactive Learning Tutor Training Programs and Services for Project Georgia Exhibit 5 - 7 Read State Funded University by Division $5000 of Abbott-Shim State University Scholarship of Teaching Submitted but not Funded Greenberg Fredrick Curricular M.B with mentoring Prevention Fridinger Low R.S Williams and Greenberg Formative for Skills Lopez 2009 Word Knowledge $993 477 Fredrick Components for Caihoon for 2006 Greenberg Adult Literacy Foundation Research Moths Fredrick Low Literate Fredrick Literacy Greenberg Adults National Initiative Education Neel Proposal 2005 Greenberg Gowen Georgia US Hawk Dept Program $83726 Annang Friedman Wilkin Intervention to Raise Health NCMHD/National Institutes of two Reading Development Mild Intellectual Disabilities IES/US with 2008 IES/US The Efficacy of Instructional Research 2008 Approaches $2 661410 Dept of Education Greenberg Readers IES/IJS Adolescent Proposal Individuals 169 $1189 M.B Branum-Martin SKI Health Disabled 2008 Parents Morris Fredrick Adult Struggling Readers Engineered Kiosk Project Alberto for Seed Strasser Systematic for Adapting Intellectually CDC/GSU Instruction Justice Delinquency Programs $496499 Process Mildly $2884259 LIFT Literacy of Juvenile Mentoring to Materials Greenberg Dept of Education Greenberg Teens Program Signature Project Office 2009 Health Literacy Curricular 2009 Dept of Education 2009 Enhancement Associated Health of two Reading Development Mild Intellectual Disabilities IES/US IES/US Greenberg Intervention Sterling with Readers Families Greenberg with Parents Greenberg D.E for Strategic Campaign $3000 $1208 528 Adolescent Houchins Jolivette for Branum-Martin for Award 2009 Alberto Components Engineered Grant Proposals Dept of Education Caihoon Jones 1997 An Evaluation of CDA Distance and Learning Georgia by the Center for Teaching Greenberg Program Funded Learning Program Signature Dept of Education and Community Service $2 539132 UPS $225000 2005 Smith Pre-application of Ed--Office to Interventions Reading $2109 of Health Institutes Georgia Early Language of Elementary for 936 and and Secondary 2.5 million Greenberg State University 2004 Federal Post Doctoral Department Exhibit 5 - 8 Research of Education Fellowship $629 592 at of Calhoon M.B Greenberg Advancement of Women Remedial Reading Moths Fredrick Low Greenberg and Mullis for 2004 Smith Literacy Do They Learners Reed of Prevention $1904949 Moths 2000 Subtypes of Adult Literacy Learners Do They Do They Look Like U.S Department of Education $213294 Calloway 1999 Tjeerdsma and Human Services 1999 Nurss Greenberg Needs Health Literacy Pfizer Curriculum Reading of Education Department 1999 Morris of of Obesity Prevention $536.769 How Do We and the Elderly Meet $49848 Fredrick Evaluation Approaches to Exist Thompson Spence Greenberg Innovative of Health Department Exist $307363 Greenberg Secondary for 936 of Education Brandon 2000 Hughes Disease Rupp Greenberg Adolescent Interventions Reading $2819 of Health Institutes Thompson Bason Greenberg and What Their Beth Calhoon Grant Project Jonnalagadda Metzler Dr Mary Mentoring Scholarship Moths 2000 Subtypes of Adult What Do They Look Like U.S Department Cardiovascular Mullis Co-mentor Faculty Greenberg Adults National Literate Horan An 2004 It for is Never too Late Adult Literacy to Learn to Read Students $371358 Reed Jonnalagadda Thompson Brandon Greenberg Woodard 1999 Cardiovascular Disease Intervention Program for Low Income Low Literate Minority Population American Heart Association $495441 1999 Mammography Baldwin Greenberg of Defense $249035 Metzler Rupp Calloway Gowen Greenberg African Women 1997 Greenberg Team for Department Thompson of Cardiovascular Wright 1998 American and Latina Institute Institute Prevention Project Literacy Disease National Experiences Participants in Programs Grant of Georgia State University for Literacys Literacy Literacy of for $31681 Leader Fellowship $49948.64 1997 How Greenberg Learner of Research National National Program Dowdy Perilla American European Battered Spence Greenberg Tjeerdsma 1999 Secondary Institutes of Health $1945.15 Multi-Media Center Greenberg Low Literate Childrens Human Does Technology Influence the Success of the Adult Literacy Practitioner-Based Research Award $5000 on Adult Learnings Start Development Services Neel Abbott-Shim Head Parents 1997 and Their Social and Academic The Networks Longitudinal Achievement Department of $447562 Exhibit 5 - 9 Impact on Their Health and 1997 Keel Greenberg Placed At Risk Office Fredrick of Education Department Refereed Journal Articles Wise Greenberg press Reading Instruction for Research and Improvement Effective of Educational Students U.S $492279 indicate italics Morris student Fredrick randomized-control Nanda Rodrigo Pae of instructional approaches study for in struggling adult readers Calhoon Greenberg Disabilities for Implications 145- Levy Adult Basic 2010 Greenberg and intervention Education Students Adult enhance to technique Kim Rasher Commander Alexander for Learning qualities knowledge Spelling Disabilities Learning Quarterly 33 critical skills DOT in low with Struggling DOT 96-103 Using the four questions Journal of Online discussions Sabatini adults 2010 Journal ofLearning easy-to-use 2010 2010 Adult Readers Determining Models of reading 43 Disabilities Pae and Moths Students Reading 2008 133-149 The Journal DOT Literacy 99- Skills Theoretical Journal ofLearning Disabilities readability How to select of adult and apply literacy materials 4-42 M.B Nanda 2009 Measuring Using the Gray Oral Reading 10.1007/si 43 PubMed 20179308 Journal Calhoon Challenges Child-Based to assess the difficulty readability formulas Adult Basic Education 59 Modeling 10.1177/0022219409359344 Greenberg Literacy literate Morris Greenberg Dyslexia online Journal 10.1177/0022219409359340 Constructs Literacy in Mellard component Greenberg 2010 thinking Greenberg and Literacy Testing How Many 409-415 MacArthur 139-153 Ability and Progress Reading Greenberg 2010 Berbaum Carter Basic Education and Teaching Learning Greenberg similar orthographic 159-170 instruction Tests to Administer Burke of standardized comparison 147 Greenberg Nanda 33 Quarterly measure they Al Otaiba Calhoon 100 Do assessments spelling 2010 Hunter 1881-009-0027-8 Facing Adult Literacy Test Annals of PubMed Programs Adult 19629705 Community 39-54 Exhibit 5 - 10 10 Burke Greenberg 2004 Could Penn 2007 Greenberg Rodrigo Amendment Marriage Them Social Read Research-Based Education Program Practices Work in Instruction and Perceptions in 23 1-li Adult Basic an Basic Education Adult of Ballots Health Public and 123--132 Journal Literacy 2008 Gazmararian State Residents Brinck Burke Hall Joseph Oby Berry The Use of an Extensive Reading Library by Adult Literacy Learners Foreign Language 19 106-1 19 Greenberg 2007 Reading Helsel in 2007 Greenberg Instruction Regulated Strategy Greenberg School Students Al Otaiba Calhoon skills reading 2006 Reading Horizons Greenberg 760 752 and Behavior in 2006 Avalos classrooms grade first The Research Disabilities Learning Improving and 21 251-272 Rodrigo Extensive 60 47 159-173 title strategie Self- Teacher Interest Reading King Greenberg predominately Hispanic in Succeed Writers Program The Reading promise of peer-assisted learning Practice Struggling Fredrick Dewhirst Middle Helping Brink Berry Reading Program 2006 Joseph Adult Learners with Implementation of an Adult Basic Education 16 81- 97 Greenberg 2006 Lackey practice 2004 Women Greenberg McCarty Greenberg and Emergent Dialog Literacy Research to Greenberg reading and literacy Outcomes Fredrick program The issues 2002 Lambert of Children with 2002 Do work in social Low and Classroom Quality Literate Parents as Adult Literacy Children Bunting low reading Students Matched for Field Make NHSA 22-36 the Word-Reading 221-243 ofReading Hughes for literacy Change Agent 19 and Spelling Errors Studies Ic adult Journal for the Early Intervention Practice Perin Same Word-Reading Scien4f The importance of 177-179 Abbott-Shim Ehri Greenberg Age 51 Work Social adults 2002 Implementation issues Journal of Adolescent and Adult in Literacy 45 626-632 Greenberg 2001 Greenberg 1998 critical Betsy look at health Lessons learned literacy Adult Basic Education from working Exhibit 5 - 11 11 67-79 with an adult nonreader 11 and Journal of Adolescent different adult literacy in Journal of Educational Perin program Retention patterns 1993 basic education for matched for same or reading level education an urban worker and reasons perceptions 169-187 29 between literacy care workers health in student Education Relationship program graders dropout demographics early departure Urban the processes 89 262-275 Understanding Greenberg Pen and 3rd-Sth Psychology for given Are word reading students 1994 Greenberg 41 252-261 Literacy 1997 Penn Ehri Greenberg Adult gains and length of stay Adult Basic Education in 171- 186 Submitted Manuscripts Taylor Greenberg struggling Obrentz Pae Greenberg grade Nanda skills of and high- instruction revise/resubmit Test validity and measurement For in the Performance invariance of of Struggling Modeling An Williams Picture Vocabulary analysis of differential Test-Ill in patterns on response adult struggling readers and third- children Morris Greenberg Blending Words subtests for Reliability and validity of the struggling CTOPP Elision and adult readers in Preparation Manuscripts Taylor Greenberg with struggling Greenberg in preparation Repeated Readings and fluency training adult readers Taylor literacy Hall Supplemental Construct Vocabulary Rasch Greenberg the Peabody students Morris Picture Adult Readers Pae Greenberg undergraduate the Peabody Exploring the syntactic revised/resubmitted S.B Commander achieving Wise Laures-Gore adult readers in preparation Reasoning and world knowledge of adult learners Greenberg in preparation Adult Literacy Students and Testing Issues Book Chapters Exhibit 5 - 12 12 2007 Greenberg and quality research ethical Ed 67 from the field The Tales in the of adult literacy field Toward Defining and Improving New Hillside Zimmerman Jersey Lawrence Greenberg time 1994 pp and Performance pgs.53- Schunk 181-199 academic Self-regulating Zimmerman In Beder Belzer In Adult Basic Education in Quality of conducting Erlbaum Associates Weinstein strategy approach of Learning and challenges struggles New Hillside Ed study Self-Regulation Jersey Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Internet Publication Women and Literacy 2003 Collection Special National of Literacy Institute littp/iw Abstracts Greenberg are Miller Isserlis 2001 fifth grade Jonnalagadda linguistic Canadian and literacy What for the Study Association similar in adult literacy responses and students 42 Annual Adult Education Brandon Greenberg of the third- Research 151-153 Thompson Mullis 1999 Woodard social Are children Proceedings Conference Annual of the 139-142 ofAdult Education Greenberg 2002 Women Cooper the issues Proceedings Secondary of cardiovascular prevention model Journal of Cardiopulmonary cognitive Reed disease using the 19 299 Rehabilitation Reports Penn 2005 Greenberg adult literacy instruction Adult Literacy DC National Case study Report prepared Instruction U.S Bakeman Greenberg Report Greenberg Department Greenberg of the University 2003 Cameron Technical 2002 Statement Senate Atlanta Report submitted Adult Education submitted to Council in for Washington Reading of Child Health 2005 LGBT Taylor and Human Report submitted to Campus the Cultural Diversity of Georgia State University Family Literacy to Atlanta Advancement Exhibit 5 - 13 Collaborative City Public and Literacy Key for for Institute Practices of Education Survey Subcommittee Report Committee the Evidence-Based Project of the Partnership Dew Attitude for for Literacy National Institute Development and Talburt of the use of research-based practices to Year Twelve Schools America Future Case of Adult Literacy 13 Barlia Greenberg Report 2002 Technical Report submitted Kenny M.C Greenberg Report Technical submitted Greenberg to 2001 2001 Literacy Year Nine Report Kenny M.C 2000 Center Atlanta Report submitted 2000 Elliott GA 1999 Atlanta Technical Report Report Inc Action Technical Schools City Public Atlanta to Year Ten Collaborative Family Literacy Workforce Development Kenny Elliott Greenberg Atlanta Schools City Public Atlanta to Year Eleven Collaborative Family Literacy Report submitted Davis Greenberg Atlanta Start Evaluation Decatur Even 1998- Georgia State the Study of Adult Literacy for Schools City Public Atlanta to Collaborative Family Literacy University Wilkes Greenberg Year Eight Report Greenberg Technical GA Center Atlanta Report submitted 1999 Wilkes Elliott 1999 Atlanta 1999 Elliott the for Family Literacy to Atlanta Decatur Even Collaborative Schools City Public Start Evaluation 1998- Study of Adult Literacy Georgia State University 1998 Wilkes Greenberg Report Technical Report submitted 1998 Wilkes Greenberg Atlanta GA Report Family Literacy to Atlanta Decatur Even 1997 Technical Atlanta Report submitted 1997-1998 State University Georgia Collaborative City Public Atlanta Year Seven Schools Start Evaluation Family Literacy to Collaborative City Public Center for the Study of Adult Literacy Wilkes Greenberg Atlanta Year Six Schools Media Product Baldwin Paper Greenberg 2000 Davis Williams Mammography and You Presentations Greenberg Wise instructional Educational Greenberg literacy Morris approaches for struggling Effectiveness Calhoon skilL March 2011 Pacific adult randomized control readers Society for study of Research on Washington D.C February 2011 Coast Research Spelling Conference Exhibit 5 - 14 neglected Coronado but important California 14 Greenberg Student and Perceptions Reading Womens Programs February Greenberg Institute Brown Bag Skills Technique Question December 2009 Greenberg Adult Readers Struggling Atlanta Series Georgia Adult of Struggling Readers California Critical Thinking Association Adult Literacy within 2010 February Greenberg Enhance to Research Educational Coronado Conference Commander N. Alexander National Development LGBTlndividuals Oral Language 2010 Coast Research Pacific Worth Studies and Literacy Practitioner Texas March 2010 Hilton Adult in for Professional Implications Fort Conference Greenberg 2010 LGBT December Hilton Using the Four- Online Activities in Eastern Savannah Georgia Research on Effective Instructional National Conference Reading Approaches for New Albuquerque Mexico Greenberg Taylor Issues member N.H November of panel Atlanta Conference the Climate within Adult Literacy Lindo Skill Readers Pae June 2009 Do Reading for the Reading Denver Greenberg and Family Background Performance March 2009 of Studies Perceptions in Facilitator by ESL Adult Learners Development Study Individuals Womens National Study of Reading Boston Scientific Skills American or Syntactic Vocabulaty exploratoiy Georgia Comprehension Morris Greenberg Language Atlanta Conference Predict Society are the Annual LGBT Bisexual and Transgender Programs member of panel Annual Greenberg Reading Gay An 2009 November Greenberg for Lesbian Association National What Georgia Kauflmmn Hilton 2009 Women and Literacy Womens Studies Association Adult Massachusetts of Second L2 Word for Association Struggling of IdenttfIcation Applied Linguistics Colorado Nanda A.O Low Instruction for Coronado Adults Adults with Poor Reading Language-Hearing Greenberg Pae Greenberg July Coast Research H.K November Research Annual at Convention on Adult Learners Exhibit 5 - 15 Conference 2008 Language Skills Paper presented Association 2008 Pacific on Reading California Laures-Gore Literate Research February 2009 Morris the American Chicago with Low to Abilities in Speech Illinois Intermediate Level 15 Nanda Scarborough Fredrick Direct Combining Program Annual Convention May to Adults Print May Consortium Atlanta Research 2008 H.K International Analysis What DfJlculties symposium Instruction for -NIFL-O VAE Adult Students International February and International Low Literate Adult Research Literacy Association Reading October Conference Scarborough Reading Behavioral Skills Literacy National 2006 on Adult Pacific What are their Coast Research Qeorgia for Adults with Low Georgia May 2007 Literacy Skills Annual Improving Association for California Instruction Commission of Adult for Adults Basic with Low Education Pennsylvania Research Conference Instruction Adults Who Have Low Coronado NICHD-O VAE-NIFL Reading Atlanta Burke on Reading Reading Instruction Institute San Diego of panel Coast Research October Research 2008 Pacific Campus Climate Survey Report University on Reading Philadelphia February 2007 Skills Pacific of Students Literacy Research member Conference GORT Georgia State University Atlanta Convention March 2007 Assessments Spelling Who Have Low Adults Analysis February Using the California Greenberg in Fluency 2008 Research 2007 Skills Georgia Fall Literacy 2008 Expectations February of Learning Reading Calhoon Skills California Coronado Burke A.O Coronado Conference Properties Conference Greenberg the 34th at presented Can We Say About and Vocabulary Knowledge and the of panel Nanda Morris Greenberg Linguistic Greenberg NICHD the Adult Literacy Coast Research Greenberg poster Georgia Measuring Fredrick Reading on Literacy member Projects Pae Greenberg With Fluency Skills Learner An Update on Day Reading University Association Atlanta Georgia Reading Greenberg of Behavior for Instruction chair and member of Implications Greenberg State Grade Second of the Association 2008 Their Exposure Greenberg May 2008 Greenberg the Georgia IL Chicago Greenberg with Instruction Kindergarten Through in Study of the Scientific for Society North Carolina Reading Asheville Calhoon of symposium member Skills Literacy Literacy California Panel Presentation Description member Exhibit 5 - 16 of panel Proliteracy of Worldwide 16 Annual Conference Ehri Greenberg beginning Burke Low February Association Denver May Greenberg Conference of Panel Penn Day of Issues Readability Georgia Instru ction for Adults on Reading Commission of Adult of Panel Anaheim April Greenberg and 2006 LGBTQI Colorado Research 2005 member Literacy Study of the Scientific for 2005 Research on Reading Instruction for Adults who Have member of symposium The International Dyslexia Skills Literacy instruction phonics systematic Georgia State University Atlanta Conference November Greenberg receiving B.C Canada Reading Vancouver Learning readers ofgraphophonemic Acquisition paper Annual meeting of the Society interactive Greenberg July 2006 Fredrick in mappings Atlanta Georgia and practices Educational Research April Greenberg 2005 American reading instruction National California Profiles 2005 American Education Basic Low with adult in Quebec Association Montreal of the use of research-based Case study Research Educational member instruction literacy Association Montreal Quebec May 2004 Greenberg Featured Research Research on reading instruction for low-literate adults Symposium International Association Reading Reno Nevada April Greenberg 2003 adults What literate Results from conclusions Association Chicago research can on word reading processes of low drawn be American Illinois January 2003 How do we approach health literacy classroom Georgia Read-Write Now Atlanta Georgia in Greenberg Kruidenier the national learning research Greenberg institute and literacy literacy What for literacy National Toronto Keel an inner-city school the national Reading Miami Synthesis working Association literacy of adult group of of adult Florida Women and 2002 May/June Canadian the adult center for the study Conference Cooper for the Study of Canada Greenberg Frednick and are the issues Annual Adult Education 2002 Report of the reading research Miller Isserlis December Mikulecky Greenberg reading instruction Research Educational Association Steventon for Behavior Exhibit 5 - 17 May 2002 Analysis Teaching Chicago reading in Illinois 17 2002 Greenberg Conference third-fifth Research Louisiana Orleans Are Adult Education age for reading same word reading and the linguistic similar in adult responses grade children Adult Education Research L.D Fredrick Greenberg students literacy East Conference American difference 2001 Greenberg April Do Research Educational Association Seattle 2001 January Health literacy need to know International Women gender and April Reading and make race Association Seattle of low reading adults abilities Linguistic Research Educational 2001 Keel McCarty of middle school students attitudes writing we matched make students literacy Michigan Lansing Greenberg New 2001 June Greenberg adult errors as chddren spelling and April Do Washington American Washington and women culture language and Literacy Conference What do Atlanta Georgia 2000 Greenberg Literacy Greenberg Literacy Opportunities and where do we need Mullis the social Pulmonary Fredrick for Women go Toronto literacy National 1998 International Canadian for Congress Canada Reading Conference Brandon modeL American What do we know FL Orlando Reed Greenberg of cardiovascular prevention disease of Cardiovascular Association and Phoenix Arizona 1999 Greenberg Odom Southeast are the issues and reading research September Secondary Conference What and literacy women Adult Rehabilitation learn to read Greenberg to cognitive Keel and practice Indiana Thompson 1999 Woodard using Health 1999 December Jonnalagadda research and women Indianapolis 2000 March Learning Greenberg April Conference Reading literacy Athens Georgia Consortium 2000 Greenberg September Adult May of the Association February Georgia Department of Technical Conference Middle school for Behavior ABE success is not Analysis too late to Chicago IL through journal writing Annual Literacy GA Greenberg samples Atlanta Odom 1997 International May Reading and Adult Educations The analysis of adult Association Atlanta Exhibit 5 - 18 literacy students writing GA 18 1996 Greenberg grade levels Are Concerns of adult Language same at third to fifth American or dfferent NY students literacy Georgia GA Association Atlanta and Refugee Adult Education partnerships Fostering reading scores the New York of Georgia Teachers Sections Interest with Characteristics May 1995 Greenberg children Association Research Educational versus word reading processes their 1995 June Greenberg Adults Research Educational Invited April of English Second as and Other GA Atlanta Presentations 2010 Greenberg September us research tells Webinar panel Greenberg 2009 know from National October the research of Georgia Office Institute ed //lincs http results reading Getting for the classroom in Washington D.C member of Literacy Oread gov/webcasts/readingresults/ who have extreme Adults and how can we of Adult Education help Fall What dfficulty reading them Tecimical College Atlanta Conference do we What Georgia System invited speaker Greenberg Learning Education Greenberg May 2009 Sciences National 2009 Wednesdays Lessons from Adult Literacy Foundations and Applications Research to Committee Literacy Academy of Sciences Washington D.C February Adult Series Speaker Literacy An Research on and Adult speaker invited Introduction Georgia State University Atlanta Research Georgia invited speaker Greenberg Action Greenberg 2008 Adult Literacy October Atlanta Georgia invited 2008 March Research Lessons Learned American Special Greenberg United Greenberg Care Interest Group 2008 March New Issues Curriculum and Program Issues on Reading Educational York NY related to invited adult Rotary Club of Atlanta West 2007 September Adult International Instruction Research States Altrusa Literacy speaker Low Literate Adults Adult Literacy Association speaker literacy End Literacy What for in Atlanta Georgia and the Georgia invited speaker are the Issues and why Should we Inc of Atlanta Georgia invited speaker Exhibit 5 - 19 19 2007 Greenberg July Learning International Needs May 2007 Greenberg Reading Summit meeting Conference Invited National of the Minds Meeting II Institute for Research The 2005 Other University Math 4416 Teaching of Community CA and Invited adult Subjects to literacy member of panel Invited panelist at the Network Action Resource Speaker Scientific in invited Participation Education Literacy DC Washington Sacramento Symposium speaker of reading studies results Students Literacy invited the at Literacy March 2006 Moving to Power We Learn Women Expanding Literacy Conference New Haven Connecticut November of Adult Skills keynote speaker with Adults for speaker Canada Toronto Greenberg Greenberg Association invited the Reading and Difficulties Research Reading National Atlanta Georgia 2006 December Greenberg Serious Improving 2007 March Greenberg with Instruction for Literacy Implications Special Adults Kennesaw State and Math 4417 Field Experience Greenberg September 2005 Network Greenberg the Veterans at speaker Conference June 2005 Adult 2003 presenter Bridging the Research Greenberg ethical Rutgers 2003 and quality research Health Ohio Literacy Network Greenberg 2002 Missouris Health Biannual about Invited Educators Tracing Foundation for the field of adult Conference literacy keynote Integrated Invited Athens Georgia the reading research the Blind National path Literacy Invited Center Summit in The struggles and challenges the field of adult Symposium on Education education-Issues 2002 Research Tales from the field Invitational adult basic Greenberg Leadership in challenges Behind the scenes Gap all St Louis Missouri The American at it is Health Administration Veterans panelist at the Adult Educational Greenberg What literacy- literacy Invited of conducting presenter at and improving quality Defining in and challenges Literacy and Diversity Invited keynote speaker at Invited keynote speaker The at Annual Conference Literacy and Diversity Literacy Conference Literacy Leap II Poster Presentation Taylor Greenberg Laures-Gore Wise Exhibit 5 - 20 February 2011 Exploring the 20 of America Disabilities Adult Readers of Struggling Skills Syntactic Workshops 2010 Session Conference International the Learning at FL Jacksonville Conducted Greenberg 48th Poster Academy invited Teachers Adult Education 2009 Greenberg Greenberg Atlanta Technical 2008 Learn Women Expanding New York New York 2007 Cora Taylor Cora Inbox Basic the Internet at the Learn DeKalb 2003 Tech we Reading staff Health Georgia Media Network Liaison Literacy Georgia Institute for Literacys Commission of Adult Basic Pennsylvania Philadelphia Safe Women from Your Commission of Adult Development Professional Computing Expanding are Atlanta Literacy Women Spaces on Education Action Resource research presented in Literacy TOFHLA Training Session Georgia and how we learn Moderator and adult workshop do we approach Literacy and Exploring of adult learning panel Conference development 2003 How 2001 of Connecticut Literacy classroom Workshop Greenberg Electronic Action Resource Readability Development Test of Functional Health Cobb Adult Greenberg Greenberg We 2003 Who Greenberg Education Using the National 2006 2006 for Disease Control Center of Reading Inc Atlanta Justice through Most of National Discussion Lists Conference Houston Texas New Haven 2004 Greenberg Levels National Greenberg Network 2007 Conference the Making Low of Georgia/Office Action Disease Control Atlanta for Greenberg Education Linberg Interpreting Lists as Professional Education National Literacy Social Literacy Greenberg Discussion Taylor Center Program Certificate System College invited Building We Greenberg on Georgia The Adult Learner Jacobson Burke and Reading Focus The Adult Learner at Georgia health learners Workshop leader at the meeting literacy in the adult Georgia Read-Write Workshop presented Now at literacy Conference the Atlanta Womens Club Greenberg United 1999 How Way to communicate with low level reading adults Workshop for Hotline Exhibit 5 - 21 21 1998 Greenberg at presented Journal writing Action Literacy 1998 Wright Greenberg 1997 Workplace 1997 1997 Greenberg presented at speaker presented at Inc the Partners in Workplace at to encourage in the Center lessons from for Rehabilitation research and community-based Georgia Department of Technical Speaker literacy Invited Technology and practice of Applied Linguistics/ESL Collaboration reading independent Invited Series programs Workshop and Adult Educations annual conference literacy Conference session Adult literacy 1997 Greenberg Workshop Programs of Georgia Plenary Utilizing technology the Department at Speaker literacy discussion for panelist Workshop luncheon Learning Greenberg classroom literacy and drug recovery Literacy Addiction Rehabilitation Comprehensive Greenberg the adult in Inc Chair 2001 Greenberg Chair of Women and Literacy Conference2 Georgia State Chair of Women and Literacy Conference2 Georgia State University 1999 Greenberg University 1999 Greenberg Co-Chair of Adult Literacy Strand GA Write Now Conference Georgia State University 1999 Greenberg Annual Conferences GED 2002 Chair Discussion Lifelong Learning Session Network Workplace Institute at Literacy Who Defines It Georgia Tech Organized Everything You Need to Know Interactive videoconference Atlanta GA 2000 Lincs Everything You Need Assessing and Accommodating videoconference Literacy to and LD Know Adults Atlanta Interactive Functional Context Education Atlanta GA with Learning 2000 Disabilities Interactive 1999 videoconference Atlanta GA GA Atlanta GA 1999 1998 Exhibit 5 - 22 22 Technology Integrating Atlanta Hope GA Planning and Funding Conference National Review Invited devoted Invited Atlanta GA 1997 Studies Literacy Association to Leadership 1997 Conference 2010 NY Buffalo 2009 Boards adult literacy publication of special Learning co-editor GA Atlanta Georgia Conference of special Journal of Research co-editor videoconference Committees Womens Community Editorial Interactive Curriculum Technology for Adult Literacy Atlanta Planning Southeastern ABE/GED 1998 Woman Literate is the into on Educational slated for 2011 year Quarterly issue devoted to Psychological Disabilities issue Effectiveness Association spelling Volume 33 2010 Reviewer Proposal Division 15 for the Year 2011 American December 2010 Reviewer of manuscript for Assessment for Effective Intervention Reviewer of manuscript for Reading Psychology Reviewer of manuscript for Reading and Writing An September Reviewer Proposal Conference Reviewer Proposal Conference Conference September 2010 November 2010 interdisczplinary Journal 2010 for the Year 2011 Division for Research Educational American Association August 2010 the Year 2011 Adult Literacy American Research Educational and Adult Education Special Association Interest Group August 2010 Reviewer of manuscript Reviewer Proposal for Applied Cognitive for the Year 2010 National June 2010 Psychology Reading Conference area 12 April 2010 Reviewer of manuscript for Journal ofLearning Reviewer of manuscript for Reviewer Proposal Conference Applied Cognitive for the Year 2010 Adult Literacy Disabilities November Psychology American Educational and Adult Education January 2010 Research Special 2009 Association Interest Group August 2009 Reviewer of manuscript for Reading Research Quarterly Exhibit 5 - 23 July 2009 23 Reviewer Proposal of manuscript Educational for June 2009 Reviewer for the Year 2009 National Reading Conference area 12 for Reviewer the Year 2009 National Reading Conference area April 2009 Reviewer Proposal Reviewer of proposals Reviewer of manuscript Reviewer Proposal the Year 2009 Reviewer for Reading Women Expanding Division the Year 2009 for Adult Literacy Conference American Section Literacy Action 2008 Research Educational September American Education 2009 2008 September Psychology the Year 2009 for Conference Proposal for Network Conference December Resource April Association 2008 Research Educational and Adult Education Special Association Interest Group September 2008 Reviewer of resources Reviewer of documents for NIFL LINCS Resource for Broader Middle Reviewer of manuscript Reviewer of prospectus Reviewer of manuscript for Reading Reviewer of manuscript for American Reviewer for Reviewer Conference Reviewer Conference Reviewer Proposal of book Analysis of manuscript Reviewer Proposal Literacy for for Hub of Studies March 2008 Publications Quarterly Educational March 2008 February 2008 Journal/Social Research and February 2008 American Expanding Educational for the Year 2008 Adult Literacy September Research Educational September American Section Conference Education Action Resource Journal/Social and 2007 American Section for the Year 2008 Literacy 2007 September for the Year 2008 Division Sage December Analysis Division and Numeracy Research Women Conference Institutional Proposal for the Year 2008 Network East and North Africa the Literacy 2008 Best Practices Institutional 2008-present Collections American Association Research Association 2007 Educational September Research 2007 Educational Research Association 2007 Reviewer of manuscript for and Adult Education Applied Psych olinguistics Exhibit 5 - 24 Special Interest Group May 2007 24 Reviewer of document for Reviewer of manuscript Institutional for for Hub East and North Africa the Literacy Middle of 2007 American Educational Research and Journal/Social April 2007 Analysis Reviewer Proposal Broader April Best Practices the Year 2007 National area 12 Conference Reading April 2007 Resource Review Editor Consulting Editor Member of Editorial Research Review Board for Reviewer of manuscript Reviewer for Reviewer Region for the Year 2006 Conference of manuscript of of Literacy Regional Resource for Women Research 2007-present 2007-present Research 2003 National Centers present Institute Expanding 2006 December Quarterly Education Literacy Action Resource December 2006 American October Educational Research Journal/Social and 2006 version for the development July of 2006 for the Year 2006 National Reading Conference area March for Reviewer Proposal JournaL manuscript guidelines and review criteria of the Adult Basic Education journal draft revised Journal Literacy and Literacy the Journal LINCS Reading Institutional Analysis Reviewer II for and 10/1/06-9/30/09 Literacy Network Adult Basic Education Adult Basic Education for Reviewer for for the Year 2006 National Reading Conference area March 2006 Reviewer Proposal 2006 Reviewer of fifth year products of Education Reviewer Proposal Perception Reviewer United by Regional States Reviewer Laboratories Educational of Education Department Institute February 2006 Foundation of grant proposal on adult literacy for National Science and Cognition Advisory Panel December 2005 Action of Assessment Strategies and Reading Research Proposal Sciences produced Corporation Profiles ASRP Website RMC May 2005 for the Year 2005 National Reading Conference area March for the Year 2005 National Reading Conference area March for the Year 2004 National Reading Conference area March 2005 Proposal Reviewer 2005 Proposal Reviewer 2004 Exhibit 5 - 25 25 Reviewer Proposal for the Year 2004 National Reading Conference area March for the Year 2004 National Reading Conference area March 2004 Reviewer Proposal 2004 Chapter Reviewer Review Consulting Editor Reviewer Proposal for Center National for of Adult and Learning Learning the for LINCS the Study of Adult Learning 2003 and Practice Research AERA and Literacys 2003 Literacy Disabilities Year 2003 for for Conference Section Division October 2003 Reviewer Proposal Proposals Chapter Reviewer Review National Centers Institute for Year Continuation Literacy Center for the Study of Adult Learning National ofAdult Learning Reviewer Proposal August 2003 for Technology Regional and and Literacys 2003 Literacy for the Year 2003 AERA Division for the Year 2003 AERA Conference Special Conference Section October 2002 Reviewer Proposal Literacy and Adult Education Reviewer Proposal Reviewer for the Year 2002 of the National Institute October National of Literacys Reviewer Proposal for Professionals the Year 2002 Group Adult 2002 Drafi March 2002 Conference Reading Based Princzples for Adult Basic Education Research for Reading Interest Working Document Reading Instruction ResearchGuide to the 2001 October AERA Division Section Conference October 2001 Reviewer of the National Institute of Literacys Drafi Based Principles for Adult Basic Education Researchers September Proposal Proposal Working Document Reading Instruction ResearchResource for 2001 Reviewer for the Year 2001 National Reviewer for the Year 2001 AERA Division Reading February 2001 Conference Section Conference October 2000 Panel Reviewer March Proposal of ESL/Civic Education Proposals U.S Department of Education 2000 Reviewer for the Year 2000 National Reading Exhibit 5 - 26 Conference February 2000 26 Book Review Editor Editor Text Editor Adult Educators Literacy of the Center for the Study of Adult Literacy Newsletter Quarterly for Komen June 1999 Proposals Winter and Spring Consulting Journal for Adult Interdisciplinary 2000-2006 of Breast Cancer Interim An Basic Education Adult Educators Literacy Reviewer for 1997 An Basic Education Interdisciplinaty Journal for Adult 1997-2006 Expert Panels Reviewer for Review National Panel Center to the Committee Adolescent Sciences Member Special of Adult ESL Literacy of Expert Panel Panel Emphasis Literacy Member 2006 of Expert Panel Insurance Chronic Disease of 2007 RFA 2007/il National to and Social of Science Working Group 2006-20 10 of RFA 2007/07 Institutes on Psychosocial on Populations Prevention 50 Health of Health Prevention ZRG1 RPHB-J Study Section Health Prevention Study Section of Health at Office 50 of Health Risk and Disease Institutes 2005 ZRG1 RPHB-B Institutes Risk and Disease National National 2008-present of Health Institutes Reviewer October and Applications of Behavioral Division Advisory Board February March 2007 of Expert Panel October Member Panel 2009 Study Technical on Psychosocial National Systems and Broad Research Reviewer November Foundations Academies Literacy for LIBERATE June 2007 Special May National on adult 2010 Education Sciences Sciences on Learning Explicit Institutes Peer 2010 October and Adult Literacy of Project Emphasis Member Panel and Education American Member Review Member Focus Group November of Education for the Institute Peer and Language Writing Reading NCES Statistics and training data collection Ad-Hoc Reviewer Reform Sciences 2011 February Education for education Presenter of Education the Institute Risk for on Smoking and Health Low SES Poverty and Health Promotion Centers and National for No Health Center for Disease Control and Prevention Special Emphasis Literacy Panel March Reviewer 2005 of RFA National 2005/05 Institutes ZRG1 RPHB-J 50 Health of Health Exhibit 5 - 27 27 Member of the Atlanta Housing Authority 2004 Panel Expert Atlanta Housing Authority Member of the Adult of Literacy Member of Research Group Research Working Group 2004-2005 National Institute Center on the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy Literacy National Review 2004-2005 of Adult Learning subcommittee National and Member of LINCS Member of case Center on the Study National of the Adult Literacy of Literacy Institute review Panel Literacy July Development Education Criteria review Selection Research Working Group Center on the Study of Adult National 2003 panel of evidence-based panel National of Literacy Institute adult literacy programs 2003 of Literacy Institute Emphasis Reviewer 2003 Office of RFA HD-03-012 National Health Services and the Adolescent Human Office of Special of Education Review Group Center Process and Communication Institute in and and Adult Education and Behavioral Language Research of Child Institute of Vocational and Rehabilitative Biobehavioral Review Working Literacy National study National Member of Research and Literacy Learning Special of Literacy Institute Member of Case Study subcommittee 2004-2005 of the Adult Literacy 2003 February Sciences for Scientific National Institute of Health Member of expert caucus Member of expert panel of Literacy on Adult Literacy June 2002 World and Health Education on Adult and Family Literacy August 2001 National Institute Institute of Child Health and Human Development and US National Department of Education Member of Researcher/Practitioner panel on Adult June 2001 National Institute of Literacy Member of Adult National Service to Co-Chair Member Member Faculty the Education Collections Special Reading Advisory Group Research May 2001 of Literacy Institute University RCALL Seed of Committee Institutional Member Member Basic Education Basic Proposal to review of Literacy Chair of Review Board Language Womens IRB and Literacy and Language 2010 Review Committee Seed Studies Institute 2010 2008-present Area of Focus Committee Grant Committee Exhibit 5 - 28 2008-present 2008-present 28 Member of Literacy Member of Graduate and Language Student Grant Review Internal Review Committee Committee Womens Studies 2008-present 2008- Institute present Member of Committee Member Faculty Information Testing and Learning Affiliate review Chair of Womens Georgia State University Member Faculty to Mode System 2007 Institute Committee Testing FIMS Studies the Faculty for 2006-2007 Georgia State University Center Research for on Atypical Development 2006-present Status Faculty Womens Georgia State University Studies Institute 2005- present Member Georgia State University Womens Studies Brown Bag Speaker Institute Committee 2006-2008 Member Georgia State University Adult Learning Focused Georgia State University Joint Committee Working Group Institution 2005 Member Budget Committees Member on Salary Compression Georgia State University list Georgia State Universitys Presenter Womens Research Georgia State University Senate Member Georgia State University Advancement Affairs and are designated as 2005 Services Class Quantitative Methodology 2005 Member of Student Studies Faculty 2005 members who of faculty friendly and interested Division multiculturally of the Senate and Inversion Committee of of the Budget Women Faculty 2004-2005 Steering Committee 2004-present Member Georgia State University Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Campus Attitude Survey Subcommittee of the Senate Cultural Diversity Committee 2003-2005 Proposal Review Committee of Reviewer Georgia State University Scholarship Study Abroad Scholarship Program 2003 -2008 Member Georgia 2003 Member State University Georgia State University Responsible Conduct Service Learning of Research Committee Committee the IEF 2002- 2002 College of Education Service to the College of Education International Programs Study Abroad Exhibit 5 - 29 Committee 2010 29 member Search committee Education Member of Member of Education the College of the Adult Literacy Dean of Research the Associate for the College of for 2008-2009 Go Green Liaison College Member of the Day of Learning Member of the Member of the Urban Member of the Research Provider of material COE Party Committee Jackson 2007-2009 2007-2008 Schools Elementary 2006-2007 2005-2006 2005 Education Research for Committee Committee Planning Committee and Scholarship of Education and Esther Nesbit to Research on the Acquisition training services Committee Initiative and Literacy of Language for 2004 Good Neighbor Program Committee RFP 2004 2004-0046 2004 of farewell Coordinator effort the Ellens for Member College of Education Speakers Member College of Education Literacy 2004 Reviewer College of Education Study Abroad Proposal Reviewer College of Education Research to the Member Faculty Language Chair Language EPSE Search and Literacy Educational Speaker Mini-Search Psychology Coordinator Graduate Faculty committee and Committee 10 2002 Committee Grants and Special Mini-Search and Literacy Scholarships Psychology EPSE-DSA November Association EPY Program of Educational Department 2002 Committee Group Proposal Service 2002-2004 Symposium Committee Special 2001-2003 Education 2011 Education-Doctoral Student 2010 Committee 2009 2008-present Committee Member 2008-present Tenure-track faculty position in ECSE/MSD program 2006/2007 Member EPSE Academic Program Review Member EPSE Ad Hoc 2006-2008 Group Member EPSE Ad Hoc Committee Presenter at brown bag EPY History on Chairs Annual lunch on EPSE series Committee Evaluation 2006-2007 of EPSE Faculty Members 2006 Dissertation Exhibit 5 - 30 to NIH my Journey 2005 30 Coordinator EPSE of Presenter Communication Liaison Library to Member EPSE Ad Hoc Co-mentor Dr for Member EPSE Miles Irving of the Recycling EPSE Unit for Coordinator of Coordinator Coordinator Member Conmiittee Annual EPY EPY Crisis Student Committee Internet and Writing 2003 Charitable Program 2002 2002 Committee Evaluation Orientation Contributions 200 1-2008 2001-2004 2001 Activities Reading and 2002-2004 7080 Committee Committee Identity African the State Faculty 2004-2007 Mentoring Grant Oppositional Americans 2003 Faculty Among 2005 Adult Literacy Program 2004-present Committee Space Management Chair Member EPSE Mentor Diversity to 2004-2008 collections Student Achievement Science Class An Introduction Disorders EPSE for EPY PhD of Coordinator 2005 Social National National Electronic and Literacy of Literacy Institute and Literacy Moderator 2009-present Sponsored by the http // 2007-present Sponsored by the http // Moderator 2006-2007 Sponsored by the National http // Listserv of Literacy Institute List List Moderator of Literacy Institute PovertyRaceWomen Electronic of Literacy Institute and Literacy Diversity Women Skills Moderator http 1/novel 1999-2006 .ni Sponsored by the National fLgov/lincs/discussions/nifl womenlit/women_literacy.html Marketing Committee Member for National Institute of Literacys web based collections 2001 Health Literacy Statistics Seminars/Workshops Development Webpage Literacy Toolbox 2000 Attended Grant Writing Education Contributor Health Sciences Web Seminar Workshop Sponsored by the Institute of May 15 2009 Exhibit 5 - 31 31 How to Graduate Students Recruit Enrollment Management Human Research File and Tools by The Department for Sponsored Fall Department Secondary Center for Analysis Education Educational and Policy Statistics of Education Institute by the 2007 Assessment of Adult Literacy the National Research National of Educations Resonance Magnetic the Medical Awards Institutional Sciences Development NCES in the U.S IES August 6- 2007 August Functional by the Sponsored Workshop Seminar Education Seminar Using Data Set Training Sponsored Statistics and Special Psychology Data Research Bureau November 21 2008 Advanced Group Design and NAAL School March 30-31 2009 Corporation Issues in Educational Subject by the Graduate and Professional Sponsored College FMRI Imaging of Wisconsin An Course sponsored by Introductory Milwaukee Wisconsin October 11-13 2001 and Honors Georgia State University Outstanding The Graduate Center of Research Faculty the City University of New Award 2010 York Dissertation Year Fellowship 1994-1995 American IBM Associations Psychological Research Divisions The Graduate Center of Student Dissertation Thesis Grant Research Award 1994-1995 1992 the City University of New the City University of York Tuition Fellowship Gilleece Fellowship University 1989-1993 The Graduate Center of New York Robert 1989-1993 Boards and Committees Member of Adult Literacy Consortium of Metro Atlanta Vice Chair of Georgia Adult Literacy Advocacy Member of Georgia Adult Literacy Advocacy Founder of Georgia Adult Literacy Advisory Board member of Literacy Chair of Nomination Committee for Advocacy Action 2010-present 2010 2008-2009 2007 Inc 2007-present the Adult Literacy Exhibit 5 - 32 Special Interest Group 32 Tnternational Reading 1999-2004 Association Advisory Board member of Literacy Actions Workplace Advisory Board member of the Latin American Board member of Metro-Atlanta Literacy Member of The Atlanta Professional and Academic for Research Society American Council 1998-2004 1997-2004 1995-present Study Task Force 1995 Association Memberships on Educational Research Educational Association Network Education Project Literacy Effectiveness Member Member Association Division Educational Psychology American Psychological Scientific Study of Reading Voting International Association Reading Member Association Division 15 Educational Psychology Member Member Special Interest Group Adult and Family Literacy National Reading Conference Commission on Adult ProLiteracy Women Basic Member Education Member Member Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Exhibit 5 - 33 Network Member 33

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