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E X H I B I T 20 HI Plantation Realities And in this stalwarts were boyhood and and boys far the more or the than gray story-tellers in which black and mentors heroes often the white by such in boys their eyes of the accent this in society whatever of second the into word every the man white into Negrosubtly emotion every least at con in their idea the two less profoundly influencing and by which in nothing as black were degree between relationship generation entered entered and companionship the which and old had whites young the example had constantly Negro only puberty were of age old of his his practically of man gesture of planter which mammy plantation shaped organic Negro white past of the son in usual whole body was by groups he was number before stantly infant chiefest his of the the black loved the which girls less the most among in greater nearly ears his until companions by suckled men were black which in society was commonly as every attitude every Wilbur The behavior the black of nature the white mans perceptions of factors which influenced the character sis of major determinants slave the and There from restraint institutionally not It have to be that defined role because of final analy was one of the perceptions and behavior of slave in docile overseers plantations much had and more freedom autonomy than his the slave did allowed Consequently or abjectly multitude the plantation variation the with up of masters and relations In more independence infantile was primarily personal much the behavior misperceptions of the attitudes was so and plantation and bound intimately the antebellum however masters was slave of the antebellum the Cash in order the variegated to pattern remain alive of plantation 249 Defendants 17tC4I EXhibit 7o IRE Exhibit 20 - 1 .4 The Slave Community 250 life Sambo that the in The life the to dawn the or the black before sunrise lash into then to their meals cotton had care before the nine into the the harvest and seemed of vested after cleared land hogs and engaged While lina Winthrop CVII North tt of the Rosser Carolina Jo mat this Green har slaves killed Journal The of XVII Central Mississippi of Mississippi History III sa Planter of Oct 5956 Retrospect Atlantic Bennett Barrow 94 Revealed Oct 5945 Exhibit 20 - 2 Nov History Antebellum April ate usually XVIII Southern of Gentry the domestic They Ante-Bellum Carson Review in was the cabins routine elite of Mississippi History Pelicianas Life tempo March Christmas to periods The Slave Plantation in 3634 Edwin Davis Historical of seven of other tasks plantation James in corn slave the day dur shifts last August the on continued in the slack repaired ginned slaves varying February The followed the Taylor Plantation Papers from quarters hours while During fences Journal Daniels March Planter 435-46 Osborne Sharkey Dr the cane ran started lasted or ended slaves of and Louisiana Ante-Belluns 939 of Anderson John Monthly mass the Mississippi sugar multitude in formed part servants 243-67 built in sugar factories The work January cotton-picking forest and weary and cook sometimes eighteen Cotton-planting until pull the tools away men the boiling April cotton-picking frequently dikes sunset bedtime worked some almost endless first and nights of week each worms pick cotton night For the hapless at season to put the season they often night dawn sounded work the to the season upon field tobacco sugar rushed on time often field construct trees the livestock horn oclock plantation sugar rice rose before then crop for the the and hoe the down plant cotton-picking until and play Depending working from after slaves hands field reach to grub cut harvest the Frequently During would new land clear most Failure build fences corn and then or personality requirements meals fed the livestock the laborer crop fodder days slave uniform pattern to Accord certain give autobiographers their the plants ing dominant terms of labor in the overseers brought far the as emerge especially prepared fields off not did however plantation the slaves ing did quarters.1 Caro South 154-35 in George the 277-88 Clay Plantation and better food they received downs to from sinecure sewed to and en They ran did the swept and ms bery nil for for had and no discomfiture ook and ned sadistic whim ers of call being Domestic were flogged for the or ned insolent lr when yen domestic servants described the problems We were of hours illed always we of be sit at up of the eyes or ears boxed delinquent work distance striking who Clarke that the of whims and least until all dawn of the life labor the in up to was our amount the early the the Nor us to required Lewis was the vengeful their within than to exposed or in toil had ignorance being worse hours long the felt field slaves which beset them upon our must for the family from was wreaked Laves mistakes was not night the domestic capricious every disgruntled lot the exception the watchful servants frequently constantly member bar was the shrub the cut was responsible the to under their to or simply the master milk dusted With day and master being trifling behavior cows carded tasks.2 his subject the the wove room tasks was no gardeners milked servant hours Added regular hand-me- position infant dining other domestic of these of constantly whites the because slaves and part-time horses churned marketing each cook their as the masters for field larder this the for numerous several At the beck servant the performed one but the worked cared cared of spite yard arranged of the plantation rid In errands meals spun wool than from the planters simple clothes house dothes better wardrobe his served cooked re wore leftovers 251 Realities of every their anger passions greatest an one easy had family summer in We performed then retired and before the were day in winter.3 iestic ate The quantity ger and quality and medical care another man the slave of 1956 that of variety received food clothing how much and what determined housing him The satisfied rarely kind fact of food dantic Sow Nov Charles 56-68 Bail 245-300 1845 Boston George Clay Fugitive New Slave York Clarke the Clarke so-ia Boston s868 in Slavery Lewis 5848 United Narrative Henry 5.57 New States of the Watson Elizabeth Sufferings Narrative Keckley of York of Lewis Henry Behind 1849 Clarke Watson the Scenes 17-28 Sufferings 17 Exhibit 20 - 3 Exhibit 20 - 4 -TI Exhibit 20 - 5 The Slave Community 254 and clothing 1cm Equally for Most had of Jackson Watkins Henson and Josiah spite of the food when fished at risks them Other was denied it and on Sundays night on to L2 that reported their slaves order in food enough Burton Randolph slaves foo enough receive not Annie Peter the involved did slaves that enough received generally the for them give sufi clothin or complained not food James stole they slaves did was food enough necessarily low When ran provisions eat who when even Sometimes not autobiographers owner one least at the black of pro ave the on decided master his allotment an serious posed dependence his clothing Obviously man was one for sufficient man and food slaves all survive to was serious of age amount cient he needed shelter him for animals trapped in stole plantations and augment to their meager what their masters diet.4 The that they The cabins out not go as good many as slaves his declared tin tar lived Twenty-two Years 86 13-19 19o9 Life of and Burton Josiah Hanson per but in Life of Brown Slave Life sz Steward Twenty-two each Conn 170-80 Childhoods Exhibit 20 - 6 on sheds William of Josiah Years on 6.8 Josiah cabin Freeman 6-y of of plantation cabin x8g Years Memories Most slaves Norwich Smith London Forty The a6o shared James in Georgia were the average Hughess slaves people Slave Annie 8.8 in cabins not Autobiography Slave Louis of to an the will were not only The in smoke crowded cabins on slaves avenge from Brown Days Boston 1849 that an Not families 38 the with comfort that cabins were often two shared much and in slave the north.5 they log cabins permit complained the that at least 6o or Some John Steward N.Y The Smith James x-g felt stables at to come will rain plantation z8 cabins plantation i88z and autobiographers one-room them in the of John Brown Steward of our cabin per Henson wind built crudely months contained Balls in lived about bitterly cracks uncomfortable the cabins Charles in many Austin cabins slave lived too the winter during log and floors complained adequaŒe housing Most as reported dirt often slaves described Henson Aus Roches Slavery Boston Plantation ob Green rer Some Iffi cabins for ing let as hey not only od Od to rew in tote front ger made wooden slaves condition of other Southern propagandists and housed Abolitionists vith statistics showing tfort and soldiers the food than st of on using 6.8 ation Asss Despite laborers was The con of packing tables ken has often of argued greater other that total compared institutions were slaves and on return housed when contrary in more the written treatise their better to but not only were also slave In for free received received that 844 cliometri Northern to the distinctions in nutritious slaves labor compared no wise comparable planters that the return theories admitted of theorized models adequate and and economists quantities Twentieth-century economic reasoned on oches clothed work his thaniel Iliam and cabins than mathematical relatively fed laborers for benches European peasants or factory op drew the opposite conclusion and produced that the inmates of Northern prisons sailors received slaves received well what on mattresses of corn or slaves members generally clothed eratives uhe in furniture the boards and ground of the and laborers hers dans the on slept were gardens and beds Generally spoons for were flower make to tables of straw covered cabins slaves cabins slave had also had built had 27 cabin Few masters but slaves comfortable instance per others 29 and blankets that fed the used They physical The for slaves whose Aleckson without shucks 3.7 with shed more spacious commodious carved beds of low long in owner Usually they boxes Some to and them of tained Sam as sometimes and Watsons neat utensils in lived course an average slaves fortunate and of Henry ioo his lived example slaves 255 Realities free by carefully Na instance Ware observed Smith Autobiography Banks 1-9 Narrative of Events of the of i86s 42-63 Allen Parka Recollections Mass 1895 7-2O James Penningion The Slavery Times Worcester Blacksnsith Fugitive London 1849 66 Theodore of Dwight Weld ed American Slavery as It 1s Testimony Thousand Witnesses New York 1839 28-35 Robert Fogel and Stanley Life Thinks of Engerman Time on Liverpool the and housing 1978 appears Cross The Economics 509-26 The vols Boston in Todd best aS of American discussion Medicine of end slave Negro diet Slavery Slavery clothing Urbana fl-rIo Exhibit 20 - 7 The Slave Community 256 the free fed to laborers houses some The or cares ily whims or their Where or for the of wages the one and Their add of is clothing yards linsey practice So six is days the to sistently their them eral practices awesome him to stand The shoes one-sixth $ ten the among but every of part for $ii is $imaking divided $ao not fancy days the wages ritual of flogged Ball the regime the slaveholder his adopted sev and by the deference Notes white 40-74 Watson Fugitive had to floggings New York Narrative Slave at mans word 1844 28-38 Worcester his young turn the kicked for not allowed As the meet from with every approach Economy Political started bow upon fighting street and on on for con black young slave was required He Planter master the accept slave disputing Southern Thompson and presence mother Mrs.9 Slavery John While two whites Ware States worked flogged for or planters deferential of slaves most the slaves submissiveness his he between wife of Lowell of the mind of upon whiteness he made the in children walking Life of impress of was United is submissive of assure power whites his to trying slave slave Now years food pair say is bush thirteen food yards one This of treatment make was the linchpin young $2 Illinois $8 runs thus $i8.o of cents wages lath ing it of pounds his up makes six cents Indiana Virginia be can This hundred Ohio night hundred slave is in free laborers.8 Whatever early and blanket sum this working $x at the other of two makes this cottonsfifteen one $y.o Now Western $2 the sun to one often day relaxationi sun of alone Kentucky no fan or calling require and meat in in costing medicines would cents sustained nine oclock till year forty and corn instead clothing consumes Tennessee Indian of and dollars be to so have show daylight laborer pork costing or Missouri of food slave bacon or twenty only salt for year or dissipations from man free supported els worked have amount to are amount all bills houses worth or parade or frolics are the dollars or luxuries hours beds mouths useiess taxes doctors considerable without live and families furniture and style slaves in are rents to call the overseer or to the Applicable 20 1-2 John Thompson Mass Exhibit 20 - 8 5856 The za6 Plantation with master be the tation ng the fin mansion were in our ed hats in hands masters tried LW Many ht over the ked They continually every slave who South and ther ents mans of Is the aS ush Or $1 the days con tion the le ed sev started made meet watches fact in of the that were their to demonstrate tasks their to see offended the Ira ed have said to in their Sam Aiecksoa of symptoms devil Ref ore William Wds Brown Boston 1847 in he if the master and at rather slaveholder downcast laughing content perfect pun always the in face he wanted that is for sorrowful or sad and singing are heartthey them the Ball xx Jermain Freedman The the War and After Union the 1929 5145 Fugitive Boston Stave 95-98 or to to and but by cheerful slaves what asserted any mood in are his dissatisfac master way were countenances of the slave move signs wear of faces laws.11 slave of humility Keckleys slaves particular Watson he head for to call rseer Henry his the scanning felt the this no their Elizabeth one of in rigor show slaves that his mans frown the white the all thing instance of idea in the presence since his Steward had Austin suffer they manifesting that bend must cower beneath reflect young le to for school severest fur the white was Loguen he that that were severe slave to they if in the uses liked every his om the Jermain and Anxiously them idea blacks sold to or of what than one taught the ick was captured taught who those and non-conformity to authority over freedom for bidding never ished unfit for conformity in they performance and been own whites all man race superior insisted Instead stance of with beseeching must conform Likewise his at Planters Is and their was escape penalties others been bow and to pointed race childhood he slave the black The had mind superior aking the that for thing body and ten most subdued plan door manner supplicating demonstrate to attempted the by that he was Balls the approach the superiority of told uniformly used wrote and the first then wish every be and slave lessons to to obliged mouths language alas and our in our on Charles example always most humble the rns be For great humility slaves 257 RealitieS Slavery ii Keckley of Brown William 45 Wesley Syracuse Narrative Loguen The N.Y 1859 Scenes ag Watson Rev t6 Logaen Steward Narrative as Twenty.two and Slave Years 9798 32 to-z6 Exhibit 20 - 9 as The Slave Community 258 Lest the The most flog for from order tion slaves the the passes presents love with tifying in treated the the parts the ers man caught have historians tect his and Eugene 121-35 Thomas 5968 London and 223-47 84-89 London high as Species Jordan Foremarn in David Dunkerey 5975 2839 The upper perspective was conflict the as was other New Man of driv classic to pro of York 5974 Work in Aspects Iao-29 Exhibit 20 - 10 the The slaves.4 1976 365-88 n.p Management of Foremav 85-87 the order New York in masters lengths social Property Sociology 53-58 the the he the as Roll counter military unusual to Forgotten Alas Fox non role that of seen and few remarkable of rebellious This Because of slaves loyal have From there demonstrate ranked rewards social failed between primary who went Roll Jr The io6-8 vx Structure to was Owens Cenovese Patten 27-33 he that Howard Leslie he that fellows quarters tried the middle in money scholars and whenever his be tightrope foremen of millstones testimony to planta The industrial slaves out failed for iden some nether acted for driver the oppressed relentlessly self-serving the who most shot for slaves rewards of those ground driver lahor and collaborators ambiguities his and literally the the them the spies to of them gave was the Using walk to material being as similar bondsmen however loyalties man to not account the quarters in Like officers driver masters and the were role as drivers enemy The the drivers commissioned of the of and greeted work their most of them was the best example driver at could who slaves perceived correctly flogging tried gave the pain tasks their from the master praise them companionship bondsmen the and respect masters drivers models as on he was almost and who or who masters at undying hatred dawdle quarters While equipment tween the to to were forced rules consequences he earned earned the in and pointed slaves en master the others between management hard Demotion too allowed keep keep When he done pushing them who the the plantation the sides all well job to the fall help him control to drivers the no-mans-land the driver suffered at men were rewarded slaves breaking in Caught should building emulate Black to themselves punishment them was some black diligent the others for he edifice the aid of listed Industry of Task Samuel Plantation en evidence from Dthers Since most er models in to looker and the labor whipping shot lly for ie assessments for driver ai1ed to planta berope hand that hide their their owners tried instead of the drivers in meting rewards In pears as rewards sippi gave embodiment and of or The slaves or women in his giving the driver Cheatam Henry field complained black autobiographies cruelty their of favoritism his neutral bondsmen protect exploitation of the mean as themselves the and over- slaves the testimony is to punishment interviews slave the the being drivers owners.15 sexual out personages more sympathetic any way from indiscretions by as em not man whipping by bondsmen Rare indeed in portrait significant overseer come from the drivers drivers and the Significantly alacrity money Called foreman of the or represent slaves.4 the this owners did slave to described generally devil relatives Fer ves boss contradicts were small them for of was the as drivers community driver themselves plantations enough ploy of tam the blacks 259 Realities of ap Missis description typical Because of Old Miss dat The ins and one counter- upper Stouffer when masters diiv Ikable 15 498 John ths pro to the of rder The wes5 1976 York 6s-SS gement in ects n.p Industry of Task Samuel beat him Adjustment myself when it beat who auntie was de last my mammy was Army During devil meanest if nigger Ise seen my de was promise dat kill to times Sotdien discounts the driver in the WPA Miller 978 139-82 Rawick George the of those comments an is rare extremely with big vols Life too figure young remember to with compared the interviews ed Slave ed Dear Blassingame 365-88 Roll one Randall N.Y Ithaca classic the overseer 640 him seen slavery ubiquitous green of dat earth 401-10 Even much in Lots American 1949 about 14 rspective conflict Lords was a-goin done day The al et Princeton de and overseer nigger on dat up ever thing andln he lived ever growed sedtn frk had slaves Owens The Baton Testimony Master Letters I2s- Species American Slave 1977 Rouge of Genovese Slave Roll Contpotite 405 Family Jordan Ansohiog 35 vols Westport Corn 1972-77 VI Alabama 63 155 169 Indiana VII Oklahoma 67-70 98-101 124 129 192 224 227 251-53 aSS 292 303 Mississippi 69 78 VII pt 130 IX Pt 3139 pt 4298 pt 535 120 339 pt 649 8a Supplement 87 156-59 167 305 450 II ix so6 IV 471 XII 13 Ba III 361 Charles Perdue et al eds Weevils in the Wheat Interviews with Virginia Eat-Slaves Char lottesville 1976 26-27 110 290 Ronnie and Lawrence Tyler Murphy raphy 426 eds The Slave ed Masses Old 193 Narratives People of Texas The Old Austin Slaves 5974 Tell Orland Their Story Armstrong Indianapolis 98-99 257-19 Exhibit 20 - 11 The 260 Slave Community and child stomach man dug dat round beat and right dere in it allow such Mistis didnt know cause dat about overseer de seer feets The had the from drivers flogging order in promises driver spurred when master absence the of they did task of his number labor the drivers keep often represented his the domestic servant kept and and Ritual i6 Rasviclr American s6 z6i XII Murphy Slave Slave 13 29 speak of forced the or Though the and of the with resort to of the driver role the in whip in his and slaves other and his to on of rewarded in the activities treatment North to the fellows his the ears the slaveholders to to servants and materially good spy necessary domestic eyes informed idjunct obedience ed do security 142 plantation could rules New only 1970 55 524 86 Alabama 52 66 s8 i8i 212 Oklahoma zi 50-51 77-78 zs6 Pt 534 IX Pt 485 Supplement 224 416 Voices Testimony from Slavery 65-73 York 259-20 277-79 VI VII VIII Narratives to 359 Slave ig-aoo Mississippi III and Yetman Blassingame Indiana the tell to staff deference Norman to valuable was also see the master sometimes relations public threats the coercion of part Flattered police Trained quarters mestic servant corn- size absence or of whip the the relationship the crop the presence the affected or prohibited number out of masters style all was whether Without machinery humming plantations visitors gone between spikes masters an extension of the masters secret ern work labor of slaves provided the plantation slave away our over the quarters in the dey done by example and presence determined standing While dat long big sbe her tell run not labor conscientiously gang ways largely not of the driver to to managerial or system variety hands the owners had on with them When flog fellows to try of away slaves get till times heap out finds legs get they to his the plantation of to power her put straight better slaves would the slaves assessment to key he deir dey couldnt so de he if slaves would put chains on deir hour half cause only and it em whip When and told for de hole treatment nothin and de ground in her beat come out de baby not hole and in 369 53-55 Perdue Weevils Aimstrong z6 266-67 Old Massas 274 233 Tyler People zi8 Exhibit 20 - 12 296 8992 and Plantation be enforced by most Brown Wells the plantation small offence on The use.7 and away for to Nowhere the way or endanger In men to his rid of ears and Many shackled were treated more the blacks 100 zoo rth do .rity to on from escaped an Roper and set it On afire to for as clearly in speaking as to most like When drink or boxed the women them weeks to were flogged severely on more and stripes or were were any other than the necks their regularly received master poured after occasion had master his irons them or pregnant runaway Once his another occasion severely took it planters owner his so placed received incorrigible from leg slaves as cuffed they for or sell subject flogged them on slave man that that by exasperated cruelly lashes head his sometimes bells to generally slapped to steal slowly articles sadism and to so cruelly reported with too appear his only Slave- masters.8 their slavery punish was them masters While kicked Recalcitrant Moses than of anger slaves slaves iron weights ed to servants punished recover.8 to frequently domestic often had desire the master miscalculations angry masters iis other persons its mates learning household breaking irrationality no life their for running They were relatives his and drunkenness slaves asking for assigned their on occasion an working other were punished slaves had slaveholder to to the tasks visiting their men free favors does that of sale freely frequently whites with impudence were they sexual giving IC the for the for with fighting prevent claiming them that and furnished most complete wrote frequently slave flogged or quarreling punished ally 1- or fighting trying IT to punished read arguing ing were failure very of the part slaves holders often many William floggings when he slaves was used whip constant by planters for spoke 261 Realities nails of tar Roper had his fingers .4 and beaten toes off Since every white man considered himself fly Brown 17 55 z8 86 Thomas 416 Brown 296 19-92 and BaIl Clarke Slave Loguen z6o-68 372.480 Slave for Thomas Pony-three 21-30 6a-68 Years 22-30 The Jones Years Boston of Experience z8o z6-ao 127-36 Twenty-two Life Sufferings Orleans Narrative Who Was Jones Steward ip pIo New Slavety 14-20 Freedman Daily Delta Brown Brown Slave Life Orleans 78-98 New Sept z8 Oct 1858 127-36 True Jan 14 Narrative Watkins Delta April Dec 20 37-41 Narrative 1845 i8p Exhibit 20 - 13 The Slave Community 262 the slaves policeman the black slaveholders man who white broke later for cruel masters of plantations overwork the before masters and sleep could children arms mothers and cried the face in of blood flowed from dous sounds constantly nauseated their women the bare tobacco leaves moaned as were hung they raising or welts deep barrels tied brake blisters name in stroke or tious were too first who were most as of the men were bent with the holes blacks whip over them in Cods called hundredth masters out The vicious and slowly flesh black they their blown slaves deceitful described licen- coarse who Christians hypocritical moral that this of little the case not sadists planters the Clarke Narrative gi-g Hanson were so Quite Brown Sufferings as-a6 Life meted Slave Life aa-o Hanson Clarke Sufferings iy-z8 Exhibit 20 - 14 di it slaveholders even frequently to ante much However inured portrait in plantation were many punishment 21.30 and memoirs and Narrative Brown is the slaves reject deal of evidence there about 22-36 to is great romantics degenerates cultured Years historian however newspapers hy Southern Brown ax is suggests Freedman Twenty-two brains planta over as Frequently besotted heartless records thought zo Loguen their impulse which they had stripe such with paddles from while horren- of up and their fiends.21 court denied the fainted harsh There bellum is rumps they they this pitiless aries their as bloodthirsty The as as of masters on vain black days preserve mercy thumbs the while to for throughout tore last from vainly strung fron usually women cacophony and backs stakes the cruelly fought while by horn of torn dre On suffered hapless or pleaded dogs up their to on buttocks vicious on down lash vomited burning men fatigue reverberated men black the closed slaves horror the overseers the infants for whimpering black their virtue tions chase stocks Characteristically the and black and pu blades which brutality strong starvation accidentally shoulder portrait with filled these abuse sounded labor was hands of the at example arm and his Uncompromisingly harsh of suffered also Henson Josiah that brutality out to 21-30 Life si-Ia slaves 82-109 s-s8 Stewarclj Plantation non of Floggings occasions ushed burned drew the from days eserve ish administered once planter Carson of Mississippi in life orren to he men whip over them who lighten ante for with law Con white paid mission conducted prayer labor-saving purchased punished his children used the lash never for James kind recalled masters.5t that Alabama in Jones and Philip kind to According Noblesse planters bound to treat the kindly and class on for the among we and everywhere dependent that well provided Washington recognized were asserted Louisiana Amanda was oblige slaveholders many of owners were humane Many felt whites there were many planters who in humane fashion Walter Peterson slaves their example 22 it eholders even Charles Kenneth Fletcher Green 15 munity ij-t8 Steward Maury June 1946 24 82-109 Carson in us.26 25 torical 26 1961 Plantation vii-xxi Mary Journal Osborne Highsaw Tennessee s8o6-sB6o Rouge 1956 York 1966 86-94 171-91 183w- January Plantation History of Historical 277-88 Zion Com Quarterly 155-40 Walter Unionist 243-67 County New HILL Ferry Hill Baton Mississippi Institution ed Chapel 1839 in Slavery Peculiar 23 Anderson slaves Sydnor The Stasnpp January that lity 30 religious di- much tly week on Mississippi them humanely Sunday work and blacks of antebellum to According them portrait the Green James slavery physician the slaves to of treat every during Dr Southern there was rare man among Still planters as were many others who were enough like him to be described generally kind and humane in their treatment of slaves5 dealt licen slaves slave.22 was Carson Gods escr to discourteous being to se fiend Mississippi because slaves and so flogged he inherited zoo slaves although plantation his to In to abhorrence his in the quarters machinery lashes responsibility hired preach meetings slowly tion 000 an free moral felt aries to were scarred feathered mutilated crippled slaves numerous and tarred from the fiend Carson expressed Unable grounds Carson sequently planta of were permanently while in maimed Thousands verely that they early and their stabbed tortured slaves their At the opposite extreme sually ns branded shackled castrated On were not uncommon lashes to 50 planters 263 Realities Peterson Alabama Philip Slavery Historical Jones in the Quarterly Rensiniscences Collection University Amanda Washington of of North How z8os Recollections of an Alabama XXX Fall and Winter 1968 222 Philip Jones Southern His Carolina Beauty Was Saved New Ii York Exhibit 20 - 15 1907 64 The Slave Community 264 The testimony of slaves majority former whom they master two masters described the white as his of felt that Dr Collock man ever lived ferson lar Carolina recalled Old stripe earned of as kind wreaking many Grimes and slaves Elijah Mans The slaveholders use of the lash and food think to Jef simi of mainte mas their owner was pleasant of the kind very not hard when master crotchety Steward but humor was like Grimess passion He according to when an- severe exceedingly re but generally in temperament but master good in when terrible Austin slaves.25 very Indulgent same were sometimes their benev of had no guarantee slave masters on anger the southerners was master kindest their his was kind and of the Isaac of was Sparing clothing led all master the his The treatment often ported shelter on ways Aleck- men7 olent that various family unit kindly However not in Sam servants us cif and generous Jefferson to hard was master adequate the of nance kind encomiums these provision master Thomas his man jovial best under was kind and master the one Henson Josiah and was worked or master Our declared ten that men liberal Savannah of with that out by time had one at kindly kind-hearted humane borne is the slaves considered Grimes sons South witnesses gry2 Most were neither masters with relationships for physicians when slaves planter defined flogged them for merous other offenses lashes 5o slaves for other in humiliation 27 son ville a8 fron 29 Henson Life most of 1951 Leonard SLavery the typical confinement Grimes Life of Jefferson Elijah Black New ready withholding ways Petersburg Mans The Bedford Steward Twenty-two Life Years and the and demotion Union Virginia Blacksmith and and Sufferings History Louisville of II Pennington Grimes Life Leonard to extra violent Aleckson nu and from to slave preferred Less theft hired what tools breaking etc. in shelter them gave planter Life 1847 saints planters give the to passes 36-48 Life ill clothing fighting While offenses solitary Isaac food stealing lying possible were they adequate as nor fiends pitiless Whenever slaves work means Isaac of Jeffer Charlottes s88 Black to punish is Fugitive Blackmitls 33 Ii Exhibit 20 - 16 Plantation or one man In Aleck acjef simi Marrs childhood lash mainte mas were so brutal and otchety re the One of in their rs hired what and and sive and nis so to punish work Isaac of Jeffer Charlottes ii Fugitive and 3o New Journal of of the 1952 135-38 5-8 Southern South Calhoun II fetish of encouraged The as being the white courtship the family child prolific planters was family Males were given filio-pietistic well courteous be to taught courageous and children adulthood The rural affectionate McCollams Southern Life Smedes Dahney so8-s Work in the Ante-Uum 1960 and The family aggres hon chivalrous of family Planter VI History Rev Noah were frequently sometimes isolation Aug relations the of Family 94 Old 347-67 Noah Man Colored Davis Disci Balti 114 29 Arthur at impelled influenced which formalized and Sitterson Susan sufferings marriages as until South 31 1887 and stressed were venerated them spontaneous 1859 liamsburg early Carlyle more from could made him which made which lessons fathers on Narrative Davis he lazy While slaves their the intelligent.31 Although promoted ways too was the white angelic independent and dependent as religious moral the few crush labor institutions of affection displays deeply proud the forces family caused humane too of the slaves slave society promoted and orable the lter of the on public of in could they were of treatment of variety that conflicting the humanity women frowned religious Others toward in grew up romanticized great sadistic most important the treatment patriarchal in all several their bearing Crimess means flog beliefs dependents callous recognize planters child tra than Differences religious extracted were same time roles child-like planter there slaves instinct make to normal to their manly every blacks enerally like treat too stupid him benev to rep and discipline plantation and experiences masters or defined to planters the tons property valuable to preserving institutionally to slaves bolders but in from plantation varied life yard effective the of spite slaves ir more often were not morally they harm gings.3 most be no physical involved rehensible were enson because were preferred punishment of iat 265 Realities 36 Memorials Southern of Edmund Morgan 45-48 Cherry Colonies Carolina Social Julia Chapel Social History History of Spruill 5938 Hill the Planter at Virginians Baltimore Home Womens 43-5o Rosaer Chapel Hill American Family Wil Life and Taylor 942 New 1-55 Exhibit 20 - 17 5973 York yj 266 The Slave Community pline was unsystematic In of spite ney Smedes his express ily for with tions affections of her of picture her and thc subsequent One of the and love him for has when him.M Often mammy Black as 33 Smedes Fifties Virginians or the York Spruil and prevent far of company beings always suckled love his for influence childhood sale conformity slaves to white many or that on friend of enduring less will it and wishes punishment them of the the she less little impressionable to accent abiding result is Carolinas say Richard demands only mammy As their preferred to had playmates and because whipped is her on are imitative lady her of to of their the their 11 215 Memorials in know elegant more at personality the in we all him told influence gestures deep 20 x6 32-33 io 63-65 Calhoun Quoted that whose punished sleep and for the ran second his language wrote him to mammys formed Memorials New The behavior favorites demanded Smedes 34 served adult deferred intervened 32 the general an .4 was turned often protect him hear the child formed during role to rocked Quasheehan an mammy who parents children to child than youngsters slave for widowers socialization he frequently him mother and widows childs white Englishman childhood the white black as his Momma its copy and in thought unusual not and One child necessarily ships with the reinforced was complicated situation whom to women of rela religious children the black nursed loving charges grieves was It stories inestimable.33 is the mammy interceded more tentive Each in black misbehavior fascinating white figures key their read childs being His fathers saintly remarriages on Dab not almost his by white The strains security household with an untouchable as the ubiquitous delicate contacts did father The in hedged genteel his her against Susan children their that militated children his more by the frequent even It for as in circumspection for reported mother were his veneration example often manners children their overindulged parents affection deep displaying parents and the formalized this Family Taylor II Virginia South Clay-Clopton Carolina 312-55 Women Exhibit 20 - 18 22-34 Belle Morgan of Plantation white such in New liam Greens young but never old to shoot gard in which so he im The at member had exposure for his demand the to his deference and blacks chil threat The re masters sons where he went were not slave unusu which blacks re of that he insistence the child taught to and demeanor the Similarly led slaves love his his parents and parents from with conflicted associates Southerner His upon perpetrated black his especially the white on cruelties black close toward slaves all and might prevent family influence profound detachment of sense with association early spect of the masters the if his punish fiddler his father Even neigh instance by their white wife his for the slave held tell to by ap Stroyer the control planter of favorite was from Kentucky mammy is refused they constant her of could flogging her his because to Wil treatment cruel ally terrorized Rarely Jackson escaped favorite ed for Andrew that great when he an overseer from nursed Jacob John Thompsons master of son ened was him boy Similarly escape had slaves forty impunity if he were the with dren The as his exercised over mammy slave abused Browns the sell to separation she man white one intemperate that wrote his whom master to held master refused tried mother prevented his to pealing he had after even he that esteem high Orleans bors William Wells Browns neighbors father 267 Realities au exercise to iays thority dad his with He hite their the their own desires Often he to learned tion with among 36 Henry of organ 1-21 23-38 Monroe social break she the slaves the Memorials Box Samuel 5912 Syracuse Brown Hall Narrative Andrew N.Y 1847 and of South Henry Slave Jackson of Brown Bishop Narrative and but con the pur 22-34 Carolina Box his rela sexual women and his black mammy the casual Washington Work of the onto black slave all projected the of white of Years the thing His intimate observation s6a Taylor sx6 of black hated Autobiography s-a restraints ideal irresponsibil envied these conflicted code morality He and idealization 47 loose restraints love was moral strict associates through mammy his Jansison Nashville Jackson that the Smedes tile black internalized later tacts his from freedom his more desirable of happiness apparent end observed the apparently and ity on soon that s8x Boston 5912 Iowa Jamison Writings of n.p D.D Andrew 20-23 Exhibit 20 - 19 TA The Slave Community 268 of joy in sexual and The his to the cruel vented Moses vented Charles retain his public never embarrassment his death Frederick restraint failing and seers his almost felt that public and pre of he wanted to Much Louis upbraided slave flogged to an tin- was opinion barbarity and pre once slaveholder officials city whenever restrained him One flogging benevolent the cruelty upon slave-drivers any often innkeeper him because overseer Douglass to cruelty whites An from master as the with liaisons were frequently slaves Memphis when master extreme flogged reputation Hughess with for Sympathetic of drunken masters male impulses punishment allegedly women.37 disapproval Ropers Balls black the reacted sadistic of public fear male fre the by pursuing sexual that white same time he exaggerated of white monopoly slaveholders the the of and The paramour complex At desire women white challenge to woman prowess angelic love-hate his black passionate black him convinced males white arms of the resolved quently by women by black lay suit of masters wherever over reach can it them One of of the strongest forces religion was slaves Although how many slaveholders the sources that their in ciples ever duties to the was number to Convention essays on The $200 The of Christian Slavery 1849 from prin thing how of their is apply important masters in this subject by the Baptist interest sponsored men forty Masters offered Some in an submitted effort to of the essays win went editions relationship of the minister Grimes Bail In the convention prize of the contest obvious Christian it reminded continually Alabama in to The essay an Duties several through tried treatment determine to impossible religious slaves One example slaves their response them of with relations State the were deeply ministers that is is it cruel against operating Watson Life to the planter 5-z Loguen Narrative was complex Freedman 19-25 238-300 38 Ball 39 Frederick Slit Very Brown 23-40 Douglass My Bondage Narrative and My 21-26 Freedom Exhibit 20 - 20 New York 1968 Real Plantation one hood of the white minister the master-slave ters on insisted slaverys their ister in preserving about preached and an slaves first duty humanity created the Southern encouraged of the the of refusal his he slaves and to min often the duties slaves their was master entailed to Reverend the recognize the feel for respect the that argued role and institution treatment divines minis slaves had toward Gods image The in morality the in spite so Christian liveli and origin This recognition of the slave ings majority of master-slave relationship planters of his the questioned fact their for planters the peculiar for ideal responsibilities The In Even masters the planters castigate never divine to played wealthy relationship he obedient to on almost dependent Frequently 269 ities was slave Thornwell also testified that the Negro we as of one is and have great him from stinctive form and of with word the We While of in masters of have the them to had to feelings quoted their we to the in in the his na intellectual as cx- plainest recognize and glory him our image of brother.4 and as humanity never they as yet and carefully preserved Freeman freely to The of Rights and them Duties Church Charleston The Rights and Duties beings with many de which from outrage.4 the prove They reminded slaves too and low as human own your exhorted that forget are beingsfeelings sensitive the Bible she Dedication 45 George 1837 27 Freeman feelings slaves human of Thornwell Preached of scale respected Ministers ters us religious which blacks with relations delicate as be the respecting their they are in the mand with the Reverend George Freeman was not as certain of between master and slave he was more insistent on the necessity and in to call to the the link as lead moral not ashamed are but humanity the in us may attempt combined Cod of turethe same humanity God of nature lineamentshis called so has sinned with interest equal falsely our of he ourselvesthat has an brotherhood the impulses declarations he Science redemption dude blood that of of Paul Masters s8o mas obligations that had ad- Sermon is Slave-Holders Charles ton Exhibit 20 - 21 The Slave Community 270 vised masters Master him also The is and just How Masters was Most Southern Rule The Reverend divines such to Equity the conscientious in of treatment were their treatment The on of by so there for them of labor their ness know old age insistent 42 him for on mild treatment McTyeire Charleston Essays it et 585 McTyeire at slaves et aL Him the repeated care amount respect question John what mild- tried 1774 Holmes told planters his and the servant should servant will good you du several properly time and Kindness entertained is He Duties It declared of Masters of is desire the duty Servants the that Freeman was for the just of Duties of ChristIan Masters Essays 533 Exhibit 20 - 22 as mas Three Premium 136 a-a6 McTyeire of reasonable leisure do implies whom uninfluenced had masters the Have in the friend of Friendship of cautioned displeasure more than no ministers would gentleness be to require slaveholders He your you1 treat of persons.44 respect Many Reverend treat you interest the give them adequate them asked it welfare his maintain should master to must incur Christian humanity and right only part cruel authority on the part and They had in The As more direct the ministers from Wesley was of his that asserted declared slaves their the master on desired censure Divine to According ties to he view humanity Master in heaven your servant no is the general prompts Ministers to exercise right Golden the into of duty would Orleans reference his to of as Holmes master with whom with lead will the that kindness servant New of Reverend the pleads Master and equity justice terms the reversed.42 earth slaveholders the discharge would slaves McTyeire servants his positions of to translated Holmes summed up when he observed and determine ad servants have also ye with Biblical unto your give that your persons quoted frequently equal knowing the master of there respect is most Colossians was which heaven in 69 neither that knowing slaves threatening Heaven in is Ephesians monition that forbear to Nashville xBp Plantation not ters in thing LtS In reasonable all the the certain were abject do to every and to comfortable them render many e1 slaves rid could labor not on for ever afford to and contented that art slaves constant killed low size more than was many hfl often ild veillance the Review uld apathy the estates sires slaves this recognized of the master the all and all virtues to too The his love regular of Since activities contain small minority only work of the or away too strict sur to maintain of the Southern that repose his as Quarterly labour of the from his and de result absence thousand habits decency sobri and temperance.43 humility labor limitation insurance detail subordination of regularity ensure this stupid acquires with in too wrote of the every lazy editor when he of spite on plantations that summer the of labor beyond which limit factor lived supervise slave inconsistent 86o super the kind the slaves obvious is were during their over it What had the consequent of many in personally spas visiting of slaves masters Seeking ety plantations more slaves could planters Besides and the ordinarily Consequently in important were on death to never extract was an absolute legally there planter him the planter to for militated Dependent the work or pre the slave Although slave authority survival The most of most the in that plantation over enough there half of the ing twenty of that few months in manhood of the slaves torture large labor or of use of surveillance level part economic he was not pushed was the the on the plantation men ed of which forces of cruelty necessary of trace authority starve which staff visory his social the kind every the on his the regimen 43 of absolute restraints and personal features docility had planter it ias but servants situation to from practicing extinction systematic against as their effort several to planters there fin their to make to power addition vented ur merciful happy.43 er er their forth put be to only 271 Realities and humility most planters inns McTyeire 59 Duties 84 McTyeire at at Essays 143 Freeman Rights 25 46 N.P.B Quarterly The Review Treatment XX of Slaves in the Southern States Southern Jan z8sz ui Exhibit 20 - 23 The Slave Community 272 hired was to overseers One difficult7 unbelievably The slaves their manage of job the indicated overseer overseei this plainly when he complained was ever there If as contemptible to glad what know be favorable the is them no home at If the and most dad your Planters care thriftless do at was and There off and quietly by in case evils other Moore ed Two of worse to Documents Griffith work or the be back idle is alto but either Nor disease is other and thieving prevent don well retrieve than when people your work attend opportunities.49 5831-5832 Region Lucille ed The 1856-57 to Relating Journal of Plantation MisSisSippi Plantation Overseers History Record of Mississippi and Southern Journal XVI Book History of VII 25-31 Bonner James Revealed Jan in constantly or to overlookers an cannot this remaizi getting their slight are mode than 1954 31-36 Brookdale Farm Anilte County as way when correction consequence Jan 48 will which the Vicksburg Jan for them of which produces John the there He regard business with of sure to you constantly negroes the most there the on time reside this by unavoidable be to other no is often 47 his not did in upon it enjoin called gether of out of all himself characteristic terms turned any does rousts them brute is spend corn he If overseers unless disorders he cotton wasting alive he if lazy to tyrant much is creature do why to owner the if worship there is the overseer that in explicit divine he time mine had and his home in hands crop too plant overseer if made is brute and the and especially one of formed of there crop splendid slaves is would overseer good Washington George he up an down right If inferior flogs taken insisted plahtation makes he if mean and as be found be and careless not turn out as the would to master and locked or are hogs where the fault made is and be unpropitious overseers meat is crop any circumstances it an life in calling overseer of it be will or ever that zg in William the Career The Plantation of Garland Scarhorough The Overseer Harmon Overseer Baton Agricultural Rouge Nationalism History 5966 XIX 73 ii Exhibit 20 - 24 Plantation While ful constant work eat One duties was or have sleep Oct The business on his with of an overseer the welfare conflict with driving the slaves his aging property often planters the slaves order had tracted the overseer If On the the other hand him dismissed for overseers the overseer for sexual relations from favors the retain to the with him and did they could the overseer for ut tremes Whenever is they informed escape heavy fused to about their of VII lain of this negro somehow to find the the into in force owner small dam for the In crop fact ab drunkenness cruelty to happy or to work when he managed to tenure they had to if rite strate.5 the For re masters the impact please If to away slaves their donte and the plantation two ex overseer ran indicated that the master the or did slaves Often the spoken overseer run away If slaves impossible these with transgressions until on often was punishment please the driving It dissatisfied complained they long hard harried the women the slaves ex On the other hand medium between his adept work avoid One the place guaranteed of be to endeavor the in familiar with too him were slaves he had job pitfalls black little discredit owner treatment tactic on to work return tars WI came unusual the while crop often he were easygoing if his and too cruel was overseer everything to er of making for large used wrath en if vigilance in the success factor the overseer managing slaves There were many on the one hand the overseer became is of such to strictest make to at or to the 3rd and lax discipline senteeism ly his attend the over that since to begin the scarcely time get was the major he incurred might dismiss planter In 858 the plantation Expected of the planter It ii- May in negros without slaves of disciplining failure guarding Le off of dont that success for onerous part.t The or the most no man can is of set any of complained consuming not been truth was mandatory slaves one overseer time so of was this management seers if surveillance 273 Realities every the overseer slaves he example was John CIX Quoted John Mass 1925 in Scarborough Bassett The Overseer Southens 46 Plantation Overseer Northampton 64 Exhibit 20 - 25 Exhibit 20 - 26 Exhibit 20 - 27 The Slave Community 276 Lamar As the frequent the An wards tends to and the that is so of The to supervise were unwilling to his with an t._.._- the over-seer of meanly -- ne hatred and to- pre the and themselves poor think mean enough.5 overseer and stabbed poisoned plantations the slaves of solitary shot at some of duties the overseer could consequently not he happened or night could the on not be keep the be lazy under the level of men plantation weekends the left in order once at constant to multi by everywhere slaves to that the for Most overseers Overwhelmed themselves for plantation life life most Consequently of was impossible the kind periodically tude character it of every lead recreation find in the chain link detail demanded management If be to as do people was the weakest Whatever management lance as one the mosi wox slaves.M overseer overseer think negroes the to spite great were beaten overseers ovea their be and them when fight white over According have negroes poor his was the overseer the business all rich retain to disgruntled punishment plan them The as rebellious slaves frequently people Hundreds and surveil surveillance was lower.5 even As of the result many masters lined in the who 52 have differences plantations rules the characters of overseers strikingly According management of South Carolina there like anything Ulrich in deviated of Herbemont of ers or to time The whip anybody by of authority rebellious has them white symbol allotment the all groes anxious him too.5 like of over-seer he was that negroes visible target load food z8 in wrote because seer ad Phillips regular system and Plantation from the to the ideal investigations are very for few plant either Frontier and out the moral vols Cleveland igroI g3 170 Martha Van s4 Herbert Aptheker Phillips Plantation 5tine ad Briesen The Letters of Elijah Fletcher Revolts New Charlottes 1965 23 ville Charles Historical II American Nero Slave Owner and York 1943 117-25 Sydnor Review XIV Slave Jan 1937 His Overseers 31-38 Ls Exhibit 20 - 28 North Cam Plantation Realities 277 writer in the American government of their slaves Farmer agreed There is in fact little or no system of manage or physical ment in regard our to unman and insubordinate are slavesthey ageable.5 when Even not order in they the could and others by him who were age to my slaves of was at dwelling charac most treatment than the plantation in or never mo they were sold many certainly Manigaults was the only of capable or night sagacious in inevitahly either Louis Jack the better power were considered and sew- every much so and like Manigault who possession burning with In same manner The the positions slave compro control First weak the had temperament differed received wary There be to cautious According our and in slaves in some several asserted spotted him quickly Planters forced differed treated intractable lestecL make to in slaves slaves since the of absolute since they not be that planter are the strong were given The hierarchy slaves the govern had they one shrewdest and strong-willed most their instance there to realized the facade simple Second slaves all ter that For quarters and ideals maintain to recognized intelligence ants the planters their internalized mises were made attempts fashion systematic Sav negro in ever murdering me of capable masters Jack or any committing Planters by making their often it relatively labor they harder taught limits at slaveholder that he Southern realized to fixes s8zi 402 Brown Slave of William perform to force amount Feb 1836 like decided Experience 7z work has labor soldiers how much to long any since beyond slave of of Regardless refused they attempt IX obey slaves obedience strict the render his to American Farmer II Events in i6 the Life the to the slaves that Once sufficient Agriculturalist March stave observed every as of appearance the for goldbricking masters that easy were going One the most masters desires were adept maintained DeBows South Life Green Review Carolina Ba-sog William Green 1863 Springfield Nanative of 13 577 XXIX Sept s86o 362 Manigauh quoted in Taylor Exhibit 20 - 29 Exhibit 20 - 30 Figures 51 51 53 54 Sugar Plantation Exhibit 20 - 31 The Slave Community 280 master instead of extorting more work unprofitable It was unmanageable limited voluntarily ard of labor is to impossible that to his output without plantation restricting cotton z86o picked slaves in Mississippi pounds of cotton daily The clearly in slaves the Mississippi of on this delta appears In picked normal pickers 150 planta performed an average Many effort many on race average.60 an in to be to slaves speed still lack re of control planters to sound ad interest to gave the motive of necessity the them Do not In inattentive hence diligent management of absolute from the rules selectively Alabama of Negroes and deviation every learn to group point the of had the pretense up kept note careful in patience self of therefore great notice small omissions of duty.62 many The personal did Rarely s9 Negro Whitsnore its Slavery of at South the Thirty Montpelier Barrow El Destino Historical VII American 6a DeEows Review XVIII Farmer DeBows Review slave of VII were strained this Sept the Mississippi Plantation of Southern History May Kathryn Plantations June 338 728 Exhibit 20 - 32 220 Charles Igas Abbey ed Documents Middle Florids x8a8-i868 s8 master 1849 of Jan 1929 179-223 VII Jan 53 z8a6 6r and Because Years Journal 435-46 Chemonie and Quarterly coincide interests Swesringen Davis between master relations their 6o Mark to also planter them cotton was often effective this take to each best and and 130 pounds of cotton too slaves their twice the between he in themselves.61 slaveholder make too to fourteen 1830 cotton infractions rules vice of prizes exert refusing effect in avenge Between 1825 by planters arranged role amount the Whitmores the labor on from the slaves picked it crops of more than picked races plantation gave to The by of work While the fused slaves limitation results pounds 323 planters up few however tion when Even certain performed slave Charles stand labor in adult slaves the set it of instance generally day On per meet strains for day by an per them recognition Examine him that recognized could variations make to curse.89 of many slave different the explain plantation of for planters that every made is the work their low so allowance every because primarily tends only and vexation 598- Relating Florida 65 ci ears na Figures s6 Rice Plantation age any eed it- reat otice b-ted aster 220 isailes 198lating æda Exhibit 20 - 33 282 The Slave Community used physical cated than ordinate force the on relations simple In deference the at make to the relationship first place times all to more com and subordinate did masters bolster personal were much between all The obedient slave however plantation demand not self-esteem their ritu Second same obsequious behavior was not demanded of ordinary 5L and those in positions of trust Sir Charles Lyell observed that the latter of group by the whites whites did For Even Susan mas there was an to go affectionate the slaves of one that his worthy to be quently in had conversing sonage conscious much with ter refused unless Ned for He is done is to to this several control New Quoted on the not always deference with One class of buildings because was with am mas his of or fear to work carpenters Ned send to his general of off the charac quarrelsomeness hum afraid of result Lamars John fre by enlarging interest Lamar refused not that This per driver as the planters 5774 am reported begin only in that ignorance disobedience white in his Charles black and to could have trust him of slave off the where work there fears personality vols 64 of quite make Lyell intelligent an gave identify clear absolute 63 slaves construct Southern point Charles importance would his intemperance The slave with of Christ the reserve of whites group Sir an eye servant If soon and cheap but no one he one to typical plantation Master were watched they was told times all at during he could obedience self-complacency Such They ter his of off throwing ritual that wrote more as be deferential to Samuel Meredith complained respect slaves the through decorum of every-day life.3 While planter could demand obtain had all slaves Smedes Dabney treated involuntarily when them not require example were slaves equals He day-to-day in often Second x8o in Philflps perceptions planter compromises LyelI York mans the 11 recognized relationships order bought Visit z-zo Plantation to the Sniedes II 8a to behavior the In reality maintain States Memorials Lyell Second Exhibit 20 - 34 of he had the facade off the strongest United make variability of slaves North x6a Visit 11 19 of by America Plantation placing them in the plantation tive rules to how much labor with cation had quently the to laws There and the ways varied ior legal is that masters to in interest and coercion were so slavery regimen If to the to the masters the slave fre slaveholders so many was of actual variation he that more oppres among in of identifi little so quarters portrait any guide there was considerable definition more and were applied which inatten selectively slaves was differences many of considerably the accepted sanctions the was hierarchy perform There he would resort sive ent and infractions 283 Realities in differ subjected slave slave behav person alities Exhibit 20 - 35

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