Motorola Mobility, Inc. v. Apple, Inc.

Filing 94

NOTICE by Motorola Mobility, Inc. of Filing Brief on Claim Construction (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit, # 2 Exhibit, # 3 Exhibit, # 4 Exhibit, # 5 Exhibit, # 6 Exhibit, # 7 Exhibit, # 8 Exhibit, # 9 Exhibit, # 10 Exhibit, # 11 Exhibit, # 12 Exhibit, # 13 Exhibit, # 14 Exhibit, # 15 Exhibit, # 16 Exhibit, # 17 Exhibit, # 18 Exhibit, # 19 Exhibit, # 20 Exhibit, # 21 Exhibit, # 22 Exhibit, # 23 Exhibit, # 24 Exhibit, # 25 Exhibit, # 26 Exhibit, # 27 Exhibit, # 28 Exhibit, # 29 Exhibit, # 30 Exhibit, # 31 Affidavit)(Giuliano, Douglas)

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Exhibit 25 to Motorola’s Opening Claim Construction Brief July 28, 2011 mItE 8td 100-11192 EXHIBIT 25 PAGE 1 .; J ~. /, '\.. '\ ·~t. .... ~! The Institute of Electrieal and Electronics Engineers. Inc. 345 East 47th Street, New York, NY 10017·2394, USA Copyright Cl1993 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rigbIB ....rved. Publiahed 1993 Printed in the United States of America ISBN 1·55937·240·0 No part of til is publication may M reproduced in any (onn, in an electronic retrieual system or otherwise, without tM prior written permi88ion of the publish2r. SH15594 January 15. 1993 EXHIBIT 25 PAGE 2 adapter•• taaclarcl 16 assortment of cables and adapters for use with test or support equipment. (2] adapter. .taD4a.rd. A two· port device havtng standard connectors for Joining together two waveguides or transmlSsion Jines with nonmatIng standard connectors. 474-1973w addreu addead. A number to be added to another number (the augend) to produce a result (the sum). 610.1 adder. A device whose output Is a representation of the sum of the two or more quantities represented by the inputs. See: '''Il10& computer; baJf-addu. 162-1963. 121 adapter. . . .eguJde (waTefUlde compoaeata). A structure used to interconnect two add me. A file contalnJng records that are being added or are to be added to a master rue. wavegUides that differ In Size or type. If the 610.5-1990 modes of propagation also differ. the adapter functions as a mode transducer. 147-1979 addition .,ent (electroplatlDtl. A substance that. when added to an electrolyte. produces a adaptma. See: .elf~adaptln• . desired change in the structure or properties of adaptiYe antenaa .,..tem. An antenna system an electrodeposlt. wtthout producing any haVing clTcult elements associated with Its appreclabte change in the conductivity of the radJatlng elements such that some of the electrolytes. or in the activtty of the metal Ions antenna properties are controlled by the or hydrogen Ions. See: e1ectroplattac. 11191 received signal. See: aateana. 145-19~"""'·.dd1tioD without eany.• See: esclualft OR. adaptlve c:ocliD&. The application of two or rp6re "Deprecated. 610.1 image compression techniques to a ....~:<io.\' &cl4itlve (m.u1atiDI on). A chemical compound Image. based on properties of dlfferent",payir of '~[~~o~pounds added to an Insulating flUid for the Image. .f;lJ?;~"\;t1990;,~ the'~purpose of Imparung new properties or adapUnt color ohlft (Wumlaa~""i,.e'Dclnee.Jli\ a1te""" ,~e propertIes that the fluId a1~eady The change In the perce!ved QI»ect'. coJolli~ has. 637 1985 caused solely by the ch~e ~f'th~ ~~~r~i .~ii~ord.~~ ~o~ that is to be added or that chromatic adaptation. ~ : .ta~ of ~~c ~ nas ,peen adiJed to a master flIe. Contrast wah: adaptatlo... '. \ . "l!fM.~~""",~.~t1o reprd. ,/ 610.5-1990 adaptiTe coatrol .,..tem. See:· c,oD.~l .,..teDl.:'t~-; 'utdre.. (A)Jl) ~.em.1coaductor memory). Those adeptlTe. "" ~, ~(.t<t Inputs ,Ji'hqae states select a particular cell or ". ..", jli, groul':b~.,eel1.. 662-198Ow adapUTe equalbatioD (data traD.~~). /It;t(:: (21;(el~tronlc computatioa. aDd data pl'O~ system that has a means of mon1tortng, !ts" ~ "AhaI). (A) An identification. as represented frequency response characteristics 3:Q,d ~<~ ~;I, :1by'~'a, name. label. or number. for a register. means ofvarytng Its own parameters by clOff!dloeatlop in storage. or any other data source or loop action to obtain the desired ove"ln 'destlriatlon such as the location of a station in frequency response. 599-1985w, a communication network. (8) Loosely. any adapUTe aaaiDteoaDce (8Oftware). ,Software " , part of an InstrucUon that specifies the k>ca~ maintenance performed to make ,f*c~Wrl:,t,<,;:,po~f?1:M operand for the Instruction. Ie) (elecprogram usable in a changed e~. . t.~.,.".,. . "'. •Jn~. ~4;",machlne-control system). A means of ".:ti~ ... . Contrast with: correcUye malitfi.'ij'a~; <; " !)j' 'Ideotlfytng lnformatlon or a location In a conperfectlTe maiDteoADce. 616.l'a~it)~~"~:' 'J!o.l4Y!I:~c;:m. Example: The x In the command x 12345 is an address Identifying the numbers adaptlTe .yatem. A system that has a means of 12345 as referrtng to a postUon on the x axis. monltor1ng Us own performance and a means of 185 ) (3) (8Oft.are). (A) A number. character. or \ varytng Its own parameters by closed-loop actton to Improve Us ~rformance. See: ayatem group of characters that identifies a gtven aeieace. (63) device or storage location. {Bl To refer to a device or storage locaUon by an Identifying ADC cODvenlon lain. The number of channels number, character. or group of characters. See over which the full ampUtude span can be also: absolute add"..; effective adclrea; spread: usually 204&-8192 Channels are used ImpUed addreuln.; Indirect addre•• ; rela· for Ge gamma-ray spectrometry. N42.14-1991 live addre•• ; "locatable .delre•• ; .,..bollc ad4re•• ; vlrtualaddre... 610.12 ~ 1990 Adcock ADteona. A pair of verucal antennas (4) (teat pattern lantua.e). The identification separated by a distance of one-haJf wavelength of a specific memory word, usually expressed or less. and connected In phase opposition to In X-, y~ . and z-coordlnates. and In binary produce a radiation pattern hav1ng the shape of code. See. Io&le addreu, pbJ1lleaJ addrea•. a ngure etght In all planes containing the 660·1966 centers of the two antennas. See: ADtenaa. (IS) (STltbUl). The reference to a unit of data or 145-1983 the value represented by the address lines add. To Insert a record Into an existing file. while ADRSTB* Is ac tive. 1000-1987 610.5-1990 (8) (metal nitrite ozide .emlcooductor ma). "'!. '.. .. EXHIBIT 25 PAGE 3

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