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EXHIBIT 10 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 Hurry to get Ultra-Early Bird ticket pricing! × Schedule OCTOBER 8, 2018 Registration 8:00 MORNING SESSIONS Track: The Smart Kitchen Opportunity 8:50-9:00 Welcome: The Future Kitchen Opportunity Michael Wolf, The Spoon 9:00-9:25 The Disrupted Meal Journey (Panel) Michael Wolf, Moderator; Jon Jenkins, Hestan Smart Cooking; Dana Cowin 9:25-9:40 How the Connected Kitchen Will Save Lives (and Maybe the Planet Too) (Solo) Alexis Fox, Lighter 0 9:40-10:05 1/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 Defining Strategies For Investing In Food Tech (Panel)  Ashley Daigneault; Tom Mastrobouni, Tyson Ventures; Brian Frank, FTW; Carman Palafox, Make in LA 10:05-10:20 From Home Appliances to Home Experiences Christofer von Nagel, BSH Appliances 10:20-10:40 Startup Showcase Pitch Session #1 MORNING BREAK  10:40-11:20  Sponsor Workshop by TE Connectivity The Connectivity Behind the Smart Kitchen   Track: Fostering Innovation For The Future of Food and Cooking 11:20-11:45 Out of the Garage: Bringing The Inventor's Mindset To The Kitchen (Panel) Ashlee Clark Thompson, CNET; Clay Alexander, Ember; Scott Heimendinger, Modernist Cuisine; Melissa Verzwyvelt, Heatworks; 11:45-12:00 Instant, Personalized & Smart: The 0 Future of Food Creation 2/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 Pablos Holman, Intellectual Ventures 12:00-12:25 Beyond The Dial: Exploring Voice and AIPowered Interfaces For The Kitchen (Panel) Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Podcast; Shelby Bonnie, Pylon AI; Adnan “Boat” Agboatwalla, Samsung 12:25-12:45 The Kitchen As Innovation Engine (Fireside Chat) Richard Blais, Chef; Chris Albrecht, The Spoon 12:45-1:10 Startup Showcase Pitch Session #2  LUNCH 1:10-2:10 Startup News Announcements: 1:202:00; Founder's Room CONCURRENT SESSIONS Two tracks will run concurrently during the first afternoon block Recital Hall: Kitchen Sessions 2:10-2:35 Implementing & Executing Smart Kitchen Platforms (Panel) 0 3/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 Michael Wolf, The Spoon; Kevin Brown, Innit; Kevin Yu, SideChef; Geoff Barnes, Google 2:35-2:50 Innovating The Hard Way: How Tech Companies Can Solve Real Problems in Cooking (Solo) Arvind de Menezes Pereira, Markov 2:50-3:15 Shoppable, AI-Powered & Guided: Reinventing The Recipe (Panel) Ashlee Clarke Thompson, CNET; Cliff Sharples, Fexy; Jason Cohen, Analytical Flavor Systems; Yuni Sameshima, Chicory 3:15-3:30 Building A Printed Food Ecosystem (Solo) Hironao Kato, Open Meals NORCLIFFE FOUNDER'S ROOM: Reinventing Food Systems 2:10-2:35 Leave The Lunch Box Behind: How Tech Is Changing How We Eat At Work (Panel) Brita Rosenheim, Better Food Ventures; Michele Smart, EZCater; Bill Billenstein, Guckenheimer; Luke Saunders, Farmer’s Fridge 2:35-2:50 Democratized Platforms Are Enabling New Creators to Enter The Food Space (Solo) Ashley Colpaart, The Food Corridor 2:50-3:15 0 4/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 Battling Waste: Using IoT, AI & Data to Make Kitchens Better for the World (Panel) Chiara Cecchini, Future Food Institute; Dana Gunders, The Waste Free Kitchen; Jasmine Crowe, Goodr 3:15-3:30 From Soil To Sip: Disruptions In The Coffee Value Chain (Solo) Nathan Gilliland, Bellwether Coffee 3:30-4:15 Afternoon Break Sponsor Workshop by Hestan Smart Cooking Beyond Voice: Rethinking User Interfaces in the Kitchen AFTERNOON SESSIONS Track: Tides of Change 4:15-4:40 The Food Robot Evolution (Panel) Chris Albrecht, The Spoon; Cynthia Yeung, Cafe X; Deepak Sekar, Chowbotics; Rishi Israni, Zimplistic 4:40-5:05 Restaurants 2030: Exploring The Future of Restaurants (Panel) Joe Ray, Wired; Eric Rivera, addo Incubator; Jim Collins, Kitchen United; John 0 Ha, Bear Robotics 5/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 5:05-5:35 Is This Thing On? The Art of the Review In the Smart Kitchen Era (Panel) Michael Wolf, The Spoon; Wilson Rothman, Wall Street Journal;  Ashlee Clark Thompson, CNET; Joe Ray, Wired; Lisa McManus, America’s Test Kitchen 5:35-6:00 Startup Pitch Session #3 HAPPY HOUR & STARTUP SHOWCASE 6:00-8:00pm Grand Lobby OCTOBER 9, 2018 8:00 am Doors Open MORNING SESSIONS 8:50-9:00 Welcome Track: The Kitchen Commerce & Service Layer 0 9:00-9:25 6/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 Kitchen Counter Point of Sale: Analyzing In-Kitchen Commerce Models (Panel) Richard Gunther, Digital Media Zone; Iri Zohar, Freshub; Benton Richardson, Amazon; Shawn Stover, GE Appliances 9:25-9:40 The Future of Grocery (Solo) Mike Lee, Alpha Labs 9:40-10:05 Food On Demand: Perspectives On Food Delivery (Panel) Brita Rosenheim, Better Food Ventures; Christopher Payne, DoorDash; David Rabie, Tovala Track: Building The Plan 10:05-10:30 Rethinking Business Models In The Era of FoodTech (Panel)  Michael Wolf, The Spoon; Chris Young, ChefSteps; Stephanie Naegeli, Nestlé; Brett Dibkey, Whirlpool 10:30-10:45 The Creative Spark of the Smart Kitchen (Solo)     Jon Jenkins, Hestan Smart Cooking 10:45-11:05 Finding The Formula: Why Products Succeed or Fail (Fireside) Wilson Rothman, Wall Street Journal; 0 Malachy Moynihan (Amazon Echo, Juicero) 7/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 MORNING BREAK  11:05-11:40 Sponsor Workshop by Wireless Power Consortium How Wireless Power will Transform the Way We Use Our Kitchen Track: Food & Cooking Content Remixed 11:40-12:00 From Project Runway To Project Foodie (Fireside) Eli Holzman, Intellectual Property Corporation; Chris Albrecht, The Spoon 12:00-12:15 Augmented Food Experiences (Solo)  Dhairya Dand, ODD Industries 12:15-12:35 The Connected Chef (Fireside) Tyler Florence, Food Network; Michael Wolf, The Spoon 12:35-1:00 Fusion Cooking: The Future Recipe For Media, Food & Cooking (Panel) Dana Cowin; Tyler Florence, Food Network; Eli Holzman, Intellectual Property Corporation; Dhairya Dand, ODD Industries 0 8/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 LUNCH 1:00-2:00 Lunch Workshop: A Look at the Japan Smart Kitchen & FoodTech Market CONCURRENT SESSIONS Two tracks will run concurrently during the first afternoon block RECITAL HALL: KITCHEN SESSIONS 2:00-2:25 Future Fresh: Rethinking Food Storage Brita Rosenheim, Better Food Ventures; Gordon Foster, Evertron; Tal Lapidot, Silo; Nate Cho, Electolux 2:25-2:50 Crowd & Beyond: Building Sustainable FoodTech Businesses Once The Campaign Ends Ashley Daigneault; Cheryl Clements, Pieshell; David Rabie, Tovala 2:50-3:15 Thinking Out of The Box: Reimagining Our Cooking Appliances Lisa McManus, America's Test Kitchen; Matt Van Horn, June; Robin Liss, Suvie, John Pleasants, Brava 3:15-3:45 0 Smart Kitchen Regional Perspectives 9/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 Adam Justice, ConnectSense; Masa Fukata, Panasonic, Steve Svajian, Anova; Erik Wallin, Northfork   NORCLIFFE FOUNDER'S ROOM: Reinventing Food systems 2:00-2:25 Food Data: Standards, Ontologies & Analytics Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Podcast; Matthew Lange; IC-Foods; Victor Penev, Edamam; Kevin Brown, Innit 2:25-2:50 Plant-Based, Cellular & Sustainable: Exploring The Future of Meat Catherine Lamb, The Spoon; Andrew Ive, Big Idea Ventures; Christie Lagally, Seattle Food Tech; Thomas Bowman, JUST 2:50-3:15 Food Blockchain: Hype Or True Path To Food Transparency? Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Podcast; Raja Ramachandran,; Tejas Bhatt, Walmart 3:15-3:45 Edible Cannabis: The New Functional Food? Catherine Lamb, The Spoon; Merril Gilbert, TraceTrust; Scott Riefler, Tarukino; Linda Gilbert, BDS Analytics AFTERNOON BREAK 0 3:45-4:30 10/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 AfternoonWorkshop (Founder’s Room): Ghost in the Appliance: How IoT Devices Join the Criminal Underworld Riley Eller Track: Final five For inspiration 4:30-4:45 Designing the Kitchen Ecosystem of the Future Bruce Thompson, Urbaneer 4:45-5:00 Leveraging Data to Improve Recipes Shannon Ren, Hestan Smart Cooking 5:00-5:15 AI and Personalized Flavor Jason Cohen, Gastrograph 5:15-5:30 How the Connected Kitchen Transforms Food Digitization David Kraft, Xinova 5:30-5:45 No More Bullying The Customer Amy Gross, VineSleuth  5:45-6:00 Final Thoughts & Startup Showcase Winner Announcement   0 11/12 6/18/2019 Schedule — SKS 2019 S TA R T U P S H O W C A S E PAST EVENTS Brought to you by The Spoon 0 12/12

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