Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc.

Filing 116

Declaration of Ravind S. Grewal in Support of 115 Google's Responsive Claim Construction Brief filed by Google Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1# 2 Exhibit 2# 3 Exhibit 3# 4 Exhibit 4# 5 Exhibit 5# 6 Exhibit 6# 7 Exhibit 7# 8 Exhibit 8# 9 Exhibit 9# 10 Exhibit 10# 11 Exhibit 11# 12 Exhibit 12# 13 Exhibit 13# 14 Exhibit 14# 15 Exhibit 15# 16 Exhibit 16# 17 Exhibit 17# 18 Exhibit 18# 19 Exhibit 19# 20 Exhibit 20# 21 Exhibit 21# 22 Exhibit 22# 23 Exhibit 23# 24 Exhibit 24# 25 Exhibit 25# 26 Exhibit 26# 27 Exhibit 27# 28 Exhibit 28# 29 Exhibit 29# 30 Exhibit 30)(Related document(s) 115 ) (Grewal, Ravind) (Filed on 1/30/2004)

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Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc. Doc. 116 Att. 19 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-20 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 1 of 5 EXHIBIT Dockets.Justia.com Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-20 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 2 of 5 THE RANDOM HOUSE DICTIONARY OF TH L1=f\ "\.I '--' 1-- 1(-, I I "--" '~I-l I. LANGUAGE Second Ed itiorl Unabridged '" Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-20 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 3 of 5 DedicoLed 10 the memory of Jess Stein COPYR1C;-r;:s:: ,907. DY R,;NDm. ~ HO!JSE:. first Ed,llon:Copyri!!", INC (f) 1983 , 1981 1979 1973 , 1971, 1970. 1969, 1967 1966 , by P....ndom House lnc 11 nfhc.s reserv.d under InLemationa! and Po n. A menca n Copyright Conventions, No par.. of Lh" \YJO~' . may be reprociucC IT, an)' iorm 0' by an" mea"" eleCtronic or mechanical , Includ",g photocoPYing, "',Lhoul permISsion in ~TiLing from the puDsher Published In Lhe UnlLP-d SL2LeS byR..ndom House. In, , The RoncWm House D, c""n o( In, Zr,gbh Language AII,nouirie, s"ould be .daressed La Referen". Depa"menl. F.andam House , Jnc.. 201 L 50th SLreel , New Yo,k . N \' 1002 and SlmulL2neousiy in C.nad. by F....ndom Hause o(Can"d. Limited, ' Dronto and Its abbre""tian. , RHO, RHOEL, RHO- I. ane RHO- II. are CaL2ioging"n. Publicatian Ddca trademarks of aaam House , I nc Libr~' of ConJiTess Th P.anaam Hause aiCLIonary ofLhe Engl,s', '."If".gE. CP.anaom House d,Ctionanes! 1. E:nglisrl l"nguage- O'eLionaries. 1. flexner ISBN O, 39~SOOSO~ ,L. numbe, 0: enLecee ward, w,,"eh "'" hove r""san to no"",,v., no dtlemel hao ,,"-en made to deSlfT'2Lf "-' IT'ademark. PL1625. R3 Stuart Berg. II. Series 1987 ~23 S7.~SOO . (1.394. 565002 del""e ed have Deen deslgnd""d as; such believe constItute ".dem...ks or sec"lCe marks ali words 0' terIT"" In which prop"e",!')' flgh" rr,)' eXIst The Ine;uslor, . exclo.lor, . 0' dd,nillon of, ward 0, Le.m I. nol In,ended Ie o. lL, npress 2 JudfTTler., an, val,oiL\ C afiec"tht leg.1 "..;Cus o( trle wOld 0' Lerm a.s" L"demar.... se"' Ioe m.rk , 01 other prOpT'letdr; term Ti,e Cone:" FerMi, ;:"ell""c.') eolLeo b:.. Franceso, L V L.ngbawm. Copy"gh', If:' 1983 . 19",; , by P....ndom HollSe lnc Doc"""'D.'), TM Con"", Grem"" .dlte:: b; Jenr" r~aldlnb Muuilon , CoP!,"g;,: ~) 1982, 1959. D' f:.ond"m Hau"" , Inc edlld bo ' RDberc . , '-'.311 COp)c',:;h' , J" Tr.r Co',c~" it:::.!"", D,monD':)', (f; 1983 1957 , b:, P..,noam House. I nl Tr" Conm( Socn.,i, OIC"""o.") ediLed oy Don, Ie F Soi.. Cop"TI,ht !f:, 1982, 195" b)' Rdndam Hou"",, I"" C:nt", conlen" of the AiL"-, ;",rnx'ona! Ph"nrllC Capnlfhl C !987, b; C. S. Hdmrnond & Comp"n nellon21 PhonetIC f, Aipiocllf' countS) inlel Sif..I.uon h~anui"ClU!t C '" tn. UnlLeC Scales 0: ,L,T'lC;; me U CI C N a i E indamine ase 3:02-cv-01991-JSW drive (cf. AMBAGES)) -in/da.ga/tion, tive, ad). Document70 9 116-20 n. -in/de-fea/si-bly, odv. Filed 01/30/2004 in/de. b,~ "g i 4 of n Pagendepe5dent drawn up in duplicate) in/da-ga/tor, men n, n. Chem. in/da. any of a se- t to be annulled or made void; not forfeitable, (1540- in.da.mine (in/d~ fonnula C" ries of basic orgaruc compounds, the simplest having the N" which form bluish and greenish sslts Trademark. -min), in.de.fect.i.ble (in/di fea'51. ble-ness , 0; IN- DEFEASIBLE) -in/de. fea/sj. bil'i.ty. fek/ta bal). adj, 1. not defecti- used in the manufacture of dyes. Cf, quinonimine. (1885-90; IND- + AMINE) In.dan.threne (in dan /thren), crystalline , water- insoluble solid, C;, a blue ble; not liable to defect or failure. 2. not liable to fault or imperfection; faultless, (1650-60; IN-' + DEFECTIBLE) in/de.fect/i.bly, ado. in/de.fectli. billi-ty, n. in. de.fen.si. ble (in/w fen/so bal),adj. 1. not justifiabehavior, 2. incapable of ble; inexcusable: indefensible being protected or defended against attack: an indefensible town. 3. incapable of being defended against criticism or denial; untenable: indefensible argument. (1520- 30; INDEFENSIBLE) -in/de-fen/si- billi.ty, ado. in/de. ble'ness, n. In/de.fen/si.bly, 2. vulnerable, defenseless, unprotected, -u, to cut or tear the edge of (copies of a document) in an irregular way, S. to make toothlike notches in; notch, to draw an 6. to indenture , as an apprentice, 7. Brit. Chiefly Brit, to order , as commodities, order upon. 8. i, 9. to form a recess. 10. Chiefly Brit, to make out an order or requisition in duplicate. 1 L Dbs, a. to draw an irregular line as a means of identification. 4. , 3. to sever (a document O.. used as a dye for cotton and as a pigment in paints and enamels, upon a person or thing for something. b. to eater into an -no 12. a agreement by indenture; make a compact. toothlike notch or deep recess; indentation. 13. an inAmer. Hist. a certificate dention. 14. an indenture, 15. in. dap.a.mide (in dap/a mid'), n. Pharm, a thiaziderel_ted compound, C" CIN, S, used in the treatment (ind(oline) (see INDOLE of hypertension and edema, INE ap- of uncert, derivation + AMIDE) Ind. E.. Industrial Engineer. in.debt.ed (in det'id), adj. 1. colllilJitted or obligated in.de.fin.a.ble (in/di fVna baiL adj, 1. not definable; not readily identified, mined. -no indefinables -Syn. fen/si. to his friend to repay a monetary loan: He was indebted large sum. 2. obligated for favors or kindness refor ceived: He was indebted to her for nursing him through pneumonia. (1175-1225; IN-' + DEBT + -ED ; r, ME ento involve in debt ptp. of endetter detted " OF endem, DEFINABLE) bly, described, analyzed, or deterthe 2. something that cannot be defined: (1800-10; INof great musicianship. in/de-fin/a. n. -in/de.fin/a. ble.ness, ad). def/a nit), issued by a state or the federal government at the close of the Revolutionary War for the principal or interest due on the public debt. 16. Brit. a requisition for stores. indented having (1350- 1400; ME; back formation from indentiitus equiv. to L intoothlike notches, ME " ML in. dent/er, In. DENTATE; see dentiitus INden/tor. 1. to (u. in dent'; n. in/dent, in dent/), t, in-dent' indent pattern on dent; press in so as to farm a dent: to 2. to make or form a dent in: The wooden stairs metal. -no 3. a dent. by horses hooves, had been indented ado. in. debt.ed.ness (in det/id nis), n, 1. the state of being indebted. 2. an amount owed, 3. debts collectively. (1640-50; INnEBTEn -Syn. 1. bound. 2. beholden, grateful. ESS) del san se), , pl. (see EN- in.def.j.nite (in in.de.cen.cy (in CENT , -ENCV) -cies for 4. 1. the immodesty, 3. obscenity act , remark , ete. (1580-90; quality or condition of being indecent. 2. impropriety or or indelicacy. 4. an indecent " L indecentia. See INDE- -nSxycn.inwstinct, confusing, vague, uncertain. - Ant. 1. unspecified; indeterminate. 2. imprecise i e a t, indef'inite ar'ticle. 2. not clearly defined or determined; not prenumber. cise or exact:an indefinite boundary; an indefinite date in the future. 3. Gram. Bot. a. very numerous or See Indefinite pronoun. 4. not easily counted, as stamens. b. (of an inflorescence) See IN- , DEF(1520-30; " L indefinitus. indeterminate. ado, INITE) -in.def/l.nite.ly, out fixed or specified limit; unlimited: 1. not definite; withan indefinite (1300- 50; ME; see IN- , DENT in. den.ta.tion (in/den a. See indefinite article. b. in.def'i.nite.ness t1i/shan),n. 1. a cut, notch, or 2. a series bays and indentations, deep recess: uarious of incisions or notches:the indentation of a maple leaf 3. a notching or being notched. 4. indention (defs, 1 , 2). (1715-25; INDENT ' + -ATION) in.den.tion (in den/shanJ. n, 1. the indenting of a line or lines in writing or printing. 2. the blank space left by indenting. 3. the act of indenting; state of being indented. 4. Archaic. an indentation or notch, (1755-65; ION) INnENT in. de.cent (in delsant), adj. 1. offending against generally accepted standards of propriety or good taste; improper; vulgar: indecent jokes; indecent language; indecent behouior. 2. not decent; unbecoming or unseemly: indecent haste. (1555-65; " L indecent(s. of ly. indecens) indef'inite in'tegral Math. a representation, usuado. ally in symbolic fonn, of any function whose derivative is a given function. Also called antlderlvative. (1875-80) a pronoun , as English Gram. inde1'inite pro' noun. some , any, somebody. that leaves unspecified the identity appropriate; becoming, inde'cent assault' . a sexual offense. other than of its referent. (1720-30) rape , committed by one person against another. (1860- inde1'inite rel'ative clause' . a relative clause with an iDdefinite relative pronoun as subordinating word , as 65) DECENT) -in.de/cent. uns mly. See IN-oaresenoutrageous,,rudeimmodest, indecorous , indelicate; Sye , . 1. distasteful , c , gross; obscene , filthy, lewd , licentious. See improper, 2. inappropriate, -Ant. Law. that denotes class membership of the noun it modifies without particularizing it. (1720--30) 1. 2. determinate. 2. clear, specific. an article , as English a Gram, in.den.ture (in den/char), , u. tured, -tur.ing. -no with edges correspondingly indented as a means of iden- 1. a deed or agreement executed in two or more copies tification. 2. any deed , written contract, or Bealed or the like. 5. the formal agreement between a group of bondholders and the debtor as to the tenns of the debt. 7. to bind ' by indenture , as an ap6. indentation, -u. to make a depression in; iDdent; prentice. 8. Archaic. indentura. See wrinkle; furrow. (1275-1325; ME " ML INnENT agreement, 3. a contract by which a person , as an apprentice , is bound to service. 4. any official or fonnal list , certificate , etc" authenticated for use as a voucher inde'cent expo' sure, the intentional expo- what they said in We heard what they said. whoeuer sure of one s body s privates in a manner that gives inde1'inite rel'ative pro' noun without an antecedent, as to whoeuer wanted them. offense against accepted or prescribed behavior. (1850- , a reJative pronoun in They gaue tickets URE) -in.den/ture.ship/ Amer. His/. inden'tured serv'ant. a person who 55) came to America and was placed under contract to work for another over a period of time, usually seven years in. de.cid.u.ate deciduate, 2. Bot. (in/di not sWoo t'), ad). 1. Zool. not in. de. his.cent (in/di his/ant),ad). Bot., Mycol. having permanent leaves. (1875-80; dehiscent; not opening at maturity. (1825-35; IN- ' + DEHISCENT) -in/de. his/cence. fL, (in /di esp, during the 17th to 19th centuries. Generally, indentured servants included redemptioners , IN- ' + DECIDUATE) in. de.cid.u.ous ciduous , as 1. not de(in /di sWoo as), adj.Bot. leaves. 2. (of trees) evergreen. (1640-50; adj. in. de.lib.er.ate (1610- 20; ado. care; special planning or IN- pendency. the state or quality of being in/de. lib/er.ate.ness, in/de.Jjb/er.a'tion, freadom from the control , influence , support, aid, or the de.cj.pher.a. ble ad). 1. making marks that Jike, of others. 3.Archaic. a competency. (1630-40; INin.del.i.ble (in delta bal), ENCE) indelible ink. D cannot be erased. removed, or the like: -EPENn. N1.)See-freedom. SyD(E T + that cannot be eliminated, forgotten, changed, or the of war; the indelible influ- In. de-pend.ence (in/di pen/dans), n. like: the indelible memories 1. a city in W teacher. in. de.cj.sion (in/di sizh/an), n. inability to decide. enncle blof great indelebilis (1520-30; " ML indelibilis; r. Missouri: starting point of the Santa Fe and Oregon indestructible. See IN- , nELE trails. 111,806. 2. a town in SE Kansas. 10 598. i de e e ~L (1755-65; IN-' + DECISION) in.delll.ble.ness, fL. -in. in. de. ci.sive (in/di sVsiv), adj. 1. ch..racterized by dBLE)ly, -in.delli.billi.ty, Independ'ence Day/ , July 4 , a UB. hoJiday comellj. b ado. indecision , as persons; irresolute; undecided. 2. not deemorat g of the Declaration of Indedel.i.ca.cy (in del/i ka se), , pI. -cies for 2. L mendenceinon the adoption Also called Fourth of July. inbattle. cisive or conclusive: a seuere but indecisiue p July 4 , 1776. indelicate. 2. some1. not in. (in'di siffar a bal), decipherable; illegible, 2. not understandable; incominto INprehensible. (1795-1805; I;JECIPHERABLE) de-cjlpher.a. bil'i.ty, in/de.cl/pher.a.ble.ness in/de.ci/pher.a. bly, ado. IN- ' + nEclDuouS) DELIBERATE) -in/de. lib/er.ate. ly, done without lib/ar it),ad). deliberation; unintentional. victims of religious or political persecution , persons kidnapped for the purpose , convicts, and paupers. (1665-75) (in/di pen/dans), n. 1. Also , inde- in.de'pend'ence independent. 2. indecl., indeclinable, in. de.clin.a. ble (io/di -Syn. 1. vacillating, hesitant, ",avering. the lacking definition; vague or indistinct: indecisiue outnEclslvE) line of the distant hills. (1720--30; INin/de.cil5ive.ness, in/de. cI/sive. ly, ado. not ca- the quality or condition of being thing indelicate as language or behavior, , (1705-15; IN- In' + nELlcAcv) where the Declaration of Independence was signed. along all curves between two specified points. (in/di pen/dan se), , pI. depend' ence Hall' , the building in Philadelphia in.del.i.cate (in adj. del/i kit), adj, Gram. klilna bal), ble , inflexible. See IN- , DECLINABLE) -in/de.clin/a- blein/de.clin/a-bly, ado. ness, n. Ide kam piJlza bal), ad). inin.de-com.pos.a.ble (in capable of being decomposed. (1805-15; IN- ' + DECOM- pable of being declined; having no inflected forms: used esp. of a word belonging to a form class most of whose decem members are declined, as the Latin adjective unchangeaten. " (1400-50; late ME " L indecliniibilis of generally accepted propriety, modesty, or decency; improper, unrefined, or coarse: indelicate language. 2. not delicate; lacking delicacy; rough. (1735-45; IN- ' + DELICATE) -in.delli-cate.ly. In.delli.cate.ness, n. ado, 1. indecorous, untactful. gauche, rude, L offensive to a sense in depend' ence 01 path' Math. the property of a function for which the line integral has the same value in. de.pend.en'cy -cies.. 1. in-dem.ni.1i.ca.tion (in to.ry (in/dem nif/a ka -Syn. independence (def, 1). 2. a territory not under the conthat the individual congregation or church is an autonomous and equalitarian society free from any external ec(1605-15; INDEPEND(ENT) + - ENCV) trol of any other power. 3. (cap. ) Eccles. a. the principle dem na fi ka/shan), n. the act of indemnifying; state of being indemnified, 2. something that serves to indemnify; compensation. (1725-35; INDEMNI(TY) + - FICATION) -in.dem.nif. l.ca. clesiastical control. b. the polity based on this principle. in.dem.ni.tee (in dem/ni te'), n. a ing to be under obligatioD to others. 7. possessing a E) pany that receives indemnity, (INDEMNIT(V) 8. sufficient independent. to be financially competency: n d m.n tor (in dem/ni tar), n. in. deed (in dedI), ado. 1. in fact; in reality; in truth; ith.ategivesi.indemnity. (INnEMNIT(V)a person or company to support a person without his having to work: an inde9. executed or originating outside a pendent income. truly (used for emphasis, to confirm and amplify a previous statement, to indicate a concession or admission, or n. dem.ni.ty (in dem/ni te), , pI. ties. L protection given unit , agency, business, etc. ; external: on independ10. working for oneself or for a small, pribehavior or character. 2. something indecorous, (1565indeeorus INOECOROUS) 75; " L, n. use of neut. of interrogatively, to obtain confirmation): tar torte), adj. pen/dant), adj, 1. not inn nd -Syn. 2. payment, amends, reparation, indemnity. ifl.uee.cpdeord.ent (in/di others in matters of opinion, ne controlled by POSABLE) -in/de.com' posl a. ble.ness. an ; tied fy.ing. L to conduct, etc. thinking or acting for oneself: independfit), u. kart - ad). in. dem-ni. fy On dem/na in.dec.o.rous (in deVar as, in/w kar/as comp n not decorous; violating generally accepted standards of currede, sate for damage or loss sustained , expense in- entwthinker, 2. not subject to another s authority or juindependent businessris ction; autonomous; free: an etc. 2. to guard or secure against anticipated La ~st ~r I ~~~P~:~~~~~:r~r;;-d ;,7~.~~s- d':,~ loss; give security against (future damage or liability). man. 3. nof influenced by the thought or action of ~~~gr independent research, 4. not dependent; not deothers: without loss (see INnEMNITY) (1605-15; " L indemni(s) in. dec/o.rous.ness, pending or contingent upon something else for existence FY) -in. dem/ni.fller, Syn. indecent, improper , inappropriate. operation , etc, 5. not relying on another or others for Syn. 1. ' recompense . reimburse, repay. in.de-co.rum (in/di kar/am, - kar n. 1. indecorous aid or support, 6. rejecting others ' aid or support; refusperson or com- work? - inter). Indeed, it did or security against damage or loss. 2. compensation for ent inquiry. rain as hard os predicted. Did you indeed finish the damage or loss sustained. 3. something paid by way of vately owned business. 11. expressive of a spirit of in- 2. (used as an expression of surprise, inscarcely believe Indeed! I can credulity, irony, ...tc.): ME; orig. phrase in deed) (1300-50; it. such compensation, 4. protection , as by insurance , from indef-, indefinite, in- de. fat. i.ga. bie (1580- 90; of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; BLE) -in/de.fat/i.ga.bjlli.ty. n. incapable (in/di fat/i ga bal),adj. untiring. ~ L indefatigiibilis untiring, equiv. to in- INbilis , defatlgii(re) to tire out (see DE- FATIGUE) + liabilities or penalties incurred by one s actions. 5. Jegal independent citizen. 12. free from party commitments exemption from penalties attaching to unconstitutional in voting: the independent uoter. 13. Math. (of a quanor illegal actions, granted to public officers and other tity or function) not depending upon another for its capable of standing syntactically as a value, 14. Gram. " L indemindem(p)nite persons. (1425-75; late ME Cf. dependcomplete sentence: an independent clause. INwithout loss (innitas equiv, to indemni(s) loss; see ent (def. 4), main ' (def 4). 15. Logic. a. (of a Bet of (s. of damnum demn- comb. form of damnpropositions) having no one proposition deducible from is adj. suffix) + - tas DAMN) + mon/stra bal , in dem/annot demonstrable; incapable of being demonstrated ad). (1560-70; IN- ' + nEMoNsTRABLE) -in/de. or proved, n. -into ble.ness. de.mon/stra.bly, ado. dependence; self-confident; unconstrained: a free and in.de.fea.sj.ble (in/di -Syn. tireless, inexhaustible , persevering. fe/z. ban, ad). not defeasible; in/de.fat/i. ga.bly, in/de.fat/i.ga.ble.ness, in. de.mon.stra.ble (in/di the others. b. (of a proposition) belonging to such a set, 16. ado, (cap. ) pendent mon/stra.bllli.ty, in/de.mon/stra- independent of. irrespective of Statistics. Eccles. See statistically independent. 17. of or pertaining to the Independents. 18. of; regardless of: Indeit was promising monetary considerations CONCISE ETYMOLOCV KEVO ~ , descended or borrowed from; " whence; b. , blend or. blended; c. , cognate with; cf. , compare; deriv derivative; equiv. , equivalent; imiL., imitative; obI., oblique; r" re~~:l ::idn , ':rr~i ~~i:~~~~; r ~~;~L i;=~~n earlier than. See Lhe full key inside the front cover, i, r;:~b~bt n. Chem. a colorless, liquid hydrocarbon, C, H" obtained from coal tar by fractional distillaIND- + -ENE) (1885-90; tion: used in synthesizing resins. in.dent' (u. in dent/; n. in/dent, in dent/), t. 1. to form deep recesses in: The sea indents the coast. 2. to in.dene (in/den), position, -no 19. an independent person or thing. 20. a small , his or her own judgment and without regard to the en(cap. ) Eccles.an adherent of Independency. 23. Brit. votes for candidates, measures, etc. , in accordance with privately owned business: The conglomerates are 21. Politics. a person who buying up the independents. set in or back from the margin, as the first line of a par- dorsement of, or the positions taken by, any party. 22. A i Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW independent assortment Congregationalist.. (1605-15; IN- ' Document 116-20 971 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 5 of 5 Indian corn de.pend'ent. ly, ado. + nEPENnENT) - in/ Genetics. independ'ent assort'ment. independent assortment. (1945-50) See law of company con- in'depend'ent au'dit. an (distinguished from in'depend'ent axfiom. audit of a ducted by accountants from an outside accounting firm internal audit). American Indians. Abhr. Ind 3. a member of any of the CODtents. b. a preface or prologue. -v. !. 20. to provide with peoples native to or inhabiting India or the East Indies. an index, as a book, 21. to enter in an index, as s Dame or worm breezes indexing the 4. a citizen of the Republic of India. 5. Slang, a person topic, 22. to serve to indicate: who performs a required task or carries out the instrucapproach of spring, 23. to place (a book) on an official list as insisted on in- tions of superiors: We have too many chiefs and not The politically or morally harmful: commissar 6. Astron. the cansteUation Indus. enou/lh Indians. book. 24. to rotate (work) on a mHling macrune 7. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Amerin order to repeat the milling operation at a new position, -adj. ican Indians or their languages. 8. of, pertaining to, or 25. Ecan. to adjust (wages, taxes, etc.) automatically accord- duing the in a set of axLogic, Math. ioms, one that cannot' b~ proved by using the others in ing to changes in the cost- of- living level or another economic indicator, esp, to offset inflation. (1350-1400; ME '" L: ininformer, pointer, equlv, to characteristic of India or the East Indies. 9. made of In10. Zoogeog. oriental (def. 3), dian corn: Indian meal. PaJUstan and Sri Lanka. (1350-1400; '" ML ME Indien Indianus; in.de.pen. den.tis.ta independ'ent suspen'sion. an n" pl. tas (-tas), Spanish, (esp, in Latin America) a person who supports or works toward political independence, in. dex.a.tion (in/dek sa'shan), n. Econ. the autoesp. one supporting radical changes in an existing govmatic adjustment of wages, taxes, penaion benefits, inernment or frbm an existing system of government, terest rates, etc. , according to changes in the cost of livautomotive suspen(en/de pen/den teslta), the set. (190~5) dec- (comb. form of nom. sing. die- show , declare, INnICATE; akin to TEACH) + in/dex.er. n. In.dex'i. adj. endingl -in/dux.a.ble. in'dex. less , adj. in. dex'l.cal. ly, adu. cal cUlj. IN- belonging nr pertaining to a geogrsprucal 11. Phytogeog. division compriaing India south of the Himalayas, and Usage. Because Christopher Columbus mistakenly believed sion system in which each wheel is attached to the frame independently, so that a road bump affecting one wheel a variable in a ing or another economic indicator, esp. compensate for has no effect on the others. (1925-30) Math. in'depend'ent varfiable. in'dex card/ , in, (7. 6 X 12.7 cm), used in noting nr recording infonna- inflation. (INDEX + - ATION) a card, otten relatively small,as landed was the subcontinent of India, he called the inhabitants INDIANS. Eventually, that name was applied to almost all the indigenous, non- European inhabitants of North and South America, In modern times INnlAN may " OF '" ML' as above. See INDIA , -AN) that the Caribbean island on wruch he had 3X5 refer to an inhabitant of the subcontinent of India or of the East Indies, to a citizen of the Republic of India, or statistics of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (1965dependent variable. (1850-55) States and Canada; it now inc1udes the aboriginal peo70; so called because it provides an index of the general ples of South America as well, (When necessary, ' further adj. 1. extensive, thorough, or level of criminal activity) in- depth (in' depth'), 2. wellprofound: an in-depth analysis of the problem. dis inctio ga tbr'- contIndianns are made with such terms as North eAmeri(in'deks ik spur/ In. dex Ex.pur.ga.to.rl.us and South American Indian. Th terms balanced or fully developed, (196~5) e-as tor'- pI. 'n-dl.ces Ex.pur.ga.to.rl.1 (in'da sez/- Amerindian developed in the In.der.al (in'da rb)l ro)l), Pharm" Trademark, a list of attempt to and Amerind subsequentlysome , especially iksp6r/ ga tbr'e V, - tOr'- Rom. Cath, Ch. reduce ambiguity. For brand of propranolol. Index Librorum Prohibito- among North Amencan Indians, the preferred designabooks now included in the in.de.scrib.a. ble (in/di skri'ba bal),adj. not describ- rum forbidden to be read except from expurgated edi- tion is Native American. All these terms appear in edable; too extraordinary for description: a scene of inde(1785-95; scribable confusion; indescribable euphoria. INDESCRIBABLE) -in/de.scrib/a. billi. ty, In/de. bly. ado. n. functional relation whose value determines the value or in'dex crime' . Cf. values of other variables, as in the relation y = tian and usually med in an index. (1925-30) a crime included in the yearly crime a member of an aboriginal American people. Indian In the 18th century the term American came to be used for the aboriginal inhabitants of the United in'dex fin'ger. in'dex fosfsil. tions. ('" NL: lit. . expurgatory index) Geol. , PaZeontaZ. forefinger. (1840-50) -Syn. overwhelming, indefinable, unutterable, in.de.struct. j.ble (in/di struk'ta bal), adj. not deinstructible; that cannot be destroyed. (1665-75; '" LL scrib'a. ble.ness in/de.scrib'a. mirllng the age of related formations. Also called guide In.di.an.a (in/de fossil. (1895-1900) fossil , of narrow range in time. regarded as characteristic of a given geological formation , used esp. in deter- a widely distributed ited writing. Whether cne or several will gain ascendancy over the others remains to be seen, The only pre- European inhabitants of North America to whom INnIAN or other terms using the word INDIAN are not applied are the Eskimos or Inu.it. See Eskimo. an'a), n. 1. Robert (Robert Clarke), born 1928, U.s. painter of pop art. 2. a statein the central United States: a part of the Midwest. 5 490 179; in.de.ter.mi.na. ble (in/di tur'ma minabilis. ble-ness. -Syn. unbreakab)e, permanent, enduring. na bal), adj. '" LL See IN- , nESTRUCTIBLE) destrilctibilis. billi.ty, In/de.s1:ruct'l.ble.ness. n, bly. ad In/de-struct/i. in/de.struct'i. in'dex fund' . a fund, as a mutual fund or pension fund, with a portfolio that contains many of the securities listed in a major stock index in order to match the (1975-S0) performance of the stock market generally. . a service that indexes the con- 36, 291 IN (for use with zip code), Ind. sq. mi. (93 995 sq. km). Cap. Indianapolis. Abbr. determinable; incapable nf being ascertained, 2. incapa- L not ble of being decided or settled. . (148G-90; See IN- , nETERMINABLE) -in'de.ter'mi-na. indeter- in'dexing serv'ice Pennsylvania. 16 de- an'e an), adj. 051. - 3. a city in W central In/di.an'an. In.dl.an.i.an (in/ in. de.ter.mj.na.cy n. in/de.ter'mi.na- bly. ado. In. dex Li.bro.rum Pro.hib-i.to.rum indeterminate; indetermiCY) nation. (164G-50; INnETERMIN(ATE) indeter'minacy prin'ciple. tainty principle. (1925-30) Physics. tur'ma nit), adj. dition or quality of being (in/di tUr'ma na se), n. the con- See uncer1. not de- tents of a number of publications for use in printed or macrune- readable form. (INnEx + - ING (in'deks IIbrbr'am pro hib/i tOr'am bror'am pro rub/i tOr' - , Ie(in'da sezl pI. In-di-ces Li.bro'rum Pro.hlb.j.to-rum Ii bror'am pro rub/i tOr' am, -bror'am pro rub/i tOr'Ie- Rom. Cath. Ch. a list of books forbidden to be read except from expurgated editions or by special permis('" NL: index of pro rub- in.de.ter.mi.nate (in/di certain. 2. not clear; vague. 3. not established. 4. not a. (of a quantity) unMath. settled or decided. 5. defined , as OlD, b. (of an equa.tion) able to be satisfied by Bot, (of an more than one value for each unknown. 6. terminate; not precisely fixed in extent; indefinite; un- in. dex- link sion, cr. 'ndex Expurgatorjus. ited books) (in'deks lingk'), V.t. index (def. 25). (1965-70) Statistics. Chiefly Brit. Ecan. in'dex num/ber. a quantity whose varia- tion over a period of time measures the cha.nge in some inflorescence) having the axis or axes not ending in phenom.non. Also called index. in'dex of lead'ing in'dicators. (187G-75) Econ. the speed of light in a given medium as either the ratio nf the speed of light in a vacuum to that in the given medium (absolute index of refraction) or the ratio of Criminal Law. in'deter'minate sen'tence. the speed of light in a specified medium to that in the Symbol: penalty, imposed by a court, that has relatively wide given medium (relative index of refraction). limits or no limits, as one of imprisonment for one to ten Also Called index. refractive index. (1820-30) years. (1870-75) in'dex plate' , Mach. a plate perforated with row. of in. (je.ter.mi.na-tion (in/di tur/ma nijfshan), n, different numbers of equally spaced holes as a guide for the quality or condition of being indeterminate. 2. an indexing work. (1815-25) unsettled state, as of the mind. (161G-20; INDETEaMI- in'dex set/ Math, a set whose elements are used to -Syn. 2. ambiguous. flower or bud, thus allowing further elongation. -no Math. sometrung whose value is not specified: used esp. in ab.tract algebra; a variabJe. (135G-1400; indeterminatus. See IN- , nETERMINATE) -in/de-ter/ mi.nate' ly. a.du. in/de-ter/mi.nate.ness, ME '" LL indicators. See leading in'dex of refrac'tion. Optics. a number indicating In'dian'a balflot. a are listed in separate columns by party. party-column ballot. Cf. office-block ballot.. ballot on which the candidates Also called Massachusetts ballot. shore In'diana Dunes' Na'tional Lake'shore. a area in N Indiana, on Lake Michigan: established in 1966 for recreation and conservation purposes; comprising NATE + - ION) in. de.ter.min. ism (in/di rur'ma niz/am), n. Philos. etc. 1. the doctrine that human actions, though influenced somewhat by preexisting psychological and other conditions, are not entirely governed by them but retain a will is to some extent independent of the strength of motives , or may itself modify their strength in choice. (187G-75; IN- ' + DETERMINISM) -in/de.ter'minadj. indicate the order of the elements of a sequence , series, In'dian a'gency. headquarters of an Indian agent. (1815-25 Amer. 15) -In'dian In'dian a'gent, an shoreline. dunes, bogs, and forests. 14 sq. mi. (36 sq. \un). ernment in dealing with an Indian tribe or tribes. (1705- official representing the U,S. govTerminalia certain freedom and spontaneity, 2. the theory that the In'dian al'mond a/ gency. tappa having edible seeds, planted widely in the tropics . a Malayan tree co- in.dex (in'deks), -no , less detailed alphabetical listing of na.mes, places and topics along with the numbers of the pages . on wruch they are mentioned or discussed, usually included in or constituting the back matter. 2. a sequential arrange- v. 1. (in a nonfiction book, monograph, etc.) a more or SeZ/), in/de.ter/min-is'tic, a.dj. , pI. dex.es di.ces (-da ist, as a street tree. (1885-90) In.di.anoap.o.lis (in/de n. a city in and a nap' a lis), the capital of Indiana, in the centra! part. 700 807. Indianapolis 500. a 500- mile oval- track race for In'dian bal'sam. See Peru INDMN OCblN rear :engine cars having particular specifications, held annually in Indianapolis, Ind. balsam. (def. ment of material, esp. in alphabetical or numerical order. 3. sometrung used or serving to point out; a sign, token or indication: 0 tme index of his thing that directs attention to some fact, condition , etc. ; a In. di.a (in' de a), n. 1. Hindi , Bharat. a republic in S guiding principle. 5. a pointer or indicator in a scientific Asia: a union comprising 22 states and 9 union territories; formerly a British colony; gained independence instrument, 6. a piece of wood, metal, or the like, se,va. a value Aug. 15 , 1947; became a republic witrun the Commoning as a pointer or indicator, 7, Computers. that identifies and is used to locate a particular element wealth of Nations Jan. 26, 1950. 634,700 000; 1 246 880 ",ithin a data array or table, b. a reference table that sq. mi. (3 229 419 sq. \un),Cap, New Delru. 2. a subcontinent in S Asia , occupied by Bangla.desh, Bhutan, the contains the keys or references needed Lo address data items. 8. Also called fist. hand. Print. a sign in the Republic of India, Nepal , Pakistan , and Sikkim. ('" L '" finger, used to Gk Indio equiv. to Ind(6s) the Indus river (" OPers shape of a hand with extended index a -IA) sindhu) point out a particular note, paragraph, etc, 9. a light, Hindu lit., the river; c. Skt smooth cardboard stock. 10. the forefinger. 11. a character. 4. some- In'dian bean/ . catalpa. (1835-45 Amer. In'dian bi'son. the gaur, In'dian bread/ , 1. See corn bread. 2. tuckahoe 1). (1645-55 , Amer, In'dian bread' root. breadroot, (1850-55) In'dian club' . a metal or wooden club shaped arms, (1855-60) like a large bottle, swung singly or in pairs for exercising the number or formula expressing some property, ratio, etc. of something indicated: index of growth; index of intellilience. 12. Statistics. See index number. 13. In. di.a Indian club (in/de a), n. a word used in communications to represent the letter l. (1950-55) aJ::::===o Econ, In'dia chintz' , a See price index. 14. Algebra. a. an exponent. b. the integer in a radical iY defining the nradical having index three.c. a subscript "r cled cobra, See iIIus, under cobra. superscript iD- In'dia drug' get, drugget (dec. 1). dicating the position of an object in a series of similar objects In'dia ink' , (someti. es I.c. ) 1. a black pigment con- In'dian corn/ . 1. corn ' (def. 1). 2. any primitive corn m as the subscripts I , 2, and 3 in the series x"x" x" d. See sisting of lampblack mixed with glue or size. 2. a liquid winding number. 15. Horol. a leverlike regulator for a ink from this. Also called Chinese ink. (1655-65) CONCISE PRONUNCIATION KEY: act, cape, dare, part: set, equal; i~ ice; a. See Index Lihairspring, 16. (cap. ) Rom. Cath. Ch. oil bO up, urge; thin , 17. In. di.an (in/de on),n. L Also caUed American Indian ox,aover, order,'reo.,ure. ok aooota out; in alone child; siog; shoe;as io b. See Index Expurgator/us. brorum Prohibltorum. ~ as as io system i th t; zh as in (usually cap. aoy list of forbidden or otherwise restricted Amerind , Amerindian. Native American. a member of easily, 0 as in go/lop, " as incircus; . as in fire (fi' r), hour (ou r). material deemed morally or politically harmful by authori- the aboriginal people of America or of any of the aborig- I and n can serve as syllabic consonants, as io crodle (leradlli. and to Communism. inal North or South American stocks , usually exc1uding button (but/n), See the full key inside the froot cover. relating ties: an Index of disapproved book.. the Eskimos. 2. any of the indigenous languages of the 18. Optics. See index of refraction. 19. Obs, a. a table of th root: f, is 0 structed in a figured weave, used esp, in upholstery, Also called In/dia cot' ton. sturdy, heavyweight fabric con- In'dian co' bra, a rughly venomous cobra Naja naja common in India, having markings resembling a pair of spectac1es on the back of the hood, Also called specta-

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