Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc.

Filing 116

Declaration of Ravind S. Grewal in Support of 115 Google's Responsive Claim Construction Brief filed by Google Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1# 2 Exhibit 2# 3 Exhibit 3# 4 Exhibit 4# 5 Exhibit 5# 6 Exhibit 6# 7 Exhibit 7# 8 Exhibit 8# 9 Exhibit 9# 10 Exhibit 10# 11 Exhibit 11# 12 Exhibit 12# 13 Exhibit 13# 14 Exhibit 14# 15 Exhibit 15# 16 Exhibit 16# 17 Exhibit 17# 18 Exhibit 18# 19 Exhibit 19# 20 Exhibit 20# 21 Exhibit 21# 22 Exhibit 22# 23 Exhibit 23# 24 Exhibit 24# 25 Exhibit 25# 26 Exhibit 26# 27 Exhibit 27# 28 Exhibit 28# 29 Exhibit 29# 30 Exhibit 30)(Related document(s) 115 ) (Grewal, Ravind) (Filed on 1/30/2004)

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Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc. Doc. 116 Att. 26 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-27 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 1 of 4 EXHIBIT 26 Dockets.Justia.com ... . ~... -. .~ . ". ," -' .' " ". .," .',' , . ,, ' . " ,- ," ., Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-27 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 2 of 4 ~hambers Science and Technology Dictionary General Editor: Professor PETER M. B. WALKER , CRE , FRSE CHAMBERS CAMB~I1?GE GOG 032270 CAMBRIDGE EDINBURGH NEW YORK NEW ROCHELLE MELBOURNE SYDNEY Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-27 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 3 of 4 Contents Published jointly by W & R Chambers Limited 43-45 Annandale Street , Edinburgh EH7 4AZ, and The Press of the Syndicate of the University of Cambridge The Pitt Building, Trumpington Street , Cambridge CB2 I RP 32 East 57th Street, New York , N, Y, JOon , USA JO Stamford Road , Oakleigh , Melbourne 3166 , Australia ~ W & R Chambers Ltd and Cambridge University Press 1988 Firs! published (as Chambers Technical Dictionory) Preface Subject categories 1940 Contributors Abbreviations used in All rights reserved, No part of this publication may be reproduced , stOred in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means , electronic mechanical , photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the coPYTight holders. Greek alphabet The Dictionary Appendices Paper Tables British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Chambers science and technology dictionary, I, Science, Encyclopaedias- Bibliographies 2, Technology, Encyclopaedias New ed, Chemical Formulae Chemical Elements . Walker , Peter II, Dictionary of science and technology 503' Periodic Table Animal Kingdom Piant Kingdom ISBN 1-85296-150-3 ISBN 0-85296-151- 1 Ph!: Geological Table Physical Concepts in SJ SJ Conversion Factors Physical Constants , Sta Typeset by H, Charlesworth Ltd , Huddersfield Printed by Richard Clay Ltd , Bungay, Suffolk GOG 032271 --- - - - - ---. Document 116-27 - ... .... Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Filed 01/30/2004 Page 4 of 4 dasypaedes pislon auached 10 the pan to be controlled (fined wilh a cylinder nonrclurt1 valve if required) 228 data ilems are held in lhe compuler table, string, sliding in a c. amplifier , such .., list, tree, Most programming languages require type (Comp.), Basic restrictions dalO Iype. a variable to be declared as a and assumptions will1hen conlrol1he use , reol, mtcger, of the variable, co balancer e, bilineer (Elec.Enj tWO or more similar c conductors connect" are maintai machines e, blal (Elec, Eng. j, containing liquid 10 impede mouon, Birds which when halched have a (Zool.), dalypeedel complele covering of down. Cf, .!trices, , AJI the oper8JHIs and results of computer (Comp.) date operauons direcled hy lhe detailed iostnlCOODS comprisfor anolher ing the progrom, A program can be date bonk dara See: character, tree, mck , Boolean, string, list. (Comp.) que..., 581 direct signal applied the quiescent condi;i c. signal ma)' be Datel , TN for data transmission facililies program , e, g" a compiler takes a program as data, (Camp, Collccuon of da18bases or large fil", ibta bile (Comp.), of data, Co1Ja:tiOll ofllnlCtured data indepcnhandles 1he slorage, relrieval and updaling of dala in a compuler, oflen in leg rating data from a number of files. . 'denl of any particular application, that , Software (Comp.) databale rnanagemenl oyotem See dlta model. Also DBMS, The dl18bloe typeoetllng (Prinl.), provided by Brilish Telecom, See: eon\eol bones. datlye bond (Chem.), (Min, Hydrated calcium borosilicale occurring datollle as a secondary product in amygdales and veins, usually as diSlinct prismatic while or colourless monoclinic crysLals. is the (Aero, ), Dalurn level, or rigging datum datum recorder, the addilion signal recording 10 st c, bridge (Elec, Eng. by a d, c, supply. The storing of informalion in a database for publica lions such as direclories which horizontal plane of reference, in flying atUtude which all venical measuremenlS of an aircraft are taken; cg daturn is 1he point from which all mass moment anns ccn1rC of arc measured horizontally when eslahlishing the gravity and loading of an aircraft. d8tum (Eng.), , from other examples the m c, component (Ima! signal which delemril of the reproduced pi, c, converter (E/ee.. direct CUrTenl from c c, coupling (Electro /d. c, converter poinl, line or surface 10 which can be periodically updaled by compuler procrssing and prepared for phototypcseuing, data capture dimensions are panicular computer process, e, , for monitoring. (Comp.) , Collecling data for use in a refeJTcd on engineering drawings and from which measurements arc Laken in maclUning or surface used as a reference mer using an inver Transformer. olher engineering operauons, dlta c:ompactlon (Comp, Term oflen applied to data romprcssioo that involves only the removal of extraneous and unnecessary space and therefore is not reversible, (Comp.). datum (Sun'.). An assumed daubing surface: for the measurement of reduced levels, (Build.). (1) The opera lion of dressing a slone surface with a special hammer in order to cover it with data compreulon AJlcring the form of data 10 (Comp, Index of lhe contents of a set of data dlctlon.;ry files or a database, See: dircdory. reduce its storage space:, small holes, (2) A rough-stone finjsh given 10 a wall by See: rongb- throwing a rough coaung of plasler upon it. cast. Abbrcv (Elee.. mechanical inlo dire (Elec, Eng. doC- meter component of a sign (E/ec, c, relll18nce offers to the flow 0 DCF (Build, e, generator (ohmic) resistanCE, c, restoratIon very low frequency reduced in transmis , An automatic Data Encryption Standard method of data eocryptioo d",igned by IBM and adopled (Comp.) data flow (Bioi, Offspring belonging 10 the first generadaughter , daughter uon . whelher male or female; as daughrer cell (1= , in wlUch opera lions complo: a!gcrilhms aDd machines are lriggered hy the arrival of data, FIo"chan used to describe a d8te flowchart (Camp, programs, Also sysrem flowcharr, The management data handling (Space), as a standard, (Comp, , An approach to the orgaruzalion of , A nuclide lhat originales from daughter product (Phys.) nuclide, porenl lhe radioaclive disinlegration of anolher P. respiratory apparalus speciDayll apPS'iir... (Ships). nue/eus, clomp to hold lhe Ie e, teaUng of cable. c, vollage of 5 li voluge, Cahles whic ally d",igned 10 permit escape from a pressure-t:qualizing chamber in a submarine, Oxygen is brealhed from a complele processing syslem , clerical operations and individual programs , but excluding details of such chamber which , embracing lhe wearer , gives buoyancy and assisls rise: to the surface:, DaYI880n-Germer IXpsrlment likely to break dow ; healthy cables c, Iranllormer (E/. direct CUrTents by m Colloq. for c.id, and flow of data d subsyslem to-and- from a space vehicle; lhe on- boar, computers, mighl include data huses , commutators recorders, mulliplexers , elc, whereas lhe ground segment uses equipment like de-multiplexers and display units to Dny lamp The first (Eleclronics), demonstralion (1927) of wavelike diffraclion pancrns from eleclrons by passing them through a nickel crySLaI. safety lamp (Min, Exl, c, tranlml..lon ( 10gether different p and receiving bulk not auractive. Loss effectively, steady s The name of lhe inlerpret the transmitled signal wlUch is sent either _-handling capacity, .ia directly or a data relay sale1lite, ""pabillty (Telecomm.). The maximum amount of information which can be lransmined and received over a given channel or circuit. Tenn, no longer widely d8ta-hlndllng ly8lem (Comp.). used , for autOmatic or semi-automatic equipment for collecting, receiving, transmining, and storing numerical See: Ippareut solarday (ASTron.). (Eng, The disLance between the bed surface and daylight the bottom of the ram of a press, The raUo of the illUIninauon daylight taetor (Elec, Eng, inside a building 10 1hat measured on a horizontal surface: invenled by Sir Humphrey Davy in Igl5, , mean solar- , sMkreal- ant if cables are us power syslems do and rccc:iving ends. c, Iranlmlnlon vantage is cosl o( , low frequency in th il has \0 be restor receive.. which obtains al the same time outside lhe building, due ralio. called WindOM' efficiency (Phys. A lamp daylight lamp to an unobstruclW hemisphere of sky, Occasionally data, It may be handled continuously (as analogue or giving light having a posilion signals) or in discrete steps (as digital or binary signals), The system may also be able 10 perform calculalions on the stored data, A Slructure for the arrangement of data model (Comp.). data which aids data retrieval. There are three models in general use a hierarchic model , 0 ne/work model and one speclral distribution curve similar to lhat of ordinary daylight. The distance: belween successive (Build.), day. llghtllze mullions in a window and between lintel and sill, plant. See also photoperiodism. dB DDL (Camp.). Dat DBMS. DDT (Chem, in which pp A plant in wlUch flowering is not day-neutral plant (Bal.), , sbon-cla,. sensitive to day- length, Cf. long-clay plaut dBA , dBB, dBC (Acou.s.). Result of a sound pressure le.el measurement when the signal has been weighted Wllh . Abb dichl nates; a synthetic il 10 insects al lay giving a relaoonal data base. da\8 preparation (Camp.). Translation of data into (Acous.. Telecomm.). Abbrev, for decibel, insecticide and cr persistence of acti\ deactly.tlon machine rcadable form, Traditional name given 10 118\8 processing (Comp. DP, husiness information processing, Abbrev. , Safeguards to protect lhe (Comp.) data protection caused it to be bal (Chen molecule, or subs\; (2) inlegrity, privacy and securily of dala. The computerized repackaging da\8 reduction (Comp. frequency response of the A , B, or C curve. The dBA curve approximates the human ear and is therefore used most in noise control regula lions, (Telecomm.), A unit for expressing power level in dBm dead of observational data 10 make it more concise and meaningful. decibels , relative to a reference: level of one milliwatt, See: database management system, DBMS (Comp.). (Acous. reverberation mu( The search for and selection data retrieval (Camp.), data from a store, , The aggregate rate (Telecomm.) dl\8 ligna lUng rate of al which binary digits , including any control bits, are , expressed in lransmined over a channel or circuit da1a Itorage (Comp. da1a Itructure (Camp.). bits/=nd. Cf. baud, DBS (Image Tech, ), Direct Broadcasting by Sotellite, Abbrev . for Direct Broadcast Salel/ile. DBS (Telecomm. c, (Elec.Eng, , Abbrev, for direct curreot. Abbrev, for double colurnn; double crown. c, (Prinl.), c, amplIfIer(Elec, Eng.), One which useS direct coupling between stages (j, e. no blocking capacitor) 10 amplify audition requirem. production. (Build. Said dead dead angle (Ellg, engine during wh stop-valve is open slide-valve, dead axle See memory capacity, Organized form in which grouped from zero frequency (d, ) signals 10 signals of higher (Eng.), frequency, wheels carried by GOG 032272

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