Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc.

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Declaration of Ravind S. Grewal in Support of 115 Google's Responsive Claim Construction Brief filed by Google Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1# 2 Exhibit 2# 3 Exhibit 3# 4 Exhibit 4# 5 Exhibit 5# 6 Exhibit 6# 7 Exhibit 7# 8 Exhibit 8# 9 Exhibit 9# 10 Exhibit 10# 11 Exhibit 11# 12 Exhibit 12# 13 Exhibit 13# 14 Exhibit 14# 15 Exhibit 15# 16 Exhibit 16# 17 Exhibit 17# 18 Exhibit 18# 19 Exhibit 19# 20 Exhibit 20# 21 Exhibit 21# 22 Exhibit 22# 23 Exhibit 23# 24 Exhibit 24# 25 Exhibit 25# 26 Exhibit 26# 27 Exhibit 27# 28 Exhibit 28# 29 Exhibit 29# 30 Exhibit 30)(Related document(s) 115 ) (Grewal, Ravind) (Filed on 1/30/2004)

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Manufactured in the United States of America 3 4567 8 9 10 979899 00 01 02 S L O Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-10 Filed 01/30/2004 a/mor vif' name 2 esp. insec1.5 -am'ni' o~c (- iit' membrane of certain in,ortebr ik) or am ni' on1ic (- ik) IIdj. amn t (ant. am .nt) (Colloq. comr. of am not: see AIN amjo. bar. bi.tal (am O barb. wI'. - tal" ) n. (AM(n.)O- + BARBITAL J a colorless crystalline compound. CII amniotic / am ~hroic ! L ~ 10\ iU'~os (8, Bible ;n.ni/B (a' ooor' vin chit om n~ ii' Page 4 of 6 Am. vin sitb) vil)k' itthe book everything amos. lit.. borne (by God?) J , to ascend.:: OFr a masculine .ebrew prophet of the 8th cent. B. C. vi. (ME ad). containing his prophecies: abbrev . alrnount (a moont arrw"t. rrwn..5. $4. 50J reply fair amounten to + mont O,. used as a sedative and upward" a. (L hypnotic + -a. + amjo. dij8. quin (-dl' a kwin ) n. ! am(in)o-di(hydrochJoride) form quin(olin)e I a compound, C, oH., CIN, O, whose hydrochloride i:wen' !twin is used in treating malaria Also am'lo. di'ja' quine amoib~. , pl. bas or -bIle (-be) (ModL "Gr almoe.ba (. m~'ba) change" MOUNTAIN I 1 La add 2 to be equal in rneaning. amou"ts to a refusalJ -no up; equal in total (the: bill amou"U to 1 the sum of tw.o or more quan- " L mo~m , ace. sing. 01 amanter value, or effed /her failure to tities: total 2 the whole amount ism belonging to any of several families of rhi~opods that move and genus moeba) (Amoeba) found in soil or water or a parasitic genus ameilH?in, to change J 1 a one-celled, microscopic organ- almour (8 of resistance) nmoor' . Ii. meaning, value. or effect J a quantity (a SYN. SUM f~ using pseudopodia and reproduce by l\36ion; ""'p. , any of a (Enl.lJfound in higher animals and humans 2 something indefi- esp. of an illicit or secret nature n. (Fr I self-eslee,., (a moor pr6' a/mour-prO/pre Ajmoy (a moi' old name of XIAMEN Sfwrt for: 1 AMPERE "'amp (amp) n. a(denosine) m(onlJ)p(hosphate) AMP n lF'r " Prov amor" L, lo"e I a love affair. 2 AMPl.IF1ER like an amoeba See usage note at AMEBA - ajrnoe bic (.bik), ajmoe boict' (-boi:c:l' ). or ~oe ban (- ban) IIdj. amjoe. baejan or arnjoe. be\an (am ; be'.n) IIdj. (" L amoebaeum see "amoibe: (carmen) " Gr (a.sma) amoibawn responsive (song) prec. ! answering or responding to each other , as successive stro. nite in shape or perpetually changing, living cells: also a major regulator of a cell' s biochemical activity amp abbrev. P, present in . and vital to the energy processes 01, aU 1 amperage 2 ampere(s) ampelos, (A1lf1pelops;.,) J a cryst.aOlline nucleotide. vine am. pe' lop.sis (am p. lap' sis) n. (ModL " Gr PSIS J a climbing vine or shrub of a genus in the amjoe. bija.sis (am i bl' . amoebic dysentery phes of a verse dialogue AMEBIASIS sis) n.all. sp. of AMEBIC DYSENTI:RV all. sp, of all. sp. of ajrnoe. bo.cyte almok (a mule' . AMEB~ (. m~'bO sit' ) n. (" AMOEBA + -cvTE -miik') n. (" Malay grape family, widely grown as ornamentals am. per.age (am par ij, am pir'- ) n. the strength 06 an electric cur. rent , mell5ured in amperes am. pere (am ' pi 1") n. (after fol. J the standard unit oor measuring the strength of an electric current: rate of flow of charee in a conductor Old Javanese I great emotional goes about killing indiscrirninately - run (or go) amok 1 to rush about in a frenzy to kill 2 to lose control of oneself and behave outrageously or violently J to become wild or undisciplined amuk attacking furiously. ult. " in Indonesia and the Philippines, a condibon of control and disturbance under which a person 10585 or conducting medium of one coulomb per second Am. pere (an per). An. dre Ma. rie (an dra ma ~ 1775. 1836; Fr. ampere- hour "'almo. le (a mo' lll) n. (MexSp " .Nahuatl a:rrwUi liL , soap-root) , the root of any of various planta of the SW U. S. and Mexico. used as a substitute for soap 2 any of these planl.5, esp. the soap plant ? akin to ymn to hide) Egypt. ymn AmUn; Ajrnon (a' m.n) (Egypt Myth. orig-, a local god of fertility and life in Egyptian Thebes: later associated with Re a8 the chief deity of Egypt (AMON- RE): identi- (am pir our') n. a standard unit fou measuring the quantity of electricity. equal to the flow of a curremt of one ampere for one hour. or La an elapsed current dr&in of 3, 600 coulombs ampere turn the amount of magI\etornotive for= produced by an electric current of one amvere physicist & mathematician , am. per.sand (am~r sa.nd' ) n. (~ and pa se and.. lit. (the sign) & by itself (is) and J a sign (& or &). meaning and: it represents the et (and) Latin word "'am' phet'almine (am fel'. m~n beta- )ph(enyl. )et(hyl.)amine , .min) n. If.a(lpha- )m(ethylJ a colorless , volatile Iiquid, flowing around one Ilurn of a wire coil A~un (-man) almong (a mul) fied by the Greeks (and Romans) with Zeus (ME" OE (and Jupiter) Also the company of; businessmen) 5 thousands) 6 with a portion for each of fthe estate was divided among on gemong, prep. gemengan MINGl..E) , in a mingling, crowd" " on . in + gemang, amon.g surrounded by; included with (you are the crowd) J in friends) 2 frorn place to place in (he passed arrwng among womenJ the number or class of (Iairest 81! cornpared wi:t.h fone among of (popular amon.g in the company (00 used in its sulfate or phosphate forrn 85 a drug to. treat narcolepsy and sorne forms of Parkinson s disease . and to lessen the appetite in dieting: these dangerous habit- forming stimulants; are available by prescription only and are popular with chemicali abusers in both amlphi~ (am Ii, -fe, - f.) 2 around qr (amphisty8.ar) 1 on both sides or on both ends form (amphibiousJ about J of both kinds thro.sis (am re iir u,ro' a forU1 a joint: see ARTHIOIO- i Anal. arthron, a jointing" 4 by or with many legal and illegal forrns amphi ("' Gr around: see "-MBI- combining the relativesJ 7 with one another (don t quarrel of among aJmongst (. rnul)st' of AMONG yourselves) 8 a) by the concerted action sion of prep. (Egypt b) in the joint posses. (prec. + adv, gen. .s + unhistoric - t J oar. UD J the sis) n. ! ModL " prec. + Gr amjphi.ar. arthrosis ca.rtilage connects the bones and allows only of jointing in which slight motion am!phi.as.ter (am fe as tar) n. I AMPHI. ... -ASTI:R" ) in mitosis . the phase , or first stage am' phib. ilan (am fib' e neut. pl. of amphibios: Almon- Ae (ii' rnan ra' ) Spain + ymn-r Amun. long spindle with asters at either end that forms during the pro. ancient Egyptian sun god Also A'jmon- ' (-rii' almon.tiHajdo (a miin ta -ATE' ) ado, adj. (11 mor.l) Iii'do) n. (" Sp. alter Montilla lOwn in ...) n. (" ModL Amphibim. " Gr 1 not to be judged by criteria of morality; almor.al neither moral nor immoral 2 without mora! sense or prir.ciples; (a' ma Tal'. a pale, relatively dry sherry see AMPHIBIOUS J 1 .any of a da" amphibia. (Amphibia) of coldblooded., scaleless vertebrates. consisting frogs. toads. newts. salAmanders , and caecilians, tlhat usually begin arnphibious animal or plant J any incapable of distinguishing between right and wron!: -ajma-ral.qry life in the water as tadpoles with gills and later dewelop lungs 2!U1Y that can travel on either land or water -adj. amiD.ret!to (am . ret o) 11.., pI. -ret1ti (-ret' e) ! It, dim- of amare " L amor . love J an infant cupid., as in Italian art of the 16th cent. amjo.rist (am . rist) n. (L arrwr love + -1ST J a pecs.on much occupied with love and lovernaking te) n. -ajmor'a'y lJdv. aircraft that can take off from and come down on either land or water 4 a tank;; or other vehicle 1 ,of amphibians 2 (see fol.) + -IC J amlphi' bi'o~ic (am fi bi iit' ik) Zool. AMPHIBIOUS lIdj. ( " Gr amphibia.. AmiD. rite (am a TIt' ) n. (Heb emori ~ a member of an sncient Semitic : in the Bible. regarded as that lives in water in one stage of developtnell1t and on land in people of c. 2000 B. descended from Canaan . son of Ham: Gen. 10:16 amjo.rous (am loving" L amoros~ " LL (ME" OFr amoure~ a res) ad). amore to love I 1 full of love or fond of amor love" making love 2 in love; enamored or fond (of) J full of or showing words! 4 of sexuallO7Ve or lovemaklove or sexual desire famoro~ ing -am"rcHou~y a/mor pa.trijae am')o.rous.ness nadv. (a' mol" pa' tre a' tre ) i L jlove OF one adj. iModL amorph~ " Gr s country; patriotism almor. phous (a , without + another am. phibji.ous (arn fib' e as) adj,.-f Gr amphibios liiving a double life amphi- AMPHI. + bios life: s ee BIO- j 1 that earn live both on land and in water 2 that can operate or travel on both Iland and water J designating. of. or for a rnilitary operation involviing the landing of assault troops on a shore from seaborne transpolrt.3 4 having two adv. natures or qualities; of a mixed nature - am' phib~ous,qy amlPhi. bole (am fa bol') n. I Fr " LL amphibolu.s ambiguous" Gr to throw around. l1ioubt .:: amphiamphiballei". amphibolos ballein to throw: see BAl.!.' I any of :a group of rockAMPHI- + forming minerals, as hornblende or actinolite. cormposed largely of igneous and metarnorphic rocks form I 1 without definite fon:n: shapeless 2 withBiot of no definite type; anomalous J unorganized; vague 4 out definite or specialized structure, as some lower forms of lile 5 fiz am) n, not crystalline -almor'phism' (. Chem. . Minerawgy almor'phousilY adv. morf.s) morphe, amorphos silica. calcium, iron . and magnesium: they are COlIU.mon constituent..o; am' phibjo, lite (am fib' ", lit' ) n. !prec. + 'ITE' J ,a rock consisting largely of amphibole and plagioclase amlphi. bol.O\gy (am la biil' a je) 11.., pl. -jgies ~ MEamphibologie (altered after words ending in- JagLa . -L.OGv) " L L amphibowgia amphibolia " Gr, ambiguity" amphiballein: , am.or.tlse (am ar liz' a rnar' AMORTIZE ajmor'phous.ness "'"sed' tis vi. in9 chiiefly Brit, sp, of sh am.or.ti.za.tion (am .r ti ~jj' an, . mol"ta- n. 1 ara amortizing or being amortized 2 money put aside lor amortizing 1M debt, etc.: also s""" AMPHIBOL.E ~ 1 am'or.tize (am ar tiz , a mor'- tiz ing (ME vi. amortir to extinguish extended stem of OFr both ML forrms " L amortizare; or " ML ML amortire); mors. death: see MORTAL ~ 1 to put rnoney aside at imtervalssinking fund , for gradual Accounting belore maturity 2 Law ing over a fixed period 3 or. tiz a!ble in mortmain - almor'tize-ment (a mortiz m.nt! double or doubtful meaning; ambiguity. esp. IroUD uncertain grammatical construction 2 an smbiguous phrase, proposition , eLe. tiled' amort;.,en" , sell i.. mortmain (" to + am' phib')o' ious (-a IRs) ad). amlphi. brach (am fa brak' belore and after" Also Bm. phib.o. !y (am fib' . Ie),pi, lies ~ phHbol'\ic (- bal'ik) or payment of (a debt . etc.) either at or to write off (expendit"'n!s) by proratto reduce. transler . as in a amphi- n. (L amphibrachys AMPHI- + brochys " Gr . lit. . short sh(,ort: see MERRY I a oil' sell (property) ad). accented syllable between two unaccented ones (Ex. : lexplosionl) amlphi' chro~c (am f. kr(j' ik) adj. I" AMPHI- + Gr cr:hromo color (see rnelrical foot consisting. in Greek and Latin vtr:rse . of one long syllable between two short ones . or , in English verse . of one Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW bicameral 10usPY IIdv. bib). . Jus' bi'cam.e~al (bi kam ar .1) having two legislative chambers absorbent 2 add, .0 0' urcate ~ BI- I + CAMERAL I bICameral (Congress is a lor, -syoo lor) adj. Bo!. ar e) b BID' Document 116-10 136 blO.Of 'd" n) vt., VI. aLl. pp, 01 5 of 6 Filed 01/30/2004obs, pp. ofBIDE Page bid. d' ~d"n) vi. 'd of alcoholic beverages - bib')u' , made up of or legisla- bmd.l( th i O . .If 1 a command or request 2 an invitation or sum. or the making of bids in a c:ard game or auction Eng, do the biddh.~ of to be obedient to; carry out the orders of Bid. ~le . (bid"!) 1 ~ohn 1615- 62; Eng- theologian: founder of bi.cap,su' lar (bi kap sa tureJ - bi.cam er.al. ism ' n. having two capsules of carbonic acid or a capsule with two cells bi.carb (bi'karb' ) n, (Colloq. ) SODIUM BICARBONATI: bi.car. bon.ate (bi kar'b.n it at' ) n. an acid salt containing the monovalent, negative radical HCO, bicarbonate of soda SODIUM BICARBONATI: bi.cen.te.narjy (bl sen UnlLananism 2 Nicholas 1786- 1844; U. S. r;...ancier dies I 0( ~ I 1 a chicken or chick; esp. , a hen 2 . pI. bidldv (bid' (Colloq. ) a woman; esp. , an elderly WOffiSJEl (usually old biddy) regarded contemptuously as 8Jlnoyl"l:, gossipy. eLc. t.3 ner'!, bl' sen ten ~ .1) adj. adj.. n. , pl. -naMes 'ifn. biden vi. bode or bid')ed, bid')ed, bid"'..g ME 0( OE bide (bid) bheidh. (see BID' to SLay, wait 0( IE base bidan. compel oneself," hence, delay I INow Chiefly Dial. ! 1 to stay; con- ). prob. in sense BICENTENNIAL bi.cen.ten.nilal (bl'sen ten 1 happening once in a period of 200 years 2 lasting 200 years 3 of a 2ootb anniversary muscle at the back of the thigh 2 loosely, strength or muscular development, esp. of the arm bi.chlo.ride (bi klor'id' ) n. 1 a binary compound conLaining two atoms of chlorine for each atom of another element; dichloride 2 ~ BI- ' + CEPHALOUS I two- headed adj. i s Also bj.ce.phallic (bi' . fal'k) . pI. -ceps ' or -ceps!es ' I ModL ~ L 0( bi. two + bi.ceps (bi' seps coput HEAD J 1 a muscle having two heads , or points of origin; esp.. the large muscle in the front of the upper arm or the corresponding bj.cephja. lous (bi sera las) 200th anniversary or its commemoration DiaL) to tinue 2 to dwell; reside 3 to wait - vi. endure or tolerate - bide one s time to wait I;'atiently for a chance bi. den.tate (bl den tAt' adj. I BI" + DENTATI!:.I hBving two teeth or toothlike parts bi- det (be c\li' , bio i n. (Fr . li , small pony. ....g (prob- 0( Gaul bid fNow Chieny small): fIg. use from s traddhng stance asswmed by the user I a low bowl-shaped. porcelain bathroom fixture equipped with running water , used for bathing the crotch bi. di.rec:tion/al (bi' da relc' sh; n31) adj. moving. functioning, or receiving signals in or fro m two . usuaJly oppcosite. directions (b!' don vel' ) n. I Fr slang ~ bidoM.ner to guzzle , swig -:: bi. don/Ville bidon wine jug, orig. BOldier s water bottle + viUe city J a shanty- bichloride of mercury MERCURIC bi.ehon frqse MERCURIC CHLORIDE lap dog + frisi curly I a variety of toy spaniel with curly white hair , originally from Tenerife ROMATE bi.chro.mate (bi krO' mat) n. DICH bi.cipp.tal (bl sip .t 1) adj. 10( ModL 0( L biceps (gen. bicipitis), 1 with two heads or points of origin , as a biceps BICEPS J AnaL, muscle 2 of a biceps bickler (bik' or) vi. I ME bikeren, ~ akin to Fris bikkem hack, gnaw J 1 to have a petty quairel; squabble 2 to move with quick. rippling 1 a petty nnoises fa bickering brookJ J to nicker , twinkle, etc. quarrel 2 a rippling or pattering sound - bick' erjer n. bi. coasflal (bi kost' al) adj. of or involving both the east and west coasts of the U. ; specif.. a) traveling back and forth from coast to b) with offices, outlets, etc. on both coast, or entailing such travel coasts bi.c ol\Or (bl' kul' or) adj. I L: see BI- I & COLOR J of two colors Also bi' col' ored bi.con.cave (bi kan kiiv' , bi' kan kid) adj. concave on both surfaces CHLORIDE (be shon fre 7.3' ) l Fr bichon town on the outskirts of a city, characterized by squalor and extreme poverty, as in France and formerly Algeria or Tunisia Bie.der.mei)er (be'dar mi'ar) adj. (Ger, after (Gottlieb) Biellermeier fictitious author of stodgy poems palblished (1855- . and later) by Adolf Kussmaul and Ludwig Eichrodt to satirize Ger bour- Biel (bel) city in NW Switzerland: pop. 53 000 Bie. le. feld (be'la felt' ) city in NW Germany, in North Rhine- West- Empire held every two years geois tastes J designatinJ: or of a style of oo.id- 19th-cenl German French furniture design, essentially a neavy. stolid variation of B..el-sko- Bi.a-la (b! el'sk6 be a!' .) city in S Poland, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains: pop. 172.000 bien en. ten,ldu (byan niin tiin di.i' ) (Fr, lit. . well understood j certainly; to be sure bi.en.na. le (be'an ii' I~) n. (.It I a bi=nial slaow; esp.. an art show Fr. name of BIEL Bienne (byen) ( 0( L bienr:..ium bi-en.nijal (bi en . .1) adj. I+ year + -ALJ 1 happening BI- phalia: pop. 304. 000 bi-con.vex (bl kan veks , bi' kii..\1 veks bi.corn (bi'korn fa biconvex adj. IL bicornis fa biconcave lensJ cornu HORN I 1 having two horns or hornlike parts 2 crescent-shaped Also hi- cor' nu.ale (bi kor'nyoo it) bi.eron (bi' kran ) n. I B(Il.LION) + (MI)CRON l one billionth 0( lens! See LENS, illus. adj. ar:nus I-"'riod of two years 0( bieve:ll')' two yeB"" 2 lasting Bot or living two years -no ni,alpy e am) 1 a biennial event (H occurrence 2 convex on both surfaces BI- I + plant that lasts two years . usually producinc nowers and seed the adv. see prec. J a bi- period(byan pan san' .ni.ums or -n...bien t well + prp. of of two years (.a) L, bien-pen(ssnt bi.en.ni.um (bi en , pI. alii(Fr -c second year - bi. tures in a single region - bi.cul' tur.al- ism ' ~ ModL bicuspis bi. pid (bi kus pid) adj. 1'rbi.cul.turjal (bi kul' chOl (.000000001) of a meter; nanometer. symbol nrn .1) adj. penser to think J right-minded; acceptinu; or based on ideas regarded as BOund or correct; orthodox . doc:trinaire, conventional. etc. : also bien pensanl (byan va ni.i' ) n. I Fr. IlL . well cocne I a we\come Le Moyne) of or combining two distinct cui. n. '" BI' + L cuspis bien.ve.nue cus. (gen. Bien.ville (byan vel' ). Sieur de (born Jean 8cqpListe 1680- cuspidis). crowns; premolar tooth See TEETH . bicuspid valve MITRAL VALVE pi. dale cuSP I having two points (a no pi dat') bicuspid tooth! Also bi.cus any of eight adult teeth with two-pointed illus. 1768; Fr. colonizer & governor of Louisiana:: founder of New Orleans bier (bid bi,cy,cle (bi' sik' , -si kal) n. I Fr. see BI- ' & CYCLE I a vehicle consisting of a tubular metal frame mounted on two large, wire-spoked wheels, one behind the other. and equipped with handlebars . a saddlelike seat. and foot pedals -vi. Bierce (birsl. Ambrose (Gwinelt) 1M2-c. 19114; U. S- satirical writer Bier'stad1 (bir'stat). Albert 1830- 1902; U.S- painter, born in Ger- platform or portable framework on whic\L, placed 2 a coffin and iLS supporting plaLformany Bot n. (ME bere 0( OE ba.r. for IE base see BEAR' i 1 a coffin or corpse is -cled . -cling to ride or travel taining only two fused rings in the molecule Also bi.cy cli.cal bid I (bid) vI. bade or bid. bid' den or bid , bid' ding; for vt. 3. 6. 8 & bidden to ask. plead, pray . for vi. the pt. & pp. are always bid (ME bheidh. to urge, compel; meaning and 0( IE base 0( OE biddan to offer , present 0( OE beodan beden form merged with ME bheudh- to be aJert, announce I 1 command . decree ~ IE base orig. . to beseech or implore 2 to command . ask, or tellfdo as you J to offer (a certain amount) as the price or fee that are bidden! one will payor accept 4 to declare openly lto bid defianceJ 5 to express in greeting or taking leave (bid farewell to your friendsJ ...6 (Colloq. ! menJ to offer membership to (the fraternity may Card Games 7 INow Chieny DiaL) to invite 8 bid five new to state (the on a bicycle - vt 1 to carry on or as on a bicycle 2 to travel over on a bicycle - bi- cy. clisl (bi' sik' al ist; -si ka1 ist klist) or bi-cy-cler (bi' sik' al .r. .si k.1 or. - klar) n. con. Chern. bi.ey-clic (bi sik' lik) IIdj. 1 of or forming two cycles 2 biesl. ings (bl!s bi. fa.cial bi. farji.ous tiI)z) pl. adj. alL. sp,of ~ESTI.NGS '" bifariam. (bl fa'shal) 1 havin.g two faCIes or main surfaces having two unlike opposite surfaces (L bi(arius twolfokl (bi fer'e as) adj. bis twice + in two Bot IOIC vt. directions 0( fo.s (divine) law . lawful , possible j hit arranged in two roWS 1'rbiff (bit) n. Iprob. echoic i laid SlangJ a blo-r, strike; Slang! to strike; hit bi. fid (bi'fid' adj. (L bifidus forked: see BI-' & - rID bi. fj. lar la (bl fi' r) adj. j divided inlc two equal parts by a cleft, as the end of a swake s tongue; forked bi. fid' illY (- fid' . tel n. - bi' fictrly (- fid' le) adlL I BI- ' as certain sensitive measuring instJ1..U1'\en I Iat' adj. I BIbi. adj. 1'rbi-fo-cal (bi fo'k.l. bi'fo' no a lens , esp. for eyeglasses lengths + m....R I having ttwo threads. wires. etc fi' larjly adv. + FI-AGELI..ATE I Bioi flag.el. late (bl flaY. lit having two whiplike parts, as certain protoZJ9a ts -bi' to take and. in bridge, whether one proposes to play the hand with a specified suit as number of tricks or points one proposes vi. to make a bid no trump Or with no suit as trump) in an effort to win the right to name trump 1 a bidding of an amount 2 . witiJ one part ground fol close focus, as for reading. and the other gTUJUnd for distance pl. eyeglasses with u.ifocal lenses *bj. to.cals (bi' fo' k.1z) bj. fo. li.ate (bi fo'le it at' adj. ! BI- ' + FOLiATE I Bot. having tW( leaves Iat' adj. adjusted !UJ two different foca the amount bid 3 a chance to bid Camel 'ifSIColloq. j an invitation the number of tricks al the act of bidding Games stated in a bid c) a player's turn to bid - bid fair to seem likely (to be or do something) - ",bid in at an auction , to bid more than the best offer on one's own property in order to keep it - bid up to 4 an atLernpt or try fa bid for Card , esp. to become a member 6 , suit, etc, b) bi- fo. lilo. late (bi Wle a lit ~ BI- I + I!'OUOI-ATE J Bot havin, bi. form (bi' f6rm two leanets adj. (L biformi.s: see BI-" & FORM th tremwous way: I having, 0 bif- incorporating the features of , two fot'ms bifrQsl lit. , raise the amount bid - bid' der n. bid2 (bid) vi. obs, PI?' of B(j)E Ld. ! L bis in die II Pharmacy abbrev, 1 ready bid' " ball adj. Bif.rost (bef'riist' ION ) rqst a distance J NorS1 Myth.. to tremble + bifask twice daily to do as bidden; obedient 2 dalble (bid' the rainbow bridge 0 the gods from Asgard . their home , to Midg....d, the earth bif.teek (bef tek' ) n. BEEFSTEAK Also bif' lek bi, fur' cale (bi' far kat' , bi ftorkiit' ; for adj, a!.s"" kit) adj. Q ML bifur callLS 0( L bLfurcus worth bidding on (a biddoble bridge handJ ,- BI- ' + (wea . FORie II having two branche k , Mo' gen D, Mo' gl, n Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-10 872 ~sture modificatory / 'ha 'hai\~.e' rullal"r,lighlchRnge. m pr"du('," f5u(cor ,l,mIL't"," .. .jual,f,cat'"11 Filed 01/30/2004 lo Paged,, 'of I6 "i'can da" m"..n 6 ,d nlt sll~hl re~urtl",r: mndera"on I meaning pi mo' lev ,11\ "' E Helaru,. gullmn ,..11 "p "ne "i "E' :14:1.r)()(J IIn thp Dnepr' pop /:Jerri a change In an ",_anl501 ,.u'ed by its en\'ironm."1 mMpheme and not 'inhercW!hle n '-'n~uLs a change 1n the r"rm " a lEx.' (""e. (ue. bath , borhei mod~'fi' ca. tojry Ima~' a flk' t ," 1' , , ko,: at' or 1'1adj, modli' fi, er Imad' orl n. a person or thing Ihal mudifjps, e~~, Mo' guIIOli,' hurll up "n a "U1\' "'heee skiers l ""I' ,gal , mi, KUI' I n, : Pe" J!hul : Mong"lian Mon~~~ 1 a M,'ngol. "r Mc,ng"lian: .,~ .n~' . MlI,,~,, the Mungnlia "r IheIT descendanls 2 fm-I a powerful Oe ('"nquer"" "I Ind,a 1Idge "I cl",.1- packed sn"" , fnl "aSlio f"r u,e ,,"rpr!, Skllnt a bump Im~"rlalll pers"" mo' wllh aul"natre rower wnrd, phrase, or clause Ihat limits the meaning u( another wllrd phra,e (adjectives and adverbs are mudi(lers! vi, ' MFr , L lied' ing , MF: mrr d,flfn modli' fy Imad' mr,dLfLcaoe, tv limit, reg1llate ' mudu. mea.ure Isee ""I,e:! - (01' to make ,ee "0 : 1 tn change or alter , esp.. III change slightly or ~arLially :0 character. furm, eLc, 2 tll limit or reduce slightly; lOuder. hair :mO'her'1 n, alter.d Iby as,,"c with HAl"" earlier m"Coyar, , Ar mu,hayvar , fene cl"th , Ult m"C'OJO"" , Inn~, silk\', hair of Ihe Angora goat 2 khanaru, 'Ir anI' r,f ,everal fab1lc, I'm clothlO~ "r upholste,,' , made I'rvm halT, ,.flen mixed wllh uther fIbers uphol I'! select. 1 the , ht.. chOIce, pp of 'arn , aLe (tv modify a penalty) 3 (;rom t" limit the meoninK of: qualif,' mudlfL~. man - in - ,dd man ) 4 Ltngui, tv change the f'lrm t"ld" vI' a morpheme tn indicate grammatical relatiuns ur derivation - vi, to he mlldif,ed SYN, "HANI:" Mo' dilglia' ni (mo' de! painter . i~ France mo. dil. lion (mo di:\' anl ya' nel , modr fi' alble adj. Aime/delo la' ma da' ,,"! 1884. stered wllh mohair Moham Mohammedan Mo, ham,med (mi, ham ,dl I Ar Muhammnd, lit.. praisewnrthy J 711' 0;12: Arab pr"phet: f"under of Islam 2 Mo' ham med II I~JU, 81: sullan u fTurkey 114oj. 811: captured C, ,nSlanl1nople 114.')31 Mohammed Ali th" adj, made fIr ", 1!J~0: It. in the CorInthian urder mo, dilO, lus Imo dl' a 1.51 n" multliu .. L nlUlu' n, It mndiglwne Archn an Ius, modillion, prob, ( Etr base ' mut' , a ~rojection: esp, ornamental block or bracket placed uncier a prlljectlng ,ornice, pI. 1O.li' (- li' l ~ M"dL. dim, uf L mrrdLU", measure for grain ~ mudu. , measure: see ""1\lJE; the central b"n, " LL ' axis of the cuchlea uf the ear mod, ish (mod' ish) adj. in the current m"de: in the latest style: fash. innable -mod' ish~y adv, - mod' ish' ness mo, diste Im6 des! , mo. n. ; Fr , ,mode see """f, :: 10Id- fashiun.d! a ~erson who makes ur deals in fashIOnable cI"thes, hats. elt', lor wumen ModL Mud.rn LatIn Mo' dred (mo' dred' A rthurian LeMend treacher"us ne~hew elf King Arthur: they kill each ' other io battle modlu, lar Imaj'. lori adj. ModL, mr,dularr, j 1 of a m.., dule "r modulus "2 designating or of unil.5 nf standardized size. design , etc, that can be arranged or fitted together in a variety of wa)'s modlu. late Ima)'a lat'l vi, lat1ed, -faring ~ ': L "",duiolu.;, 1'1', "f modulari , to regulate, measure (Iff. arrange" nJodulu.; dun, of mrrdu. . see 'lonE ~ 1 tn to a lower degree 3 regulate, adjust or ada~t to the r""per Mo. ham'median (mri ham i doni adj. uf Mohammed or Islam -n, Ml ~LlM This term used, esp, ("rmerly. b\' non, Muslims Mo, hammedan, ism Imil ham i dan iz oml n, 1.-;I.AM' lerm used, esp, lormerlv , b\' non. Muslim' Mohammed Reiza Pah, lalvl Ire za ' pa' ia vel l!Jt9- 80: shah of Iron (194I, 79r:derosed Mo' hawe Imil ha' vel n, !prnb, self. designatiun ~ '" 1 "ves ur pi -tve a member OI l' a NoTCh American Indian pe"ple who live alon.the C,lura~o River in Arizona 2 I he Yuman lan~I"I':e o( this people "r o( the Mohaves ." theIT Language or culture adj. dp,i~nating I." IP nf /'vIlI,F De..;F.RT Mohave Desert alt N Mo. hawk Imo' h"k' i n, :' arrag"nseLt muhou'ou"g, ht .. man,eate", ""g, 50 na m~d hv enemy trIbes j 1 pi, -hawks ' or - hawk' a member "f a North American Ind.an people who lived in the Mohawk Valley, New Y"rk, and now li"e in Ontarln , Quebec, and New Ynrk: see fl\' N, "oN, 2 the Iroquoianlanguage of this people - adj. designating or ,heIT Ian ""age or culture Dr of the Mohawks Mo, hawk imn' h6k' , after prer. ~ river in central & E N. .. n"wing Into the Hudson: t'. 140 mi, 1225 km' Mo' he' gan Imo he' g.nl no, pI. gans ur "gan ,earlier Mol!ohegan of a Nnrlh American Massachu.ett. a I"cal place name i a member Indian peDple who Ii\' ed in Connecticut. along tn., Thames River nf Mf:He:MFT Au o de~r.e 2 to "ary the pItch. inlensilY, etc, "f (the ,' ice!. often specil. to vary the amplitude, (requency, or phase Radin mo, ellmO' .I: ~ Heb: JudnL" , de5l~nating or ,!f, he Mohegam .. pi, Heb 01& hal' l,r hel~m I, im: their culture Heb la' tor n, -mod' Ju, la'lo1ry adj. modlu, la.tion ImaY, la' shan) n. one key to anuther bl Radio of (an oscillation. as a carrier wavel in accordance with some signal - vi. to shift to another key within a musical composition -mod' lu' : ME 1 a modulating orbeing modulated: spec mDdulaci,'un ii' 01 Mu, ;c ~ L moduioti,,: . shifting fr"m, rile o( circumcision Molhenijo- Dalro Imu hen jn da'rb) an archaeological ,iLe in the Indus "alley of PRkistan, NE or Karachi . c'Jntaining ruins of cities (rom: :JOOO 'I'.' m a person qualified lo perform the brith milah . or m.)' ha lem c 1500 HT, ImO he' k~nl no, adj. L'ar of MAHIf'.'" ,hurl fur M1\HOHLj\ltlr' ',"~"n"TINC'ITY a variation in the amplitude, fr.quem' Mo, hi'can or phase of a wav. in act'Urdance with Slime signal 2 a \'ariation rn stress", pitch in speaking, as in distinguishing between the merely Molho 100n' ho" auxiliary .nd the lexical uses of a word lEx. There is a post office on Main Street: as contrasted with There is the post office dim, uf mr,du.' see mod'ule Imaj' IiOI' n. ~ Fr module ( L modulus, ""o,,~ j 1 a sLandard or unit of measurement: specie, . a) in classical architecture, the diameter , Mo'hock (mo' hak' ! n, ~var, of MnH,""K: any of a gang of rowdy J\Jng men o( fashion who attacked and terrorized people in the slreets of London in the earlv IBth c.nL ",Mo, hole (mO'hM' n. ~ M"CHOJ . H')I", l a proposed hole to be structure bl any uf several standardized units of measur~rnent used in architectural plan1\ing, in the cun;tructivn of building maleri.I" etc, )4,inch m"dule. f1),,1 mrr dule! "'~ 01 an)' o( a set lIf units, a, cabinets, designed to be arranged ur Juined in a variety uf ways bJ ~ detachable sectiun. cumpartment, '"~ unit with a speCIfic puq,)(lse ur moqlu, lus (maj'. Ids! .. pi, lu, Ii' (- Ii' ModL " L: see pr~c.; Math, 01 the absolute value of a com~lex number . computed by of the sum (i, fuocti"n. as in a spacecraft c) Elet'(rl,nlC., a cumpact assembly that is. compunenl of a larger unit the base of the shaft. used to determine the pruportiuns ur the or one hall' the diameter. uf a column at MohoroviCic discontinuiLv to the mantle discontinuity (mb' he Mo' ho,ro,vi' drilled beneath the sea through the earth' s crust and the after A, k :) Mohs M..h",rr"iCic' (18~7, 19:)6!. Yugoslav gMlogist r Ceol an - irregular (rom its underlying mantle, dividing line ..paraling the earth' s cru,t IOkm '; sll.1lated, 1, km Ie 21.7 mi, l belrrw the mI.l bel"", Ihe ""ean 1J""r ) I.. 6 11,7:1, 18:391. Ger mineralogist~ Mr.h.\ ' scale Imbzl ~afterf, cic rb '. chich' ,untlnents.nd,' 5 to Minernlo!!.' , an arbitrar,' scole used to indicate relative hardne"" adding the squares o( each par! and taking the posit ive square rout : the modulu, o( a . bi is va b') bl a quantity v.-hich gives the same remainders when il is the divisor of tW1\ quan, Lilies d the factOr by which a logarithm to one base is multiplied I';' change it to a logarithm to another base 2 Phv,; I ,,' a quantit, Ius. as mechanical stress: the re.pvnse is usually expressed ao , fractional change in Ih e physical quantity bein ~ affet' ted mo, dus o!pelran' di (me, d.s i, pa ran de! ~ L: a way o( d" in~ lIr accomplishing something modus vi,venldi (mli' dos \'e ven del j L f 1 a way o( living or ul' g~uing along 2 a temporarv agreement in a disput~ pending f1nal ex~ressing the respun,eof a sample of material te, an external "'mu. nv"rite: 0 , a~alite; 0, orthoclase: 7 , qual1.z: 8, topaz: 9, corundum: 10, diam"nd 2 a mlldii",cal"'n of this scale. retalnrng its (jrst six miner. 10, als and continuing: 7 , pure silica glass: 8. quartz; 9, topaz: garnet: II, fused zircon: I~, corundum: 13, silicon carbide: 14. bnron carbide' . d ,.mond mo, hur Im,j harl n. ~Hindi muhur, muhr , Pers muhr, a seal. akin to mudr" a seal; a f"rmer gnld C01O nf India- equal 10 15 rupees Sans Iii .. ""in nf gnld ': L I n, IIP"rt m"edo d'"u"" moidore I IIHrj ' moneta, mnnel' . aurum , gnld ; 3 form"r guld unn of Portugal and Brazil ) moi' e/ty Imm' . tel n" pi -~ies ' J\'IE moire " OFr ~ L merl"tn, , the middle lin I.L, hair. mrJiel\'J ' medius, see Mil , I .: 1 a haiL eithee of "r less ' equal. rarts 2 an md~rLnite share or pari lIr m"re two primary subdi' 'isil,ns in some tribes either moil/ier moil (mail) vi, Ii ME ,","/len tu moisten. make wet" OFr \'L O mrrllinte, 10 soften ( L moll..; sufi: s~e """'Lury i IDial.lto tv;!: 1 drudgery: hard work drudge - vt, IArchaicl 10 moisten or Iwv equa!. A nthrup "((anged In \0 ascending degree" l. talc; 2, gypsum; 3. calciLe; 4, Moe, bilus strip, (ma'he as, mo ) MO~rl' " ""HII': also Moebius band Moe' sila Im1"",e a. . ",a) amient Roman pruvince in SE Eurupe, settlement: compromise ,nil -n, 2 confusion: turmoil - moil')er n, I;, Myth Moelso- Goth or Moelso' goth Moelso- Gothlic moeurs Imers) or between the Danube & the Balkan Mnuntains (m1"so gath' goth' Gothic tribe lhallived in MoeSia Ie JOO n, a member "I a '-IJ, nr Moelso' gothlic Ime' ,,; pl. moire (mv.-nr ravon, "r Mojlra III1,n ral 'Gr: ,ee "F HIT!' mort n, I Fr watered silk - gath' lk) 8dj. " f the Mnes", Goths or theIT eXlinct, East Germanic lan!!Uage moilre Imv.-a ra' , I Fr I the manners, cuSlums. behavi,'r, et" 01 a gl\' en ~r"up mo' tn be mold,' . of recent v,dc anlc mull, mold 'I a vent '" fissur e In ao area Ger aClivlt\', emil\.ln~ ' steam , caro"n d",xide, and, sometimes, other ga~es ! i; 10lal.I 1 tll ~Iod iolun~1 mog Imagl vi, mogged, mog ging ' fette l n, I' Fr " It muf(arp mof' fette !mo fel moist Imo-,stl ;,,Id\'. cloth, el('" with en h,' I. mu,-tf' ,"S , lIl' ' murCL, ~rese"('e lI liquid f moist ness adv, anl "amp" "r oee pree or f mDIrf"r , \0 water ~ moire, roo': moral adj, "r "R\' , pall ern ., cenaln fabrics, ha"lng a wal.,ed, 1 metal ,urfac", - , 1 a v.-, Iered ~al,tern pr~ssed into ad), 1 ~tate, ha" ing 'a wat.red fate or destiny M"H"H :1 a fabric "p, silk wa\')', pat tern ~rr"ved rollers 2ail""""~ lOll, ""-'UrlU, e red Iprob, ,0F m"L.'tc - \1. new Wine, Ire,h ' m",'um '" ' ,1"1 , L mucidlL.S, , 1'li~hll"Wel, ~amp 25ug~estlveoflhe (a mol,'1 ",undl 3 '.Rdul - SYN, \In - moistly vi, '" make 0' bec",ne me, ist -mois o. ,teadely 2 to decamp: move gadishu away Mo' I ndlan Ocean' p"p (m6' a de' "hC1'J r :1~ 1,000' ('apllal ,0/ Somalia, ;eap"rt "n Ihe scio (. ,hili It. name Mo ga' moisture 100m,c;,.rl mois, ten Imm, 0'"' mr",-!"", , m0'sto? see ""hT~ water lenier

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