Motorola Mobility, Inc. v. Apple, Inc.

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NOTICE by Motorola Mobility, Inc. of Filing Brief on Claim Construction (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit, # 2 Exhibit, # 3 Exhibit, # 4 Exhibit, # 5 Exhibit, # 6 Exhibit, # 7 Exhibit, # 8 Exhibit, # 9 Exhibit, # 10 Exhibit, # 11 Exhibit, # 12 Exhibit, # 13 Exhibit, # 14 Exhibit, # 15 Exhibit, # 16 Exhibit, # 17 Exhibit, # 18 Exhibit, # 19 Exhibit, # 20 Exhibit, # 21 Exhibit, # 22 Exhibit, # 23 Exhibit, # 24 Exhibit, # 25 Exhibit, # 26 Exhibit, # 27 Exhibit, # 28 Exhibit, # 29 Exhibit, # 30 Exhibit, # 31 Affidavit)(Giuliano, Douglas)

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Exhibit 29 to Motorola’s Opening Claim Construction Brief July 28, 2011 F' I ;. i Microsoft® ENCARTA COLLEGE DICTIONARY St Martins Press ~ EXHIBIT 29 PAGE 1 New York A BLOOMSBURY REFERENCE BOOK Created from the Bloomsbury Database of Wofld English First published in the United States of America in 2001 by St. Martin's Press 175 Fifth Avenue New York. NY 10010 This Dictionary includes words on the basis of their usage in-the English language today. Some words are identified as being trademarks or service marks, but no attempt has been made to identify all of the words in which proprietary rights might exist. 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Typeset by Selwood Systems, Midsomer Norton, Bath, United Kingdom Printed iI)."t1).e United States of America EXHIBIT 29 PAGE 2 416 dissonance li'1uids that have been purified or conC(!ntrat d DISTANCE to beat another racehorse by more than twenty second image fades in, briefly merging one with the til1ation e by di.&. lengths [l3C. Directly or _via French < Utin distantia < other _ n SIMULTANEOUS fAOING OUT AND IN a change from distant- "standing apart" (see DISTANT).) 0 go the distance dis·till·er Idi stillarl n a COmpany that or one scene to another, with the flI"St scene gradually to continue until you have completed something produces hard liquor such as whiskey vo[.~.non who fading out and the next one gradually fading in over °11 ' ....,andgin it (14C. < latin dissoJverr~ °loosen asunder" < solvere "loosdis·tance learn·ing n education forstudent5 working dIs,tl ·er·y Idi sllilareel (plural -las) n a pI en."} -dis·solv.a·bil·i·ty Idi zCllva bHlateel n at home, with little or no face·to-face contact with teachstrong alcoholic liquors such as whiskey: va~:h~ dis.solv·a·ble adj-dis.solv.a.ble·ness n-diS·Sol·vent gin are made by distilling ,0 ,and ers and with material provided remotely, e.g., by eadj -dis·solv·er n mail, television, or correspondence dis·tinct Idi sUngkll adj 1 SEPARATE clearly diffe dis·so·nance {dfssananss/ n 1 UNPL£ASANT NOISE a comdis.tant IdlstanV adj 1 FAR AWAY situated, living, or hap· separate 0 The word Ims two distinct senses. 2 AP:~ ~d bination of sounds that is unpleasant to listen to 2 INpening far away 0 a distant galaxy 2 fAR AWAY IN TIME THE SENSES e~sy to hear, see, smell, or underst II1IlJ CONSISTENCY lack of consistency or compatibility remote in time, either in the future or the past 0 They IlfiVC a vu¥ distillet IlIcl1Imy ~t t!ml ~ay. 3 CERTAIN ~~~~ I between actions or beliefs 3 UNSTAlill COMBINATION OF hope to meet again in the distant future. 3 ALOOF showing or undeniable 0 I had tile dlstmct Impressioll they'd ~te MUSICAl HaTES a combination of notes that, when played that somebody does not want to be hiendly or intimate arguing. 4 NOTlCEABLE strong enough, large enou h !'!I simultaneously, sounds displeasing and needs to be 4 fAINT so slight as to be hard to discern 0 a distnut definite enough to be noticed 0 There's a distiuct g ',or resolved to a consonance gasolim' ill til~ ,<Jr. 5 EMPHATIC very great in de sm~ 'Of resellfblallcc [14C. Directly or via French < latin distant·, present participle of dis/are "stand apart" < stare "stand.") as an hOllor felt or experienced 0 distillet priv~!U" dis·so·nant {dfssananti adj 1 UNPLEASANT TO HfAR making Directly or via French < Latin distine/us, past partici I C. or involving a combination of sounds that is unpleasant dis.tant,ly IdlstanUeel adv 1 fAR AWAY far away or from distingur;re :'to separate" (see DISTINGUISH).l-dis.ti~c~'OII to listen to 2 CONFlICTlMG incompatible or inconsistent far away 0 We could distantly l1UI/ce Imt figures daucing hi adv -dls·tmct·ness n Y (forma/) 3 CONTAINING UNSTABLE CHORDS containing unstable the village square. 2 FAR AWAY MENTAllY not concentrating chords or harmonies that need to be resolved to a condis·tine·tion Idi sUngkshanl n 1 OIFFERENCE a differ{! on the immediate surroundings 3 ALOOFl.Y in a detached, sonance [15C. < latin dissonant-, present participle of dis· or the recognition of a difference, between two or:;ce, cold, or fonnal way 0 He smiled at her distflutfy as she sonare "be apart in sound" < sonare "to sound."] things or pilople :2 HIGH QUALITY excellence in QUlllity°re walked past. 4 NOT CLOSELY not closely in tenns of family dis·so·nant,ly edv talent 0 tmhlrs ot disfillctioll 3 SOMETHING TO BE PROOD ~ or blood relations 0 distalltly rdated something done or given as a m~rk of rEspect or hono dis·suade Idi sw~ydl (-suad·ed, -suad·ing. -suades) ~ dis·taste Idiss t~ysti n a feeling of dislike, disapproval, c I had the dis/illetioll ot gillin.g tile op~lling address. 4 DI: to persuade somebody not to do something or not to or mild disgust TINGUISIIING FEATURE somethIng that characterizes 0 believe, think, or feel something [Early 16C. < Latin singles out something or somebody 0 She has the d~bi07Jl; dissui./dere "advise against" < suadere "advise, perSYNONYMS See disliko. disthlcthlll ot I1dl1g the administratioll's most slav!sll desuade."}-dis.suad·a·ble adj-dis·suad·er n fender. 5 MARK (IF HIGH ACHIEVEMENT recognition of high dis.taste.ful Idiss taystf'l{ adj provoking dislike, disdis·sua·sion Idi swilyID.'nl n persuasion not to do someachievement or a grade that signifies this 0 graduQlfd approval, or mild disgust -distastefully adv thing or not to believe, think,. or feel something [15C. tnun tile lIlIi,'us!tll with distilletioll dls,taste·ful·ness n Directly or via French < latin dissuasion· < dissuas·, past dis·tinc·tive fdi stlngktivf adj 1 uniquely characteristic participle of dissuadere (see DISSUADE).] Dist, Atty. abbrdistrictattorney of a particular person, group, or thing 2 relating to the dis·sua·sive Idi swayssivl adj convincing enough to per- dis.tern.per1/diss temperl n a viral disease that affects features of a phoneme that distinguish it from other suade somebody not to do something arnot to believe, various animals, especially dogs and cats [Mid·16C. < similar phonemes, e.g., the fact that itis labial, fricative think, or feel something [Early 16C. < the Latin past late latin distemperare "combine awry" (referring to an im· or nasa!-diS·tinc.tive·ly adv -dis·tinc·tive·ness n ' H participle stem dissuas- of dissuadere (see OISSUADE).l balance of bodily "humors ) < Latin temperare(see TEMPER).] dis·tin·gue fdi sUng g~yf adj having the confidence and dis-sua.sive·ly adv-dis-sua·sive·ness n dis.tern.per:2/diss temparl n 1 paint in which thecoJoring dignity of son\ebody who is used to being redis·syl·la·ble n'" disyllable material is mixed with water and a substance such as spected [Early 19C. < French, past partiCiple of distinguer ' glue, size, or egg yolk or white, instead of with oil2 the dis·sym·met·ric Idlssi mettrikl, dis.sym·met·ri·cal {dissi (see OISTINGUISK).J use of distemper in painting posters and murals [l4C. metLrik'lI adj '" asymmetrical adj. -disdis,tin-guish Idi sUng gwishl v 1 vti RlCOGNIZE DIFfEREHC!:S Directly or via Old French destremper "soak, mix" < late sym·met·ri· adv to be aware of a difference between two or more people, latin distemperare (see DISTEMPERI).] -dis·tem·per ~ dis.sym·rne·try Idi slmmatreel (plural-tries) n '" asymgroups, or things, or show that they are diffefent fmm \ dis.tend Idi stendl ~j to expand, swell, or inflate as if by metry n. 1 each other 0 to distillglli~11 be/weell tad ali<I fiction 2 VI BE pressure from within [l4C. < latin distendere "stretch THE [lIFFERENCE BETWEEN to be the feature or characteristic dist. abbr 1 distance 2 district apart" < tendere "stretch."] --tiis·ten·der n that shows- that one person, group, or thing is different : dis·taft Idl statl (plural ~taffs or -laves I-stavzl) n dis·ten·si·bil·j·ty Idi st!msa blilateel n -dis·len·sj·ble from another 0 What di~tillgllislws dOg5 trom wolves? 3 VI .° 1 women's work, or any other matters traditionally l.stensab'll adj _diS·len_sian I-stensh'nf n MAKE OUT to be able to recognize or identify something considered to be the concern of women (literary) 2 a rod 0_1 wilid 11ardy 11;,;tillgllis/l people's faccs ill the fog. ~ "".DO dis·tich Idf stii<J n two lines of poetry, sometimes on which wool or flax is wound for somebody to use SOMETHING WElL ANO ACHIEVE RECOGNITlON to make yourself rhyming, that fonn a complete unit in themselves [Early when spinning by hand, or the corresponding rod on a we!! lmown because of excellence, especially in a pro16C. Via Latin < Greek distikl1on, form of distikhos "of two spinning wheel [Old English distmf < Germanic, "bunch of fession, art, or organization 0 He distinguished himself rows or verses" < stikhos "row, line of verse.H]-dis·tich·al flax" + STAFFI] 011 the field ot battle. {Late 16C. < French dislingljer or adj dis·taft side n a wife's or mother's side of a family Latin dis/inguere "to separate" < stinguere "quench."Jdis.ti.chous Idfstakass/ adj describes leaves that grow (literary) (l spear side dis.tin.guish.a.bil·i·ty n -dis·lin·guish·a·ble adjin vertical rows on opposite sides of a stem dis-tal/dist'll adj describes a body part situated away dis·tin.guish·er n dis·li.chous·ly adv from a point of attachment or origin. (l proximal [Early dis.tin·guished Idi sting gwishtf adj 1 RECOGIiIZED FOR 'EX· dis.till/di still, dis·til (-tilled, -till·lng. -tils) v 1 vti PURIFY 19C. < DISTANT + ·ALI.] -dis.lal,ly adv CEllENCE well known and respected for a particular LIQUID WITH HEAT to purify a liqUid by heating it and then achievement, skill, lmowledge, or talent 0 a dis· dis·tance Idistanssl n 1 LENGTH BETWEEN THINGS the length condensing its vapor, or undergo purification in this tingllished composer 2 CONFIDENT AND DIGNIFIED showing the of the space separating two people, places, or things way 2 ~ MAKE ALCOHOLIC SPIRITS to produce alcoholic confident and dignified appearance and manners of o What's the distance between Paris and New York? 2 FARspirits using the process of heating liquid and consomebody who is used to respect 3 SUCCESSFUL showing OFF PLACE a place or ?OSition far away or not very dose densing its vapor 3_,~ CREATE FII0M ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS to or involving a great deal of skill, talent, or success o It's best seen from a distance. 3 CLOSENESS ALlOWING SOME create something from the essential or most important ACTIVITY the space between two people, places,orthings Dis-tin.guished Fly·ing Cross n I a US militruy elements of something larger or longer 4 vi EMERGE w:ith regard to activity carried on between the two medal awarded for extraordinary achievement or for SLOWLY to be, emitted slowly or in small quantities 0 o We can do nothing until they're within hIliling distance. heroism in air combat 2 a Royal Air Force medal "Then slaw!y from the silenc~ there distilled drops of music" 4 AMOUNT OF SEPARATION the amount by which two places awarded to noncommissioned and warrant officers for Oohn Buchan, Greellmantle; 19l6) [14C. < latin distillare, are separated, especially when thought of in tenns of distinguished conduct when flying in action alteration of destillare, literally "drip apart" < sUllare "to the time or inconvenience of a journey between -the two drip" < stilla "drop."] ----dis·ti11-a·ble adj Dis.tin'guished Ser·vice Cross n 1 a US Army o She lives some distance away. 5 ALOOFNESS a cool or medal awarded for extraordinary heroism against an dis.til.late {dIst'l ayt, dist'lati n 1 dis·tiI·late, slightly aloof response to another person or group enemy 2 a British medal awarded in all branches of tile a concentrated liquid produced by 6 INTERVAL OF TIME the interval between one pOint in time armed forces for distinguished service in action heating a liquid mixture and condensing the vapor and another, especially a long jnterval 0 You can't expect 2 the concentrated essence of something Dis·tin·guished Ser·vice Or·der n a British medal to remember all the details at a distance at nwre than 20 ilwarded to commissioned officers in all armed forces years. 7 AMOUNT OF PROGRESS the amount of progress that dis, Idist'! aysh'nl n 1 the process of separating, for distinguished service in action has been made or that is still to be made 0 still some concentrating, or purifying liquid by boiling it and distance to go beft!n!wecan reach anagreemetlt B IDEOLOGICAl then condensing the resulting vapor 2 something that dis.tin·guish-ing Idi sting gwishing! adj allowing one GULF diiference of opinion or ideology 0 There's stil/some consists of the essential points, aspeGts, or implications person, gTOUp, or thing to be told apart from another distance between us with regard to the l1asic issues. 9 SPACE of something larger or longer 3 CHEM =' distillate n. 1 o distillgllisllil!S charactaistic~ GREATER THAN 2D LENGTHS a space of more than twentY dis·t[I·la·to·ry Idi stilia tilwreel adj dis.tort fdi stawrtl v 1 vt GIVE AI< INACCURATE REPORT OF to lengths between two racehorses, 'usually the winner dis·til·la.tion col·urnn n a hollow vertical column, describe or report something in a way that is inaccurate and the horse finishing second • v (-tanced. -tanc·ing, fitted inside with perforated trays or packing material, or misleading 2 vti ALTER SHAPE to bend, twist, stretch, -tanc·es) 1 vr AVOID EMOTIDNAL INVOLVEMENT to avoid bein which liquid mixtures are separated into their comor change from a normal or natural shape, or make coming emotionally involved in something 0 Try to ponents by heating the mixture and condensing the something do this 3 lit MAKE UNNATURAL OR UNCLEAR to distaneeyourselffrom past experiences. 2 ~AV010SUPPORT1NG change something such as an image in such a way that vapor produced to avoid giving or de:Qy that you provide support to or it becomes wlc1ear or unrecognizable 4 lit REPRO{lUCE dis·tilled Idi stildl adj 1 derived from or encapsulating a are involved with somebody or something 0 He was INACCURATELY to amplify or reproduce something. e.g., wider experience or larger set of ideas 2 describes trying to distance himself from the aJlegatWllS. 3 vtWIN BY A o a I 1 a at; aa fa'her; aw all; ay day; a" hair; a about, edible, i<ern, common, ci,cus.; e <!IS; ct: eel; hw whon; 'it; I icc; '1 apple; 'm rhy,hm; 'n fashion; 0 odd; 6 op."; 00 good; o(} pool: ow owl; Of oil; til ,hin; ,11 tblS; EXHIBIT 29 PAGE 3 to up; or 1Il'!l<; " dis dis di di .... :'. )any that or n 1I'lw;. whiskey, al-ies) n a 1 ,and gin vol:arso as wh' k pace wheJf IS ey. vOdka, iI!l(j ~ATE clearly di/f~l'I'nt 'fillet sellSfS. 2 APPAll!. and smell, or understa I!tlll 'hal ~ay. 3 CERTAIN d~ ~ I rule 111[/ Impress1olllhl'"ld ~ mough, large el\<JU o There's a diStiliel s~/' very great ill degree <f i On dis/lI1et prh'iI~ge e.g... j ;4t I,stmc/us, pas! parti,i 'lsn~'GU'SIl)) . " . P,e It . --"'IS·tlfiet.~ 1 DIFFERENCE a diff nee, between hv~ l'rl'nc:r. ... Otmon- -y I'xce!lence in qUJlity 3 SOMEiHING TO BE PROOD: mark of resp!!cl orh fhe opmillS addrt'Ss. 4°;:Ig that characterizl'S :b.xlyoShehaslheduo" Of IslmllOll's most slat.ish: M~NT. recognition of hish 1~;J'f:llfies this Q grMlI<Il1d 1 uni~uely charaC\i>ristic , or thnlg.2 relating 10 the distinguish It from <)tb ~t th~t !I,is la?ial, fricatiV~ ,--dls·tlnC·llve·ness n ,n:ing the confiden<:eand IS used to being Ii"past partICIple of dlstingllflr , , I vii RECOGNIZE DlfFEi.EfIC!S ween Iwo or more people, lilt they are diffelt'rltfrom "','e" faci nil.! fictien 2 yj!lf. feature nr charactl.'l'istk ;roup, Of thing is dilfe~ ',;!tes dolts frr:"11 WIJit'C'5? 3 Ii izC' or identify $Omelhing pF.' fllcr~ il! the fog, 4 tllICi ;OGNITION ,,., make yourself len",", ~pecially in a proC) fle dis/illgllishl'd himsdf 6C, < French dlstinglm 01 < 51inguere "quench,,Ie lis.lin.guish·a.ble ad} ~ ;~IJ adj 1 RECOONI1EDFllitEl· espected for a particular dge, or talent 0 a di5· 11 AND DIGNIFIED showrng the xarance and manners of peet 3 SUCCESSfUL showing kill, t~lent, or SUUESS ;ross II 1 a U5 military limuy achievement (If lor , Royal Air Force med~ ·d and wammtoffiW5for flying in action Cross n 1 a US Army !inary heroism against on ,rded in all branchesofthe ed ~erviee in action Or·der n a British medal )fficer~ in all anned for05 lCtion 'wishing! adj aUowing OIlf :e told apilrt from another AN INACCURATE REPORT Of ttl - III a way thatisinaccurate iPE to bend, !;wist, stretclo, ,r natural shape, or make tE UNNATURAL 011 UNClEAR ttl 1 ima"e in such a way that ~ogni~able 4 vi ~EPRO!I\tE "produce somethIng, e.g., i strAkth1 i CATCH SOM£80DY'S ArnNTIOK to take • body's attention away from what he or she is so~e or tltinki1lg"orJrom what is happening 2 AMUSE doinguse or entertain somebody, especially as a means ~~g his or: her":mind off something unpleasant o EUNEASY tQ ,unse,ttl_e somebody's mind with dis- 3~ co~iii&.o~"co_nflicting ~tions (archaic) 0 ~Hu~nd, fIu~kal!4i ,~J1.Hea~t long d to see tlz~e; but to or cultural sectors 0 hard at work districting tile hllge dis·tress·ing/dl stressing/, dis·tress·ful I·fall adjcausing coullty /OrvoliliS purposes [Early 17C. Via French < medieval somebody to feel e:dremely upset -dis·tress·ing·ly adv Latin districtus "(area of) lurisdiction" < latin dlstrict- (see dis·tress mer·chan·dise n goods thai have been reOISTRESS).1 possessed by a bank or other lender from a borrower who has failed to repay II loan and are offered for sale dis·trict at·tor·ney n the prosecuting officer of a parat below-market prices ticular jurisdiction dis·tress sig'nal n a Signal, e.g., II. radio message or dis·trict court n the trial court in either a state or a federal district in thl' United States a flare, sent by a ship or lIircraft in urgent need of assistanCe "Dis·trict of Co·lum·bi·a federal district of the E dis-trib·u·tar·y Idi slrfbbya t~rreef (plural -ies) n a United States, coextensive with tlw city of Washington, channel leading water away from a mainsingle channel D.C. Area: 68sq. mi./116sq. km. dis·trib·ute Idi strl byOot! (-ut,ed, -ut·lng, -utes) v 1 vt GIVE dtstrey incorrect spelling of destroy OUT to deliver or share things out to people 0 distribute dis·trust Idiss trust! n a feeling that somebody or someprius 2 vi $HAREOUT to divide somethingintoshares and thing is dishonest or unreliable -dis·trust vi give the shares to a number of people 3 vi SPREAD to dls·trust·er n -dls·trusHul adj -dis·trusf.ful·ly advscatter something or spread it throughout a particular,"ess n 1 area or place 4 viOlVIDE INTO CLASSES to divide something up into different classes or categories 5 vtOlSPATCH GOODS dis·turb Idi sttirbl vt 1 lMTERRUPT to interrupt or distract somebody when he or she is busy 2 UPSET to make to sell and deliver merchandise, especially wholesale goods to a retailer 6 vl MAKE TERM APPLY TO AU to apply a somebody feel anxious or slightly troubled 3 CHANGE SHAPE DR POSITION to move something so that it is not term to all the members of the class it designates 7 vti MAI(£ OPERATION APPLY THROUGHOIJT to apply or make an in its normal, expected, or correct shape or pOSition o Nothing had beell disturbed. 4 SPOIL PEACE AND QUIET to operation, e.g., multiplication or division, apply to each part of a mathematical expression U5C. < latin dis· spoil tIle quietness, stillness, or peacefulness of something 5 AWAKEN 10 waken somebody or something [12C. tribut·, past participle of distribuere "assign separately" < Directly or via Old French desto(u)rber < Latin disturbare tribuere (see TRIBUTE).] -dis·trib·ut·a·ble adj "disturb completely" < turbare "disturb."] --dis·turb·er SYNONYMS See scatter. n -dis.turb·ing adj -dis·turb.lng·ly adv >tttheetlzU5disttacf~~." (John Gay, '0: Beggar~ Opera; i728) [14C. <:latin dIStract-, past participle of dlstrahere "draW away" <_ trahe,'f!, ~draw, drag."l -dis.t~act·er ~ dis.tract.i.bil.i'l¥ Id\:s.tr1!kt.<'! bfl!at~, n -dls·tract+ble fdis-trib·ut·ed Idi slrlbbyatadl adj describes computer ad' -dis·trac·tive adj -dls-trac·tlVe·ly adv Systems in which two or more computers have a tele, d - ,- -,' h' dis.tract.e Idi,,"str~.Ktadf adj 1 s owmg a lack of concommlUlications link to each other but can also operate rentraticm"2 so or !lpset as to be lUIable to think independently cleilIly ox act,sensip',ly.~!S.tract.ed.ness n dis-trib·u·tee Idi strlbbyoo te'ef n somebody entitled to a Idi,slnlkti(lg/ 'fJdj 1 taking somebody's atshare of the estate of a person who has died without tentionaway from what he or she wants to do or ought making a will to be doing 2 help~g som~body to relax and forget dis·trib·ut·er Idi strlbbyatarl n = distributor \Vorkorworries -dls·tract·mg·ly adv dis.trac.tion fdi -strakshanf n 1 SOMETHIN& THAT DIVERTS dis·tri·bu·tion Idlstra byobsh'nl n 1 GIV1M& OUT tile sharing out or delivery of things to a number of people 2 SHARING AmlffiON somethiilg-that interferes with concentration the process of dividing up and giving out something, or takes atlentidn' away from something else 2 e.g., money~ when it is shared by a number of people AMUSEMENT something providing entertainment or 3 SCATTERING the scattering or spreading of something amusemerit, especially something that takes the mind over an area 4 ENTIRE AREA WHERE SPEC1ES IS fOUND the area off work or worries and helps relaxation 3 EMIHIONAL or areas taken together where something is located UPSET a state of great'inental or emotional upset or where a species lives and reproduces 5 SPREAD Of dis-tract·or Idi straktarl n 1 any of tne incorrect options STATISTICS the spread of statistics within known or pos,hown as possi-blli! answers to a multiple-choice quessible limits, especially in relation to the nonn or to tion 2 a person or thing that distracts people's attention expectations 6 SHARING OUT OF SOMEBODY'S ESTATE the dividing up of the estate of somebody who has died dis.train Idi striWnf vi to take and hold somebody's prop-intestate among people who are entitled to receive a my asa pledge for something such as unpaid rent [14C. <Old french destreign-, present stem of destreindre < Latin share 7 RECOMBINING OF TWO PROPOSITJONS the recombining distringere "draw asunder. "J -dis·train,a·ble adj of two operations from one proposition in another dis·lIain·ee Idi stray nee! n -dis·train·er n -disequivalent proposition, e.g., "p an~ (q?r r)': is equivalent to "(p andq) or{p and r)" -ths·tn·bu·tlon·al adj train·meltt n dis·traint Idi str.!ynt! n LAW eo distress n. 5 {Mid·18C. <: dis-trib·u·tive Idi strlbbyativl adj 1 IItVOlVING DISTRIBUTION OISlIIAIN: after CONSTRAINT.] relating to or involving the handing out, sharing out, or scattering about of things 2 lKVOLVEO WITH OWVERIES dis·trait Idi slriy/-adj inattentive and slightly distracted rela!ing to or involved in the delivery of merchandise Olabsent-minded'{/iteraryj [14C. < French, < past par3 REFERRING TO EACH MEMBER referring to each member of liciple of Old FrenCh destraire "distract" < Latin distrahere a set or group individually and separately 4 REFERRING (see oISUlAcr).] TO INDIVIDUALS referring to an individual member of a dis·traught Id;" s.trawti adj extremely upset and disclass 5 PROOUClltG EQUAL RESULTS describes a mathematical ~ [14C. Alteration of archaic distract "perplexed" < expression with two operators whose expansion prolatin disfnlctus, __ past participle of distrahere (see duces tne same results whether operated on as a whole I)jSIRACT).l-t:lis·traught.lyadv or as a sum of the parts • n OISTRIBUTIVE WORO a word dis·tressfdi stn!ss! n 1 MENTAL SUFFERING mental suffering, that refers to every member of a set or group ine,g., that caused by grief, anxiety, or unhappiness dividually and separately -dis·trib·u·! adv2 H~DSHIP difficulty or hanlship caused by a lack of dis·trib·u·tive·ness n basic necessities __3, PHYSICAL PAIN physical pain or disoon;fort4 ~AHGER great danger or difficulty, with a need dis·trib·u-tive ed·n·ca·tion n educational courses in vocational subjects that combine classroom teaching Iorurunediate assistance 0 a ship in distress 5 dis·tress, with on-the-job training dis·traint SEIZURE OF BAD DEBTOR'S PROPERTY the seizing of somebody's movable property either in lieu of payment dis·trib·u·tor Idi stribbyatarl, dis·trib·ut·er n 1 SOMEBODY 01 a debt or in oroer to force the person to pay _ vt WIIO DISTRIBUTES a person who or an organization or thing that distributes something 2 WHOLESALER a whole1 UPSET to mUe somebody extremely upset, anxious, saler who sells merchandise to retailers, usually within or ala~ed 2 MAKE FURNITURE OR FABRIC lOOK OUi to give a a specified geographic area 3 DEVICE CONVEYING ELECTRICITY new pIece of furniture or fabric- an old or worn apTO SPARK PltIGS the device in a motor vehicle's engine pearance [13C. Via Old French destresce <: assumed Vutgar that trajlsfers electric current from the induction coil to :'lin districtia <: latin district-. past participle of distringere draw asunder."] the spark plugs 4 OI1GANIZATIOK ARRANGING SCREENING Of MOTION PICTURES an organization that advertises movies diH~eSSed Idi strest! adj 1 VERY UPSET extremely upset and arranges with exhibitors, who own the movie the~ous, or unhappy 2 MAIlE TO LODK OLDER artificially aters, to have them shown !liven an old Or worn appearance 3 REPOSSESSED fROM BAD IiESTOR repossessed by a bank or other lender from the dis·trict Idistrilctf n an area of a town or country, es~wer and _offered for sale at a reduced price 0 a pecially one with a particular distinguishing feature or one that is an administrative division 0 a fruit-growing ~~ loan 4 DF DAMAGED G.OOOS damaged or used district _ vi to divide an area into distinct geopolitical had a sale of distressed goods. w?me<:i "'::"';0 ,Ic"'" .. ~. SYNONYMS See bother. dis·tur-bance Idi stUrbanss/ n 1 IlISRUPTlOK OF PEACE the disruption of a peaceful or ordered environment, or something that causes such disruption 2 DISRUPTION OF CONCENTRATION the disruption of somebody's concentration, or something that disrupts somebody's ability to continue with a task 3 COMMOTION noisy and violent behavior in a publiC place, or an incident involving such behavior 4 MENTAL UPSET psychological or emotional upset 5 EARTH TREMDR a minor movement of the earth that falls short of an earthquake 6 INTERFERENCE WITH SOMEBOOY'S RIGHTS any act that causes disruption to others or hinders them from pursuing normal legal activities 7 lOW·PRESStlRE AREA a small area of low pressure dis·tur·bance of the peace n a violation of public order that disrupts or destroys public tranquility dis·turbed Idi sWrbdf iJdj 1 ANXIOUS worried or concerned 2 TROUBUD unsettled and unhappy, with many troubles and upsets 3 HOT IN MENTAL HEALTH affected by or dis· playing symptoms of psychiatric disorder di·sul·fide Idi sui lidf n a chemical compound that has two atoms of sulfur combined with one or more other elements di-su!·fi-ram Idrsulfa rami na drug used in the treatment of alcoholism [Mid·20C. < DISULFIOE + TliiOUREA + AMYL.] di·sul·fo·ton leli sulfa tonI n asystemicorganophosphate insecticide. Use: agriculture. [Mid"20C. < 01- + suite- + .... , . I~. .~ , '. '. .." -ton <?] dis·un·ion Idiss yobnee an! n 1 the splitting up of something into separate smaller parts or groups 2 disagreement or discord dis·u·nite Idlssyoo nil! (-nit·ed, -nit·ing, -nites) v 1 vt to create or be a source of disagreement between different people or factions within a group 2 vli to divide something, or become divided, into smaller parts or groups -dis·u·nit·ed adj -dis·u·nit·er n dis·u·ni·ty Idiss yobniteef n alack of unity within a group, especially one caused by a disagreement or II difference of opinion dis·use Idiss yobssJ n the fact or condition of not being used, applied, or followed, especially for a long time dis·used Idiss yoozdf adj no longer in use 0 a disused airfield dis·u·_til·j·ty IdissJoo tillateel (plural -ties) n a state of causing inconvenience, colUlterproductivity, or harm ., (formafj di·syl·la·ble fdfsillab'l, di·!, dis·syl·la·ble n 1 a word composed of two syllables 2 a two-syllable unit of rhythm in poetry -di.syl·lab·ic IdT si I~bbik. di·! adj dit Idit! n the spoken form qf the short sOlUld used in Morse and other telegraphic codes. (> d2lh [Mid·20C. An imitation of the sound.! ~n II, foreign words: kh GennanB3ch; aN French vin; 3aN French hl31lc; ij Ger~"n schon, French feu; oN French bon; oN French WI; U_ as in Fr~nch rue Stross mark>,' asin secret/seek ratr as in secretary !'''Iu--:o ttree! EXHIBIT 29 PAGE 4 , f\,: 't' "

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