Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc.

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Declaration of Ravind S. Grewal in Support of 115 Google's Responsive Claim Construction Brief filed by Google Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1# 2 Exhibit 2# 3 Exhibit 3# 4 Exhibit 4# 5 Exhibit 5# 6 Exhibit 6# 7 Exhibit 7# 8 Exhibit 8# 9 Exhibit 9# 10 Exhibit 10# 11 Exhibit 11# 12 Exhibit 12# 13 Exhibit 13# 14 Exhibit 14# 15 Exhibit 15# 16 Exhibit 16# 17 Exhibit 17# 18 Exhibit 18# 19 Exhibit 19# 20 Exhibit 20# 21 Exhibit 21# 22 Exhibit 22# 23 Exhibit 23# 24 Exhibit 24# 25 Exhibit 25# 26 Exhibit 26# 27 Exhibit 27# 28 Exhibit 28# 29 Exhibit 29# 30 Exhibit 30)(Related document(s) 115 ) (Grewal, Ravind) (Filed on 1/30/2004)

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Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc. Doc. 116 Att. 6 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-7 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 1 of 4 EXHIBIT 6 Dockets.Justia.com ,. Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-7 , ""'" Filed 01/30/2004 Page 2 of 4 The American tage Dictionary Heri of the English Language FOURTH EDITION ~k.(jf' ~t HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY York Boston New GOG 032273 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-7 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 3 of 4 "."i..\:l'IIJ \i ~rJ A"r' SAI' FHN~C/SCo' PUD~I l'8RP.hY Words are included in this Dictionary on the basis of their usage. Words that are known to have current trademark registrations are identified as trademarks, No also investigation has been made of common- law trademark rights in any word, because such investigation is impracticable. The inclusion of any word in this Dictionary is not, however, an expression of the Publisher s opinion as to whether or not it is subject to proprietary rights. Indeed, no definition in this Dictionary is to be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark. shown with an initiaJ capital and are American Heritage~ and the eagle logo are registered trademarks of Forbes Ine. Their use is pursuant to a license agreement with Forbes Inc. Copyright (f) 2000 Houghton Mifflin Company, All rights reserved, No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system without the prior written permission of Houghton Mifflin Company unless such copying is expressly permitted by federaJ copyright law, Address inquiries to Reference Permissions, Houghton !v1iffJin Company, 222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116. Visit our Web site: www, hmco, com/trade. Library of Congress Calaloging- in- Pubhcarion Daca The American Heritage dictionary of the English language, -41h ed, cm, ISBN 0- 395- 82517- 2 (hardcover) - ISBN 0- 618- 08230(hardcover with CD ROM) I, English language- Dictiollaries PE 1628 , A623 2000 423- dc21 00- 025369 Manufactured in the United State, of ..\mertca GOG 032274 ! - , , """, y, "p, ', ,- /;, , &: A ,, f Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW iquid crystal" " Document 116-7 Filed 01/30/2004 .:- n "I Page 4 of 4 liquid crystal I literally n\ 01 ' mous liquids 111 ~'hICh Ihe dloms or mol, "roved "ulel He regularh' In ellh(l une dimenSIon or IwO dimenSIons, !he order giving ro" to opli,,1 rrOpertleS, such as an"olropic "atl(llng, Ihe "vstals mo"",d wilh moriTer w,, IMara Angeloul, ",I/", I,k, 10 gIve Ihe CO a lISten before buy,ng ~n act of hSienlngWould you phrasal verb: listen in I,qu,d "y'tal layer rr, ""J' 1, To JrSien 10 a conv,rsalion hetween others, eavesdrop, 2, To tune In I'Slenen, aJteralion linfluenced and !.!len 10 a broadcast.IMiddle English hy Ir"en , to IISI. liSten; see !.(Sr) of Old EnglIShhlysnan; see kleu- in Appendix I.! -lis/1enoer n, liq'uid.crysotal display (lik'wjd, kriS'tJl) gilal walCh", mad, ur of a liquId cfl"'al thai is , \andwlChed bet,,' layers o( glass or ria"" and becomrs opaque when de"11( cumnt rams n ,.,bb" LCD A low ""er flal- pallel Jisplaj' used 10 many laplor compu"rs, calculatnrs and .,n lis,tenoaoble (lis' ,-n,. bJII ahle: an adr Being such that It"enlng IS pleasor, song r ~: undlHIIIg"IShed bulli,H'IIab/, lis tenoaobil'i.tyn Ihlough it. The cnnlra" b(\~' een th, npaqu. and Iransparent areas form, vISible charaClers lisotenoeroship Ilis/a.n",ship Ii"n.r. ) to a radio program or ","on, n The people who IIS"n ~J~s :' lio quidoi.ty Ilj, kwid'j.tel ", 1. The S"Ie of being !.quid, 2, The listoer 11i"I.rl n A plow drill for equipped with a double mold hoard thai Im' e.'lH"nl wlliT h'giT I" quaJity of being readil)' convertlhle 1010 cash: all quid")' 3, Available "sh or the cap"")" to oh"in il on demand", bnHk ;iTOffClIIHS Ihe average rccm 01 It; In,,"s Ihal IS InerensiHS ilS I'q,"drl)' II)' lurns up rhe soil on each SIde of the (urrow , otlen having an "\ached seed planting, I From I.IH liqouiodize (tik'wi, diz l "-,,, - dized, -dizoes, - dizoing To make Lisoter tlis'larl, Joseph. F"Si Baron LISler, 1827- 1911, Bnllsh surgeon, He demom"aled in 1865 Ihat carbolic acid was an elf""ve anll;epllc oola ",., , liquid at unil or system of units!.quld capacilj', v, Va",nl 01 liquefy, liqouiofy (Iik/l, fi' liquid measure" 1, The measurement o( liquid "pacil)', 2, A agent, decreasing poslOperalive fatalilles from Inf,,"on, n, Any at lisoteorioa (li' Slir /e,,1 various rod,shaped, gram' posillve liqouor (Ilk',,) H, 1, An alcoholic be"erage made by dIStillation ralher than by ferment"ion 2. A rich hrOlh resulting from Ihe prolonged pol/iqllnr, cooking of meat or vegetables, esp.ciallr greens, Aha called at a nonvolatile subStance, 4, A solution, emulsion, AIl aqueous solution or suspension tor industrial use, .:. ba(lem o( the genus LiSlena whICh includes the causative agenl o( lisLmenn genus name, aller loseph LiSTER.1 IerioslS, INew Latin dISease caused by L", o/sis) n, A bacteroaJ lisoteori.o.sis Ili.stir affectIng wild and domeSlic animals and sometImes humans and charaClerized by (ever, meningnis, and en"phalilis Ima mo ;"ocy/agell", ~~i!liquid-crystal display lap: -uored, -uor."'g, -uors 1, listoing (lis /ling) n, 1, An enlrY in a JrSl 'H rhe Ielephone book or d"ectory: rh, fir" IISling a 1"lIng 01 phymlGns, 3, Computer Science 2, A list: When lurned olf. Sleep (malt, tor examplel, 2, SI"ng To make drunk with alcoholic !.quoe. Ivas nl/ lIquored lico"" a liquid, Oft,n used wilh "p, I /'., tiddle English from Old French,tram Lalin liquor (rom liq"ire to be liquid, A printo", o( a program or da\a ,leI. listoless (list'lis) ndj. Lacking energy or disinclined 10 exen effort: IeIhargic: cca(l,d 10 Ih, late" erlS" "",h listless resigllnllon, I Middle Engli, I", li.'r/" prohably (rom liSle, desire ((rom IiSlen , to desire; see LIST nd" list'lessoness n, lis1'lesS'ly less, less, polallzed lighl rdlew 0(( d mirror , pam' Ihrougn Ihe liquid crystallayor, and 'eaves ,he di,'play looking whn" baNom: When lurned on, polarized light i; blocked by th, rear pol.,iler, Wilhou! Ihe refle";on of lio quo.rice (lik/,,- is, . ish) ", Chiefl)' Bri/ish p liora(lIr/a, li' ra) H.. llioreilir Ie' re)orli.rasAbl" currency. Ilialian, trom Old llalian, (rom Old Proven,a! Laiin libra, a onit of Varianl 01 licorice, 1. Seelableal I""n, weight , pound, list price II, A bas" published or advertised price, orten subject 10 at 11, A (ile server Ihal is used in Ihe managee, mail for m,mbers of a discu",ion group, Dan'" S)'nrphany 11856) liroi o pipe (Iir/a- pip ) n, A long scarf or cord ""ched \0 and hanging discount. listoservoer (liSl' sur menl ligol. from a hood, IMedieval Latin "ffp,pi"m, Lisobon (liz/b"n) The capital and largeSi city of Porlugal. in the weSl' affected areas ollhe liquid crystal layer look' hlack, ern part o( the country on the Tagus River estuary, An ancienl Ibemn senlement. il was held by the Phoenicians and Carthaginiam, laken bj' the Romans in 205 B,c.. and conquered by the Moors c. A_ D, 714, Recon- Liszt Ilist). Franz 1811- 1886, Hungarian composer and piano virtuo. so, His beSt , known composilioO! include the and Ihe Faust S)'mphan)' 1853- 1861 I, I lit' (Iii) qumd by the Portuguese in 1147, it flourished in th, deva.staled by a major liosenote (le-sinli) / paSt teme and a paSt paniciple of ligh1' . See Usage Note Dronk ndj. Jllfarnlnl, or drugged, Often used with "p, 161h "nlur)' during the heyday of colonial expansion in Africa aod India, The cilY was eanhquake in 1755, Population: 663, 315, n, at light' v, litZ Ilir) lit. abbr, A past tense and a past participle o( light'. my Lileralure: enjoyed course in French /iI, Plural o( sente. lit' (lit) n, Inlocrnn1 lisle (IiI) n, 1- A fine, ,mooth, tightly twisted thread spun from longstapled cotton, 2. Fabric knitted o( this thread, used esp"ially for ho"T)' and underwear, lAtter Usle IUlle). France. sp (lisp) n, 1, A spe"h defect or mannorism characterized by mlS"ronunciation of Ihe sounds (s) and (z) as (th) (th), 2. A sound 01 and or like 3 lisp: "TIle carpente"" J ' , , plalle whiHI., irs wild ascelldillg Ii,p (Walt Whitman), .:. lisped , lisp.ing, lisps - ill/r, 1, To speak wilh . lisp, 2, To speak imperfeClly, as a child does, -tr, To pronounce wilh a lisp, IFrom Middle English lispen, 10 lisp, Irom Old English -wlyspiall (in ow/yspinn to lisp). from wli,p, lisping, lisp/er II, 1- liter 2a, lileral b, literally 3, literary 4, lileralure litoaony (lit'n- e) II pi, -nies 1, A lirurgical prayer consisting of a series of petilio", recited by a leader aiternaling with tixed respomes Ihe congregation, 2. A repetilive or incantatory reeitaJ; " /he /ilnn)' of 10)'offs in recent molllh, bycarpnrnre gian,, (Sylvia Nasar), IMiddle English from Late Lalln lelnn;" lrom Old French, (rom Medieval Latin Ie/an;", lil"lIcueill, /ilnnin, from Lale Greek /il",..ia, (rom Greek, entrealY, lrom ,upplicalion, from lire, /"nll";, entrealing, 10 entreal, from lilas, II, See table aI currency. ILithuanian litoas (lit/as) LitB nbbr, Lntill Franz Liszt delail (rom an 1838 port"il by Henri L,hmann 11814-IHH11 Lillerarum Baccalaureus (Bachelor o( Len",; Bachelor p(roeming). USP (lisp) n, A programming language designed 10 process data con,isting o( ""S, II is widely used in ani(icial intelligence research, 11,,(0 of Lileralure) liotchi also liochee or Iyochee (Ie'chil n pI. (chis aJso -chees Ihat bears bClghl red frUlIS, each of 1, A Chinese \f" iLicehi clii"",si,) list' (list) n, 1. A series of names, words, or other items written, pnntmemonud, .:- v lisosome also lisosom (lis /"m) "dJ. 1, Easily bent; supple, 2, Having the ability to move wilh ca.le; limher, IAJteration 01 LITHE-IOM,-I -lis'someoly adv, lis/someoness n, : or imagined one after the other: n shopping li51; a gumlist; list rhlnKS10 do 2, A considerable number; a long series; recil,d n lisr of dm" which has a large single seed wilh a white, fleshy, edible aril. 2, Tbe nu'like fcuil o( Ihis \fee, Aho called lirchi /1111, IChinese (Mandarin) Ii :hi li, li1Chl+dli lwig, Liierary crilicism, nbbr, Lalin Litterarum DOClOr (Do(\or o( Lemrs: DoClor 01 I.il' H, lit crit (krit) l"locrnol LitO fi" J.:" "alUTe) lite (lit ndj. Slang Having less sub!!ance or weight or fewer calories ,urfllce 11/1,1 sq"isli) on lIre Ihan something dse: lite m";rl'. shimmerl/lg of cnte " (Molher )one,,). IAlieration LIGHT ,afr", Ihe at . /Hhr, ,oprn/ite, I ite "'If. Slone; min",1: (ossil: I French, alte",ion (rom Greek lilha;, Stone, li.ter (le/"rl H AMI/, lor lit. A metric u"il of volume equal tLJ ar2 proXImately 1.056 li~uid quam, 0, 908 dry quari, or 0, 04 gallon, See IZe: I/Sled his previouJ job" 2. To enter in a list; register; ",rh item listed ~""ved, 3. To put (on"eIO in a 'pecific category: hersell a.' lists nllartist, Archa" To recru II , -llItr, 1. To have a stated list pme: ",,1,0 rhM a "IS for ten dol/ars over llie s"le pme, 2, Archnic To enlist in the armed orces, (French liste, (rom Old French, (rom Old Italian lisln , of German, I( origin, list' er II list' (I" A narrow strip, especially wood, b, Archilecture of See ;:e, c, A n 1 a, or I 1St border selvage of clOlh, 2, A stripe or band o( color, 3a, list'ed, listoing, lists -Ir- 1. To make a li51 of; item- J~~! litchi ,rclii clill""s;; litrnH measure o( table aI measurement, I French litre, from ob,nlete lilm, from Greek, unit of weigh!.1 capacil~' , from Mediel'al Lalin OIher conteSlS, Often used 111 !he area o( controversy, 4, A rIdge ~~;n up between two (urrow, by a listor in , plowing, S. Db sale Ie dary, a border. .:trY. IlStoed , I,stolng, lists 1. To cover, line , or ed Wllh list, , 2, To Cut a Ihin "np (rom the edge of. 3., To furrow or :~I al""" (Middle Eng!'sh , (rom Old English liste, I ~is I' (land) wllh (lISt) n, An arena b, A place ~I ural, (or jou,t1l1g tournamenlS or of comba!, c. An rp",, IStoed lSo lOg, IstsToleanorcausetoleanlolhesiJe:Thedallr'Krdh. 'P lIS led badl)' 10 "arbon"I, Erosion lirst listed, loppled II", ell Iii litoeroaocYllit' .r-.l-se) ", 1, The condition orqualil\' ol berngl"er, Sa Usage NOIe " GOG 032277 at"~ especially th, abililY 10 read and wrlle, 2, The condition or quality 01 being knowledgeable in a particular subCIIllllrnJ je(l or (idd: litoeroaillil'or,ol) literate, ; pal ; pay ;1 care a (alher e pet I",,"c)': !Jib"clll "'m"y. "r/" 1, Being in accordance wilh, conlorn1log 'u, or upholding Ihe "a(l or primary meaning of a word or words, 2, \\'old 1I1c1ination 10 am side, as of a ship; a till. .:. illlr I' Iii ree, IOngln unknown, I lileml Irll"" /IIIio", 3, Avoiding exaggerotion, nW' lor word; v"b",m: n III..., n h aphor, or emhelli" ment; (a(lual; prosaic: lil...n! """"P'li"" mi"d, 4, Con",,"ng of. using, or expressed by lell"": lire",! ""'ll""" , 5 oi boy ou out 00 took 0 0001 u cut 1St' (li51) Conforming or limi"d 10 Ihe ,implest, non figurative, or C"mplltrr Soo"" meaning of a word or words, .:- n, nH1S1 ohl'lou; i be i pil i pie ir 'pier ur ueg" list' (u"l IlSotel (I' lMid Intr Ir.... IStoe , dix 1.1 die EnglISh Iwell listolng: lISts Mchnic To liSten or liSien , from Old EnglISh hlystl"l. See kleu- In Appen' A lellet '" ""mhLII r,.f,.r.' Ihal Stands for il;ell as npposed to a feature, (unCllOn, 01 cnlll~' ",,;n(1' ,t did 1",,11 in a pro~r"mm,"g language: J "'"I,,' a .')'I"/"'/IIi," tn thi" III Ihi, hw whICh ,h VlSiun , pen" be .;. II, A an inclin",olI di' tr,ngltTo lIS ""di'~III,ed; ChliOse, (rom Olddesire or /)"'nll. See fassh , 10 dc!lre, please, EnglISh I.! . Archulf' ,'llStoed, IlStolng,lists -If, To be pleasingto, 11i"."d"/"lr""I""II;,"'trrrl/ ir"IIdolll/rsrs", !MiddleEnglish 1,0m 6 pal c."" , lS' tall II Arlh"I'III'" A narrnw border. molding, or "-lJed IISI !hench, fro", lial"n 1I!l\'II", d,mlnullve o( IISI,' filkt. Aba bl/rdel, nl a given teXi nr doCtrine, 2, I.iteral r,"traval; realism, at lellers, lrom I."in 1'lIcrn iiI, Old FI",ch , from I."e Latin IIII""ili", klll'1 See LE'lTEHI - li1/er.al.ness n, litoeroaloism (lil/ ."o- liz 'I/1) n, 1, Adherence In Ih,' explici, 'e", " loe , ab"ul, il"11 t reg"",.I"m "paw -litleroaloist I' ,ten ori~ln, IS in" (I' , 10 he., '" IS 'nl n -li(' eroalois'lic "r/J. litoeroa!oize (lit'ora- liz l I",., o iled izoing, -loes i Tn nlJke lit, StreS! mark,, ' Ipru"',,y!: (so(Dndarrl, a, in dictionary Idik'sha,ner dfort 2, for Ihe bell. 1i, r'" Jt, ""tio ' hemetnln~, /"1, 11 ", iiII' ""(",, 1"'(,/IIIr~ ed: SI"" """"'gc""'l'lvllj/l'ncrJr ;f~II)'lowh""""nlr)'p ;,,pl" 1, To make an -tened tenoing, - tens litoeroaloly (lil' Ir"" ./,II,d Id ,h,. Lr,.,.! f,Wl/gL' I., 1, In a literal mannn: ~""d lor word 2, In a l'k,,1 nr """ ;c,,'e: III,.",/ly. 11",, 1021

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