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Chapter 20 Advanced Avenues Adult in Development and Learning The Role of Doctoral and Robert Barrier Judith Stevens-Long this chapter we graduate studies in In intended its of spring the at and 2002 assessing covered graduate on outcomes behavioral focused on such areas clinical study such One to of to this presentation some attendees the was anxiety for responsible on as of ates are panying emotional graduate them become distinction and assessment study responsible here between behavioral they for changes might them what by sulted graduate develop what graduate of with Re called and Nyquist the in appears study Jody started Bettina that statement advances in reac man part that has hy in condition inform ate delineating make cultural moral and Scholarly us better differences ethical educators Exhibit 3 - 20 455 to United medicine in nature our work in and of few social of the life sci hu and humanities the and dimensions our re en only the daily understand States has and training new understandings that policy doctoral training if enabled come from gradu the unitnagined Doctoral provided has in science were that ago have programs produced gineering accom Thus we an doctoral Expertise public there human doctorate extensive achievements Legendary and the iii review the Ph.D 2000 ences tion education graduate be identity striking brief In the decades particulady what potentiate particular do Woodford especially development in envisioning of scholar-practitioners organizational psychology on topics ego to with and the and were seems begin tended presentation development We We school Higher of be intending and to process ment the 2002 affective including development as The as paper of the theme developments the presented cognitive intellectual In Stevens-Long appear and adults Advancement outcomes ineffable of in changes authors for the literature havioral in the advanced of of consequences McClintock the conference and of one role development unintended Association Education the explore the Study human appreci of the existence ADULT DEVELOPMENT 456 Following training ethical the and dents honors grants to extent and through publications of of books main indicators addressed only are of aspects outcomes amined Often based the there much is education ducting quality side of that terview study and gests Graduate toral of ods lack that and social are out the research and struggle skills on sug to reflect identified or problems that This would to seem Michael or stages postformal 2000 doc diction and ambiguity and by intense emotional peri turmoil basis as to follow for thought structures formation AND COGNITIVE the over the course tellectual become to skilled at existing anticipate structured or or unstated terms recognition of the of it is development of in expected to in the students are which implies and area conventional research forecast about study research able to recognize and problems the ability these hope problems define ill- problems and adult the development ability to think are to the concept but that the outcomes Exhibit 3 - 21 of the concept to consider seen posifor able is the in these of patterns cultural one in relationship to the with- comparisons judgments problems able trans- tystem Furthermore value Commons of posited At tions kinds used kinship make making be Certainly graduate students engage Similarly the can thinker necessarily another of these use must in constant example characterize in contra- thought Sinnott For systems that patterns postformal out posiformal to Riegel tolerate one that are advanced Klaus effective particular might be meaningfully different ing in of relativity under problems literature according resolve resolved on to ability make the previously of research work 1981 1984 about talk toward might follows forms or Sinnott Jan to relationships exists Graduate One must be standings the of doctoral change question In agreement In Cer been one essence the and solved are adequately thinking emphasizing requires problem not 1984 in system of the 1973 DEYELOPMENT modicum be to Bassechess mal thinker If how been not Fielding the transformation STUDY on reflect have character is student have argu- adequate finding of the that problems are problems move studies find cogent 1977 thinking nature by which doctoral to ability the on Most operations Problem Corn 1990I Kohlberg 1975 postformal 1975 Arlin 1984 1984 Arlins finding processes of Benack Sinnott formal solving ability of systems DOCTORAL and Patricia is by problem the about nonlinear posiformal 1978 1984 although problem tainly in extensive Woodford at accompanied discomfort con complain emotional Yet as by Nyquist and by whether graduates Schoenholz-Read usually for causal and reason require those 1980 1984 1984 Stemberg of including Richards ment have Employers and ized opera how logical that descriptions Basseches and that issues of perhaps one 2002 fonnal how people explain offered here anything but doctoral wodd reported personal cognitive even danger about for one the business University studies them been mons linear relationships unex left AAI-IE at reflecting university supported is and are consider employing many Ph.D.s required or irrelevant controversy prepares research in the studied as of causality number 1984 well new systems Formal operations but cannot conceptions have op- extensive as understanding for analyzing transformational the research about the the for comprehend adequate in Richards model others As many inadequate relations directly to ethical study be discourse of raised to are intellectual are prescnting some even doctoral been moral of experience topic the education graduate is learning theyÆre considered that might argue fact of come perfor Furthermore they is graduate training nor tions with stage support Francis formal ot 1977 1984 and solutions alternative Piagets finds Broughton Commons Par are and indicators behavioral In of by John Michael along research grants training The emotional as and publications graduate funded work beyond This argument erations and conditions movement implies stu accreditation and evaluated ous and evaluation the assess proposition those cognitive on this on neither by that and grants articles been Yet addressed all education underscores reflect learning of moral and emphasis Of course lieved cultural traditional matters awards mance new knowledge research have about ambiguous doctoral of graduate faculty in ticularly that produce the outcomes counting assert might human to and Certainly the ing intended is scientific kinds ve lead this AND LEARNING MEASURED AND APPLIED systems up stage to to and four stages of systematic 1984 Richards describe postformal formal beyond order may be determined the by used think opera thinker many sees causes TUE ROLE and observation this uses tend thinkers atic about information These bles 2002 order this vious erned by this the the of objects or science out carry of most beginning population of gov the are that use function at systems are that even able jority did estimates now transform and focus 2002 universities function at thinkers to Commons within their iii stage and research at top professors this the by According all systems understanding used almost are synthesize on is methods system particular thinkers Metasystematic line work knowledge curved nf subsequent as an are geometry level However that most first stages there of 1991 Karen of thinking The problems torical scientific of stage began to see stand the resolved with defined cation seven of to that explanation and that thinkers At the they still knowledge next was did stage required not see in have can be single unclear claims in students to At under no were how his thinkers that interpretation but scheme problems evaluate situations contexts between stage re King in and those of justify to ill- under an evaluate important more age argued the comports with description of tends much the agreement here soning the as eration any of conclusions through to of test it is and that feel definition of consid in knowledge the tends and continuing of perspective it further trans how we become that assumptions crit how we constrain not is and we integrative open the feel us the according it more is to alternative 156 world about Here the on cognitive cations for emotional change is the development assump understand mention first world Most ignores altogether inte Perspective the challenge but perspec and we perceive way inclu of experience discrimination erature Exhibit 3 - 22 to increase causes about that only inclusivity constrain affecthow transformation perspective contsnually transformation tions rea discussion permeable that so gration is line of careful of is and it discriminating also that tives and emphasizes 1991 Mezirow sive there study world the The The 1933 that support grounds work Pogson advanced form supposed education work reflection Deweys of the aware ically view this 2002 adult persistnt which which Richards Tennant of goal critical Mezirows Jack formation the or Stewart character is of systems on 2000 with belief light of the and beyond active begins reflection to of development is development undergraduate that stu order Tennant on the and literature to focus edu Level education Yaii systesns systematic the 1991 see Commons the Although 1995 to the and stage ability before graduate However age ma the stage in to an reported of doctoral time Fischer judgment that than in to to through the than reflective King sample typical 25 the Mezirow of of solution and stages 50% about over by in appear At how and opinion bet higher changes cognitive appears ized Kitchener reasoning stage graduate mentors their evidence or differ next understands thinker better of evidence of the at college-educated use then dents ill-structured dilemmas everyday King of the development knowledge certainty However how and uncertainty distinction solution about the evidence Patricia about sampled religious of many their study of stages Kitchener and the an achieve least In students college field of not of advanced of presume the problem among 24 The age the empirical at Kitchener and researchers new function do seven outlined of the creation Clearly not thought postformal 1994 creation convincing students judgment flective is of whole Descartess examples idea cross- Finally create to of cognitive graduate the replacement example Copernicuss and existing of development able are mechanics this the in about of worth relative emerges existing inquiry level typical is comparison typical the stage claims lustify Commons thinking the knowledge us achieve about thinking and thinkers celestial alytical very for to geometry paradigmatic stood or able historical rare pointed space Euclidean the in are people stage cross-paradigmatic and Richards of fields new paradigms stances fields metasystematic new create of critical is we would stage 2002 the Beyond to final clearly of thought and students the the contexts across Such ill-defined The and opinion argued 457 students through perspectives pre This King to evaluate ing stage interpretations and graduate ability as seen order metasystematic contrast assumptions The and at operates is can be Richards variations events Our thought relationships Richards can STUDY differing Kitchener reasoning van instance and of ta of order next compare of standard causality US the systematic At to of for Commons Bhavior multivariate 20% only how worth the of form in the development Researchers experiments System representations systems other most that argued matrix cognitive each systems generate might show of with compared to build various tables theories uris to OF DOCTORAL of the the Yet of lit impli there is DEVELOPMENT ADULT 458 clear evidence that dant cognitive changes tant emotional In Read as 2000 the at Some confidence in increased the about way one objective sense perspective and lest this per phasis be on important quite am am implies ones own fixed as take DEVELOPMENT The of in effect self experience tial hybrid and truths In and Rogers self draws work the perspectives the dialogic of is par of lenses the authors self view of Vygotsky 1984 as well as of Richardson McCarroll 1998 to describe the adult struggle from the tween perspectives outside This conception among multiple that of make the voices continuous world self claims is on internalized dialogue our postmodern be highly developed awareness very of the self as constructed 1999 has characterized nature as and around center the states ego tity as increasingly and tendency People scale and also the face of writing of that higher the yond reality the increased and the and wisdom Baltes focused on knowledge Exhibit 3 - 23 emotion relativistic the the is is sense the of self and part the inter in the who argues integration New with work Staudinger processes interpersonal of be knowledge interconnected of of cognitive emotional and as at represented and deeply construction integration isolation development 2000 subjective Lindenberger of the and Work self Labouvie-Vief operations soci ego development human of reflection and life conventional emotional the use formal of loss their personal mind and and Cisela iden some was conceptualizations to include theory or ego high-end of day-to-day the of notions of at loneliness conventional cognition and post- more broadened parcel of of sense dialectic of from high end ones with study disengage employ challenges that aspects of integrating difficulty Recent have at Hewletts reported with reality to Cook their separate construct mundane the of go Individuals experience more the in self mental in associated interest these even at by individuals broadly of letting process separate illusory or as times ety Most developmen occur described stages ego the self challenges its can that strategies these the of sense described formula be than without not has handling emotions contextual described by of sense 1984 rather imbalances including emotion Cook-Greuter the 266 1999 self is 2004 and high-end attention conventional Susanne enjoy consolidating Kegans have to however challenges prism self This Bakhtin and as on one the 1995 self that multiplicity described by Pogson the the process relationship multiple of as by replaced being formed itself recent 2000 Stevens-Long 1986 perhaps politi self ongoing Tennant of and The dialectical construction and construct in appreciation toward us an forming and encounteri it 169 The is entity as stands both experience drives harmonious self-construction em making while Robert with comes Greuter social is exercise exam the but along trundling Cook-Greuter tion one the EDUCATION experience Two illustrate fathom diversifing Consistent per conse developmental psychological and stable notion to of interpretation as well ex Loevinger particular to ability in cal work Jane unEthomable to alive can contracting tal The by responses end of trying Dane Hewlett AND GRADUATE displays awareness instrument completion in the process best quences EMOTIONAL self profound system developed per- most its process Having spectives At less Certainly about Such reality Cook-Greuters becoming scoring of postconventionat ples self- of process the and of search- futility fluid is that claims postconventional paradoxes her sentence for profound So although may be learned the tends appreciate discuss feels of self that the and and the sees of self or sense of stage ambiguities learning perspectives or perspective very an She assumptions ego person have sons and themselves multiple at the has for that to ability others see holds their empathy They they to how ing to stretching by the to view sensitivity in Mark leads of multiple affected conventional posteonventional postconventional University intellectual listen of points changes change talk the to the Schoenholz Graduate patience reactive emotionally education understanding deeply They refers developed report the feel of deconstruction rather As self the impor by our experience increased report different of atten its by often adult Fielding to broadening and they and change begin spectives and all been has it students accompanied argued personal fact education are experiences 2000 profound advanced reconstruction thoroughgoing Tennant AND LEARNING MEASURED AND APPLIED on 1998 with THE ROLE OF DOCTORAL one account In dents at Fielding periential when liminal that process mation of the sertation event finding ones ing based as that tions of toward it All Diehi Labouvie-Vief there some is change about emotional changes education with emotional strongly correlated tween cognition tween than cognition and emotion can more of remain ship al 1998 although the education correlation connection be with be self-efficacy behavior almost is DEVELOPMENT persist FOR ACTION STRIVING AND GRADUATE tend when play intent We coughing or ested in servable the as kind sions and as or that and some attitudes and of writers action perceived we might be are by and freedom often can or 814 consider of choice opportunities inter Gist 1989 human studying wisdom dimen derstanding education Brandtsthdter is nition Hill the to the Exhibit 3 - 24 self- Zim such advantage their capabil opportunities 1990 clearest stands research at the behavior work implications between relationship and time in 1992 greater such developmental has their Finally develop through Elias Wisdom emotion to take and extensively mainstream reflexivity such 1990 found facilitate engaging Sehrauben dis also that tracking and the persevere students behaviors of in effort likely to include Cer sense themselves for greater Martinez-Pons more In expressing In control be between strong goals more are Pintrich of learning ities of feelings link learning with schoolwork learning to relate higher Examples their have been on another ilure These with individuals ob Certainly self-regulatory study directed and merman in relation expend tasks tasks confronted personal set inter individual that goal values personal the of greater organizing in span variables Students With interested personal intentionality example attention values serving for we chosen is accompanied paying 1998 of development be to here although awake of beliefs the to appear interested sleeping behavior personal this not staying basis preted are that Brandtstadter Jochem refers development or behaviors to at longer completion EDUCATION How action-related forging strongly 1986 Peake self-efficacy by is Self-efficacy CONATIVE to likely strong unknown is life suspect of these learned are enable more is are they that the that and development learning vone actions adaptive would believe conditions over re strongly people behavior their out or planning development the one ever If in between at reparation also are tran linked action to attempts own and flexible that are and example self-efficacy Moreover change education for to make to mismatches actions their during circumstances current create to to begin begin cognition lead of control likely see uncharted Conative and feelings relationship the the emotion et to maturity behavioral levels lated lead peopl.e Emotions signal self-punishment and they anything wisdom we Baltes researched and if on might accompany on high advantage well less work and with little is that intellectual and socioeconomic Even there age in the Certainly research developmental emotional the between Mismatches teaming unex processes time Emotions hopes comes have that and execute of periods processes serve sometime adulthood and plans mediate or that argued young long previous forms varied to such more complex cogni and and ac often often they own development their spire over and perhaps representa interplay monitor in the beliefs Figs or that they consequences Development-oriented Although are tend 257 1999 that and conclusions differing implies experience possibilities reality Brandtstadter choices or and in goals adolescence and goals events maintains intention unintended ac how cognitive overdetermined are one or changes to see social of about more complex permit emotional intellectual than pected from means It universe more cbs thinking thinking of the of interest ex the to and other Brandtstader action means actions memories and and plans beliefi behavior affects feeling tions capstone transition how fluence transfor of product operational assumptions minimum at the pectations how in what influence evaluation Deegan may be with begins whether and emotional tive but one just Dewey put of this that postformal in differing as ing much perspective personal that so formal solving problem here argue not is process problem self interested particularly tor of aspects the transforms by stu the ex encountered essential although self process in the are read that uncertainty 322 We 1991 Hill and dissertation writing maintain authors mystery and distributed widely the 459 STUDY 2002 on un and behavior intersection Kamer for of cog argued that wise rather open Achenbaum dom and adult Pascual-Leone the may even and that very hand shows 1983 of that the and one with the to seems number im other in the unique We kind the central to of grad Kitchcner In their noted lieve that that interviewees doctoral that world porate students These interests and knowledge than less of the the there study Young faculty sibilities of tion from wisdom is There kinds of only planning and tangentially evidence and to the suming cor the that is the narrow context research for the respon evalua the college service to the research to graduate kinds that of study particular contexts optimal development on of are gradu in the which it is of From outside Knowledge Freire dispensed culture this as entity consumption or as embedded form commodity acquired entering knowledge surrounding so preconstructed 2000 quite in or ideology gain perspective amassing informa with synonymous is of externalized an as considerations knowledge sources tion whether over of of perspec the most that context freely on view from for internal be stu derived transformation personal ing how can that multiple critically suggests bankable that flexibility greater to hold in show studies isolated exists ready as dependent collegial however self them university work students it thought through these is this 1981 King student openness knowledge that seen of 1992 matriculation to reflect ideological treat one Clearly particular of from scholarly related and They how demonstrate product other expressed teaching community some actions most conducive research university undergraduate abstract of todays outside unprepared an 1990 ability undergraduate Magolda Baxter knowledge from which years studied increased the making problems overemphasizes and is an and tives work claimed also of ed of graduate Kitchener All progressively thought ways in required concern seem the to re changes conception general undergraduate work postgraduate dents researchers have 1984 changes cial graduates prepare disconnected traditional often curricular university often traditional much is are be industry collaborative practitioners Even in the interviewees are optimal graduate work real-world boundaries ever not lack and working thinking does their training Ph.D.s Many others and in business connect meaningfully 2000 Woodford the of the over Brenner Generally and Nyquist paper of AND LEARNING in the learning of Sinnott education uate in ucation practice accompany that capacity self OBTAINING overview described and knowledge Schon the of of awareness PERSPECTIVE an provides have searchers evi does not On 20.1 pro is reflection cope of but education situations transformation perspective for to conflicting this expect form scholar-practitioner capacity allows increased PATHWAY FIRST ON KNOWLEDGE Table appears wise gaining use contexts DIFFERENT 1998 There certainly the consis are and become the on action uncertain might eduation cultural THE the during developed education to will person research midst to related is it em action and and of an obtain gaining community learning developing include per Bacelar thinking emotion to advanced that ply relativistic related foundly the development knowledge understanding and exceptional resister highly in complete learning on we cx chapter to They study perspective this lead reality be 1996 They require more that graduate different social as wise have to to experience open govern internal leadership Nazi Staudinger as of or being and nominated are services like self mdi to conventional outer who that inner positions human Wisdom dence with one norms the integrate hold Reich allows conventional to experiences and part of avenues the of membership people in dialectical context 2000 to seen in the second different wisdom concerns tend tently In four that that proposed Furthermore Third wis students Labouvie-Vief from ployed defensively characterized ate plore to ing behavior sons respond 1991 others understanding both affective to allow that ways communicates and caring viduate in than Orwoll behavior as 1990 interact people remain AND LEARNING MEASURED AND APPLIED DEVELOPMENT ADULT 460 in their Early see truth structs lar as Aronson the in one Kitchener 1981 ten is As come Exhibit 3 - 25 to the belief correct premature students and of problem solution to 1990 any on and 1977 given will prob King students problems po schema solving Kitchener undergraduate closure into rigid 2002 Markus also con white experience notion that Brenner consequence to black to forceflt Alcert the most careers absolute related Wilson itself uncover lem of This tendency categories reveals college matter of without TUE ROLE OF DOCTORAL TABLE 20.1 From View of and Absolute as of Knowledge The Nature Knowledge environment The commodity as horn preeonstructed that product that knowledge Knowledgc without to is absolute declarative 1991 to solutions It tend to and adopt learner has defend difficulty contradictory integrating fixed Learners position and incorporating is to the through perspectives possible becomes thinking of opposing juxtaposition 1981 King Kitchener perspectives 1986 Baltes 2000 al all 1992 poblem Polanyi 1966 Dixon et tacit of alternative relative explore Magolda dialectical as 1979 Sternberg attempt often product multiple regarded 1986 Baxter findings to Soloway Scribner The and leading Ehrlich and relative as Brockett 1991 Wenger articulate formulation 1987 the broader in context Lave seen is Knowledge difficult Learners situated as and of observation act Jarvis dialogue seen is Hiernstra explicit and Relative constructed socially the very social/cultural/ideological culture or ideology Knowledge as through and Knowledge reference Complex as treated is transformed context-free is Learning of Knowledge reflection be reviewed can be external 2000 Freire learner assumes can that th 461 Contextualized Deeply viewed is absorbed View To Deeontextualized and Knowledge STUDY Basseches 1984 Problems are usually Wagner Sternberg for are established 1995 Uedlund 2000 Pogson to move all views tendency examining concepts into to closure premature or to pigeonhole simplistic that al 2000 related is complex and often are solutions are formulated are of learning aspect 1966 Dixon Polanyi 1990 wisdom to by the guided Arlin This Sternberg 1986 Baltes create without first 1989 Cockrill experiences stereotyped problems and problems way Sternberg Kelly 1955 that see unstructured et constructs impermeable and 1986 Tennant Sternberg Leamers clear solution problem 2000 Crigorenko Simple and fur learners predefiricd parameters analyze and categories and deal with with issues complex this the 1986 Swezey information discrepant to ability Strerifert Domangue 1978 Learning is as experienced purely cognitive process to Ability synthesize forms tascual-Lcone seem to exist system because in potential from isolation are solistions Proposed in repercussions the surrounding to likely the system more adopt with working elements including analysis of thought emerges 1992 Labouvie-Vief 2000 systemic that problensa number containing unconsidered are Diehl Learners be limited larger 1990 Labouvie-Vief Problems rational objective emotive subjective perspective are nnbonnded of complex and interactive Ackoff factors interpersonal 1981 examining first belief often and belief ing with The lems rameters solution and of hold students that and problem contain information to existing have Mezirow in tend the to overuse solving and be to work 2000 reinforced clearly Often arrive of by prob defined pa predefined the at the problem correct As students they years and constn.scted and They tightly Sinnott Moreover develop problems embedded more in greater 1984 dialectical of college flexible an Exhibit 3 - 26 extensive is actively given King of appreciation and increased an through perspectives education approaches summary of other ability the itera Basseches helps to social 1992 Magolda Kitchener thinking opposing undergraduate in Baxter 1990 develop integration 1984 knowledge context move toward tive their how see Brenner perspectives to to ideological 1981 through progress begin Kitchener learning predefined statement needed positions difficulty knowledge provide their Furthermore defend information classroom for problems to rigidly environments in the the them constructions younger views possible contradictory learning all systems static that all leads students unstructured this research DEVELOPMENT ADULT 462 Ernest that and Pascarella eluded when AND LEARNING MEASURED 1991 Terenzini Patrick freshmen are to con- senior- when facilitated was Learning students more are address no skilled than more can more develop works to deal are side one with are why worked an ity much an room Marcia for future Baxter We and ran simulated airlines the in search In ished has the level highest of reached senior of year measured reasoning This study by increased figure was one and to of the student graduation pared and niors when Similarly among thinking between year freshmen he educabori following version he thinking The described one allows thinking of analysis to analyze within relationships problems particular competing system thinkers also exhibit lem see great contends but that as source positive are increases an as that of linking status prob We contend here one adult capaci thinking that Instead education tor to scholarly students self and the their roles that require of their and tive as exposure students to make Gritical complex self-monitor problem can the two graduate the exploration years following degrees of the as Baxter they discrepant They demand often one must is value op. contradictory seemingly br their formation solutions eduea- Magolda projects with the who student pres- com set of unique accustomed is such environments learning to situa produce of deal of put anxiety challenge has As one doe- to iiig that the my greatest post-courscwork 21 essentially cogni suddenly increas problems one 1990 tional of their 2001 good it problems their Arlin completion learning of their thesis or dissertation students For candidate tations guides and of fonnulation become students the way focus structured ter the the adaptations to carefully Postgraduate that innovative identify problems felt large-scale and of with responsibility take to postgraduate more creators to to aware 1978 thinking curricula direct tion approaches processes ingly issues complex 1986 contribu their views existing analysis differenti postgraduate both knowledge is effectively and undergraduate becoming reconstruct reconstruction more need toral this of analysis Swezey Domangue and community learning dramatically in the selective more Un complexity cognitive for de of the during process avenue important of cognitive postgraduate of un complex highly one development extension begin in the call deal plex that velopments years linear black in views adolescence past to ents than more an as 197 perspectives tional fers believe Streufert 1989 dialectical more He concluded change well and learning isnt much too no gray with there things to work thinking- when you dialectical unfortunate in dialectical academic with clearly not dif to sensitivity posing there ties contradiction of is increased integration information thinkers did otherr any always think systems require Basseches contradiction lot provides problems and ation Gockrill Dialectical than because taught there to encouraging move beyond to within relationships with were opportunity structured the fin airline as dialectical for Dialectical busi- of structured postformal their completely not answer right and white and strong the one se college found and way took just answer right undergraduate 1984 com Basseches college members faculty relationship in the populat4on no airlines our said like to deal try one always 12% teacher We run to different the fact approach contextual out their the done ever was partici there knowing In top different ferent have to study wanted they completely at the up was it re longitudinal undergraduate how three ness class 102 found were pants And leaves development 1992 Magoldas of only businessi we had nine groups and nine and all of them chose differenh class in There airline answer because right frame education cognitive from excerpt team-based simulation 155 undergraduate an ques way particular of description philosophies Generally in she provided example students one and under to issue abstract complexity things complex involved it perspectives intellec able complex sophisticated to there greater better of evidence which for have answers in that they flexibility stand problems correct and reason using ill-structured verifiably tual at multiple tioning seniors acknowledging 196 level compared AND APPLIED In under reported with became who The Exhibit 3 - 27 in loss of myself the did think role things expec now this was to this process navigat degree blurred structure Not only of been my student and provide process confidence the timelines unspoken would sense in years changed of portion shift but was the only my educa leave also me lost mainly due THE ROLE OF DOCTORAL feeling the structural seemed somehow that to be to and void able do to should be self-motivate Kerlin able to of fill than better in deeply affect created 29 1995 student and his the her or the implications may how knowledge of of 463 community learning view students STUDY that is for the process creator The that toward move when ported less is they dents progress work and from and structured that solutions broader which Candy 1991 As they tion knowledge students and themselves perceive evoke and reframe 1997 shift dialectical as of their in and bedrock out view the and larger Learners known do Technical not and reflect how ence position seldom the on To of what limits is being of More of the on it resides occurs landscapefocusing phenomenological the content methods or surface the at used the analysis in come to and learner views which lies the learning external the to as hidden uncovering process something Learners increasingly Kitchener and Schon reflective encapsulated occurs in between process and piecemeal insights experience drawn when it process with regarding occurs Learners is Reflection segmented and the learning relationships dialogue Reflection they do critical do or in gaps include to in the 2000b personal/critical and self ideology Privett Kitchener cognition 1990 Brenner double-loop and hegemonic 2000a learning see how self-reflection They process King reflection-in Argyris mirror and as window the question How with interacts can engage The self the as self the as window my personal biases and assumptions influence my learning approach and the conclusions draw The self as mirror What raises the back qsiestion being reflected raises will is to me about learning Exhibit 3 - 28 how change as re The pres 1978 learning disconnections self work epistemic action learners in every open dynamics power engage about reflection 1981 largely when 1990 Brookfleld 2002 The field undergraduates exist for constitutes follow from that problems self assume ones instructor topic self reflection expand assumptions The as self-monitorwlsat what Meacham ting Learners only to rule in expert and Critical Eneoisspossing know not lean when Reflection one members frequently as works community studentteacher in how commu of Self Learners is acquired their peripheral student emerges constructed discover allows community differentials ever the knowledge learning power systemic in the how assume initially power inure within junior-level between The Use occurs contributor other for lationship problems 20.2 accepts enter Large system as knowledge mentor they Review knowledge of Students now They TABLE From Myopic ex of self as ill-defined change Sinsilarly forma role dis changes socially must Knowing practice it the students construction and what of considered postgraduate nity of the overview section may be knowledge issues an presents this learning process Hiemstra problem toward perspective view of part Unstructured If the surrounding environment the in realize contextual view 20.2 cussed 1991 Wenger systemic Table and of Brockett THE LEARNING IN they reflection to PATHWAY GAINING COMMUNITY constructed come consider to and analysis in Bredo begin more adopt isting Lave 1991 problems ideological formed is MEMBERSHIP consideration and cultural THE SECOND postgraduate socially Postgraduates include must social is observation through 1987 to ill-defined to than As stu prescribed undergraduate how knowledge Jarvis dialogue of from transformed and experienced previously sup is environment learning rule-driven may have sec to complexity face structured what come cognitive students function of my be- FADULT DEVELOPMENT 464 and student tween Most ting hegemonic In such part In as on dependent by process lion for be to to the Of course also to of edges the stitutional Mercer and of Students are seen kids Bartlett guage as constructs relation and fication of or disciples Mercer concluded which and complex many in process such lan power oversimpli and fruit of negotiations made explicit plained that durance contest their jump through students time felt was that ity to for within as and hoops whether the or professional experiences their instructors that process of rules the en to never faculty actually and power take and the role can also describe the this be are the process ers Exhibit 3 - 29 to by that relationship Mezirow in which 2000 we have an understand the active meaning supervi These revised and power au to role in inequities discourse dialogue of ac expertise becomes discourse defined the topographer for experience while minimizing hierarchical guide interactive Isben Judith power of of subject research resisting social be can identities the and taken making Students On supervisors need the revised belier term doctoral relationship In pro toward the use knowledging the mutual be can decision postdoctoral Hewson that suggested evolves in fac responsibil legitimate knowledge voice to authority and experience to seeking egalitarian capabilities result have thors development and of to postgraduate steps establish to Daphne Conti 2001 com an postgraduate and the and power opportunity power of experience curricula quality co-contributors sors required greater negotiate the an given often were from evolves nature very ensuring gradually been basically they kind to the role an is by-product expected own learning their for or supervisor are the to and in Power negotiated Students demands ulty role never Students education myriad intellectual by of They to question disaffirmed compliance ahead as had roles eollegial and responsibility Janet postdoctoral subjected that Whitehouse communities relationships Although even or that experience were they the community guide and mentor unequal of survey their which and conformity When 1995 described as from learners more acknowledged space Kerlins recast off periphery instructor necessarily dynamic are sliced the apprentice its the was expertise Balatti move from assume greater relationship in institution their learning structors con we are as practi but with that card and selected competent students As students of post as Aus regional being careers student uninitiated of the When these acolytes fundamentally Im Im 4445 pp openly records knowledge and this unsatisfactory Scott hazing duced describe 2001 of 57 learners seemed to as real work that dispense keep any re like act in in irony successful full-time invisible. Gina model master be to and students the of basis had of the center in on and hierarchy deeply is involves In The one-sided doctoral noted the who tioners outer emphasis Bartlett who post two on novices not is the construct high relationship power of and to to accomplished away it work seem fel expe several managed busy already throw my years 20 university swipe institutions students power used often is fonTiat dispensing Often Alison supervisors unknowing and predominant assumes students metaphor fully As the noted knowing students exercise place compliance study inforrna that community learning 2001 graduate of programs confine relationships power to power and Ive doesnt have to slate Similarly tralian educational undergraduate educators graduate as are made and several heavily letrners instructors what and that with dont need There supposed learning and infonTiation here workplace and for just the sequencing pace this exercise actively restricted sists the of as sources the focused clean understand to caine Baxter Instructors to in Sixty-eight in the managing students directing knowledge for in spect themselves accountable rience view their seems businesses me authority instructors one most entenng viewed study delivery by students participant to Kerlins in way this it low students adopt to put contributor as identity One creation study No at to college their establishing the found students the knowledge pos years substantiated 1970 absolute of entering 1992 Magolda were their They begin must be Perry study figures of negation the who figure of course knowledge from follow as change students the of the views one undergraduate structors teacher Over that position evidence sumed basic as submerged discrepancies the knowledge percent set undergraduate 1995 power of views college students the in the remains it assumption students sesses teacher often MEASURED AND APPLIED AND LEARNING more as with the oth an experience THE ROLE 14 As scribed an of example model the graduate de Mezirow discourse seminar as and that confines follows new words become There are the support that commonly accepted norms ideal conditions discoursethere of has everyone an op equal to the on of contribute active courtesy and vance permits be discussed to topic lished listening turS taking to anyone cultural and be talk to norms or there postgraduate in 1998 Hiernstra Roger socialization from the which of ad iii in participation estab of and traditional the become partners lily the allowing from apart protØgØ the For and loyalty also and which to munity terms theyve beliefs ate members and values webs constructed the students communitys nected to of meaning Wenger with away able methods one community As veloping quiry creators emerging that challenge awareness that practice define while of and being the and being the learning Note Another dents man of degree the knowledge students norms to trace and unique de models of in dents the community the boundary of area to policies with care student for support of the learning community of the learning community that shows 20.1 Figure and center move this students help from shift of co-ownership to of experiences feature in the community over time that is from also serve They supportive At scaffolding Fielding students are that Finally Exhibit 3 - 30 as faculty design they journey to curriculum student ex newer process or or for guide on the to can University members may become to students invited of stu help guides orientation stu structuring novice Graduate doctoral enhance the Milestones their transition alongside committees ap cognitive structured are to the the through sit of community expect students Of medicine center expert of information apprenticeships they factors ample advanced of is the identit5 one face to stu transform help some form these or milestones and should eta1 1989 teams center the position practi Brown tri government from law and offer in the the the the design formed from one-way cognitive development supports of avail member in selected projects implications toward dents true When power moves learning professions periphery prac for busi American instructional University programs for participated project Mason science become delineate able many research understanding frill of postgraduate course markers To kind to the Lave of relationships exchanges students become culture its dentteacher con cultural skills officials e-learning nient that also law Native hy regulated George tax be and arguments arguing in agencies acculturation methodology must and such surface only and by of learning at how of are discover is they what Duguid aware tribal another In students the socially shape local student involved and prenticeship communities of inquiry configured the Without 1991 come tioner is learning subsume that tices That than Postgradu Collins become pro largely intricate evaluate Experiential com rather beliefs modes preferred culture its by these by Brown do the learning that als contextual membership Such belief Postgraduate 1989 the underlie practitioners as they of the community connected are practitioners of understand to begin community owned create commu methodologies that that relationship learning gained and de ones means it of the of the the to experience of practices the of of from cases reducing Taylor lawyers the For both purpose Scott Practicing asked tribe this students cause accomplish by law were nesses serve with it mean watching mock cases Chal for can presented is or asked working iden the his or her may be students treatments critical clerks court described mentor awareness greater features who 2000 knowledge as with learn of often are work to Medical example good work to co-construction assistantships For develop center Undergraduates tØgØ in requires cultural suggested in the asked trials research court feature the generate lenging moot means it mock re professional mentor move toward nity own must be trust to one to conduct would parties central community learning settings might be relationship This can protØgØ the on pendence shift relationship the protØgØ ones surpass ments that mentor the success- of particu more opportunities in contextualized students to the requires co-creators by both adjustment means that agreed students supervisory He suggested however quire has to seem toward their provide instructors within ing Law 15 that Experiences peers freedom reflective viewpoints graduate engaging experiences students moving to flit while citizen norms are issues Academic critically scholar-practitioner how dissent helpEd ized studying other must team informed are participants 465 In community that community STUDY is larly portunity constrains good creative Certain coercion. outside no of set OF DOCTORAL Stu program determine members DEVELOPMENT ADULT 466 AND LEARNING MEASURED AND APPLIED Students become Mentors encourage Students discover and boundary of knowledge co-contributors discourse equalitarian the norms models that distinguish areas of inquiry the learning community ThjjT ernetso Students sthve from apart Students of of committees dissertation culty various these member ment as help transfer definition of those be the tacit of of postgraduate study fined as Berg knowledge implies rather the ity plex and 1986 perts to schema solve meaningful verbally Schmidt The fessional new spots that an role expertise to are often has as in tacit been abil com highly Baltes of the when an an difficult diverse as computer management At ular in increases through ate the of activity At lowed the with tor to as chances we Fielding attend many of in best the model such they support students present arise from currently authentic considering students committee might and context be al meetings and between interchanges this Wagner committee dissertation of the occur to are predissertation permission members that problems several among gradu again apprenticeships when reg undergraduate psychology Cognitive expertise ill-defined and in faculty 1986 growth with education and from knowledge tacit demonstrated has study business and programming one least graduate students there disserta faculty are few dialogue scholarly ex THE THIRD PATHWAY GAINING expert The x-ray to community learning 1966 enables nonroutine MORE COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF THE USE OF SELF highly LEARNING convey tN THE PROCESS Simons 1988 Johnston Boshuizen that the Polanyi knowledge see Tacit processes involves It 1979 quickly one Norman 114 Dixon abnormality Myles-Worslcy explicitly thinking within Tacit values information whether learned not 2002 ts as may be de typically often settings information by critical is problems data permit critical is Soloway identilji radiologist not order acquisition al 2000 et is of unstructured Sternberg They are learning and Sternberg knowledge Stemberg Ehrlich develop that sets of timing community and higher and to formulate ones to knowledge Tacit instruction expressed than tacit that knowledge formal through and abilities apprenticeships center experience lhe development pect co-authors knowledge in the implicit as critical learning the to variety The can experiences well as publications Moving the practices from one-way to cognitive exchanges 20.1 understand cultural evolves Learning and identities develop mentors to begin communitys FIGURE to their 1990 knowledge demonstrated Table plays in in pro fields as Exhibit 3 - 31 ical of 20.3 outlines those undergraduate the changes who continue years in their understanding educations past typ the THE ROLE OF DOCTORAL TABLE From Membership Peripheral The learner begins member 20.3 Novice aa and novice as of the learning Membership in the Central The peripheral Role of the joumeyman Leaming and regarded is intemalized aa individualized an solely at as experienced is one-way largely instructor-directed arms-length seen is the leamer learning is process mode given encased implicitly of inquiry that is within by leamer the able are leamer functions as follower compliant aware the citizens the the for community themselves by within the the articulating embedded modes in of the boundary that As good community when learn they community how and to in engage dissent creative productive from guide 1988 Stein constrains the expert growing of the assumptions become Leamers between practice reflection community responsibility situate of epistemological of inquiry The to the becomes greater community larger personal each with members new from movement iterative within instnsctor assumes Leamers unexamined largely the as leaming an exchange as The socializing The contributing and mentor expert ioumeyman exchange Expert progressing the dialogue/exchange sod information to self-directed Learning of transfer central community experienced between and Leaming is Learning experience Contributing as becomes lesmer member community 467 Community Learning To STUDY It fri An entry-level or her his lion of and hire Reflection side at the surface landscape used in the power flective fails to drawn insights Part much reason ing requires demic arate selling from seldom intense self is and learning for or the is viewed and as into postgraduate abstract education that that that with re is the between and in the emotions yet This Caspi wisdom of mind the of At at academic learn treatment within the completely sep experiences process community vised more and or be balanced to intellect Dixon et the is regarded 1986 Baltes al 2000 Sternberg feature of all of different balancing of insights they communities statements 2003 about of the In the of and these aspects changes education determine whether Exhibit 3 - 32 In the as that and they instances statement to Graduate in cognition of re their Stevens-Long proposed Fielding stu assists self into members one work many orchestration self-reflection authors alumni from the about operate development professional to how called level postgraduate view graduate Baltes been 2000 Diehl and 1984 has Cornelius maturity common in translating McClintock sity As stu in the dents learning aca and of wisdom is had this Sinnott what be to mind offered Specifically engage the to what Labouvie-Vief that models connecting in deciding that Sternberg write undergraduate that emotion of to of course support Magolda 66 1990 1966 of from aware 1987 fundamental Polanyi Baxter characteristic Pascual-Leone as logic reflection key Kenny and essential integration called together recognized were they rational environ learning that the over was associates individual nature emotive learning study dialogue involvement the dispassionate learning something the which learners disconnection this assume self discovery how as experience and often result incorporated enter the detached The there piece-meal with that into phase emotion participants lieve early learning enter they of wrote studies hege the view addition undergraduate students level from during to out occur cerebral largely this of issues about given of tend lie In to follow discovery integration their hidden the make important connections the of the is self tenth in participates by the to process learner self that re to method or see worth learners things not the 1995 knowledge phenomenologi that other years about extemal are do cul appear content the problems assumptions learning on In and personal ment and developmental construc dominant would individuals on reflects social the self Learners and of undertaken focusing analysis undergraduate the of the dynamics monic is it the self impact on ideology when cal about or the knowledge seldom student college assumptions code the Univer and personal attribute it should was to their difficult be coded as DEVELOPMENT ADULT 468 retitally the of spoke participant behavior or emotion cognition and confident more doing consulting of conditionality one and demand theo was correct or had never done For instance more feeling io grounded AND LEARNINC MEASURED AND APPLIED to and relationships of aware able to suspend about talked In judgment more feeling federal it. deficit You as presence had practitioner ones integrated research and scribed an action ments of an of third of integration thinking the literature on kind of example 2001 Magoldas and workers education an what of lot was being seeing that part journey unique as spoke Doing self Stephen from the role doubt of the only of and into you maintain an to ability are been has ity 1983 1993 active not talking and reflective as for 2001 the with their when positions like One personal of interpretation group one graduate-level 2003 knowledge data participant In Baxter course had to positionwe pick had topic to use are per de presented an the own capa initial Hughes felt imposter microscope what like felt felt inadequate and scared felt the along like Everyone me evaluating times at these way feel and par 20 doubt of intellectual adult student have that The been the courageous there to enough grapple Stevens- 1989 Bunker defense moving of an 2001 in his willingness ing ideas he validated tock of tools their had by grow top-performing The learn and and 127 the he of 1998 wise enough to Kerry Bunker eallsthis resisted research Lessons themselves more inside how personally the of being 1992 against describes experi Morrison frailties Webb to alumnus look the parallel learning in nothing is graduate by profiled characteristics believe part The described valued described executives with logic highly McCall Lombardo shared to are insecurity development we have and intense Experience not or experiences of behind experience economic her somewhere of type all kind often their Frances matter Fcelings cel ences as follows and self- gradu students regarding like and no changed ings ability grain One learned to but had that the Field accept been McClin Stevens-Long 2003 critical We me stupid leaders and Magoldas an felt succeed confused of social about public to abilities express talked described economics processes alumnus the to of be about cognitive the Fielding McClintock talk they tales of accompany student under watching King own minds thinkers can to feelings describing In fake constantly of level understanding dcconstruct to arguments Long from as and own thought students referred the wrote and their situationsbecoming of their into with knowledge highest Fielding an graduate opportunities their or analyze orchestraters Similarly fend to at different deploy to thinking and the of their of development self individual postgraduate doctoral as had how stu limits 1994 that performance was Schon Kitchener cognition conscious able the how of what to Alumni judgment systems into enter they the reflective confrontation of uncertainty abil Tremmel illustrates on reflect awareness constructionism haps example epistemic more being such how This 1997 the in describing Entering levels was Langer to corresponds called coming come The intersect 1990 experience the learn of state itself reflection-in-action Magoldas also knowledge and called Baxter can knowing the mindfulness or dents within forces to bring felt ing or reflection and often what action that we stu painful impostership high report reflection that Brookfield education ate 208 we speak however self-uncertainty reflection Quite one side dark experience When the to did think something much sometimes and And lcarning it why you define to starting part re had pp 197198 of tolerate lonely is intense bility that is not You reason do more anxiety the postgraduate work when you do put of yourself of were you would Baxter respondents and taught what with also the have to level this often accompanying from study of in clinical pastoral along identity One must an longitudinal students had Someone economics would it something and feeling comes it To reach state wisdom echoes Another of of these dents that acting through de human of All do-ing or time Every little in respondent more becoming human than suggest effects settings experience rather be-ing the was participant something to analyze encouraged side supply the argue another Which econonsics in duce why we thought explain incorrect why explain increasingly and charts take pears supply mental to factor be what surrender Exhibit 3 - 33 in growing Bunker the 1989 willingness against has the called to accept grain ap develop temporary tic THE ROLE setbacks performance from formative learning subjective emotional experience of ideas and to The ate the those runs individuals the exposure to diverse become to seems more tional In fact it which stronger seems is an make to Later either-or of culturally arena in might be Pratt provided 1991 PATHWAY tion of awareness fluences how PERSPECTIVES is the described and social development during as well cultural educa and 20.4 Insular To 1991 how the 2000b the to influenced are by learners cultural and bias personal implicit and unexamined Leamers possible to pure and take ii ideology assume broaden that the aware shapes learners transaction is the educational Ca itself served certainly itself setting by expe individual of perspectives may or may Perspective and Inclusive stance objective Learners are that it to is come ideological Global to As become they reflective cultural acknowledge can that perspectives experience learning members sensitive community that disagreements in discrepancies and the learning of the learning to of underlying biases shape may be ideological viewpoints Leamers 2000b 2000a and hcgemonic accept epistemological should be shared learning those hold assume by all Leamers the own either within may based and or the the 1991 distance treat instructor-driven iisequities to culturally ming approaches of knowledge management joint Caffarella Pratt lea 2000 Merrians should dominant approach are learning pedagogy merely as Learners traditional existing serve power amplified through technology discover as an learning among become and community Exhibit 3 - 34 how inclusive access/power Learners 4% sensitized regarding learning Learners St more assumptions that assume perspectives culturally beliefs are become Learners Brookfield their participants minority to that assumptions cousrnunity who accommodate to they assumptions of more context learning learning 1994 sensitized become the bias ideological Brookfield They ap knowledge fosters become inclusiveness Although Cultural and aware learning of which experiences and and regarding iL The is Perry Merriam 2000 dents TABLE that become students that Learners learn they riences 20.4 in table Pram Hegemonic in context one to viewpoints as of cultural about learning instructors post-graduate from transition management joint relationships power AND the 1991 farella How for different structure education Hiemstra that ways DEVELOPING AN iNCREASED CULTURAL As stu Terenzini the alternative some education Pascarella assumptions assumptions Candy OF SOCIAL of based Brockett AWARENESS value and proaches in THE FOURTH accompany many world the across tolerance greater For provides college changes in their support developmental itself views accepting an certainly develop of de 1970 emo or journey of course world larger from learners context in graduate path enclave political absolute encour little to and that through 469 STUDY in the exist final learning the These more develop likely is personal This most postgradu promote There ones difficulties to unlikely painful share tend dents religious responses 1991 of over result our under-girding our emotional environment surrender to velopment threatening and arenas Trans change to education agement we have assumptions competitive mental intensely communities learning social involves it an supporting surrender MI larger cautioned when which in both need the 2000 often is shift new learn voluntary completely especially refraining aware plague within As Mezirow situation ing that novice to expert OF DOCTORAL more to use distance web for to balanced community members aware those of others are learning providing influenced of in by how their own the learning power relationships stu not 470 ADULT DEVELOPMENT serve inclusiveness tives related tempted to wanese work recognize to the students students In curs of community culture In that this form reasons the why men often than women more women are exposed of high mentors and guides on provide opportunity that shape what for sideration and dley sexual the experienced poor working ulty advisors itiveness in the approach of one idea When marginalized fined to the of role that is in addressing the and in that viewpoints such constrained power rules voices through readings conditions compet mony cultural remain excluded from individuals con but works also center of cal deeply be assump unexamined into 2000b Fur to likely is Hege that assumptions incorporated Brookfield thinking subtle of back peel the finger people whoth point conscious our can day-to-day and faculty without critical to lifethe stock common sense that conspiracy the opinions people here of it take is the ideas As on parcel and seeing that to granted conspiracy logic the practices of wisdom If there of the the study by can set the increasing stage open for as discus and for set voices all be student requires concerted effort The ethics of with 1986 suggest in discourse Nancy that centers It and play of the students outcomes equal to academic much Clenehy is es permit risks can cultural In means less the new generate and differences this space dia posi graduate of self-replication more an instrument and It Blythe discourse located and criti optimal task incompatible students which becomes supervisor both mean negotiating implicit can education ordering and give in space Tarule Jill egalitarian dis everyday we share tionality comrmiunity of change et Belenky for for al 1986 or the is SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS normal more dialogue in and would graduate it time final and Nyquist perspective es 134 or attacking must engage supervisors of of and Returning Postgraduate under which in no atmosphere p.4l clusive by often speakers necessary Mary Belenky understanding and silent and and groups instigators conventional for the or group people and part ways as keep Instead become hegemony of oppression identifiable we accuse cx that faculty including topic make may be seen Goldberger and is dismissing competitive discourse them layers the environment students that sential wrote the an conspiracy enfranchised world at on allows an active taking discourse critical flourish Such One cannot in can inclusiveness hegemonic and implicit an di of the discourse selling and po attempting that and outside tone discourse cultural strength dialectical hias many implies become fuel and be included to Building the early about niarginalized have male fac with by discrepancies students sion are cducational an by that lacks Han- bring mentality those the to finding students community The environment thermore tions the reside effort environment among ground tablishing listen power verse who her This means flourish to between ist male fuc this emphasize groups affects only of edge those against not it participation interaction Tisdell of positionality programs 1990 win-lose shape described education an create to difference related that and con race into perspective sitionality groups that doctoral graduate environments individualism from exclusionary argued relationships news those put in Mary Handley ting to to follow orientation 2000 Taylor how implieit raise differences positionality American African and can It can leaming how of hegeinonie bias and believe as Or not action into cultural lt viewpoints uncover discourse our to Transformational gender the of range to to challenge agreements One insidiously percentage many women an wider to exposure sumptsons beliefs oc marginalized Kerlin can possibilities Asian some an broader for the impact For Lomperis fact that ulty as students of exceptional More complete to Tai marginalization 1995 Kerlin at be marginalized to is needs the Scott respect the negative may develop practice ignores of embarrassing understand to authors efforts performance innocuous ftiilure as the reading have to out singled of an example as subsequent most its by appeared be to perspec Merriam one proved most that also It class multiple outstanding student decision student the MEASURED AND APPLIED Sharan and which in stow graduate paper aloud encurage Caffarella Rosemary 2000 the and AND LEARNING take to support education Exhibit 3 - 35 to the 2000 Woodford issues we might ask developmental Whereas the described maturity evidence by What clearly in ..- THE ROLE that suggests postdoctoral intellectual the we years of development integration of behave probably als Pulling and First often even expected the should learning projects as quickly are faculty of gotiation ment power role supervisors an of dent brings in along with his or the problems Third support ery to the in the way the accompanied to portunities education graduate in and maturity Fourth of tives the dialectical fuel the plore ment of their generate and ferences This ments and and own of field to they often Op support feature of study can suggests be creased profound may begin unified stable continual tives broaden the faculty people encourage in perspec This can ex to assumptions and the develop discourse which can cultural dif be located wide conducted variety in experi conventional more in self as less self that is among the of in perspec that is reality within self full fluid ev with that and ambiguity paradox there Finally and cates one uate with that the reflection in paradox with the the and unique practice Exhibit 3 - 36 self We and lead midst ambiguity and might well and We the argue for acceptance one conflicting this grad scholar- capacity the allow expect allow affective especially training action uncertain might may wisdom The to of communi reality education at dur with behavior wise that internal conventional aimed should practitioner with Wisdom caring inner emo the associated behavior and outer that experience may be as best graduate education people perhaps even defined the integrate believe to educations understanding to here reason changes changes may be concems of is cognitive their graduate Wisdom of of the and that they ways world self-confidence of more with chal to including more aware and constructed is and between may become construction ing de entity the the change as the addition students experience and dialogue They socially post he to In intertwined are empathy patience Students evalu associated is about personal those to through constrain feel changes cognitive of idence that and prob and learn opinion causing assumptions uncer the explanations and experience understand These tional should Egalitarian space the perceive syntlsesize between they are they and certainty and transformation perspective toward which distinction differing evidence poten moving with that students They understand the solution educational graduate lenge of of evidence transform resolved single worth the toward progress oo comparison growth encourage the thinking dialogic might Changes ways anxiety hegemonic positionality chapter that bias their new and periph are and ate be learning in thought and product graduate thinkers of relationships can that op perfect the developmental but contrast knowledge behavioral and discourse constrain that the the inclusiveness students cultural address to and with for these encouraged both at thinking and diversity and regular along the of have that honored look knowledge to in stu understand feelings we hope wisdom reflective dialectical liberately if the the is intends self-doubt become ne guide community these explore might self-discovery of fresh self of and environ the what must the intense that that take to construction by lems and experience learning define people understand life students of the center of students emotional journey from learners tainty that community and problems relationships toward ability learning faculty systems graduate level compare innovative and litera might imply presepts great doubt matu some and process chapter dialectical more to the has little is metasystematic able community When power of her become choose There of any kind on offer to insti behavioral terms development this education for their learning This means terms sum then tial acknowledgment evolve of adult such seems both capture study graduate what that measures students although tn in the allowed move that to work little 471 conventional less emotional and of STUDY of range many education Postgraduate as currently relative exists portunity in doctoral among ture be they is In chapter Furthermore to try There self-directed identify This means authority this ill-defined relationships slim programs development rity recommendations to of the in the may stead of to people faidy is methods to the individu responsibility with hierarchical resists mature competencies center possible mature should the sensible supported considered is strands four greater and work the tutions fundamental is less be encouraged toward students Yet must be more and seems the behavior or that Students their on might be undertaken proposition with case demonstrating it this various to take students as the curricula Second from education graduate is educational for we begin than for we together review its and contend differently evidence although life intellect maturity wisdom Furthermore doctoral information little and emotion characteristic key have as well the over changes emotional either of function OF DOCTORAL to cope situations capacity to 472 DEVELOPMENT ADULT accompany the velopment perspective in the fluidity been intellectual sense and the by stretching and self these Indeed research adult alectical have de adult 1984 Basseches Baxter learning wise psycho-gerontological book of Job Journal the 1981 New future corporate York Wiley 1978 Schon learning MA of theory action Reading Addison-Wesley 1975 hood fifth stage 1984 structural adult Psychology Developmental 11 Late psychology The Age role New Trans 259300 Four Transformation Peter Baltes ogy In New in Cam Prentice and personal Rutgers Uni In Holquist pp Bakhtin of Texas Press In Postgraduate research at Bartlett 5569 New in developmental Lemer Vol New for the child of York of York psychol Eds Handbook Construction mic of of practice Eds Relations Peter learning Vol 11 pp study of frame development of di- 5th Hand pp of learning academic The San ed educational CA Diego In learning psy Acade 1991 tional on Tales of adult from Handbook of San and adult Francisco 2000b phe 203216 educa continuing Jossey-Bass San as learning Ed Learning on theory Francisco Jossey perspectives pp 125148 re critically Hayes Mezirow Critical transformation of Transformative In critique progress and Interna Wildon pp 349 ideology 13 concept In practice side reflection Learning 2000a The tion research the dark critical of Lifelong Journal Eds in Self-direction theory York Routledge nomenography Bass 1977 lege thought Not Piaget beyond In Armon Late adolescent pp 395411 Brown and 16 1989 Bunker Issues and beyond operations Teachers Col New the culture operations Commons Eds and formal Beyond adult York of formal cognitive opera develop Praeger 1989 Duguid Collins leaming ing adolescence 1984 Broughton tions formal Beyond in 79 8798 Record Exhibit 3 - 37 1_ of knowledge 1994 Researcher schemata Handbook Perspectives New Brookfield ment research Lang Dialectical empirical In supervision Postgraduate Eds development Vol Hiemstra but metaphors Mostly human on Press adult in knowing Lerner human of pp 345 series chology of ways perspectives psychology Richards 2001 Goldberger Damon Ed Theoretical ed pp 10291143 5th Transforming 1980 New 807863 New 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Wilson Bacelar Eds adolescence development Press University Aronson York pp 230243 development bridge adult and Commons Andreoletti Brandtstadter El cognitive uperaturs The Ed Sternberg adult Psychology 1990 Wisdom and New Piagetian Developmental finding formal Beyond and adolescent 1977 Arlin thought Commons Eds pp 258271 velopment adult In Armon Vol and Adolescent interpretation Richards In the on Student College epistemology In Sternberg New York Arlin Arlin pp Berg of relational epistemo- Kluwer Academic/Plenum in development Cognitive 602606 tions Late Dcmiek Organizational perspective Postformal Armon Vol tives Argyris Arlin tions of adults young Journal empathy development the Creating of Richards Hu Aging and of adult 36 205216 1984 growth 32 2139 man Development Ackoff of interpretation International 23 and thinking integration in development Benack Becoming The knowing impersonal Development 1991 Dialectical 1995 Magolda and References Orwoll Development New York Ablex development logical Achenbaum Human thinking 40042 greater gains on literature compatriot its de cognitive transformation of by suggested velopment AND LEARNING MEASURED AND APPLIED Situated Educational learning 3242 Leaders and Observations the dark chasm 56 of learn STUDY THE ROLE OF DOCTORAL Webb Bunker from 1992 NC Greensboro Center individual mA and Creative for to the learner and 1991 The influence and Personality Social The 1989 Personnel change analytic of stage chological Association Commons San model of Vol tions Eds Armon Late and adolescence Commons In stages Eds Handbook 199220 New In voice Power 161173 New York 1999 ment study of Peter Hill tween liminal in tin- old age education New York 1986 Baltes on gence In Practical the Toward life-span and pragmatics of functions Wagner Sternberg pp 203234 intelligence University Domangue Decoding complexity tolerance nonverbal inconsistency re of Eds of and gation In hood Ed of the tacit Thomas plan knowledge Schneider in investi programming Eds the doctoral Policy Adult MA of personal Critical years Archives Analysis stages Human Vol cent and Wisdom 1990 Pracgcr Exhibit 3 - 38 Its nature York about critical In knowing reflection Francisco adult in Jossey-Bass Developing reflective Jossey-Bass Which pp levels postformal are Richards Eds methods thought judgment reflective 1994 Sinnolt adult uncer 12229 New assumptions Francisco Models and of Ed Commons In face Press San 1990 Kohlberg the in pp King San and 1990 Wisdom Fostering pp 159180 judgment verbal- Personality empirical experi life hridge psychology Knowing University Grotzer 1979 An Soloway The Surviving Transfonning Mcxirosv of cognitive ambiguity Cam heads development Kitchener lournal nor King model Cambridge effects from Press Stemberg and Kitchener intelli 1953 Ehrlich In origins Press 1978 Cambridge meaningless Brenner Cambridge search over judgment reflective Teaching Collier Dixon and Education Kitchener tainty and Experience of Department 139 be 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