Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc.

Filing 116

Declaration of Ravind S. Grewal in Support of 115 Google's Responsive Claim Construction Brief filed by Google Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1# 2 Exhibit 2# 3 Exhibit 3# 4 Exhibit 4# 5 Exhibit 5# 6 Exhibit 6# 7 Exhibit 7# 8 Exhibit 8# 9 Exhibit 9# 10 Exhibit 10# 11 Exhibit 11# 12 Exhibit 12# 13 Exhibit 13# 14 Exhibit 14# 15 Exhibit 15# 16 Exhibit 16# 17 Exhibit 17# 18 Exhibit 18# 19 Exhibit 19# 20 Exhibit 20# 21 Exhibit 21# 22 Exhibit 22# 23 Exhibit 23# 24 Exhibit 24# 25 Exhibit 25# 26 Exhibit 26# 27 Exhibit 27# 28 Exhibit 28# 29 Exhibit 29# 30 Exhibit 30)(Related document(s) 115 ) (Grewal, Ravind) (Filed on 1/30/2004)

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Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc. Doc. 116 Att. 10 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-11 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 1 of 6 EXHIBIT 10 Dockets.Justia.com .. Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-11 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 2 of 6 MerriamWebster Collegiate~ Dictionary HE Merriam- Webster , Incorporated Springfield, Massachusetts, U. '" Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-11 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 3 of 6 A GENUINE MERRIAM- WEBSTER alone is no guarantee of excellence. It is used by a WcbSlcr The name number of publishers and may serve mainly 10 mislead an unwary buyer. M crriam- Webster (i!)' is the name you should look for when you consider the purchase of dictionaries or other fine reference books. It carries the reputation of a company that has been publishing since 1831 and is your assurance of quality and authority. Copyright (8) 1995 by Merriam- Webster. Incorporated Philippin", Copyright 1995 by Merriam- Webster, Incorporated Library of Congr"'s Cataloging in Publication Data Main entry under title: Merriam- Webster s collegiate dictionary. cm. Includ", Index. 10th cd. ISBN 0-87779- 708-0 (unindexed). - ISBN 0- 87779- 709- 9 (indexed). ISBN 0-87779- 710-2 (deluxe). - ISBN 0-87779- 707- 2 (laminated cover). I. English langu.age- Dictionari",. PE1628. I. Merriam- Webster. Inc. M36 1995 423-dc20 94- 30967 CIP Merriam- Websler's Collegiate 0 Dictionary, Tenth Edition principal copyright 1993 COLLEGIA TE is a registered trademark of Merriam- Webster. Incorporated All rights reserved, No part of this book covered by the copyrights hereon may be reproduud or mechanical, including photocopying, taping, or information swrage copied in any form or by any means- graphic, electronic, or and retrieval systems-without written permission of the publisher. Made in the United States of America 12131415RMcN95 ... ,: .' -.- \.. p _., " ""'~\..~. ' : .,:,. I p p " Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-11 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 4 of 6 Amorite . amphora class IAmphibia) of cold- blooded 'enebrates las Iro&-" lOads. or ",laSetnme JXO,,:';lIenni' B,C - Amorile adj MF, :n ' am-"'s\ adj ME.lr. ;:;~r 10 lo,e) I I "" .1: strongly mo,ed by lo'e and .. 10YC. r. ~ (- women) 2: being In lo,e : ENM..ORED :- usu, (rO:C:Clved OC"...I 10 - le\ a-m I~II~vn(Hebbmonl(15J5): ,membcroloneolvariing in Mesopolamia. Syria. and Palestine dunng Ir. ML amarasw. lr. L and ~ of Ihe girl) J a: anner) b: of or rda"ng 10 lo'e (an ,nd,ca""e of lo,e plane designed 10 lake oil Irom and land on eilher land or W"er adj am.phib-i-ous \am, 'f,- be-",\ adj (Gk amphibio. ~I.. "Vlng . double amphibian lile. Ir, OUICK) (1643) I: combios mode of Ii Ie amphi10 bining IWO characteristics 2 a: relating or adapled lor bolh land by and walCl (- ,chicles) b: e,o:c:uled coordinated .ction 01 land, and ha"",g gilled aquatic la",ae and air- brcalhing adults 2: an a,,- maDders) 10iennedJa" in m..,y eharaclers belwccn rlShes and reptiles -more" - no'cl) - I ,, i r- morphllonn) (ca, ' o Iy ad. - am-o-rous-ne.. n mar- no adj (Gk amaryhOJ. fr, a, + _pbo a - havingI"\ delinole lonn : SH.rEUSS (an - cloud mass) . nature: UHCLASSIFIABLE (an 7!II, J w;,oul definile charac,er or h bci lacking orga.."",on or unlly (an - Slyle) 2 ."~r , ;r;;';,\.,/;C,' ::'c;t'' I'" 'fr ., (assumed) VL adma"'" . :-',h ~en. .:-..::\~~!n",\ 01 bong.. Ih, poonl death ...mor- n ,lea. I g59) .1: Ihe also 01 amt?rI\zsng of amonl.,ng 2: Ihe resull : -lIz..ng (ME amart,,~n lized oct or rOCCSS .riU \ a-mor- Liz also mar-\ " - MF amort"'- . "an ofamor, olicn.ale In monmaln. modi!. of mart-, mon 10 dcaden. I!. Lad- ... . nO real or app.arenlad. - amor-phous-ness n cr)'Slallone lonn : - .mor-phons- fY aU..,-mar1. by lolk elymology Ir, MF a la mart\ adj(shorl lor ol ..,.;elY) e: sea, and air lorees organized lor invasion; also :on laod andorganiz.cd trained or in water Io'e bolh orces) 3, able 10 lor such aclion (- plants) a",-phib-ioOus- ly ad, -am.phib-ioOus.ness n amphibo/u.r.. Ir. Gk amphibolal am-phi-bole \' amlpl- I.., b61\ n IF. Ir, LL ambiguous.lr, UHCRYS'TALUZED (on - "Iamphi. 10 throw round. doubt, Ir. amphiboUein lein 10 Ihrow - more at DEVIL)lca, 182JI I: HORHBLENDE 2: any 01 . group 01 com pie. silica Ie minerals w;Ih like crystal SlruClures Ihat ~i-...- tion \.a-m~r: t.. zi-shan Ibe d....h) (1590) a"hale: con~in caJcium. sodium. magnesium, aluminum. and iron ions or a am.phib-o-lite \am- 'f,- ba-. Ii!\ n (\8331 : . usu, melamorph,e consiSting essentially of amphibole am-pbi- bol-o-gy \..mlp)- I.. ba- l..jC\ n. pl-gies (ME amphibologie, combina"on 01 IheID rock Ir. fund al an ' , ~shmcnl of (as a morlgagd usu, by conlnbu",on amarti~SInkinge,pcndi-2: 10 10 a 'ime of each periodic inleresl .aymenl \- 11 _moreal"uRDER)118821 I: toproVidelor'he gr~dualexlln- II"") Cr. Gk. Ir. amphi""la,) LL amphibolagio. ahcr, of amphibolio. L : a scnlence or phrase (as " nothing is good enough for you ) suseeolible of more Ihan one Inlerwcuuon pIam-phib-o-Iy \am- 'f,- b..lC\ n. lies (LL amphibolia) (ca. 1588): A"'PH'IIO'-OOY lu," for (- - amoOr-liz-able in~ngibles)(- .he new laclory) n (Heb -Amos) I: a Hebrew prophel 01 th~ 8th ..,n01 canonical Je-uh and Chnsllan ScnpIUryB, C, 2: a prophelic book lable Aflure - see BIBLE Mnes 01 .........il. \ a-m...sit, -,s:il\ n (Ama~ nc(lr. AS~IOS thaI IS a South of vanety ilel lea. 1918) : an oron- h amphIbole am-phi- brach Ir. GI:, IiI.. shon al amphibraehy. a \' m(p)- I.., brak\ n (L braehy, shorl - more at BRiEf) (1589) : a amphiboth ends, Ir, melricallool consiSting 01 a long syllable belW... two IWO unslresscd shan syllahles in QuaRliuu" verso or of a 'Stressed syllable bel rica) ... ' am.phic-ty-o-ny \am- flk-t.:-a-o.:\ n. (lr- Lad- la Ir..son) b: 10 rcach In bnd or QualolY , eQ,.;..lenl (aelS thaI something) (docsn - 10 much) 2: 10 rcach t - 10 a n ,; (ME. Ir. Ir. 0~...:::'c \.. mmunl l\ mounlain - MF amanler, fr, amanl upward.10 be more al "OUHTI l1""I , I a: o (wanlS her son 10 0 g351 : an association 01 ncighboring Sta... associalionGr= 10 dean in ancien! 01 neighborbroodly: lend a common rdigious cenlcr; ing slates for Iheir common inter",' - am-phic-ty-on- ic \l.hun-.likIcnik\ odj syllables in accentual verse (roman lie is an acccnluai -) - am-phibracb- ic \.am(p)- Ia- 'bra- kik\ odj amphik5yanio) pi w= -nics (Gk alo~l: add up(Ihebill-SlO SIO) AOOREOATE b 'amounln01101 J a: thdOlal number or Quanllly: - 01 ~ergy) 2: Ihe whole eIIoct. signific.nce. or import - lbe QuantilY al hand or under consideralion (has an enonnous 3: a principal sum and Ihe inler",' on il is regularly used w;lh counl nounS (a large numo.r 05ll/le Numo.r miSlal:es) (any numbor 01 umes) ~'hlle amount IS mainly used woth mass nouns (annual amount 01 rainfall) (a subSlant;al amaun/ of money), Tbc use 01 amounl wilh count nouns has been Ircqucnl1y crilicized: il usu, aceu" when the number of things is Ihoughl 01 as a k pebbles New Yorker) (a subsLlonlial hybrid am-pbi-dip-loid \.am(p)- fi- di- pIOid\ n 119301 : an inlerspecificlonn Irom having a complete diploid chrOtno-some seladj cach parent am.phi-dip-Ioi-dy amphidiploid called also aUawraploid pIOi-d.:\ n Ir. Gk amphi"",kamphimacrw. am.phim-a-cer \am- fi-m.....r\ n (L makras long - more at MEA. r",,- lit., long at bolh ends, Cr. amphi- when money is i"vol,ed (a subsLlonual amount 01 loans -E. R, Black), amor MF, amour \.. mur, a- , a-\ n (ME. lo,e. aHection. fr, also: Ir. OProv LOVER aHair. Ir, Llr, ama" 10 lave) O""J: ausu, illicil lo,e amaur-propre, propr"\ n (F amOur pro-pre \.a- mur- propr lo'e 01 onesdfl (1115): SELf- ESTEEM mass or c:olleclion (glad 10alurni!h any amount of blacy Tomlin) or maunt of film oHers - Lil long syllables in quanuuuvc verse or 01 .., unstressed syllablebclwccn twO stressed syllables in accentual verse (t_nty- rnoo is an a=I...I-) am.phi-mix- is \,am(p)- li- mik-sas\ n.pi -mix"", \-.sCz\ (NL. Ir, amphi- ... Gk mixis mingling, Ir. mignynai to mi. - morc al "'X) 118931 : Ihe union 01 gameles in SCJlual reproduction Am-phi",n \.m- fi- an\ n (I... Ir, Gk Amphion) : a musician 01 Grccl: OER) II 5g9): a metrical loot con.;Sting of a shon syllable betw= Iwa Ii!.. mythology who builds the walls 01 The~ by channing the Slones into pia.. ~ilh his lyre pl-oxi s;\. ar -ox-us.... INL Ir. am-phioOx-us \,am(pl- I.:- ak-sss\ n. Gk ox", sharpl 118.47) : any of a genus IBronehiaSlOma) 01 amphi- 11973) amox. i-ci!- lin \a- mak-sc- si- Ian\ n (amino ... ax- ... penicillin) O,s derived Irom ampicillin : a scmiSynihelie penicillin C" am-phi-path- ic \,amlpl- I,, lancdel" broadly: LAHCELET p'-Ih;k\ adj lamphi- o/hie ~r a (as in em- amox-y-cil. lin Bril ,or of A"OX'ClLL!H Amoy \a- moi, a- . a-\ n 09041: the dialoct 01 Chinese spoken ,n and ncar Amoy in soulhcaSlcro China amp \ amp\ n (lly shortening) 119621 : A"PUF1ER: olso: a unit consisting 01 an dectronic amplifier and a loudspeal:er AMP \, em- pC\ n fadenosine monopho-sphalc! orig, isolaled (19511 : a mononuIrom PO. Ih.. was clcolide of adenine C" mammalian muscle and is reversibly convertible 10 ADP and A TP in monophaspha/e, adeny lic called also adenosine metabolic reactions pothid) 11945):~~~;~i A"PHIPHIUC ~~;n ~cl~r ' ~ i ~~~~~;i ~ ~I ~' ;';,"n r~i e bydrocarbon soluble group ..",ched 10 a water- iDsolublam-phi-philo chain; also \'amlp)- I.. : being' moleculeof such a compound adj m\ n am-phi-ploid \ am(pl- li. ploid\ hybrid 119451 af an inICrspcciJie : having aI leaSl one eomplele diploid sel-01 chromosomes deri,ed am.phi-ploi-dy \- plai- amphiploid from each parent species dC\ n am-per-age \ am-pl..lrij, . pir- ij\ n 11893): the Strength of a currcnl of electricity expressed in amperes am-pere \' am- pir also - pCr\ n (Andre- Marie Ampere) I I gg I) I: the praclical meter-kilogram-second unit 01 eleelrie currenl thai is eq.n",,lenl to a now 01 one coulomb per so:c:ond or 10 the Slady current produced by one voll applied across a resiSlance 01 one ohm 2: Ihe base unil of eleelric current in Ihe tnlemational SYSlan 01 Uni.. lhal is parallel conduclors of inr,nile length and negligible circular sections one mcler apan in a "acuum produces belween Ihe conductors a lorce equal 10 2 X 10- ' newlon per melor 01 length amper""'our n (1885) : . unit Quanlity 01 eIO:C:lricil)' eQual 10 Ihe QuanlilY carried pasl any pOInt 01 a circuit in one hour curren I 01 one ampere acid: compare CYCUC AMP cc.ans las Ihe beach ncal with a lalerally compressed body am.phi-pro-s'yle \.amlp)- fi- pr6-.slil\ amphimore at STEER) I 18W) : pod odj ~8 ;~a ~:/~\'i :'ia :~e :;;~";;"~h );;t :::::'~I~~S - amphi- equal 10 a conSlanl currenl which when mainlained in twO Stra;ghl ing) amphisbaina Ir. amam-phis- bac-na \, am(p)- I",- 'bC-na\ n (I... Ir. GI: amphi around) ... ""inein 10 walk. go - more at phi, on both sides (lr. BY. CO"'E) I I""): a serpent in d=icaJ mythology havingo had.. each end and capable of mo,ing in cilher direelion - am-pbis-bae.nic \-nik\ - amphlproSlyle n adj Ir. GI:, Ir, adj (L amphiproSlyla. 5/ylo, ,,;1I.r l Ir. + proSly o, having pilla" in Ironl.prohaving columns al each end only (an - build- by a Slcady ampere-Ium n 11884) : Ihe mcler- kilogram-so:c:ond unit 01 magnCloam-per-o-me,-ric \,am-pir- wilh one turn 01 wire carrying an clO:C:lriCcurrent of one ampere -me"ie) me-!rik\ adj (am"." ... -c- ... 119401 : rdating 10 or being a chanica! I;tration in which Ihe masuremenl of the dec1riC curren I nowing under an applied pol.."ial belween molive lorce equal '0 Ihe magnclomoli,e lorce around a path Iha! links ;~e:le ~ fl l ';;;fhi :r;,,:h'!'. ~a ';'h~:, : .n oval or circular building w;lh rising tie" 01 scatS ranged about an open space and used in ancient Rome esp. lor contests andfrom which gallery speclacles ~~c ;;:;:tt;;:~~;a '3~ a';';~~h~ . IiI.. Ithe t~!;.;-:,o.l~~~d~ ~s(~I charac,er) &: by itsell lis Ihe word) and) 11835) : a character Iypically &: standing lor !he word and ... am-phet-amine \am- Ie- t.., m.:n. .man\ n (ISV alpha ... melhyl one N or ph..- + "hy! ... amine) 09J8): a racemic compound C, quentl)' abused as a Slimulanl of Ihe cen",.1 ner,ous sySlem but used dinically esp. as Ihe sullate or hydrochloride ",It 10 Iralehyperacli.. children and Ihe symploms 01 narcolePSy and as a shorl- I nn appe!ile suppressanl in dieting amphiar amphpref.. ~;~~~~~~e;~d gall cry in a modem Iheater d: a n., or genlly sloping area or contests rounded by abruPt slopes J: a place 01 public pmes ar am-phi;'m-p"lhc.\ am-phi' lhe-.t- ric ,\.amlpJ- r..,hc- lrik alsoe-at- ri-c.al- Iy \-Iri- ..)I;;\ I:( adj - am.phi- th bl\ Ihe-al- ri-cal \-tri- 2 .: a 'cry large auditorium b: a room with a . doclOrs and Students may observe surgic.1 oper..ions . e : rising sur- 01 its derivau,.. (as de.troamphelamine or methamphelamine) Ire- Nome", am-ph...ra \' am(p)- J..ra\ n, pi -roe \- rc, - hrir\e.ar -ras (I... modiL 01 Gk os bearer. fr. ph"ei. I.. omphiamphorclLS, amphiphorcus. jar or vase w ilh a bear - more at BEARj 11""1 I: an ancienl Greek IWO handles Ihal rise large o,aI body. narrow cylindrical noel:, and \a\ abu' \'\ killen. F lable \or\ further \a\ ash \8\ ace \i" mop, mar AmphiltyOn) Am-phil-ry",n \am- Ii- trc-an\ n (Gk ad. : the husband 01 : bolh (amphrbrach) (amphidiploid) am-phib- ia \aro- Ii- be-a\ .pi I 1607): A",PHIBIAHS amphibious being, Ir, amphibian am- phib- i-an \- be-an\ n lultim. Ir GI: any 01 a neul. 01 amphibio,) esp: 118351 .1: an amphibious organism: phi- . amph. Ir, amphi - more at A"""J: on both sides:01 both kind, (L amph;- around. on bolh sides- Ir. Gk om- ice \aii\ oul \ch\ chin \e\ bel \C\ casy \g\ go \i\ hll \i\ \j\ job 1001 \u\ loal go \0\ la~ \oil boy IIh\ thin \!JJ\ Ihe \iil \q\ sing \0\ \y\ yet \wl vision Ii, ~. " . a:, ii, u:. U:, '\ see Guide to Pronunci"ion '\, /~:";: : ~. .' 'b) : (;"', 101"'11-0-""-&1 ~;~- ~'::.:~ y ~\. \~~~~~ .: =- " .. Page 5 of 6 ::',~:,~ ," ; . :.".,"'.,,' ,:,',,,- ,j ""', .. -,) Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-11 Filed 01/30/2004 bibliophile. big III \ ad) - bib. lioQp.e-giSl \'h,e \.bi- b,,-,- pe- ik. .'p.;, 'bid n 117881 I a: Ihe aCiof He \""- , l al form ac also: I book collwur - b;l,. io" ' esP i~\ adj - bib-li.oph- lism \- r,- Ji-z'm\ " ~~;i 'Ii-P'"'Psl\" . bl- ,nl\" (f Ir. bibli- + - phil.) 11824/, a lover of I", IY \ 'i:J~,!~tJoc:f" t' 1:, )ii'~ ..'. ,.;;1: .'/ribIiDP" rare or cunouS books pl:"2S Gi";::X:;;ia cIcak' coP ~b,- ble-o- lhC- k'\ n. p"'liSl\ niL U::r..i:.o\~lIer, rrGkbibl,ap.;la. rr b'bl'-+poj"nlo.ell)11775) pOj\ or bib-li-op-o-H.. \'th- bli k~/:;a"" ' 182' """e al DO I \.'Ihe-I .1: a IoIb-lIo-the-ca \ ~- blC- lhCI'-",p.;\ n 11919) : ,hc use 01 ro:.adong IoIb-Ilo-tbe r.o ;;Jp i~ sol,ing pa"sonaJ problems or lor psychi"ric Iher: _"cn-als or ~/k ar -e~e \,.sc, . kc\ (t.. Ie. Gk pUI, place bibl/- + rhlki case; ak,n 10 Gk ",henaial"'Orbooks2: 10 eoileclOon 01 books kol\ ad) thing oHOO'ed B bid 2: an opponuniry 10bid 3: ,~VITAnON 4 a as : an announcement 01 what a C8rdpl'yerproposes 10 underukc b : the amounl 01 such a bid thddablc bridge hand \: an .1lempl ar eHon 10 win, achie,e- or mlaCi (, - for rcel.",ion); bid-da-ble \' bi-d,. b,1I ad, (ca 17681 I: casil,. led. 'aughl , or con\rolled: DOCILE 2: e"poble 01 bong bid - bi~-da-bil- i-IY \, bi- do-'bi1,- 11\ n - bid-da, bly \' bi-d,- bIO\ ad, 'bid-dy \'bi-dc'\ pi biddies ,(pcrh, Imi!.) (16011: HEN i..,.,.lso: a n. one .'ho bids b.. a soa "men , ul Whal one will gi.c or lake lor somelhing; "p: an oller 01 a pnoc: c: some- r:" 'biddyn, young chicken ide: ~~r;;a pi biddies (dim, of IhcnameBrodger)(ea, 18611 I : a hired girl or clo:.aning woman 2, WOMAH , "p : an elderly woman - usu bIll r b,b-h...,-IC delermining _enuonen... or /!':' ols. cop. , or' bib-lioQ-'ist \'bi- bll-o-liSl\ n aulhorsh,p \-,Okl ad) \' 10 drink more li" bib"" th- by ,I ,\ adj (L bibu/.... . 101_10 "'( 16751"I: .highlyabsorbcnl Ir, a: fond 01alcoho,"c bo,OO'. 2 \.b- blc, liks\nplbu",ng,ncunSlr(bibl/-+O ...nc+ "i;,.~"Wb-II"'~fi', Ih SIudy 01 handwnlmg, docu",=Is, a nd wrili~g n:a"eQ~ .,es . . I:brelating10. or marked by Ihe consumplOon ~. ils-u- lou..IY ad. - bils-u-lous-ness bcoCO'~c;- pOTAB of alcoho'" bidan: akin 10 OHG biran 10 wail, L fide" 10 In.''. Gk peiihes,hai 10 believe) .r (bel, 120) 1 u'u b,ded: po" 10 wail 101 - used chien, in WrntS"IANO (IwU mea , ' , mighl ,he ph....e bidc anc , IImc archair: winlCl $101m - . C. Bryanl) J chiefly dial: to Ii"-' up wrlh I: to conlinuc in a Slale or cond"ion!: 10 wan : ToeE'" TE awhile: TARR...J: 10continue In a pia",: $OJOURN- bid.:er n bi-dot \bi.'di\ n (F, small horsc, ~det, Ir. MF, bider Iu 1,01) 11766) Ir, ~de 1"bOd\ ar bid""': bided: bid- ing (I"-IL ft. DE ~ lhe -,i : a balhroum (",ure used esp, lor bathing Ihe exlcmal gen~als and ,he bk1l '1'1 b \1 )b;, o~-ale \(.)bi. .ar- bo-, nal, -not\ n (ISV) 118191 : In acid ""r. "CARBONA TE 'l"""~na'e of soda lca, 1887):-~SODIU,", sen-I er- c, , bi- (,)scn- Ie-noIe-no c, I, Jt,;- k~,'i'c i;h.mb.:" (a - Icg"lalu,~) .orb- ' bi- \ n 11922/: SOOIU,", BICARBO~A on Iw" :e" CH"..") 11856) : ha..ng, con..s!ong 01, or b~sed \-",b,-cam..,,-,al-Ism al \1, Ibi- hm- "I, - .,-m~\ adH'bi- + LL cumera chambor 1,- bi-di-,..I...tal.ism \,bi- di-o-'ek... .i-zom\ n 119581: ladli"y in u,;ng poslcrior,paru 01 the bod, 'wo dialects 01 Ihe same lang...ge; au.: lhe lcaching Sfandard Enof glish 10 pupils who normally use a nonsLandard diaiO:C:I- bi-di.a-ecI ~te-na...Y \,b;- Iscn- bi-di.rec- lion-al \,bi-d", rd-shn,l, -oi- , -sh"",'\ adj 11928) : involv(- now) ~~. r~~i~~~~~r~~tf~"b!~i ;~~l ~~rl;i :.d~i rcewol\f~ bi-don,ville \'\)c- .do-.',eI,lI\ n (f, Ie. metal can ur dhUn + .illc bidan : bid up ., 1186-41 IV suc' ce:uion 01 oIl"s tal ad) lacc\' 1\ 118721: BICE.m:NNIAL.nn"c~ry ':I ~;'-ten...i- al \,~i-~)sen- I~-nc-,I~ n 11883): a 2001h , o:kbr..ion- b'centenn",1 ad) i also bicep,. Ie. bk.". \ 'bi-,scps\,n p+ biceps capurbi..e,..-es (Nl bicipil- 116501: . head - more al HEADJ l. Iwo-hadcd, lr bi- capir.. b,centenaryad) , o jerry-buill oiliY)y la.sa in Franceprice 01dwdlings on Ih~ oul~kinsby a l (1952): selllem"," 01'he or No, prop"ny a, .Jclion) 01 a Alnc.al raise (as Bic-dcr,mei-er l' bC-o,,- usck ha,ing IWO had" as a: upper arm neAor b: Ihe large biceps bra,chi; \. 'bra- kC~~~I';'r ~~e mu",le or,he back 01 the upper leg kl- c.' n (Nt.. Iri.. thceps 01 Ihe ann) lca, Ihclarge nelor mu",k 01 the Iron 1 01 ~: f ~:is \-1e-m""'\ n (Nt.. Ii,-- tMccps 01 Ihe lemur) (camercury \(,)bi-.lor- id. ;"or(ISY) ~h~;"~~~~~E \bC-.sho-- IrcLild\ (modir. 01 F bichan ul n, a poil sodium or polassium - bi-chro-mat..,d\-.ma-I:x:I\ adj bl-chrome \ bi- krom\ adj09241: two-colored bi-cip-i- t,,1 \bi.'si-p""~\ adj (16-46): 01, rduing 10. or being a biceps 'bick-er \ bi- k,,\ n (ME biker) II"") I: pelulanl Quarreling: ALlER, CATlDH 2: a sound 01 Ol'S il 01 tMchring 10 cngage In 'bicker .i bock-credo bick..,r- ing \ 'IM. klo-)ri9\ I I xiI: 01 breed 01 wIa.ysmall SIurdy dogs coal while bi-chro-male \I,)bi- .ro-.mat, 'tH- kr&-\ n 0836): a dlchrom..e csp, 118101: ,",EO- bi-en.ni.um \bi-e-nc-:om\ n. pi -ni-urns ar onia \-oe,'\ft.. Ir- biannu. year- more al AN~UAL) (1899): aperiod of Iwa yaJ:! be.... Ir. OE akin 10 OE be,an 10 carry "- more a' bier \ 'IM,\ n (ME fM curly-haired lapdog) (1.966): a BEAR) (bcf, 120) I archaic: . Iramcwork lor carrying 2: a nand on 01 Medrluran...n onIon ha"ng a rhlck whic:n a or- coffin is placed; also: a collin together .;..;,N its SIand bi, bl- .ra.s\n(19J.4): 0 tMlacialSiooc 1001 pi bi..,n.ni.al \(.)bi- e-ne.. :o!\ ad) (1562) I: occurringe,ery ,wo Y"'" 2 : continuing or laSling lor IwO yea,,; "",if : ~ruvvinli" vtgclali,dy . during the fi", lear and Iruilin~ .nd dying during 'hc 'O:C:90d usage ly see BI- - biennial n - b,..,n,nl.al. \-.-11\ ad, lenlawous furniture and inl";or decoration popular esp. ",iih the middle cia!.. in early 19th century Germany mj(-.)r\ adj (alou Golllieb Bicdelfn'.icr. satirical Dame lor .n uninspired Ger. bourgeois) (j 9051: 01. sl'yle:ol unos- bi-chons fri-ses \- sho-- Irc- bi. la..ia! \~)bi-1ii-sbol\ ad) (ea.. 1&47): having oppo,ile ';Ides or la= workc~ on to Ivnn an edgc lor- culling or ""rap;ng - bi-Ia'-cllal. ly ad. bilf\~if\n(prob. imil, )(ca. 1889): "'HAex, BLOw- biHW" ' bi, rid \'bi- fid, -I:x:I\ adj (L bifidu, Ir. bilid.... rid) (16611: di,ided ~~~f- :'\(Jb~~, h~::,\ ~Jjabts tJ-ol~:: :~;::.:-~ ':;ore al FI a petulant or pelly Quarrel 2 a: bi-coast-af \(, Ibi- ko,- "" adj 0972) : 01 or rcla"ng 10 or li.ing or working on bolh the EaSiand WCSI coaslS of Ihe U, 10 mo'e wi,h a rap;dlyreoaled noise (a -ins s"eam) b: OU"ER. FUCKER - biek..,r-cr \-k,.",\ n (I ~46) I: in,oI.ing Iwv threads ur wires (- rcsiSlor) bi.li-Iar. ly bi-coloQred \ bi' ko-I"d\ ar bi-col...r \-1,,\ od) (l bocalur ft. birolor) lca, 184J): Iwo-colored bi-cam-po-nenr \l.)bi- kom .'pQ-nonl, - kam- k:;,.,- \ ad)(t9621: boong a lib.:r made of IwopolymOO's having slighlly diHerenl physical proper- - bicolor n ad, bi- na- gel. l"te \~)bi-'f1.-j,- I", - Iii" -n.-'je- I,,\ odJ I 1856):: h "ing 'bi. fo-cal \' bi- pend". lum) 2: in,ol,ing a single thread or wire doutAcd back' \';p.,n ilSell (a nagella(- adj (lSV) tl888) t: having IWvlodl!~nglhs 2 : having onc pan Ihal cocreclS lor no:.ar ,ision and one f:t!'r diSlanr .i- gamelcs) fo- koll bi,fur-cate suspcnsiO"?-olia Iwo lies so Ihal the fibor has a permanenl cnmp and labrics onade rrom ;1 have 'nhercnl bulk and s"elChabililY .bi ~~I: c(i"tJ9is l ;1 : eyegl"sscs wilh bilocal lenses ~.. a bifocal ,;des - bi-con.cav-;-IY \'bi- I.)kiin.'ka- ,o-IC\ n bi-can-di. tion- a! \'bi-on- dish-n:o!, .'di-sh",\ n 11940) : a rdation k belween IwO proposilions Ih" islruc only when bolh propo,ilions are , ,;mullaneously "ue lalse or bi-con-cove \I, )bi- lk.an- .a" -.an- \ adj 083J) : conc..e on bo,h bi. lunc- lion-al \~)bi- "q(kI-shn'l. -sh'-n bi- fur-ca'e \'bl- )!.r- kiil, bi- I,,- \ lunclion.; ap: glass or lens ,b -ca'-ed; -car, caru, pp, 01 bifurcare. Ir, L bifurcu, two-pronged, Ir. hi': 'I; O""NCI'ON~L i'ng. hay,"g 'wo (ML bl/ur" ad) tl9J6)-! furea bi-corAe \'bi- 'bi-cus-pid \I.)bi- ~~~~k:;n~f:JI ~:ic~':('I ~~I kornl n !F. fr, L bicarnir Iwo-horned, Ir,bi- + cornu ~~ ~~~~;'~T ~~:I~~~r~(,\~~~1-c ;r. relating Iv, or includong Iwo di..inct cullurcs (- educaloon)- bi-cul-lor.al. ism \-'-ll-zom\ n ~;,":;;~fd ~I' ~ con'ea diyjdc inlO IWO branchcs or pans - " 0615) : 10 causc 10 dIvide inl" two branches or ~ar\s \~)1)i:~~':k", . kir: fork) : 10 ::i ~~ ~~~i- )I"- .i-Sh"'\ n 11615) I a: Ih2 p:o;ltiwhich al hilorcaling ""urs b: BRA~~'" 2: 'he act bilun:.1Ii~~ i .-,hc sule 01 01 Ibig \' big\ ad) big.gcr: big- ge.. (ME. peril. 01 s.:and "ligin: akin 10 being bllurc.aled k:n-p:x:l\ adJ(NL bicu,pid- bicuspi,. Ir, bi- + L cu,~-.';,~~n Norwdial.bu&8cimporlanimanj.(14c) J bicuspid .aln 'biocy-cle \' bi-si- k.l. -.si- si.\ . (F. Ir. also bi. + -cycl, las in "icyclclJ 118681: a .ehicle with 1 wheels tandem, " Slcering handle. . saddk wo seal. and pedals by which rI is prop"lIed: a sl.1li"nary .,ercise al,a : nuchinc Ihat resembles such a .eh,d~ 'bicycle ,i bi-cy-cled; bi-cy-cling \- kl.- II",\ I 18691: 10 ride a bicycle j':~~;;i~i ~ 'IT~n N~~ ~~~~~ ~' ~;J. ~ 06.~n ;'I ~;;-;~:i~~) n Ica, 1903): a cardiac 'ah' c consiSting 01 Iwo "...nguI" naps which allow only unidirec"onal blood now Irum Ihe jell "rium 10 Ihe ,enlricle - called .Iso ,ni"af ,al,. ur o 'rnounl (a - n"el) b: , perating "n a large scak (- go,emment) 0 : CAPITAL I 3 a: PRWNAriL",P: ncarlyro:.adYlogiv'e~inh b: lull In burSiing: SWELLING (- with rage) e of rho ",ice: ruU:and resonanl CHIEF, PREEM'NENT (Ihe - issuc01 'he campaign) b: oulSLandtruly - man) 0: 01 greal importancc or sig,"gly wonhy or able (a nificance (thc - mume",) d: IMPOSING, P.E"EN110\Jj.. ~lso: marked by or gi'cn 10 boa.s"ng (- Ialk) e: ,",'G~'~I"'OU~ q, '" e..en' (a - house); au. : largc or gro:.al on ~uan"I", number, ob, , olgrC'\'Slrcngih b : 01 g,cal lurcc (a - $10m,) 2 a: lar~c or g,ear in di~.;nsions, bulk., about i,) S: POPULAR bi-cy-clic \I, )bi- si- klik.. - 'irUcture 01 Ihc molecule 'bid \' thd\ ,b bade \' bad. -b.d\ Dr bid; bid,den $i- I adj (lSY) (ea, 19091 I: cc'nsi"in~01 '" "ranged in 'wo cycles 2: conlaimng '~' U usu. ruocd ri"gs in Ih, - bi-cy..ler \- kl,,\ n - bi-cy-clist \-klo,,\ n \' bi-d' n\ c'r bid also bode; bid-ding Iparlly II, ME bidd'n. Ir. OE biddan: aki" 10 OHG billcn 10 en\reat, and DOrh, I" SkibadhalC hc pres...: partly Ir. ME bedcn 10 once, command, Ir. OE biodan: akin 10 OHG bialan 10 oller. G. pynrha.cSlhai 10 eumine. SkI bodhi enlo~hlCnmenl ) "Ibel. 12d I Aob,: BLSEECH,EN'TREAT b: lo,ssuean order 10: TELL c: 10rcQu,",1 10 Come: IN"TE 2: 10 gi,c cADres, n 10 (bad. a leor/ull"e~' dl) J io I: OFFER - usu, u"d in Iheph..,e 10 b,d defian" b paH and po" pori bid (1/: 10olle, (a pricd whelhel for paymenl or ",ccplOnce 121: IU makc , bid 01 or in la suil "c.rdS) - ".. W ",.ke a bod sJ'n COMM'NO - bid-der n - bid lair: 10 scenl likdy lor (she is big on blushing -Arnold Hano) 'big ad, I 1807) I: on a loud 0r declamatory manner : ,n a boa"ing manner (talk -) 2 a: 10 a large amount or ""en!. !"on -) (10" ad. - 0~RoUS (w:LS(solo dnnks arc 'cry on Me.oeo -Ru" Leadabrand) 6: lull-bodied and nay"r/ul - used QI~i"e - bigbig.ness n - big on: sarong!,. ra'oring or ' IikiM~!.al",: nolcd -) b: on a large scale lihonk -) (worry -) lorehand -) or power;esp: 3: 'H'RO (hilS her ..c, 'big n 11965): 'n indo "dual "I organ!2.."on of oul"""d\Og ' 'mponance M~'OR LEAGUE- usu, used in pI. (playing in Ihe \,\abul l"Ikille.. F "blc \,,\Iunher \.u\oul \chlchin \elbol \0\=) boy 19\ sing \0\ go \01 I." \n.\ \glco \1\ hi"" \i'iiice \j\jub \ih\ Ihon \lb\ Ibe -'"\(1001 \u\ 1001 onunci..iun 'J." \I\"h \a\..c \'-' mop, maJ yel \.hl "sion \a, ,. ". cx:, 0;. I.e, u:. 'I see Gu'd~,, ",'..;-. -, :- "",. ::;'. ~~ \' .. ~~ ,', ,j: , ;, ''- :'" :~ ~~~::'""""'' ~~, ~~g ~ ~ ~:~':;' "'p=~; ;:~; :, ~, ~~~' ,, \' ., ~ ~. ;'~ Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-11 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 6 of 6 748 modern 8 moisture lor USe. as I II : a uni! 01 furniture or archilecture .(2): an educoli 0 ~1bc.-, regulated J a: any in a series of standardized units 'modern" dorn-le.' juS! no~' . Ir, modw me..,ure - more., ",crE) I 158$) I a: 01. rel.,ing 10, or eharaeleris"c of Ihe prcsen! or Ihe immediate paso : CO,",E"', 01, relating 10. or ehoncteriSlie of a period e"ending t,om a relevanl rconole pa51 10 the presenl lim in'olving rcccni lechniques, methods. or idca.s: Ur.TO- nA TE J cop: 0(, relaling 10, or ha', ing Ihe choneteriSlies of the present or mo51 recenl period, of de.velopmenl or a languaee 4: of or relaling 'modernism: MODERNIST10 m(H\er...i-ty \mo- dor-no- It, m.. a/so - doc- \ n - mod-ern- Iy \'m.. "" b: ~ 1: ad, - mod..rn-n...s \-dorn-nos\ If. Modem Hebre.. n (19.9): NEW HEBOOW mod..m- i-sa- lio,,- mod..rn-is. Bril ..", Moo..."IZAnON, of IZE m(H\eme \mo.' doco, and heavy downSirokcs person 01 modern times or .-;ows b: an adherent or modernism: MODERNIST 1: a Slyleor prinling "pe distinguished by regulorilY or stupe., precise curves, moighl hairline serils, (J$8S) I a: a m..\ ", Ie" of group under add.uon and 'h~t is dosed uoder mulliplic:alion dlSinbutrve Irom the lch or nght or both by demenu of a ringwhi~~~' aDd I ;~e ~~ ~r and are ~r~~~ rin ~f:~;s ';'o ~~l..or bolh where 0 Ih., is a part of Ihe lotal 51 bii" , 5 a: a subset or an additive ,roup ttul is ~UI' group under addiuon b: a malhcmalical setIhat is a commu 01 0 space ,chIcle assembly of dO:C:lromc componentS lor use with olher ouch ... "':'1OoaJ 4: an indepondently""pcrable unil which covers, single subject or lopie b: a usu, packaged I::::e , 1UU1 cop (F, modem) (195$1: AOT DECO MOO"'N. mod.... lus \'mi-j..l",\ ;~";~(N~,::ret.f:;~n~.;,,7'~7\"') n, pi 11897): ,,;th resPea (17531 I a: the: factor by which alogullhm of a number 10 one Ii \- Ji, - Ie.' rNL. Ie. L, small mcasu is multiplied 10 obtain Ihe logarilhm 01 the number to a new base ~ : ABSOLUTE VALUE 2, e (I): the number I.. a positive inleger) mod.......lsm \'m.-dor-,ni-""m\ " (J 7371 I:" praCli"", usage. or expression peculiae to modem limes of..n cap: a tendency in, theology to accommodale !Caditional ,religious leaching ,to ""nlemporary thought and esp. 10 devalue supern"uralelemenu 3: modorn, artiSlK: or literary philooophy and praClico: csp :a .ctl,conscious break ,,;th tbe past and a search lor newlonns \-nisl\ or odj - mod-ern-is-lie \.rn.-dor- nis-tik\, " mod...-n.;-za-tion \.rn:;-dor-n.. hoo\ " (J 770' I: the zi-s cmiring : the .tale of bOng modernized 1: something modern pentalhlon " lea, 1912): a eompos;le con icsi in which mod-est \' m.-d"," mod...-n.;"" \' m:;-dor-.niz\ .b em (.. in Lasle. Slyle. or usage' ern. : a modcroiz.ed version contcstanU compete in a )()(~-meter Irccslyle swim, a o4OOO-meter en"s' =unlry run. a .sooo.meler 30-jump eqUCSlrian5I""plo:c:ltasc. CpCc lene- i..... " ~?o~~\ ~ 0583) I: 01 eXpression - mod-ern-ist aa a4j waY' olher mathematical enlilY (.. a polynomial' in a congrtlcnce thaI d Vldes , lhe djNerence 01 the two eonsruenl members withoul lea.-;qg a remamder - compare RESIDUE b 12': the number 01 dillorenl n"", hers IISod in a system of modular arithmetic 2: a conSiantor eocfli cionl that expresses USU, numerically the degree 10 which a body " substance posses... a partiCSJlar propcny las daslicil o(.mod- modc:miUd i~; -i.-ine" OHf): to make mod-,i: 10 adopi modern -modall ins, and target shooting.. 2$ meters 1: arising from or sure) (I $6$) 1 s worth b: nolher bold nor sdf-...serti,e : lending toward abilities or diffidence GdilL modes/us moderale: akin to L a: , lacing 0 modente cstimate on one p modw mea- operandi ~t~~~ ( 6~i~", ~~r ma:-d~ vi-~en-di \.m6-d..- vi- ~~-d.. .,di\ pi mood; .ivendi 1' n. ,dc- , m~,d,-\ (NL. manner of IIv",g) (ca. 18791 I: a feasible 016among,bypasses difficulties 2 ;n;n':';'O k" : one that Mogen Duid""roj"'AGE!oIOAVID olso ",oe-eie \' m.- ge.' n. pi mog-gies (prob- Ie. moeM"",.. Mag. nickname Ir. the name Mo'Earer l a. 1911) Im()ogyl \' m~tlgol\ n (Per Mughu! r,eMongolian Brir:mon",ol Mongol) lI588) I or m()ollRul enp: an Indian Mu.sIim or or descended Ie... ~JtI ~~~i T' ~~n CAT one . of scvoral ,conquering groups of Mon~ol, Turl:ish, and pcrs;." ongm: e..: GO"" TMOGUL 1: a greal pem,n'te: MAG"A TE - mogul odj. of Ie" enp 1: propriety in dress. spuch, or conduct m(H\;-cym \' m.-di- kxn also mo.\ n (ME. Ie- L. nCUL 01 modicon mode...te, Ie. mod", measun:) O$cI: a small portion: a limited qu.ntilY mod- fi-ca.tion \,m:;-d:o-/..'l:ii-shon\ " li 603' I: the,liniiting of a tion or qualific:ation or tlic mcaning of a word by another word, by an one t ~~tm odifies ' J ;. .: limited in size. amount, or scope b: UN'OETEJmOVS (a ..., cottage) syn see SHYCHASTE - mod-est.ly ad, mod-es'IY \' mi-d.."e.' . (1$31) I: Ireedom from ""noOl or vanity proprieties of dress and beha..or : DECENT 4 characleristie 01 a modesl nature J: obsciving the iii.. choice) 0619): a fabric or yarn made wholly or in part 0I;r, :::;.;~: Ihis tuir :r ~~~~A M()oha..k. \' mo.,ltak\ n. pi Moha..k. or Moh...k.s, (of Altonqui." ~"t:~':;~;n m()ohair I' mo., har, - ,ltor\ n fmodif. or obs, 11 mocoumo, fe. Ar mukh. (jtfJ~ ~I~Ld akin ,10,0 djal. Wienn=) mugl small hill) M":.~::;;::j. r",r statement: QUAUFlc,nON z: 'MOOE6.a J a: ihemaldng,ofalimited change in somclbini, also : the resull 01 such a chani:c b: a change in an organism caused by environmentallactors 4",~ 1i"';18- ortgIn; akin'" Narraganset or Massachuscl Moho-wag "Mohawk. liL c:annibalJ 116).1) I: 0 member, ofan American Indian pcopl.of ,"; Mohawk Rivor valley, .Now Yorl: 2: Ihe Iroquoian laoguage of.lbe ~~":.;'dk r:~~ ;h ~hoirslYle wilh a narr"", CCI11cr , "rip 01 uprilbl ~); :. ,::~~h word or pbra.sc thai makcs, spoc;fie Ihe meaning 01 another word or phrase 3: a Eene Ihal mOdifies the dlo:c:l or'anothor mod. ly \'mi-do f1\" b -lied; -I,' ing fME mod(fien. fr- MF mod(fiu Ir. L modi/"rcarc to meosure. moderate. fr. modw) ,,0 -Ie) I: to make less eW-cone: ""onEUTE 2 ,: to limil reslnet the mcanin, olcsp. or in a gramm81ic:a1 construction b: 10 change fa YO el) by umlaut 3 w a : 10 m a.. minor changcs in b: 10 make basic or fundame;"..1 chan,cs in olten to ,i,e a ne~' orienlalion to or to serve a new end (the win, or a bird is an ann mod(fied 101 nyiog) 10 undergo change syn see CHANGE - mod- fi.abil, i-ty \,m.-i!""fi-.. I,,'e." n bi- ~::dO :;~i~~ i . Mo-ho \'mo.,lt6\ Mohoro,iCit Mo-hi-can \mo."hc-k:H\, mo.\ ...rofMAHICAN n (short lor Mohoro,.... ~::'.'":r 'M::'hi~ .;';1Mt;;hi.~~r:.:-..h;;'Mo an Asncricaa Indian peOple ,of southeastern COnno:c:ticut tl936 Yugoslavian geologist) (f 9$2" : the boundary layer between the earth' s crust and mantlc' whosc deplh varics (rom about J miles (5,kilomelers) beneath the ocean noor 10 about 25 miles (40 kilometers) bcneoth the continen.. Mo-hock. \ 'mo., ho)(\ n (alter. 01 Mohowk) (co, 1712): one of a gang of aristocratic ,ruff,!,ns who assaulted and olhcrwise nial"GIOtcd ' people-in Mo-ho-r()oyi-cic disconlinui'" \'mo.h.. discon'in"ily. It. Andri;. mod- li-able \'ma-d..,fi-..bo" mo-dil-lion \mo.'dil-y~n\ " Kong Arthur mod-u- Ia- bil- ty \,mi-j.-I.- bi- I...te~ " (1928): Ihe capabililY 01 bOng module or a modulus 2: conSlrucied with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and varielyin us e - mod-u-Iar. ;-ty \.mi-j.. 1ar-.- Ie\ n.,-'- mod-y- Iar- Iy \'",.-jo-I.r-Ie.' od" modular arithmetic n (1959): arilhmi:tiC tha1 deals wilh whole numby a fixed number (in a bers where the ounibe" are replaced bythor remairiders oller di.-;sion madulor mod-ish \'mO-diSh\ Gd) 06601 : FASHIONABLL mUSH ,(a --- hat) writer) - mod.ish-Iy ad, - mod,ish-nesii " mo-diste \mo.'dcsr\ " (F. Ie. mode style. mode).(c;a, 16401 : onewbo makes and sells fashionable dresses and hats lor women ' M(H\red \' mO-dred\ " : a kniglt! 01 Ihe Round Table and ncphow of adj ordcr1" block or braeke! under Ihe corona of Ihe ""mice (.. in the COrinthian odj (IImodig/io"e) 0563) : an oroamentat (a- S'8ti,-; ~ie ':;;t~~~'..: f;ri:f;~~;"';b.~ ~~3~ Ie::,; a value of ) lor tsilClo 10 lor m()obur \' 6(-o)r, m.. hur\ n fHindi m .muhr gold coin, seal. Ir. Por, ft. MPer; akin to SkI mudrii seol) \1690': a lonnor gol~ coin or India and ~?n ~I~~t : MOHO London strccss 10 the early 181h =ttury - Mo-hock-ism \- hi- kiro.....,cItich(1936) diamond .. Persia equal to 1$ ,,:~~:.;::,;~~;r..."-J.~~fct~~:. ~~~ ~~~~ (;~f modulated mod.y- Iar \'mii-jo-Iorl 117981 I: of, relating 10, or ' based oo, 'moil \ PART J: one oI'wo basic complementary tribal subdivisions I m6i(o)l\ ,b (ME moillen. Ie: MF moillier, le.. (assumed) VI.molmol/is solt - more.. "OLUFY) ,.,, (I5c1' chicj1y dial: /""'- Ir. I. make wet or diny -.i I: to"Worl:hard: DRUDGE 2: ,o be in con. t ,wo equal parts: IiALF b: one of two approximalely equal pari-' 2 : one 01 the portions into which something, js divided: COMPONENT. ~~ ";:/~i tinuous aplation : 'OiURH. SWIRL- moil..,r n arilhmeric wilh 'mOdulus $, 3 multiconii.st- :~~u~l'a mod-y- Iate \' Jj-j.., lit\ .b Ial..d; -Ial'ine (L modula/us. pp. m modulon 10 play, sine- frmodulus small measure. rhythm, dim, o( mi-j.. i""rizd\ odj 095911: conlaining ing of modulcs 2: produced in Ihe lonn 01 mOdulcs "moil" (1612) I: hard worl: DRUDGERY 1: CONFUSION. ntR"'OIL moil.;ne \' mOi, li9\ ad) (I6OJ) 1 a: requiring turd, work 'b' : INDUs TRJOUS (- workers) 1: violently ~""ed : TURBULENT~, moil-ilt!:n'\ n pi (Ok, fr- pI. 01 moiro.loL. lale: akin 10 Ok me"" part ~ more al MERIT): FAT" moire ,' mai(-o)e, ' mar, ' mwir\ n (F. Ir, E mohoirJli660) ore!",ie: a waleredmohair moi-re \mo.'ri. mwii-\or moire \som. or m6if-olr, 'mar, ' mwar\ "(F moire.lr. moirilikemoire.lr. moirej(l818) --I a: anirrccularw~"y flnisb on ,.-Iabrie b: a ripple pauern on a stamp 2: aiabrie haV1ng Moi- rai \'mOi- ly\, Ie.'ad, .. ~~~~e by means of inlennediary chords or nOlcs, Ih81 have,some relation 10 both keys J: 10 pass gradually Irom one Slale to anoth er - mo4la-tor \- Ii- L:lr\ n - mod.u-Ia. lo..-y \-I"', t6r~ - Ior- ad) mod-u.la-lion \,ma-jo-1ii-sh~n\ " (15J t) 1: a r~ulatirig according", modus mcasure .- more at "'ETE) tune to a..y or pilch 1: , 10 adjust 10 or"kccp in proper mc.as ure or proportion : TEM'ER J: 10 vary Ihcamplitude. frequency, or ph.o.sc of fa .urici-.wave Or a lighl wave) for the '",nsmission 01 intelligence: Cas by radio); also vary thi vdocilY of do:c:uons in an do:c:!Con beam ':"'..i I: 10 play sing with modulation 1: to pass Irom one musical key into, anolhi:r "061$) I:.to . wavy wa\ered appc.arana: 3 : an independent usu, shimmering tem seen ' when Iwo geometrically regular patterns las IWO sets of parallei lines or two halftone sera:ns) arc superimposed csp. al an .eute pal- ~~~~\-m measure or proportion: TE""'RlNG 2: an pilch of Ihe 'oi..; speeif: mod.ule \' mii- lju(~)1\ n ,(L mod.;lus) (ca, 1628) I: a standard or unit 01 mc.asurcmenl 2: Ihe siz.c of some one part taken as 0 Wlil of measure by which the proportions of an archilo:c:turol eomposilion arc of .his process J : a change Irom one musicaJ keY IO anothi:; by modulating 4: the proc:= of modulaling a camer or signal las in rodio); the rcsult olso: the use of Slress or pilCh to convey .ricining inno:c:Lion 01 the lOne or moist..,n \' mai-s mOoS- lure nosl " high humidity syn :d/r~Ee ~~;:'t ~ fr. MF, pcrh. Ie. (=umed)VL mWcOdus. allor, 01 L mucidus slimy, fe. m"CW nasal mucus) (140) 1 : slightly or moderaldy wet: nA"" 2: TEARFUL 3: eh.roelerizcd by see WET- mois,-Iy Gd, - moist-ness \'mais(t'. er \'mais-nor, ' m",-s n...r\ n n\ ,b moisl""'e~ iql,rI15801: lomakemoiSi -,it moist..,n- ing \' ais-ni9. 'maim 10 bccome moiSt-moist..,nmois'our, mois"l (!4o1: , liquid diffUsed or condensed in relauvely small quantity \'mais-chae. ' maish- \ n (ME. modi!. 01 MF Ir,

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