Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc.

Filing 116

Declaration of Ravind S. Grewal in Support of 115 Google's Responsive Claim Construction Brief filed by Google Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1# 2 Exhibit 2# 3 Exhibit 3# 4 Exhibit 4# 5 Exhibit 5# 6 Exhibit 6# 7 Exhibit 7# 8 Exhibit 8# 9 Exhibit 9# 10 Exhibit 10# 11 Exhibit 11# 12 Exhibit 12# 13 Exhibit 13# 14 Exhibit 14# 15 Exhibit 15# 16 Exhibit 16# 17 Exhibit 17# 18 Exhibit 18# 19 Exhibit 19# 20 Exhibit 20# 21 Exhibit 21# 22 Exhibit 22# 23 Exhibit 23# 24 Exhibit 24# 25 Exhibit 25# 26 Exhibit 26# 27 Exhibit 27# 28 Exhibit 28# 29 Exhibit 29# 30 Exhibit 30)(Related document(s) 115 ) (Grewal, Ravind) (Filed on 1/30/2004)

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Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc. Doc. 116 Att. 24 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-25 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 1 of 6 EXHIBIT 24 Dockets.Justia.com ~;' ;: m Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-25 Filed 01/30/2004 Are Page 2 of 6 v. Google NO. Cal. CO2- 01991 "II CoTv Sells Positions r"r ;:"".0: Q'T E ". ",r j;~rxV "c,'I; -' ! ~' ~)8 S~a.rch engine GrjT'2 d.~bul~J lts ))(;',.1, pa:-~ f'c'r- pi3cem~n1 se:-yic~ on ::eb 2;. J! aiJow,S ,",-ocb SHC G\,;'Ocrs Ie bid for plac:menl Th.:t:;e wil1ing IO pay morr can appe.3r higher in the search resl!Jt~. Pay- for- plactmc1l1 is no\ ne','.' . Operl Te?:: experimented \vjth ~t in mid- l i?'io . and l1umerou~ small search dlJeclorie~ currently offer the abiliTY to p2)' for a he.!1er ;-anbng Despite Thi~ . (he m~jor 5ClITCh see: engines nBve Jvoided such lS i1 service Thi" is mainly beC:iwse they th.tlr results akin to editorial Ci.)py. They Men something tn.ai advenisers arc supposed 10 influence, By allowing p2y- fo~- pb\:-ement , 5e.afch :;ng~n~ us.~rs may begj(J 10 mis1rust the rc:suh:; they re;;:ejve. Such c.omplatn1S helped C3U,.e Op~n 1 ex! \0 give up its :;"-pellJnenl Does ihat m~an Go To s re"uf!s art b"d') No1 necessariJy- Founder Bill h,)'.') mODe)' pr0dL1ce~ Gross !T14ke5 r;osull $ an inH:resting arg. umel1t on better This is all f)peni ng :-101 of changing the; search engines from a ",,'hite p~ges (0 G yello",.. page$ , " Gross says v,'hat he m'C:Jm is that with 8 whil~ page, phone book , numbers aroc org:mJled J!phabt"lically :v1oney does ncn gt"1 you higher in ;he results though somt" p~opi~ use wrnp.ElJ1Y names such as " .\ Typographical S~r-.jc'~ " 10 try ~nJ jump .ehe.:;d ofotners. With J yeIJow piiges pl1one book, rnooe)"l$ central Tb~ more you pay. the big.g~r ad yOu can have. ThEl doesn t make the ydlow pages MlY Jess very co!1yenient way to (In::! b-uslne-sS-e-s , and often those ....ith useful I~ the bigger ads are 1 he beHer onesOf course - there ~re plemy 0f g;:Jod businesses without big blJdgd:;, and But it can be a 115eful lht:'r-e are pknty of bad busim:ss\!s thaI can afford large ;H1$ S0 the ab;(1ty no! gt;a.;-,'-I11ee qU3Jit.~, to spend nK)l1ey doc;~ ranking Tool , ana O:le that (:ira,s ak:~$ mort sense !han 1~\1ng it to sc-arch aigon1hms t.J1 yc,u rt f~.a1jy gt:!tiJ1g b&c. k ;,r; how goo,:j prop!e zre at l1icklI1S the searcD engines , fwt ho"" p,o,)d ~:Jp)e an , Gros;; s.'l~d " E:ngincs ge1 (OP li~. tings s 0wrsi2lea 10 52!, only peopi-e ""he k oow how to trick tht:' se-Mch r1C'weve:r. it's no! t~r off (he mark ,,",'hen it comes I of!, OVG 001366 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-25 Filed 01/30/2004 Je Page 3 of 6 v. Google , hi 0 Car. C02- 01991 t some popu)8.r phrr ~ or (m~ ward $.f;afch te;m~. The more ,era! and ; murt' ropulil: tot: "..m;h , the more likely you11 see people. who are ' ~g3re,~i' vely 5gTuing for .~ top place meJ1! A S~, 3JCI1 for " monlca kwinsh' iJllJmat es this rather e.asiJy recent survcy l did revealed that on a.,.' erag~ , ent-third of 'the top ~i1eS !ist~d in 1he major :,e.:Jrcr. engmt:s l.",.cre ' ;:jickthrough" ~parr; sites re~ from peo.pJe clicking throu3-h from their ~il~, to alh';, SHCS The site ovtncrs milke pag~5 lh3\ the scarch engine: algorilhms Ihin~ :Ir~ reJt\'MI ~U1 which mosl reopJe would probably c.(.-msid~J junk Tbe.5t ;ar~ SIleo thaT ea:J1 referral B~YOl1d Ihis opp'x11Jnistic activity, there s continuing competition 1000 we1l for all wns ofprodlJC,1 refared jerms. Vihije it's hear1~(lif1g 1oSll11 see smal) ~jtes me 10 the 1\.1)) " rnmm:J1y, . the reality is that people are :.pendins mort ~r"\d mOr:o \im~~ dawing their "'~y to the iOp. Th(' Days of'b:;lng rOT popul(jr liS1f:d term~ withou, expending. effort .aH::n \ SeIne , bul they are 10 argue j)'"..opk are a1re, aoy buying Ihe ftc:edjng, In-c:~ limo: js monty, it's td,\ Jls1ing, For rhost v..-i1hoLJ'tljrnc OJ skiB . they can turn 10 5e1J.fch (;T1gine placemenJ ~tr\..j';:e5 The.e services ",,;11 over,ee the StJbflli~:;ion ofbridg:: p..lges WG 11101)\:or them for yo'J const:.nrly. They gel paid by the dick , so ifyou \'~ got !h~ budg~l . tht)' caD S~J11 a saving gT3ct: to the otherwi.se cDnfusit1g v,"'orJd ll$iing yol) of improvms your pJacernen1. That's assuming you :\!.tt 1he ;;11; looking r"r . 01- Lour Given all thj, aclivi!y, it might he ad"' Ilr"\I"'8t'oU$ to se.arch ,engioc user~ if the se.:Jrrh engines rook back ..~On(fOJ Gftne process. By seUing placement for the m\.;,;, popul~r lerJ7Js. the-y migb1 help defuse !;,to;mns r:lC~ of spamrning anc aggressivt' pl3cerne:m rha; exJS!S, Resul1s ' ,auld certainly just tK,ndit . if r"\l)1 lor Iht faci !h&.t opp'3rluoi5(jc SpaJ11 '",'ould lo~c s-ome of its inGron~ lve. 11 wQuJd al.5o come a:$ (1 g.reai reli~f 10 Neb iTI,ilfk~t~rs, who :$cr.at\:h their hc;;;Jds j r:."iJJg to h,tp up WJlh w bal's UI;; be:;t wa/ 10 get Ijstea Rules a"b-oul hidden tC7:i . n:pe.lirjon in mei.": t~s andrhc need fa; HTML ICXE in a , p3~' graphic- intensive :;;1.0 art' conAJsing a.nd comrlex. for- pia(.ement is simpie and makes sen5C. fn C.()l1tra.~t """Jth link or no budgc(J \;"' ouJd mat(;rjaJ ar universities for ex3ffipk7 , g,2.in , tms male:iaJ is probabJy alr~.cy i:JOOrty '.mktd (0; many popular and gtntfaJ st.al'cht$, Pzy- for- placemem ,.:,o'ouldrJ hurt ii , and the niater:ial would srill reomain accessibie for IOrJg~.T and mOrt' specific seMcntS v":1ai (jbout iho:;c be laded out , For er.ampl.; , p3.y- t:.)r- pI2::em~n! might mea!) a. r~.altN in Ne...vport Beach C~!Jforrlla '""ouJd no Jonge; be Ij$t~d " acciden1""JJ/' for '. r-e.al estate Howevtr. Ih:"y m3)' stiJi dc, \'0:'1 wdi for " newpon ~a(;hhOi~nes fiJor sale Sf"'. 1here Gre nt2l"J)' reasOnS why psy- for- plo.ctrnem makes just dO"5i1 S~I1-,C, Tntr.e als,) a bi3 r",,-,c,n 2gain5t il 11 , ft.el right. OVG 001367 ). ... . ., \. ,, ~" Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-25 Filed 01/30/2004 ie Page 4 of 6 C02- 01991 II Google. l\j 0 Cat j l' you ,",C tco ii 5ewC,: e' ng.m~ ,,-nw trner SOm~lf1ln8 1...-:, IJ1KrOSN"", many . peopk "'\.vOltld exp:::c\ the servic~ should probably lis; the f\' ficrosvft we sire. Tn",", ('. releV:L"11 itsuh , and you want it r~gardles5. of whe,h~r Microsoft h2,s made an ad buy 10 (:JiSlJre \1 h~ppen$ Lir. ev,.'iSt , if you do it StiJH:h for " real estate " )'00 migh, appreciiHC h3v;ng 2 humar. editor point y':)u \ewaHi 1; rev, si tes aoou\ rea) t:St&t..:, no: just toward major rea.l-Lors You migh: also zppre-::ia\e some mechar1ism rr, lp, ~'OL' be more specIfic ,,1)..J1)1 what you are looking for In th:a! li8h~ , wha, !; pr,:')bahly needed is !110ft huma.l1 inlervenrir,11 in r~$Vlt$, :101 cNnmerciaJizatLoo of\hem Selrch engines mighl cr,,"ate pages ofhnk~ for the,,/; topic:~ , care!V II) choy;n for r.ckvance , rh~. r~ WO'1,J10 prob~ly b-'.. " pla'::'2 for ad"' cnj~ing on \he~e pi!ge~ , y~( done right. it ~bo\Jjdn ; offc!", anyone c.on~emed over the iesult$ b~in c: " IDfluenc.ed" This mo-"'e could plei"..se everyone. Those ....~,t money could pay to be pbced Those with quaJi1y ,il:;S could r~q'west being lisu:d on ihe men! lherr c'JI11eni. User~ w\)lJld be given more guidance rh2n tbey get ' s6m ~timt incentive rrom r3W s.earch results Sparnming should dtcrease natura.Jjy. a.;; disappears Raw search H' SUJtS '...'(I'c)IJ j(' rna.in , of cour:;e You can j create paBt:.S fur evef)1hll1g., "nd ever: then , rwpk rr.ay still ",,"an: more dJoices However ,h~s~ ~Jpula, tori:;: pi\S',t:$ would likely sarLsry many \)ser~ Yow ":;an :,ee these r)'pc~ cof j)llgCS growing already- E"cit, s Em.crtairuncnt channel or the Lyros \Veb Design guide, both ,...-hicl1 C1I11 be found fTom the hume p;ogt of eith~ S,tn:ce , p,o\~de mort or.g3nized and reb' informa'don that 3. bJind search fDf " crnt'nainmeni' might )1~ld ALs.ome r'oim. it i~ iik('ly the)' cas~~. ",,;11 mah ihe leap 10 supplanl raw reslllB , in some lronici'.Hy. Go To had thC5C rT~cj~e ~ype pages A search for " t~aveV for exampJe , brought up ' Th~ TraveJ Page " it was rllcdy organil.cc , ....i.h site-s list::d in ~ide-by-side wlumn~ under topics such a.s " car rental" ,and ~air l"",d ' AI the bottorr, '....'ere raw search reS",jlts. Now . only raw T~~ults are . pre-se:nl~d Enough at-out the pros 2nd cons ofpa:d Estio.,g,s. How about GoTe- itse1r For Cine , Go To is rtOt a new search engln~. II 1.I,':1.~ launched iTI ! 997 and InCNpOf.:1il'S t1-;e former Uni.ersi\y ofCobrado-ba..scx\ \Vorld v,'idcWeb aJgorduTJ ra,nked urJtiJ now Norm. Howey:.:" its resll!ts haye ~n adverti sers a:::-en an !'tC-C.ount and note how much they ",ish to "bid" per djck For example, T:)jOI2 curro:nt'iy corne:5 up tops on a seard; for " cars " and the :!.moun, -c.f $()O2 is di splayi;.cl m::~j to the Listing. To rr.ik c a pL1rd1as~ , Th~1 mo: a iY':, Toy\'-'~i'. hi'.~ .'I!?ree:d to pay 2 c~n~s for arYOrle cJicking on it5 Jii1k would rise ab-bv~ HoiJda could O~T'. an :lCC':)UTJl and choo;,e tc' pay J cenl~ per cjid:, if 50 , it h2' ,ft TOYcl13 In the case of a tic. the site whi-.:h u~rs \ "r 5 OVG 001368 ," ;".,~,. Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-25 Filed 01/30/2004 re Page 5 of 6 . Google , ND Cal C02- 01991 i void b~,( gee,s Tne priority Th~ way u$erS gel to ....()t~ is proOably the mo~ 3J"\I')Oying thing .about GcTo. Sele-;,tins a IjSljrJg launcnes a tru-ne , wirh The actual cit~tinatKm p.1,ge embroded in the frame 'The frame allows l.J~.rs !(J l'Ol~ on the $ile , simihr to how Lycos 5e!, up ~ frame when people brOW5.t links in its community guide I: ran aJ"c, b~ ~.as.il)' 1Umed off But l( seems 1('0 intrusi\i(:, and er..ajD!;' dnycn'1!;, WIlL a'~lu;3JJ;,. ' ".'!id to b-t ll~ted migh: pr"Je !O r.av\, thr SCJro:D aL f() 1bclr1!,d\,tc' Wb~1 jmp-","1 ",,'i!) G0 T Q h~". Int;' 01 neT ,. c;Orch epgineS') PrD!-;;\biy littl~ ", CjuJck (311 to T(' pre,ematives at E:-.cit~ and L)'cos found mjrcin1J) imeresf It ",. ili b" InH:JeSlinB to set how this plays out. My fee-.ling (h31 the Busio'!:'s~ consumer \."anl~ ~(.1mctl1jns more ckan-e:r than commcrci3!io;m: said Brei: BuliJngl0n . E:o:ct;Ul;'.C Vice President of S!ra1cg'c and D~vekTmeot .., Exc.tte Lik-;:WI$e , IJ)'CO5 ~e:"c:h rJ'P\!1ager R.~Jjy~ t'd;).!hlll 5~id. " really providing \ialue!O l.r.e .user; in the Jong 1tfm. 1 !'m n()l sure ,('s !irtnk they wam some indtpende-nr $onjng The ax.;; closes: LYC0S is Jike)y to (:Dme to pay- h,r- placement for the 1ime being ads il has been ~perirnen1inB \.vilh for rn:; p.as! mornh or 1ho: Bullseyr so. 1h(':)' put advenjs.:rsjusl above the raw seard1 rt',:mlts section , though tbey r-cmai" physic1!lJy separated from it TDej' sn'.)uld be av"J:abk to "IJ advertisers witbjo the next week or so , :1( $ 75iCf'lv1 How abow Ihe imp"ct Go To ",;11 have 011 marke'i'eTS \:"' iJi rhey $udd~nty !lock 10 (he service:" Perhaps if il grows more . but it has ~ "' i:lY to go. GoTo has "'tB below the Ir.afjj" or/he majDr search I:ngrnes. !fs at S milJiun page vie' s per monlh , abou( one- fifth O(Wh.,1f.xc;iu.: g~ne. ratCs. But Gross is a -...dl- kno....'1'1 !nternt't entrepreneur . His company, id~Jab. i~ bacbllg GoTa and abou11O launch a ~"". advc.-.rti"ing campaign, A""'arene~s acctpta.bk: than if has may grow ,,'hich in turn may help make pay- for- pJac~merH more in j h( rase. b~T1 C""'QS~ ~(reS3eS ,hal he CaJ1 experiment with tho: model more t:asily " Since we h:-.w'. no orand fO WOITY " bOll! , we can gci a".~y wjrh i, t.osier than most.' h~ sajd In l:ifl , Gro5.!; hope;!; that bi~ ).p..rvice fjJls ~ niche thaI the (1~her ser,.jccs """01';'1 be able-: 10 immedi;!leJi', either be..-:all;;e Clf c;Qnwm~r opr,o,-it;on tbey w'Juld fac.o , or dwe to 13c)cof imcres! G(\T~ bJ..lDJ"'""\'f'F !.'"" ,O wrni P.:'ig~ GoT" Auvertlsing P!rl(,f'ment nll('!"". ~,II.c\!::ol;lh cmn ~c'l0i ngines B;1cIte Jrrt-Ie\' ;\T1ce p( Rendts ~11711 /~'t'7t(:f W"",Jd , Fcb . , 1998 C'I!TnlV now,"/J 9\'&1::' :C 1- ",llie tl!lr.lh:-",:,\' J"~ c ,'rn J ",. OVG 001369 ~')" \,j)p: ~ ------.-- -..- """ ~, _. . \' " Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-25 Filed 01/30/2004 Je Page 6 of 6 N. v. Google , D. Cal C02-01991 , GoTo Se:m:h~~ "' Wln:o!. F~6 !-,np Ji""'"h. \(h C:\pi:~I;~lic Efl~ jne , )'1,1. w,r,,-J '-"')ffiin~"'!$I!)~""' ~lIsin~,., "!or"'.'IO5'X!. .h!JT11 P.:!y- for- plll.cemCIH :\If''' 1.tDm. Fe'!' ~i'f) c""~ c(;'h.lNe'),. ~")lcm'r 4 J~;:;07 OO.nrrrd Nt-w Search Enginl' (:rile! CQmll1~rri;;tr N,w'!' FoC ~WI ~r!Jr /!"~w~: c()mlt-~,,vo'11c. rnlv. ~ !? 281 'YJn\ml , /998 gel:l.aoothcr shOl L."co~ Adrl. r-;~w F-e:l~ure:l. RffiT?.8nrl:eo S!J~e:st~d Link~ r;,( &(;'7(:1, f,Ji;i'tr R(POr! JC11. 9. 1998 1(1 ~i'r""r "::'T... 1~ '1I T ..11-'.::-. ~hQ1I1111,: ' L1ull-e"'~ ' Iml.::, ;, enginc rc-3uir.s a!()f\~ . ,cni,-.::r:; ;::m1 rW'ch.:c,," ""tin ' VJC, ,:h:LfL~~'. ra. "Jr,:I, ChOOS~A~ ~~er Page 'x lis.: roc :,ire DUD If VOIJ c:J,;1 rc;:n J~v3Scnp I. '1',)\) m3V 3.1, st"lch tflt .il". Fr~~. N~w:sIeI1N' Emc; :C'1Jr ~mad Bddr~~ tu:'I~U-ll) ~'1 ~ iTI'Jl1lhi). n-;. skt\C'I' abolll se:J1,~h (:T1tif\c~ - no- Lea(1I ""),,, "buy! u-", n.o"'31 "'I' L~=I' UI-;e Th is Site C1ick HerB To TE!H A Frie ndl By D~j1J)" Sulti""n SCald, F"g,no ',J,.'fch hlttJ/!5-f- arcnmui!Jt:W;J1ch. u.trTV 'P)'Tl~1 0;-' 1m- \!9 ml~~::j_com Corp f/ WW"W. ;'ltorn~ I ~ 0:' S OVG 001370

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