Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc.

Filing 116

Declaration of Ravind S. Grewal in Support of 115 Google's Responsive Claim Construction Brief filed by Google Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1# 2 Exhibit 2# 3 Exhibit 3# 4 Exhibit 4# 5 Exhibit 5# 6 Exhibit 6# 7 Exhibit 7# 8 Exhibit 8# 9 Exhibit 9# 10 Exhibit 10# 11 Exhibit 11# 12 Exhibit 12# 13 Exhibit 13# 14 Exhibit 14# 15 Exhibit 15# 16 Exhibit 16# 17 Exhibit 17# 18 Exhibit 18# 19 Exhibit 19# 20 Exhibit 20# 21 Exhibit 21# 22 Exhibit 22# 23 Exhibit 23# 24 Exhibit 24# 25 Exhibit 25# 26 Exhibit 26# 27 Exhibit 27# 28 Exhibit 28# 29 Exhibit 29# 30 Exhibit 30)(Related document(s) 115 ) (Grewal, Ravind) (Filed on 1/30/2004)

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Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc. Doc. 116 Att. 29 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-30 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 1 of 5 EXHIBIT 29 Dockets.Justia.com .' ,- Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-30 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 2 of 5 .. 0 # WEBSTER' NEW WORLDTM COLLEGE DICTIONARY THIRD EDITION Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-30 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 3 of 5 Dedicated to David B. Guralnik lexicographical mentor and friend Webster s New WorldTM College Dictionary, Third Edition Copyr.ight (91997 1996 1994 1991 1988 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. This edition is a major revision of Webster s New World Dictionary(fj;), Second College Edition, copyright (9 1986 , 1984 , 1982 , 1980 , 1979 1978, 1976, 1974 , 1972, 1970 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. 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Manufactured in the United States of America 3 45 6 7 8 9 10 97 98 99 00 01 02 a C Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW ac,cor.diiOn (a k6r'de an) n. l (prob, " It see ACCORD) . ion ,ordion Document 116-30 0( Filed 01/30/2004 see fe Page 4 of 5 -adj. akkord harmony accrescere: accordare to be in t as in ORCf' accordion / accustomed to gTOW by being added to 2 to grO\\' "'" cause to adhere or unite (to) accretLo occrescere, TRJON J a musical ins1.rument \\ bellows: it 10 keys. metal reeds, and played by alternately pulling out and grown together ae-cre.tion (a kre' shan) n, I L together; adhere - Bot having folds . or folding. lows of an accordion reeds. which are opened by fingering the keys -adj. air through the like the bel. pressing together the bellows to force ad. rrescere. to ... to grow: see addition or accumulatian 2 a CRESCENT' t gTOwth in size. esp. by growing together of part.s normally accretion Law to Increase" separate 3 accumulated matter (the of earth on the (accordion vt. ac. cost pleats) -8c'cor'di'on.is! n. (0 k6st' kiist' speak to; greet 0( It accostare, to bring side 0( L ad. to . accostare costa rib, side ~ 1 to approach and accoster by side 0( VL I Fr the addition of soil to from such growth or accumulation 6 adj, l8I1d by gTadual. natural deposits -ac'cre tive (-kret'iv) of accruing 2 the Bc.crulal (a kr60' al) n. 1 the act or proceas shore) 4 a part added separately; addition 5 a whole resulting ac.crue (a krOO' vi. amount that accrues Also Bc.crue ment -crued' , -cru ing ~ ME of acroistre. increase" L accrescere: ACCORDION greeted, esp, in an intrusive way 2 ~o solicit far sexual purpases: first, befare being acreu 1 to come as a natural growth, advantage, or right (to) 2 to be ad ed periodically acreuen 0( OFr see ACCRETION ac.couche.ment (a kOi:lsh'm.mt; accoucher put to bed , col1ocare: to . said of a prostitute , etc, as an increase: said esp, of interest on money - vt to accumulate Fr give birth 0( OFr 8 koosh man ) n. I Fr " acotiCher lie down 0( Lad. acct 1 account periodically as 8I1 increase (savings accounts accrue interest) form, " *Bc-cul. tur'ate (a kul' char iIt' -ATION J Sociolagy see COUCH J confinement for Bc.cou.cheur (a koo shllr') n. I Fr: specially trained person who attends childbirth cases; male midwife or obste~rician ac.cou.cheuse (a koo shllz ) n. I Fr, fern, of prec, I a midwife or female obstetrician ac.count (a koont' vt. I ME acounten " OFr aconter " a. , to + see COMPUTE ~ to consider " L computare; conter to tell 0(compter or judge to be; deem; value vi. 1 to furnish a reckoning (to someone) af money received and ,paid out 2 to make satisfactory see prec. ~ childbirth giving birth to a child; *Bc.cul. turja. tion UloTUR(E) .. ii' shon) n. ! AC, 1 the process of conditioning a child to the patterns or customs of a culture 2 the process of becoming adapted (" kul' char vi. , vt.-at')ed . -at'ing l back . fol. J to undergo , or alter by, acculturation 2 accountant to a new or different cul~ure with more or less advanced patterns 3 turjl!,ive for his crime) 3 to give satisfactory (jar) amends (he wiU account reasons or an explanation (for) (can he account to be the cause, agent, or source of: with for 5 to do away with ' -no 1a for five of the enemy) by killing: with for (he cu;counted counting-. calculation 2 (often pl.J a record of the financial data , expenae item pertainir\g to a specific asset for his actions?) 4 , liability. income item transactions relating to a specifIC person . property, business, etc, client, esp. on a regular . or ne~-worth item 3 BANK ACCOUNT" a) a record of the financial b) CHARGE ACCOUNT c) business or firm that is a customer or credit ba~is (one of our best accolLll.ts) worth; importance fa thing of small cu;count) demand an explareport; descrip1.ion; story - 6 an explanation 7 a call to account 1 to on a charge account; on from accumulation; cumulative 2 tending to accumulate 3 acquisitive -8c.cu mu. la,iveily adv. yo. ) n. 1 a person or thing ac,cu' mu. la.tor (" kyOi:lm yoo lat' b) Bot. lying &gainst od- to ... cubare to recline J 1 lying down 2 some other part: said esp, of certain cotyledons -ac.cum'bentcy n. yoo liit' ya- ) vt. vi. Iat')ed, - Iaring l" L ac.cu.mu- Iate (. kyoom 00( ad- to .. clLfnulare. to heap: see of accumulare accumulatlLS CUMUloUS I to pile up. collect . or gath~r together , esp, over a period of time - lIc.cu mu. Ie,ble (. la bel) adj. ac-cu.mu. la.tion (" ky60m ylRl la' shan )'i!- ) n. 1 ao accumulating or being accumulated; collection 2 accumulated or collected material; heap 3 the addition to capital of interest or profits 1 at iv; . adj. 1 resulting ac-cu.mu. la. tive (a kyoom y60 tat' ac.cum. bent the mutual inOuence of different culturea in close contact -8c.cul' adj. (a kum'bant) adj. (L accwnben..s , pcp. of accumbere nation of 2 La reprimand -give acquit oneself creditably the installment plan 2 as 8 good 8ccount of oneself to -on account 1 that accumulates 2 a) an apparatus that collects and stores energy (Brit. ) STORAGE BATTERY 3 a type of shock absorber 4 s device partial payment -on someone turn to account to get uae or profit from Bc.count.alble (" koont' a bol) adj. 1 obliged to account for one acts; responsible 2 capable of being accounted take account of 1 to take into consideration; allow for 2 to take notice of; note -take into account to take into consideration account for someone s sake -on account of 1 because of 2 for (someone s) sake -on no account not' under any circumstances or circuit unit performing one or more of the operations of atorage, arithmetic, and logic , as in a computer , cash register, etc. ac-cu.ralcy (ak'yoor 0 se, -yor- ) n. the quality or state of being accurate or exact: precision; exactness Bc-cu'rate (ak'yoor it yar. adj. I L accuratlLS , pp, of accurare ad. , to + curare to take care" cura care: see CURE! 1 careful and exact 2 free from mistakes or a standard (an accurate thermometer) cu.rate.ness n. ratei!y adv. lrurst' adj. pronounce - for, explainab1e SYN. RESPONSIBLE -ac'counf'apil'ifty (- bi!' " t.e) or IIc.count'ajble' ness n- -ac.count'albly adv. ac.count.anjcy (a koont" n s!) n. the keeping Or inspecting of commercial accounts; work of errors; precise 3 adhering cloaely to SYN. CORRECT -ac cu' ME acurse~, pp. of ntens. + ac.cur$d (" kllr'sid ocurs.en curSLen: an accountant account book a book in which business accounts are set down account current a record of business transactions that ahows ac.count.ant (a koont nt) n. a person whose work is to inspect, keep, or adjust accounts: see CERTIFIED PUBUC ACCOUNTANT see CURSE J 1 under a curse; Ill- fated 2 deserving to be cursed; damnable; abominable Also ac.curst (a bust' ) -ac.curs edllY adv. curse upon , exco~mumcate " ac-cusjal (" kyoo' zal) ac.curs ed.ness n. n. brokerage , etc. who handJes the accounts of. and maintains direct contact with , one or more established clients and seeks new clients ac.count- ing (a kount' il)) n. 1 the principles or practice of systematically recording, presenting, and interpreting financial accounts 2 a statement of debits and credits 3 a settling or balancing of account payable account executive an executive statement total amount of money owed as of the date of the aummarizing in 8I1 advertising agency, stock. the ac. cu.sa.tion (ak' voo zA' sh"n ac-cu' sa.ti. val accused 2 the cri;"e or wrong of which a person is accused (0 kyoo' :r.a ti' val) adj. of the accusative case : (a kyOi:l'r.ativ) lJdj. I ME acwatif "L ACCUSATION . or being yo- ) n. 1 an accusIng acclLSalwus ac-cu,sa. tive accusare ACCUSE: L mistransl. (by PRISCIAN) of Gr accounts pI. ca:,sative: the goal or end . lenD co ~ectJy rendered deslL/latof an action W8.'l arig.considered to be Its cause ~ 1 Gram, ing, of. or in the case o~ th~ direct object .of a finite verb: also sometimeS used of the objectIve case In Enghsh 2 accusatory causativw grammatical point accounts payable the amount owed by lJdv. 1 the accusative case 2 a word in this case - ac-cu sa, tiv~y acclLSatoriw: see to.rilal (" kyoo' :r.a tOr'! 01) adj. ae. -no cu.sa. business to a creditor , usually for goods or services account receivable pi. accounts receivable the amount owed to a ACCUSE J of, ac,cou' ple.ment (. kup business by a debtor, usually for goods or services al mant) n. i Fr " accoupLer, to couple up 00( OFr acoupLer 0( L ad- to + copulare, to CUUPloE J 00( ML accopulare Archil. Carpenthe placing of calumns in pairs close together 2 ac.eou. ter consuere to' sew 0( can. esp, for military service BC' Cou.ter.ment clothes; dress try a brace or tie of timber Dr ac,cou. tre (" kffiit or) vt -tered or -Ired (-ard!. -ter' ing or - tring (" koot' ar iI), . koo' tril)) lFr accoutrer earlier accous. trer, " VL prob. 0( consutura seam , sewing" to ... OFr costure I a) personal outfit; Ac.cra (a kra ) capital of Ghana: seaport on the Gulf of Guinea: pop. 1 an accoutering or being accoutered 2 b) a soldier (pI, 954 a~'eredjit (. kred' it) , to ... CREDIT J 1 ize; give credentials to fan leges may be accredited credit (an action ,,",credited tion (-a ta' sh"n) n. 000 together + vt. ! Fr suere, SEW) to outfit,; equip, c.cu.sa. tojry (" kyoo'zo tion; accusing 0( OFr aC'CUBe (0 kyooz vt. ac.cused' , 8c.cus ing I ME acusen aCClLSare to call to account" ad. to + causa CAU SE I 1 acuser" to find at fault; blame 2 to bring formaJ charges against (of doing the accused the person or Law wrong breaking the law , etc. perso ~s fonnally charged with commission of 8 crime - ac. cus')er adv. n. - 8c.cus'inglly SYN. -8ccuse means W find fault for offenses of varying gravity (w accuse someone of murder. carelessness . eLe.); w charge is to make an adj. t.6r'e) or in the manner of, ~ accuser (L making or contaIning 8I1 accusa. or ac. eou.tre. ment (" koot'ar mant, -koo' tra- ) n. s equipment except clothes and weapons cu;crediter accredited her with jayof a legal or formaJ nature (!.he policecluJrged accuBation find a walking!; indict describes the actIOn of a grand Jury and means be brought tnaJ; amllgn case against a person and order the person call means person before 8 court to be Informed of pending charges: impeach means to charge a public official wi~h miaconducl in office. but in nonlegaJ usage means to challenge a persons motIves , eLe. to give credit or credit to. bring into credit or favor 2 to author- authority" ac.cus.tom (a kus a. to. costume: tam) vt. i ME ,,",ClLGto~n" OFr acostumer see CUSTOM! to make tamd) ad/. familiar by custom , habit, or up. in; take as true 4 to certify 85 meeting certain set standards fcolto him) SYN. representative) 3 to believe ae. cus. tomed (0 kus ~; habituate (to) 1 customary; usual; charactenatlc by regional associations) 5 to attribute; AUTHORIZE - ac.cred')i. -cret'ing at He car' in etymolagies: ten eve; is, ice; go , horn , look , tool; oil ou~; os 8 in ago. u in the; fu~ a (1at" n): cl1in; she; zh a.s in azure (azh' "r); , Ilan ~ io, ';"'tre.s ed vowels focus; , os in Latin I) os Ln nng (';1)) aC' crete (. kret' vi. -cret1ed , !" L accretus , pp, of '" = Americanism . = unattested: " ~ de:,v..d from; ) = from which See IOSIc:k! front and back coven a Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW decurion vt. Document 116-30 360 , an officer Filed 01/30/2004 in time or sp Page 5 of 5 breath) 4 far off defama\ pled piing to by ten company of ten men" de.cu'rijon (de kyoor'e an) n. make te, ~s as much or as many: multiply dewria, " L decurio dewrwun ! ME decem TEN I Rom, His Lory in the outfieldf fdeep I localed far down or back eight feet dee~ fa rkep b) coming fro' .:oing far down or back past) 5 hard to understanct abstruse ;,e deep trouble! 7 bookf ~ ~ tremely g rave or serious (In deep deep discus. lovef 8 Inlellectually profound fa deep strongly felt fdeep dealingsf b) carefully sly; de\';ous fdeep sionf 9 a) lricky and having charge of ten men 2 a member of a municipal or colonial senate de" adj. prp. of decurrere ff L decurrens, de.cur.rent (df kttr'ant) extending down along to run: set' CURRENT ~ Bat currere, down... , the stem, as the base of some leaves 10 dark and rich fa deep red! " sunk fa deep secretf guarded degree; fdeep or absorbed by: with in sleep) '3 much b) hea\'Y and unbroken 120 deep joy) intense fdeep pitcl1 or range fa deep voice) '5 in debt) '4 of low involved fdeep deop ~ ME dep ~ OE I,a cut..- in the budgetf -n, big'fdeep large; in thoughtf 12 a) great in "L de.curved (de k\lrvd' IIdj, I transL of LL decLLruatus CLLruatu.s pp, of curuare to CURVE j Zool. curved or bent downward , u.sLLaUy di kus it) vt. , vi, de,eus'sate (de kus lit' , dek' a sat':lor ad). -sst')ed , -sating I 0( L decussatUs pp, of decu.s- de. DE. + deep place or any of the deepest parts, as in water or earth 2 the decu.ssis, sore, to . cross in the form of an X " cU?cem, TEN J to cross or cut the figure ten (X) " , forming -adj, so as to form an X: intersect extent of encompassing space or time, of the unknown, etc, 3 the middJe part; part that is darkest , most silent, etc. (in the deep nightf 4 NaLLe any of the unmarked fathom points between those deoP'! ! ME depe " 0& -adv. i m a deep way marked on a lead line or to a deep exlent; far down, lar in , SYN. far back, etc, fto dig deepf an X; decussated 2 Bot arranged in pairs f;Towing at right angles to those above below: said of leaves or branches - de' cus salellY and angry or excited - in trouble or difficulty - the deep IOld Poet. BROAD - go sdv, oN the deep end' lCoUoq. j to plunge rashly into an enterprise 2 to become deep water in de.cus.sa. tion sdv. deep-chestjed (- ches chest fa deep-chested deep1ly deep ness n, 1.id) 1 the sea or ocean - (de'ka sa' shan. dek' ) n. fi L DECUSSATE decLL$satio D , a decussating or being decus. AnaL, sated 2 an intersection forming an X 3 "'deep- dish pie (-dish' ) a pie , usually of fruit, baked izI a deep dish LEAVES Of COLEUS + adj, roar) having, or co-rning as from , a thick a crossing of bands of nerve fibers in the brain deep- dyed (-did' unmitigated fa deepjen (d~' pan) and having only a top crust sdj. , stained throughout 2 tooroughgoing: or spinal cord , pI. de.dans de. dans (da dan Fr. dan dan ) t Fr , lit, the interior" OFr dam from within" dedenz intus within 0( IE de. from. LL enLos, deintu.s within" base en. de' from L IN D CoLLr! Tennis' deep- dyed villainf vt- , vi.to make or become deep or deeper ",Deep. freeze ,(dep frez ) !" DE:EP + F'RE:EZE i trademark for a deep no (d-) , , a deep freezer 2 stornr:e. in or as in a deep freezer gallery for spectators in the end wall of a court 2 the spectatCl"S " L dedicaLu.s, ded~'eate (ded' i kit:lor u" -kat' adj, (ME dedical de- intens. + du:are, pp. of dedicare to consecrate, declare" vt, dicere to say. see DICTION I (Archaic) dedicated proclaim" " the adj. i , to set apart for -cat1ed , -caring ME dedicaLen worship of a deity or devote tC a sacred purpose, 2 to set apart seriously for a special purpose; devote to some work duty, etc. fshe 3 to address or inscribe (a her life to serving the poorf dedicated book, artistic performance, etc, ) to someone or something as a sigT1 of honor or affection '0-4 to open formally (a public building,afairr to SYN. DEVOTE - ded"'c etc. ) 5 Law to devote to public use a match in court tennis free2.er 3 a conditIOn of suspended activity, dealinl;s, etc. -'-vt froze Iro' zen freez ing (d-) 1 to subject (food:s) to sudden freezing so. as to preserve and store 2 to slQre in a deep free7.er storing food quick- fre n *deep freezer any freezerIrforing to fry ezia g andpan of,boiling fat in deep deep- fry (-fri' ) vt. -fried' y deep- laid (.iad' laid or oil adj. carefully worked out and kept secret adj. fdeep. plans) deep-rootjed (.root' , ,root' id) fixed: hard to remove fdeep.rooted , having deep roo1.s 2 firmly deep scattering layer any of the stratified zones in , the ocean which rdlect sound during echo sounding. usually composed of (c, marine organisms which migrate vertically from c, 250 to 800 m adj. in or of the deeper parts of the sea adj. bias) dedli.catjed (ded' i kat'ad) faithful 2 Comput. desigT1ating a piece of equipment , a program vt. pp, of DEDICATE adj. , devoted or deep-sea (.sf' 820 to 2, 625 ft, etc, that is deliberately restricted to a particular useL or task dedicatio " dedji.ca. tion (ded' , ka' shan) n. I ME dedicacioLLn , as in a tive (-kat' deep-sealjecj (.set' id) adj. surface 2 DEEP- ROOTED (sense 2) fishing) blow . fdeep-sea 1 placed or originating fa:r beneath the book. dedicating or being dedicated 2 an inscription dedicatin~ it to a' person, cause, etc. 3 wholehearted devotion dedli.ca. tojry (ded'i ka tore) adj. of or as a dedication Also ded'ji- de. dif. fer.en, ti.a. tion ka tiv) (de dif'ar en she a' shan) ~ a revl"rsal of cell deep-set (-set' deep-six (-siks ) n. I from the custom of burial at sea in at least six fathoms I (Slang) , orig., burial at sea 2 a discardinr: or disposing vt. (Slangl to get rid of , as by throwing overboard of something *deep South I.hat area of the U. S, regarded as most typically , deeply set 2 firmly fixed development , esp, in plants , so that the differentiation that had occurred previously is lost and the cell becomes more generalized in structu re deducen du de, duce (de doos dy60s , di- ) vt -duced' de. e djng...! ME ducere own to lead down , bring away" " L deducere. lead: see DUCT I , to trace the course or derivation of 2 to infer by Southern. and conservative, especially the southernmost parts Ga" Ala. , Miss. , and La, deep 'space OUTER SPACE of *deep structure in transformational grammar , the abstract syn- logical reasoning: reason out or conclude from known facts or gen. SYN. INf'ER - de' duc ijble adj. eral principles tactic pattern underlying the construction in the surface structure of a sentence dear wild animal. der " OE pI. deer or deers 1 ME deer (did n.. tier ON dyr " IE base dhewes dheu:.s. to stir up, akin to Ger moose , and reindeer. esp. . the smaller species, as 1.r.e whi1.e. tailed deer and mule deer: in most species , usuaUy only tbe males grow and shed bony antlers annuaIJy 2 lObs. ) any animal; beast breathe () DUSK. DO2.E, fURY): for sense development , ineluding MAL J , any of a family (Cervidae) of rumin3nts de, duct deducere: (de dukt , di. ) vt i ME dedLLcten "L deductus. pp, of cf. ANI. the elk see prec.l to take away or subtract (a quantity! fdeductible de.duct. ilble (-a bal) adj. as a deduction in computing income tax , that can be deducted 2 that is allowed expensesf , a clause in an insurance policy stating that the insurer stipulated that portion of a loss , damage , etc. remaining after a will pay ",deer. fly amount. to be paid by the insured party, is deducted 2 the amount stipulated - de. duet' ijbil'iJty n. ous flies , Ilies ' , pI. (dir'Oi' esp, any of a genus any of certain ' bloods\!lcking. dipter(Chrysops) of th", same family de. due.tion (de duk' shan , di. ) n. iMEdeduccioun ~ L a deducting or being deducted; subtraction 2 a deducted or allowed to be deducted 3 Logic deducLio sum or amount I, (Tabanidae) as horseflies deer. hound (- hound' ) n. SCOTTISH Dj,;~RHOUND the act or process of deducing; reasoning from the general to the specific , or from premalso, a conclusion reached by such reasoning: distinguished from INDUCTION - de, duc tive adj. de' duc ti\lejJy adv. Dee (de) 1 river in NE Scotland , flowing east into the North Sea: 90 mi, (145 km) 2 river in N Wales and W England , flowing northeast ises to a logically valid conclusion: *deer mouse a mostly North American , white. footed mouse (genus PeromyscLLS) deer, skin (dir'skin ) n, , the hide of a deer 2 leathe'r or a g3rment made from this -adj. deer.stalk1er (. st6k' ar) deed (dedJ n, ~ ME ON into the Irish Sea: 70 mi, (113 km) de de " OE made of deerskin n, , a hun1.er who stalks dee..- 2 a hunter's cap with a visor in front and in back ",de-eslca/lale (de es ka lat' vi. , vt. -patted. -pat'Jing to reverse the effect of escalation on (something); reduce or lessen in scope , mag. nitude , ftc, - de-es'jealla')\ion n. ded. dil!d akin to Ger Lat OOu dede, del 1 defendant 2 defense 3 defensive 4 deferred 5 defined 6 feat of courage, skil1 , etc. 3 action: actual performance (honest in , when delivLaw a document under seal which deed) word and dath Goth deds: for IE base see DO' I , a thing done: act 2 a de. face desfatier, definition (de fas , di- see DE- & F'ACE J 1 to spoil the ered , transfers a present interest in property - vt. to transfer mar 2 to make " OFr cLefacen appearanoe of; disfIgure; iIJegible by injuring the surface of - de, face ment vI. faced' fac ing i ME "'dee. (property) by such a document - in jay (de' ja' ) n. OE deman to judge , decree" deem (dem) vt. , vi, ME demon" base of dom DOOM' ' to think , believe, ,or judge vI. -!sized' , -Isiz')ing to remove de-emlphalsize (de em fa siz de- deed in fact: reaUy I D(lSC) , (OCKEY) I (Colloq, ) DISC JOCKEY n. - de, fac'\er n. de. lacjto de facto catus, (de fak' to, da. , da. ) t L ~ existing or being such in actual fact though n0t by legal esLBblishment , official reco"ition, etc- government): cf. DE JURE fol' , di. de, la!.cate (de fal' kat' pp. of dejalcare, vi. -cat1ed , emphasis from; lessen em')phBlsis (.sisl n. adj. i ME IE base dep the importance or prominence of deop, akin lQ Ger tiej, Goth diups to cut off: see nE. & F'ALCATE f6ln, ) n. ~ ML defalcatio: misuse funds entrusted tC one s care: embezzle - de' ! ME defamarioun" dcjal-caring ~" ML I to steal or tor n. fal' see prec. ~ 1 OFr deep (dep) " OE de, lal.ca, tion ciun " LL (de'fal ka' shan ward from the top or top edges, inward from the surface , or back. ward from the front dheLLb- deep. hollow) DIP , DUMP' I 1 extending far down- embezzlement 2 the amount embezzled (defa ma' sh;m) difjamotin defla,ma, tion difama- drawerf lake, a deep fa deep cut, a deep extending down , inward, etc. a specified length or distance fwater slander , or libel I a defaming or bemg de fa ,"",d; detraction,

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